1. LINZESS Side Effects | Pharmacist Review Of LINZESS (Linaclotide)
  2. Dr. Darren Brenner Explains What to Know Before Starting LINZESS® (linaclotide). See Abbv.ie/LinzPI
  3. How I cured my IBS symptoms!
  5. The impact of chronic idiopathic constipation
  6. What made my GASTROPARESIS better?!
  7. Living Confidently with Chronic Constipation: How I Kept Moving

LINZESS Side Effects | Pharmacist Review Of LINZESS (Linaclotide)

hello everyone welcome back my name is,koiku i am a pharmacist,today ill be reviewing the medication,lenses well be taking a look at its,description and uses,we will dive into how it works and the,common dosing,some side effects as well as some,precautions and some best practices,before we delve any further though just,want to mention that this review is for,informational purposes only and it is,not meant to be a substitute for medical,advice from your physician,so lenses or linux its a prescription,medication that is used in adults,to treat irritable bowel syndrome with,constipation,and also chronic idiopathic constipation,now we say idiopathic that means that we,dont know really the,the source of the constipation or what,really is causing the constipation,so they use the term idiopathic lenses,works by accelerating bowel movements,this is achieved through a series of,actions which ultimately results in an,increase in chloride and biocarbonating,the intestines,resulting in an increase in the amount,of fluid in the intestines,with higher intestinal fluid levels the,transit of food becomes easier and,faster,throughout the gi tract another theory,about how lenses works is that,it calms pain sensing nerves however,this was only seen in animal studies and,its relevance to humans,has not currently been documented or,proven,with respect to dosing lenses is,available in three different strengths,72 145 and 290 microgram capsules,for the treatment of chronic idiopathic,constipation the dose is typically,145 micrograms taken daily on an empty,stomach at least 30 minutes before the,first meal of the day,in some instances a 72 microgram may be,used if the patient,based on the patients presentation or,how well they tolerate the medication,for irritable bowel syndrome with,constipation the dose is typically 290,micrograms daily,also ideally on an empty stomach and,also at least 30 minutes before the,festive meal of the day,with respect to side effect diarrhea is,the most commonly reported side effect,occurring in about 16 to 20 percent of,the people that take lenses,that means that approximately every one,in five people taking lenses would,experience some form of diarrhea,and this typically starts within the,first two weeks of treatment,in up to two percent of people taking,lenses especially those on the 145 and,290 microgram capsules,this diarrhea was described as severe,and severe mean that it sometimes may,involve,electrolyte imbalances like low,potassium therefore its very,highly recommended to call your doctor,right away if you get severe diarrhea,during treatment with lenses other side,effects reported include abdominal pain,in about seven percent of the patients,that take lenses,flatulence or gas by four to six percent,abdominal distension,that the feeling of fullness or pressure,in your abdomen occurring in about one,to three percent,and then gastroesophageal reflux disease,and also for some people vomiting,and for some people you know urgency to,defecate,now some precautions and best practices,lenses is contraindicated in children,less than six years old that means that,it should not be given to this age group,under any circumstance,even for the 6 to 18 year olds lenses is,not recommended for them as,it may potentially harm them it is also,recommended to seek medical help right,away if you develop any unusual or,severe stomach pain abdominal pain,especially if you have bright red bloody,stools,or black stools that look like tar that,may not be a good sign,its also recommended to take this,medicine with a glass of water do not,crash or chew this medicine,take ideally on an empty stomach at,least 30 minutes before the first meal,of the day,and i said earlier report any serious,diarrhea right away to your doctor,because it may,lead to electrolyte imbalances which may,have its issues as well,thanks so much i hope you found some,value in this review if you did please,give it a thumbs up and consider,subscribing if you have not done so,i appreciate you and ill see you on the,next video

Dr. Darren Brenner Explains What to Know Before Starting LINZESS® (linaclotide). See Abbv.ie/LinzPI

