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Zero Carb Food List that Keeps Keto and Ketosis Simple

The one golden rule in a keto diet is to keep carbs low.,This doesnt just mean cutting out bread, pasta and grains, it means truly giving your,eating habits a hard reset.,Perhaps one of the most daunting elements of the keto diet for people can be the idea,that they have to count every single carb.,We do encourage you to track your macros and be mindful of your carb intake.,But there is one simple strategy that helps to clear up any confusion around how much,of what foods you should and shouldnt be eating: choose mostly keto-friendly foods,that have little to no net carbs.,There are so many low – and no-carb options, you have hundreds of delicious options to,choose from!,To help simplify things and make your keto journey as easy as possible, weve put together,the ultimate list of zero-carb foods for you to enjoy.,Before we begin, its important to note that nearly every kind of food has some sort of,trace carbohydrate content.,When we say “zero carbs,” we are talking about foods and beverages that contain less than,one gram of net carbs per serving, and foods that arent usually consumed in large enough,quantities to negatively affect your daily carb consumption.,Now, lets take a look at zero-carb foods, starting with meats:,Beef, fowl and pork are familiar meats that provide you with protein.,Less common types of meats, like veal, lamb, game meats, including venison and elk, and,exotic meats, can help add variety and interest to your meals.,Organ meats can be a good choice, too, but just be aware that liver contains glycogen,,a source of net carbs.,When possible, seek out grass-fed and pasture-raised meats.,While its typically best to avoid processed meats, cured and dried meats, like bacon,,salami, hot dogs, deli meats, jerky and canned meats are fan favorites on the keto diet that,can used on occasion.,However, you must read the ingredients list and put back anything containing dextrose,,starch, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or maltodextrin.,Always try to buy all-natural processed meats that contain carb-free ingredients.,Fresh and tinned seafood, many of which contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acid, are another,great source of protein.,White flaky fish like cod, flounder, sole and haddock, are tasty, as are fattier, more,flavorful fish, like salmon, tuna, halibut, swordfish, sardines, Spanish mackerel, trout,and others.,Weve found that the healthiest option is to buy wild caught salmon and sardines, canned,or fresh without any other ingredients.,While we recommend against frequent and habitual snacking, we all need snacks from time to,time.,Even though so many on-the-go bites you once relied on are now off the table, there are,so many keto snacks to take their place!,Of the bunch, those with the lowest carbs include: pepperoni slices, keto pork rinds,,bone broth, smoked fish, canned fish, canned meat, preserved meat products, like jerky,,biltong, pemmican and meat sticks, and seaweed.,For a more comprehensive look at good keto snacking habits, check out the Ruled.me article,titled, “50+ Healthy Keto Snacks to Help with Ketosis.”,Healthy fats are the cornerstone of a balanced keto diet.,Zero carb fats, like extra-virgin olive oil, grass-fed butter and ghee, coconut oil, MCT,oil, avocado oil, and animal fats (like lard) are ingredients you should be reaching for,at almost every meal.,Vegetable, seed, and nut-based oils are unstable when exposed to high heat and can release,toxins.,We suggest avoiding these.,Your spice cabinet is likely packed with flavor enhancers that are virtually carb-free!,Avoid any spice blends with added sugars, of course, and instead, try salt and black,pepper, dried oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil, chives and dill.,Chili powder, curry powder and cinnamon may contain higher traces of carbs and should,be used a bit more sparingly.,Some condiments, like sugar-free hot sauces and mustard can also add tons of flavor with,hardly any carbs at all.,While all sugars are cut out from a keto diet, there are plenty of ways to add a hint of,sweetness to the dishes we prepare.,Zero-carb sweeteners include liquid stevia, monk fruit extract or blends, erythritol and,liquid sucralose.,Just be sure to choose products, either liquid or solid, that contain no other additives,like maltodextrin.,For a more comprehensive list of sweeteners, watch our video on keto-friendly sweeteners.,Zero-carb drinks are available almost anywhere you go!,There is water and sparkling water, of course, as well as black coffee and unsweetened tea.,Sugar-free and carb-free energy drinks, diet drink mixes or drink enhancers, and diet soda,and other diet drinks, without any added sugar, also count.,Keep in mind that for some people, drinking sweeter drinks can trigger sugar cravings,in the long-term.,When it comes to alcohol, those following the keto diet need to proceed carefully.,Some alcoholic drinks have virtually no net carbs, but alcohol will slow fat burning while,your body processes it.,We suggest limiting your alcohol intake to one drink per day and choosing spirits like,gin, unflavored rum, unflavored vodka, whiskey, tequila, scotch, bourbon, brandy or cognac.,Always be careful about added carbs in the alcohol you are drinking.,For more on keto drinks, see the Ruled.me article, “Complete Guide to Keto Drinks and,Beverages.”,We hope that our guide to zero-carb foods helps to clarify some of the best things you,should be reaching for as you continue on your keto journey.,For more information and resources on what you should and shouldnt eat on a keto diet,,visit Ruled.me and check out the guide titled, “Ketogenic Diet Food List: Everything You,Need to Know” alongside our other videos.,Thanks for so much for watching!

