Boost Your PDF Editing with Pdfme for React

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Boost Your PDF Editing with Pdfme for React

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. A Powerful TypeScript Library
  3. Features of
    1. Fast PDF generation
    2. Easy-to-use PDF template editor
    3. Virtual editor for editing PDF templates
    4. Structured templates using JSON data
  4. Using
    1. Generating PDFs
    2. Using the UI editor
    3. Using the form editor
    4. Generating PDFs using code examples
  5. Exploring Playground
    1. Code sandbox examples
    2. Designer, form, viewer, and navigation options
    3. Leveraging the scaling feature
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs A Powerful TypeScript Library is an open-source TypeScript library that offers a range of powerful features for generating and editing PDFs in web applications. With its user-friendly interface and flexible functionality, provides developers with a convenient way to create professional-looking PDFs effortlessly. In this article, we will explore the various features of and how it can be used to enhance document generation and editing workflows.

Features of

Fast PDF Generation excels in fast PDF generation, allowing developers to effortlessly generate PDFs as easily as the document's content is defined. Whether dealing with a simple text document or a complex report, ensures quick and efficient PDF generation without compromising on quality.

Easy-to-use PDF Template Editor

The library includes an intuitive PDF template editor that makes it easy to design and customize PDF templates. With drag-and-drop functionality, developers can effortlessly position and resize elements such as text, images, and interactive components. The editor provides various styling options, including color pickers, to create visually appealing PDF templates.

Virtual Editor for Editing PDF Templates

One of the standout features of is its virtual editor, which enables developers to interactively edit PDF templates. This virtual editor allows for real-time changes to be made to the template, such as updating text, repositioning elements, and even adding dynamic elements like QR codes. The ability to make these edits within the editor ensures efficient customization of PDF templates.

Structured Templates Using JSON Data allows developers to define PDF templates using structured JSON data. This approach simplifies the process of creating templates, as developers can leverage their familiarity with writing JSON. The structured templates provide a clear format for defining the document's layout, allowing for easy customization and generation of the final PDF.

Using offers developers the versatility to use its features in a modular manner. Depending on the requirements, developers can choose to utilize the PDF generator, the UI editor, or a combination of both.

Generating PDFs

The PDF generator module of is designed to efficiently generate PDFs based on the provided data and template. Developers can use the JSON data structure to define the desired content and layout of the PDF. With a straightforward integration process, generating PDFs becomes a seamless part of any web application.

Using the UI Editor

The UI editor provided by allows for a visual editing experience when working with PDF templates. Developers can drag and drop elements, adjust their positions, and customize their properties with ease. The UI editor also provides real-time previewing, enabling developers to see how the changes will affect the final PDF.

Using the Form Editor offers a form editor for those who prefer a form-based approach to template customization. The form editor simplifies the process of creating PDF templates by providing a user-friendly interface to input text, images, and other elements. This editor is particularly useful for users who may not have coding knowledge but still need to create customized PDF templates.

Generating PDFs Using Code Examples provides a playground where developers can explore code examples and see how PDF generation and editing can be implemented using the library. The playground offers various demonstrations, including designer, form, viewer, and navigation options, allowing developers to understand the full potential of

Exploring Playground

The playground provides a code sandbox environment where developers can experiment and learn how to implement PDF generation and editing. It offers a range of examples and options, including the designer, form, viewer, and navigation features. Developers can leverage these examples to gain insights into how can be used effectively in their projects.

Code Sandbox Examples

The playground showcases code examples that demonstrate different use cases of It provides a collection of snippets that cover various functionalities, allowing developers to understand the syntax and implementation details required for PDF generation and editing using These examples serve as valuable resources for developers looking to integrate into their applications.

Designer, Form, Viewer, and Navigation Options

Within the playground, developers can access the different options available for designing, form creation, viewing, and navigating PDFs. These features provide a comprehensive set of tools to create immersive and interactive PDF documents. The playground empowers developers to explore the full range of capabilities provided by

Leveraging the Scaling Feature offers a valuable scaling feature that allows developers to resize elements in the PDF templates dynamically. This feature enhances the overall flexibility and responsiveness of PDF templates, ensuring that they look consistently professional on different devices and screen sizes.


With its impressive set of features and straightforward integration process, proves to be a valuable resource for developers seeking efficient PDF generation and editing capabilities. The library's fast PDF generation, intuitive template editor, virtual editor, and structured JSON templates provide developers with a versatile toolkit to streamline their document workflows. By leveraging, developers can enhance their web applications with powerful PDF generation and editing capabilities.


Q: Is suitable for both simple and complex PDF generation tasks?

A: Yes, is designed to handle both simple and complex PDF generation tasks efficiently. Whether you need to generate a basic text document or create a comprehensive report, can be easily adapted to meet your requirements.

Q: Can be used in non-web applications?

A: While is primarily designed for web applications, it is possible to integrate its functionality into non-web applications by leveraging appropriate frameworks or libraries.

Q: Is compatible with other programming languages besides TypeScript?

A: While is written in TypeScript, its functionality can be utilized in projects developed using other languages as well. JavaScript developers can seamlessly integrate into their projects by leveraging its TypeScript definitions.

Q: Does provide any authentication or security features?

A: focuses on document generation and editing functionality and does not offer built-in authentication or security features. It is recommended to implement appropriate security measures within the hosting application to protect sensitive data when using

Q: Can I contribute to the library?

A: Yes, is an open-source project, and contributions from the developer community are welcomed. You can contribute to the library by submitting pull requests or reporting issues on the GitHub repository.

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