1. Are You Ready To Create An Online Course?
  2. How to get a FREE Sams Club Membership! No money out of pocket. HOW TO Get $45 in FREE GROCERIES
  3. Why So Many Entrepreneurs Fail
  4. FREE Sams Club Membership 2022 {Daily Dash: August 29, 2022}
  5. How To Get A Client With No Experience
  6. Former Madoff attorney on Sam Bankman-Fried charges
  7. NYC Apartment Tour | Manhattan High Rise ( MILLIONAIRE LUXURY APARTMENT)

Are You Ready To Create An Online Course?

donald dang says through research ive,discovered the people who have had,great success in coaching and creating,courses started by building two to three,profitable shopify stores should this be,the path i should be taking,um yeah you need some experience right,the people who make good courses theyre,good doers,and this is this do a thinker thing,which i was hearing like from steve jobs,earlier like,the reason why i have a good course,consulting accelerator and upliftable,consulting and the reason why these,courses have,made lots of people lots of money and,the reason why people keep coming,in greater and greater quantities to,keep buying these courses from me,is because they work and the reason why,those courses work,is because i did it first i spent the,hard,i spent like a lot of effort a lot of,time figuring out,in the trenches myself like how do we do,this,and i didnt just speed through it and,then like you know just get a little,understanding and then decide to start,teaching,thats stupid anyone who does that wont,have a good course,and i didnt then just go copy from,somebody else whos doing this,thats stupid you know like even if,someone copied me and just,just copied my exact course it wouldnt,work for them,because you know they dont know it and,the only way someone can know it is if,theyve done it,and so you know thats what makes a good,cause you first of all have to be a do,it,and you have to master it and then you,turn that knowledge that you can only,know and,only learn from doing into training,the best teachers are doers and the best,mentors are doers right you should never,learn from someone who hasnt done,ever never ever ever ever,only learn from doers and the cool thing,about doers is they can,see fakes from a mile away right,so someone says they know a lot about,facebook ads or something,like in four seconds i can figure out,whether theyre full of or not,and in like same with sales same with,anything i can just see through it,thats the cool thing about being a doer,is that you its harder for you to get,fooled,and you can see through a lot of people,and you know you also know exactly,what to teach even if what youre,teaching is completely,opposite than what most other people are,teaching,because you know that youre right,because youve done it whereas all of,these other people are over here,teaching this because this is whats,popular and whats popular people just,feed off each other because theyre like,oh this guys doing it so it must be,right that guys doing it must be right,oh if everyones doing it it must be,what we should do,so everyone whos clustered over here is,often wrong,and the person who has the courage to,stand down here and say something,different,that person often is right,only if they have good results right,because you can be a person down here,thats delusional that just thought that,theyd try to be different without any,evidence,but often the person who has done it and,knows it will have a totally different,opinion of things than the people over,here who are popular,but a lot of the stuff i teach is it,complete opposite,ends to what other people out there tell,you to do,you know because i know that im right,theyre wrong because ive done it,and i know that a lot of those people,just teach whats popular,so you if you want to create a good,course on a shopify,store then you need to either start your,own shopify store and make it successful,or an easier way to start would probably,be to consult,some shopify stores and help them,improve their stores,and then by consulting them youre going,to learn a lot about them,so thats why consulting is awesome,because it gets you behind the doors and,it helps you,learn and then youre helping them,youre getting paid and youre learning,all at the same time,then you can consult a few other people,then once you feel like youve mastered,it,then you can start your own shopify,store make that successful,and now youre in an awesome position to,sell a course because you can say,i consulted these people help them grow,i started these stores,had these results and from everything,ive done this is what ive learned,right thats what makes a good cause,[Music],you

