1. How to grow on Only fans with free Trials
  2. Watch Live: OnlyFans Model Murder Case – FL v. Courtney Clenney – Hearing
  3. Watch Live: OnlyFans Model Murder Case – FL v. Courtney Clenney – Hearing Day 2
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How to grow on Only fans with free Trials

chessa here from bad bunny agency,helping you grow,online as an adult creator with,only fans today what im going to be,showing you is an,awesome hack to help you grow with free,trials on only fans so if you really,want to grow,hit the subscribe button hit the bell,and get on this channel,to learn the industrys best practices,that were doing over here bad bunny,agency,im going to roll up my sleeves and get,to it,so i am in only fans right now,looking at my screen what im bringing,up is the home page,and youll see home notifications,messages,bookmarks vault and lists list is right,above,statements excuse me,keeping it real over here anyways im,going to,list and i can see recents fans,following renew on and im going to go,to fans,from here um im actually able to see,who is expired,and im gonna click on expired,and im just gonna go ahead and flip,around,my computer bam,here we go so,expired so start a promotion,so this is how you would actually go in,and start a promotion so you could start,a free trial,you can put here how many subscribers,lets say 100 subscribers for seven days,theyre gonna have a free trial,and writing something very authentic,like,lets say for example,we are doing somebody in the adult,industry space itd be something like,hey daddy if you really want to see how,i play this is your ultimate way to,experience,a little taste of your girl something,like that,right and my lifestyle give them that,compe,that campaign im just gonna do this,and then start campaign,okay copy link to profile,so that immediately sorry copy link to,clipboard,that would be the link that i would use,to send,to whoever is going to give me the shout,out,and that way i could track how many,people,actually are converting,and thats really what everything is,about on this,channel its about how are we going to,get,trackable sales so that if you spend,20 and you make 80,you know what its going to take to,actually scale,your only fans to the next level so if,you want help doing that,contact us here over at bad bunny agency,and were going to help,you actually be able to get those shout,outs,and really get some great conversions,going now,it this wont work for somebody whos,not consistent this really works for,consistent creators,who are always consistently planning out,their only fans right,so youre posting every day youre mass,messaging but then,when you give somebody a free trial it,really gives them,access to your content gives them a,taste of what youre doing they get to,learn whats authentic to you and really,resonate with that,and then from there youre going to see,that youre able to really,have some significant upside and,hopefully a subscriber,from that campaign so just to,bring it back home here what this,you know campaign is all about giving,the free trial,is about getting your name out giving,them,a potential fan the opportunity,to see what youre like to resonate with,you and then for you to come up with,strategy to either get them as a,subscriber,or make more than youve spent on,converting them,so that is the tutorial today,on how to grow your only fans by,using a free trial campaign if you like,what you see,hit the bell get notified subscribe and,feel free to reach out in the messages,or by email or any way,in the link below

Watch Live: OnlyFans Model Murder Case – FL v. Courtney Clenney – Hearing

foreign,signal,s oh I dont know yet,I dont know but I heard theres going,to be some changes,foreign,[Music],thank you,foreign,Im waiting to see what you got for me,oh its a flashlight great perfectly,thank you,okay,so,this is how it work,everything is on here,I was gonna have a copy for you,you say Im good I know I know but Im,good sir thank you,so all of this is on here,thank you,thatll work,no theyre coming,could you imagine I mean I can I know,youre the best man right,I gotta buy you a drink now,thank you,okay,thank you,favorite you have an extra thing to say,hi,um,foreign,foreign,all right,now,all right guys,foreign,foreign,and Kathleen Hogue on behalf of the,state,good afternoon young and Larry our,handphone on behalf of the,um patella family representing the,victory,good afternoon just frankly I dont have,reported plenty of as well as my,co-counsel Serena,welcome everybody,um a reminder that if you dont need to,step out its absolutely fine if you,need anything from my availability,[Applause],sure,um first and foremost date,um first and foremost,um the defendants argued to preclude,safe for using,um,supported statements frankly for the,purposes of this setting at least is,untimely it is a substantive motion is,outlined by the case law it requires,confidence essential evidence,that there isnt any with not even an,affidavit,support so the defendant can be unable,to support its proven,States law to make the two-pronged test,that I outlined previously to the court,um,furthermore,as it pertains to that issue,there are four videos Im just going to,do the videos that will happen often,often stop by argument to go mention,Ed the first video is in the lobby of a,building,in public clear today,I mean the defense cant even on its,face,the second aspect of the pretensity,frankly,their point,um,um,between them and Miss bunny or Mr,macelli says it does something to the,effect that its not written in pygmy,and she then Whispers in response some,experts that all happened in the lobby,of a lot of of the building theres no,expectation of privacy there period far,none so the defensively impossible would,be impossible