Boost Your Japanese Learning with These 5 Game-changing Anki Addons

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Boost Your Japanese Learning with These 5 Game-changing Anki Addons

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Add-on Number One: Japanese Support Add-on
  3. Add-on Number Two: Japanese Pitch Accents Add-on
  4. Add-on Number Three: Quick Color Changing Add-on
  5. Add-on Number Four: Migaku Japanese Add-on
  6. Add-on Number Five: Anki Connect Add-on
  7. Add-on Number Six: Beautify Anki Add-on
  8. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore various add-ons that can greatly enhance your experience with Anki, a popular flashcard application. These add-ons are designed specifically for learning Japanese and can make your study sessions more efficient and effective. From automatically generating furigana and pitch accents to adding native speaker audio, these add-ons will transform your Anki experience. So let's dive in and find out how to upgrade your Anki and make it a hundred times more modern!

Add-on Number One: Japanese Support Add-on

The Japanese Support add-on is a must-have for Japanese language learners using Anki. It allows you to automatically create furigana for all the kanji you input. Installing this add-on is easy. Simply press Ctrl + Shift + A to open the add-ons menu, then click on "Install New Add-on" and paste in the appropriate code. After restarting Anki, the Japanese Support add-on will be ready to use.

To generate readings from the expression field, make sure you have a field named "Expression" and "Reading." If you need to rename your fields, go to the "Tool" menu and select "Note Type Manager." From there, you can rename each field accordingly. Once everything is set up, simply paste your sentence into the expression field, and the reading will automatically generate. If you come across any cards displaying furigana incorrectly in square brackets, follow the instructions provided to fix the issue.

Add-on Number Two: Japanese Pitch Accents Add-on

The Japanese Pitch Accents add-on is another valuable tool for Japanese learners. It allows you to automatically create pitch accent graphs for every card you have. Additionally, we will bundle in the Quick Color Changing add-on, which helps you color code cards to identify pitch accents easily.

To create a new card with a pitch accent graph, input the expression, generate furigana, and remove the kanji and square brackets. Then click on the new "Set Pitch Accent" icon and paste the reading. Enter the pitch accent as a sequence of "Ls" (low) and "Hs" (high). After confirming the details, the pitch accent graph will be generated. Feel free to customize the appearance of the card, such as removing the space between the word and the graph or adding colors for better visibility.

To apply these changes to all your existing cards, go to "Tools," then select "Pitch Accent" and choose "Bulk Add." Follow the instructions to select the deck and field for displaying the pitch accent, and the changes will be applied automatically.

Add-on Number Three: Quick Color Changing Add-on

The Quick Color Changing add-on complements the Japanese Pitch Accents add-on by allowing you to easily color code cards for better visual identification of pitch accents. With a simple shortcut (Alt + 1 through 4), you can assign colors such as blue, red, green, or yellow to different cards based on their pitch accents.

To achieve the same result as discussed, go to "Tools," then "Add-ons," and find the Quick Color Changing add-on. Access the settings and use the provided code to enable the color-changing functionality. Once complete, you can enjoy color-coded cards that make the identification of pitch accents much more convenient.

Add-on Number Four: Migaku Japanese Add-on

The Migaku Japanese add-on takes your learning experience to the next level by adding native speaker audio for every Japanese word with just one click. This add-on is particularly useful for improving pronunciation and listening skills. However, the installation process is slightly more complex than other add-ons.

After installing the Migaku Japanese add-on by pasting the provided code, you need to manually download the audio files separately. Once downloaded, access the add-ons menu in Anki, select Migaku Japanese, and click on "See Files." In the new folder that appears, go into "User Files" and extract the accent audio folder. This step ensures that the audio files are correctly integrated into Anki.

With the add-on installed, you can now take advantage of its features. For example, if you come across a card with incorrect audio or readings, simply delete the original audio, highlight the expression, and click the "Speak" button. This action will automatically find the correct audio file for the word and even display the pitch accent. You can further customize the appearance by removing unnecessary information and previewing the result.

Add-on Number Five: Anki Connect Add-on

Anki Connect is a powerful add-on that allows you to instantly look up definitions of Japanese words and create flashcards directly from the Yomichan plugin. By having Anki Connect installed, you can more efficiently create flashcards with the information provided by Yomichan. This add-on bridges the gap between vocabulary lookup and flashcard creation, streamlining your learning process.

To make use of Anki Connect, install the add-on and follow the instructions to set it up. Once everything is configured correctly, you can create cards from Yomichan information by clicking on the plus icon. This integration saves time and ensures a seamless transition from vocabulary discovery to memorization.

Add-on Number Six: Beautify Anki Add-on

The Beautify Anki add-on allows you to customize the appearance of your Anki interface. If you're wondering how to make your Anki look more appealing and modern, this add-on is the answer. With the ability to change fonts, colors, and layouts, you can create a personalized and visually pleasing environment for your study sessions.

To install this add-on, follow the provided code and instructions. Once implemented, you can explore the various customization options available, such as selecting different themes, adjusting font sizes, or changing colors to match your preferences. With Beautify Anki, you can create an interface that motivates and inspires you to study.


With these six essential add-ons, you can elevate your Anki experience and supercharge your Japanese language learning journey. From automatic furigana and pitch accents to native speaker audio and customizable interfaces, these add-ons provide a holistic approach to studying Japanese efficiently. Experiment with these add-ons, find the combination that works best for you, and take your Japanese skills to new heights.


  • Add-ons can greatly enhance your experience with Anki for learning Japanese
  • Japanese Support add-on automatically generates furigana for kanji
  • Japanese Pitch Accents add-on creates pitch accent graphs for every card
  • Quick Color Changing add-on allows color coding of pitch accents for easier identification
  • Migaku Japanese add-on adds native speaker audio to every Japanese word
  • Anki Connect facilitates vocabulary lookup and flashcard creation
  • Beautify Anki add-on customizes the appearance of your Anki interface


Q: Can I use these add-ons for languages other than Japanese? A: While these add-ons are designed specifically for Japanese, some functionality may still be useful for other languages. However, their full potential is unlocked when used in conjunction with Japanese learning.

Q: Are these add-ons compatible with both Windows and Mac systems? A: Yes, these add-ons are compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. Simply follow the installation instructions provided for each add-on.

Q: Will these add-ons work with the AnkiDroid app? A: Most of the add-ons mentioned in this article are specifically designed for the desktop version of Anki. However, some may have equivalent versions or alternatives available for AnkiDroid. It's recommended to check the add-on's documentation or the AnkiDroid community for more information.

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