1. Advanced Lead Verification with Whitepages Pro
  2. How to Scrape Whitepages Business Data : Business Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses (2020 Tutorial)
  3. Bypassing All Subscription Paywalls
  4. Testing stalker report websites | How accurate are they?
  5. Whitepages.com Data Scraper | Scrape Property Owners Data without getting BLOCKED
  6. How to track someones location with just a phone number
  7. How to pull address & phone info using white pages api

Advanced Lead Verification with Whitepages Pro

good afternoon everyone and thank you,for joining todays webinar my name is,John Mattingly product evangelist at,active prospect and Id like to welcome,you to our second webinar on lead,enhancement advanced lead verification,with whitepages pro you know were,excited to have whitepages pro with us,today to add another episode to our,webinar series on lead enhancement and,again with the intent to more formally,introduce you to our lead enhancement,partners the services they provide and,how those services can be used within,the conduit to improve the quality of,your lead data and the overall success,of your marketing campaigns now before,we get started just a little bit of,housekeeping here were going to,continue the brief webinar format that,we created last time so we have about 25,to 30 minutes the plan material to cover,before taking some of your questions you,can submit questions throughout the,presentation using the questions module,located in the GoToWebinar control panel,and well collect all your questions,there and address them at the end of the,presentation if for some reason we cant,get to all of your questions and well,be sure to follow up with each of you,individually and make sure that you have,all the information that you need now,youll also find some supplemental,materials in the handout section of your,GoToWebinar control panel so be sure to,look in that section and take those,materials home with you and finally at,the end of our session today youll have,the opportunity to provide feedback via,a brief survey now weve tried to make,the survey as painless as possible so if,youd like to help us do better next,time and have a moment to spare and wed,really appreciate your feedback on,Howard do okay so with all that out of,the way lets go ahead and get started,today were here to talk about advanced,lead verification and how to implement,within your lead conduit flows so Im,happy to be joined by Jordan Reynolds,hes the director of strategic,partnerships with whitepages pro and,hell be with us in a moment to provide,an introduction to whitepages discuss,the importance of verifying your lead,data and speak to indicators of lead,quality particularly those that,can be gleaned from data provided by,whitepages pros lead verify API now from,there well dive right into lead conduit,and show you how easy it is to integrate,whitepages pro sleeve verify API,directly into your lead conduit flow and,how to build in advanced logic that,leverages some of the lead quality,indicators that Jordan will speak about,really without having to write a whole,bunch of code and then finally well,wrap things up by taking some of your,questions of course but before I,introduce Jordan and particularly for,those who may be new to act a prospect,or the topic elite enhancement Id like,to set the stage by providing a really,brief introduction to active prospect,and how we make lead enhancement,services like whitepages pros available,through our lead conduit platform so for,those of you that may be new or,unfamiliar with active prospect and,hourly cod web platform the conduit is a,real-time technology platform that,automates internet date delivery and,simplifies integrations between your,mission-critical sales and marketing,systems elite conduits its between your,lead data collection points and your,back-end marketing systems capturing,leads from any source from publishers,vendors website lead forms Facebook,League ads etc and in real-time it,delivers those leads to where they need,to go crm systems email marketing,systems marketing automation systems you,name it along the way the econo it,automates a whole lot of work on your,behalf from normalizing lead data across,your sources to validating