1. How to get HBO Free 30 day trial
  2. BAD NEWS for FREE Crunchyroll Users. (UPDATE)
  3. Best Discounts on HBO Max, Hulu, Apple Tv+ Right now
  4. HBO Now: Stream Movies and TV shows – New Subscribers Get $15 in Google Play Credits (How To)
  5. How to Get HBO NOW outside the United States – Complete Guide
  6. Intermittent Fasting TESTED – 30 Day Before & After
  7. How to get American Netflix HBO Max without a VPN with Stream Locator

How to get HBO Free 30 day trial

[Music],hey guys in todays video were gonna be,looking at crave and HBO so lets just,go right into sign in on the top right,hand corner of your screen you will see,sign in after you go into crave dot CA,just sign in and at this point in time,what you guys can do is sign up through,crave or through a TV provider so were,gonna go ahead and select the very first,option from here most of you dont have,a sign in obviously because were,sending up for the first time so were,gonna select new to crave which is our,last option and were gonna just select,subscribe now from here its gonna ask,you for your email once you put in your,email its gonna ask it to create a,password and then confirm that password,so were gonna go ahead create those,passwords and just click on register,bottom right hand side once you click,there you will see the screen and from,here we can subscribe to exactly what we,want so we can do this by monthly or,annual in this case were signing up to,get it for 30 days for free so you,should see this up here it does say free,for 30 days so thats your trial after,your trial ends dannion only then will,they charge you if you guys cancel lets,say on day number 20th then they will,not charge you anything and you guys can,actually use it in the until date number,30 so were gonna go ahead and select,monthly gonna go ahead and select,continue down here below and at this,point in time we can choose HBO or,anything else keep in mind any of these,will also be under that thirty days so,if were gonna click on HBO for example,just click on price options go ahead and,select monthly and keep scrolling down,and you will see other add-ons so any,add-on that you guys would like just add,it right down here and select monthly,same thing goes here just price and then,select monthly if you guys want that and,from there just confirm your price and,select continue after that its gonna,ask you for your credit card information,or a gift card if you guys have won this,case were just gonna add our credit,card once you put that in just keep,scrolling down and fill in your address,so this is your billing address after,you fill that up on the bottom right,hand side you will see safe from there,just continue on down here below were,just gonna click on continue and right,here were gonna see our summary so we,should see that this is one month free,trial so right here I should say trial,trial means free theyre not gonna,charge you anything only after youre,done your trial then and only then will,they charge you so that means down here,you should be looking at the date so,this is the important part so only after,this date will they actually charge you,anything other than that your total,should be zero from there just scroll,all the way down on this box up here on,the top left hand side just put a,checkmark so just click right there and,complete your order so were gonna go,ahead and click on complete order at,this point you should see this screen,and you have completed this purchase so,youre all done you guys can go ahead,and use crave so just continue to crave,down here below just click on continue,to crave right now you are all set you,guys can go ahead and continue to use,crave on the top right hand corner you,guys will see sign in so just in case,you guys didnt sign in already just,click on sign in technically its was,supposed to sign you in right away if it,didnt go ahead and sign in,sometimes on Macs if youre using Safari,doesnt work properly so just use Google,Chrome so as long as you signed in it,will ask you to create a profile so go,ahead and choose a nickname if you guys,would like to just want to put in tech,and design I dont want to put a,passcode on this its gonna select no,English is perfect and then just click,on create at this point in time I can go,ahead and play anything from create so,lets say I want to play this movie down,here I can just click on play and its,gonna start playing I can choose the,audio obviously and go ahead and,continue moms think Im not gonna play,it at this point in time because I would,get copyrighted yes Im just gonna go,back on here but anyways that would be,it for this video have fun with it its,30 days for free so we really appreciate,that especially at these times,anyways that would be it for this video,if you guys have any comments questions,you guys can write down here in comments,dont forget subscribe and rate thank,you,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

