1. Autodesk Revit 2017 – Installation
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  3. Using REVIT on Macbook
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  6. Dimension Checker for Revit 2015 & 2016 Tutorial
  7. Revit 2015 Tutorial 1: Introduction to Revit

Autodesk Revit 2017 – Installation

hello my name is Ryder boost and in this,video I will install Autodesk Revit,2017 first-time first of all you need to,browse autodesk.com website and simply,search rabbit as a product of the,finding landing page you can send click,download free trial or you can also,click free trial on top menu its simply,up to you which one you click once you,click on it you can include your email,address and then start to install,Autodesk Revit 2017 or is a web,installer meaning that you actually,installing Revit 2017 while downloading,it of course you have an option to use,Autodesk account it means that you have,license already then you can start quite,the same procedure from your Autodesk,account simply find Revit click on,downloads pick version platform and,language and Sun you can click on,Install Now button I use this,methodology right now but of course you,have several other options including,different design Suites installing,Autodesk Revit as one of sub products,from that so I click on Install Now,button once I do it I have to agree with,license I accept and some clicking on,install once I do that I can save my,setup file to my local hard drive pick,any location you want click on save and,once this download is finished,you can click on it and start actual,installation click on yes please do,understand that if you use web installer,you need quite good internet connection,during installation so that everything,will go smoothly and as you see the,first package that will be downloaded is,approximately 500 megabytes so we have,to wait just a little bit once your,download has finished you can start with,actual installation please note that,using web installer you dont have an,option to create a deployment you can,start directly with installation or you,can have a look to install tools and,utilities section so lets do that first,click on install tools and utilities and,from here you can see that you have an,option to install network license,manager,if you plan to use network license of,course then this is needed on a license,server then you have an option to,install Autodesk ad manager tools Revit,server and also if you are a developer,than Revit software development kit I,skip all those and go back and clicking,on actual install button installation,requirements will then be determined and,after this process is finished I can,start to tune my installation of course,my main interest is Autodesk Revit 2017,so I click on that and I can then select,different sub components,what I want to install I include most of,them perhaps as I metric user ID select,Imperial I also want to have desktop,shortcut so I leave this because Revit,in nature includes each and every,discipline I also want to ensure that,all is selected here but if Im working,only at architecture or at construction,or MEP side then I can select my,discipline later on I can tune my user,interface as I want to I can use also UK,terminology for example I use pretties,English and I can select my default,project path I then click on Revit 2017,again to close this one and then I click,on Revit content libraries as you,actually see my disk space requirement,is quite high but its mainly because by,default quite many content backs are,silently selected of course I dont want,all those and I want to pick only those,that I really need its possible to,install some specific content pack later,on so I dont need to consider,everything right now I select US metric,I deselect those countries from here of,course if you want to you can select,its up to you and just ensuring such,such my main content pack right now if,you have your own contacts you can add,those I can send select my default,content for example if I have selected,different contacts then I can select my,default but in my case I do have a,one I can configure my content path I,leave those as shown here and then I can,simply click on content libraries again,I should see that my disk space,requirement is much smaller now please,also note this small yellow mark it,clearly indicates no content is actually,downloaded yet so it means that during,installation you need to have a good,internet connection to download all,needed files I also include shared,components or disc material 2017 so that,is selected I can CERN select my,installation costs I leave it as it is a,default one and of course we should,always double check for example system,requirements what is needed from a,hardware side to install and use rarely,2017 also some additional help from,installation side and some general,reidmar those are web links and you can,click on those to ensure successful,installation all my selections are,configured so I can move on and just,clicking on install button,I may get notifications that I have some,earlier version so its ok just ensure,that your installation can continue,uninstall existing products clicking on,yes and continue with my Revit 2017,installation please also note that I do,need some additional downloading again,depending my internet connection speed,my installation in that way may take a,bit longer than it used to,right now we should simply wait a little,bit all together we have 16 components,including programs like Revit 2017,itself if this number counts to zero I,should see successful message that my,installation went well so lets wait a,little bit and we come back later all,right,as my installation has finished I can,see a green checkmark if my installation,was successful currently it was so all,good and I can close installation tile,or clicking on finish button after that,I should see my Revit,20:17 icon and I can file private 2017,first time so lets do that,once I fire up it first time I need to,decide if I want to use a trial license,to use a product for 30 days or I can,directly and a serial number or use a,network license thats one of the good,things that now you dont have to,reinstall your product if you want to,switch in between different license,types you can do it once you need it,firing ups the same dialog from your,software,Im currently starting a trial license,so I click on start the trial and my,rabbit 2017 will be loaded first time,all right,Here I am and I can see that my trial,license will end in 30 days but if I,want to I can go to activation screen,and license my product in my next video,we have a quick look about some shiny,new features in Revit 2017