lead,acceptance criteria to deep duplication,it can perform complex lead filtering,which well talk a lot about today and,it can route leads to different systems,or campaigns based on rules you set up,and the information that you collect on,your leads now all of this work is,wrapped up in a series of steps that we,collectively refer to as a flow and your,flow ultimately defines how your leads,will be filtered and routed to their,appropriate destinations in real-time,now when youre doing this kind of,real-time filtering and routing on your,leads now sometimes the lead data you,collect from your lead sources isnt,enough to fully qualify or route your,leads in the most efficient way you,might be collecting,lean data thats inaccurate or,fraudulent and you want to make sure,that you know that data doesnt get,through to your campaigns so this is,where lead enhancement services come in,and they can really help you fill in the,data gaps that you might have in your,lead acquisition processes and when we,talk about lead enhancement services,were referring to any number of,real-time API based data services that,can be used to further qualify or in,some way tell you more about your leads,so these services span a really broad,range of categories from phone email and,physical address verification to Big,Data pens and lead scoring now here at,active prospect we actually have a,product that fits into the lead,certification category of lead,enhancement which is our trusted form,product and it helps with TCPA and CASL,compliance now all of these services can,tell you a lot about your leads and the,data they provide can be used in all,sorts of ways to improve the efficiency,of your lead flows and ultimately the,success of your campaigns now Li conduit,has the ability to integrate with any,lead enhancement service and with a,simple drag-and-drop which will show you,in our demo in a moment you can very,easily add these enhancements services,into your lead flows and start making,real time lead filtering and routing,decisions based upon the data you,receive from them so you can leverage,these services through the conduit for,for pennies or fractions of a penny per,lead so your return on investment can be,substantial particularly you know if,youre trying to mitigate the challenges,associated with acting on poorly data,and so that brings us back to the,subject of todays webinar and our guest,speaker whitepages pro is one of our,lead enhancement partners and their,services are made available through,through the conduit today and Im,delighted to introduce Jordan Reynolds,whitepages pro is director of strategic,partnerships who will provide us with an,introduction to whitepages pro and speak,to us about the importance of verifying,lead data how that can be done,leveraging whitepages pros lead verify,API so without further ado Ill turn the,presentation over to Jordan,great thanks a lot John and thank you,everybody for joining today were really,excited to be working with active,prospect in the lead conduit platform,specifically with the various,integrations that weve made available,for lead conduit customers to perform,advanced lead lead verification on the,leads that theyre working with really,at that critical point between lead,collection and lead delivery so the,quick agenda for this section is a short,overview of whitepages pro in our data,some of the different challenges that,many of you marketers and Lee fires are,familiar with in the lead processing and,a quick overview of lead to verify,before I kick it back to John to do a,more a more detailed review and,demonstration of lead verify with inlaid,conduit so well jump right in so,whitepages is a data company at heart,really at the core of our business is,our identity graph and the identity,graph at whitepages supports whitepages,pro which is the b2b division and,whitepages premium which is for,consumers and includes a couple of,well-known online properties like,whitepages com for women calm and,receives over 55 million unique visitors,per month now to to create our identity,graph there are really three key sources,out whitepages that includes data that,we license and bring in house on any,given month our data science team is,bringing in on the order of 5 billion