if the defense to show an,expectation privacy is,the three remaining ones that would,agree that they occurred in the lot in,the their Apartments,um very brief Snippets you can see,um,the apartment from the inside either the,TV or the clothing,so I dont disagree with that and,assuming the defense is able to make,their children,but the Privacy explicitly actually,their defense exhibit G which one they,characterize it as quote audio of,surveillance have for the court the,incident report from the building that,day February 26 2022 where the security,guard said that she recorded the womans,voice,um so its a recording from the outside,of the apartment so certainly reported,from the outside of the apartment is,different than reporting from the inside,of the apartment but the point is that,if its audible from the outside of the,apartment she does,privacy and the Very nature of her,shouting and the building called sending,her emails about the arguments police,responding unqualified her or anybody,else because of the arguments,necessarily relates that a reasonable,person shouted at the top of their lungs,can expect at their neighborhood spirits,and possibly record it the fact that,Christian reported it is of no,consequence whether she consented to it,is of no consequence because,three thoughts Im not mistaken its,items three five and seven because I,believe the videos are odd numbers and,demand,is Judge with respect to the lobby video,that we dont have,time but its clear that there is no,video your honors correct theres no,video on this other recordings because,the recording device is the phone,on his purse so thats why there is no,big deal because its on his first,with respect to the states argument,about,the security here outside thats a,separate incident that is not the day of,these reports,um and these this apartment and this,actually comes is an important later on,in our presentation this apartment,um had an elevator that goes directly to,the entity Department its got its,basically its own four own entrance this,is not an apartment building that has,multiple units separated by Thin drywall,okay this apartment had its own floor,and the state came out,so it also cannot speak that this was a,surreptitious recording secreted upon,his person,therefore its a clear violation of 934.,its,um even its an illegal wiretap this is,a two-party scale and the only thing,this the defense has to show is that,theres an expectation of privacy and,that Society is willing to accept that,and that is in Canario and,I think,its in Saran and sirano uh Sabers in,Toronto which is 473 Southern second,1272 and that is a Supreme Court case,from 85. that case talks about is there,a reasonable expectation privacy for the,oral communication which clearly its,oral communication and whether or not,Society is willing to accept it what,more would Society willing to accept,than somebody whether theyre raising,their voice yelling screaming then their,own apartment,that is clearly weve met the burden and,the standards that its elicited or is,laid out in uh State versus England,um further judge the recording,according to defense,defense um,a recording,by a security guard,from the one phrasal building,pursue it to her job duties,she is investigating a disturbance,anything she records during her duties,is something that is it would be number,ones not going to be hearsay because it,would be a business,right kept in the regular voice of,business,um and so I dont even,again here she could be admissible in,this type of hearing so I was wondering,but what is different is that was a was,it called,to security for a disturbance,normally there would not be anybody,outside,there wouldnt be so the reasonable,expectation of private that Miss plenty,had is is obvious and I think its a,reasonable its an expectation privacy,that Society is clearly willing to,accept in ones own apartment under the,circumstances of this particular,ly,go ahead and,only I think that you can make arguments,both ways as to,the defenses,obligations as well as the state so Im,going to go ahead and hear arguments,on a second,um the reporting that is taken by the,security officer at the apartment,building,are you both agreeing that that is,reporting of the same movement of those,being played under no that was February,26-ish okay it took a little bit,thinking because it was received,thing so I didnt know what it was in,reference to once I located it I located,the,joining report which theyre going to,have for Council and if the court,and so it is not as an incident but,again the the premise of that argument,and frankly the fact that its audible,from the outside at this point we can,agree that it is not in order we can we,could hear Miss Clintons streaming,so that that Extinction doesnt matter,judge because if it can be heard outside,it doesnt matter if this Clinton is,expecting someone to be up never partner,or not,that were they inside the apartment when,that yeah so it could be hard outside,yes so the the defensive G is an audio,recording from the outside of the,apartment it actually illustrates the,states Point as to why this Clinic,would not have a reasonable expectation,of privacy and audio sound waves that,are beyond the reaches of her apart,um the detective will can testify if,necessary but there were complaints from,from individuals two floors above and,two floors below so it is respective of,a private floor quote unquote there were,three months worth of Miss Clinic,screaming and again just as a reasonable,matter a individual does not have an,expectation of privacy in their sound,waves being too far and too loud for,other people to hear and again its,audible that she is screaming,The Village Church just as a final,manner the way this building is laid out,and if necessary for sure the detective,can can testify its all called,the onl