Family library Missing in Revit? – Solution Tutorial

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Using REVIT on Macbook

all right in this video tutorial were,going to go over installing microsoft,remote desktop to enable access to our,be cad server,where the revit program is located,first thing you want to do is click on,the apple icon and go to the app store,so we need to download the application,called microsoft remote desktop,it may ask you to log in with your,credentials at this time im already,logged in in the search bar just type,microsoft remote,hit enter,and it should bring up the microsoft,remote desktop app you click on install,typically this is where it will ask you,for your,itunes credentials just go ahead and,type them in,and well go ahead and install the,program inside of your applications,folder automatically,once thats done,well see that it now,says we can open so well go ahead down,to our launchpad something you can do to,make this more convenient is you can,drag and drop this icon right onto your,dock so that later on you can access it,right from your dock you can always,access it from the launchpad or through,your applications folder as normal,all right so click on microsoft remote,desktop,and youll notice we have a clean slate,there are no remote sessions available,no remote desktops to connect to on a,fresh install,were going to add a new pc,because were actually connecting to a,microsoft windows pc,the connection name we can call it vecad,or revit,typically i like to name,the connection the same as the pc name,pc name is specifically be,theres no gateway,under the username youre going to want,to type b e h s thats going to be for,everyone and then the slash,and then your unique username assigned,by your teacher it will begin cad and it,will have a number for this,tutorial ill use cad 0 1,so beh s,slash cad01 the password is going to be,all capitals c a d,and the number thats assigned to you so,user number one will be cad 01. once,youve entered that information,correctly just make sure you havent,typed it in wrong be cad is the name of,the computer,this is the username and youve got the,password so you can go ahead and click,that x to close it and once you double,click its going to negotiate with the,remote connection,ask you to say yes you want to connect,say continue,and its going to actually log you in so,now your desktop is going to look like,this its going to appear,the same as if this was a windows,machine youll notice theres a link to,the autocad,shortcut on the desktop,to access revit you can click on the,start menu,you can click on the bottom arrow and,you can scroll over,to revit 2016.,so first time in its going to say yes,you want to collect data say ok,its going to give you this graphics,acceleration warning you just say okay,and now youre in,autodesk revit on your mac,and now you can close the program,now this is an important step here to,log out of the remote session you might,be like how do i get back to my mac,because you basically got a windows,desktop i click on the window you click,on your user account and say sign out,and it will log you off the windows,machine,and eventually bring you back to your,desktop,there you go so again uh create the be,cat account,once thats done you can double click on,it it will bring you into the windows,server environment where you can then,load the revit program

