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hello my name is Kimberly Olson and,today Im going to share with you some,information on my new favorite,supplement garcinia cambogia if you,havent had a chance to check out my,other videos please do at the MTV on,youtube or go to my blog at fit cam com,so I get a lot of questions about,supplements and obviously being in the,nutrition and fitness industry this is,something that people have a lot of,questions about naturally when you think,about reaching your fitness and weight,loss goals I like to think a percent is,going to be from the food that you eat,ten percent is going to be from working,out and another ten is going to be from,supplementation the way that our food,has become very nutrient deficient you,get a chance check out the US Senate,document i think was 264 was published,in 1936 kind of shows they were,projecting even at that point that we,are losing the nutrient content of our,food this is absolutely true and this is,why i believe in supplementation so,garcinia cambogia this actually is a,something that has been around for a,long time but its only recently been,very easy to get here in the US garcinia,is an awesome awesome supplement to have,in your arsenal for weight management,theres a couple different things i want,you to know about it first of all its,been shown to be three times more,effective than diet and exercise alone,and this is really important because,when youre trying to reach your goals,you hit a plateau you fought the wagon a,little bit or youre just not seeing the,results that you want sometimes it helps,to have a little push to keep you,motivated it also has an active compound,in it called hydroxycitric acid so,garcinia cambogia is actually a pumpkin,shaped fruit to yellow its kind of cute,google it if you get a chance and its,part of the citrus family and the rhine,contains this amazing compound in it and,its a bet extracted and basically,youre looking for sixty percent you,want it to be standardized to contain,that unfortunately with the supplement,industry theres a lot of bad companies,out there just looking to make a dollar,so you have to do your research i only,recommend companies that I know are good,that Ive checked,and check the research that theyve done,I check their quality control where do,they source their ingredients I only,back companies that I know are the real,deal so if youre not sure you can,always check and see what I have to say,about it or ask me you know maybe let me,know which ones youve come across this,is a really good one also garcinia is,amazing for helping with metabolism,there was this great study done and the,participants their fat metabolites were,tested in their urine and they were,shown to be a hundred and forty-two,percent increase with metabolism 142,percent thats huge i mean who wouldnt,want the pratap ilysm to go up that much,so its awesome if you feel that you,need a little boost with your metabolism,and for my emotional eaters which is a,lot of my clients or people who love,sugar they love the starchy carbs the,heavy foods they reach for the cookies,of chips the ice cream well the reason,we grab those food is because when you,eat them it releases the feel-good,hormones well Garcinia can help do that,for you its been shown to release an,important hormone called serotonin by as,much as fifty five percent and this is,basically a feel-good hormone so if,youre able to remember to take your,garcinia thats going to fill that need,for you youre not going to reach for,the food during the study the,participants they were placed in two,groups so some are taking the garcinia,the other group was taking a placebo and,the garcinia group lost more weight they,lost more body fat they lost more their,BMI went down they lost more inches,around their hips and their waist and,what I really liked is that their total,cholesterol their LDL cholesterol in,their triglycerides all went down there,by as much as twenty percent in there,HDL which if you know anything about,cholesterol its really hard to raise,that number went up as much as twenty,percent so not only was it helping,people restore weight loss goals but,doctors are now prescribing it for,people and helping them for those that,have cholesterol issues and a lot of,times that goes hand in hand now this,right here is actually kind of an,amped-up version of garcinia cambogia,because this one is going to also,contain chromium chromium is amazing for,blood sugar level,awesome what it does is when we eat,foods that have sugar of them even diet,soda I can trigger your sugar levels,believe it or not your sugar goes up and,down up and down all day long what,happens is your body produces excessive,amounts of insulin and you dont want,this when youve assessed some excessive,amounts of insulin in your bloodstream,insulin goes Cheers your stored fat,targets it and then insights around it,and protects it you dont want your fat,protective you want it to be able to be,released and it just metabolized so this,is really important and chromium in here,is going to help keep your blood sugar,levels even that way your energies even,as well and it has black pepper in it,black pepper has been shown to almost,double absorption rates and thats,really important when it comes to,supplementation so I like this brand,its called genesis today youve,probably heard me talk about it before,theyre really good company and I like,it because this is wild harvested this,is so important you guys when youre,checking out there look at the other,ingredients the only other ingredient is,the vegetarian capsule obviously you,need capsule so I recommend this brand,theres one other one I really like not,posted in the description and you just,take I think its two capsules before,meals to 24 castles depending on your,height your weight so if you need help,with that you can just post a comment,Ill help you also green coffee bean,Ive already done a video on this ill,post a link im getting hundreds of,emails about the green coffee bean i get,more questions on that than anything,please do not fall for the hype there,are hundreds of companies that have,sprung up overnight to make a dollar off,of the green coffee bean craze the green,coffee bean has going been going strong,for almost a year now so it is not a,something thats just going to be here,and then disappear there are companies,like crazy coming out of the woodwork,trying to make money off of this please,run if you see anything that says one,month free year they wont show you the,nutrition facts panel in the back,the supplement facts panel you need to,see whats in it what youre looking for,is 400 milligrams per serving Im sorry,400 milligrams per capsule 800,milligrams per serving which is two,capsules youre looking for chlorogenic,acid acid standardized at forty-five,percent or more and lastly youre,looking for other ingredients to just be,the vegetarian capsule so look for the,brands that I recommend please you guys,ever care how much it cause do not fall,for it because youre just going to be,throwing your money down the drain Ive,seen amazing results with a green coffee,bean I have one client that has lost 50,pounds in 4 months which is pretty fast,and I have another client that has,completely gotten off their blood,pressure medication so if youve watched,my videos you can see how it helps not,just weight but also overall health just,a little update

