Master the Art of Photoshop with the Ultimate 5 Photo Challenge

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Master the Art of Photoshop with the Ultimate 5 Photo Challenge

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Random Image Generator Challenge
  3. Exploring the Five Random Images
  4. Creating the Base Plate
  5. Building the Large Structure
  6. Adding Bridges and Lighting Effects
  7. Skillshare Sponsorship
  8. Enhancing the Artwork with Highlights
  9. Transforming the Laptop into a Spaceship
  10. Adding Sci-Fi Lights and Shadows
  11. Incorporating the Fiery Light Image
  12. Using Coffee Texture for a Planet
  13. Painting in Atmospheric Lighting
  14. Adding the Cat's Eye as a Windshield
  15. Finalizing the Artwork

Article: The Random Image Generator Challenge: Creating Art with Photoshop

Have you ever wondered what you could create with randomly selected stock photos? In this article, we embark on a new series where we use a generator to pick five random images from the web and challenge ourselves to create the best art using Photoshop. Join us as we dive into this creative experiment and explore the endless possibilities that arise from unexpected combinations of images.


Welcome to the Phase Runner Basement, a space dedicated to all things Photoshop-related. In this series, we will be exploring challenges, competitions, and giveaways, all centered around the art of Photoshop. Our latest challenge involves using a random image generator to select five stock photos from the web. Once we have our set of images, it's up to us to unleash our creativity and transform them into a stunning piece of artwork using Photoshop.

The Random Image Generator Challenge

The concept behind this challenge is simple yet exciting. We start by using a generator to select five random images from a vast collection of royalty-free stock photos. The possibilities are endless, as we have no idea what kind of images will be chosen. It could range from landscapes to animals, objects to abstract concepts. The element of surprise adds a level of intrigue and pushes our creativity to its limits.

Exploring the Five Random Images

As we spin the wheel of the random image generator, we are greeted with our first image - a cat. This unexpected choice sets the tone for the challenge, sparking both excitement and uncertainty. The intricate details of the cat's eyes catch our attention, and we contemplate how to incorporate them into our artwork.

Moving on to the second image, we are presented with a breathtaking landscape. The image portrays a vast expanse of nature, offering endless possibilities for creative exploration. It becomes clear that this image will serve as our base plate for the artwork, providing a solid foundation for our creative endeavors.

The third image introduces another unexpected twist - a completely unrelated and abstract picture. With the addition of this image, our creative process takes an intriguing turn, pushing us to think outside the box and explore new ideas.

Creating the Base Plate

With our set of images at hand, we begin the process of transforming them into a visually appealing artwork. Starting with the landscape image, we decide to rotate and move it to the side, ensuring it stands out from the original image. By cutting out the background, we create a sense of space, leaving room for atmospheric elements.

Using a large, soft round brush, we paint in a blue color to represent the atmosphere. This adds an ethereal touch to the artwork. To fill in any gaps, we employ content filler to seamlessly blend the background. Adjusting the color and adding shadows brings depth and realism to the piece.

Building the Large Structure

With the base plate established, we envision various bridges protruding from the large structure in our artwork. Finding the perfect spots, we create selections and duplicate them to extend the bridges. By carefully transforming the perspective, we ensure a harmonious integration of the bridges into the landscape.

To enhance the overall aesthetic, we make lighting and color adjustments where needed. These subtle modifications elevate the artwork, creating a visually stunning composition that captures the viewer's attention.

Adding Bridges and Lighting Effects

As the artwork takes shape, we turn our attention to the unique elements of the composition. The doorways within the structure catch our eye, and we decide to emphasize them by increasing the exposure. To further enhance the visual impact, we create a shaft of light beaming out from one of the doorways, using a color fill adjustment layer set to screen mode.

With these lighting effects in place, the artwork begins to come alive, captivating the viewer with its intricate details and ethereal ambiance.

