Master the Art of Color: Import and Save Palettes in Aseprite

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Master the Art of Color: Import and Save Palettes in Aseprite

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Color Palettes
    • 2.1. Using
    • 2.2. Filtering Color Palettes
    • 2.3. Downloading Palettes
  3. Different File Formats
    • 3.1. PNG Images
    • 3.2. Hex Files
    • 3.3. Dot Asc Files
  4. Loading Color Palettes in ASAPrixar
    • 4.1. Opening ASAPrixar
    • 4.2. Accessing Color Palettes
    • 4.3. Saving Color Palettes as Presets
  5. Additional Resources
    • 5.1.
    • 5.2. Color Palette Generators
    • 5.3. Color Ramp Creator


How to Find and Use Color Palettes in ASAPrixar


Color palettes are essential for creating visually appealing designs. If you're looking for a quick way to find and use color palettes in ASAPrixar, you're in luck! In this article, we'll guide you through the process of finding and loading color palettes, as well as provide some additional resources for creating your own.

Finding Color Palettes

2.1. Using

When it comes to finding color palettes, is a fantastic website to visit. By clicking on the "Palette List" at the top of the page, you'll gain access to a wide variety of color palettes.

2.2. Filtering Color Palettes

To narrow down your search, allows you to filter color palettes based on different criteria. For example, you can limit the number of colors in a palette by setting a maximum value. This feature is especially useful if you prefer working with a limited number of colors.

2.3. Downloading Palettes

Once you've found the perfect color palette, provides an option to download it. Simply click on the "Download Palette" button, and choose the desired file type. Two recommended formats are PNG images and hex files. PNG images are excellent for visualizing color palettes, while hex files are compatible with ASAPrixar.

Different File Formats

3.1. PNG Images

PNG images are an ideal choice for viewing and inspecting color palettes. Each color in the palette is represented by a square of pixels, with dimensions reflecting the number of colors in the palette. For example, a 32x32 PNG image would have a 32-pixel square for each color. While larger dimensions make it easier to visualize the colors, keep in mind that they consume more memory.

3.2. Hex Files

Hex files are another suitable format for loading color palettes in ASAPrixar. These files contain a list of hexadecimal values that represent each color in the palette. To load a hex file, select "Load Palette" from the hamburger menu in ASAPrixar and double-click on the hex file you downloaded.

3.3. Dot Asc Files

While dot asc files might seem compatible with ASAPrixar, they do not currently work with the "Load Palette" functionality. Be cautious when using dot asc files that are intended for ASAPrixar, as they might not load as expected.

Loading Color Palettes in ASAPrixar

4.1. Opening ASAPrixar

Once you have ASAPrixar installed on your computer, open the program to access the color palettes feature.

4.2. Accessing Color Palettes

On the left side of the ASAPrixar interface, you'll find the color palettes menu. Click on the hamburger menu icon to reveal a drop-down list. From there, select "Load Palette" to load color palettes from your computer.

4.3. Saving Color Palettes as Presets

If you want to use the same color palette consistently when creating new files, you can save it as a preset. Click on the menu icon and choose "Save Palette as Preset." The color palettes presets are stored in the app data folder on your computer. To load the presets, restart ASAPrixar, and select the desired palette from the presets list.

Additional Resources


For more color palette options, offers a range of links and color generators that can be imported into ASAPrixar. These resources can help you find inspiration and broaden your color palette choices.

5.2. Color Palette Generators

There are also various online color palette generators available. These tools enable you to customize the hue, shift, richness, and number of shades to create unique color palettes for your designs.

5.3. Color Ramp Creator

The color ramp creator is an excellent tool for adjusting the hue value and the amount of shift for each color. You can also control the richness and the number of shades to tailor your color palette according to your preferences.

In conclusion, ASAPrixar provides you with multiple options for finding, loading, and saving color palettes. It's a powerful tool that allows you to create visually stunning designs efficiently. Experiment with color palettes from and explore additional resources to unleash your creativity in ASAPrixar.

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