A keto diet for beginners

Youve probably heard about the keto diet.,Its the newest hype.,All the papers are writing about it and the interest online is just exploding.,So what is the keto diet?,What does keto even mean and how is it done?,In this course you will learn all you need to know.,First of all lets get this out of the way.,What does the word “keto” mean?,Basically the body can run on two different fuels.,One is sugar from carbohydrates in the food we eat,and thats what most people today primarily use.,Lets say if theyre eating bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc.,The other fuel is fat.,The keto diet is a very low-carb diet.,So low in carbs that the body has to switch to mainly using fat for fuel.,For example from real foods like eggs, meat, avocados, butter, olive oil, nuts, etc.,Even the brain can become fueled by fat.,When the body is out of sugar,,fat is converted in the liver into energy molecules called ketones,that fuel the brain.,And the diet that results in this is called ketogenic,,meaning it produces ketones.,And thats why the diet is called the keto diet.,Being fueled mostly by fat, a state called “ketosis”, has many benefits,including that you become a fat-burning machine.,Its perfect for weight loss without hunger burning fat 24/7 even when youre sleeping.,Because it gives you tons of energy, youll basically never run out.,Why the keto diet has become super popular in the last few years,is actually not entirely new.,The foundation of keto is something old that youve heard about a million times.,Its a strict low-carb diet, its a gluten-free diet,,its similar to the paleo diet,and its very close to the old and well-known Atkins diet.,The basic idea is super simple and based on real foods.,You simply avoid most carbohydrates like sugar, processed junk food,,bread, pasta, rice etc.,And instead you eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and natural fats like butter.,What is different with keto?,Is that its a supercharged low-carb diet,where you can make sure you get the maximum benefits.,Well get to the details later.,So keto is a supercharged version of an old idea.,Similar diets have been tried for decades, even centuries.,These similar diets keep returning more popular than ever because they work.,And this could have an evolutionary explanation,as our ancestors did not eat refined carbohydrates or sugar like we do today,,so our bodies may not be adapted to those foods.,Modern science proves that it works.,On a keto diet most people can lose excess weight without hunger,and a number of health issues tend to improve.,Most importantly a keto diet is not just used as a temporary fix.,Many people enjoy it as a long term lifestyle.,Not just for weight loss, but for long-term health and well-being,and staying fit year-round.,Many people feel energized, full of mental clarity,and have stable blood sugar levels.,Most of the hunger disappears, cravings for sweets foods are reduced,,so theres no need to snack all the time anymore.,People save time by being happy with fewer meals.,They eat delicious food whenever theyre hungry,and theres not even any need to count calories.,Most people feel so satiated on keto that they can eat when theyre hungry,and still eat less and lose excess weight.,They dont even have to exercise.,Now of course some exercise is good for you,for health and feeling your best,,but its not required for weight loss and certainly not on keto.,In this course you will learn exactly how to do keto,,what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat.,You will learn the common problems that people experience when starting keto,,the keto flu and how to avoid it.,You will learn how to know if youre in ketosis,and the simple tricks to get there.,You will learn about weight loss on keto, what to expect, how to speed it up,and how to break a weight loss plateau should it happened.,Youll learn about the common mistakes that people make,and how you can avoid them to feel great and succeed faster.,Youll also hear from a number of top doctors and researchers,specializing in keto and low-carb diets who truly understand it,and to make sure you do it as safely and effectively as possible.,This video course will teach you everything you need to know,and you can combine it,with all the other keto content we have on our website DietDoctor.com.,Its really the only place you need for everything connected to keto.,We are committed to making it truly