1. How to Watch Free Trials for a WHOLE YEAR: Netflix, Hulu, and more
  3. Hulu With Live TV (on Roku) Reivew
  4. Is Hulu Worth It? Hulu Review 2022
  5. YouTube tv vs Hulu live :Which one better? #youtubetv #hulu #huludaily #streamtv #nbcuniversal #nbc
  6. How to get a Hulu free trial in the US 2020 | virtual credit card from Privacy.com
  7. Reviewing HULU Live TV: 7 day free trial.

How to Watch Free Trials for a WHOLE YEAR: Netflix, Hulu, and more

there are just too many streaming,services out there right,no one could try them all you just cant,afford it unless of course,you could and im going to tell you how,im going to show you a calendar that,weve created that will help you on a,quest,to sample 39 different streaming,services,thats a lot of streaming we better get,started so lets dive in,[Music],the streaming world these days is so,much bigger than just netflix and hulu,and those kind of standard options,have you tried brit box how about,boomerang or the criterion channel or,the urban movie channel,or you want to get really sappy not only,is there a hallmark movies now,theres also the lifetime movie club you,can get your fill,so yeah streaming services are legion,and,not only is that a lot of content to try,to wade through all at once,it can get really expensive in fact we,did the math on 39 different services,and even with the cheaper plans you,could end up paying,over fifty seven hundred dollars in a,single year,if you got them all so no thats really,not much of an option,but most streaming services have a trial,period for you to check it out and see,if you want to sign,up on a more permanent basis now what i,do not recommend here,is abusing that system to get everything,free forever by,skirting rules and jumping through,loopholes but what i,do recommend is thinking strategically,about which services to sign up for and,when,to maximize the free trial experience,and thats where the writers over at,reviews.org come in my colleagues,have created a calendar and if you go to,the description below youll find a link,to that google calendar that they have,made,and which you can add to your own,calendar and thats going to give you a,schedule for which services to sign up,for,over the next year not only will the,calendar remind you when to sign up for,a service,itll also remind you the day before,your free trial is up so youll have a,little warning before any charges,actually go through,of course you dont have to cancel every,service if you sign up for the shutter,free trial right before halloween but,you just love the glut of horror movies,to be had there then,by all means keep it around and thats,kind of the purpose of this whole,calendar to give you a chance to try,them all and then pick a few that really,fit your viewing habits,that way instead of paying nearly 6,dollars a year on streaming,you could keep it to a couple hundred or,less because we did sprinkle in the,services that you can always get for,free peacock to be,pluto crackle voodoo and imdb tv,so armed with some great free options,and with a calendar to guide you through,the free trials for all the rest,you can really broaden your content,horizons and you dont have to fork over,a bunch to do it,so go forth or well rather go to the,description,click on that link go check out that,calendar and while youre at it check,out reviews.org for more reviews and,analysis of your home services like,tv and streaming internet home security,cell phone service and more,of course you know what amazing content,is always free,this channel so if youre watching this,on youtube make sure you subscribe,ring that bell give this video a like,and let me know in the comments,what streaming services youd be most,excited to try out that you havent yet,thanks for watching everybody ill see,you next time


welcome to cold world so in todays,video were going to show you how to get,free free free free hulu baby the hulu,hack so first thing youre gonna do is,im doing this on an android phone by,the way this will work on any device any,device so first thing were going to do,is come to Chrome so lets find Chrome,[Music],and youre going to type this in right,here,vit LIC WH Coelho number one youre,going to type this in youre gonna,select go any browser then youre going,to come here and youre just gonna click,here where it says click here then,youre going to come here pop in your,name and email click Submit when you hit,submit youre gonna get this thank you,for subscribing then the next thing that,you want to do is go ahead and go to,your email so once youre in your email,youre gonna see a email from Tico TV,its gonna say youre cold inside all,you do is click on it and you will,scroll down itll say hi Tim or whatever,your name is for free free free free,Hulu and you will see the user and,password right here when you see the,user and password you will just be sure,to replace the equal sign with the @,sign and add calm when you log in so,what you will do next is go to Hulu for,free free free free to loop there we go,were going to click login and were,going to type in a code once you pop it,in there it is make sure its correct,press done and we got free free free,free Hulu just remember the rules do not,do not do not,modify the account in any way free Hulu,live TV free free free free here we go,so you want to scroll left and right you,got my channels you can scroll up and,down you can see all the channels and,Ill just show you any other click play,they do play we aint here to play with,you today we just here to help you out,lets back out of there lets just try,noble dr. feelgood right here lets back,out of there free free free free TV so,that is how you get free free free free,Hulu if you got any questions give us a,shout do me a favor the only thing we,ask is that you like comment and,subscribe below,like comment hit the notification bail,and subscribe and if you got any,questions give us a shout peace