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How to Download and Install Revit 2020 for Free

whats going on guys Balkan architecture,and in todays tutorial Im going to be,showing you how to download and install,a free student version of Revit 2020 so,the latest version of Revit on your,computer and its going to be a simple,process its absolutely free and you can,just follow along and get Revit on your,computer today and the latest version so,you can stay up to date but before we,get started I will just like to ask you,to like this tutorial it helps me out a,lot and if you havent already is just,to subscribe because I make useful Revit,tutorials each week also if youre,learning Revit and if you would like to,check out a cool course that covers the,whole building from start to finish I,suggest you check out the first link in,the description to that ok with that out,of the way lets get into downloading,and installing Revit 2020 on your,computer so here I am at Google and what,youre going to do is just type in Revit,free student download so just type in,something like that and youre going to,get to the Autodesk education page for,students and educators so for students,like you or educators like me this is,where you can find your version now here,Im already logged in so Im just going,to choose a version of Revit so Im,going to go with Revit 2020 and for my,operating system Im using windows,64-bit so lets choose that and for a,language lets go with English ok so Im,all signed in right now so what you can,do now is just go ahead and install here,youre going to get some basic,information but thats not so important,and just go here to install now and its,as easy as that you just go to I accept,of course youre going to read all of,this as I have read right now and just,install ok there we go and it has,started the download once it has,downloaded you just open that thing up,and you go to run ok so lets go with,yes lets allow Revit to make changes on,our computer,okay so its going to start installing,something and downloading elements okay,so here this is the important part you,want to make sure what is getting,installed on your computer so just make,sure that all of these are checked and,also open up these content libraries,just to make sure that only the US,Imperial as well as the u.s. metric is,being installed or you might want to,change that to your country if thats,what you choose I like to have both the,Imperial and the metric library and just,make sure that you only load those just,because its its a lot simpler when you,have just a few families so you dont,have to sue dont you have all of these,it will take up extra space in your,computer and also make if theyre not,checked youre not going to get any of,the content libraries and then working,in Revit is going to be actually quite,hard ok Im just going to minimize this,and then just check here install now,this process might take a while because,Revit is first downloading something,than installing then downloading then,installing so depending of both the,speed of your computer as well as the,speed of your internet connection,its going to take a different amount of,time for the overall process to finish,and there we go its finally installed,so Im just going to hit finish and now,we have to restart the computer so then,I will just continue off when this is,restarted and there we go its done so,here it is on my desktop so if I just,double click and wait for a second here,we go Revit 2020 installed ok I was a,bit too enthusiastic its going to take,a while for it to start ok so here weve,got the private statement lets just,agree whatever that says when it looks,completely different okay Im really,excited to start working in this new,Revit 2020 and how about you guys so,tell me in the comment section below,have you installed this program or are,you about to and yeah if you want to,learn Revit again as a set course is the,first link in the description of this,video,okay so there are going to be a lot more,new tutorials in Revit Autodesk Revit,2020 okay so thats pretty much it for,this quick tutorial thank you for,watching please subscribe like and share,this video,and if you have any questions comments,or suggestions for any future tutorials,make sure to leave them in the comment,section below thank you for watching and,have a nice day