simple.,You can check out hundreds of amazing keto recipes, including video recipes,and if youre interested, a full keto cooking show.,No planning required, just buy the food on the shopping list,,cook it according to the simple instructions and enjoy eating it.,Youre done.,And even if you have special preferences like say dairy-free or vegetarian keto,,we still have you covered.,And you can also simply construct your own custom meal plans.,You can get all this for free.,You can use our free two-week keto challenge to get started,like more than 300,000 people already have.,Or for the full Diet Doctor experience,,sign up for a free one-month trial, cancel anytime.,You get full access to everything we have, all our resources;,the full meal planner, our low-carb TV with hundreds of amazing keto videos,including this entire keto video course.,At Diet Doctor, our goal is to empower people everywhere,to succeed on keto and low-carb like these amazing people…,”Whatever youre doing continue to do.”,At some point he said, “Dont lose any more weight.”,I lost 200 pounds in roughly 18 months.,-I lost 80 pounds. -80 pounds? Wow!,I lost 100 pounds in a year.,That hunger that Ive had for my entire life wasnt there.,Her energy level and much like mine,,our mental well-being has improved as much as our physical health.,I went from 374 pounds to 139 pounds.,I wouldve never believed that within my lifespan,I would have my life back like this.,We want to make keto truly simple for you,and help you succeed in reaching your goals.,If you are interested in more Ill see you in part II,which is about a core idea behind the keto diet,,how to become a fat burning machine.,Good luck and Ill see you soon.

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How to start a low carb diet

how can you get the best  results on a low carb diet  ,which foods should you eat and which ones  should you avoid what benefits can a low carb  ,diet provide in this video i will answer all of  these questions i will also share the number one  ,low carb mistake that may be slowing  down your progress lets get into it,hi im doctor andreas yanfeld ceo of diet  doctor and today ill be talking about a  ,low-carb diet for beginners heres  everything you need to get started,number one what is a low-carb diet on a low-carb  diet you eat very few carbohydrates also known  ,as carbs carbs are found in sugary foods  like candy and desserts and starchy foods  ,like pasta bread and cereal instead of carbs a low  carb diet consists of mostly protein rich whole  ,foods and vegetables along with some fats why is  it a good idea to cut back on carbs when you stop  ,eating high carb foods your blood sugar levels  become more stable and your insulin levels drop  ,lower insulin levels can make it easier to burn  fat thats stored on your body plus eating more  ,protein and fewer carbs can help increase satiety  that feeling of being comfortably full but not  ,stuffed with low carb you simply begin eating  when youre hungry and stop eating as soon as you  ,feel satisfied how many carbs should you eat on a  moderate low carb diet you can eat up to 50 grams  ,of net carbs per day the good news is if you  stick to low carb foods you probably wont  ,need to count carbs number two which foods and  beverages should you consume on a low carb diet  ,you can enjoy a wide variety of tasty nutritious  foods make protein foods like meat seafood cheese  ,greek yogurt eggs or tofu the center of your meals  also eat plenty of vegetables that grow above the  ,ground such as asparagus brussels sprouts leafy  greens and dozens of others use a little butter  ,or olive oil to prepare your meals or add  these natural fats to your food at the table  ,a steak with cauliflower mash made with butter  is a fantastic low-carb dinner enjoy a small bowl  ,of berries or sliced melon for dessert if you  like drink water coffee or tea with your meals  ,low cup friendly snack options include hard-boiled  eggs a small handful of nuts or sliced cucumbers  ,with a creamy dip now what should you avoid on a  low carb diet stay away from anything with sugar  ,such as cakes cookies candy and ice cream  avoid sugar sweetened beverages and sweet  ,alcoholic drinks along with fruit juice  which is loaded with natural sugar dont  ,eat bread pasta and cereal whether they are made  with white flour or whole grains finally avoid  ,starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn number  three what are