hi my name is darren brenner and im an,associate professor of medicine and,surgery and an irene d pritzker research,scholar at the northwestern university,feinberg school of medicine,im also the director of neurogastro,motility and functional bowel programs,and the monstenelli gi physiology,laboratory,the purpose of this short video is to,provide you with some important clinical,information that may assist you in,achieving a successful outcome when,taking lenses,linzess is a prescription medication,used in adults to treat two chronic,medical conditions,irritable bowel syndrome with,constipation or ibsc,and chronic idiopathic constipation or,cic,idiopathic means the cause of the,constipation is unknown,do not give lin zest to children who are,less than two years of age it may harm,them,linses can cause severe diarrhea and,your child could get severe dehydration,do not take linzess if a doctor has told,you that you have a ball blockage,please review the important safety,information about linzess at the end of,this video,if you have any questions about ibsc cic,or lindses please talk to your,healthcare practitioner,when starting linzess there are four key,points wed like you to be aware of,first,we want to explain some of the hows and,whys of taking lenses,second we want to establish what you may,expect regarding symptom relief,third,wed like you to be aware of possible,side effects that may occur while taking,linzess and finally well address the,importance of checking in with your,practitioner regarding your experience,with the medication,lets first talk about some of the hows,and whys in taking linzess,lindsay should be taken once a day,every day on an empty stomach at least,30 minutes before your first meal of the,day or as prescribed by your,practitioner,if you miss a dose of linzess skip the,missed dose and take the next dose at,your regular time the next day,do not take two doses at the same time,linses was studied and shown to be,effective for treating both irritable,bowel syndrome with constipation and,chronic idiopathic constipation when,taken on a daily basis,linzess is a prescription medication,that should be taken daily,this is different from standard,over-the-counter laxatives which are,often used as needed,if you dont take lenses every day you,may not experience symptom relief and if,you stop taking linzess your symptoms,may return,what about expectations,when should you begin to experience,relief and how long might it take to,obtain symptom relief of lenses,when when zest is taken daily,constipation relief is typically felt in,about one week,ibs-c patients may also begin to,experience relief from belly pain and,overall abdominal symptoms in about a,week with symptoms typically improving,over 12 weeks,the length of time it takes to achieve,these improvements may differ from,person to person what are possible side,effects you may experience with linseeds,diarrhea is the most common side effect,of lenses and in some cases it can be,severe,in clinical studies diarrhea occurred in,16 to 22 percent of lenses patients and,two to five percent of patients,experiencing diarrhea stop taking the,medication,when you first start taking linzess its,helpful to plan ahead for the,possibility of diarrhea,starting on a weekend when you can be,near the comfort or convenience of your,own bathroom may be beneficial its also,important to have a general,understanding of what we mean by the,term diarrhea as this word means,different things to different people,the bristol stool scale shown here is,commonly used by doctors to describe the,different types of stools,these images are used to differentiate,hard stools normal stools and diarrhea,bristol stool types 1 and 2 typically,indicate constipation and types 6 and 7,are consistent with diarrhea,if diarrhea is going to occur when,taking linzess it usually begins within,the first two weeks of starting the,medication,if you develop severe diarrhea stop,taking linzess and contact your,practitioner right away,in addition to diarrhea other possible,side effects of linzess include,increased gas,abdominal pain,and swelling or a feeling of fullness or,pressure in the abdomen finally its,important to check in with your,practitioner and inform them about if,and how linzess is working for you,i usually recommend that the initial,follow-up occur at one month but i also,tell my patients that they should feel,free to contact me at any time with,questions or concerns especially if they,experience side effects,ask your practitioner what follow-up,timing is best for you,at your follow-up visit let your,practitioner know specifically which of,your symptoms have or have not improved,and if youre experiencing any side,effects that you feel may be associated,with the medication,based on your experience you and your,practitioner can determine the best,treatment options for you,now lets quickly recap the four key,topics we addressed first how to take,linzess,lenses should be taken once a day every,day on an empty stomach at least 30,minutes before the first meal of the day,second the timing of symptom relief,when lin zest is taken daily,constipation relief is typically felt in,about a week,ibsc patients may also begin to,experience relief from belly pain and,overall abdominal symptoms in about one,week with symptoms typically improving,over 12 weeks,third,what is the most common side effect,diarrhea is the most common side effect,and often begins within the first two,weeks of taking lenses,planning ahead for the