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Watch Live: OnlyFans Model Murder Case – FL v. Courtney Clenney – Hearing Day 2

so,much development,services,honest,location,[Music],foreign,foreign,thank you,experience,but yes thats the funniest when I saw,me,is,lips you know,black sandwiches,submission,go here,I was like,another parent,s,yes Im sure,videos,is,hows everything,thank you,that and then I give the judge,yes,oh you know,yeah thats true maybe Ill be in there,um,these were additional ideas so we,emailed the judge earlier today that,theyre just admitted without obviously,and theres one more coming in on a USB,when your Council comes in,and we found a supplemental exhibit,s,correctness,but I dont have an extra copy because,theyre so thick so as soon as I finish,my direct I didnt write on it Ill just,give it over okay okay,thank you,but I usually run uh,the one two three four and five six,seven eight nine ten eleven twelve,checking the audio channel two,right here and Ill probably speak a,little louder,I just want to make sure its pointing,directly yeah directly to them,at least right here,how does it count check one two three,four five okay,beautiful,thank you,very much may it bother you for a second,you may I ask one composite and two,separate so its just composite for,three things in it,and this is two separate reports,two and three,thank you sir,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,yes,thank you,foreign,yes judge Sean happier Hoffman Hogue on,behalf of the state,Sabrina puglisi and Frank creedo on,behalf of Courtney clenny who was,present before the court good afternoon,so to answer your question Dutch uh in,regards to the medical examiner hell be,here at two oclock I believe were,going to allow for defense to go out of,turn and call a witness beforehand and,there are a couple of items from a,discovery standpoint I dont believe,anybodys objecting to that we will,probably move into evidence and publish,to your honors,station and just here are the bank,records which will be addressed with Mr,clenny this is the copy for the court,and Ive had an opportunity to review,them I have my objection to them,yeah,no judge for purpose of Arthur it,certainly can come in,here,foreign,could you please tell us your name Kim,plenty and and how do you know Courtney,Im a father,um now,how many youve been called today for,phase two specifically with respect to,financials so thats what were going to,be discussing today okay did you I see,you have a folder there with you can you,tell us what you have brought with you,today and theyre just notes as far as,numbers regarding the different accounts,and wire transfers and expenses okay so,I would just ask this as we talk about,this today you if you need to refresh,your recollection at any time please,feel free to do so if you could just say,that you need to do that so that we can,be made aware of it and you cant read,from the records okay so just then close,it up and answer the question okay all,right thank you so lets start,um,lets go to wire transfers at some point,in time,um were wire transfers made to an,account that you have yes,and generally,around what time was that,um mid-april and in early May okay,now can you explain to us why those,transfers were made,well after April 3rd Courtney was a mess,I didnt really trust her to handle her,finances,one important thing was that her debit,card one of her accounts was not found,and we didnt know who had it or I had,access to her accounts so we felt like,The Prudent thing to do would be to,transfer the money into one of our kind,of dormant accounts and then safeguard,that way and then as she needed it we,could use it on her benefit now you use,the word she was a mess can you just,can only describe what you mean by that,well shes been traumatized for quite,some time but especially after April 3rd,and then she was drinking heavily okay,and so with the drinking heavily and the,traumatization you felt that she could,not adequately take care of her finances,yes yes okay so to your knowledge,how many bank accounts did Courtney have,at Bank of America she had three one had,a zero balance when I accessed them and,there were two others that she had funds,in,and lets talk about those transfers,that were made to you,um the first transfer do you recall when,that was,yes you may,does it seem,s Im so tall,like I can lay down,so the first wires,from one account,ending in,the first wires were on April 12th of,this year,there was one wire for 121 thousand one,wire for one million thirteen thousand,dollars,and then subsequently in May there was a,fifty thousand dollar wire as,okay,and these transfers came from to be,clear the two Bank of America accounts,that you know to be,um associated with Courtney ending in,293 and one seven one two yes,okay,before we get into,um the amount in the Wells Fargo lets,just go back to the Bank of America once,those transfers were made,how much money was left in those Bank of,America accounts refer to nuts again yes,in the account,ending in 2923,the balance after the wires,was,4839.24 cents the accountant in,1712 there was 466 and 88 cents and can,you tell us the total of those two,numbers,um the total of those two numbers,a little over fifty two fifty three,hundred dollars okay,um,let me take a look because,because my math is a little bit,different,judgment I approached Mr Flynn yes,Im showing you the document,defense exhibit V I believe judge is it,V that was introduced for the records,thank you Im showing you this document,and,right,do you see that document sorry I missed,your stupid question I was giving you,the balance the days after the wire ah,the balance youre asking about is,whats in those accounts now