1. How to Activate SiriusXM® Satellite Radio for FREE (No Credit Card)
  2. Sirius Radio Unlimited Trial Accounts Tutorial
  3. How to Get 4 Months Free of the SiriusXM Premier Streaming Service – LEGAL, NO HACK
  4. How to get FREE SiriusXM!
  5. Dont Sign Up For SIRIUS/XM Until You Watch This! | Cruisemans Review | CruisemansGarage.com
  6. How to get free SiriusXM for life. How To Score Free Satellite Radio
  7. I Activated A Sirius XM Trial

How to Activate SiriusXM® Satellite Radio for FREE (No Credit Card)

all right im just going to show you um,a free quick easy way to get xm,satellite radio in your vehicle,um,all you need to do is go to your search,engine on your computer or on a tablet,or on your smartphone,were just going to search three,months,free,xm,radio,uh the good news is is all you got to do,is um,lets see here,click the first link here where it says,free three months uh siriusxm trial,um,all they need from you is really just,your radio,id number,um you can make up any name any email,address,but they are going to ask like a street,address and you just want to make sure,its a real street address not just like,a completely made-up street address,um,and you can just redo this every three,months its very its easy that simple,and easy,um they dont look into it,so once youre here what were going to,need is were going to need the radio id,number,um im going to go out to my car and,ill show you how to get that,um theyre just gonna ask a name and a,zip code no big deal,um,here ill go to my car and well show,you the next step of how to get the id,code,all right now were out in the car,um i have a honda accord but any vehicle,that has xm capabilities its this easy,um,im just going to go down here and press,my,xm button,and default its going to say xm preview,all you have to do is go back to channel,0,and there is your radio code mine,happens to be that,06430 icy,and then well just go back inside,to the computer and enter that,information,all right,were going to enter the code,i believe mine was 0 6 4,thirty,i guess thats i see y i dont know if,that was a one or nine lets try icy,uh for name well just use,john,smith,um,well just enter that,okay its not the i mines gonna be a,one then didnt take,all righty looks like it uh,all right now im just uh at this point,correct i have a honda accord,eligibility,all right um now were just gonna,enter this information,um,im just gonna use some fake information,well just use,john,smith,at,gmail,make up the phone number,um,[Music],well just use a made up well an actual,address but,uh lets see,before you can listen in your car you,need to activate your radio are you in,the car,set your car satellite radio and listen,for audio,make sure it has,were gonna say that im in the car but,what im gonna do is ill just pause the,video and go back out to the car,all right lets go into the car and see,if its working,all right back in the car,uh sometimes it takes a minute or two,for it to actually activate but well,see uh,it says loading,all right back out in the car and,we are in business um,after it sent the signal i did have to,wait five minutes and it does say on the,site there please allow up to five,minutes,um,so yeah when i came out to my car i just,uh changed the channel from channel one,to channel two,we got music i cant play too much of it,otherwise youtube will kick it off,but you can,obviously hear that its working and,go through the channels,but um its that easy,every uh three months,just re-enter your information,use a uh,email address a,name and an address and uh itll work,so if you liked the video give it a,thumbs up and subscribe,but i appreciate everybody watching my,channel thank you very much