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Hulu With Live TV (on Roku) Reivew

hello Im Wanderer001 and this is my review of Hulu with live TV now,this is kind of going down the pathway that Ive been going for a while now,with internet-based TV services live TV services so theyll,try and find a replacement for my parents who are looking to cut the cord,now Hulu is one of the older video on-demand services that you could have,but they have also added live TV now to me Hulu Live seems more like an add-on,and once I get into things youre gonna see that its kind of an add-on to their,primary video on-demand service which may or may not have been done well that,is up to you to decide I will be testing this out currently on the Roku I will be,referencing buttons which are hard to see apparently back home and then are,directional buttons here as well as occasionally the options asterisk so,what Im gonna do now is a move to start Hulu on my Roku here and show you the,boot up time in live so that you know how long it takes to boot up everything,Im going to be doing when looking at channels and so forth is all live so you,get that experience of how long times are so you dont have to wonder hey why,does it look one way in a video and then when I try it it doesnt look the same,so here we go booting it up,when you first log into Hulu or Hulu Live Im going to just refer to it as,Hulu just know for the purposes of this video we are referencing live stuff you,will start with your profiles this is one thing that Hulu does very well they,give you six profiles that you can use I have set up several profiles they do,have a kid specific profile that you can do which I will show you a little later,but what I want to do is I want to walk you through the onboarding process so,lets say were going to pull this back a little bit to help the camera focus,and were gonna come down to creating a new profile which is apparently where,its losing focus its too much blue so were gonna click on the new profile,very quickly and walk you through the process of setting up a new profile you,would give your profile a name now this is one of the complaints that I have,with who is this indicator marker it just seems weird you get used to it,after a while but having it on the top of an item as opposed to underneath an,item makes it seem a little off so here were gonna create the profile name by,clicking okay and were just going to call this you for it you and select up,so this profile is now you you can select kids mode on and off if you,select kids mode on and off it gets rid of a lot of that extra information you,notice down there but if you leave it on it does require you to put in a date of,birth now if you just want to get around this you can put in something close to,your date of birth in this case Im just going to put down arbitrarily here we go,and the month were going to select okay everything is being done with the OK,button January and the day were gonna say the,first so done theres my arbitrary birthday now you do have to select a,gender you can prefer not to say female or male now a lot of this is based off,of the ads that you will be seeing because yes Hulu is still an,ad-supported service even with their live so Im going to leave it at male,and we are going to come down here and select right here create profile after,you create your profile its going to ask you you guys me tell us a little,bit about yourself so they can help personalize your experience so were,gonna go choose interests and here you can select different,types of shows that you were interested in so yeah were gonna say yes we like,edgy animation what else do we have here,well say edgy animation and sci-fi after doing that you will come up here,by selecting the back button on your Roku remote to bring you to shows and,movies so from here you can pick specific shows and movies so lets say,so we can select by hitting okay on our Roku remote Bobs Burgers you notice,that plus sign now turn to a check mark will say ant-man and uh and CIS will,just randomly click on things and see what happens Im really not reading,anything at the moment but they are kind of going down and building a profile for,you now you can keep scrolling until you get to the bottom here and then sure,whatever that is well say we like that clicking back on our item or our roku,remote will bring us back to the top we hit OK it brings us to sports teams you,can see if youre wondering how long this will take the onboarding over here,if you have any particular sports teams that you like you can pick them I really,dont but lets say there we go here you can specify network so if you have,networks that you know your shows are on that you like you can select them here,so we could say ABC we can say Cartoon Network discovery,heres Disney and FXX history Nat Geo and and so forth Im gonna hit the back,button on the roku remote again and then we could select finished now here,this is asking you to personalize your experience so based on your age based on,your gender based on the shows that you like its like hey I want to show you,specific ads so you can yes agree to this or you can say no thanks now for,the purposes of my testing and what you just saw me do I selected no thanks,because I dont want any more recommendations,based on data that theyre gathering on me so no here you can also see after the,onboarding process they give you a little guide and well just try and get,through this show me around its just saying okay up here is your home over,here are your lineup areas this is my stuff Ill explain that later and then,it goes away so here it should be in focus now when you first log into Hulu,after you pick a profile this is where you land on you are on home and you want,on line up now the lineup is meh because I found things in here from my personal,profile and my worst personal profile that were like yeah no this has nothing,to do with us now that might be partially due to the we told it not to,specifically target us so that could be it but if we come down to lineup you can,see its offering you shows things that it thinks youre interested in based on,the information that you put in over in the right-hand corner there you do see,what network it is on and they give you this nice graphic in the background now,occasionally you will see here sponsored by whatever whoever happens to sponsor,it Im not seeing any sponsored content yet now if you press up on your remote,it will cycle you back through all of that or you can hit the which will bring,you back to the top of a list now we can select over keep in mind were still on,home coming over it brings you to the my channels area so any channels that you,happen to pick it will show you whats on live now youll know its live,because you can see right there it says live so based on the channels that I,picked these are the things that are live Ill go into these a little later,and show you the guide and everything but this is just my channels clicking,the back button again will bring us back to the top and I keep unmuting my TV,with this particular roku remote scrolling across the line up here it,will bring you into college basketball sports news TV so all of these are baked,into that home right here now keep in mind that there,is a mix of on-demand and live stuff the only time that you saw live was when we,were on my channels and we scroll down this area this the little live indicator,everything else that was in that lineup was actually video on-demand stuff so we,are going to click back on our roku remote to bring us back up to the top,now it only brought us back to the top of this the my channels area we have to,click back again in order to get up to this action area so this is home now if,we were down in this and we wanted to get back up here we have to double press,the back button on the remote coming across is the actual live live TV area,now Im going to show you what the actual boot time for this is because,this is one of the things that I dont particularly care for it takes quite a,bit of