yes,it made youre saying there was,approximately about 4 000 in there,there was approximately 4 800 in the,2923 account and 466 dollars and change,in the account in the 1712. okay that,was after the wires the balance that you,asked about is todays balance and that,total for those two accounts is eleven,thousand two seventy eight fifty five,cents okay perfect so lets now go back,to the accounts that you have those are,Wells Fargo accounts yes and whose name,is that account in um the personal one,of the accounts is personal account is,in my name in my last name,wire came in what was the balance in,that account,twelve dollars and change if Im correct,it was a dormant account we really,didnt use anything there were a couple,of drafts and its a lot of transfer,money in as I needed to cover the drafts,and we really didnt use that account so,thats why I segregated for Courtney so,the three three balances that were,transferred in that you mentioned it,totals one million 184 thousand dollars,is that accurate thats accurate um,yesterday the detective testified to uh,believing over two million dollars was,transferred or belonged to miss clenny,um do you have any information that that,was over two million dollars no he was,incorrect,and how do you know that it was one,million one hundred eighty four thousand,dollars only I did all the transfers and,I was the only one asking this access to,any account and I have the bank records,by the way,talk about the expenditures that were,made from that one million one hundred,eighty four thousand dollars,I know theres many but lets just start,with lets say the first thing,expenditure that was done,so one reason why I want to take,control the account because I needed CPA,to finish our income taxes,and so that was the first big extent,and I got a cashiers check I was a,purchaser but she was the remitter,and it was for three thousand three,hundred thirty five eight hundred,eighteen dollars,and judge I would refer you to defense,exhibit o which is a cashiers checking,18 to the IRS,on this channel,of the cashiers check I was the,purchaser and who is the remitter,Courtney clay and why did you make,Courtney like the remitter it was her,files,um lets talk about the next big expense,okay the next big expense,um she wanted to move home put down,rates again be close to us again,so she decided to buy a house okay,and this house is located close to you,um,an

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[Music],yeah im getting tired of the balloon,look,[Music],im angry,guys why do i gotta keep doing this its,20 21. whos still falling for this i,wanted to try something a little bit,different today,whenever you guys see a red light behind,me that means im angry and if you see a,green that means im happy,but dont expect any green in this video,i cant believe i have to explain this,to a group of people my age im 21 and,the demographic who watches my channel,is between the ages of 18 and 34. so you,guys should be the smartest ones who,watch my channel you guys shouldnt be,falling for this but evidently these,scams are still making money ive gone,on long enough what scam am i talking,about,you guys like money,no you dont over the years ive noticed,these types of ads that would pop up and,i just recently did an ad on a scam,called the desire system you should go,watch that video if you havent already,after this one though im sure youre,all aware of these three things right,cash app only fan and twitter what do,those three things have in common,all three of them are sought after you,want free money to your cash app i got,you you want a free only fan,subscription i got you you want a,twitter verification i got you and all,you gotta do is complete some surveys so,according to this scam all you have to,do is watch a video complete some,surveys and when youre done verifying,that youre human youll get the reward,via cash app,only fan subscription twitter,verification you name it theres,probably a scam out there for it the one,that i just stumbled upon was about,roblox its guaranteed that these ads,are preying on young children who want,free robux and the reason that they,target young children is because theyre,easily manipulated so what i thought id,do today is just debunk these myths if,youve never seen it before or youve,maybe considered it dont im gonna walk,you through exactly what happens so i,already have a few of these videos saved,one of them i actually got today and,thats kind of partially the reason im,making this video because it absolutely,blows my mind that these are still even,around ive seen them two years ago but,i didnt know they were still persistent,breaking news as im recording this,video they actually deleted,the video right here this is the one i,had saved for this video they deleted it,so because that ad got taken down i went,ahead and found another video with a,very similar premise to it except this,time its for only fans so my mom,watches these videos and this next part,is nsfw meaning not safe for work im,not going to be showing any pornography,mom but only fans is essentially a,website where you can sell,adult content meaning you have to pay,money for it so of course naturally,scammers are going to prey on people who,want to get that for free so why dont,we as a community go through these,videos and see how we can get and only,fans for free hello youtube today i,would like to show you how i found out a,secret way to sneak into only fans and,take a look at the photos for free,without paying for a subscription as,nice as that sounds the big problem with,it is that people who work on only fans,are sex workers now i know its a,controversial subject but sex workers,are workers as much as anybody else so,logic follows that some of these people,depend on