Sirius Radio Unlimited Trial Accounts Tutorial

been a while since I made a video for,this channel but Im back and this,tutorial is going to be on making,multiple trial accounts for Sirius,satellite radio so first off to get a,trial account to begin with for Sirius,satellite radio is you have to go to,Sirius XM comm slash free trial thats,the only way youre going to get a free,trial is by going to that link,hit enter wait for it to load here okay,so now that were at the Sirius XM comm,slash free trial website now we need to,make our account so to get an email for,this account since were going to make,multiple accounts we want to just use a,temporary email so what were going to,do is were going to go to google.com ok,so now that were at Google were going,to type in tempt mail and then were,going to hit guerrilla mail calm,this website is just a temporary email,site so it basically gives you a,temporary email address that you can use,with an inbox and it updates every 10,seconds so if you get a new email once,it updates it will show that email so,were going to delete these emails that,I havent already were going to also,change this email address to something,else so were going to set that so now,weve got a new email Im going to copy,that to clipboard Im going to go back,to the signup process and Im going to,paste it in both the email boxes and,then Im also going to do a five digit,postal code so Im going to do seven,eight one four five so that would be one,two three four five digits so now were,going to do just a random fake name so,Im going to do like Kyle Davis and then,all we have to do is click Next we dont,need a promo code so dont worry about,that and then once youve done that its,a free trial thank you check your email,for username password so once this,updates we should get their email yep,Im going to click on that and as you,can see weve got our account,information right here theyve got this,our password you can change that if you,really want to but now were going to do,is were going to click listen online,but were going to right-click it and,hit open with a new tab so we dont have,a pop-up window open so now that weve,got that opening in a new tab its,loading were going to get ready and,were going to copy your email which is,already copied I think so,Im going to go back here,now were going to paste our email in,there and were going to paste our,password in the password box and were,going to hit listen login and listen and,cool thing about this is you dont even,need to hide ready address in order to,make another trial account with,different information all you need is,the different information for each trial,account different email different name,everything actually Im pretty sure you,can probably use the same name it just,has to be a different email and,different postal code maybe even the,same postal codes okay but just as long,as youre using a different email,address you can make multiple child,counts more and more and more and youll,always have access to Sirius radio and,each trial account lasts for seven days,so every seven days you can make a new,trial account so its pretty easy to do,and you can listen to all the music or,shows you want to theres even the,Howard station on here which is a show,my friend recommended to me not on my,greatest interest but it has a lot of,print prank calls on the show which are,quite funny to listen to so were going,to actually play the hip hop nation,channel for the music and right now that,playing means this this is why Im host,I never actually heard this song before,but,if I guys can hear that but Ill,continue to play it if you can school,but yeah so this is basically Sirius,satellite radio and you can just go,through all the stations listen to all,their music do whatever you want you can,also share with iTunes so if youre,listening to music you can buy with,iTunes by with Amazon share with share,on Facebook or share on Twitter theres,also stuff you can do you can go live or,you can rewind go forward start now play,whatever you want so and theres,feedback options and help options and my,alerts and volume control – so you can,increase the volume so Im gonna play,again,so I actually really like that song um,so anyway thats how you do it and if,you want to go ahead and make another,account you can and yeah thats how you,do it um thanks for watching please,check out my other videos if you havent,already and please like subscribe,comment all that jazz and I will see you,guys in my next video,thanks for watching

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How to Get 4 Months Free of the SiriusXM Premier Streaming Service – LEGAL, NO HACK

[Music],hey guys in this video im going to be,showing you how you can get three months,free of sirius xms premiere streaming,service so basically you get a,three-month free trial to use sirius,xms audio and video streaming so lets,get into it all right youll want to,search for best buy dot com,and go to their website once youre,there search for sirius xm,free,trial,search for that and here it is right,here free sirius xm three month premiere,streaming subscription new subscribers,only digital,and its a digital download instructions,to redeem our email after purchase,bestbuy.com account is required,us only so those are some things,remember this is for us only and you,have to be a new subscriber and you have,to have a best buy account which theyre,free everything here is free so add to,cart and here it is push check out so,once youve added it to your cart and,checked out youll either need to create,an account or sign in with your existing,one if youre not already signed in of,course so once you sign in youll have,to put in your address payment,information for when the subscription,renews but of course you can cancel it,48 hours ahead of time and not pay,anything after you do all that you can,place your order i didnt film that part,because theres private information but,once you do youll get a page that looks,exactly like this for the most part,thanks for shopping with us,and they say for all your order details,check out the confirmation email were,sending to your email they give you a,number you can view your order status,so check your email for the order,confirmation and then after 30 minutes,or so youll get the actual information,on how to redeem the offer alright so,weve received the order confirmation it,says your order number and it says,thanks for your purchase basically and,you have to wait for about 30 minutes to,see the actual instructions on how to,redeem all right so heres the actual,redeem email like i said it takes about,30 minutes to receive but here it is it,says get your three months free of,sirius xm premier service today and it,has the various instructions so what you,want to do is go to that link which is,siriusxm.com,bby,then youll enter the code at the bottom,click continue then youll have to,create an account and then click,continue and finish checkout then you,can download the sirius xm app and log,in with streaming credentials of your,account you just made and thats it,three months of siriusxm premiere,service is now available to you pretty,simple really all you need is to create,a best buy account order something,thats free go to siriusxm sign up for,account copy and paste the code redeem,and download the app to start listening,so hope you guys like this video if you,did please leave a like,if you have any questions feel free to,comment below and subscribe if you found,this helpful that would mean a lot,thanks guys goodbye,[Music],you