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Is Hulu Worth It? Hulu Review 2022

weve all heard of hulu but with all the,streaming services out there in your,2022 you might be asking yourself is,hulu worth it find out my hulu review,coming up,[Music],alrighty everyone thank you for tuning,in my name is matt and im the host of,shall i stream it today im going to be,reviewing hulu if you like this video as,were going along make sure to give it a,like also subscribe to this youtube,channel for all things streaming if you,havent already follow shall i stream it,on facebook twitter and tick tock and,also visit shall i stream it dot com,theres going to be chapter times in the,description below if you want to skip,ahead to anything but without further,ado lets go ahead and get started,alright so lets go over the basics of,hulu im not going to spend a lot of,time on this because im guessing you,already know what hulu is but hulu was,one of the very first companies to get,out there and start streaming television,episodes and movies on the internet i,remember back in when i was in high,school going on to hulu to watch,episodes of lost after school and catch,up with shows that i wanted to see,that was i mean they started back in,2007 so it was quite a while ago i,remember my mom even at the time,thinking it was super weird that i was,watching the internet on tv which shows,you how long ago that was even though,things have changed with the,subscription service over time there is,one thing that has stayed consistent,with hulu and that is that it is a hub,for great television shows and movies,from a variety of different sources,different movie studios different,television networks all in one place,now as streaming services have become,more and more you know fractured and,youve got,content from one studio over here and,one network over here,hulu has kind of been that holdout where,you can get things from a variety of,different sources and one tidy little,package and thats one thing i like,about hulu another great thing i like,about hulu is that,you can really customize your membership,if you want live tv you can add that if,you want to add on hbo max you can add,that on and ill get into all of those,different types of memberships in this,review now one thing i will add is hulu,does have a hulu plus live tv,subscription package if you want to,watch different broadcast networks and,cable networks together with your hulu,subscription,im going to do a separate video talking,about that,because i think that kind of warrants,its own video so im not gonna spend a,lot of time on hulu plus live tv in this,video but once i make that video ill,have a link to it up in the corner here,as well as a link down in the,description so lets get into whats on,hulu now even though hulu is majority,owned by disney they do have a lot of,different content from other studios as,well other different television networks,um its one of the only places i can,think of where you can find shows from,abc fox and nbc together under one roof,some of the other networks youll find,content from,uh includes everything from amc bravo,discovery comedy central food network fx,which is a really big thing on hulu the,content from fx,showtime tbs tnt vh1,so just a whole bunch of different,networks here at the time im recording,this video they have uh the original tim,burton batman movies as well as movies,from marvel like the deadpool movies so,its kind of just interesting to see,those movies side by side,and as youre you know again seeing so,many things become more and more,fractured this is kind of that one hold,out where you can get that content,together or at least some of it now a,great thing that hulu has which has,always been kind of a mainstay of hulu,is that for a lot of the shows that are,originally on broadcast networks or,cable you can watch current season shows,so you dont have to wait for months or,even years before the season of the show,that youre watching comes out on,streaming you can watch it in a lot of,cases the next day,um you know on hulu just like