possibility of,this side effect can be helpful,if you develop severe diarrhea stop,taking lenses and call your practitioner,right away,and finally make sure that you check in,with your practitioner,talk to your practitioner about your,experience,be as specific as possible and if,keeping track of your stool consistency,or texture providing an average bristol,stool score can be very beneficial,id like to thank you for taking the,time to attain a better understanding of,linzess,an fda approved therapy for adults with,irritable bowel syndrome and,constipation and chronic idiopathic,constipation,i appreciate how challenging these,chronic medical conditions can be and i,commend you for being proactive about,your health thank you very much for your,attention,important risk information do not give,linzes to children who are less than two,years of age it may harm them linzess,can cause severe diarrhea and your child,could get severe dehydration loss of a,large amount of body water and salt do,not take linzess if a doctor has told,you that you have a bowel blockage,intestinal obstruction before you take,linzess tell your doctor about your,medical conditions including if you are,pregnant or plan to become pregnant it,is not known if linzess will harm your,unborn baby breast feeding or plan to,breastfeed it is not known if lindsay,passes into your breast milk tell your,doctor about all the medicines you take,including prescription and,over-the-counter medicines vitamins and,herbal supplements side effects linzess,can cause serious side effects including,diarrhea the most common side effect,which can sometimes be severe diarrhea,often begins within the first two weeks,of linseed treatment stop taking linzess,and call your doctor right away if you,get severe diarrhea during treatment,with linseed other common side effects,of linseed include gas stomach area,abdominal pain swelling or a feeling of,fullness or pressure in your abdomen,distension call your doctor or go to the,nearest hospital emergency room right,away if you develop unusual or severe,stomach area abdominal pain especially,if you also have bright red bloody,stools or black stools that look like,tar these are not all the possible side,effects of limb zest for more,information ask your doctor or,pharmacist what is linzess linzess,lineclatide is a prescription medication,used in adults to treat irritable bowel,syndrome with constipation ibsc and,chronic idiopathic constipation cic,

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How I cured my IBS symptoms!

Hi everyone.,I feel amazing.,I wanted to tell you a little story about my digestive problems which have been going,on for about six years.,I have recently discovered that I dont have IBS anymore.,I have no symptoms.,I feel incredible.,Ive got more energy and I am eating everything in sight which is awesome.,So to tell you a little bit about my background; about six years ago I went overseas, got really,sick in Bali and then a few months later in Thailand.,When I came back my digestion didnt seem quite right for the next six to twelve months,and I started taking things out of my diet.,So, discovering… “oh, chilli causes that problem?,Right.,No more chilli.,Bread?,Makes me feel really bloated – no more bread.,Pasta – constipation.,This – diarrhoea, that – pain, this – headaches, such and such – lethargy.,So I managed to cut my diet down to this very fine list of foods that I could eat which,basically came down to – over the last year, Ive pretty much been living on potatoes and,rice, carrots and zucchini, salad and eggs and I eat fish sometimes but mainly I am vegetarian.,So my journey has been one of frustration, pain and also a real affect on my mental health.,Your gut is really connected to the way that your body produces neurotransmitters.,If youve been on a lot of antibiotics or youve had various cortisones or different,medications over your lifetime the chances are that your gut flora is not very well balanced.,I worked as a Registered Nurse for ten years and I saw a lot of digestive problems – inflammatory,disorders.,Ive seen a lot and I am a naturally curious person, so when I get to this point where,I am going “OK, I have had to cut out pretty much everything in my life now.,Why would it take to the age of 32 to SURPRISE YOUVE GOT IBS”.,So what did I do?,Well, about four years ago I discovered the FODMAP diet which really helped me to learn,which foods are likely to cause problems with my tummy.,If you have IBS, onion and garlic are the absolute worst.,The biggest problem with the FODMAP diet is that there is really no fibre.,I wont go on about fibre now but please please eat fibre.,I tried dairy free, gluten free, alcohol free, sugar free, food free (joke).,I felt like I was… there was nothing else that I could really eat.,So, I kept researching.,I went to see a gastroenterologist a couple of years ago who was really lovely, helpful,and looked at my structurally to see if there were any problems with my physiology.,That was all fine which was both good and bad.,Then I went on tour with work and it just became too hard to try to work out everything,else so I just stuck to the things that I knew didnt cause me too much trouble.,Constipation was probably the main trouble for me and if I had one more doctor say to,me “have you tried laxatives?” or like “do you drink water?”