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Weight Loss Review Video Blog- Free Trial Bottle

hello Ontarian hawkins here with weight,loss master or thank you for checking in,today today I just want to give you a,update or just an insight of a powerful,weight loss supplement bet that you,probably know about it is called,Garcinia cambogia in this little herb,this little herb that comes from the,ground is so powerful that is helping,millions if not billions of people all,around the world to lose weight in I,just want to kind of go through the the,psychology of the physical physiological,physiology la gee Im sorry ok Tom today,the physio the physiology of what this,particular herb does for the body and we,all know that weight loss pills I tell,my clients this all the time its all,about the emotions its all about your,emotions and hormones if you can control,those two which is stems from from your,emotions then you have a winner and,garcinia cambogia is one of the things,one of the herbs that can help you do,that so what is it what why is it so,powerful and why does it do what it says,it does well garcinia cambogia has a,component in it called HCA okay egg chca,stands for hydro hydroxycitric acid okay,its mainly found in fruit and groaning,Indian parts of Asia its an important,ingredient that allows you to lose,weight without having to diet and,exercise now dont dont get me wrong,diet and exercise are you need to be,doing that no matter what because you,want to you want to have a healthy heart,you want to have a healthy temple you,need to be diet and exercising but the,HCA the garcinia is actually going to do,a few things for you emotionally and,hormonal e first thing is going to do is,going to increase your serotonin levels,and more your cortisol levels serotonin,is your happy hormone cortisol is your,pistol hormone thats important in the,body but its overused due to stress so,when you stress down a lot when you,when you have anxiety cortisol is,released from the adrenal glands and it,goes into your bloodstream well what,happens from there is it targets belly,fat thats why the belly is so hard to,get rid of because of stress and its,debt it is dealt with your emotions okay,so if we can increase if we can increase,the serotonin levels in your brain and,release that hormone that hormone more,into your bloodstream whats going to,happen your body is going to take a,different turn this corner youre going,to start to feel better and when you,start to feel better you make the right,choices when you make the right choices,and food particularly you will achieve a,better health a better life in health,you were starting to lose weight and,things and things will get a lot better,okay so basically thats what garcinia,cambogia helps you do so another thing a,few more things about a CA the extract,of course we already talked about,serotonin it helps to help you with,helps you conclude if you if your,serotonin levels are raised up its,going to help to lower your cortisol,which is going to control emotional,eating okay HCA also acts as an appetite,suppressant so youre not hungry as,often okay very very important it also,extracts it prevents new fat cells from,forming I this is huge in a previous,video Ill talk about fat cells and have,fat cells actually they dont multiply,they actually grow so if you see a,person who is overweight largely obese,vice versa just knowing how big the fat,cells are huge okay they have big fat,cells and the ACA what it does it have,to prove it then from happening it,actually blocks it so if you eat,something fatty or sugary and you take,your chem cambogia Garcinia cambogia,then its going to help them pretty much,block most of that ok find out on them,but most of very important right there,ok now Im not saying go out there and,eat a big piece of cake a whole piece of,cake and go take some you know its fake,are senior to do,all the work for you no you have to do,your part as well okay another thing HCA,does which is this is the ACA so again,its the most is the main component in,the Garcinia it also extracts and now,also manages called cortisol the stress,hormone okay so thats it in a nutshell,about cars senior kobo to make sure you,go to my website with lost master org,and click on the garcinia cambogia tab,and get your free bottle today okay,well ship it out to you and try this,particular herb youre going to be,ecstatic on what it can do for you what,it can do for your mood what it can do,for your weight what it can do for your,urine does your overall health and Ill,stay tuned for more audios more videos,from me