How to Scrape Whitepages Business Data : Business Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses (2020 Tutorial)

hi hi and welcome to our two-person tool,calm and today Im going to show you how,you can generate more leads for your,business so if you purchase the software,we have over 180 different modules that,will help you to generate leads to,generate traffic and make more money so,here in the scraping section we have the,business little scraper all these,different modules will help you to,generate leads and today were going to,talk about the white pages business,scraper so you click on that and you,will open this up what you had to do is,you have to click on open Firefox this,is going to open Firefox so you can,interact with the website so you have,this now basically you will do have to,click on this remove marionette and make,sure that whenever you remove the matter,the the when you click on this the the,thing finish on false so it was some,false already so we just uncheck this,and we just make sure that this is false,this is so the website doesnt know that,we are using an automated system to,generate all these lids so now that we,have that out of the way basically here,I have some URLs and this case is going,to go on this one on the Chicago one,navigate so here is white pages then,choose the business section the state,and the city that we want to get the,information from and then the the,keyword that we want to make it faster,you can just look here on this in this,section and then basically if you change,you will get a new URL you can copy that,so you could keep switching the the page,and then you put two three four navigate,and then extract so basically you got,four thousand three hundred and,seventeen results for dentist in Chicago,these you can extract basically you are,right now on the page number one,so lets just extract what we have here,as you can see here is track all these,ones we can remove the duplicates if,there is duplicated teachers will remove,them then we can just go because we have,this URL we can go to the page number to,click on navigate this is going to,navigate to the page number two so we,have all these results and same thing we,can just click on extract so here we got,that we can just delete the duplicates,you could delete the duplicate listen to,the very end and that way you will do it,only one time and here as you can see,you have the index you have the business,page the business name the address the,neighborhood and the listing URL and,here you have other things that you,could get in this case we only extract,the result on this page so only these,information that we have here is,available the other information is,inside of each every listing URL so we,have to visit the URL to extract the,information so to do that you select the,one that you want to get information,from you click on visit listing link,this is going to go visit the listing as,you can see here it has all that,information and then you click on,extract info if it has the information,it will distract it for you here is,extract the phone number the website and,did YouTube channel now lets look for,another one every single one may have,different information so depending on,what they have thats what you will get,so this one hide the phone number and,the Facebook so as you can see you could,keep doing that for all of them and then,get the phone number so you can call,them and offer your products or your,service if they have a website you could,click on these and visit their website,see how the website look like if they,website its good then basically move to,another one or offer a different service,if the website is not good then tell,them that you are offering make a,website design service array design or,making them more more modern or or,better improving their,social media presence you could go and,offer any kind of product or service to,these people and basically thats how it,works,you go to the website you go to the,contacts section you contact them and,then if they want to work with you then,basically they will say yes they will,pay you and you do the job and thats,how you find leads as we as we said,before it was four thousand four,thousand something and different leads,that I can extract for this city and for,these for this keyword if I change the,keyword then I get more leads and more,weight and this is just one module of,all the different modules for the lead,scraper so and all the other ones that,also let you get more traffic to,whatever site or product you want to,sell so if you want to get this you can,do that in outpost into calm thank you,for watching and have a great day,you