.,You know, Im a Yoga Instructor, Im very healthy, I dont drink much alcohol at all,,like a couple glass here and there (of wine.,Not a couple glass of Gin).,Yeah, so it was only recently that I went to see this Gastroenterologist in Darlinghurst,and he also worked at the Centre for Digestive Diseases.,He was recommended to me by a friend of a friend and he listened to all my symptoms,and he said to me “Well, a lot of people have the symptoms of IBS but they dont actually,have IBS, they have a microscopic, unicellular parasite.”,I did a faecal test.,Sure enough!,Bingo!,He prescribed my triple antibiotics.,Ten days worth.,8 capsules a day.,Sure.,Lets give it a whirl.,Ill try anything at this stage and I was really sick for that week.,The parasite that I had is called Blastocystis Hominis.,It is only one cell then it divides and conquers.,I just so wanted to get the word out there because I have been eating croissants and,bread and pears and apples and bananas and so much delicious healthy food that I hadnt,been able to eat before.,I have, in a couple of weeks, ah four weeks now I think, I will have a test to see if,the parasite is gone.,If its still there Ill be very surprised because honestly, I can eat anything.,I know that people dont like talking about poo and let me tell you, after ten years of,nursing Ive had enough conversations about poo to last a lifetime but its really really,important to feel like your body is functioning and you can call me Captain Regular now because,I am just a-ok in that department.,My body feels lighter.,I have so much energy to the point where I get to bed at night and Im still lying there,wide awake, so thats my story and its extremely exciting for me and for anyone else because,if you have IBS and youve never been tested for a parasite, there is a chance that you,could be cured in like a matter of weeks.,Its awesome.,I would really encourage you to follow this up and take action on your life.,I think thats all from me.,I wish you all the best.,I hope that you can feel as good as I do.,Anna Cheney.,Signing out.

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hello you guys good morning,oh goodness you want some attention too,anyways so todays video is going to be,on how i deal with my ibfc,so if you guys want to learn a little,bit more about that,or just the way i deal with it and maybe,you guys could pick up some,tips on that um keep watching and dont,forget to subscribe if you havent,alright whats going on with this hair,okay so first off i was diagnosed with,ibs when i was,like 22 or something like that,but it really started at the age of like,18 or 19,no like 19 something like that um i,started with a lot of stomach pain,constipation bloating,and obviously you just do the normal,things you just go and,youll drink something or take something,eat,certain type of fruits or whatever to,make you go right but,um it only lasts so long until you,finally realize there is something wrong,its not,normal so after,a while i decided to go to the doctor,that doctor sent me to,a specialist and thats where,they told me that i did have ibs and,its ibsc,so its ibs with constipation basically,um they did,several tests on me in scans and they,were not fun they were actually painful,um there was one what was it it was i,think a ct scan with contrast or,something where i had to drink,this extremely nasty thick thick shake,um that made my whole body just hurt,like i had gotten,ran over by a car like my whole abdomen,hurts so,so much and i had to wait,there for a while until they would do,the scan and during the scan it was so,unpleasant,and thats basically where,they were able to see that there was no,blockage which is good,but that i did have um theres no,contracting,happening so my intestines basically,dont absorb water thats going through,so they dont contract in order to push,your waist,out so that means i just need a little,help,in that department hold on you guys oh,and i got this sweater over there at,caesars palace,i had always wanted one and i never got,it,and then my husbands finally like just,go get your sweater youve been wanting,it for so long,it just reminds me of friends when,um rachel and ross get married in vegas,um so anyways so,um i was prescribed lindses,if you guys can see it and im sure you,have seen commercials,on tv everywhere and you know so they,give you this,for constipation and for people that,just go too much,so i guess it just works depending on,your body i think its kind of like,you guys my allergies are just stupid,today um,its kind of like a adderall you know,like they can give it some with 80d or,theyll give it to someone with adhd,because the medicine will just balance,out whatever it is that