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Is Garcinia Cambogia a Scam – The Real Truth Behind Garcinia Free Trials

theres a lot of people getting sucked,into garcinia free trials out there let,me explain to you exactly how youre,getting duped so my name is Richard,Jarvis I own Garcinia cambogia Canada,and Ive gotten three emails this last,week from people saying that they bought,a trial from me and that Ive charged,them on their credit card for this free,trial hundreds of dollars certainly is,not me so Im wondering what the heck is,going on so I contacted this lady here,got ahold of me in my facebook account,on my page and I spoke to where she told,me that she bought Garcinia Pro first of,all thats not my product I told her I,offer Garcinia 1300 so I didnt know,what she was talking about so I assume,this must be some sort of scams going on,online here so I went ahead and typed it,into the search engine I searched for,Garcinia cambogia Canada is interesting,the very top listing is a fellow who,says hes in Canada so I come to his,website here and what I did was I looked,around oh my gosh Garcinia cambogia,Canada at CAA I click on automatically,takes me to an affiliate page so I go,ahead and I clicked up to see what it,was,one bottle 58 dollars people,thats ridiculous pure Garcinia does not,cost that much Im telling you right now,so basically what theyre trying to do,is get you to buy more of their product,more bottles you buy it cheaper it is,but carrying on with our search for,Garcinia cambogia plus I went ahead type,that in the search engine directly and,came up with a listing and sure enough,three listings down,theres garcinia plus I clicked on it,and this was interesting because it took,me to Garcinia pro which was the other,product from a few other customers that,had told me that they were getting,sucked in with free trials and look at,this Bank here it is free trial price is,only $0 in,shipping is five bucks listen nothing is,ever free what they really want here is,your credit card information that way in,20 days or so theyre going to go ahead,and ship you a six-month supply and,billed you for it without your,authorization because they already have,your credit card information so I kept,searching online and sure enough here is,Garcinia cambogia plus and this person,here yes theyre offering the free trial,as well for $4.99 people just a scam,theyre going to take your credit card,information and in the fine print,theyre going to tell you that theyre,going to ship you product what you dont,see in the fine print theyre telling,you that theyre going to go ahead and,enroll you in an auto fill program so,its really hard to see its way down,the bottom of the page so now theyre,going to get all their money back from,that free trial because you can see it,down here in the fine print if anybody,was to look down there so I got back to,each one of those people that got ahold,of me and said that they got scammed in,a free trial from me which is not true,again Im the owner of Garcinia cambogia,Canada and Im telling you right now I,do not auto ship anything,theres no scams this product is made in,Canada and I ship it from my location,here and picked in Ontario Canada if you,have any questions about the product get,a hold of me on the contact us page and,in the meantime stay away the most,cameras up there