BAD NEWS for FREE Crunchyroll Users. (UPDATE)

if you use crunchyroll for free you will,no longer be able to do that so ive now,made three separate videos on the whole,funimation and crunchyroll situation,which i will link in the description,below if you want to get up to speed on,all of this craziness but i didnt,possibly think there was going to be,anything else that would be worthy to,make a video about well i was so so,wrong today were going to read an,article that the verge put out and this,is some news that ive known about for a,couple of days now but i wanted to wait,a little bit just to see if there was,going to be anything else added to it,were going to read this article talking,about crunchyroll taking away the,ability for free users to get the new,episodes of simulcast anime one week,later you will no longer be able to do,that and were going to get into all the,little details and information about,this right now this is an article on the,verge and its by emma roth so,cool i dont know who that is,crunchyroll will no longer offer free ad,supported streaming for newly released,episodes the anime streaming service,announced in an update on its site via,gizmode viewers who want to watch,episodes of new or continuing series,will have to upgrade to one of,crunchyrolls premium plans which start,at 7.99 a month you will no longer be,able to use crunchyroll for free youre,gonna have to pay a subscription fee,which the lowest option is 7.99 a month,users didnt need a subscription to,watch simulcast tiles before the change,but there was a trade-off crunchyroll,would delay the release of new episodes,for one week for free users while,subscribers could watch them one hour,after the premiere in japan this was,something i and a lot of other people,using crunchyroll for free happily dealt,with as long as i actually got to watch,new episodes a quote by emma roth who,wrote this article i you know it is what,it is,but now crunchyroll is barring free,users from watching delayed simulcasts,all together the services policy is set,up to go into effect this spring as,crunchyroll plans to give users access,to a seasonal sampler or a selection of,simulcasts set to debut during the,spring,2022 season this includes spy family a,couple of kakoos i have no idea what,that is and tomodachi game and others,which im sure theyll announce very,soon crunchyroll will offer the first,three episodes of each show and a,sampler for free one week after their,premiere until may 31st any viewing,beyond the first few episodes or access,to crunchyrolls entire simulcast lineup,will require a subscription crunchyroll,says all users can still watch episodes,previously added to the platform for,free so theyre adding this new sampler,series thing that you can watch the,first three episodes for free one week,after theyre aired in japan so this is,just kind of taking away from what the,free users were used to insinuating,people to get an actual subscription the,lowest one being 7.99 a month im sure a,lot of you are going to be upset about,that,its unclear whether crunchyroll will,continue to offer seasonal samples,beyond spring 2022 or when the episodes,from this seasons lineup will become,available for free viewing in the future,the verge apparently reached out the,crunchyroll also according to the,article and crunchyroll didnt respond,back,no kidding,and yeah thats pretty much the whole,situation in a nutshell no more for use,of crunchyroll if you were taking,advantage of the one week delayed,release of new episodes thats no longer,going to be an option were going to,give you a sampler selection of new,series that come out this spring where,you can watch the first three episodes,for free one week after they release in,japan so its kind of like what you were,getting but youre only gonna be able to,watch the first three episodes of each,season crunchyroll because of the,funimation merger and sony owning all of,this is gonna bring a lot of change and,youre just gonna have to get used to it,thats not me saying that this is okay,its just saying that this is something,when one company owns a pretty massive,thing of an anime streaming service like,crunchyroll there will be,a lot of change let me know what you,think down in the comment section about,all of this this is a pretty big deal if,you were utilizing this free crunchyroll,service and like i said im sure a lot,of people are going to be upset about it,so let me know what you think down in,the comment sections i,dont really know what to think about it,yet i gotta sit on it for a week or so,okay guys subscribe if youre not,subscribed yet drop a like all that,crazy youtube stuff im gonna get out of,here peace,[Music],you