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Bypassing All Subscription Paywalls

so imagine that youre on wall street,journal right and youre just trying to,read this article,about a face mask i guess but as soon as,you read a few words youre blocked by,this paywall,and you would subscribe but you cant,pay 20 dollars a month because youre a,cheerful,pokeman but it was also the top donator,for the month of january,yeah pokey punch pokey punch so instead,what if there is a way to bypass,all these subscription walls,automatically i mean yeah lets do it,are you kidding no im not i just got,the video and put it on my watch yet i,could drop a milligram pop it on a stock,but id rather be a dick throw it up and,make them watch,yo whats good everyone its nae and,welcome back to another video,so theres currently an extension on the,google chrome store called hover,which can bypass almost any paywall,automatically,so it works on sites like medium wall,street journal,bloomberg and like 100 more right now it,has,over 3 000 users and a 5 out of 5 rating,so yeah you guys can go check it out and,yeah if you remember last video we made,an ad blocker chrome extension,and i was talking about bypassing,paywalls as a next step,and yeah i was working on it but then i,found out that it was actually kind of,illegal,then i emailed one of my law professors,yeah i took a law class one time i dont,really know why,it was kind of it was a total waste of,time and pretty much he said that if,anything like this was going to be made,it should be open sourced and what is,open source,well it pretty much means that its up,for open collaboration,or that anybody can view or edit the,products code,and im not really sure about the,legality of it but,um yeah whoever published it is,anonymous,uh so yeah i dont know who wrote it but,i will say that their code is,really [ __ ] good so yeah again hover,is published on the chrome web store you,can try it out but in this video were,gonna be talking about how it works,and how you guys can bypass any paywall,lets head right in,all right so theres three main methods,of making this work and the first one is,to act like we came from a social media,site,the second is spoofing our machine as a,google ad bot,and the third is just to disable all,cookies and yeah were gonna be going,over all of this so dont worry if,anything doesnt make sense right now,like,what a cookie is because were gonna be,going over it to bypass the paywall it,takes one of these methods,and it depends on the site like on some,websites we can bypass the paywall by,using method one,and yeah then another third of websites,can be bypassed with method number two,um but yeah lets just talk about all,these methods alright so the first one,is to act like we came from a social,media site so why would this work,well its because when an article gets,posted on a social media site like,twitter or facebook,these sources are gonna want to let you,read the article because,then they get like a new potential user,like if your friend posts an article,and you click on it you cant read it,like they get they cant draw any new,users in,but if youre able to read it and,actually like the article chances are,youre going to want to read other,articles on the site,so yeah pretty much when you come from a,social media site theyre going to let,you read it alright so how do we do this,with programming,so whenever you visit a website like,lets say google.com your browser gives,google some information about your,computer,some examples of the information that,the website would get is like your ip,address the language that the website,should be in,and also which site linked you to this,current site and yeah all this,information,is included inside what is called an,http,header so what we can do is change this,http,or huge tag protocol header to show that,we came from a site like twitter,and yeah then the website that has the,article that were trying to read,wont block us with a paywall for this,method in the code of the chrome,extension,all it does is just delete the part of,the http header that shows where we came,from,and instead replaces it with t.co which,is twitters website,and the next way we can bypass paywalls,is by spoofing our machine,as a google ad bot pretty much all,sources want to comply with google,because they want their articles to show,up when people search up for their,keywords,and one of the ways that google is able,to get the data,about an article like keywords in it is,through an ad bot or a web crawler,this is an automated script that will go,through the entire article,and store its information so if the,crawler gets blocked by a paywall then,it cant scan the article,and then the article wont show up on,google when people search for similar,stuff,so sources dont really want to block,google ad bots with a paywall,and if we pretend that our computer is a,google ad bot,then we wont get blocked either and,yeah we can do this in the same way as,we did before and thats by changing the,http header so we change our ip address,and whats called a user agent name,to be identical to a google ad bot then,we spoof our machine to be an ad bot in,the code of hover what we can do is,delete the parts of the http header that,has the ip address and the user agent,and instead change it to the info of a,google ad bot,and now this will get past almost all,the paywalls,the last method of bypassing paywalls is,to block all web cookies,web cookies are pretty much small bits,of information,that the browser keeps about you and so,some examples of this information,is like how many times you clicked on a,button and also how many times you,visited a site,so yeah this is actually like the most,powerful but the least,ideal approach like in the other methods,you can still sign in and you know like,and comment,and favorite whatever stuff you want to,and its like you have a membership,but when you block cookies you cant,sign it anymore because the website,cant store that information,so basically a lot of websites allow you,to read five free articles before they,block you with a paywall,but how do they keep track of how many,free articles youve read,well they do this with cookies so every,time that you visit a sources website,cookies on the browser will keep track,of this so the first time that you visit,the website the cookie will store that,you visited the site once,and then the second time itll be two,and then three,until its over five which is when itll,block you with a paywall,so the way we can bypass this paywall is,by blocking all cookies,and when we block cookies the source,will think that its the first,time were visiting the site or the,first article that were reading,ever so they wont block us with the,paywall the way we can do this,in the code of the extension is to,change the chrome settings to block,cookies for this site,and yeah thats pretty much it like i,mean theres more code that goes into,extension,but these are really the main things and,yeah for bypassing pay walls and the,extension,i really hope that its not long term,because on a scale of like one to,ethical its like a solid three,so yeah i hope in the long run like all,this gets patched,and uh it doesnt happen anymore like,its not able to be bypassed,and maybe the prices will get lowered,and yeah that pretty much brings us to,the end of this weeks video,if you guys like the video uh thanks and,ill see you guys next time,peace are you kidding no im not,i just got the video and put it on my,watch [ __ ] i could drop a milligram pop,it on a stock but id rather be a dick,throw it up and make em watch,are you kidding no im not moving,through your city with my coffee and a,glide [ __ ] ask me

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Testing stalker report websites | How accurate are they?