Skillshare Sponsorship

Before we continue our creative journey, let's take a moment to thank our sponsor, Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community that offers thousands of classes for individuals looking to learn and refine their skills. From Photoshop editing to motion graphics, Skillshare provides a valuable resource for those seeking to level up and expand their creative horizons.

Enhancing the Artwork with Highlights

To add depth and dimension to the composition, we incorporate highlights into specific areas of the artwork. The doorways within the structure provide the perfect opportunity to emphasize the play of light and shadow. By selecting these areas and increasing the exposure, we create visually striking focal points that draw the viewer's gaze.

Furthermore, we introduce a touch of magic by creating wisps of vapor using a fiery image. These delicate wisps add texture and a sense of movement, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the artwork.

Transforming the Laptop into a Spaceship

In a bold and unexpected move, we decide to incorporate the image of a laptop into our artwork by transforming it into a spaceship. We rotate, squash, and warp the image to create a futuristic shape. By utilizing the pen's tip image, we add exhausts to the back of the spaceship, further enhancing its sci-fi aesthetics.

To add depth and texture, we cut out an arm from the laptop image and incorporate it into the underside of the spaceship. With careful color adjustments and smudging, we seamlessly integrate this element into the composition, providing additional visual interest.

Adding Sci-Fi Lights and Shadows

To enhance the sci-fi aspect of our artwork, we utilize the image of a keyboard to add varied lights to the main structure. By setting the layer mode to lighten, we overlay the keyboard image, erasing any unwanted parts. Duplicating and placing these sci-fi lights in strategic locations adds an element of futuristic elegance to the overall composition.

To create a sense of depth and realism, we carefully paint in shadows and highlights, ensuring that the lighting effects seamlessly blend with the rest of the artwork.

Incorporating the Fiery Light Image

Intrigued by the fiery light image, we decide to use it to add texture and visual interest to the light emitted from one of the doorways in the composition. By carefully positioning the image and applying blending modes, we achieve a captivating visual effect that complements the overall atmosphere of the artwork.

Additionally, we create subtle wisps of vapor using the fiery light image, further enhancing the sense of depth and immersion within the artwork.

Using Coffee Texture for a Planet

Among the random stock photos, we find an image of frothy coffee with a captivating texture. Inspired by its unique qualities, we decide to transform it into a planet within the composition. By making a selection of the coffee image and applying distort and twirl filters, we create mesmerizing planetary swirls that add a touch of cosmic beauty to the artwork.

With careful lighting and shadow adjustments, we ensure the planet seamlessly integrates into the composition, captivating the viewer and igniting their imagination.

Painting in Atmospheric Lighting

To further enhance the atmosphere of the artwork, we paint in additional lighting effects. By utilizing the fiery image once again, we add texture and depth to the atmosphere surrounding the bridges and doorways. This subtle touch enriches the overall ambiance, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

Adding the Cat's Eye as a Windshield

In a surprising twist, we decide to incorporate the cat's eye into our artwork. By carefully selecting and isolating the eye, we transform it into a windshield for the spaceship. This unexpected addition adds a surreal element to the composition, captivating the viewer's imagination and sparking curiosity.

Feeling a sense of completion, we step back and admire the artwork that has emerged from this random image generator challenge.

Finalizing the Artwork

After spending hours immersed in the creative process, we can unveil the final result of our endeavor. The artwork showcases a harmonious fusion of the randomly selected stock photos and our creative vision. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, our commitment to exploring new ideas and thinking outside the box has resulted in a visually stunning piece of art.

While this challenge may not always produce a masterpiece, it serves as a valuable exercise in pushing our creative boundaries and discovering new techniques. It reminds us that art can emerge from unexpected combinations and our willingness to explore the unknown.

In conclusion, the random image generator challenge is a testament to the power of creativity and the infinite possibilities that arise when we step outside our comfort zone. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, embracing such challenges can lead to growth and breakthroughs in your creative journey.

Thank you for joining us on this artistic adventure. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to like, leave a comment, and subscribe to our channel for more Photoshop content. Until next time, keep exploring, experimenting, and creating art that sparks joy and curiosity.

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