that income,so you can see down here my favorite,models account all right guys i lied,there is going to be a little bit of,green because i agree with him hes got,some good taste so firstly you want to,go to a very similar website which is,onlyfreefans.com,once youre here youll see the very,exact same interface with only fans then,you just type in the username of the,profile you want to expose and the,username is that little thing below the,name of the profile were on the only,free fans website right now,so the next thing you have to do is type,in the username of the content creator,that you want to get the free only fans,from so im just going to use the same,name that the guy is using in his video,and the account has now been pulled up,but because im on youtube im going to,be blurring as much as i possibly can,lets move on to the next step so click,on this button and youll be permitted,to complete a small task this is kind of,the way you have to unlock the profile,so you can see the content and you do it,very simply by installing an app from,this list so pick any app from the list,and follow the instructions below to,unlock the profile i have a feeling that,no matter how many of these i complete,im never gonna get a free only fan,subscription its redirected me to a,website called,bigappboy.com so we know were dealing,with the most trusted brands easiest one,to complete is state of survival all i,have to do is download and install the,app and then run it for 30 seconds so,im gonna do that really quick and then,well come back and see if we got our,free only vans,well i downloaded the app and i played,it for 30 seconds and it was just as,boring and predictable as every other,mobile game well would you look at that,it never verified that i was human it,still says its checking for completion,even though i completed the app i,downloaded it i played it for 30 seconds,in fact i played it for a whole minute,so in reality what these websites are,preying on is that youll get hooked,onto the apps that you have to download,and youll continue to play those and,just forget about the whole free only,fan subscription generation were,smarter than that we should know we are,the most technically advanced people,there are we know how to use an iphone,our parents not really its incredibly,frustrating that these things are still,out there but as long as we educate,people these things will eventually go,away the only reason these are still,around is because theres enough people,to fall for it and theres enough people,paying money to these apps that theyre,downloading so theyre constantly,feeding into it also if you made it this,far into the video you should hit that,subscribe button right below my finger,and secondly i need a thumbnail for this,video so im gonna make a face and the,person i pay to make my thumbnails is,going to use this picture right here,or,or something like this,[Music],yeah one of those will work thank you,guys so much for watching this video if,you want to make your way back to my,channel please remember to hit that,subscribe button make sure to hit the,like button because it really helps me,out it gets my video promoted to other,channels on suggested videos all of that,helps a lot if you guys want more,content like this please let me know in,the comments and ill see you guys next,week with another video,[Music]

OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Cries After Judge Denies Bond

yeah sure Kathleen Hill on behalf of the,State of Florida and Mr Sean had to be,in another court with a lot of different,sentencing matter but he is also a,member of our team and good morning,yes good morning judge uh frankly at the,behalf of Courtney Academy what up,Courtney planning at 22-14137,its present before yeah,apply the property,of other companies,[Applause],and judge said throughout order the,states motion for free tribal abuses,attention,thank you,today,judge I I I apologize for running late,this morning I was just like for the,court I was stuck in federal court uh I,did have a brief moment to review your,own story I just wanted to point out,um I think on page four yarn is ruling,you indicated that the defendant had,ample means to leave uh the jurisdiction,however I think that was negated by by,bankrupt record from the testimony of Mr,uh Mr clenny uh you know the poor,dedicated she had millions of dollars at,her disposal and the ability to make,money outside the jurisdiction but the,testimony was that her contract had been,canceled shes not working and those all,those monies were used for attorneys,fees the home purchase and she basically,is bereft of any kind of funds that will,allow her to uh,survive outside of the jurisdiction the,the issue all those cases the honor site,sheet that you cannot comport with with,orders of release,um for the Las Vegas misdemeanor all,these cases were dismissed and we know,in this at least in this jurisdiction,its commonplace that a Defender picks,up a new charge they have no bond and if,that charge is no action or dismissed,generally theres a return to the,previous Bond conditions,um so you know were just just wanted to,point out some of the issues that were,having,um well,consult together as co-counsel and,decide where we go from here but,um obviously we put a record from object,to your honors a ruling and um,the only thing I also want to point out,was,um your honor stated that you didnt,feel comfortable having her released on,house arrest to her parents in Texas,um there is a potential alternative that,we did look into there is an inpatient,treatment program in Boca its called,parent mental health we spoken with the,administrator there it is a 10 bed,60-day inpatient program they often work,with courts on release conditions she,could be released on home