hows it going everybody the cello and,it has been a long time since I have,made a video five months which is long,enough for some of you to start asking,me are you dead only on the inside but,five months is a long time and a lot has,happened in my life my wife and I moved,our family out to the mountains to try,to sort of get back to the basics we,even got a flock of chickens who are all,nearly immediately killed by a bobcat,now we dont have any chickens but my,wife is due with our third child in a,couple of months and what with the kids,and work and life and all of that its,just been really hard to try to sort of,pencil in the time to make a video even,if I really want to but its one of my,new years resolutions to get back into,this and continue making regular content,for the channel so I want to sincerely,thank all of you subscribers for,continuing to support this channel by,coming back and for those of you who,have no idea who I am or why youre even,subscribed to me Im the is Google,always listening guy and were going to,be testing another product that allows,me or anybody to download all of your,personal information using just your,name for a small fee at least thats,what it claims so thats what were,going to be testing today but first,heres the top five Jake Gyllenhaal,eyelid,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so if youve ever googled somebody or,maybe even just googled yourself youve,probably come across one of these types,of websites that offer you tons of,information on the person youre looking,for in exchange for some money they,claim to be able to give you a persons,property records marital status phone,numbers aliases names of their relatives,names of their neighbors number of their,sex partners time of their future death,and all of their deepest darkest secrets,there are tons of different websites,that offer this service and if youve,ever wondered how detailed and accurate,the information they sell really is,thats exactly what were going to find,out were going to be testing this out,using people finders calm and in telesco,Ill be searching my own name so I can,easily verify the information and well,compare the reports to see which one is,better and how accurate they are,starting with people finders calm first,we enter my name mich hallo and then,were taken to a page that offers us,enough information to confirm that we,are targeting the correct person so,lets click a view report and now were,taken to the pricing page where were,offered to report options a cheap report,for a dollar 95 which includes full name,address phone number prior addresses,relatives aliases age and date of birth,then theres a $10 option which includes,property records bankruptcies judgments,and liens marital status birth and death,records criminal history and sex,offender status sex offender status,uh-oh theres also cheaper options for,both of these reports but it will rope,you into a free trial which will end up,costing you more money in the end,so were going to order the $10 option,and click continue then were taken to a,pretty standard checkout page simply,enter all the required information and,be sure to read the fine print next to,the Terms of Use box because sometimes,thats where theyll sneak in hidden,fees those sneaky fees now lets click,get results now all right so now it,takes us to another page with another,Terms of Use checkbox and a big green,button that says complete my order but,dont be fooled a closer look reveals,that by checking this box you are,agreeing to sign up for their 7-day,trial and the tiny print on the green,button says yes I want the rewards so,lets bypass all that and just click the,tiny text under the button that says no,thanks now again were taken to yet,another page that tries to trick us into,paying for their membership with a big,green button that says yes view my,report and if we werent being careful,wed obviously think thats the,we need to click to view the report and,that would cost us another $15 so,instead lets again click the tiny text,underneath that says no thanks view my,report all right we have to click,through one more sales pitch this time,its far less sneaky so just click no,thanks and then well finally get to the,report and well just print that out,so now lets order the report from Intel,yes comm and print that one out is well,the process starts off exactly the same,way by searching your name and it brings,you to a page where you get enough,information again to confirm your target,and then you click get a report again,were taken to the pricing page which,offers us 3 different options for the,report so lets keep this at a,comparable price point and purchase the,$10.00 report,now were taken to a checkout page where,we need to enter in our payment,information and then click the view my,report button at the bottom which,surprisingly leads us directly to the,report without trying to sell us any,more stuff we didnt ask for huge point,to intelecom for that now lets print up,this report and lets compare so now,that I have printed out both of the,reports from both of the places I tested,people finders calm and intelligence,lets figure out which one is better so,were gonna start with people finders,calm first so the first thing to notice,that people finders dot-coms report is,13 pages while intelligences is only 8,pages long so first it starts out with,your personal summary has all the,various forms of my name Mitch Mitchell,Oh Mitchie Mitchie boy Mitch McConnell,my main man Mitch it has my last address,but it does not have my current address,it has three of my past phone numbers,but it does not have my current one and,I have had my current phone number for,at least a couple of years it has the,phone number I grew up with it has my,current and most used email address has,no birth records it has no death records,on my wife it has a ton of information,on my wife including all of our previous,addresses it has my fathers information,all of his different names that he goes,by his current address and all of his,all of all of the his past addresses,including ones before I was born,a lot of his email addresses including,ones Ive never heard of,it has my siblings information including,all of their historical places of,residence it has my mothers information,and then it has somebody Ive never,heard of as a relative in all of their,information in Oklahoma hmm that is,really weird it has my wifes parents,and grandparents information including,all of their historical addresses and,phone numbers it has my wifes siblings,information including all their,addresses and phone numbers it has no,marriage records which is publicly,available information that I would,expect to find in a report like this but,its not here has no divorces well,thats good but Ive never been divorced,so I wouldnt expect to find anything,there it has all of the previous,properties Ive owned the first one in,California and the second one that I,just sold now lets see what else we,have we have criminal records zero for,me traffic violations I havent had any,traffic violations in the past ten years,but before that I had a lot so Im not,sure if those things are still on my,record or not I have no liens no,judgments no bankruptcies and then I,have a business that I had started many,years ago that didnt really pan out and,its listed on here so thats a nice,thing to look at so thats the entire,report it is actually pretty detailed,its all publicly available information,but youd have to be a pretty diligent,stalker to compile all this information,on your unsuspecting victim but for just,a few minutes of your time and just a,few dollars out of your wallet you can,have this all compiled for you this is a,stalkers treasure trove if you want to,track somebody down although it doesnt,list my current phone number or address,all right lets see if the intelecom one,is any better and if it can actually,give me any information on me currently,contact information it has my last,address not my current