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Review and Trial Offer of Garcinia Cambogia Supplement that Works

hi guys this is Roger with Raiko global,solutions Im endorsing a weight loss,product called Garcinia cambogia camber,cambo cambogia cambogia god I cant even,say it its that difficult but anyways,this thing is amazing I have people here,in Phoenix Arizona where I live who have,actually bought this weight loss,supplement and have gotten it threw me,through my program and theyre losing,weight some of these some of these folks,in fact its Ill tell you the truth,its four different people and to one of,those four people have been trying to,lose weight for the last 10 years of,their life change what they do exercise,you know I mean theyre just theyre,just trying to do whatever they can do,to lose weight well none of that stuff,has been working until they bought this,product and two of these folks have been,using it for about four months now and,all four people have lost weight thats,the truth testimonial so review this,product Im telling you it works out of,the four people now theyre all women,but none of them have sad or suffered,any side effects from this from this,product its a hundred percent natural,it comes from the earth it comes from,God it you know i mean it grows on a,plant Southeast Asia and I mean whatever,is in this thing certainly has the,effects of losing weight burning off the,fat you regain energy the secret to,regaining energy is losing the weight in,the first place can you imagine being my,height that five foot nine and Wayne a,325 pounds you just cant you dont have,any energy because it takes all the,energy you have to move your body around,in the first place so the secret to,getting energy back is by losing the,weight you gotta change your diet you,cant you cant drink you know 6 44,ounce circle k Pepsis every day and,just think that thats going to be the,ticket,and you dont switch to diet drinks,because theyre so packed full of sodium,and artificial sweeteners so you know,you just got to make lifetime changes,but this product really does work these,folks have had great success using it,two of them like i say ive been on it,for four months the other tues has been,at it for about 38 or 39 days now but,its real testimonial I know these,people personally theyve asked me not,to mention their names so I wont but I,know they bought the product and I know,theyre taking the product faithfully on,a daily basis and its working so try to,remember all the negative things that,you hear about stuff on the internet try,to remember whos behind the negative,the negativity behind natural products,natural substitutes for pharmaceutical,drugs as soon as you say the word,pharmaceutical Ill bet you can guess,whos behind most of the negative,comments thats right okay guys good,luck hit the link below my video youll,go youll be taken to a sales page,similar to the one I just showed you and,you get a free trial 30 day free trial,all you can I to do is pay for shipping,and handling boom shows up for your door,get on it get started do what you got to,do change your lifestyle to some extent,you dont have to buy a membership at,the gym thats not going to help you,anyway unless you actually use it,alright guys thanks a million talk to,you later all right