How to get a FREE Sams Club Membership! No money out of pocket. HOW TO Get $45 in FREE GROCERIES

hello hello hello hello and welcome back,to my channel its top tip Tuesday and,every Tuesday Ill be giving you a tip,to make that dollar less just a little,bit longer my name is Nicole and I am,your bargain Betty Im here to show you,how to save how to coupon how to budget,how to make some extra streams of income,and just how to make that dollar last,just a little bit longer from paycheck,to paycheck so today Im gonna show you,how to get an absolutely free Sams Club,membership and when I say free I mean,capital F REE theres no money that you,have to put out at all and I know,sometimes people think oh well when Im,getting something free I have to buy,this I have to buy that no not at all,you dont have to buy anything but,before I give you guys the secret sauce,I need you to do me a favor I need you,to hit that subscribe button right below,hit that button that way you wont miss,out on any of the secret deals I have,any of the coupon savings and especially,any of the top tip Tuesdays because I,have some things in store for you guys,over the next couple of weeks so before,we get started I want you to go get a,pen and paper so that you can write this,website down Im also going to put it in,the comments and then this description,that way youll always have it so guys,its top tip Tuesday top tip Tuesday and,I am going to show you how to get an,absolutely free Sams Club card and Im,also going to show you how you can also,get $45 worth of free groceries at sams,club at the end of the video so the very,first thing I need you to do is I need,you to go through the website which is,called special offer dot Sams Club com,thats SPE C I,al o FF er dot s am s CL u be dot-com,and Im gonna show you what its gonna,look like when you bring it up on your,phone or your computer its a little,glare there so this is what its gonna,look like okay now when you bring this,side up what youre going to do is,youre going to enter an email address,right there its going to be an email,address that you have never used at,Sams Club if you have already purchased,the Sams Club card in the past or a,membership in the past so use a brand,new email address after you enter the,email address then youre gonna hit that,get offer button okay after you hit that,then its going to tell you to check,your email you want to check your email,because theyre going to give you a cold,now before you go check your email,whats gonna happen is its also gonna,tell you that you can use the code on,this particular site to get your free,Sams Club Card you dont want to do,that thats not what were doing today,because if you do that whats gonna,happen is youll have to pay the $45,right then and there when you sign up to,get the card and then theyll give you a,coupon to get $45 worth of groceries,were not doing that because its,absolutely free were going the total,free highway no tolls so again youre,going to go to special offer Sams Club,comm youre going to enter your email,address and then youre gonna hit get,offer and then its going to say to,check your email for a code and Im,going to show you what that email is,going to look like now dont try to use,this code that Im putting up here,because Ive already used that when got,my free card,today so I wanted to try to offer out,and make sure everything was legit and,everything worked before,I did the video and show you guys what,it was like okay,so one second here Im going to bring,that email up but what youre going to,do is youre going to go to Sams and,youre just gonna walk in the store and,say that you want to get a new a new,[Music],membership go to the desk say you want,to get the new membership and then they,will start to sign you up and only thing,you need is youre cold and your your ID,I cant find the email I must have,erased it but youre gonna get a cold my,cold was a five digit code so I just,went up to the cashier and I told her I,wanted to get a Sams Club Card and,actually not the cashier