Create Profitable Amazon KDP Word Search Books for $22k Monthly

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Create Profitable Amazon KDP Word Search Books for $22k Monthly

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Word Search Puzzle Book Niche
  3. Researching the Best Sellers in the Word Search Puzzle Book Niche
  4. Creating a Word Search Puzzle Using a Free Generator
  5. Designing the Pages of the Word Search Puzzle Book
  6. Adding Titles and Keywords to Each Puzzle Page
  7. Duplicating and Customizing Puzzle Pages
  8. Exporting the Puzzle Book as a PDF
  9. Strategies for Standout Word Search Puzzle Books
  10. Alternatives to Creating Word Search Puzzles from Scratch
  11. Conclusion


Welcome to today's video where I will show you how to create a word search puzzle book. Word search puzzles have become increasingly popular, and creating your own puzzle book can be a fun and profitable venture. In this article, I will guide you through the process of creating a word search puzzle book, from researching the best sellers in the niche to designing and exporting your book. Let's dive in and explore the exciting world of word search puzzle books!

Understanding the Word Search Puzzle Book Niche

Before we start creating our own word search puzzle book, it's important to understand the niche and the potential competition we may face. Word search puzzle books are a popular choice among puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. These puzzles consist of letters arranged in a grid, containing hidden words that can be found in any direction. The challenge lies in locating and circling these words within the grid. With their engaging nature and ability to enhance cognitive skills, word search puzzles have gained immense popularity in recent years.

Researching the Best Sellers in the Word Search Puzzle Book Niche

When entering any niche, it's crucial to research the best sellers to understand the market trends and competition. To do this, we can turn to popular platforms like By searching for "word search" on Amazon, we can find a wide range of results, indicating the high competition in this niche. However, it is recommended to start with books that have fewer than 1,000 competitors if you want to avoid paid advertisements and focus on organic sales. By analyzing the top sellers, we can gain insights into their pricing, page count, and rank to determine the potential for success in this niche.

The best-selling word search puzzle book we found during our research has a price of $12.83, consists of 257 pages, and holds a best sellers rank of 950 on Amazon. This information gives us a sense of the market demand and the sales potential of a successful word search puzzle book. Additionally, by utilizing the X-Ray feature on Amazon, we can access detailed information about the book's sales performance in the last 30 days. This valuable data helps us to calculate the author's earnings and understand the profitability of the niche.

Creating a Word Search Puzzle Using a Free Generator

Now that we have an understanding of the word search puzzle book niche and have researched the best sellers, it's time to create our own puzzles. To simplify the process, we can use a free word search generator with a MIT license. This generator allows us to customize the dimensions of our puzzle grid and add words that the users should find within the grid.

To begin, we set the width and height of our table in the word search generator. For example, let's set it to 16 by 16. We can choose to shuffle the letters in the grid for added complexity.

Before generating the puzzle, we need to add the words that the users should find in our table. If we want to create a book with a specific theme, we can manually add the keywords one by one. However, if we prefer a general word search puzzle, we can use the random word feature, which generates a list of random words based on the size of the table. It is recommended to add at least 10 keywords, or up to 20 words, to ensure an engaging and challenging puzzle.

Once we have added the words, we simply click on the generate button, and our puzzle is ready to be used in our word search puzzle book.

Designing the Pages of the Word Search Puzzle Book

With our word search puzzle created, the next step is to design the pages of our puzzle book. For this purpose, we can use popular tools like Google Slides, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint.

To start, open a new presentation in Google Slides and select page setup from the file menu. Choose a custom page size of 8.5 by 11 inches, which is the standard size for most puzzle books. Now, remove all the default elements from the page to create a blank canvas.

Once we have our empty page, we need to bring in our word search puzzle. To do this, copy the puzzle from the word search generator and paste it into the empty page in your preferred document editor. In Google Slides, the pasted puzzle will automatically convert into an editable table.

Position the puzzle in the center of the page to ensure it is visually appealing and easily accessible for users. We also need to add two more elements to the page – a title for the puzzle and the keywords associated with it.