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How to get FREE SiriusXM!

hello everybody what a beautiful day it,is today and I am going to show you how,to get a discount on Sirius XM for,absolutely free and I am also going to,show you how to get some extra months,for free off of your Sirius XM,subscription now this is all going to be,a one and all video no intro because,its really easy and really simple and,really quick to watch but for those of,you who watch my channel Ive been gone,for the past four days on a cruise and,youll be able to actually see that,video in the subscription or down below,the description not the subscription you,can subscribe if you havent subscribed,but um they put a hole in my key fob you,could see it its a pretty nasty hole,and they had to have pushed it really,hard or whatever they did but they broke,the actual button in the remote so I,cant lock my door without going into my,car to lock all my doors and if I forget,my keys in the car while Im locking my,door they fall out of my pocket while,Im locking my door Ive just then,locked my keys out so back to the video,so Im gonna show you kind of get a,Sirius XM subscription for really a,cheap and Im talking $20 for three,months now those of you who own Sirius,XM and have been subscribed to them for,years and continuously for years Im,telling you this right now they are,killing your pockets man you have so,much money that they are taking from you,that you could be putting towards,something else now if youre rich enough,of course and you dont really care,about two hundred and fifty dollars a,year out of your pocket and youre like,well thats just pocket change,well theres a lot of things you could,do with that pocket change other than,spend it on radio so I just got this,this is what your whole goal is to get,in the mail and Im gonna show you that,on on the other camera so you can see,better and a lot clearer so here we go,alright so here we go youre gonna get,this immediate action required,subscription information now dead,giveaway you know its a serious,accident,they playing around or like hey we want,you to have our service now I bought a,three month subscription for $20 and,they could have went lower but I mean,$20 is pretty reasonable for a three,month subscription and I actually used,the radio a lot for the time being,considering I really dont care about,Sirius XM,now think about Sirius XM is they want,to buy your business no matter what as,long as they know theyre making money,on you some way somehow thats all they,care about so if you have a subscription,let the damn thing run out dont have it,set to auto-renewal or a repay and if,you do have it set to that what you want,to do is you want to cancel it you want,to take your card off and you dont want,to cancel it but you want to take your,card off Im sorry I said I told you to,cancel it you want to take your card off,of your account so that way when they,charge your account funds will build up,now youre gonna call them up and youre,gonna tell them hey after a month of,actually having charges on your account,and not paying for them youre gonna,tell them hey I I took my card off my,account I dont I dont want to be,charged for this anymore and then,theyre gonna say well you should have,called up and said something about this,and told us you wanted your account,canceled and theyre gonna say that well,it auto renewals so you have to pay for,the service and then I tell them thats,nonsense I want to speak to a manager,right now I want to tell I want to talk,to somebody who knows what theyre doing,I am not paying for services I did not,apply for and Im done Im done with it,so there you go you got your free month,right now and what theyre gonna do is,theyre gonna transfer you to a highly,requested business associate now what,their job is theyre gonna try to sell,you more because they want you to,continue to service they want money from,you thats their bottom line they want,to make money from you and I mean,honestly the radio is not half bad but,you can definitely get it cheaper and,thats why youre watching the video so,youre gonna switch you over to,associate and then youre gonna tell,them hey I dont want anything and,theyre gonna send up an offer theyre,gonna be like sure I can get you a,cheaper package you can get all this all,this all this youre gonna say no and,then about,thats gonna go by theyre gonna take,all your charges off your account youre,not gonna have a worry in the damn world,and youre gonna get something in the,mail and it should look like this youre,gonna get this its gonna say your name,your address its gonna say dear,so-and-so Im gonna have your car at the,top youre serious account number youre,serious account SN I really dont know,what all that crap is but youre gonna,get this and look at what it says get,six months for $30 with a subset with a,subscription thats half a year thats,like a hundred and twenty dollars for,thirty bucks its insane,so all you need to do to get it and then,same discount is to blow them off for at,least a month so if you have the time,waiting time for at least a month come,on theres other radio stations you can,listen to other than Sirius XM for a,month so if youre gonna hold that off,youre gonna get an insane discount of,thirty dollars for a hundred and twenty,dollar subscription so thats like $90,off of the bill and then you can get the,extended they have they have a whole,bunch of them but youre gonna get the,six month period and thats all you need,to do and then at the end of the six,months you do the same thing you did at,the beginning of this video youre gonna,put it off youre not gonna have your,card on the account and then theyre,gonna try to charge you youre gonna,wait about a month so now you have seven,months of Sirius XM and what youre,gonna want to do is youre gonna call,them up youre gonna be like hey Im not,paying for this I dont want it and,theyre gonna have to give in because,honestly are they gonna charge you for,something that youre not quote unquote,using so theyre gonna give you all your,money back and then the cycle starts,again you wait about a month you get,another one of these in the mail and all,you have to do is spend about $60 a year,compared to their two hundred and forty,dollars two hundred and twenty dollar,subscription so I hope you liked the,video please like and subscribe and,watch out for more content