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Best Discounts on HBO Max, Hulu, Apple Tv+ Right now

all right welcome back to smart as proxy,or scp,as id like to call it or the cool kids,too anyway,welcome back its been a while since,weve done a video,so in this video well talk about,streaming services deals which is,unusual for this channel but hey its,about streaming services and devices,so without any further ado lets get,into you know the deals that are going,on with streaming services like hulu,hdmax and appleton plus theres a bunch,of those,do keep in mind this is a limited time,deal so you might want to you know,get on that board as fast as you can,that way you dont miss out,anyway lets get started to see which,ones are good and which ones are not,worth it,so first up weve got hulu which is,famous for shows like the handmaids,tale,and the man in the high castle and,theres a bunch of those that you might,like,depending on your kind of taste but its,offering a new ad supported student deal,which is about two dollars a month,theres a bug or all which is normally,you know six dollars a month you could,add up if you normally think about it,two dollars a month thats like,four months right there its pretty easy,so if youre a college student and over,the age of 18,youre just eligible by the virtue of,you being 18 for that discount,so just go to hulu.com student if you,want to learn more about that and then,you can sign up from there with hulu,student offer,do keep in mind student enrollment must,be verified,so youd probably need your student id,or something like that so once youve,done that you can enjoy shows like,brooklyn 99 its always sunny in,philadelphia its mostly got comedies,that you know,been around for a while so you probably,like it its also got originals like the,handmaids tale,you know the path and a bunch of those,so if youre into that,you can check that out by the way if,youre new to this channel you probably,didnt know about smart dns boxes vpn,so if youre outside of the us you know,you want to watch hulu you can still use,a vpn and start watching,hulu anywhere you are its about five,bucks a month which is bugger all,and you also get dns its pretty crazy,an awesome deal,the next good news comes from hbo max,which just came out like a year ago not,even a year ago pretty,last before the pandemic the streaming,service is extending its offer for over,20 off for six month subscription when,you sign up and pay for six months,youll pay 70 dollars just you know 12,dollars a month which is normally,about 14 to 15 a month so just go to the,hbo max dot com and youll see 20,off right there in the home page so if,youre outside of us just make sure you,turn on your vpn or smart dns boxes vpn,or you know dns,and if you do have a subscription you,can stream hbo max on your android,iphone,ios you know playstation android tv,whichever platform you choose and you,get to watch us netflix or usable max,pretty awesome so if youre one of those,people who still hasnt watched wonder,woman,theres you know this is probably a good,time because you can jump on board,and still have it until you can watch,all the 2021 warner brothers movies,that are all going to be on hbo max day,and date,so you dont even have to leave or not,worry about going to the theater,you can just watch it right there from,your television which is pretty awesome,but i personally am excited,and i would keep my hb max subscription,for dune alone,and maybe the suicide squad cause you,know,that guy really does well with guardians,of the galaxy and whatnot but dune,lets see how that turns out,[Music],a third one is youve probably heard of,it apple tv plus,which comes with a years worth of free,subscription if,you buy any apple hardware you know,iphone,ipad macbook whatever you know most,people buy apple products here and there,so youll probably get that subscription,free anyway and just in case,you didnt know you can buy a new apple,product like we bought this m1 mac mini,for editing videos,and then youd get a free trial for,apple tv plus just log in with the same,email address that you used to sign in,with your apple product,and there you have it so heres the deal,as pointed out by 9 to 5 mac,apple already has extended the free,trial period once back in october,and at that time the trial was extended,through february 2021,now its again extended to july 2021,also apple announced,that theyd reimburse all of their,customers whove been paying for that,with credits that way you have money on,your account for,buying other stuff from apple store i,guess,so yeah with that free subscription you,can watch shows like ted lasso,dickinson all mankind and etc theres a,bunch of apple tv shows like the morning,show or,the one with steve corel so you can,check those out if,those intrigue you so there you go that,was a quick update on the deals that are,going on now with streaming services,and you know them now so you can snag,one of them im vampy thanks for,watching and if youre new here,subscribe to stp,that way you get updates every time we,part a new video,just click on that bell icon so you get,notified im vamsy again thanks for,watching and ill see in the next one,[Music]