the benefits of a low-carb diet  ,most people start eating a low-carb diet because  they want to lose weight indeed studies show that  ,low carb diets are at least as effective and often  more effective for losing weight than other diets  ,why do low carb diets work so well for weight  loss or they help you stay full and satisfied  ,while youre enjoying delicious food without  needing to count calories also some trials  ,suggest that eating low carb may help you  burn more calories which can increase your  ,chances of keeping the weight off following  a low-carb lifestyle can also dramatically  ,lower blood sugar levels in fact going low carb  is so effective for this that it has allowed  ,many people with type 2 diabetes  to reverse their disease meaning  ,they need little to no medication to control  their blood sugar other potential benefits  ,of going low carb include better digestion  clearer skin fewer carb cravings and more,so to sum it up a low-carb diet limits carbs  and allows you to eat more protein and fat  ,foods to prioritize include meat seafood  eggs cheese and non-starchy vegetables  ,a low-carb diet may help improve  your health in several ways  ,including losing weight improving  your blood sugar control and more,so whats the number one mistake that  you might be making on a low carb diet  ,eating packaged low carb bars cookies and  similar products although some of these  ,items are okay as an occasional treat all  of them are highly processed many contain  ,starch and fillers that are not a good fit for a  low carb lifestyle in some cases they may cause  ,cravings for sweets and other high carb foods  and part of the reason for this is that they are  ,usually high in both fat and artificial  sweeteners and this combination  ,may stimulate reward pathways in the brain and  trigger you to over eat highly palatable energy  ,dense foods this can result in weight loss stores  or even weight gain my advice to lose weight and  ,improve your health stick with minimally processed  satisfying foods that are naturally low in carbs  ,do you want to learn more about low-carb  diets and have access to detailed lists about  ,which foods to eat see our complete guide a  low-carb diet for beginners you will find the link  ,below and if youre interested in more low carb  support consider signing up for a free trial at  ,dietdoctor.com as a member you will have access  to hundreds of low carb meal plans shopping  ,lists video courses and other exclusive benefits  good luck and i will see you in our next video

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Top 10 Foods for the Ketogenic Diet

Adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle can take some re-working of your habits and a new perspective,on how you approach meals and snacks.,But, no matter how you were eating before, most of the foods that are the pillars of,a keto diet are things you’re already familiar with — we’re just helping you learn to,use them in slightly different ways to promote ketosis in your body.,Though there are hundreds of foods that fit into a keto diet, there are some that are,the true rock stars of the bunch.,Here are our top 10 most versatile and healthful foods for the ketogenic diet:,Eggs: High in protein and low in carbs, eating eggs has been shown to help promote a feeling,of fullness, and egg yolks contain thirteen essential vitamins and minerals, as well as,antioxidants.,While eggs were once demonized for their relatively high levels of cholesterol, we now know that,consuming them doesn’t raise blood cholesterol levels in most people, and can actually reduce,the risk of heart disease.,To incorporate some eggs into your morning routine, try our Chorizo Baked Eggs recipe,and save the rest for a super quick and easy to take breakfast.,Olives and olive oil: These heart-healthy little fruits are bursting with antioxidants,and anti-inflammatory compounds.,A one-ounce serving contains two grams of total carbs.,Stock your pantry with extra-virgin olive oil, which is one of the healthiest oils for,baking, cooking and deep-frying at high temperatures.,Meat, poultry and seafood: In addition to being low in carbs, and high in fat and protein,,meat contains nutrients, like vitamin B12, creatine and taurine, that aren’t found,in plants.,Shellfish and fish contain anti-inflammatory omega 3s that are associated with improved,mental health and decreased risk of disease.,If you want a fun and simple dinner that