I went to the,membership booth told them I wanted to,get a membership and that I had a,discount code so she said okay she asked,me for the cold and she asked me for my,drivers license she swiped my drivers,license and then she put the cold in and,she asked me if there was anyone else,that I wanted to put on the membership,because you can actually put another,person on your membership for free,doesnt cost you anything for you to put,someone else on the membership so of,course I put my mom one as another user,now when you get the cold you do not,have to use it right away but it does,expire on June 21st,I wouldnt use my code right away,because again I wanted to make sure that,it was legit and that everything would,work out before I pass the information,on to you guys I always try everything,out first I dont just send you guys out,blindly because I heard this works I,always verify that it does work so when,you get your cold you have into June,21st to go to the store and try it out,okay and remember you do not want to put,the code in on the website because on,the website youll have to pay and then,youll get a 45 dollar coupon back to,use at the store we dont want to do,that,you want to go directly to the store,take the cold there that way you dont,have to pay anything at all out of your,pocket okay now let me tell you about,the bonus offer so whats gonna happen,first let me show you my car,thats my cart and also let me show you,my receipt so I can prove to you see,nothing nothing nothing did I pay for my,membership absolutely free so theres,another offer once you get your card and,this offer is depending on credit so,everybody is not going to qualify for,this offer so I apologize in advance if,you dont get this offer but hopefully,you do but what happened is I guess if,you have decent credit I dont know what,the guidelines are for that but um they,will give you a receipt like this that,says you are pre-qualified to get a,Sams Club card credit card now this is,the good thing about the credit card,its not excuse me its not a Sams card,credit card that you can only use a,Sams,its a Visa card so you can use it,anywhere and whats nice is you get cash,back so if you were to use it on gas,purchases you actually get 5% back for,gas and you get 20% back excuse me 2%,back for electronics and 2% back for,groceries excuse me I got a tickle of my,throat guys so if you get the credit,card those are the perks so you get 5%,back on gas 2% back on groceries and 2%,back on electronics so I really I went,for it,because that way I can always get 5%,back on my gas so not only why use my,gas points from wise market in giant to,lower the price of my gas but Ill also,get 5% cash back on my credit card,so,you gotta learn to double-dip different,offers and things like that will come,once you start to use coupons more and,start to do your research and tune into,my videos and things more so youll get,the credit card in the mail seven to,fourteen days and the only thing they do,is have you put in your social security,number and verify your email address,just to make sure everythings correct,and it actually tell you if youre,approved or not most likely the lady,said that if you get the slip and it,says youre pre-approved you are going,to be approved and the limit normally,starts at $500 but you could get,approved for more than $500 once theyve,run everything else with your credit so,when you get your card in the mail your,credit limit may be more than $500 but,you initially start off at $500 and you,can use the card right then and there,that day only thing you do is when you,get to the register tell them that you,want to use your new sams club card,that you just gotta prove for and,theyre gonna have you put in the last,four digits of your social security,number in the register and then itll go,right on your card so thats pretty cool,right but I didnt tell you the cool,this part so if you are pre-approved for,the credit card and let me throw this in,there too if youre pre-approved for the,credit card you do n

