Unleash Your Powers: Grinding Random Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits

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Unleash Your Powers: Grinding Random Devil Fruit in Blox Fruits

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Quest for Devil Fruits
  3. The First Sea 3.1. The Mythic Tier Devil Fruit Notifier 3.2. The Hunt Begins 3.3. Fruit Number Two 3.4. Fruit Number Three 3.5. Fruit Number Four - The Quake Fruit 3.6. Fruit Number Five 3.7. Fruit Number Six - The Flame Fruit
  4. The Challenges of the First Sea 4.1. The Grind Continues 4.2. Fruit Number Seven - The Kilo Fruit 4.3. Fruit Number Eight 4.4. Fruit Number Nine - The Buddha Fruit 4.5. Fruit Number Ten
  5. The Journey Through Jungle and Sky Islands 5.1. Special Encounters 5.2. Fruit Number Eleven - The Barrier Fruit 5.3. Fruit Number Twelve 5.4. Fruit Number Thirteen
  6. The Final Stretch 6.1. Fruit Number Fourteen - The Phoenix Fruit 6.2. Fruit Number Fifteen - The Love Fruit 6.3. Fruit Number Sixteen 6.4. Fruit Number Seventeen - The Chop Fruit 6.5. Fruit Number Eighteen - The Magma Fruit 6.6. The Search for a Mythic Fruit 6.7. Fruit Number Nineteen - The Spring Fruit 6.8. Fruit Number Twenty - The Awakened Double Spring Fruit 6.9. The Final Fruit - The Falcon Fruit
  7. Conclusion

The 24-Hour Hunt for Devil Fruits: A Journey through the First Sea

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend an entire day hunting for devil fruits in an online game? Well, one dedicated gamer decided to take on the challenge and embarked on a 24-hour quest to find the rarest devil fruits in the first sea. Join us as we delve into the thrilling journey that unfolded during this epic adventure.


Devil fruits are a coveted power source in the world of online gaming. These mystical fruits grant players extraordinary abilities and play a crucial role in their quest for dominance. But obtaining these fruits is no easy feat. They are scattered across the vast seas, waiting to be discovered by brave adventurers.

The Quest for Devil Fruits

Our protagonist, armed with determination and a Mythic tier devil fruit notifier, set off on their journey. With the goal of reaching 500,000 subscribers, they promised their loyal followers a special prize if luck was on their side. Little did they know the challenges that awaited them in the first sea.

The First Sea

Equipped with the Mythic tier devil fruit notifier, our gamer began their search in the first sea. The notifier was a game-changer, notifying them whenever a devil fruit spawned nearby. Excitement filled the air as they embarked on this perilous quest.

The Hunt Begins

Within the first hour, our gamer had already stumbled upon several devil fruits. The first fruit, a smoke fruit, was taken by someone else before they could grasp it. Undeterred, they pressed on, eager to discover more hidden treasures.

Fruit Number Two

As the hours ticked by, our gamer encountered the light fruit, a powerful ability in the first sea. Their search led them to a diamond-like fruit, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the ice fruit, a disappointment amidst their ambitious hunt.

Fruit Number Three

The next fruit on their radar was rumoured to be in the desert. With anticipation building, they eagerly made their way to the sandy dunes. But to their dismay, they found the revive fruit instead of the expected treasure. Lady luck seemed to be playing tricks on them.

Fruit Number Four - The Quake Fruit

Nevertheless, our gamer's perseverance paid off when they chanced upon the Quake fruit. This legendary fruit brought a sense of satisfaction and excitement, spurring them to push further. They were now one step closer to their goal.

Fruit Number Five

With their enthusiasm unfazed, our gamer continued their journey, fueled by the recent victory. They triumphantly acquired the light fruit, adding another valuable asset to their collection. The first sea was proving to be promising, despite some minor setbacks.

The Challenges of the First Sea

As the hours wore on, the challenges of the first sea became more apparent. The grind became relentless as our gamer sought out one devil fruit after another, facing disappointments along the way.

Fruit Number Seven - The Kilo Fruit

After countless hours of perseverance, our gamer finally stumbled upon the kilo fruit. While not the rarest of devil fruits, it was a significant milestone in their quest. Little did they know that greater challenges awaited them.

Fruit Number Ten

With every fruit discovered, our gamer's determination grew stronger. They faced adversity and setbacks head-on, driven by their passion for the game. Their efforts paid off as they obtained fruit number ten, marking an impressive achievement within the first sea.

The Journey Through Jungle and Sky Islands

The first sea provided a diverse landscape to explore, from lush jungles to towering sky islands. Our gamer pressed forward, encountering special encounters along the way.

Fruit Number Thirteen

With the sky islands in their sight, our gamer found fruit number thirteen, the barrier fruit. While not the legendary fruit they had hoped for, it added to their ever-expanding collection. The sky islands proved to be a unique challenge, demanding their utmost determination.

The Final Stretch

With only a few hours remaining in their 24-hour adventure, our gamer set their sights on the final fruits that awaited them in the first sea. The anticipation of finding a mythic fruit coursed through their veins as they braved the challenges ahead.

Fruit Number Nineteen - The Spring Fruit

Amongst the disappointment and trepidation, our gamer stumbled upon the spring fruit. This awakened double spring fruit granted them renewed hope in their search for greatness. The end was in sight, but the elusive mythic fruit still remained out of reach.

The Final Fruit - The Falcon Fruit

Alas, the moment of truth arrived. The final fruit in their 24-hour quest materialized before their eyes, and it was none other than the falcon fruit. The excitement turned to bitter disappointment as they realized their dream of obtaining a mythic fruit had not come to fruition.


The 24-hour hunt for devil fruits in the first sea proved to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Our gamer faced challenges, setbacks, and moments of triumph, all fueling their determination to achieve the impossible. While they may not have attained their ultimate goal, the journey itself was a testament to their dedication and love for the game. As they embarked on their next adventure, they knew that greater challenges and rewards awaited them in the vast oceans that lay ahead.

Highlights of the 24-Hour Hunt for Devil Fruits

  • Unwavering determination in the face of challenges
  • The discovery of legendary fruits, including the Quake and Barrier fruit
  • Special encounters in the jungle and sky islands
  • Near misses and disappointments in the relentless search for mythic fruits
  • The thrill of sharing the journey with loyal subscribers
  • The satisfaction of achieving significant milestones within the first sea


Q: How many devil fruits did the gamer find in the first sea? A: The gamer discovered a total of twenty fruits during their 24-hour hunt in the first sea.

Q: Did the gamer find any mythic fruits? A: Unfortunately, the gamer was unable to locate a mythic fruit within the first sea.

Q: What were some of the most challenging moments during the hunt? A: The gamer faced challenges such as losing fruits to other players on public servers and encountering disappointing fruits like the Falcon fruit.

Q: Did the gamer achieve their goal of 500,000 subscribers? A: Yes, the gamer reached their goal, and their loyal subscribers were rewarded with special prizes throughout the hunt.

Q: Will the gamer continue their quest in other seas? A: Yes, the gamer is determined to explore the other seas and discover even rarer devil fruits in their future adventures.

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