youre needing,so i think this is what it is um so,basically i was told that i could take,one to two capsules every day in the,morning,i do not do that dont do that,because when i take this i cannot leave,my house so ill take it,first thing when i wake up if i know im,not gonna go anywhere like if i dont,have any work,if i dont need to go run errands or,anything like that then ill take it,and um ill use the bathroom,several times and itll finally like,stop,around three four oclock in the,afternoon,and then thats when i can go about my,day but,um when i do take this i have to stay,home it doesnt work the same for,everybody,theres some people that can take it and,still go about their day go to work do,everything and,theyre fine i it just doesnt work like,that with my body,plus im someone that will not use the,bathroom anywhere else but my house so,either way i wouldnt want to take it,so this i take it on days when i am home,for sure um then obviously i have gone,several several days where i cant take,any medicine because every day i have,something to do you know,um other than this i also like,to take these and my son actually takes,these as well,at night because he does have issues,going in the bathroom as well which,were hoping are gonna,go away as he gets older but hes had,all kinds of stuff,done already too like different scans,and,procedures done and they just cant tell,me right now they said its too early on,that hes too young,so um the doctor was thinking he might,have the same issue i have but,were hoping not um so this helps a lot,you just take two at night,and youll have um,bowel movement in the morning which is,great and you dont go a ton of times,with this,and then another one that has has been a,staple,in my little regiment of keeping pain,away,and helping me go to the bathroom has,been this,the teaming teami colon cleanse team,you guys ive been taking this for way,before they even contacted me,asking me if i wanted to you know get a,discount code and all that stuff,way before i became a team partner like,way before,um i think i started using this when,they came out with it,and i tried it at first and it worked,so i just kept buying it and i i think i,have like three bags right now i,purchased them during the um,holidays when it was like 50 off if you,spend 99,or more i think it was or 100 or more so,i got enough bags,to have for a while so with this ill do,two bags,two tea bags in my cup,hot water two bags in there leave it in,there for a little while,ill put a little bit of lemon in it and,then ill just,drink it right before bed and in the,morning,you go and this is the same thing as,youre not,just constantly going and going and,going like this,its just you just go um,this is a really good one and it never,makes my stomach hurt,so thats a good thing actually none of,these make my stomach cramp up or,anything like that,so now with pain how i deal with pain,you guys i have some really really bad,days like bad days where,i cant walk i cant sit down because it,hurts,really bad i cant bend down i cant do,any of that stuff,my stomach is huge and bloated um,which i think has gotten a little worse,over the years,but um this is something,that i use ill put this patch,on my lower stomach and oh my gosh,it helps so much it kind of just numbs,the area,and then it just the heat from this,it just makes it feel really good if i,dont have one of these ill use a,heating pad that i do have in my room,um i dont even know how to explain,the pain to you guys the pain when i,am having a little episode of this ibs,pain,its like in my abdomen but it also,makes my back hurt but it also makes,my bottom hurt so bad you guys,oh my god i mean my husband can tell,right away,when im having a little episode i call,it,because he says i start walking,different i sit down,like sitting ill start sitting like,towards my side and then lay down,i dont actually sit on my butt because,it hurts so much,um but these have saved me i mean weve,gone to vegas before and as soon as we,land we have to rush,straight to walgreens to get my patches,and get tylenol and get,you know whatever i need to help me with,the pain,so um yeah these you guys recommend them,if you cant find the big ones,even the little ones work and just put,like three or four of them on but this,is a lifesaver,then another thing is i had to stop with,the gluten,um so no more bread no more pizza,no more um cookies,and you know any cakes anything like,that with like,dough or anything that has a lot of glue,in it i cant do it anymore its,too too painful and my doctor did say i,do have a sensitivity towards it so,that with the ibs is a terrible terrible,terrible idea,the pain is immediate like as soon as i,eat,if we were eating oh i had got in like a,bowl with,chicken and vegetables and it had a,little bit of rice at the bottom but i,was really trying not to eat the rice,but i guess,i did get some in it when i was eating,two minutes after i finished eating i,couldnt walk,like if the pain was just its like,oh i dont even know how to explain it,but its just its so,painful and um so thats another thing i,cant eat too,rice which sucks because i love rice,pudding mexican rice pudding,is like my thing i freaking i love that,stuff so,no more of that and you know it helps,that my husband keeps me accountable,hell be like no you cant eat that or,he looks for restaurants that have,