Dont Sign Up For SIRIUS/XM Until You Watch This! | Cruisemans Review | CruisemansGarage.com

is siriusxm a really great music,subscription service,or is it a scam were going to talk,about that today,right after this,hey everybody im cruz mann and today,im going to talk about,my experience with sirius xm,service now many of you know i have a,2018 honda gold wing,and my gold wing as many other,motorcycles now come,with sirius xm capability in the audio,system,now even the new gold wings the 2021s,even come with the xm antenna already,installed,and im pretty sure that indian some of,the harleys the indians and the bmws,also have,xm siriusxm,capability so i didnt get that,could you try again,why is siri talking to me when im,shooting a video,im using my phone as a monitor uh siri,go away,cancel okay i found this on the web for,why is siri talking to me when im,shooting a video on using my phone as a,monitor,siri go away check it out,siri go away,im done,god i hate technology anyway,let me talk to you i got to figure out,how to close this thing,piece of crap how do i,i dont care about that how the hell do,you turn it off,let me go back to my monitor okay,there we are sorry,i guess when she heard xm,she thought i was saying i wouldnt i,was saying,i cant say it because shell come back,on again but you know what im talking,about when i talk about,uh xm now,ive had this service for,10 years probably i had it on my other,gold wings because i had it available,through my garmin gps it had the uh,xm see i cant say the name because if i,say the name,all the phone is gonna hear are the,first,four characters and it thinks im trying,to anyway you get it,so anyway i had xm radio on my other,motorcycles,and i have subscribed to this company,for many years back when it was just xm,actually i think i had it back when it,was before they merged,ive always had a problem with their,billing practices,first of all and i think i did a video,on this last year,when it comes time to renew at every,year you sign this,you have this agreement where you use,the service for a year and its so much,per month well they want like 22 dollars,a month im not going to pay,22 dollars a month for,a radio set of radio stations of which i,only listen to maybe three or four,and im just not going to pay 22 a month,its not worth it to me,and ive told them that and when you,call them,at renewal time yeah you can negotiate,with them you basically have to,threaten to quit which i did last year,last year i called up,xm xm and,i said hey i just want to cancel the,service now i didnt really want to,cancel the service i,wanted the service i just didnt want to,pay 22 dollars a month,but if they think youre gonna cancel,theyll bend over backwards to make you,a deal,and so i think they came back and with,taxes and everything,it went from and this took literally,took 30 or 45 minutes on the phone,because you have to go through several,people and its this,haggling and they say well well do it,for 15,a month and then i say no i dont want,to pay 15,a month just go ahead and cancel it and,then theyll come back and say well,and they have to go talk its like the,car dealer where you have to go talk to,the sales manager,so they say well let me put you on hold,let me see what i can do blah blah blah,you waste all this time and its,basically just,so then you come back and its uh they,come back on the phone and they say well,we can do it for uh,11 a month and i say what i said before,listen i just want to,can i cancel this is it possible just a,can,i just i dont want it i want to cancel,it okay well let me put you through to a,specialist that can cancel the service,for you and this goes on,literally for 45 minutes so then finally,somebody comes on says listen,uh i can cancel your service today or,if you want to keep it well give it to,you for like,five or six bucks a month it was ju it,was lessons its like six dollars and,fifty cents a month,and i finally relented last year and i,said okay,and ive done this for 10 years ive,gone through this