Whitepages.com Data Scraper | Scrape Property Owners Data without getting BLOCKED

hey steve i hope you are doing well so,our bot is ready for whitepages.com well,uh in this short video i am going to,show you that how you will be using this,bot on your pc,so i am going to send you this zip file,uh you have to extract it and then open,this folder,when you scroll down you will see this,application file here name,whitepages.com data scrapper we have to,run this file,here,are your credentials and the first step,for you is to import the csv file,uh containing,the,site state number site strip name,site city and the owner names okay,after that uh you just have to press the,start button,then it will log into the whitepages.com,and then,it will start,this kind of process,so as you can see it has been logged in,now it will using side state number name,and,zip code,to search these,owners then it will be getting their,phone numbers let me show it to you,so,as you can see there are 15 columns for,the phone numbers because uh we dont,know how many formulas we are going to,get,for each owner so it will be trying to,get as many phone numbers for each other,as we can,okay,so,like all these that i send,and from here,we do have our owners okay,for each record and we do have their,phones,here we can see the count,of the records,so for this we do have,three phone numbers,okay uh when you will be using the board,or you have to,you wont be able to minimize this,chrome screen because uh there are,javascript and alex in this website and,now what is,like switching between these tabs as,well so we need to keep open this tab,so uh here is a post button let me post,the board and show you the output now,so uh this we do not have any phone,number but all of the other records will,have the phone number,and uh here is the export button,we can export from here,and open this files from here directly,okay so this is the file that we have,imported in the board,okay,and,this is the file that has generated,so,i think thats all for this demo and uh,if you face any problems with this port,uh do let me know and,if any other guy,guys uh if you are watching this video,and,if you are interested to getting this,board then you can contact me,and,i will assist you with this,as soon as possible i can okay,have a good day take care peace bye