the whole family can enjoy, try our Baked Italian,Meatballs using ground beef.,Choose 100% grass-fed pasture-raised red meat, pasture-raised poultry and sustainably farmed,or caught seafood.,Not only is this better for the animals and the environment, meat from humanely raised,animals is typically more nutrient-dense.,High-fat dairy: High-fat dairy contains quality protein, vitamins and minerals, and something,called “conjugated linoleic acid,” which is one of the few fatty acids that promotes,fat loss.,Some studies suggest that a moderate amount of high-fat dairy helps reduce the risk of,heart attack and stroke.,High fat and very little carbs make high-fat dairy a keto winner!,Try full-fat cream and sour cream, butter and ghee, soft cheeses like mascarpone and,cream cheese and hard cheeses like jack and cheddar.,Dark chocolate: Scientifically speaking, real chocolate (not the processed stuff with tons,of sugar) isn’t the “sinful” treat it’s often made out to be.,In fact, dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and flavanols that can decrease blood pressure,,heart disease risk and insulin resistance.,Just be sure that there are no sugars and a minimal amount of carbs per serving, and,enjoy sparingly.,Berries: Berries are some of the healthiest and most keto-friendly fruits.,Blueberries have been shown to improve memory and brain function, while raspberries and,blackberries are packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation.,Remember to eat berries in moderation, as they do contain carbs.,Make a sweet treat to include some berries into your diet by freezing up some Berry Bomb,Pops using raspberries and blueberries.,Alliums: Garlic, onions, leeks and other alliums are prized in most cuisines for their aromatic,flavors.,They also contain allicin, a potent plant compound that protects the body from brain,damage and disease.,These veggies tend to be rather high in net carbs, but, used in small quantities, they,are great for enhancing the flavor and nutrition of your keto cooking.,Cruciferous vegetables: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and other cruciferous veggies contain,high levels of vitamins K and A, as well as a special compound called sulforaphane.,Once digested, sulforaphane can help detoxify the body and protect cells from oxidative,stress.,We also love cruciferous vegetables for their low carb counts and amazing versatility.,Craving an old favorite at dinner?,Whip up a batch of Easy Creamy Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes.,You wont even miss the real thing!,Coconut oil: Though very high in saturated fat, coconut oil has been found to help lower,cholesterol and promote the loss of belly fat, thanks to medium-chain triglycerides.,MCTs are absorbed directly by the liver and converted into ketones, which can help decrease,calorie consumption, increase energy levels, and even improve brain function.,Nuts and seeds: Rich in fiber and minerals, nuts and seeds are also associated with reduced,risk of heart disease, certain cancers, depression and obesity.,We suggest avoiding nut and seeds oils, which contain high levels of inflammatory omega,6s, and choose whole or freshly ground nuts and seeds instead.,Some of the best seeds and nuts for the keto diet are macadamia and brazil nuts, pecans,,walnuts and almonds, and pumpkin, sunflower and flax seeds.,Explore all of the resources on Ruled.Me for more info on how to implement a satisfying,,sustainable and effective ketogenic diet.,If you’re just starting out on this journey, be sure to check out Keto Academy, our easy-to-follow,30-day keto meal plan, as well as the other videos in our series!

Nutritionist Shares Meal Plan For Doing Keto Over The Long Term

we are back 8 35 more of our special,series beyond the scale and this morning,our focus is one of the most popular,diet trends in america aikido its a,method thats often praised for,short-term results but some criticize it,for that restrictive low-carb approach,well luckily for us jj smith is here,with ways to do keto and be successful,in the long run shes a nutritionist the,author of the new 14-day keto cleanse jj,good morning good morning how are you,im great thank you im excited about,this because a lot of folks have tried,keto,they love it you do see results but they,find it hard to sustain over the long,term yeah absolutely i think a lot of,people experience the keto flu and the,goal is to get the body keto is short,for ketosis