exact same dance for,10 years,and finally i said okay ill take it for,six bucks a month ill keep it even if i,just use it three months out of the year,ill keep it and they did they billed me,six dollars a month,well the renewal came up in december,and i noticed on my credit card bill i,get this charge for 20. they dont,alert you that youre coming up for,renewal they just go ahead and renew you,at the full price which was 22 and,something,and im going i cant believe this i,just i,wasnt in the mood to get on the phone,and go through this dance again,i just literally seriously this time,i just wanted to cancel the damn thing,because i honestly dont use it that,much anymore anyway,so i call them up on the phone,and you can heres another thing,they dont let you cancel online,now im going to make a statement any,anything that you subscribe to where you,cant cancel without having to,make a phone call is a scam thats a,scam,im sorry that thats just my opinion my,opinion thats a scam because theyre,trying to get you into some sort of,upsell,or keep your business i dont care if,its a credit card i dont care if its,the phone company,i dont care if its a cable company i,dont care if its your,if they wont let you cancel your,service,online you can do everything else online,you can change your,credit card number you can change your,account information,you can sign up for the service but you,cant cancel theyll never let you,cancel online,thats a scam sorry thats my opinion,scam so,i call them up i tried first of all i,tried to cancel online you cant theres,no way to cancel online,they say you can cancel online on their,website theres a little link for,canceling,but you cant it doesnt basically you,have to call them,so i called them up i wanted to cancel i,got through to somebody,theyre talking to me on the phone and,they went through the dance,they went through the dance you know,theyre going to say well what if,i can get you this a better deal would,you continue at so,and i said listen i just want to cancel,in fact i lied to them okay i lied,i said listen ive sold the motorcycle i,i dont need the service anymore im,paying for something on a motorcycle i,dont even own anymore i just,i just lied i didnt care i just i want,to give them a reason where they have no,reason to come back to me to try to,resell me this thing because if i dont,have a radio,i dont need their service and then of,course they say well do you have another,vehicle that you could subscribe,i said no no i dont want anything im,im walking right now i have a,skateboard and theres no,xm radio on the skateboard so please,cancel the service,so they find that she said okay let me,let me put you on hold,and well get it can now this took 15,minutes just to get to this point,so they put me on hold and damned if it,didnt break the connection the,the i lost the call call got dropped of,course they dont call you back theyve,got your number,they dont call you back so i thought,screw this,im just going to go into my account,settings,and im going to change my credit card,to a temporary credit card,that i got through i think citibank i,put a 1,limit on it and a 30 day expiration,and i changed my payment method to that,and i thought thatll show them theyll,try to hit my credit card they cant,because its no longer in their system,it didnt work they still say i owe them,22 you know its not worth the hassle,for the credit report and all that,so i call them again,and went through the whole thing again i,want to cancel now i dont know if they,purposely disconnected my call i dont,know,but i called up and,got through to somebody and said hey,what do i have to do,to cancel this service i went through,the whole story again,sold the motorcycle dont have an xm,radio,this guy went and did you know he,finally you know it took,10 15 minutes again but my time is not,valuable what the hell do i have better,to do,so they finally got it canceled so now,you know,if you want to subscribe to xm,xm something before that xm you know,what i mean,go right ahead