Pure Garcinia Cambogia HCA Free Trial Warning

hi Im dr. Daniel Morris PhD from,Stanford lets take a minute to talk,about Garcinia cambogia a super fruit,which comes from tropical fruit grown in,India and Southeast Asia its a small,pumpkin shaped fruit which finally is,getting noticed by Western nutritionists,and diet experts for dramatic weight,loss properties the skin of the fruit,contains a large amount of hydroxycitric,acid HCA which is the key ingredient,which helps in weight loss has been,known to start burning and melting fat,away that you may already have which can,possibly give you a sleeker looking body,by adding healthy diet and exercise you,may be able to increase your weight loss,results naturally nutrition Forest pure,Garcinia cambogia is more than just a,fat burner it has been shown that it may,burn fat and start blocking the,formation of fat from the foods that you,eat thats right the fat sugar and carbs,that you eat may no longer be,transformed into unhealthy fat that,accumulates causing you to gain weight,and increase your waist size as per the,scientists research they found Garcinia,cambogia may reduce hunger pains and,helps to increase metabolism but the,right amount of HCA with mg plays a good,role in burning fat and also improved,cholesterol levels we recommend to buy,Garcinia cambogia that contains,potassium as chlorine and 99 micrograms,of gluconate which actually helps in,absorbing a chi in your body what to,look in a high-quality Garcinia cambogia,extract there are several factors to,consider when looking for the right,Garcinia cambogia is the extract 100,percent pure does it have the right dose,per serving make sure the product is,platinum free is it is it produced in,manufactured and FDA registered,laboratory under the strict guidelines,of the US Food and Drug Administration,so now the question is which Garcinia,cambogia extract did we choose as number,one there,hundreds of Garcinia cambogia products,being sold online selecting one that,will actually work can be a difficult,task but thanks to Nutrition forest pure,Garcinia cambogia offers highest HCA,with right amount of daily serving which,makes them top choice for a pure,Garcinia cambogia extract its the only,one that not only meets all of the,recommended criteria but it exceeds it,nutrition for is dedicated to delivering,high quality clinically proven nutrition,which evaluates final products to 135,quality assurance test under certified,doctors team,beware of scam artists who offer low,quality products or beautiful designed,one-page website selling such products,worst of all can be the so called free,trials offers with appealing one-page,website with a beautiful slim girl they,usually have a very short form on the,upper right side they have quotes from,doctors famous people and beautiful,models they offer a free trial which,actually monthly subscriptions to your,cards but truth is nothing is free they,offer you a free bottle of their,products you fill out all your info and,give them everything they need to,subscribe you to a type of refill,subscription before you know it whether,you want it or not you get another,bottle in the mail and another and yes,you are being charged for them you,cannot actually cancel such a free trial,order they keep sending new bottles and,keep charging hefty money until you,cancel your card itself nutrition force,never enrolls you with any monthly or,refill subscription programs they never,charge your credit card without your,authorization you will be billed once,when the order is placed Im doctor,Daniel Morris wishing you healthy life

Garcinia Cambogia And Green Coffee Bean Free Trial Work Together?


Garcinia Cambogia Review – Does Garcinia Cambogia Actually Work?

hey everybody on YouTube thanks so much,for clicking on this video in this video,Im just going to give you a review on,garcinia cambogia I know theres a lot,of information out there you know does,this stuff actually work or is it all,hype and thats exactly what were going,to break through in this video Im going,to get down to the bottom and share with,you you know my past experience and some,real results so first thing you might be,wondering what the heck is garcinia,cambogia what does that mean well,Garcinia cambogia is a magical weight,loss fruit from you know a magical land,far far away known as India so this,stuff actually helps you lose weight it,helps suppress your appetite and it,helps you sleep better and puts you in,an all around better mood how cool is,that so you might be wondering well does,this stuff actually work the answer is,yes there are thousands and thousands of,real testimonials real results coming in,from people all over the world that are,having phenomenal success with this so,how much weight can you lose well what,if I told you that you can realistically,lose four pounds in the next five days,without exercise and without dieting,thats as phenomenal right and that,could that could happen to you if you,get this Garcinia cambogia so there are,countless real people getting real,results from this stuff so yes it works,so you might be wondering where you find,the best garcinia cambogia out there,well there are unfortunately there are,some junkie brands that just arent as,good as others some dont have as high a,percentage or have the highest quality,ACL in it so you just are the HCA,actually the ACL is what you dont want,to tear in your knee so what were,talking about the,so there are some that just dont have,so there are some brands out there that,just arent as highest quality as others,so you want to make sure to get the,right ones so there is a company that I,found out about called pure Garcinia,cambogia and this one has a hundred,percent natural ingredients this stuff,is phenomenal its got sixty percent HCA,its you know got the highest dosage of,it to give you the maximum effective,results its FDA approved this is made,locally in the United States of America,so yes its safe yes you can trust it,all natural ingredients so hey if you,want to click so hey if you want to get,a free trial of this Garcinia cambogia,if you want to start losing weight burn,off the fat without exercising without,dieting and heres what I want you to do,I want you to click the link below this,video and you can get your own free,bottle of garcinia cambogia thats all,you got to do click the link below check,that out Im hooking you up with the,free bottle of it you cant go wrong,alright so make sure you click the link,and yeah let me know about how much,weight you lose with it Ill see you,guys soon

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