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HBO Now: Stream Movies and TV shows – New Subscribers Get $15 in Google Play Credits (How To)

hey whats up everybody Superboy two,phones okay I take you our guy here,again with another informative video um,this video Im going to talk about HBO,now new promotion deal with new,subscribers you can get Google Play,credits worth $15 for been a customer,for I guess the first 30 days of using,HBO now so no further ado lets go into,it which you will need you will need the,Google Play app store which is this,little white icon down here at the,bottom in my main um a pro we see the,little play button Im gonna tap on that,you want to open the Google Play Store,and this is what the Google Play Store,looks like you will see all these,different new North updated games you,will see recommendations,you see offline games new app updates,all that sort you have to scroll up and,down once you scroll up and down boom,you will find this now this is only for,the US market US customers so if youre,in I dont know Australia China or India,this might not be qualification for you,but if youre in the u.s. at the time,you might want to take a look into it so,here you are on this advertising Game of,Thrones for HBO now I guess theyre,coming out with their next season so,lets tap on this alright step on it um,as you can see I already have it,downloaded so I just need to update,their application for new app update so,lets just talk about it real quick,the latest update was from February the,5th so winter is coming and we cant,wait and so if theyd seen our Google,Play crazy will you subscribe to HBO now,catch up on everything,backstabbing kind of vivian conniving,cant miss moments or the past seven,seasons before the premiere on April 14,see below for more details and theyre,also talking about Game of Thrones so,here you are lets just scroll over here,and tap on HBO information,alright so here,youre all right now you want to go to,read more for more details on how to,qualify for the google play $15 in,credit um HBO now stream TV and movies,all right so here you are,limited time offer get a $15.00 google,play credit when you sign up for HBO now,valid for one $15 google play credit,promotional offer is for new subscribers,only so meaning you havent had this HBO,now on streaming service and you,couldnt use it on the google play at,all so I mean if you use dont let,another platform then this is different,all right so keep that in mind,promotional offer okay so we already,talked about that to qualify for the,promotion you must have subscribed to,HBO now service in the google play,platform which is what were in right,now in between January 31st and February,10th at 6 5959 p.m. Eastern Time and,completed that day the 7 day trial and,convert it to the paid subscriber so,basically you have to you know pay for,this all right thats what that means,and open the HP are now qualified email,that else in to your HBO now account,email address about February 25th so you,have to keep an eye on the HBO now email,alright once youve qualified to this,offer HBO will send you a $15 google,play credit to your HBO now email,address by March 3rd sorry let you sign,up today but ok remember you have to do,use the HBO now app for seven days so by,next week be looking out for that that,email right and and it did say by March,3rd so you still got like pretty much,another month to even see the email so,keep that in mind you gotta keep the,email a lot keep the email active or,whatever so $15 is not reloadable it has,no cash value meaning you cant,for the google play credits from your,Google account to your PayPal or cash,app or anything like that,so keep that in mind only in the Google,Play app all right oh credit must be,added to the Google payments account by,July 16th of 2020 meaning you have to,redeem it to your Google Play account,once added to cook once added credit you,must must be used by July 16th or 2021,so it doesnt expire for another two,years playing it simple if you guys,understand that your credits wont,expire for another two years once you,activate it and redeemed it so your,Google Play account now the credits may,be applied towards qualifying products,on the Google Play platform meaning the,Google Play app store any app or movie,or music or ebook that has a paid,purchase to it you can apply to Google,Play credits to it now to show you guys,how to do this,all right so and this is only valid in,the u.s. meaning US customers in United,States North America base let let me get,one credit per subscriber,all right so only only one time theres,only one time you can do it and must be,US resident you must live in the United,States all right so thats pretty much,it thats the whole rundown arm of HBO,now and this whole credit promotion I,get you guys to run down now Im gonna,show you guys how to find your Google,Play credits and this is real easy its,really simple to do guys you just want,to go back to your Google Play home,store it so lets exit out hit the play,app open it up search for Google rewards,right this is the easiest way to do it,search for Google rewards Google pinyin,rewards okay install this app install it,to you your whatever device you got its,got to be Android go install it to your,device all right,oh okay let you install it finding your,App Store finding your app drawer and,its just I cant say rewards you tap on,it boom,your Google,and what thats a google play crate so,where do you see that thats a Google be,credit account now you see the little,thing at the underneath it says spin,your play credits so when you want to,spin your play credits you tap on it and,it should open the Google Play Store,again now how do you find things that,pay its very simple guys you go to,games and go to the games tab then you,just scroll until you see a payment you,just scroll until you see something with,you know pennies or something okay so,this will says $0 all right it says $0,all right I mean you could have paid for,it but you still come across some other,apps that have a dollar symbol so this,was says $0.99,all right so it says contains in-app,purchases thats how you pay with Google,Play credits so you just tap on it and,then its gonna load up this is going to,ask you do you want to buy this and you,hit the Buy button and thats how you,make a payment on with your Google Play,credits also let me remind you your,movies and TV these also comes money so,lets say you want the Robin Hood movie,you tap on that and you can purchase,this in 4k you could purchase this with,your Google Play credits all you do is,tap on buy and itll take the Google,Play money out of your account now you,also have red realms so you can go here,$1.99 for any movie rental expires,February 27 so hey there you go you want,to check out a movie and you want to,rent it for a dollar ninety-nine same,way same results same thing with books,you see a Ladakh dollar symbol you tap,on it and you per sees you you Google,Play credits all right so you go same,way with the music no you see a dollar,symbol you tap on what you want to buy,and you buy to Google Play credits all,right guys I hope this video was,informative and let me know what you,guys think,about this whole HBO deal which you,signed up for it to get you free google,play credits and let me know your your,results and yeah here we have it okay,let me your thoughts in the comment,section below,its your boy two phones