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Why So Many Entrepreneurs Fail

hey everybody sam evans here and welcome,back,so just the other day you attended my,webinar on how to start a consulting,business and how to get clients and,really scale it up,and thank you for attending that webinar,i hope you enjoyed it,and then since that webinar uh a lot of,people who attended have been writing in,and asking lots of questions or coming,or telling me about some problems or,issues that theyve been facing since,since attending now the first big,problem that came up was,a lot of people werent sure about their,niche and this is a really good question,and what i did is i shot a video and i,sent it out to everyone,you would have got the email and i,created a full video,training on you know how to know if,youve chosen the right niche,and really how to know you know how to,build up,confidence and a belief in yourself that,you can do it and that you know you can,really go out and start your own,consulting business,so if you missed that video ive put a,link to it uh just below this one,so you can scroll down and you can check,that video out right now,and then a few more people were writing,in and they you know they had questions,uh about getting clients and it was it,became quite obvious to me that,a lot of people had a whole bunch of,fear and uncertainty,around being able to get clients for,themselves,or maybe not getting clients but getting,the high value clients that you know,most people,find very hard to get so this was a,problem that a lot of people had,and again i shot a video for you,explaining our,my full process for getting clients from,a to z,i walked you through exactly how we do,it how we,use facebook i ran through all of the,numbers and i even showed you,my sales script which is something which,i call the seven figure sales script,so i sent that video out to you via,email as well if you missed it,theres a link below this video and you,can go check that out right now,now today in this video here i want to,talk about,fear and i also want to present,three different case studies to you and,these are some amazing case studies,so this is definitely one that you do,not want to miss,so what happened is you know a lot of,people were writing in again,a lot of people have been writing in via,email sending me messages,and a lot of people were saying well sam,uh,i i think i know what to do like i think,ive got a niche,or i trust the process will be able to,help me get a niche,and sam i i think this process will,definitely help me get clients and your,sales process sounds really good but,somethings still just holding me back,and i cant really,describe it in words like i dont even,know what it is i just,feel a little bit uncomfortable or im,not 100,convinced you know i just somethings,holding me back im a little bit,doubtful and im a little bit,scared and thats a really good question,and you know everyone is going to be,coming up against this and everyone is,going to be facing it,and that is totally fine and totally,normal,its to be expected so whenever you go,to do something new,or whenever you go to push yourself and,you know,to really try and up level yourself,youre going to come up against,resistance and i always say,that just like in a video game,when you go to the next level the it,gets more difficult you know its harder,to play at that higher level,and also theres more resistance and the,same is true in life you know if you,want to,take your business from a small business,to a bigger business youre going to,come up against some resistance,and if you want to change your life if,you want to go from making a mediocre,income as a 9 to 5 employee,and you want to have a life of freedom,and make six figures or seven figures as,a consultant,of course youre going to come up,against some resistance now how that,resistance shows up,most of the time is fear and,its fear of what might happen or fear,that things,might not work out and what this looks,like,most of the time is thinking about the,future too much,so what ive realized is a lot of people,when they go to start businesses,they just think right out into the,future they start thinking about,you know their first week in the program,this first month they start thinking,about their first year,then they think about the second year,and third year and they just blow it,right out and theyre thinking about all,of these different things theyre going,to have to do,all of these different things which they,might have to learn and,they just completely psych themselves,out,and what i uh what i call that is just,having,too much future and it might it might,sound a little bit weird right now but,ill just draw you a quick diagram to,show you what i mean by that,and its because fear crippled me too,when i was getting started in business,you know i could hardly get out of bed,in the morning,you know i would wait id wake up and,id be like oh ive got to wake up ive,got to,you know ive got to send emails ive,got to confront ive got to try and,confront people try and win new business,i dont want to face the day ill stay,in bed longer,and then if i could get myself out of,bed i would get in my car,and drive around like i would drive,through expensive streets and just look,at the houses,just to try and get motivation in myself,and id also,like drink two coffees sometimes id,drive around for like one or two,hours before i had the confidence to go,back and face the day,and then when i started doing sales,calls im not kidding you at,all i quite often,even though i dont really want to admit,it uh you know i would drink about four,or five,beers before i would even start calling,people,on the phone and thats not a good,lesson dont take that as advice that is,that is bad advice but you know thats,one thing i used to do id just listen,to music,and id have some beers and then id,feel a little bit you know more,confident and then id start calling,people on the phone,and you know i had massive fear probably,more fear than you have right now,and you know i am a im an introvert,like i actually am one i on all the,tests and everything im a big introvert,and throughout school and throughout my,entire life i havent,you know been extroverted or or wanted,to go out and talk to people or do,things like that,so starting my own business completely,on my own and having to go out and get,sales and things,it was a big challenge for me and i came,up against a ton of resistance and a ton,of fear,and i had no one to help me out so you,know i went through,a lot of struggle and heres what i,learned,about this and this is really important,and youre,going to want to pay close attention to,this,so we basically live in these three,different areas,on this line here and,one of these areas is the past,one of these areas is the present,and one is the future,now what we do is you know theres these,three different states and im im when,im talking about this im talking about,uh where your mind is what youre,thinking about,what youre worrying about so a lot of,people,this is this probably isnt very true,for people watching this video because i,know if youre watching this video that,you know youve probably youre probably,someone who has too much future,but this is a big one for a lot of,people uh you know,a lot of people they just theyre stuck,in the past they cant let go of things,that happened in the past,and they keep replaying memories of,things that happened in the past,you know a teacher might have told you,at school that youre no good at math,someone might have told you youre no,good at english someone might have told,you youre dumb someone might have told,you that youll never amount to anything,you know all of these people tell us all,these different things,and a lot of people cant let go of the,past and they live there they replay the,memories again,and again and again inside their heads,and it cripples them,and paralyzes them and they cant do,anything about it theyre in the current,day theyre just frozen and paralyzed,they cant take action,so thi

