1. How to Get Microsoft Office for Free
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  5. How to Activate Free Microsoft Office on your Newly Purchased Laptop
  6. Office 365 Free 30 Day Trial Installation
  7. FIX “Product Activation Failed” Microsoft office 2010/2013/2016/2019

How to Get Microsoft Office for Free

Hi everyone, my name is Kevin.,Today I want to show you how you  can get Microsoft Office which  ,includes such popular programs like Word,  Excel, and PowerPoint entirely for free.,It wont cost you anything.,I work at Microsoft and this is the product  ,that I work on and today Im  excited to tell you about it.,OK, lets jump onto the desktop.,Here I am on my desktop and Im going to show you  ,two different methods how you could  get Microsoft Office for free.,The first one uses your browser,  and so whether youre using, say,  ,Windows 10, whether youre using Mac, or  whether youre using Linux, or Chrome OS,  ,whatever operating system you use,  youll be able to take advantage of this.,So, lets open up. Im going to open up  the Chrome browser here and Im going to  ,go into Incognito mode and what Im going  to do is were going to go to the website  ,office.com. So office.com is how youre going to  get to your, to be able to use Office for free.,So, on the office.com website, youll see  two different options, one is Get Office,  ,the other option is sign in. Now if you click  on Get Office, thats a marketing site where  ,you could purchase the offline version of  Office, or you could purchase a subscription,  ,but I mentioned that we want to get free Office  and to get free Office what were going to do is  ,were just going to click on sign in. OK so make  sure you click on the button that says sign in,  ,and once we do that, were  going to get the sign in prompt.,Now if you dont have a Microsoft account,  ,dont worry, its very easy to create one  and creating an account is entirely free.,It doesnt cost you anything to create an account.,I happen to already have one.  If you have a Skype account,  ,if you have any other type of account,  you already have a Microsoft account, so  ,Im going to go ahead and type in one of my demo  accounts that I have so [email protected],  ,and Im going to go ahead and click on next  and now it wants me to enter my password.,So, were going to go ahead  and type in my password.,You can click on keep me signed in if you  dont want to sign in again in the future,  ,and so what this will do now is, this drops me off  on the office.com website, and so youll see a few  ,different things on here. You know, I have, I have  all these different options and the first one says  ,start new, so Im going to click on this start new  button, and what youll see is I can create a Word  ,document. I could create an Excel workbook.  I could create a PowerPoint presentation.,You also have other stuff like being  able to create a form or a survey.,You could also create a Sway.,So, there are many different things  that you could create from this site.,I said Id show you how to  use Microsoft Office for free,  ,so why dont we go ahead  and create a Word document.,Im going to click on Word document, and  so what youll see happen now is its going  ,to drop me in a brand new document,  so here I am in the Word interface.,Here I could rename the document to  something else, so maybe Ill call this,  ,lets say Kevin YouTube star. Thats right,  maybe not quite, so here I am in my document,  ,and I can type away. This is an example  you could you know apply different styles,  ,different headings, you have all the typical  functionality of Word, so Im going to go back to  ,office.com now. What youll see is I could also  click on this Word tile. So, if I click here,  ,this will drop me on the Word start page and you  know I have a whole bunch of templates I could  ,choose from. If I click on more templates,  I have a whole bunch that I could start from  ,and then here I have my list of recent documents  that Ive been working on. I could also pin or see  ,shared with me. If I go back, I could also click  into Microsoft Excel, looks very similar to the  ,start experience for Word, and then here I could  also click into PowerPoint, and you get the idea.,I get all the different apps.  