How to Get HBO NOW outside the United States – Complete Guide

HBO paved the way to the golden era of,television which shows like Game of,Thrones The Wire Sopranos and recently,rest world but if you tried accessing,them outside of the United States youve,probably been greeted with this message,its surprisingly difficult to access,its catalog from beyond the United,States despite it being that popular and,theres two particular problems that,persist first to even access HBO an hour,outside of the United States youd need,a wee PN and if you do have one youd,need a US credit card unless youre an,expat whos living outside of the United,States how on earth are you going to get,an American credit card but this one,nifty trick to access HBO now outside of,the United States all you need is a wee,pn service and a fake US address along,with a gift card service that actually,works so lets see how you can access,HBO now thats out of the United States,with three simple steps step one get a,weepy n as you might have guessed youll,need a weepy end to access hbr now but,this instance Ill recommend getting,smart dance proxy the reason being it,offers both a weepy n and a smart DNS,meaning you can set up smart DNS on your,router and most use TV shows from all of,your devices so head over to smart DNS,proxy comm and create a free trial,account follow the instructions on our,setup page or just watch one of our,previous setup instruction videos for,Windows Mac Android iOS routers or any,other device you have it cost about five,dollars per month and the good news is,theres even a 14-day free trial and see,if you want to continue further,it doesnt require any credit card as,well,once youve set it up ten on the Wii PN,and switch to United States now that,youve got a VPN you can easy access HBO,now,step two buy a gift card so we need to,buy a gift card for HBO now as it only,accepts a US credit card just head over,to my gift card supply calm you dont,need a US credit card and PayPal to buy,the gift card from them you can get a,$25.00 for roughly around $27 which is,fair in my opinion so add it to your,cart and checkout with my paypal into,your name email and verify your phone,number once done we get the code in your,email within a minute or two they do,deliver the scan back of a physical card,by email step 3,sign up for hbr now next hello to HBOs,gift card and redemption page well have,all the important links in the,description below by the way and enter,the gift card details pick a random,state with a zip code and then click,continue the next screen fill your name,email address password,thatll be required to log in and thats,it your HBO now account is ready,log into account at the email and,password that you just used and then,pick a show to watch,so thats how you access hbr now outside,of the United States while its not the,most elegant solution it certainly works,and since you paid it with a $25 gift,card it should last around 7 weeks and,after that you can just keep buying more,gift cards to credit your account,unfortunately the HB on our app is,reason blocked on iPhone Android and,even Apple TV so the only way you can,watch it is to a web browser and also,check out our other videos that weve,done and how to watch us live TV hulu,amazon plenty of other stuff from anyway,im vamsi and im signing off