confinement,there with electronic monitoring,ensuring that she stays in this,jurisdiction,um nearby shes monitored by the,Miami-Dade Community Corrections,Department on home confinement and would,I think hopefully alleviate some of the,Courts concerns so I dont have the,program here today to be able to speak,to you but I could arrange another date,where we bring in the administrator to,answer any questions or concerns that,Cortez but like I said we did speak to,them and they did say they werent,willing to accept her into the program,judge I dont believe it requires,response there are no conditions that,will ensure her presence and,we disagree with any release to any,impatient people,um,I believe we have something today,I think that would be best you are,um at least to give us a starting point,the state is not ready,judgment,um you guys let me know what youd like,to do with it but right now,cool six two six,I think so,the next lawyer for Mexican,um,oh its consideration and a time that,youve given both sides of this case,thank you thank you,is,tomorrow,good morning yes um,okay,okay thank you,okay I think,foreign,foreign,[Music]

Top 3 Key Moments From OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Murder Case Hearing

we believe that this,state attorneys office,beginning,the day after ms clintons arrest,mobilized the media and use utilize them,as a tool,its clear that the family of the,decedent in this case also kids courtney,cleney the only fans model accused of,murdering her boyfriend christian,obamacelli asked to keep the public from,seeing the evidence prosecutors have,gathered against her calling some of it,salacious and sexually explicit so what,happened with this request in court and,how could it impact the case,[Music],im angenette levy and welcome to law,and crimes sidebar podcast courtney,cleny is the only fans model whos back,in florida after being arrested in,hawaii she is there to face a,second-degree murder charge for the,death of her boyfriend christian album,sully and i know that youve all seen,that video in the elevator of her,hitting him and him appearing to just,kind of back up and not really take part,in this fight,we read court documents that showed that,this was a very tumultuous relationship,uh so cleny is an only fans model so,shes apparently got a lot of stuff on,her phone thats sexually explicit its,material of her doing things i guess as,part of her job and her lawyer,frank pietro asked that this be,kept secret he doesnt want it out there,and he asked the court for an order,limiting what would be released to the,public,they did a cell phone download of miss,plentys phone,which is going to contain,hundreds of this this degeneration,hundreds probably thousands of text,messages,its also going to contain content that,she would use on her only fan site,which has nothing,nothing to do,with the events of august 3rd,2022 im sorry april,3rd 2022 when miss plenty had to defend,herself,its going to contain this drop of,discovery im submitting a terabyte,drive to the state is going to contain,personal text messages with her family,friends,third parties,that have nothing to do with this case,and thats going to be subject to,chapter 119,and the media through ed griffith and,the state attorneys office theyre,going to send links to the media here,heres your public records request link,to this video this video and its going,to contain,information that is highly inflammatory,i know it feels like there are a million,streaming services out there but if you,are looking for true crime content,magellan tv is the place for you,magellan tv is a documentary streaming,service founded by filmmakers and it has,more true crime content than any other,platform it even has things that ive,never heard of magellan adds between 15,and 20 hours of new content each week so,youll never run out of new things to,watch you can actually watch how to,catch a serial killer its where a,british detective goes after a suspect,in a decade-old case involving a,suspected serial killer it takes you,minute by minute through the search for,christopher hallowell it starts from,minutes after the crime to the present,and it is absolutely riveting another,thing about magellan tv it doesnt have,ads and it also has other shows about,history science space travel and much,more you can watch magellan anytime,anywhere on your tv your laptop or phone,and its compatible with amazon fire tv,apple tv google play and ios an annual,membership costs 59.98 thats 4.99 per,month for 3 500 hours of documentaries,law and crime sidebar listeners and,viewers get a one month free trial just,log on to magellantv.com,law and crime so you can watch how to,catch a serial killer again thats,magellan tv.com,law and crime the miami herald was in,court to argue against this request you,know they think that there should be no,limit on the public disclosure because,this evidence is usually available to,the public in florida but frank prieto,talked about an email that his office,actually received discussing courtney,cleney and her culpability so lets,listen to what he had to say about that,judge i received just to talk about the,impact of releasing these these drips of,discovery i received somebody on august,14th,was so impacted by the release of this,video that they felt the need to go to,my website,and click on the the ability to send me,an email and it says sorry bud but,courtney is going away for murder after,seeing the earlier video of that,elevator theres no way her self-defense,story holds up,shes a psycho that needs to be locked,up,ive got this is not the only one but,this is the intention that this garner,somebody felt the need to go and,communicate with me directly,because of this video,and courtney clooney lost this battle,this is