when i was,in high school and i was watching lost,on hulu you can still,watch your shows the next day so thats,pretty nice so when you go to the hubs,tab this shows you what a lot of the,content on hulu is really focused on of,course theres a whole bunch of,different studios,but these ones in particular um really,under the disney brands youve got 20th,century studios searchlight pictures,hot star,fx,as well as the hulu originals ill get,into those originals first um with these,hulu originals you know the one really,big,splashy show that you heard about for a,while was the handmaids tale uh since,then theres been a lot of other shows,that have come out,that have been you know equally,successful if not more so ive been,enjoying watching the dropout which is,about elizabeth holmes and the whole,saiga with theranose and the blood,testing that was actually just a fraud,and people knew about it and there was,the whistleblowing and that whole thing,i found to be very interesting,theres also,dopesick theres the new series pam and,tommy,they have everything from these super,gritty drama shows to really quirky,comedies only murders in the building,the great how i met your father they do,have some kids content now its not,going to be as much as you would find on,disney plus,but there are several shows uh made for,hulu by dreamworks animation uh theres,also a reboot of animaniacs that you,know even though its technically for,children i think adults can enjoy it as,well and ive certainly,enjoyed reminiscing about the days of,watching animaniacs and pinky in the,brain now even though the live channels,are mostly going to be focused on the,hulu plus live tv package,you do get access to abc news live,which is their 24 7 digital news channel,with any hulu subscription so to get to,that you would just want to go to the,news tab and you can see their full,schedule,you can watch shows like abc news live,with lindsey davis 2020 the view world,news tonight with david muir,all of that youre going to be able to,watch either live or catch up on it,after it airs you can also see clips of,different news stories uh catch up on,different programs under the news tab so,that is more of a recent thing with hulu,is that it is becoming also a good,source for news at least through abc,news as well now i mentioned earlier,customization with a hulu membership and,thats one thing that i really like,uh they do offer a number of add-ons so,instead of having lets say showtime or,hbo max and a separate app you can have,it all together in one place with your,hulu app which i think is really nice so,as for the premium add-ons that you can,do those include showtime cinemax stars,hbo max as well as espn plus and again,all of those can be added with any level,whether you are live tv,or any type of membership with hulu the,last thing ill mention here in this,section of the video is hulu plus live,tv,with that type of subscription you get,access to over 75 different live,channels you have a cloud dvr you have,also includes access to disney plus and,espn plus,for both of their hulu plus live tv,subscriptions,uh again im working on a separate video,for hulu plus live tv,um but i will have that link once that,video is up so lets get into the big,question which is the memberships and,pricing for hulu how much is hulu now,with a standard hulu subscription for,just hulu on its own its pretty simple,theres just going to be two options,one really nice thing is both of these,plans include a 30-day free trial so,that is a super generous amount of time,if you want to just get a feel for hulu,try it out,you do get that full month to uh you,know have that trial so that is super,nice so the first plan is going to be,hulu with ads that is,6.99 per month,with that plan you get access to,everything thats on hulu,its just going to have those,advertising breaks if you want to,eliminate the ad breaks that is going to,be the hulu no ads plan which is 12.99,per month,you get access to all of

YouTube tv vs Hulu live :Which one better? #youtubetv #hulu #huludaily #streamtv #nbcuniversal #nbc