How to get free SiriusXM for life. How To Score Free Satellite Radio

ladies and gentlemen hows it going once,again Im your boy Nev from nebs Tech,thats long have I wanted satellite,radio but it was always a mistress that,had been just beyond me because I,refused to pay the monthly fee just to,have a little bit of radio sent my way,there are some awesome channels that you,can get on the satellite radio like for,example the Garth Brooks Channel he has,his own station and whats really,interesting about that is the Garth will,not let it stop you sold through Apple,Store or the Google Play Store you cant,give in you want all Garth all the time,ladies and gentlemen you have to get,satellite radio there is a way to get,free satellite radio and after searching,the globe for so long I am ready to,share with you my secret ladies and,gentlemen of how you too can get Sirius,XM Radio one was a serious or XM radio,apparently they got together and they,fused fusion ha Sirius XM radio and now,ladies and gentlemen I will show you how,you can get this for free well the trick,and its a trick its not a hack the,trick to getting free Sirius XM,satellite radio is you got to go to use,clothing stores you gotta go to Garrett,tails you gotta go to rummage sale and,try them out because a lot of the time,you will find ones that have been,activated for life and people just dont,want them anymore they dont need them,and they forget all about them and get,rid of them this is probably the fourth,XM unit Ive been through the first one,I have tested and it has all the,internet radio you could want my wife is,so happy with all of the Garth Brooks,its freaking amazing,its freaking amazing but yeah go to,your secondhand store dont feel too bad,to go to your Salvation Army,dont feel too bad to go to your,secondhand store and try this stuff out,its freaking amazing and it feels,wonderful when you find one that,actually works so there might be ways to,hack it I doubt it but if you want to,get free satellite radio ladies and,gentlemen get over yourself and go to,the second-hand stores get secondhand,stuff try it out see how it is remember,if you let series know if you report,if you are reported they can just pull,it from you but yeah again theres a lot,of these things that that when it was,released they had lots of they had lots,of promotions where you could get it you,could buy it and then you could get,unlimited on it for I think it was like,I want to say like 60 bucks – that cant,be right lets been in the hundreds,because in this isnt this like 10 bucks,a month or something like that now one,very interesting thing about this older,unit its only in mono are all XM radios,in mono its like it doesnt matter that,much I bet the average person couldnt,tell in a car the difference between,mono and stereo just how much makes,their hair bounce and how much they like,their hillbillies Tunes lets face it,some of the best music and times that,weve ever had were spent in vehicles,with wood cheap vehicles with tinny,music but the people we love thats the,good times thats when the good music,happens and thats the good stuff ladies,and gentlemen thats the good stuff,to me anyways anyways ladies yall and,thats it for me now from that stack,thats liked and subscribed you like,this stuff its always appreciated and,as usual take care of each other if you,dont like the Salvation Army make sure,you be donating money to some other,group its easy to its easy to pick,apart things its hard to be,constructive and its hard to be good,but we got it so were here for have a,good one folks take care of each other