yeah and this is involves,getting the body into fat burning mode,and this plan includes other ways to get,the body into ketosis without having to,eat all those high fat foods which could,lead to health issues for some yeah how,long does it take to get into that,ketosis mode where youre really burning,fat yeah of course it actually varies by,individual okay some people it could be,as short as a couple of days,for others it could take a couple of,weeks but when youre in ketosis you,know because youre going to lose weight,youre going to start feeling energized,and youre going to be able to kind of,reduce your appetite and you dont feel,so hungry all the time okay and now your,plan and were going to try some of your,recipes here in a minute but your plan,will put you into ketosis but how is it,i guess less rigid than the typical keto,okay so i call this the healthier,version of keto okay okay so one of the,things that we do because we use other,methods to get into ketosis we feature,keto smoothies now these are green,smoothies that are low in carb low in,sugar and quite frankly in one keto,smoothie theyre so nutrient dense in,one smoothie sometimes you get more,nutrients than youve had in an entire,week wow so so many people on this plan,tell me,uh this plan makes keto feel crazy good,and so you feel good you dont get the,keto flu you get energized you get to,detox and lose some weight okay so you,have a 14-day cleanse to kind of kick,you kick kick it off,this is from day one so this is day one,what breakfast okay so this is breakfast,youre basically swapping out your,breakfast for keto smoothie okay and in,this one we feature avocados when you,take out all the fruit in a smoothie,we add in avocados to give it this,creamy texture and so we love this one,our keto smoothies were tested with 8,000 people and both adults and kids had,to love them right so this one is fresh,its light we do use stevia you can use,any natural sweetener that you like its,not sweet it tastes good its creamy but,its not sweet but your stevia is okay,stevia or mock fruit is fine just to,give it a little sweetness so you would,eat one one piece of bread,okay okay and then dinner time this is,our first day oh okay so this is a chili,imagine eating a hearty chili on a plan,thats designed to help you burn fat,yeah and so its amazing this,combination of ingredients they simmer,to perfection people literally write me,and say my kids ate all my chili what am,i going to do i always think of it like,you if chili having a tomato base and,getting real carby real fast how do you,count theres no beans in it its a,chili with no beans so we keep the carbs,low but we keep the flavor on high,because food has to taste good and the,recipes are simple theyre easy to make,because i dont have time to be in the,kitchen all day how about you no i trust,me no but i mean i have time i just,dont have talent but how um,you let them this plan you can have a,little more carbs than the traditional,you can you can have a little bit more,carbs and the main reason is something,the main reason is because we use other,methods to get the body into ketosis,like intermittent fasting okay so its,not working yeah okay so what happens is,intermittent fasting isnt is not about,what you eat its when you eat so,imagine just changing the time frames of,when you eat yeah and being able to help,get the body into ketosis so we add,intermittent fasting we add a high uh,tabata for four minutes and these thats,the workout yeah its a four minute,routine that anybody could basically do,okay but these methods push the body,into ketosis so you can still burn fat,now we just have 30 seconds this is the,the last day of the cleanse another,avocado smoothie breakfast so the last,day of the cleanse is they you know the,last day this is a peppermint keto im,going to try this one yeah if you love,peppermint patties you will love this i,support 840 000 in my green smoothie,facebook group and they absolutely love,this one because it tastes like,peppermint smoothie and then fajitas,fajitas tortillas not included not,included but what i love is this is a,help you get a healthier version of some,of your favorite meals imagine being,able to have fajitas on a weight loss,plan its its so good yeah,tell me what you think love it yes,awesome and you can go big on like oils,and nuts you can go oils and nuts and,other healthy fats and youll be,perfectly fine stretch it out jj im,still chewing okay all right im just,kidding be sure to check today.com,health for her recipes healthy living,tips and start today 30 walking plan to,get you active im so embarrassed hold,up melissa,oh never talk with your mouth fall its,fine what do you think its fine you,just have huge subs what are you talking,about exactly,hey thanks for watching our youtube,channel find your favorite recipes,celebrity interviews uplifting stories,shop our favorite deals and so much more,with the today app download it now