[Música],sí no,buenos días o buenas tardes y teniéndolo,realmente estén viendo este vídeo muy,bien pues vamos a continuar ahora con la,instalación y la descarga de lo que,sería autores rabbit 2017 muy bien como,todos saben pues autores ya se está,actualizando con sus programas ya está,sacando las versiones 2017 de la mayoría,lo que vamos a hacer a continuación si,queremos instalar este programa vamos a,pues les voy a dejar mi blog,la descripción del vídeo vamos a,venirnos a mi blog vamos a darle seguir,leyendo,muy bien aquí está lo que sería el,programa,de 2007 dice algunas características por,eso lo que vamos a hacer es no vamos a,mirar aquí al final donde dice descargar,desde la página oficial de autodesk,vamos a acabar primero este link,qué,pues va a abrir lo que sería la,publicidad de corte,es publicidad de 5 segundos,lo que va a hacer es no va a redirigir a,lo que sería la página de autores,bien aquí no aparecen ya todos los,programas,en sus versos de 2017 lo que tengo que,hacer yo primero,iniciar sesión si no tienen una cuenta,pues les recomiendo que se hagan una,cuéntalo,siempre,una vez que hayan iniciado sesión,va a mandar a donde puedo descargar la,versión libre del programa gratis,voy a seleccionar mi versión 2017,un sistema operativo y mi lenguaje que,solamente me ofrece inglés,muy bien me da lo que es él,mi esencia temporal,y ya me permite descargar aquí lo que,voy a hacer es le voy a dar clic a esta,flechita,a descargar con el navegador,muy bien me va a generar estos dos,archivos,y se dan cuenta al momento de generar,las descargas dice greg beat 2016 quiere,decir que autores aún no no ha,actualizado lo que sería pues esta,página donde ya debe estar el programa,de réditos 1.017 arriba,les recomiendo que si están viendo este,vídeo pues en un futuro,y ya el programa ya está actualizado ya,está actualizada la página y en vez de,descargarlas aquí la versión 2016 pueden,descargar la versión 2017,la página la abran con lo que es mozilla,ya que se la abren con con google chrome,al momento de generar las descargas,solamente les va a generar una descarga,como pueden ver aquí son dos archivos es,lo mismo que pasó con autocar 2017,y con con mozilla es y le genera las,descargas muy bien lo que voy a hacer es,voy a cancelar,porque pues esto no me sirve es la,versión 2016 voy a cerrar la página,a mi blog de nuevo y aquí más abajo dice,descargar archivo winrar,lo que voy a hacer a continuación es que,voy a dar en el link del soporte,esperar un momento que pase la,publicidad,y me va a mandar a un enlace de mega y,aquí dice rabbit 2017,esta versión si es la versión 2017 de,revis y yo le voy a dar descargar a,través del navegador,y pese a 3.3 gigas,como yo ya la tengo una vez que ya lo,tengo pues voy a cancelar la descarga,ustedes van a esperar pues a que termine,te voy a cancelar,la página,voy a minimizar y voy a ir a donde tengo,yo aquí tengo lo que sería mi programa,con ustedes lo descarguen les va a,generar un archivo así en winrar que ser,el 2017 le voy a dar clic derecho,pero al momento,al extraer aquí,voy a esperar momento que termine la,extracción de prebisch 2017 como pueden,ver aquí ya me generó un archivo no está,completamente extraído pero aquí ya dice,autodesk revit 2017,voy a pasar un vídeo puede pulsar,momento el vídeo en lo que termina la,extracción,muy bien pues aquí ya terminó lo que,sería la extracción,pues el programa de 2010 y 17 esto es lo,que ustedes descargarían de la página,oficial como pueden ver pues son dos,archivos y pues les recomiendo que lo,abran con mozilla una vez que hay,autores y autorice su página,para que puedan descargar las dos pues,los archivos que necesitan sin nada más,descargan uno si lo abren con google,chrome y sólo descargando un archivo,pues al momento que leen,y derechos de votar como administrador,les va a decir que no se puede ya que,falta un archivo muy bien pues vamos a,continuar con la instalación voy a dar,clic,derecho,pero algún momento,ejecutar como administrador,y voy a esperar