I Activated A Sirius XM Trial

good afternoon everyone hows it going,hope youre all going well I got a,letter in the mail from Sirius XM and,and this just gives me something to talk,about I guess mostly because its been,such a long time like youre kind of,interested in,its like and I wanted to report that to,you guys so heres some backstory I went,to a dealership to get the passenger,side airbag recall thats another story,for another time,pretty funny actually but there was an,open recall on the passenger side airbag,inflator and I went into a dealership to,get that address a couple days later I,got a letter in the mail saying Sirius,XM and your dealer want to thank you and,give you a free trial to Sirius XM for,those of you who dont know what Sirius,XM is is basically like a satellite,radio so if I go in to wheres the mode,button on this tape satellite and,theres no signal why because you have,to pay for this service its like a,monthly subscription or whatever but,theyre offering me a free trial and,normally Id be like whatever because I,just load up CDs with music that I want,because this car takes six discs and it,plays mp3s I could do I could cram like,uh anyone between 90 to like 130 mp3s on,one CD and Im good to go but again you,know and on top of that I dont know who,even uses Sirius XM anymore or why,because you have because you have things,like Pandora and Spotify and not only,not even that you have things like,bluetooth and also they have these,things that basically take a phone,connected to bluetooth like a little,device that creates an FM signal so that,your regular radio can even pick it up,so you know XM when it came out well I,dont know when it came out but I,remember in the early 2000s a little,like a big thing I was like whoa Wow,cool and then that quickly went like god,that thats been replaced by something,like outer space satellite has,gotten replaced by cellphones and a,landline bass and thats kind of,funny I think but so I dont know how,Sirius XM even survives till this day,and who even uses it but I got a letter,Im gonna,read this letter and,and well give it a shot so here I am in,my sit here and talk to the camera spot,okay now as usual the post-it notes only,there to block out things that I dont,want people to see cuz their private,information things but the letter,basically says dear my name your dealer,and SiriusXM want to thank you for,bringing in your Chrysler 300 first,service visit as a reward for your,loyalty were giving you a free,two-month trial subscription to Sirius,XM totally free cost you nothing no,strings attached heres all you need to,get going go to Sirius XM comm so I,start my trial blah blah blah check out,the enclosed channel guide to see,everything youll enjoy and start,listening to over 150 channels in your,vehicle etc etc try this before theres,no better time to try it again weve,always got more channels shows an,exclusive live performances to enjoy all,the time,your two-month trial subscription is,absolutely free this is the part that,piqued my interest we wont ask for a,credit card to get you started so go to,Sirius XM comm so I start my trial 1 or,call blah blah blah blah and turn us on,and turn this up thanks again from your,dealer and Sirius XM we hope you enjoy,rocking your ride happy listening your,Sirius XM team see I get like as I was,saying it must be hard for them to,survive because I guess theyre just,desperate to hand out free trials,without even collecting credit card,information for recurring subscriptions,and or whatever if that makes sense,even and heres a brochure they gave me,its basically how it basically has all,the channels and not all the channels,but a bunch of channels and their,listings and everything like that now so,I am going to sign up for this trial and,Im going to report to you guys what I,see ok or how its like but anyways this,radio I replaced this radio this isnt,the original radio that came with the,car its original equipment but it did,but its a different radio from a,different car and one of the things that,I blocked out with posted was the radio,number so Im just going to check if the,radio number matches up to what they,have in a letter,because I imagine I have to enter that,code to get the free trial anyways this,is an RAK radio which says over here and,extremely tiny letters its a RAC radio,I call it RAC but to find out what the,code is for this radio you press time,and the CD ejects button while the radio,is off so turn off the radio and Im,going to intentionally cover some digits,here but you hit time and eject and the,code will pop up for the radio you might,have to press and hold it for a little,bit sometimes it pops right up but there,it is now I know that it matches up to,the thing that gave me because I had,already checked so what Im gonna do now,is Im gonna go on the internet using my,phone let me just shut off my vehicle,and Im going register for this for this,trial go to Sirius XM / start my trial,one,enjoy Sirius X on your car for free yep,good every channel when Im in creating,every behaving channel stream Im lining,Yap start your free two-month trial now,radio ID / VIN Im gonna put that in,real quick off-camera the next fields,are first name last name and zip code so,Im going to put that in off-camera as,well and that seems to be everything,that they want from you so Im just,gonna press continue okay it says youre,eligible your car is eligible for a,complimentary two-month trial of,everything seriously something has to,offer okay so now theyre asking for,email address phone number street,address city state Im gonna fill this,in real quick off-camera as well okay,almost done youll need to send an,activation signal to your radio your,free trial will end on December 26th so,the day after Christmas fine okay are,you in your car yes set your car radio,to satellite and listen for audio make,sure radio has a clear view to the sky,not blocked by garage large tree yeah,theres nothing but sky Sun refresh,signal refresh request sent verify it,worked within five minutes after sending,the refresh signal tune to channel two,on your radio if you can hear,programming your refresh completed,successfully if not to go back and send,another refresh signal so within five,minutes after sending the refresh signal,tune to channel two,on your radio if you can hear,programming your refresh completed,successfully,when you buy an old car and get free,satellite radio thats actually kind of,cool okay Im actually not mad okay,[Music],lets see what we have here we have,comedy sports rock I want rock I want,about commercial free music okay let me,check out,oh they got Pearl Jam is that twenty-two,the only thing that sucks is I got to do,this by hand I cant just put in a,number,theres this Pearl Jam all right let me,find something more recognizable to me,beetles should be 18 right oh yeah so,the brochure doesnt lie cool stuff see,you on Thursday thats the ec130,actually um wheres I just dropped my, in of zone of no return okay hold,on,except everything returns from risotto,real return they got how were starting,at entertainment we get political issues,hey what if I go down from 18 what will,happen then three two one 196 channels,so how am I supposed to get to something,like 450 I dont know oh now we have,things thats pretty cool,Pearl Jam alright so Im gonna have two,months of this thing so lets see how it,goes,[Music],it isnt pretty this would be pretty,nice to remix its like dubstep beetles,for now it is Im I did Pearl Jam,actually Jam Pearl Jam for now it is Im,a little bit disappointed that I,couldnt find like Church singing I,guess thats one thing yeah okay as,usual thank you guys so much for,watching if you like this video please,like comment and subscribe dont know,why you would like this video but there,you go have a good one,[Music]

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