Intermittent Fasting TESTED – 30 Day Before & After

This Is The Moment of Truth folks were,day 30. lets see if Ive actually made,any progress with this,here we go,[Music],holy,theres a certain Health Trend thats,been getting quite a bit of hype over,the last few years the most profoundly,transformational concept and strategy,called intermittent fasting,intermittent fast everybodys doing it,good for weight loss I lost 125 pounds,80 pounds three inches in my waist it,changed my life a lot of people are,claiming intermittent fasting as a,miracle metabolism booster as the,easiest way for you to lose weight and,even a way for you to increase your,overall lifespan but is it all that is,cracked out to be in this video Im,gonna pull from the scientific data as,well as my own experience conducting a,30-day test to share with you everything,you should know about intermittent,fasting,[Music],foreign,what is probably the most common form of,intermittent fasting which is the 16 8,method meaning Ill be fasting for a 16,hour window each day while eating all of,my meals in the remaining eight Ive,decided to set this eating window,between the hours of 11AM and 7 pm,so basically Im going to be giving up,breakfast,my favorite meal of the day,while Im not allowed to have any food,during the fasting hours I am allowed to,drink water or black coffee and with the,help of a cup of coffee my morning,fasting hours go by relatively,painlessly,[Music],one more minute and I can eat,[Music],so I should probably explain why Im,taking on this Challenge and that starts,roughly three weeks ago when I was,playing basketball with a buddy of mine,and typically when Im on the court I go,out and try to you know break some,ankles only this time I ended up,foreign,[Music],according to the doctor it takes a,fractured rib roughly six weeks with,limited to no physical activity so,basically right now Im staring down the,prospect of sitting on my couch binge,watching murder mysteries coming out the,other side 30 pounds heavier and softer,than a stress ball so I figured what,better time than now to try 30 days of,intermittent fasting and see if I can,maybe get through this cracked rib,scenario and come out on the other side,a little bit leaner however by day three,I have a problem I am so hungry that I,find myself spending most mornings,watching the clock just waiting until,the next time I can eat,and it quickly becomes absolutely,miserable,it seems like every day Im faced with,more and more desire to break my fast,you really about to have all these,snacks at 9 00 PM without me,and you did this to yourself,[Applause],without the support of even my wife I,desperately start looking for answers to,solve my Hunger problems,so according to the subreddits and,forums that Ive read about intermittent,fasting and hunger problems theyre,typically saying it takes like four to,seven days to get rid of hunger,um it is now day 10,still hungry so despite my frustrations,with feeling hungry a lot of the time,there have been some pretty substantial,positives with this challenge so far now,with skipping breakfast Im able to just,grab a cup of coffee and get straight,into my work Im finding that Im able,to be more productive quicker in the,morning which is nice I also was able to,take that time that I would normally be,eating in the morning this week and I,actually went for a run,that actually wasnt as bad as I thought,it would be,I thought Id be dying having not eaten,for 14 hours but,not too bad,so it is currently 10 27 Im well into,my work today and this might be the,first day that I havent felt noticeable,hunger in the morning it kind of starts,to feel like my bodys adapting to the,the time constriction so,this is good this is very very good,once my Hunger problems are gone this,challenge becomes a lot easier I found,hydrating consistently through the,morning has helped a lot with reducing,my hunger and when I can eat Im trying,to consume healthier more filling meals,that can help take me through my fasting,periods