Ace PTE Listening with October 2023 Fill in the Blanks

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Ace PTE Listening with October 2023 Fill in the Blanks

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. William Shakespeare: A Mysterious Figure
    1. Lack of Personal Information
    2. Primary Sources of Information
  3. Lowry Lawrence: The English Artist
    1. Life and Works
    2. Depiction of Industrial Districts
    3. Matchstick Man Style
    4. Unpopulated Landscapes and Portraits
  4. Animals: The Movement Coordinated by Neurons
    1. Central Patterns Generator (CPG)
    2. Muscle Contraction and Rhythm
    3. Simple Signal from the Brain
  5. The CEO's Second Duty: Building the Senior Team
    1. Importance of Hiring and Managing Executives
    2. Impact on Company Strategy
  6. Boredom in High School
    1. Survey Results on Student Boredom
    2. Reasons for Boredom
  7. Barcode Scanners: How They Work
    1. Fundamental Principles
    2. Reflections of Light
    3. Translating Patterns into Electrical Signals
  8. Integrated Ticketing: Simplifying Travel Systems
    1. Introduction of Paper Tickets
    2. Smart Card Implementation
  9. Neolatin: The Ancient Language
    1. Misconceptions about Neolatin
    2. Similarity to Classical Latin
  10. Understanding Traffic Jams
    1. Japanese Experiment on Traffic Jams
    2. Formation and Spread of Jams
  11. South Australia's Water Predicament
    1. Contingency Planning and Foreseen Issues
    2. Drinking Water Dependency on the Murray
  12. Patriotism and Public Representation
    1. Refining Public Views
    2. Choosing Citizens for Decision Making

William Shakespeare: A Mysterious Figure

William Shakespeare, despite his fame and celebration, remains a mysterious figure when it comes to personal history. There are only two primary sources of information on The Bard: his works and various legal and church documents from Elizabethan times. However, the gaps in this body of information provide little insight into Shakespeare the man.

Lowry Lawrence: The English Artist

Lowry Lawrence, also known as Steven Lowry RBS, was an English artist renowned for his depictions of industrial districts in Northwest England. His drawings and paintings of places like Pendlebury and Salford have captured the essence of life in the mid-20th century. Lowry developed a distinctive style characterized by urban landscapes populated with human figures often referred to as "Matchstick man." In addition to these urban scenes, he also painted enigmatic unpopulated landscapes, portraits, and the unpublished IET Works.

Animals: The Movement Coordinated by Neurons

In animals, movement is coordinated by a cluster of neurons in the spinal cord known as the central patterns generator (CPG). This CPG produces signals that drive muscles to contract rhythmically, either for running or walking, depending on the pattern of pulses. Interestingly, a simple signal from the brain instructs the CPG to switch between different modes, such as transitioning from a standstill to walking.

The CEO's Second Duty: Building the Senior Team

One of the key responsibilities of a CEO is building the senior team. All executives report to the CEO, making it their job to hire, buy, and manage the executive team. Hiring an excellent senior team is crucial as they play a vital role in keeping the company running smoothly. However, if a CEO hires a poor senior team, they end up spending most of their time trying to compensate for the team's shortcomings rather than focusing on other aspects of their job. While the senior team can develop the company's strategy, the final decision on strategy always rests with the CEO.

Boredom in High School

A survey of high school students suggests that boredom in class is a prevalent issue. More than half of the surveyed students reported feeling bored in class every day, with over one-fifth even considering dropping out. The main reasons students cited for their boredom were the irrelevance of the subject matter and a perceived lack of care from their teachers. Addressing this issue is crucial for ensuring student engagement and success.

Barcode Scanners: How They Work

Barcode scanning machines work on a simple principle: using light intensity, specifically the reflection from black and white stripes, to determine the code. White stripes reflect light well, while black stripes reflect little to no light. When a barcode scanner shines light sequentially across a barcode, it simultaneously detects and records the pattern of reflected and non-reflected light. This pattern is then translated into an electrical signal that the computer can interpret with the help of specialized software. Barcode scanners have revolutionized data manipulation and recordkeeping in numerous industries.

Integrated Ticketing: Simplifying Travel Systems

The implementation of integrated ticketing has simplified travel systems in Southeast Queensland. In 2004, a paper ticket was introduced to enable travel across all modes of transportation in the region, including buses, trains, and ferries. The second stage of integrated ticketing involves the introduction of a smart card that allows users to store value and conveniently use it for traveling within the system. This innovation has streamlined the ticketing process and enhanced the overall travel experience.

Neolatin: The Ancient Language

Neolatin is often misunderstood, leading to confusion about its origins and nature. Contrary to popular belief, Neolatin is essentially the same as the Latin used in the ancient world, known as classical Latin. It is not a form of Late Latin used at the end of the Roman Empire or the pseudo Latin found in popular culture references like the Harry Potter books. Neolatin encompasses the language written during the classical period, providing insights into ancient Roman culture and literature.

Understanding Traffic Jams

Japanese researchers conducted a real-life experiment to shed light on the intriguing phenomenon of traffic jams. They placed 22 vehicles on a single track and asked the drivers to maintain a constant speed of 30 km/h. Initially, traffic flowed smoothly, but soon, fluctuations in the distance between cars caused them to clump together at certain points on the track. The resulting jam then propagated backward around the track, resembling a shockwave. This experiment reinforces the understanding that traffic jams can appear seemingly without reason and highlights the complexities involved in managing traffic flow.

South Australia's Water Predicament

The water crisis in South Australia has become a critical concern, particularly considering that the majority of the region's drinking water relies on the Murray River. Recent events have exposed the vulnerability of Adelaide, as well as other regions in South Australia, due to severe drought conditions. The predicament highlights the need for long-term water management strategies and nationwide support to address water scarcity issues.

Patriotism and Public Representation

Patriotism plays a crucial role in public representation and decision-making. By involving a selected body of citizens in the decision-making process, the public's views can be refined and expanded. A group of citizens who possess both wisdom and patriotism are best suited to discern the true interests of the country without sacrificing them for temporary or partial considerations. This approach ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of the nation as a whole.


Q: Was William Shakespeare a well-documented historical figure? A: No, there are limited primary sources of information about Shakespeare's personal life.

Q: How did Lowry Lawrence gain fame as an artist? A: Lowry Lawrence became famous for his unique style of painting urban landscapes and industrial districts in Northwest England.

Q: What is a Central Patterns Generator? A: A Central Patterns Generator (CPG) is a cluster of neurons in the spinal cord that coordinates animal movement.

Q: How do barcode scanners work? A: Barcode scanners use light intensity to detect and interpret patterns of reflected light from black and white stripes on barcodes.

Q: How has integrated ticketing simplified travel systems? A: Integrated ticketing, such as smart cards, allows users to conveniently travel across different modes of transportation with a single payment method.

Q: Is Neolatin the same as the Latin used in ancient Rome? A: Yes, Neolatin refers to the Latin language used during the classical period, which is essentially the same as the Latin used in ancient Rome.

Q: What causes traffic jams? A: Traffic jams can occur due to fluctuations in the distance between vehicles, which can lead to clumping and the propagation of congestion.

Q: How is South Australia affected by water scarcity? A: South Australia faces significant water scarcity issues, particularly with its heavy reliance on the Murray River for drinking water.

Q: What is the role of patriotism in decision-making? A: Patriotism ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of the country, as it involves citizens who possess wisdom, love of justice, and the true interests of the nation

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