Choosing keto foods: what to eat and avoid

What are the best foods to eat  on a keto diet? In this video,  ,you’ll get our top tips for choosing keto foods.  You’ll learn what to eat and drink, what to avoid,  ,and the NUMBER ONE mistake that might be stalling  your weight loss on keto. Let’s get into it!,Hi, I’m Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, CEO of  Diet Doctor dot com, and today I’ll  ,be talking about keto foods. Here’s  everything you need to get started  ,to lose weight or improve  your health on a keto diet.,The number one thing to know is what to eat.  ,To be successful on keto, you’ll want to  eat very few carbs — less than 20 grams of  ,net carbs per day. So you’ll want to  eat foods that are very low in carbs  ,like meat, poultry, and seafood — including fatty  cuts like ribeye steak and fried chicken thighs.  ,Eggs and cheese are also excellent keto  options. Theyre versatile and convenient,  ,whether eaten alone or combined as  the crust for a delicious keto pizza.  ,What about vegetables? There are dozens of  vegetables you can enjoy on a keto diet, like  ,salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini,  avocados, and butter-fried cabbage.  ,Eat these vegetables in a side dish, a stir-fry,  or in a salad with protein foods. For example,  ,a Cobb salad with chicken, egg, cheese,  greens, tomato, avocado, and creamy Ranch  ,dressing is a great keto option. Use butter  or oil for cooking or making creamy sauces.  ,And most nuts are ok to eat, as  long as you keep portions small.,Number two. What should you drink? Water,  coffee, or tea are your best options.  ,I know what you’re thinking.  Don’t worry! You can also enjoy  ,an occasional glass of dry wine or  unsweetened spirits on a keto diet.,Overall though, choose beverages that are  carb-free and save your carbs for vegetables,  ,berries, nuts, and other nourishing keto foods.,Number three. What foods and drinks should  you avoid? Avoid starchy foods like bread,  ,pasta, potatoes, crackers, tortillas,  and similar items. All of these – even  ,“healthy” whole grains – are too  high in carbs for a keto diet.,Also stay away from anything made with sugar, such  as candy, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream,  ,sweetened yogurt, breakfast cereals. Even  “natural” sugars like fruit are off limits, except  ,some berries in small amounts. For drinks, avoid  fruit juice, soda, and sweet alcoholic drinks.,Let’s do a quick recap: Remember,  to be successful on a keto diet,  ,you’ll want to eat very few carbs —  less than 20 grams of net carbs per day.,You’ll need to avoid foods high in sugar or  starch, such as desserts and bread. The good  ,news is: you’ll eat lots of flavorful foods  including all types of meat, fish, eggs, and  ,vegetables topped with butter or a creamy sauce. Missing potatoes, pasta, rice or bread? There  ,are many keto-friendly substitutions for all  your high-carb favorites. Check out our large  ,collection of keto recipes at DietDoctor dot com  to learn more. We even have low-carb desserts!,So what’s the NUMBER ONE mistake that  you might be making on a keto diet?  ,Adding lots of fat to your food because  you think it will help you burn body fat.  ,This is not only a big mistake, it’s  also the number one “keto myth.”  ,Eating very few carbs can help lower insulin  levels, which allows you to access your  ,body fat for energy. However, if you eat a  lot of fat, your body will end up burning the  ,excess fat that youve eaten rather  than the fat stored on your body.,So while you can enjoy fatty meats,  cheese, and other rich foods,  ,dont go crazy with added fats.  Just include enough for flavor.,As a doctor, Ive heard the keto  diet criticized for being boring,  ,unsustainable, and limiting food choices to  bacon, butter, and burgers without the bun.  ,The truth is, keto eating allows a wide variety  of tasty foods based on your own preferences.,I can almost guarantee you’ll become a keto fan  once you try this delicious way of eating and see  ,how it can help you lose weight and feel better! Find out much more by visiting our keto diet foods  ,guide. Find the link below in the description.  Want even faster results? Sign up for a free  ,trial membership and get personalized keto  meal plans, shopping lists, video courses,  ,and much more at DietDoctor dot com. Good luck and Ill see you in our next video.