in the first meal of each day,once my fast is over is so so good,on day 14 of the challenge I weigh,myself and have dropped from 155 down to,152 pounds I assumed the reason for,losing weight with intermittent fasting,was that a smaller window of eating,means that were going to consume less,food in eating less food means less,calories which means typically losing,weight however theres even more,happening on a metabolic level when we,eat our body responds by producing a,hormone called insulin insulin helps to,use glucose to energize our body but it,also enables fat storage when our bodies,have high levels of insulin it prevents,the body from breaking down fat storages,as energy with intermittent fasting,were shortening that window of eating,reducing insulin levels and as a result,reversing the fat storage process,just about to leave my place it is day,20 and my rib feels good Im hoping its,good because Im about to go and lift,weights for the first time in six weeks,Brandon is gonna meet me there and run,me through a few exercises that,hopefully wont irritate my rib and I,can start my gradual process to lifting,weights again,[Music],whats interesting about intermittent,fasting and weightlifting is that a 2011,study actually found that when comparing,intermittent fasting with a regular,calorie restrictive diet they both,performed equally with weight loss but,intermittent fasting actually performed,better with muscle retention so if,youre looking to maintain muscle and,lose weight then intermittent fasting,might be the best option for you,my workout with Brandon goes really well,and its nice feeling like Im closing,this challenge out on a strong note and,it actually starts to feel like my rib,is back to full speed oh,for the most part,is the Moment of Truth folks were day,30,. lets see if Ive actually made any,progress with this,here we go,[Music],um,holy,yo thats crazy Im definitely leaner I,look wow I look good what the heck yo I,did it by the end of the month I dropped,six pounds and while this may not be the,craziest before and after photo I,definitely feel good and even my wife,actually commented saying that I was,looking leaner so I will take that,whats exciting to me is that I think,intermittent fasting can be a really,useful tool for me going forward after I,got past those initial first two weeks,of feeling hunger things were honestly,pretty easy to maintain and with the,added discipline of monitoring when Im,eating I felt like I was a lot more,conscious of what I was eating as well,that being said is intermittent fasting,a miracle weight loss tool unfortunately,no ultimately weight loss and weight,management boils down to calories in,versus calories burned I do think,intermittent fasting though offers an,accessible option for people to better,manage their caloric intake and,ultimately to live a healthier life if,youve struggled with other diets of,calorie restricted plans before I,definitely recommend giving intermittent,fasting a try to see if its a good fit,with your lifestyle and goals another,thing Id recommend is that you start,taking care of your online privacy and,with that I want to thank nordvpn for,sponsoring this video if you dont know,by now online privacy is a huge deal I,dont know about you but this is,something I never gave much thought to I,always just felt like I was invincible,as long as I didnt put my credit card,info or pictures of my passport into a,spam email or something like that not,the case I watched Brendan get his bank,account hacked just by using Wi-Fi at a,coffee shop and let me tell you the,hassle of getting that sorted is,something you definitely want to avoid,this is why nordvpn is so amazing and,Nord helps to ensure youre safe by,using Advanced encryption to make sure,that your data is hidden from anyone,that may be trying to use it or to track,you also outside of the very important,protection stuff you can also change,your IP address and access content that,is outside of your country so Ive,definitely been watc