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FREE Sams Club Membership 2022 {Daily Dash: August 29, 2022}

i have three new ways to save on a sams,club membership but some of them are,about to,go so you got to check them out fast,ill explain in just a second hey,friends its sammy back with another,episode of the daily dash thats right,its everything you need from around the,world and in my life straight from my,car dashboard to yours today is monday,august 29th 2022. let me tell you what,you need to know so youre in the know,wherever you are and whatever you are,doing there is so much news today ill,try to fly through some of it the us,open main draw started today supposedly,serena williams last run at the us open,last run in tennis shes going to be,evolving not retiring um the artemis did,not launch today for the moon,vmas were last night,taylor swift was the big winner it,sounds like and i guess her fans are the,big winner because she announced that,new music is coming on october 21st,netflix turns 25,so much going on if you missed any of it,you can find it below you can find me at,the sammycon on twitter and instagram,sammycone.com,and on youtube okay lets get to the,savings ironically i put on my potus,shirt my potus one shirt um this isnt,uncle sam but i am saving you on sams,club memberships okay tons of you took,advantage of the deal that i posted not,long ago that deal is about to end you,basically can get a sams club,membership for under five dollars so im,not going to go through that again i,will i will link it again below if you,want to do that online,theres two other deals the second one,is that you can basically get the,membership for free free okay this is,not clickbait,so technically,youre still gonna pay the 45 membership,fee but you get a hundred dollars in,dining,credit i guess dining like a hundred,dollars of dining of dining,so really youre making 55 on the deal,so i always want to be upfront you do,have to put forth at 45 but you got 100,back like thats a great deal im trying,to figure out if theres something wrong,with it and i dont see anything wrong,with it so theres that,then,i got this in the mail,um,so this is if you want to say 50 on your,sams club membership i dont know if,its going to be backwards or not but 50,off this is why dont always throw stuff,away that you get in the mail do a,little look look okay this has to be,done in store do you see this,offer valid and club only so im,assuming if youre signing up for sam,club you have a sams club close to you,um you do have to take it to the,associate and i will put this below and,theres an activation code you give to,the cashier its one two eight two three,okay,at sign up and use the pay it register,option okay,and you can go plus theres options for,going plus too but so theres three ways,that you can get your sams club,membership literally for free,or for 4.99 or for half off honestly,i guess its just up to you what you,want to do because its all a good deal,so youre getting,youre getting different benefits,basically from different ones so if you,just want straight half off boom um if,you want the back to school sale option,that ends up being 4.99 after everything,back or the dining option,you get a hundred dollars back after you,spend the 45 so,goodness have at it if you i mean,our sams club is not the closest to me,but man is their gas cheap so i need to,see how far like if it makes sense,to do it again because we moved a little,further away but,how can you beat it but just make sure,promise i will put all the details below,promise me that you will check this out,dont let these deals pass by,boom okay i want to pray faith over each,of you today um,i cant totally share this story but,just know that um god answers prayers,and someone was talking about not like,dabbling in other things of the,spiritual like sometimes we want to know,whats going to happen,in our future and im like you know what,but then wheres our faith and so im,just going to pray that we all pursue,the things of god today and have faith,to believe in what we cannot yet see,okay friends i pray you have a great day,make sure you make it great and do not,wait to tell someone you love how you,feel about them bye friends