what the judge had to say about,her request,and joining me to discuss this is bryant,camarillo hes a defense attorney in the,tampa area and hes been following the,case so brian welcome back to sidebar,thanks for coming on thank you,thank you brian have you ever made a,request like this in all of your years,as a defense attorney to limit,what the public can see from the,discovery in the case,absolutely there are many occasions and,and this would be an example of one time,where i would try to emphasize to keep,this out because i dont think its,relevant to the case number one number,two it potentially exposes the the,public potential jurors to a part of her,life that may not be relevant and could,taint the jurors way before theyre even,selected so again some jurors are more,prudish more conservative than others,and they might just want to convict her,just based on her occupation or her,career alone and so i can see why mr,prieto is moving to exclude this,but he lost um you know he had argued,basically that this isnt you know the,old days of the newspaper just coming,out once or twice a day we have social,media now we have social media used to,drive,readers drive traffic to websites so,hes saying we live in a different world,now but obviously the judge is saying no,dice are you surprised by that,no im not because well im not,surprised by his argument and im not,surprised that the judge ruled the way,he did because the first amendment,unfortunately trumps everything else and,so here the miami herald had standing,the public has the right to know,everything uh you know but it is a,balancing test the judge would have to,balance her right to a fair trial so i,think whats gonna happen is hes gonna,obviously he denied the request to keep,that out but during the trial my guess,is that hes gonna deny being introduced,as evidence so i think the public has,the right to know the whole story uh,everything about her life its out there,anyway its public domain uh so i dont,think the judge had any uh standing or,any legal reason to preclude the miami,herald or any news source from,publishing this material,obviously even if its not admitted as,evidence in the case its still part of,the public record because of the,discovery laws in the state of florida,but,i guess his concern is this could taint,a potential jury pool they may look at,her,a certain way um you know there may be,people who get a picture in their minds,of who she is and maybe it wont be a,sympathetic one im assuming thats the,concern here i agree and again thats,why it makes perfect sense that mr,prieto will do this because again some,judges may not appreciate what she does,for living and you know and again im,not here to judge anyone but some jurors,might they might prejudge her uh and,imagine theyre selected and then they,carry that with them inside the jury,selection the jury box even though they,they swear that theyll only consider,the evidence were all human so i can,see again why mr prieto wants the public,not to see that part of her life,so what do you expect moving forward we,know what we know about the case im,sure theres tons of discovery that we,dont have or dont have access to,moving forward i guess all the the,defense attorney can do at this point is,keep his head down,and tell his client to do the same so,that they dont feed the fire of,whatever news coverage is out there,right well i guess expect mr prieto,filing several motions

FREE vs. PAID OnlyFans Account | Progress Update, Tips and Tricks, Platforms being Unfair

[Music],hey whats going on you guys im ariana,welcome back to my channel and today,were going to be doing a video on,a free only fans account and a paid only,fans account meaning,you can pay to subscribe or you can,subscribe for free pretty much,um so thats what were gonna be talking,about today so lets just get right on,into this video,so if you guys didnt already know i do,have an only fans account,i started it i think back in september,or,october i think september of,2020 so at this point i dont really,know how long ive been doing it lets,actually check,like i should have probably checked like,i should like check things before i,start videos and get my facts straight,so let me just see,so it i started in september,so september to october october november,november to december,january january february so i think on,february,9th it will be i already forget like the,math i just did,in my head one two three four five six,it will technically i think,be five months um february 9th,im pretty sure so i havent been doing,it for too many months it feels like,its been a lot longer,like let me tell you like once you start,it drags it feels like you do for a long,time but its been five months,um so yeah if you didnt know i do have,one ill leave it in the comments down,below the tag,um i do have a stage name just so it,doesnt hopefully come up on,like when you look me up but then making,these videos dont really help because,it kind of links the two,um so yeah pretty much that i do have,one,um i dont post nudity on there,um i just post like what im comfortable,with it just pretty much says in the,subscription,like bio um i post what im comfortable,with,and some people post more some people,post less but thats what works for me,but i think lets see how i should have,checked this too,i did start a free one um i was talking,to someone who also has a youtube page,um,she originally reached out to like,commented on one of my videos and then i,went to her page and i think i reached,out to her on instagram,um she has a free one that is mainly,used to drive,traffic to her paid one so i was like,thats kind of a good idea,because if you didnt know you cant,have two,free accounts and you cant have two,paid accounts on only friends but you,could