How to get American Netflix HBO Max without a VPN with Stream Locator

whats up guys have you always wanted to,be able to watch,us netflix maybe some uk netflix and you,just,dont want to have to configure a vpn,work out what codes to write in,how to do it and then it just says,disconnected sick of all that,and the slow speeds well weve got a,solution for you,hey guys its jim and in todays video,were going to be talking about this new,service its called the stream,locator its actually a little modem now,the great thing with this particular,modem,this is not a vpn remember pretty much,how this works,is basically when you set up the router,it gives you a few options you log on in,you can choose have us netflix so you,can have us netflix and just say,you decide hang on a minute i want to,get uk,amazon prime you can take uk amazon,prime you dont need two routers,it can absolutely seamlessly so um it,can detect the opening amazon prime,so whatever youve detect whatever,youve asked the router to open up,on there so if youve ticked uk amazon,prime itll open uk amazon prime,if youve also ticked uh us netflix it,will allow you to access,u.s netflix its so easy and its so,fast it does not make your internet,any slower at all it is one of the best,things that weve ever actually looked,at and i was super amazed,when i checked it out its so cool also,you can do this with disney plus,so if youre sick of the australian,netflix and you want to jump over to,canada,maybe the u.s netflix check what they,got you can do that very simply,just jump on the router click on the,region of netflix you want,and as soon as you take that on just,wait about 30 seconds if it hasnt,really,realized youve done it just unplug the,modem plug it back in and youll be good,to go and it will,reset to whatever region that you have,unpacked,very easy stuff so were going to talk,about a few dot points that i wanted to,really touch base on,and then were going to talk about a few,other great things,and a few things i just want to touch,base on is just basically,pretty much tell you how you can access,certain streaming services and its,super easy to do,so the first thing is i want to talk to,you guys a little bit about the benefits,of streaming locator,so one of them is obviously the first,one that ive noted here is disney plus,so,you can simply change to the uk to,canada and the us,with disney plus super easy to do on the,router,same as the netflix you can change it,between a lot of different regions,the united states canada united kingdom,french germany,and korea republic and brazil so if you,want to check out a few different,netflixs,check what content theyve got you can,do that very simple and ill show you,just how to do that on the router,amazon prime you got the australian or,british amazon prime not really much,content,easily switch it to the us amazon prime,you can do that,by doing that on the router super easy,and so straightforward,secondly if youre a big uk fan like i,am and you love,all the british companies and so on well,one great thing is you can just switch,your stuff over,to the uk which ill show you just how,to do and you can access all these great,services,such as um tv player bbc iplayer,also itv uk tv player and lots more,so much more right there and if they,dont have the streaming service you,want you can request it,with the stream locator which ill show,you how to do in the video as well,internet speed as we saw touch face,before it will not affect your internet,speed so as you know of a vpn if youve,got 100 megabit connection,it can sometimes significantly drop drop,it to about,50 to 40 megabits it can really drop it,and if youre on open vpn it can slow it,down to,really really slow internet speeds up to,five meg,so yeah its super fast um no vpn,required,it all its a very smart router and it,ill show you just how to set up its,mind-blowing how well it is,and pretty much if you dont have a us,credit card,not to worry they supply that too now,there is a few different fees involved,um theres a one-time fee,and theres a monthly fee to have a usm,credit card so if you you are trying to,just say trying to sign up to hbo max,and so do its denying your um credit,card,no worries you can actually sign up with,these guys and they will give you a us,card so you can sign up to hbmax,very straightforward lets go through,all the details lets set up the router,first up,so well do a quick little brief summary,on how to set up the router,and then well talk about different,regions how to swap that out and lets,talk about even more,and then ill show you also how to watch,the u.s netflix and uk netflix with a,click of a button lets do it so before,we dive into all the great stuff,first up youve got to connect your,stream locator to your isp router or,your router,all you got to do is pretty much run a,cable from the wan port,into your main router youre done thats,all you have to do,once youve done that power it up wait a,couple of minutes,and then you can pretty much just click,on the little blue box ive connected,my router from there click on that and,well show you what to do next,so well just click on that right now,now if youre doing this via wi-fi,youll have to whack in the code,at the back of the modem on the stream,locator in my case i dont have to,because i,have it connected via internet line from,here you want to whack in an email and a,password to create your account,so pretty much were going to quickly go,do that and well be back,now all you have to do is choose what do,you want to call the wi-fi so your,stream locator,so call it whatever you want make your,own password and then youve got to pick,your payment method not to worry you get,one year free so you can either choose,after that year,if you want to pay monthly or yearly up,to you,right there and then from there just,adding your details which were about to,do right now,and all that will require is obviously,your billing address and pretty much,your card details,and then youre good to go you will not,be charged at all and then you can start,configuring your netflix disney plus and,what region,to this nice little page here now what,this page allows you to do youre going,to see,multiple different streaming services,now as you see all of them are disabled,so while theyre disabled it means,whatever your isp wherever your isp is,located thats what sort of streaming,services you are going to get which is,your internet provider that you pay for,if you want to change just say you want,to change the region of your netflix,just click on the little blue arrow and,click on what country you want to see,netflix content so in our case were,going to click the united states,now thats going to update so just wait,for that to update takes a couple of,seconds,okay so just wait for that to go through,so that has now been done now we find it,works the best if you wait for the,little wheel to finish so if you change,all of these to the united states,automatically at the same time it does,seem to glitch so,just take your time with changing this,so just say the same,disney plus you go no i dont really,want to get the canadian disney plus i,want to go to the us,you can go the us netflix just wait for,the us disney plus,just wait for that to update,same applies for plex if you want to use,plex you can update that to the us one,as well thats the only one they,actually have here,and thats pretty much everything right,there so that only the,the small amount of streaming services,if you want more what you want to do is,go to your profile here,click on the arrow and you want to go to,advanced settings,okay so what advanced settings is going,to allow you to do over here its going,to let you to change a few things so you,can have your amazon prime video,united states so you can change the,different region and right there if,youve got a roku account,what country do you want that to come,out of there is going to be two options,which is uk and the united states if you,have discovery plus so if you want to,change the region right there,

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