Now one of the things that I love  ,about this is I also have this recent list down  here of all my documents Ive been working on.,So, what I could do is, you know, here I could  click on it and I could pin it, I could remove  ,it from the list, I could open the file location,  so lots of things I could do with the file. What I  ,can also do is lets say that you have a document  youve been working on on your computer, and now  ,you want to work on that using this office.com  experience. What you could do is theres this  ,upload and open button here and if I click on  that what I could do is I could select a Word,  ,an Excel, or a PowerPoint file and then I could  upload that and continue working on it online.,Now, lets say that I have a document and  Ive been working on it on office.com and  ,I want to work on it just on my machine, or  maybe I want to send it to someone, so let  ,me go back to my Kevin YouTube star document  here, and what I could do is, so I clicked on,  ,clicked on the file menu, so Im going to click  on the file menu, and within the file menu,  ,theres an option that says save as and if I  click on save as, what I could do is I could  ,download a copy so thatll just download  the document or the .docx to my machine.,I could also get it as a PDF and so  there are other formats you can also get,  ,but so if you dont want to just leave it in  the cloud, you could also just get it off.,Now a few of the things that youll see is  all of this, the Word, Excel, PowerPoint.,This is all available online, so you need an  Internet connection to be able to take advantage  ,of it, but as long as you have an Internet  connection, you have a browser, you can use  ,this entirely for free. If you want offline access  though, thats where Microsoft charges you then.,So, if I see this, you see this install  button here in the top right-hand corner.,So, if I click on that, I get this little upsell  message that says go premium with Office 365.,So, if I want the app on my  computer, I have to pay for it.  ,I also have the option here just to buy Office 365  in the top right-hand corner, so I could do that.,And so, I mentioned that I would show  ,you two different ways how you  could access the Office apps.,The second way that you can get to all your  Office apps is with an app called Office and it  ,comes on your PC if you have a Windows 10. So,  what you do is you simply click on the search  ,area down here in Windows and then you type in  Office and it should pop up as the best match.,Im going to go ahead and click on the best  match Office and this will load the Office app.,So here,  ,here I am in the app now and youll see that it  looks very similar to the office.com experience.,The one difference though is if you look  at the documents that are shown here versus  ,documents that are shown here, in the app I  see a lot more documents and the reason why  ,is a bunch of these documents are stored on  my computer and so the Office app not only  ,shows me all of my cloud documents, but it also  shows me documents that are just on my computer,  ,and so I, you know, when I look at these two  different experiences, I actually prefer using  ,the Office app because not only do I see cloud  documents, but I see local documents as well.,So, Im going to go back for a moment and  so thats how you get Office for free.,I also want to show some cool  functionality that you get with Office.,Its not necessarily related  to getting it for free,  ,but a few things that I wanted to show. So,  not only do you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint,  ,here if I click on all apps, you get a lot more  than just Word, Excel, PowerPoint, so you know  ,here I get a calendar, I get Flow where you  could set up these different routines or tasks.,You get a, an app called Forms which  allows you to set up surveys and quizzes.,You also get OneNote, which is an awesome  note taking program, which I use all the time.,You also get things like Skype for calling.  You get tasks, you get Sway, which is,  ,you know, setti

???? Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint -Free இலவசம் | Without Product Key use Word, Excel, PowerPoint |


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How to Activate Microsoft Office with Product Key

hey guys in this video im going to show,you,how you can install microsoft office,on your windows operating system and,activate,it with a valid microsoft office,activation,key so obviously the prerequisite of,this video is you should have a valid,activation key of your microsoft office,account so i have already purchased a,microsoft,office app student and home,activation key and now we are going to,see how we can,install microsoft office and then,activate it,so there can be two ways of activating,your microsoft,office app one is if you have a brand,new,windows operating system uh then you,might also have,all these apps pre-installed which are,word,excel or a powerpoint so,you need to open one of them so im,going to open the,word app and once this word app,opens you need to sign in,with your microsoft account and,then you can activate it so here,when i click on the activate uh section,here,you can see uh all these apps are,pre-installed,but they are not licensed so i need to,provide my license,key here and then i can activate my,microsoft office,app right so i can just click on,activate key,and then sign in with my microsoft,account,if you dont have microsoft account i,will show you shortly how you can create,one,and if you dont want to activate with,your microsoft account you can also,choose,i dont want to sign in or create an,account so you can just click,here and then directly provide your,activation key here and once you provide,your activation key,uh you can just activate your microsoft,account from here,now if you dont have any pre-installed,office,app what you can do so i will just close,this,and what you need to do is you need to,go to this website which is,setup.office.com,and its going to open this kind of,window so im going to put this link,in the description of this video also,and here also you need,a microsoft account in order to activate,your product,key so if you dont have a microsoft,account as i said,you can create one by just clicking on,this create a new account,here and once uh,it opens you can just click on create,one,and then if you want a new uh,email address you can click on get a new,email address,and then here you can give a new,email address id which you want to,create so i will give,a email id and here i can choose,if i want uh outlook.com email id or,hotmail.com email id so i will choose,outlook.com and then click on next and,here i will provide a password for that,if you want to see and verify your,password you can check this check box,and then i can click on next,and on the next window i can provide my,full name and then click on next,and i can choose the country in which i,am living in,and also i can choose the date of birth,so once you have chosen all these uh,things,you can just click on next and then if,you see this kind of,window you just need to verify if you,are not a robot,and then your microsoft account will be,created,so once you have created your microsoft,account,you can just click on sign in and sign,in with your,microsoft account here and then on the,next window you just need to provide,your activation key and once you have,provided your activation key,you can choose your region im choosing,germany because i am located in germany,and then,click on next and now i can see a,product key confirmed,office home student 2019,and on the last step you can also see i,would like,information tips and offer about,microsoft 365. i dont want to,get any emails so i will just click on,next,and now you can see uh that this window,opens which is from,account.microsoft.com,and here i will be able to see my office,application which i have activated,so i have activated office home and,student 2019,and then on the next line i can see,install on,the pc or mac which is added on this,date on,my account so here i can just click on,install a button,and then i can choose the default,language by default its english in my,case you can also change,the other language in which you want to,install,this office app on your windows,operating system,and then click on install,which is going to download this office,setup exe file which is around 6.3,megabyte file and once this executable,file is downloaded im going to just,click on this executable file,and then im going to just open it and,press yes here and im going to minimize,the browser,and now i can see this window which says,stay,online while office downloads and now,i can see this message which says you,are all set,office is installed now so i can just,close this window and now i can start,using microsoft office on my windows,operating system so i can see,one note here and i can see excel here,so,i can just search for any office app,i will open word for now and,its going to just start it and its,going to detect,that you already have activation key,and you just need to sign in with your,microsoft account here,and once again give your microsoft,account email id and then click on,next and now provide your microsoft,account password,and then sign in and then here click on,next and on the next window you just,need to accept,the license terms and conditions so i,will just click on accept,and now i can see this message which,says product activated,restart any open office application to,apply the changes so i will just click,on ok,and then i can just click on the blank,document,and start using microsoft office,applications on my windows operating,system,so in this way you can install and,activate your microsoft,office app on your windows operating,system,i hope you enjoyed this video and i will,see you in the next video

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hello everyone today im going to show,you how to,activate your office without any license,key so,[Music],lets get started first of all ill show,you,the,office ill open up office,and,as you can see its asking me to,activate it over the telephone or,internet,ill cross it out and,go to account is,asking activation required,and this is a 2019 version of office,so,ill show you how you can activate it,without any keys so,go on to google,and type in,cat,dot,ms guide dot com,slash,office,2019,dot,txt,and then press enter,this will take you to a website,and then,go on to first step,and then just copy all of it,[Music],and now cross it and then,new and open a text document,then,paste it all,and then go on to file,save as,and then,office,[Music],dot c,md,before you save it,so before you save it go into settings,and then update in security,then go on to windows security,and then virus and thread protections,and then manage settings,and turn the real-time protection off,so,now lets go back to,save it,once you save it,right click it,and then run as administrator,yes,[Music],just wait a couple of minutes and as you,can see it shows product activation,successful,and now,just press n,this will close the window,click on to,word document,accept and,open a page,and now you can write anything youd,like,and then go into file,account,as you can see it shows project product,activated,hope you find this video helpful please,subscribe to my channel and hit the like,button thank you

