Unleash the Power of Fire in Your Texts!

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Unleash the Power of Fire in Your Texts!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Type Kit
  3. Updating the Type Kit Script
  4. Organizing the Type Kit
  5. Adjusting Spacing for Thin Characters
  6. Using the Kray Heat Radiation Plugin
  7. Adding a Solid Background
  8. Applying Effects to Other Words
  9. Animating the Fire Text
  10. Additional Features and Updates
  11. Conclusion


Hello, everyone! Welcome to this article where I will be introducing you to our new type kit called "Inferno." In this article, we will explore how you can utilize this type kit effectively in your projects. So without further ado, let's dive in!

About the Type Kit

Our new type kit, "Inferno," is now available on Production Crate. This kit has been updated with additional functionality to enhance your typographic designs. One notable update is the support for using both capital and lowercase letters, giving you more flexibility and creative options. If you're already familiar with this type kit, I highly recommend downloading the latest version from the link provided in the description. You can also find it on any page on Footage Crate that showcases our type kits.

Updating the Type Kit Script

To access the "Inferno" type kit, you first need to click on the logo at the top and locate the kit. If you're using Production Crate Connect, our browser extension, you'll have the advantage of having your type kits neatly organized. Once you've selected the "Inferno" type kit, it's time to explore its features and customization options.

Organizing the Type Kit

When working with the "Inferno" type kit, you'll notice that it is exceptionally well-organized, making it user-friendly. While there are some random options available, we recommend ignoring those unless they align with your creative vision. However, one option that you may find useful is the ability to reduce spacing for thin characters, which can enhance the overall aesthetic of your text.

Adjusting Spacing for Thin Characters

If you find that the spacing of your text is too exaggerated, you can easily adjust it to better suit your needs. Simply undo the changes by pressing "Ctrl + Z" and experiment with different spacing values until you achieve the desired result. Once you're satisfied, you can proceed with generating your text.

Using the Kray Heat Radiation Plugin

To add a touch of realism to your text, consider using the Kray Heat Radiation plugin. This plugin takes the luminance or any channel of your text layer and remaps it to realistic fire colors. Instead of having direct control over the colors, you have control over the temperature, which is interpreted realistically as fire. Adding a solid composite effect before applying the heat radiation can provide a solid background and add a different visual dimension to your text. Feel free to experiment and see which effect complements your design aesthetic.

Adding Effects to Other Words

If you have multiple words in your composition and want to differentiate them further, you can pre-compose each word individually. For instance, let's say we want to emphasize the word "warm." Although it is already in all caps, we can use another plugin called "Kray Heat Radiation" to apply additional effects. This will give the word "warm" a unique visual element compared to the rest of the text. Similarly, you can apply the same effects to other words in your composition, such as symbols, punctuation, lowercase letters, and numbers.

Animating the Fire Text

As the fire text loops, it does not animate in and out automatically. However, you can easily create that effect yourself. By adding a tint effect on top of the composite layer, you can control the colors and create a smooth transition. Adding a levels effect can further enhance the animation by adjusting the colors at specific frames. This simple trick allows you to animate the fire text seamlessly, giving it a dynamic and captivating appearance.

Additional Features and Updates

Apart from the "Inferno" type kit, we have also updated the "Ransom" type kit to work with the new version of the script. This means that you can now use both capital and lowercase letters with the "Ransom" type kit, providing you with even more creative freedom. If you wish to composite these letters into a scene or explore other features, be sure to check out the new additions on Footage Crate. We have a range of high-quality fog effects, including smoke and pluming smoke, that can take your compositions to the next level.


In conclusion, the "Inferno" type kit offers a wide range of creative possibilities for your typographic designs. With its updated functionality and flexibility, you can bring your text to life with realistic fire effects. Whether you're a free user or a Pro user, this type kit provides unlimited power and opens up a world of design opportunities. Don't forget to check out the other exciting updates on Footage Crate to enhance your compositing skills. So go ahead, experiment with the "Inferno" type kit, and create stunning visuals that truly make an impact.


  • Introducing the new "Inferno" type kit from Production Crate
  • Updated functionality now supports both capital and lowercase letters
  • Tips for organizing and customizing the type kit for optimal results
  • Enhancing the text with the Kray Heat Radiation plugin for realistic fire effects
  • Adding effects to individual words for a unique visual element
  • Creating seamless animations with the fire text using simple techniques
  • Additional features and updates to explore on Footage Crate


Q: Can I use the "Inferno" type kit with lowercase letters?
A: Yes, the updated version of the type kit now supports both capital and lowercase letters, giving you more design options.

Q: Where can I find the "Inferno" type kit?
A: You can find the "Inferno" type kit on the Production Crate website or on any page that showcases our type kits.

Q: What other effects can I use to enhance my typographic designs?
A: Apart from the Kray Heat Radiation plugin, you can explore other effects like fog effects, smoke effects, and pluming smoke effects available on Footage Crate.

Q: Can I composite the letters from the "Ransom" type kit into a scene?
A: Yes, the "Ransom" type kit has also been updated to work with the new version of the script, allowing you to use both capital and lowercase letters in your compositions.

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