a que inicie,en mi ventana y listo aquí está mi,ventana de extracción,me dice que me lo extraer en el disco se,en la carpeta de autodesk,aceptar,y empezaría la extracción vamos a,esperar momento a que termine,como podemos ver ya va a terminar lo que,sería la extracción el archivo en total,pesa 5 puntos 77 gigas,y pues son de esperar el momento,de tracción,pues,lo que me está extrayendo me lo va a,guardar el disco sé,en la carpeta de auto destaca que ésta,ha sido la abro,aquí están pues el autocad que es el,último programa que había instalado y,rebbie 2017,viendo a esperar que termina,muy bien ya terminó la extracción ahora,va a ejecutar el programa,como pueden ver si es débil 2017,pero el momento que termine de correr,ya lo ha abierto completamente las,instrucciones pues están en español y se,pueden cambiar a otros idiomas e inglés,hay otros que pueden elegir dependiendo,de su país vamos a dar en instalar,esperar un momento,pues aquí ya me aparece mi país de,región méxico,le voy a dar en aceptar le voy a dar el,siguiente,me aparece lo que va a instalar si es,como se pueden dar cuenta igual que,autocad no me pidió ni número de serie,ni nada de eso eso me lo va a pedir una,vez que ya esté instalado el programa ok,pues le voy a dar en instalar,y ha comenzado la instalación de revel,2017 para instalar después,requiere de 20 procesos de instalación,vamos a esperar un momento a que termine,y continuamos con el vídeo,muy bien pues me salió este letrero,te dice que tiene que cerrar todas las,aplicaciones para continuar con la,instalación muy bien le voy a dar en,[Música],y vamos a continuar,y terminó la instalación solamente de,marco ese pequeño detalle de la ventana,fue el único único detalle que tuvo la,instalación lo voy a finalizar,no está bien,finaliza,dice debe reiniciar el sistema para que,los cambios,en efecto,ok,bien ya volvimos,volvamos a ver ya se instaló pues reb y,aquí está el como ahora lo que continúa,es pues dejarlo full para eso vamos a,regresar a la página al blog nos servirá,hasta abajo y aquí nos da la opción de,descargar lo que es el export para los,problemas de 2017 entonces,el enlace,no soy un robot,esperar los 3 segundos,en el link,listo estando en esta ventana,darles descargar a través del navega,y eso se va a descargar muy rápido,porque pues solo es el crack de hecho,porque ya terminó de descargarse,y está listo,una vez descargado el crack vamos a ir a,nuestra carpeta donde se nos ha,descargado,muy bien pues en mi caso aquí está,lo voy a extraer le voy a dar clic,derecho,y esperar el momento de extraer aquí,voy a abrir y aquí está mi crack para 64,bits,lo que tengo que hacer ahora es,desconectar mi internet antes de abrir,el programa,entonces vamos a desconectar lo que,sería de internet,y en la red,y le vamos a dar en desconectar,ahora si podemos abrir lo que es el,programa,doble clic,al momento que se inicie,bien como pueden ver este cuadrito que,me salio aquí es era de mi antivirus que,me detectó pues me detectó lo que es el,export y me lo borro entonces lo que voy,a hacer yo es me voy a regresar a mi,carpeta pero primero voy a desactivar ni,antivirus,muy bien y lo voy a volver a extraer,ya está,y ya se está abriendo lo que sería revis,voy a esperar a que me mande la pestaña,donde de la licencia,ella me abrió lo que es la ventana para,introducir los cereales y las licencias,venir a esta introducir un número de,serial,y aquí está mi ventana le voy a dar en,activa,de licencias pero este lo voy a dar en,share,es decir que si no vuelve a abrir la,ventana de licencias y ahora si lo voy a,darle una activa,aquí voy a utilizar el siguiente número,de serial,s,en la clave del producto sería el,siguiente,este lugar el siguiente,tengo que cerrar de nuevo,y voy a hacer los mismos pasos,lo mismo,igual,y de esto la versión siguiente y listo,extras la ventana que quería que me,saliera voy a darle aquí ahora si me voy,a ir a mi carpeta con el internet,desactivado recuerden,le voy a dar clic derecho y ejecutar,como admini