The impact of chronic idiopathic constipation

there are an estimated 35 million people,in the u.s. living with chronic,idiopathic constipation now here to tell,us what that is and some findings from a,recent survey is dr. William Jay doctor,thanks for joining me,thanks Alex that glad to be here thank,you so lets talk about that survey what,were some of the findings well first and,foremost it was remarkable how common,chronic constipation is amongst,individuals in the United States you,mentioned a moment ago that overall,around 10 percent of the populations,affected by this condition which is,defined by a number of different,symptoms most people associate,constipation with not going to the,bathroom often enough but patients will,tell you that they also suffer with,complaints like straining or harder,lumpy stools a sensation of incomplete,evacuation after a bowel movement or a,feeling like youre Zack in actual,blockage thats preventing them from,being able to move their vows well so,what are the actual causes that can lead,to this most commonly constipation is,related to sluggishness of the colon,that is the colon not contracting enough,there the motility or contractile,activity of the colon is not normal and,for that reason stool doesnt pass,through the colon in a normal amount of,time how can people who suffer from this,or or maybe want to prevent it how can,they manage it yeah I think that the,first thing for anybody suffering what,constipation to do is to look in the,mirror at their own diet and lifestyle,so a couple things to think about one,particularly if youre if youre,employed in a job that is involved with,any type of physical activity making,sure that you drink enough fluid during,the course of the day is very important,also eating fruits and vegetables whole,foods and grains to make sure that you,get enough dietary fiber can be very,very helpful and then finally regular,exercise can also be very helpful in,terms of bowel regularity it turns out,that people that exercise regularly are,much more much more,to move their bowels regularly than,individuals who are sedentary a lot of,good advice and why do you think that,patients are hesitant to open up about,this to their doctors of all people I,think the reality is that this is an,embarrassing topic to bring up and talk,about it,you know I always use this example its,its very frequently that patients will,come into the office with a loved one,theyll tell their story and sometimes,theyll even get to the point where,theyd become tearful really related to,how much the constipation is affecting,their life and their loved one will turn,to them and say I had no idea that this,was going on or how much it was,affecting you and you can imagine that,if people wont even talk to their own,family about these conditions theyre,hesitant to talk to anybody else,including their healthcare provider,right well if people want resources to,learn more information get educated,where can they go get information a,great website thats been set up to,provide more information about the,results of the survey as well as to,provide general information about,chronic constipation is your colon is a,muscle calm thats a website that,provides general information that I,think will be very useful to individuals,suffering with chronic constipation dr.,William J thanks so much for your time,thanks very much of course well be,right back,[Music]

What made my GASTROPARESIS better?!

Gastroparesis, or delayed gastric emptying,  the partial paralysis of your stomach,  ,all of these great things that I used to deal  with. Gastroparesis can cause symptoms such as  ,nausea, vomiting, pain after eating, really bad  bloating, very little appetite. For some people,  ,this means that the amount that they can eat  is just reduced and for some people its really  ,reduced or basically impossible and in that case  they can use something like a feeding tube. Today,  ,were gonna go over what helped me when I was  dealing with gastroparesis based off of each  ,symptom, so, symptom by symptom. Um, I was dealing  with gastroparesis for so many years. There were  ,a lot of years where I was kind of building up to  full-fledged gastroparesis and then it full-on hit  ,me at like 18-19. And it was bad. Im now 23,  almost 24 tomorrow, or March 5th, I dont know  ,when Im going to post this, so it might be today.  And Im not really dealing with it anymore, which  ,is not the case for a lot of people, but I will  tell you what I did when my gastroparesis was bad.  ,And Ill also tell you what happened during the  time that my gastroparesis started to get better.  ,I dont know if it caused it to  get better or if it just happened  ,to be at the same time and its a complete  coincidence, but anyway lets get into it.,The first thing I want to talk about is  bloating. Bloating was a huge symptom for me,  ,especially towards the beginning and right when  it got horrible. So, after I ate, it would just,  ,like I would bloat out, itd be so painful  and very very visible. Sometimes people say  ,they feel bloated, but you dont see it. Im  really talking about, I guess, distension  ,and the feeling of bloat. What I think was  interesting about my bloating and that Ive  ,never really seen somebody else, just I mean how  often do I stare at peoples photos of bloating,  ,it was towards the upper part of my belly, my  abdomen. Im pretty sure its because the issues  ,I was dealing with were in fact in my stomach  and all kind of like upper intestinal stuff, um,  ,not lower intestinal things, but you can kind of  see a little bit of like a bump of where the bad  ,bloating was. Then in the middle we were good and  then it got kind of bad again lower down. Weird.  ,But, anyway, number one thing that helped it, and  youre not gonna believe this, gas-x. Oh my god,  ,whoever made gas-x, like if they like, okay. If I  were to pick three medications Im most thankful  ,for literally gas-x, advil, and penicillin. I  mean, Im probably missing something way more  ,important, but whatever. It basically just makes  the air kind of dissipate. And I was tested for  ,like sibo I dont know three times and I was even  treated once because they were like I dont know,  ,I know it says youre completely negative, but  just in case because youre bloating so bad. Um,  ,but, really gas-x was amazing. Something else I do  when I would bloat a lot was um use a heating pad,  ,Im actually using it right now, so thats  perfect. This one is really big my other one  ,broke this is like ginormous so I could just  put that on my stomach and he can kind of help  ,whats so annoying about my bloating when I was  like 18 and 19 is that it was consistent it never  ,ever went away. Um, so, I would you know spend  like five months where I was always bloated and  ,I had to make adjustments to what I wore because  you could really see it and it bothered me a lot.  ,Um, and I couldnt wear a lot of the clothes  because it didnt fit me, but it was still my size  ,because if it suddenly started going down  for like a week and I got really lucky then  ,Id fit into those other clothes, so that I have  multiple sizes of pants. It was just very annoying  ,pain. Pain is probably the worst symptom of my  gastroparesis. I know that there are some people  ,who are kind of like me and thats also their  worst symptom, but for the most part its usually  ,nausea and vomiting that are like the main ones.  And there was one thing that I started noticing  ,when I was around 18, which is that whenever I  ate protein or a lot of it, it hurt a lot more  ,than eating other things like, I dont know, a  grain that didnt have very much protein in it.  ,I must have done some online research or something  like this I really dont know and I dont think my  ,doctor said that I could do this I dont know how  I got to this but I ordered on amazon something  ,called batain hcl and I dont understand the  stomach very well it is very complex and confusing  ,I mean I know that your stomach has a lot  of acid and its supposed to help I think  ,break up the food and one of those things is  hydrochloric acid. Maybe its that my stomach  ,was not producing enough, or something like that,  but basically when I started taking these pills,  ,I started taking it must have been you know I  then consulted a doctor wait now I remember hold  ,on hold up I remember now I started I started  consulting one of my doctors he said, yeah,  ,thats fine, you can take it, and I started with  one or two and it didnt make a difference and he  ,was like why dont you go up a little bit. So I  started going up and when I started taking I kid  ,you not Im not telling you to do this Im just  saying what happened for me I took like maybe like  ,six to eight for every single meal  I ate with protein and, oh my gosh,  ,it helped so so so much, I cant even describe.  Then, over time, I started being able to actually  ,um edge my way off of them, like wean my way off  of them, and I went you know to five, I went to  ,four to three to two to even just one for a while  and then I was fine and I was able to stop taking  ,them. I dont know if this was my gastroparesis  though I just need to put that out there because  ,you know I do have ehlers-danlos syndrome and I  think a lot of weird things happen theres a lot  ,of comorbidities and I cannot promise you that  this helped me because of my gastroparesis and  ,it could have rather been that I had gastroparesis  and I just kind of had something else that was  ,a bit weird or a bit off and taking these things  helped it, so, I dont know. The other thing I did  ,was I also noticed that vegetables started hurting  me a little bit later on so I got something very  ,similar um and its