have,one free and one paid um and you can,just link the two together,which i didnt know at first either um,im still confused with a lot of the,stuff on there like,in-depth questions im not your girl you,can ask me i might have some things but,im still very confused on the site um,when it comes to certain things like,when it comes to taxes forget about it,im lost girl,dont know how thats going to play out,um,but my free account i,started only in november,so i started my paid one in september i,started my free one in november,um and let me tell you theres a big,difference on both,um so basically with the free account,you can make a subscription price of,whatever the,hell you want um mine was ten dollars,so yeah so basically you can make um a,subscription price or whatever the hell,you want,mine was ten dollars for the longest,time up until this morning,of february 6th i um change it to 8.99,um i had a 10 so i think 10 was a great,price i,kind of dont know if i should have,changed it or not but i have had people,complain like oh like,well im paying like 10 and like thats,like a netflix subscription,and you dont post like this this or,that but its like but i do post,these other this this or that so like,its really up to you i did drop it,right now for,ill like explain later um during these,months it is a little harder to get fans,so,thats something ill explain later on,so i just thought like,8.99 i think having it not be like,eight or not be like nine i feel like if,its 8.99,people see it maybe as more intriguing,with the like the scent part i dont,really know,it kind of just seems that way to me i,dont know um,and then also so once they subscribe to,that they can see anything on your page,your whole page is locked besides your,bio and then when they click subscribe,they see everything that youve posted,to your feed for,free not free but like technically once,they paid it they can see everything,thats on,you post to your feed um and then you,can send out pay-per-view,which means you can send things out to,like the dm and you can put a price on,that so you can have like some things,you post on your feed,and some things you might think are,maybe a little like,extra or more just special or whatever,that you can send out there or like if,people,if you have like a tip menu people can,send a tip through there and then you,send something back,um so thats basically sorry if i sound,easily my nose is a little stuffy today,because,my house is very cold um but thats,basically that,um thats a paid subscription so free,means they see anything on your page,because its free,they click i think that they just see,like your bio,and they like thats all they can see,and then if they click like,free to subscribe or however its like,worded,they click it and then they can see,anything in your feed anything that you,post on your feed,so with the free page you can just post,pictures on there,without a price tag and they just see it,but with the free subscription page,you can choose to like say you want to,post something on your main,feed you can choose to lock that for a,price,so then all the person sees is your bio,and it will have like a lock screen on,the photo or video and itll say like,how many pictures or how many videos are,in it,and it says the price so you can also,like set it up,that way so its free for them to,subscribe,and then they can see on their your feed,like your buy like the caption you put,for the photo and the price and if that,sounds intriguing for them they can buy,that individually,or you can just post the picture for,free personally i wouldnt post pictures,for free,because its like then theyre just,going to subscribe to you for free and,see your photos,for free and then what are you getting,out of it not really anything like they,may buy some things but its like,theyre not gonna because theyre,already seeing other things for free so,i do have a few like random ones on,there for free just so they can be like,oh well this is what you look like so,maybe i want to buy your other things,also for the free accounts you can make,it so if you if someone message,messages you they have to tip you first,so in the free on the paid account you,cant do that,but on the free account you can have,them tip you to message you,which i did have on at first on mine but,like my free account,ill explain that too but my free,account people dont message me probably,because they have to tip you and when,youre a free account,people arent really looking to spend,money honestly theyre just trying to,see what they can see for free and,thats,it um so i recently just took that,option off and then i did get two,messages because people were probably,like we didnt want to,to pay to you to message you um so i did,take that off,but you also send pay-per-view through,your free account um,so i just recently started ill post it,like whatever im gonna post on my,free feed ill put a locked price and,then ill send out the same message,in pay-per-view and add this is the same,thing thats posted on my feed so they,can have the option to buy it from there,for my like main feed or for my messages,i think theres water im like on a rant,so those are like the main differences,between a free and a paid account,um whenever i do post on my free one i,link my main one and say you can,like for my free one too ill up the,price a little bit,and what the photo or video is actually,worth,um oh did you hear my back crack um and,ill,say like follow my paid account,so you can get these things either for,not for free but on the main feed,without having to pay extra fee like fee,or just,get it for cheaper on my paid account so,its just trying to push people over,there,so lets just move on to like how

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