How To Get A Client With No Experience

elis says just had a strategy session,call to offer digital media marketing,services plus set up,their sales funnel i tried to close,today but the client asked for another,meeting tomorrow,where they want to see a financial plan,of what outcome on investment they can,expect how much money for ads etc before,closing the deal and they want to see,case studies who i am proof that i can,do etc,i dont have any case studies how can i,handle this how could,i have done the call better,so it sounds like these people just have,doubt,in you and they want to see proof,and so its probably not something you,said,it might be something you said i would,listen to the call recording and listen,to your words and everything in your,tone and your voice,and if you said something that made them,seem uncertain,then its probably those words but what,i would say,that has done it more than any words or,anything is just,your conviction you know,when people are brand new and theyre,not sure of themselves or what they can,do,like the person on the other end can,just sense that,uncertainty and that they can sense it,and in response to that theyre,skeptical and they want to see proof,and they want to see everything and so,you know,really you dont get people asking these,questions when you just have total,conviction,you know when you have total conviction,people,you know just theres something just,happens and they believe you,sometimes they dont and they still want,to see proof,but way less of the time and the only,way you can learn that is with practice,so everyone starts the same with,uncertainty and it takes practice,practice practice to get,to that conviction so how are you going,to,get yourself out of this situation i,would just tell them the truth id say,look i dont have any case studies but,i know i can do this for you and heres,my projections but youve got to,understand,these are predictions but they are not,i cant guarantee this this is what im,what i can guarantee is the work that,im going to put into this you know im,going to do,the work and the works going to be done,to a high standard and im going to,give it everything ive got to make this,work and im pretty sure its going to,work,but i cant guarantee you and if i did i,would be stupid,all right its its like the weather,forecast you know you cant forecast,whether anyone that totally absolutely,guarantees you want anything,its silly right and its actually best,to just be honest about that,and then um,what else would i do and then you know,if its your first ever client i would,just,give them a little guarantee i would say,look i know,i dont have case studies i know youre,taking a bid on me but what im happy to,do is you know if this doesnt work,then im happy to you know to refund,your fee,now youre not i wouldnt re i wouldnt,offer to refund them,um the ad spend and everything right,there has to be some risk taken theres,always risk taken in business,thats what business is about but you,know,you could reverse that risk by offering,to refund them their fee,if you didnt get results because you,know even if that happens,you still win because youve still made,progress forward right,and you want to always just be making,progress forward sometimes thats not,financial progress but its still,[Music],progress,[Music],you

Former Madoff attorney on Sam Bankman-Fried charges

someone with your background reading,through these charges and the indictment,what stands out to you most,well what stands out most is that many,of the charges are conspiracies you can,have a conspiracy with yourself,you have a conspiracy of at least two,people and what I suspect is going to,happen is there will be what we call a,superseding indictment where there will,be other defendants charged who,conspired uh with the main defendant,here and therell be additional charges,but the fact that there are numerous,conspiracies uh leads me to believe that,this investigation is far from being,open,what about the timing here does it what,what do you make of the fact that he was,arrested the night before he was,supposed