How to Activate Free Microsoft Office on your Newly Purchased Laptop

[Music],hi guys welcome back to my channel this,is partner trunks you have a very old,laptop the performance sucks and its,not suitable anymore for your daily,usage and you needed a new one while,searching online you found a very nice,laptop has a good specs and it has a,free microsoft office on it at a,reasonable price,you bought it you set it up,and you experience the microsoft oobe,the out of the box experience,and you finish the setup and youre,ready to go however,it has a free microsoft office on it and,a question appeared in your mind how,does this three things work,is it activated if not what are they,work around,where is the product key cant find it,on the box,in this video ill be showing you the,safest way not the easiest way but the,safest way to activate this free,microsoft office on your newly purchased,laptop,before that ill be showing you some,brands that has a free microsoft office,on them,[Music],there is a sticker that indicates that,it has a free microsoft office,some of them are on the box,and you can also find the laptop,specification from their website if it,has a free microsoft office,in this video i will be featuring a,lenovo ideapad,3 14,6,specific model,a2h,700,hpph,an i5 11 gen processor 8 gigs of ram 512,gigs nvme ssd with iris,graphics,after experiencing the oobe,youre on your laptop and ready to,activate your free microsoft office,the first thing you would do is,never ever uninstall this,pre-installed microsoft office 365,in the list of programs this is very,crucial for activating our free,microsoft office and why,ill be explaining it through the,step-by-step process along in this video,we already knew that it has a free,microsoft office 365,installed in the system,lets create a shortcut for word,excel and powerpoint on the desktop,so we can launch the application easier,click on,type word right click open file location,here you can see where the program and,shortcut are installed lets select the,three,by holding ctrl keys on your keyboard,select word powerpoint and excel right,click,hover on send to then select,desktop did you see that how quick the,shortcut was created,lets just close this one next we open,microsoft word and take a look what,version it is,when you open word for the first time,there is a pop up for license and,agreement,just go on with the process after that,well proceed on verifying its version,[Music],on the lower corner they have list of,options here,click on account,inside account there are some options,and settings here while under product,information,its a microsoft 365 and an activation,is required,did you notice that it has a sign in,option,did you know that newer version of,microsoft office are linked to your,email account or a microsoft account to,determine its authenticity,prior to that we need to create a,microsoft account,lets open our favorite browser,on the address bar search for,microsoft.com,here on the microsoft website,lets create an account by clicking here,create one,here you can use your existing email ad,but today were creating a new account,this will help those who do not have an,existing emails,type your username,or your login name and an extension of,outlook.com,[Music],this extension is a domain name,exclusive for microsoft users,[Music],click next,on this page,we have a two boxes,one for show password so you can see,what password you have written so there,are no rooms for error here the other,one is for tips and services for,microsoft still you have a choices not,to click for the boxes but here were,going this way,then next,fill up the users information,next,in this page its a security level for,creating a new account it determines if,the account are created by a person or,an ai,if youre familiar with captcha this is,a newer method of captcha we are,confronted with a third question or a,puzzle innermost we are looking for a,banana and we must pair it with these,given six pictures and were doing it,five times,in spite of the fact if you have a very,stable internet connection youll be,doing this just once and youre done but,here were doing it for five times,after that we are prompted to stay login,just confirm yes,and you have successfully created a,microsoft account,oh wait lets just close this one its,just a welcome note for lenovo,after creating a,microsoft account its time to send me,our newly created microsoft account on,our microsoft 365 word application,initiate the,shortcut up,word and you are presented with a prompt,to sign in or create an account,basically you can create an account here,as i said earlier were activating it on,a safest way,not the easiest way but the safest way,to activate this free microsoft office,explaining this if youre creating an,account here,the process are the same,filling up all your information the,microsoft domain,when you proceed in the setting up a,password there is a use risk here there,is no option to show your password if,you misspelled or accidentally added,another character to your password,i assure you,it gives a very very,bad headache on your part personally i,have a lot of experience dealing with,this kind of problem some of our clients,misspelled their password or literally,forgot the password they made,its a pain and a time consuming just to,fix it,thats why were doing this the safest,way as possible as we could,with that explained very well lets,continue to our signing process,select sign in,and input your account name,[Music],your password,once more license and agreement and just,follow along with the process,and okay,press,new document,on top of that,lets check for,product information by clicking,file,account,underneath product information,a download pending for microsoft office,home and student,2019,how can we download it all we need to do,just update this version of office,go to office update,and press,update option then update now,an application prompt says save your,work before continuing,when you set continue it closes the,application it will take some time to,download and update its version to,microsoft office,home in student 2019,at the meantime lets take a look at our,account on microsoft website,this is what microsoft web looks like,were not going to expand everything,inside microsoft account,but going directly to the most important,thing,on the upper part of the third,choose services and subscription at the,beginning of my video,i said that the pre-installed microsoft,office,365 is the crucial part for activating,microsoft office home in student 2019.,did you know that microsoft 365 was the,license key holder that triggers,once an account is signed in and this,product key is bound to the account,as its shown here,dated september 7.,oh wait wait my bad i forgot to set the,correct time in day,lets set it quick and fast,[Music],okay its september 7. oh wait wait wait,wait,the update for microsoft office 2018,were installed,okay lets just close this one for the,last time accept the license agreement,and immediately go through the product,information,now we have a product activated for,microsoft office home and student 2019,[Music],when did i,open this one,lets just close some of the open,application,lets get back to our previous topic,as i said earlier,this microsoft 365 is the key for,activating microsoft office,home in student 2019,and the license key is bound in the,account,that you first sign in,as its shown here dated september 7 we,activated this on september 7th to,confirm it we are dated september 7th,when you accidentally uninstall ms,office,you have the option to reinstall it,again and remember that this microsoft,office is intended for this laptop alone,i have noticed that there is an error on,the account that we sign in,a quick solution to that click,fix me,you must re-enter your password and sign,in,then close the application and relaunch,it again,a quick clock if our solution did the,job,okay,we have an issue free,and a product activated office,[Music],all right ayan we successfully activated,the free micr