How to track someones location with just a phone number

can you track someones location when,the only piece of information you have,is their cell phone number thats what i,needed to find out as apparently i,licked one of my phone numbers that i,used to test stuff on this channel and,for the past couple of weeks ive been,getting some of these prank phone calls,now typically i dont mind its a,disposable number i really dont care,about that so i simply block those,numbers however,one of the callers just kept on calling,thats just super weird so instead of,blocking that number i decided to see if,i could track that person down was the,only bit of information that i had was,that persons cell phone number is that,enough so i head over to iplugger.com i,type in a destination url so in this,case it was youtube.com and i create,this little short url now this little,link now it looks like iplogger.com it,kind of makes sense what this thing does,it logs your ip,so what i do is i head over to a url,shortener and then i paste in the link,from iplugger and i create yet another,shortened link now this link is,something that im going to send to them,via the text message to see if they,would click let me just show you what,happens if somebody does actually click,so ive opened up incognito mode ive,pasted that url everything around as,normal looks normal but and heres the,big deal if i go back to iplugger and i,clicked on logged ip address all of a,sudden i can see the location see the,operating system and even the ip address,which of course i have masked for this,reason so now that i have my link i sent,it over as a text message and waited to,see if they would take the bait six and,a half hours later uh nothing happened,so now what so before i show you this,bit and this is for educational purposes,only dont be an idiot and go and try,hack someone thats not gonna end well,for you so back to my mysterious caller,i decided to go old school and use,something called dorking for those who,are not familiar with the term docking,is when you use googles own advanced,search facility to access information,that is publicly available so let me,show you an example so here im going to,use the file type which is going to be,pdf and in the title i want to see the,words vip invitation and just by typing,that into a google search you can see,all these companies that uploaded their,vip invitation onto some sort of website,and then google is able to index it and,then i can actually see it now i thought,i would start with social media i mean,thats an obvious place if i can find,that persons number i can probably find,their location so now im going to use,the word site colon and then a domain,name to search just that website so for,example facebook.com and im searching,for that telephone number,instagram.comtechtalk.comtwitter.com,any site that i want any domain you can,use the word site colon and the text and,then just search that particular website,in this case uh no go okay that didnt,work out so next up i tried to use,something called in text and i ran that,command and basically this happened so,when you just use in-text and then the,telephone number in various combinations,with a plus one with a darling code with,the spaces its going to search the,whole of google and when i did that,these results came up and for a,literally 95 cents i could actually get,everything i need to get on this,particular individual including their,physical location okay so since were,going old school well lets go old,school all the way and lets use the,white pages see what pops up there,now i like to use white pages it tends,to be very very reliable with really,good credible information and as you can,see i can get a lot of information about,this particular person if i needed to,including things like arrest records i,mean how wild is that all the stuff is,available and they simply pull it all,together for you charge you a bit of,money and you can see phone numbers,previous address public records,properties and for four bucks 99 well i,paid it so i actually called it now,according to my legal people they say i,shouldnt show that bit so here is a,reenactment so your name is,and you live at one,be right,hello,guess you wont be hearing back from him,again so can you check someone with just,their cell phone number without,installing anything on their phones,turns out that yes you can if and i say,if if the information is available in,public databases this works in the us it,may not work in your country the,important thing is to do a docking,search on your own information to see,whats publicly available reach out to,those websites that are hosting that,information and ask them to remove it,asap so now if you want to know if you,can track someone without their,knowledge check this video out over here,check out this video over here that,youtube thinks you should watch hit the,head down here to subscribe and ill see,you in this video or this video ill see,you in both lets go

How to pull address & phone info using white pages api

hello welcome to another video this,video working on the white pages API,its really easy to find it just,developer that white pages calm and what,this API allows to us to do is to search,by by name and include a name in the,location and you get back a complete,address and phone number and also you,can do a reverse lookup by phone or by,address or by business so this is just,the first video for this series so,heres what I got so far,I got a windows forms just a basic,button here and unless you can see I,have just a basic files here and I think,that Im settings I have a key for the,event that developer came because if you,notice in the web pages you need to,register and apply for an API key,without it you wont be able to go make,the call so here what I have is Im,building a string just a long URL and,Im passing first name and last enough,zip code if you have it in your,developer key thats it and as you can,see heres the node button inside these,guys and Im looking for Paul Jackson as,an example I have no tsypko as you can,see Im gonna be using the XML data,works XML document object and you can,load one of the methods you can do it,slow a string and in this case were,gonna load this whole string so this,object is gonna go load up this HTML,data back to us and then youll see it,once you come back so were gonna try it,out,we should get back in here in the,console all the data as you can see its,right here it finish as you can see not,formatted correctly but you can see it,across for example theres a few things,that are really nice like for example,you can it gives you a link so you can,go on the internet and view it but now,as you can see here is my first name and,last thing that I sent and if you keep,looking in this return it will give us,that address any correspond so its kind,of huge file but as you can see gave us,a pillbox 175 this city the state,reciprocal in a lot of other data I,think we can copy even this guy and,when a copy see this link is valid nope,its not valid but I do find that,theres another and theres another link,that allows you to either results in the,HTML so Im gonna pass them so as you,can see Im using the text viewer to see,this XML back its huge I havent gone,through it but I seen it that it tells,you that I have some driving directions,or a list in detail,and it will give your link for sure that,Im sure you will give you a link back,so in the next video Ill show how you,can pick from all this data some,valuable information so maybe in the,future some of my need to search like,for customers they say you wanna search,e in a specific State everybody with all,for example that is with last name in,Jackson I think you can even not pass,the first name in just a last name I,think the last name is required and it,will still give you data back but I did,see this message too many results found,so if Im gonna have to theres total,value for 298 so its a little bit work,to go through this XML but on the next,video show you can read this and pull,out the information that is useful so,thank you for watching if you have any,questions come back to facebook.com,slash C sharp nerd and just leave me a,comment in here about any videos you saw,on YouTube thank you for watching

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