streaming services have changed,dramatically over the last decade as,anybody who has a television tablet,laptop or mobile phone will attest the,elimination of the need for a cable,subscription to watch live TV is one of,the most significant shifts like,millions of others you may be wondering,which streaming service is the greatest,alternative to Cable many people who,watch television have to decide between,YouTube TV and Hulu with live TV because,of their extensive libraries are both,live and on-demand programming including,Sports entertainment news and more these,two Services consistently rank high even,more confusing is the fact that their,packages and channel choices are almost,identical in terms of both cost and,quality in order to assist you to make,an informed decision I compared and,contrasted to popular live TV streaming,services YouTube TV and Hulu with live,tv YouTube TV vs Hulu Plus live TV which,is cheaper while Hulu Plus live TV costs,69 dollars 99 cents per month,75.99 for the ad free version YouTube TV,costs,64.99 per month however new YouTube TV,subscribers get a 30 discount over the,course of their first three months,bringing the total cost down to 50,4.99 for an additional,34.99 each month you may subscribe to,YouTube in Spanish whose live TV package,costs a little more than the competition,but it also includes Disney plus and,ESPN plus so for less than seven eight,dollars a month members receive free,streaming services and more than 75,channels while Hulus add-ons are often,cheaper than YouTubes nine dollars per,month yes 18 the standard plans of both,Services already include a wide variety,of features making the upgrades more of,a luxury than a need for the vast,majority of subscribers the nicest,aspect about picking a streaming service,rather than a cable provider is that you,are not locked into a long-term,commitment and may cancel at any moment,go down to the TV bundles and add on,section for the complete pricing,breakdown is there a trial period for,Hulu with live TV there is a free 30-day,trial period for Hulus basic and add,free on-demand streaming subscriptions,but not for its live TV services the,five-day free trial that Youtube tv,offers Fritz live TV channels gives the,service a distinct advantage over Hulu,in this respect note the time frame May,differ during promotional periods I like,that I did have to commit to a full,month of YouTube TV to see whether was,good for me even if I wish the trial,period were longer please specify which,channels will be available while the,specific number of channels included in,Hulus Life TV bundle does vary from zip,code to zip code the total number of,channels is more than 75. whether youre,looking for regional or national news in,sports entertainment Leisure or programs,suitable for the whole family youll,find it all here in addition to Hulus,original series like only murders in the,building and the handmaids tale,subscribers get access to hundreds of,more dramas and movies in Hulus,streaming Library personally I enjoyed,exploring the wide variety of,documentaries available on Hulu the,streamers interface allows for simple,navigation between the many available,shows and the favorites tab where,previously recorded shows are stored,Hulus live TV interface with its,scrolling structure showcasing whats on,each Network right now is reminiscent of,classic cable guides although YouTube TV,is a larger number of channels available,in its standard package 85 Plus then,well do 75 plus both Services provide,content in the same general genres while,I was testing out YouTube TV for free I,noticed that the site pushed the air,times of movies it guests I would enjoy,based on my viewing history and other,personal information easy searching for,particular titles and navigating between,the home page live channels and user,libraries are just some of the,highlights of YouTube TV user interface

How to get a Hulu free trial in the US 2020 | virtual credit card from Privacy.com

so your favorite tv show,just got the new season released on hulu,and you want to watch it but you dont,want to pay for it ill show you how to,use their free trial with privacy.com,virtual credit cards,so that you can avoid getting charged at,the end of those 30 days lets get into,the video,so here i am on hulu.com where you can,see they have several different bundles,or hulu free trials disney plus espn,plus,and who uh hbo max showtime cinemax and,stars im going to show you,how to get any number of these free,trials for free and you wont get,charged at the end,with privacy.com lets start the free,trial,so we come here and im just going to,select the hulu plan,and im going to enter in this,information,now that ive entered in my information,im going to hit continue,and you can see the total due today is,zero because were doing a 30-day free,trial and here is the part where the,privacy extension comes a lot in handy,again you can use the link in this in,the description,and in the cards ill show you how to,get set up in the privacy setup video,here were going to create a new card,for hulu were going to name it,the uh,free trial,and well just give it todays date,and the limit this is really important,make it a one dollar limit,add that limit and your funding source,of course and were going to create the,card,all right and here we are ready to go,just need to add a valid zip code does,not have to be the zip code you live at,just a zip code that is valid im going,to hit submit,and it looks like our card did work,uh we did not get charged theres our,current plan theres our name and i am,just gonna skip just to show you that i,do have hulu and that this will be live,for the whole 30 days,and at the end i wont get charged,and so i can just use this or forget,about it and it doesnt matter and its,wonderful im just going to hit next,through these just to show you,just to show you that i can play a,hulu.com video,sorry about that looks like its a,little,long to load,okay so weve loaded and here is hulu,i can grab and go and just start,start playing,this is trolls,and you can go and watch it,so that is how you get hulu without,having to put in a real credit card,forget about it and then get charged at,the end of 30 days and go back to the,company and try and ask for your money,back never get get yourself put into,that situation with privacy.com its,wonderful ive used it for over two,years,you can get it in the description below,both you and i get five bucks to spend,uh when you start using it again its no,cost to you its free to use,and an extra little bonus here if you,if you uh in three months from now want,to get another blue subscription,you can put a plus sign,just before the at symbol on your email,and,type anything hulu 2 or hulu 5 whatever,you want to type and this this will,essentially create a new email that you,can use on hulu,and itll be a brand new account,and youll be able to get another free,trial so this is how you can use hulu,every now and then and not get charged,not have to worry about cancelling it or,set reminders at the end of the month,theres just no time for that anymore,theres too many transactions going on,and free trials take advantage of the,human psychology of we forget so many,things that are on the internet land so,lets get ahead of this and use,privacy.com so that we can get as many,free trials as we want and check out my,other videos for free trials for netflix,and other types of subscriptions,anything that takes a prepaid prepaid,debit card youll be able to use it,drop a huge like smash the like button,for me on this video so that youtube can,know that im making some good videos,for you if you receive value from it,subscribe for more content and well see,in the next one peace