Office 365 Free 30 Day Trial Installation

welcome to HTM e how to make easy today,were gonna talk about installing office,365 on your PC or Macintosh based,computers first thing were gonna do is,go ahead and open up your web browser,and in this particular case because Im,using a Windows computer Im gonna open,up Microsoft edge once open up my,browser I want to type in Microsoft comm,and go to the Microsoft website once on,the Microsoft website on the top,left-hand corner Im gonna select,Microsoft 365 once I select Microsoft,365 I do have some options the options,are for home for business or for,enterprise since Im a home user Im,gonna go ahead and select the for home,link once youre on the home link page,youll see a link that says see plans,and pricing go ahead and click on that,link the next page is gonna bring up the,options for home users and there is a,tab that if you want to look over at the,business users side you could do that as,well well stay on the home for right,now in the home side and you have three,options office 365 for home office 365,personal and office Home and Student,2019 what we wanted to do is we want to,office 365 for home the reason being,its our best option you do get licenses,for six individuals those six,individuals can install all of the,applications on their own computer and,each have a separate account which is a,separate email address office 365 home,includes the Microsoft Word Excel,PowerPoint and I dont look applications,for both Mac and PC users for PC users,you do get two additional applications,which are publisher and access both PC,and Mac users do get access to onedrive,and Skype now that weve decided that we,want to go with office 365 for home we,want to go ahead and click on the try,free for one month once we click on the,link we do you have another page that we,get,to where its telling us that we do get,one terabyte of onedrive storage and we,need to click on the try one month for,free again on this page we are gonna,sign in to your Microsoft weve already,had a Microsoft account if we do not we,do have an option of creating one for,this demonstration were going to click,on create one and when you do create one,you could still use an existing email,address to create a Microsoft account,with or you could decide to get a new,email address were gonna get a new,email address once we do that and were,going to type in an email address that,we want well do HTM e test and 0 for for,April and click on next to see if thats,available that email address is,available and now well go ahead and,create a password for the email address,make sure that ADA is a strong password,if you would like to receive information,tips and offers about Microsoft products,you can leave this checkbox checked if,not you can uncheck the check box and,click on next in the next page it is,gonna ask you for your first name and,last name youre just going to type in,Peter H TM e and then click on the next,link once were on the next link were,going to go ahead and verify the caption,here just to make sure that we are not a,robot and that we are actual individual,trying to set up for a Microsoft Office,365 account go ahead and click on next,once we click on next and weve entered,all the information correctly its,basically getting the Microsoft account,that youve created to set up for you in,the background now you havent got to,the point where youre downloading and,installing office 365 because theres a,couple more steps that you need to do,the first one is Microsoft doesnt want,payment information the reason that it,does wont payment information is after,your free trial is over which is the 30,days if you dont cancel your account,you will be charged the $9.99 per month,fee or $99 per month if you want to pay,for the entire year,well go ahead and click on next at this,particular point this is where the,payment method comes in you could select,a credit card or debit bank account or,PayPal once you go ahead and select,those and continue with the next steps,were not gonna go ahead and go through,the next steps because the next steps,are basically going to be you enter in,your paypal information you will review,and confirm your order and then you will,get office 365 once youve gone ahead,and made the the payment and they used,to like to PayPal and youve gone,through the rest of the process of,setting up your Microsoft Office 365,account the next step is to go to office,365 comm to sign in when you go to,office 365 comm youll see a new link,that it does redirect to your products,to office comm on the top right hand,corner you went ahead and go ahead and,sign in in this particular case I do,have an account peer eye Studios,outlook.com,Im gonna go ahead and sign in with this,account I enter my password and I click,on sign in and here Ill show you what,the backend or it looks like for office,365 again Im going to pick my account,it takes me to office 365 comm here I,have an option of installing office 365,on to my computer and heres the,applications that are available to me if,I wanted to install office 365 I would,simply click on this link and it will,take me to the website to go ahead and,start installing office 365 for this,particular tutorial were not going to,go ahead and install office 365 it says,office 365 is already installed on the,computer if I did decide to install it I,would simply click on this link follow,the instructions and have office 365,installed on my computer that ends it,for this tutorial,hope you enjoyed please subscribe to HTM,how to mean thank you,you