like an enzyme to help you  digest vegetables helps help so much. I mean,  ,you could just see my stomach the difference  after eating if I took these versus if I didnt,  ,Ill leave both of those in the description below  in case youre interested in checking them out,  ,that might be something that you want to run by  your doctor first though, I really dont know much  ,about it, so Im just saying and then heating  pad was really helpful when it came to paint  ,as was gas sex amazing nausea and vomiting. Okay,  um, medications number one thing. I mean, yeah,  ,I used to suck on ginger candies. Did it help a  little bit? Like, you know, did it actually make  ,much of a difference? Im not sure, but it was at  least soothing to me and to my mind to be sucking  ,on something that is very soothing, but also  slightly harsh in a way when feeling so ill, so  ,I would definitely recommend trying sucking on  like a ginger candy if youve never tried it  ,I think it kind of helps a little bit  you know but just does this mention  ,but really the main thing is medications now Ive  tried a bunch of nausea medications but when I a  ,little bit of nausea but a little bit more than  I can handle at that moment Ill take a compazine  ,or a prochlorperazine, whatever, um, and Ill just  stick it in my gum and it kind of just sits there  ,for a few hours like an hour dissolves and it  helps. Um, it doesnt make me tired, I feel  ,totally normal. Then sometimes Ill take a zofran.  Zofran gives me a headache and it also makes me  ,tired, whereas the compazine doesnt. But  it does help the nausea, they both do.  ,But the best medication Ive ever taken, and  this is only in the hospital

Living Confidently with Chronic Constipation: How I Kept Moving

[MUSIC PLAYING],,CRYSTAL WITTE: As a young woman,in college, I felt like I had,my entire life ahead of me.,I was heavily involved,with triathlon,on a competitive level,at that time,so I felt invincible.,It was something I did,every day–,multiple hours every day.,,I actually met my husband,on a bike ride,and so when I would come home,from college on break,,we would do a lot of training,together and races together.,It was kind of a date.,,So in 2008,,I was in a terrible bike crash,,and I fractured my right hip,and cracked my helmet in half,and had a concussion.,I was petrified.,Scared doesnt even do justice.,I had this intense pain,radiating through my hip and all,I could think was,,what did I just do to myself.,,Those injuries, down the load,,led into constipation.,Then, I realized it was,a problem.,I did see a gastroenterologist,and thats when he diagnosed me,with IBS-C.,And so I found that, over time,,I started scheduling activities,around my bathroom schedule.,Usually, what would happen,is, I would be able to use,the bathroom some, but it would,definitely not be complete.,And so as a result,,I would spend the rest,of the day feeling very heavy,,and bloated, and just intestinal,cramps the whole day.,It made it very,difficult with my relationship,with David,,especially with making plans,and sticking with them.,I would find myself often,canceling because of the pain,I was experiencing.,After talking about my condition,and how serious it was,,he still decided to propose,to me, and I said, yes.,I was very excited about getting,married to him.,Really, a lot of events,happened.,I actually landed my first job,as a wellness dietitian,at a local wellness center.,After a few months,of my new job, the symptoms were,so difficult, while managing,my job at the same time.,Just because of the pain,and not being able to fully,engagement mentally,with my clients.,And about six months,after this time period,,I was actually laid off,from my job.,I was so confused,,and I had no idea what I was,doing with my life.,I was going from doctor,to doctor and coming up,short-handed with solutions.,I felt very alone,and that I had to put,this whole puzzle together,on my own.,,In 2015, I was actually tested,for food sensitivities,,using the mediator released test,and embarked on a food,elimination approach,,followed by a food,reintroduction.,And it was during this time,,I was actually finally,able to get off my IBS,medication.,To the point,where I can go and plan,in my day,,despite having IBS,because my symptoms arent,limiting me anymore.,I believe that every pain has,a purpose, and I know that God,has allowed these series,of events in my life to help,other people who are going,through a similar situation.,I made the decision, recently,,to focus on people with IBS.,And before, I was meeting,with all different types,of clients, and now, Im,focusing on people I digestive,issues,,Because it has been a journey,and not an overnight success,,it has gradually enabled David,and me to pursue a much more,normal life.,My IBS is much better,,and I finally have recovered,from my injuries,,from my hip fracture.,And Im looking forward,to the years ahead and doing,the activities I enjoy doing,,such as running and cycling,with my husband.,

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