How to Start a Keto Diet

لذلك أنت مستعد للتكيف مع الكيتون اتباع نظام غذائي لانقاص الوزن وتحسين بك,الصحة لقد أتيت إلى المكان الصحيح صنع أي نمط حياة كبير أو تغييرات النظام الغذائي,يمكن أن يكون تحديا خاصة في البداية هناك الكثير من الإجراءات الجديدة للتعلم,والعادات القديمة لتتخلى ولكن رأينا مرارا وتكرارا مع الناس في,المجتمع حكمت ذلك مع مرور الوقت كيتو يصبح العادي الجديد و,نتائج مثيرة تستحق كل هذا العناء أفضل طريقة للبدء مع,النظام الغذائي الكيتون هنا سنقوم بتحديد ثلاثة خطوات لكيتو النجاح ولكن أولا دعونا,تحديد ما هو نظام غذائي كيتو ببساطة وضعه هو نسبة عالية من الكربوهيدرات منخفضة الدهون منخفضة إلى معتدلة,حمية البروتين عن طريق تقييد جذري الكربوهيدرات في نظامك الغذائي,دخول والحفاظ على الكيتوزيه التمثيل الغذائي الدولة حيث يحترق الجسم بشدة,الوقود البديل الفعال ودعا الكيتونات لا يساعد فقط نظام غذائي كيتو,مع فقدان الوزن ولكن البحث الحالي يشير أيضا إلى أنه يمكن أن يساعد على,تحسين الظروف الصحية مثل القلب داء السكري من النوع 2 ومرض الزهايمر,المرض لبدء رحلة كيتو الخاصة بك على القدم اليمنى هنا لدينا أفضل ثلاثة,نصائح أساسية تناول الأطعمة المناسبة أكل كمية مناسبة من تلك الأطعمة و,الاستعداد لأنفلونزا كيتو,دعنا نبدأ مع الطعام هدفك على أساس ثابت هو استبدال الكربوهيدرات,الأطعمة الثقيلة مع الأطعمة ودية كيتو هذا سيساعدك على تناول سعرات حرارية أقل,من قبل وتساعد على بدء القفز و الحفاظ على الكيتوزيه سوف تحتاج إلى التركيز,على اللحوم الألبان عالية الدهون والزيوت الصحية الخضار الورقية والخضار فوق الأرض,المكسرات والبذور التوت الأفوكادو و كيتو المحليات المعتمدة ستحتاج إلى,تماما تجنب الحبوب والفواكه والسكر الخضروات النشوية لمزيد من المعلومات انظر لدينا,فيديو كيتو الطبخ كيتو قائمة الطعام ل الكثير من المعلومات حول ما لتناول الطعام,وما لا تأكل على كيتو عليك أن تكون الاعتماد أكثر بكثير على الطعام المطبوخ في المنزل,من تعبئتها معالجتها أو إعداد الأطعمة من المهم أن تلاحظ أنك لا تفعل ذلك,يجب أن نعرف كيفية القيام بذلك على بنفسك هناك الكثير من الموارد على,حكمت لي بما في ذلك خطط وجبة التسوق يسرد تفاصيل الميزانية وصفات سوف,يعلمك لتجنب المزالق المشتركة كيف لقراءة الملصقات والغذائية,المعلومات والتي الأطعمة كيتو يمكن أن يكون مبادلة والاستعاضة عن الأطعمة التي,هي خارج الحدود التي قد يفاجأ كم من الأشياء مثل ملفات تعريف الارتباط المعكرونة الخبز,والآيس كريم لا يزال بإمكانك الاستمتاع إذا كنت فقط تعلم كيفية جعلها كيتو,ودود,انها ليست مجرد تناول الأطعمة الصحيحة رغم أن هذا هو الأساس لل,النظام الغذائي يجب أن تتعلم أيضا كم لتناول الطعام الذي يقودنا إلى النقطة الثانية لدينا,حمية كيتو يمكن أن تساعدك على تقييد السعرات الحرارية بطريقة بطيئة وثابتة,مما يؤدي إلى فقدان الوزن على المدى الطويل ولكن قد يكون من الصعب القيام بذلك إذا لم تكن كذلك,تتبع بعناية ما تأكله طريقة واحدة لمعرفة مقدار ما يجب أن تكون,الأكل على نظام غذائي كيتو هو التحقق من تقدمك كل بضعة أسابيع وضبط,وفقا لذلك إذا كنت لا ترى النتائج التي تريدها يمكنك أيضا استخدام,ruled.me keto آلة حاسبة التي نجدها لتكون طريقة أكثر دقة عليك أيضا,تحتاج إلى تتبع المغذيات الكبيرة الخاصة بك أو وحدات الماكرو تلك هي الكربوهيدرات والدهون البروتين,التي تحتاج إلى أن تبقى في توازن دقيق للحفاظ على جسمك في الكيتوزيه,القاعدة العامة نوصي الأكل أدناه 35 غراما من الكربوهيدرات يوميا وتهدف إلى,الحصول على 70 ٪ من السعرات الحرارية الخاصة بك من الدهون و 25 ٪ من البروتين آلة حاسبة كيتو يمكن,مساعدتك في الاتصال بالضبط ما يجب أن يكون تهدف لكل يوم وسوف تبقيك على,تتبع لعمق الغوص في وحدات الماكرو تحقق من وحدات الماكرو لدينا الفيديو وكيتو,آلة حاسبة أخيرا عندما كنت تبدأ في اتباع نظام غذائي الكيتون يجب عليك الاستعداد,لأنفلونزا كيتو عند تقليص أول مرة على الكربوهيدرات سوف جسمك سوف,تجربة بعض التغييرات لأنها تتكيف مع نمط حياتك تغيير واحد ممكن هو,انفلونزا كيتو مصطلح مظلة ل أعراض تشبه الانفلونزا قد تواجه مثل,التعب أو الضباب العقلي عادة هذه الأعراض تستمر لفترة قصيرة فقط,ولكن من الأفضل أن تكون مستعدا سوف تحتاج إلى شرب المزيد من الماء تزيد من,البوتاسيوم الصوديوم والمغنيسيوم المدخول وتناول المزيد من الدهون وخاصة MCTS,الأهم من ذلك تحقق في نفسك من وقت لآخر لمراقبة التغييرات,في تكوين جسمك وكيف تشعر أن تكون متأكدا من أن النظام الغذائي الكيتون,هو الخيار الصحيح بالنسبة لك لأكثر من ذلك معلومات على كيتو تأكد من مشاهدة الآخر,حكمت لي أشرطة الفيديو وتحقق من الثروة من المعلومات على موقعنا قضت دوت لي

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