Dimension Checker for Revit 2015 & 2016 Tutorial

hi welcome to my tutorial for the,dimension checker plugin for Revit 2015,first thing were looking at is a,completed a spell model this is what a,real project and was completed before,working on the dimension check for,flight in general its a very good model,thats a fair test for the dimension,check,first thing we can do to open that,dimension check the plug-in is go to the,ribbon under the bat tab youll see this,in panel and theres body,put that button we have our UI comes out,its all the normal things youd expect,at you I to do,and in general the strategy here is to,work from top to bottom in the UI so the,thing the top thing were going to do,first is to select the tolerance in this,case were going to check a sixteenth of,an inch and this is kind of our first,pass so here we go you just like select,it a hundred elements interview that are,all flat,we can go here and we can select these,its like 12,2500,whatever you need and theyre selecting,the video just like youd put down them,yourself so this point you cut probably,wondering how how are these things being,selected line ad flat so lets lets,talk about that,will do is we had on board for,we need to talk about the Revit project,origin because,thats really integral how the dimension,checker work so in our template the,Revit project origin is defined or,highlighted by these two reference,planes that exist generally your project,base point is going to be here as well,but that can be moved as well so you,need to know where this project-based,point is and make sure its a very very,useful location in this case we have,that building corner and shed also have,a grid line intersection or something,similar at that the dimension checker,works by looking at this point and,comparing it to all the elements visible,in the view so thats why its so,important if you have it in some random,location at distance to your elements,doesnt mean anything then its going to,fly a bunch of elements that should be,fun so its fired up and look at it one,more time in this view we have 27,elements selected our flag,so lets look at some of these here we,go you have some exterior walls down,here some finish walls,sure so,come on up here,lets look at this one,ok so this wall,this is an x3 wool which is four and,one-eighth bit long so its a gypsum,unstuck and just let the dimension,yeah okay so this is this is a good,flattening we found this is 117 over 256,of an inch away from criminal just just,not useful for anyone so and select this,oh we can choose our new movement,tolerance this case well do one,sixteenth of an inch Im just press move,now that elements in the right location,and if we refresh the list see we only,have 26 animals so this can work on many,many elements all at once or just one at,a time its kind of up to you and you,are,your discretion as to when to use when,you work out in one of the time and 12,round large groups lets check this out,all right there we go,just remove I dont know 12 walls or,something refresh the list or more down,to draw some 14 volts we just moved when,I hope this very help to you and you,find it useful on your projects if you,have any questions or like further,explanation just send me an email or,give me a call thank you much