to testify before the house,Financial Services committee yeah Im,not that doesnt bother me at all it,could be that the timing was and Im,speculating totally speculating there,was some discussion perhaps that he was,secreting money,around the world in different countries,uh that he was going to skip to another,country that didnt have a strong,extradition treaty with the United,States and the government moved in as,quickly as possible to prevent that from,happening thats pure speculation I,dont know uh but its not the first,time that the government has moved,quickly when uh those,when that evidence is out there and,theyre concerned about what the,defendant is going to do,so you expect more more indictments here,to come more co-conspirators here I mean,he hes hes now being accused of,conspiracy to commit wire fraud cut,among customers and lenders money,laundering violations of campaign,Finance laws there are eight criminal,charges here what is he looking at if,convicted,uh,we wont be around if he gets the,maximum let me put it that way and,youre much younger than I am it is not,likely,uh the defendants get the maximum,sentence but the mail fraud the wire,fraud the conspiracies uh the maximum is,20 years,and judges of course in sentencing are,going to factor a lot of things in none,of which we know about at this time but,hes facing many many years in prison,the the statement that Kate Rooney read,to us that hes exploring his legal,options right now what what do you think,he and his team are doing and discussing,I mean first theres the issue of,whether he gets extradited right yes I,dont think thats going to be an issue,at all but what his legal team is,thinking about now and it factors in,where does he go from here does he,decide to fight the charges does he,decide he wants to cooperate and cut a,cooperation deal with the U.S attorney,the SEC and the cftc in this are are I,dont want to diminish their role,because most of the work done here is,done by those two agencies not the U.S,attorneys office and thats not,diminishing the role of the U.S attorney,but the SEC and the cftc have the,expertise in ferreting out the,complexity of these types of,transactions,so in order to look at it from that,perspective what will generally happen,is the SEC and the cfdc will step back,their actions will be stayed in other,words the Department of Justice does not,want the civil cases to go ahead because,the Department of Justice is concerned,that if the civil cases do proceed ahead,it will impinge negatively on the,ability to carry out the criminal case,I was wondering about about the,interplay of all of these Regulatory,Agencies at this point everybodys on,this and whether they they ultimately,work together so that that answers that,question they do work yeah Im sorry,they do work together but now that,youve got three proceedings uh the,Department of Justice is going to want,to carry the ball here because they do,not want their case disclosed in the,civil action where theres far more,Discovery and far more ability to learn,what the governments cases the criminal,case than there would be if there was,only one criminal case,you know weve also had these this,unusual development like of of hearing,from Sam bankman freed over the last few,weeks numerous times he spoke with our,colleague Andrew at the deal book,conference Good Morning America I know I,know you publicly reprimanded him for,that and would tell your client not to,do that but but he it sounds like what,his thread is that,there was no intentional wrongdoing and,and he wasnt aware of any co-mingling,of the funds from from FTX customers to,Almeda research how difficult is that,going to be for him to,to argue,well the first time I was quoted on this,case I specifically said he should shut,up I use those words because the only,people,who are listening to what he is saying,are the regulators and the prosecutors,if hes out there trying to convince the,general public that he did nothing wrong,no ones going to pay attention to him,whats going to count is what he says,and what can be used against him in,court