FIX “Product Activation Failed” Microsoft office 2010/2013/2016/2019


hello everyone welcome back to crown,geek in this video i will be explaining,that how to fix product activation field,for microsoft office 2010 13 16 19 or,any of the microsoft office version now,you can fix the activation problem and,even you can activate your microsoft,office for the free for the sorry for,the full version,okay so this need to be done in two,steps number one we have to reset the,microsoft activation and in the second,step we will be activating it but the,steps are very simple,but first you need to open your file,explorer,click on this pc,then go on local desk c,now here we have to look for a file that,will be either in program file or in,program file x86 so we have to look in,both of them so first open program file,86,and now here you will find search,program,8 files x86 just click on this box,and here you have to type ospprearm.exe,[Music],now in case if you give your message no,item match your search,just go back and look now in program,file as i said that this file will be,either in program file or program file,x86 so now lets go to program file,and click on search program file just,click,just type this command this keyword,and now once this come up just make a,right click on it and then choose run as,administrator,now once this is done just close it,and now in the next step we have to,activate the microsoft office,for that before beginning you just need,to disable you need to quit your entire,virus program,now it can be your third-party,anti-virus like kaspersky or the norton,so what you have to do on the right and,bottom you will see this drop up,just click on it and,look for your antivirus just make a,right click on it and choose quit uh,program all right now in case if you are,using the microsoft default security,then you can go and type here to search,click on the box,and here type virus,and as soon as you type the virus in,thread protection will be coming up now,here in the virus and thread protection,settings click on manage settings,and this real time protection you just,need to disable this dont worry you can,re-enable it once we are done,now once done just minimize it,and now i will be leaving this,link in the description you just need to,copy the link,paste into your browser and this page,will be coming up now here you have to,download this,click on the download,and once downloaded this will be coming,up now make sure you just need winrar to,just uh unzip this file okay,once this come up just click on right,click on it choose show in folder,and then just make a right click again,and choose,extract here,once this has been retrieved this has,been unzipped you can come here and here,you will find kms out to net.exe this,application,you just need to make a double click on,it,and now youll be getting this box where,it says activation information so you,need to click on activation,now this gives you both the options,either you can activate your windows or,you can activate your office,you have to click on activate office,and once done it says your system is,activated,now once this will be done just restart,your pc and check back im very pretty,sure that the problem will be fixed and,if yes make sure guys you hit the like,button subscribe to the channel for more,related videos and still if you have any,problem let me know in the comment,section and i will reply you back thank,you so much

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