Revit 2015 Tutorial 1: Introduction to Revit

hello everybody and welcome to,revitmans first revit tutorial i am,revitman this tutorial will cover a,basic introduction to revit,where you can get it and how to navigate,the user interface,i will be using revit 2015 for my,tutorials,and there will be a difference with,earlier versions in some aspects but not,in this first tutorial,so before we get started is what is,revit well revit is a bim program so,what is bim,bim is a building information modeling,so not only does the program model,components and objects but it also,contains information about those,elements,so now you know what revit is youre,probably wondering where you can get it,here you have several options,you can purchase revit from autodesk,you can get a 30-day trial from autodesk,or if youre a student,you can get free downloads of any,autodesk software and a three-year,license to do so,but academic versions of the software,cannot be used for commercial uses and,are simply for educational projects,so in order to get the 30-day trial of,revit please follow the first link in,the description below,when you do,you will come to this screen right here,and all you got to do is click this,download trial button install the,program and follow all directions that,it asks you to,for the student version,you would need to follow the second link,in the description below,and this is the screen that you would,come to the only difference is that with,the student version you have to sign up,or,either sign in or create an account with,the,autodesk education community,and then go ahead and download your,software,from this website follow all the,instructions to download and install,the downloads and installation may take,anywhere from a few minutes to a few,hours depending on your computers speed,so once you have revit installed go,ahead and open it up and well continue,on with the tutorial,alright so now once you open revit this,should be the first screen that you,should see,ill start with this top the r in the,top left corner of the screen this is,like the file menu,in many other programs so just click on,the r and you get a drop down,of a number of different functions like,new,open,save,export,publish print close this is also where,the options menu is for revit,if you notice over here on the right,side of this,pop-up is that,theres a list of your recent documents,show up here,so it makes a quick easy access to,open,any of the past documents youve opened,and you notice these little pins here,you can actually pin that project to,this,list so itll always be visible for you,so which i might do that with my,template file here because ill always,be editing that,and then if you notice in,when you hover over some of these other,selections you get other sub,selections,that show up in that same panel,im not going to go into any depth on,what some of these are,thats up to you to explore and figure,out some of these i might get to in,later tutorials but for the most part,im not going to go over those,so back on the main screen that you see,here,its broken down into,two sections here projects and families,projects are,where you would model,a building for example,families are more,objects that you would insert into your,model like furniture doors windows et,cetera,you can see a few,examples,of what families are,down here below in these thumbnails so,youre going to see underneath projects,here we have open new various templates,and thumbnails of,various architectural projects same with,families,im not going to cover families today,thats a different tutorial,so stay tuned for that,the projects here you can you can open a,project a number of ways click open you,can go up to the r and open or you can,just select a recent project that shows,up here,but for this tutorial were going to,click new,and you notice this box pops up here,and,it asks you for what what template file,do you want to use,you know you can see these those four,temp,the four templates loaded in by default,right here construction architectural,structural and mechanical,those are also listed here in the the,drop down so most companies,have their own template file that they,use and its pre-loaded and it contains,all their company standards so you,shouldnt really have to worry about,selecting a template but if youre,not familiar with it you can choose none,but then youre up to creating all your,own,creating everything out from scratch,pretty much if you use a template some,things are set up so for the purpose of,this tutorial were going to use the,architectural template and you can,always browse if you already have a,template file from a earlier version or,[Music],or ive downloaded a template file for,something you can always browse and load,it this way,the next box here is create new do we,want to create a new project or do you,want to create a new project template,well we want to create a new project for,this tutorial,and well cover the project template,stuff in a later date,so go ahead and click ok after youve,selected project,and it may take a little while to open,depending again depending on the speed,of your computer,alright so now this is the window that,will pop up once,revit actually opens the project and,itll look pretty much the same,you can customize,what the start screen looks like,when you open a project but were not,going to cover that,so you can see this big white space here,this is called the workspace this is,where all of your modeling will take,place in revit,so anything you create will be visible,here,and anytime you,open up a different view,of your project,it opens up a new workspace then you can,have multiple workspaces open at a time,so you can see how things,relate,as you draw them in you know 2d you can,see them in 3d,all at the same time so thats really,nice,up here in the top right,corner is the,navigation bar,this contains two icons the first is the,steering wheel icon,which if you click on it you can see you,got pan,and,zoom,and,other settings for if youre creating a,walkthrough for revit you know this this,wheel will change a little bit depending,on what view you have open but for the,most part itll stay the same,the next one is zoom so if you click on,the zoom the arrow underneath zoom you,can see all the different zoom options,this is just a quick way to navigate,your model if you dont have a,mouse with a scroll wheel or use any of,the shortcuts this is how you would,navigate,your model,all right,next to the left of your,workspace youre going to have two,palettes you have the properties palette,and the project browser,the properties palette is similar to,what you would see in autocad software,its the properties palette this is,where youre going to have all the,information about the elements in your,project when you select it different,settings will pop up you can change the,different settings,so if you notice like this one says view,its a floor plan,you can set all the different,settings for this specific view,and if i select an object you can see,okay,building elevation theres no settings i,can change,at the moment for this one,but for the most,part this is where you would change any,settings related to an object or a view,in within your project,the project browser is essentially a,list tree,of,the elements in your project,so the main categories are views legends,schedules and quantities sheets families,groups and revit links,so as you can see if you expand the,views,folder,youll see that,the various view types are listed below,like i have floor plans ceiling plans,and elevations which these are set up in,the template that we opened,if you open the none there may not be,any views,visible,when you expand the views folder,when you create new views theyll be,listed here,and theyll be sorted depending on what,type of view they are and you can get,into more,micro level,sorting of them based off of,the use of say we wanted an interior,elevation we wanted to say interior,elevation well we could do that im not,going to cover that now

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