Reviewing HULU Live TV: 7 day free trial.

I am just going to show this video,really quick,the Hulu live TV I subscribe for the,7-day trial to see how it would work,because I have dish um I dont think Im,going to keep it because it doesnt have,a few channels that I want such as AMC I,love The Walking Dead it doesnt have,vh1 or MTV but these are some of the,channels the live channels you see the,live indicator right,thats the indication that it is live TV,so these are some of the few channels,that Ive added to my quick view I guess,thats what you would call it clicking,noise its me in the remote,were gonna go try more networks,[Music],lets can do here,I feel like I will switch and soon say,add more channels because at the moment,I think they they give you 100 or 150,and they give you free 50 hours of cloud,DVR you can also buy extra,I actually like it but I just cant deal,with not having some of my channels and,HPL only has one channel with dish it,has I think eight or nine channels but,at the moment dishes is in going to war,with HBO and we cant currently dont,have HBO with our subscription so I just,have to deal with one channel in it,might subscribe permanently to hulu live,TV so were gonna just go through some,of these channels here now he was not on,the bus at the time of the crash buddy,said that this trip to Dallas was an,exciting time for these kids because for,a lot of them this other channel they,ever left him at this so close like this,is devastating and this is the new bar,Phoebe steep for a KTV steep which I,love has the remote that and you see it,theres a different remote and you can,change you can um basically use this,remote for the volume which you cant,with the others I like that,okay youre gonna go to the channel this,is sports our GB beach one you almost,burst into flames like a vampire,so whats the things I get for turning,Leonard into quality boyfriend material,and to tiptoe around his new girlfriend,and as you can see is fairly different,from cable or satellite HBO movie I like,the preview to the big current,programming and I think you can use the,this button to know while youre,watching you can use this button to get,info tell me what led you over there,time to meet her friend,[Music],these guys that came up in,well not there my favorite Channel,stand up if youre a mother,military solution supports just like,every other programming Bravo is another,one of my favorite channels,another thing about Hulu if youre,familiar with Hulu you can just go to,the login go to the website to log in,and switch your programming just like,that I mean you can do that with dish as,well but no one has to come to your,house and you dont have to miss work,and you dont have to be here for,someone to go crawl up into your attic,and or put a dish on the pole this is,through your internet service provider,long as you have internet your,thats the glare,[Music],dont give me info doing advertisement,so anyways i do–but channels just,[Music],another Channel I dont have his own I,need that channel as well right,basically hulu has a lot of work to do,get more channels for me to switch,and this will be brief Im going to make,you like this I dont want this video to,be too long its already almost 11,minutes oh my god this and Im going to,go to this is a Vizio television it has,three channels built right in or four :,political calculus but because he,actually was really interested in,knowing them we heard an extraordinary,so this looks more like a dish or cable,youre more familiar with this line just,line up right here but these are the,three channels free you pay nothing you,buy the TV and these are channels that,you get for free it sports channels,comedy channels and I guess 250 is funny,as you know what Im guessing cant beat,free I love free personally then you,have geek and gaming channels chill-out,channels dont know what that is,okay Matt I dont have committee with,any of these channels does that free,nosey thats me the Jerry Springer Show,pretty girls fight dirty,Oh get life and style these are all free,channels now put it pop sugar but Im,thinking thats a website food TV,channel curiosity channels music and,radio these all three channels seriously,Oh a lot of generous patron channels of,course movie channels enough weve gone,through this three letters for us,romance a block cinema seasons greeting,is the season for greeting so they have,some Christmas channels your news of,course and I think were making our way,back to sports okay that is it,so go back to regular programming,my next favorite show which is see,hardly there with you so I hope this,helps you out if you anyone was thinking,of giving lies I think its good I think,its great but at the moment its not,for me so have a wonderful day evening,morning and I know what Im gonna upload,this but so the loo,and theres always thanks for watching

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