NYC Apartment Tour | Manhattan High Rise ( MILLIONAIRE LUXURY APARTMENT)

everyone same ovens here come in welcome,so I wanted to shoot this quick video,for all of you just to give you a,behind-the-scenes tour and show you my,place here in Manhattan which is you,know where I live permanently so I just,want to give you a tour of my place and,also show you what my business is like,behind the scenes because it really,isnt what you would think it is you,know my business does very big numbers,and a lot of people would think its,this huge operation but really its very,simple and theres very little overhead,and very little staff involved so I want,to walk around right now and give you,this quick to us so right here were,standing in the main foyer area which is,just we we walk in and if you follow me,through here this is the main living,area weve got a lounge over here and,then over here this is my office this is,where I work from every single day you,know I dont have a separate office I,work from I work from home and in my,apartment and as you can see you know,its a very simple setup I have just a,laptop and my cell phone I dont have,any fancy computers or lots of staff,running around or anything like that I,work here every single day and its just,me and I have two other people who work,virtually and help me out with admin,sort of stuff and up until very recently,my business was just me it was a one-man,operation but once we started getting a,lot more clients I had to bring on some,people to help out and if you follow me,through here weve got some nice views,of the East River and then over here,theres some awesome views of the city,skyline and youve probably noticed from,some of my videos that theres this,theres this motorbike in the background,well the reason why this is here is,first of all Im a huge fan of custom,bikes and this is the nicest one Ive,ever seen its a custom Harley and the,reason why I have this in here next to,my office is because I like to surround,myself with things to remind myself that,money isnt scarce you know every,morning when I get up and I,Ive said in my office I want to feel,abundant and I want to feel like theres,a lot of money out there and that I can,go and get it and sitting up high here,in Manhattan like with a view of the,city and being surrounded by you know,all this nice stuff and this bike it,just it just makes me it just makes me,believe that money isnt hard to get and,that I can go out there and get it and,if you follow me through here where this,is the main living or lounge area and as,you can see weve got massive views of,the city like every side of the,apartments like all glass and theres,pretty much you know 300 degree views,and its floor-to-ceiling glass and,theres even balconies on every side of,the apartment and if you follow me,through here this is the main bedroom,area and you know this is where this is,where I I sleep and everything and over,here this is my Reading area so when I,want to unwind relax and do some reading,I come into here I sit on one of these,comfy couches and this is my,girlfriends office shes a photographer,and she works from home with me and,shes got some awesome views of the city,as well and if you follow me around here,this is my heart this is my library,collection Im a huge fan of reading I,read a lot of books and Ive learned a,lot from them and Ive got about 260,books here Ive read some of them like,five times and you know theyve helped,me a lot throughout my journey and then,through here is just the main bedroom,and around here Ive got a walk-in,wardrobe or closet usually there isnt,anything but in Manhattan Island to have,a walk and wardrobes pretty pretty,pretty big back through here we have the,kitchen area and to be honest with you,we dont really eat and we dont really,do anything in this kitchen area,Manhattans got so much so many good,restaurants we eat out pretty much all,the time and now were back and he,in my office area so youre probably,thinking well why the hell did I just,give you a tour of my apartment and you,know why should you care and those are,two very good questions and the reason,why I did that is not to show off or,brag or anything like that but I did it,for two main reasons,now reason number one is to show you,that you know my business really is very,simple very small like I work from home,and its just my cell phone in my laptop,and I you know up until very recently it,was just me and I dont have all of,these stuff I dont have a fancy office,I dont have all of these you know fancy,computers and and Printers and all these,people rushing around its a very simple,business and I wanted to show you that,to show you that you know you dont need,these massive organizations anymore to,do big numbers,you know this year in my business I will,make more than ten million dollars and,thatll all be done from home with two,staff working virtually so first of all,I did that to show you just how simple,you know my business really is now the,second point I wanted to make is I,wanted to show you what is possible in,just a short amount of time so if youre,not familiar with my story I got started,when I was 21 years old I dropped out of,college I quit my corporate job and I,moved back home with my parents into,their garage and I was completely broke,I knew nothing about business I had,absolutely nothing going for me and no,advantages whatsoever and you know I,started from the absolute bottom in a,small suburb in a garage in New Zealand,and in four short years I started my,consulting business and grew it to the,point where it is right now now in the,first year I made more than a hundred,thousand second five hundred thousand,third one point two four two point four,and this current year 2016 I have,already made more than six million,dollars this year and I will make more,than ten million dollars before the end,of this year and the reason why I gave,you that tour is just to show you whats,possible you know to have a place like,this,the middle of Manhattan it is insanely,expensive it would make most people,faint and you know I wanted to show you,that just to show you what you can,achieve in a short amount of time its,been four years since I was completely,broke with no idea what I was doing and,in four short years I got here and I,wanted to show you that because you know,thats possible like I had to go through,this whole journey and figure everything,out on my own,I had no mentor I had no map I had no,one to show me the proven process and I,still was able to do that in four years,but my new program the consulting,accelerator you know its a six-week,online course and it shows you how to,start your own consulting business get,clients and really scale it up to six,figures even seven figures very quickly,so if you want to start your own,consulting business you dont have to go,through all the hell that I did you know,I had to go through a lot I sacrificed a,lot work very hard and wasted a lot of,money to get here but with the,consulting accelerator program you get,the shortcut and you get the proven,process and since Ive started helping,others with their consulting businesses,since 2013 Ive helped nine people get,to the million dollar level with their,consulting businesses Ive helped more,than one hundred and thirty six people,make more than six figures with their,consulting business and Ive helped,thousands of others quit their jobs,start their own consulting businesses,get clients and live lives of freedom,now the consulting accelerator program,it is not just some course its a proven,action process you enroll you just,follow the instructions you take the,action and you will get the results and,it has the best track record that any,course out there has today I would go as,far as saying this is the absolute best,training for coaches and consultants on,the planet right now and its not just,me saying that its thousands of other,people saying that too and I have a,track record and client results to back,that up lets get you into the community,today and lets get you st

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