To add a title, go to the insert menu and select the text box option. Place the text box at the top of the puzzle grid and enter the title text, such as "Puzzle number one" or "Puzzle one". To make the title stand out, make it center-aligned and bold.

Next, we need to display the keywords associated with the puzzle. While a simple paragraph of text will suffice, it can be more visually appealing to create a table for each set of keywords. From the insert menu, click on the table option and select the appropriate size for your keywords. Each keyword should be placed in a separate cell within the table. If desired, you can further customize the font and formatting of the table to match the aesthetics of your puzzle book.

Adding Titles and Keywords to Each Puzzle Page

Now that we have designed our first puzzle page, we can duplicate it to create additional pages for our puzzle book. This will ensure consistency throughout the book and save time in the design process.

To duplicate a page in Google Slides, simply right-click on the page thumbnail in the sidebar and select the "Duplicate slide" option. This will create an identical copy of the original puzzle page. Repeat this step to create as many puzzle pages as desired.

Modify the title and keywords for each puzzle page to reflect the unique content of the puzzle. Change the text in the title textbox to indicate the puzzle number or theme. Similarly, update the keywords table to reflect the specific words users need to find in each puzzle.

By duplicating and customizing puzzle pages, we create a cohesive and engaging experience for our readers. This consistency also helps with the branding of our word search puzzle book.

Exporting the Puzzle Book as a PDF

Once all the puzzle pages have been created and customized, it's time to export the puzzle book as a PDF. This format ensures compatibility across different devices and allows for easy distribution and printing.

To export the puzzle book as a PDF in Google Slides, go to the file menu and select the "Download" option. From the dropdown list, choose "PDF Document". This will convert the entire presentation into a PDF file, ready for publishing or distribution.

Once the PDF has been generated, you can review it to ensure all the puzzle pages and their elements are correctly displayed. Make any necessary adjustments before finalizing the puzzle book.

Strategies for Standout Word Search Puzzle Books

With the increasing popularity of word search puzzle books, it's important to develop strategies to make your book stand out from the competition. Here are some key strategies to consider:

  1. Theme-Based Books: Instead of creating a generic word search puzzle book, try to focus on specific themes that resonate with your target audience. For example, you can create word search puzzles around topics like nature, animals, movies, or even specific holidays.

  2. Difficulty Levels: Catering to a wide range of puzzle enthusiasts, consider offering different difficulty levels within your book. Include easy, medium, and challenging puzzles to appeal to beginners and experienced solvers alike.

  3. Unique Twist: Differentiate your book by incorporating unique elements into your puzzles. For example, you can create puzzles that form a shape or spell out a hidden message when all the words are circled.

  4. Eye-Catching Design: Pay attention to the visual appeal of your puzzles. Use vibrant colors, attractive fonts, and appealing illustrations to make your book visually captivating.

  5. Bonus Content: Consider adding bonus content such as trivia questions related to the theme of your word search puzzles. This not only adds value to the book but also enhances the overall reading experience for your audience.

By implementing these strategies, you can create standout word search puzzle books that attract and delight puzzle enthusiasts.

Alternatives to Creating Word Search Puzzles from Scratch

Creating word search puzzles from scratch may be time-consuming or challenging for some individuals. If you find yourself short on time or struggling with puzzle creation, there are alternatives available. One popular option is to purchase pre-made word search puzzle templates from websites like Creative Fabrica. These templates provide a ready-to-use puzzle that you can customize to suit your book's theme and design. While this may require an upfront investment, it can save you valuable time and effort in puzzle creation.


Creating a word search puzzle book can be a rewarding and lucrative venture. With the right strategies and attention to detail, you can tap into the growing demand for engaging and challenging puzzle books. By understanding the niche, researching the best sellers, and utilizing tools like free word search generators and document editors, you can create high-quality puzzle books that captivate and entertain readers. Remember to incorporate unique elements, stick to a theme, and consider alternative puzzle creation options to stand out in this competitive market. Happy puzzling!

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