Unlock the Power of AI: Get your FREE WordPress Chatbot

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Unlock the Power of AI: Get your FREE WordPress Chatbot

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Plugin
  3. Three Main Ways to Use the Plugin
    • Live Chat Bot
    • Settings Screen
    • Fine Training the Bot
  4. Setup Process
  5. Configuring the Chat Bot
  6. Using the Content Generator
  7. Publishing a Post
  8. Potential Future Updates
  9. Conclusion

AI Engine: A Powerful and Versatile Chatbot Plugin for WordPress

AI Engine is an innovative chatbot plugin for WordPress developed by Jordi Meow. With over a thousand active installations and a perfect five-star rating from users, it has quickly gained popularity in the WordPress community. In this article, we will take a closer look at the capabilities of AI Engine and explore how it can enhance your website's interaction with users.

1. Introduction

In today's digital era, having an efficient and interactive customer support system is crucial for the success of any online business. AI Engine offers a comprehensive solution by providing a chatbot that can assist visitors in real-time, answer their questions, and provide relevant information. Beyond its live chat functionality, AI Engine also offers additional features such as fine training the bot to fit your specific requirements and a content generator that can create engaging posts on your chosen topic.

2. Overview of the Plugin

AI Engine is a feature-packed plugin that offers three primary ways to incorporate its capabilities into your website:

2.1 Live Chat Bot

The live chat bot feature allows you to have a virtual assistant that interacts with your visitors. By simply installing the plugin and activating the chat bot, your visitors can engage in conversations and receive instant responses to their queries. This feature is particularly useful for businesses offering products, services, or information that require immediate assistance.

2.2 Settings Screen

AI Engine provides a user-friendly settings screen where you can configure various aspects of the chat bot. From this screen, you can customize the bot's personality and behavior, ensuring that it aligns with your website's tone and branding. Additionally, you can access advanced settings, such as context awareness, which enables the bot to understand the specific page it is on and provide context-specific responses.

2.3 Fine Training the Bot

One of the most impressive and unique features of AI Engine is the ability to fine train the bot to meet your specific requirements. By uploading your own dataset of questions and answers, you can train the bot to understand and respond to inquiries that are tailored to your organization, sales promotions, or products. This level of customization ensures that the answers provided by the bot are accurate and relevant to your users.

3. Three Main Ways to Use the Plugin

3.1 Live Chat Bot

The live chat bot feature is a powerful tool for engaging with visitors on your website. It enables real-time communication and instant responses to queries, creating a seamless user experience. With AI Engine, you can easily enable the live chat bot by ticking a simple checkbox in the plugin's settings screen. Once activated, the chat bot will be available for users to interact with by clicking on an icon or designated area.

3.2 Settings Screen

The settings screen of AI Engine provides a range of customizable options to fine-tune the behavior and appearance of the chat bot. From setting its personality traits to adjusting contextual awareness, you have full control over how the bot interacts with visitors. This feature allows you to create a unique and tailored experience that aligns with your website's branding and voice.

3.3 Fine Training the Bot

AI Engine takes customization to the next level by allowing you to fine train the bot using your own dataset. By uploading a set of questions and answers specific to your organization or industry, you can enhance the bot's understanding of your products or services. This ensures that the bot delivers accurate and relevant responses that meet the specific needs of your users. Fine training the bot is a slightly more advanced feature, but it offers unparalleled customization possibilities.

4. Setup Process

Setting up AI Engine on your WordPress site is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes. To begin, download and install the plugin from the WordPress repository or the developer's website. Once activated, navigate to your WordPress dashboard and find the "AI Engine" option under the "Meow Apps" section. To unlock the full potential of AI Engine, you will need an OpenAI API key, which can be obtained for free from OpenAI's website. Simply follow the provided link, register for an account, and generate your API key. Copy and paste the API key into the designated field in the AI Engine settings screen, and you are ready to go.

5. Configuring the Chat Bot

After the initial setup, you can configure the chat bot's behavior and appearance to suit your website's requirements. The settings screen offers a multitude of options, including choosing a personality for the bot and enabling contextual awareness. With the personality setting, you can give the bot a distinctive tone that aligns with your brand's voice. Contextual awareness, on the other hand, allows the bot to understand the page it is on, providing contextually relevant responses to user queries. These customization options ensure that the chat bot not only provides accurate information but also resonates with your visitors.

6. Using the Content Generator

In addition to the chat bot functionality, AI Engine offers a unique content generator that can create informative and engaging articles for your website. By accessing the content generator feature from your WordPress dashboard, you can input a topic of interest, such as "How to use Swift," and specify the desired length and structure. AI Engine will then use its AI capabilities to generate a well-structured article that covers the chosen topic. This feature is invaluable for content creators who are looking to streamline their writing process or need inspiration for new articles.

7. Publishing a Post

Once the content generation process is complete, AI Engine provides a draft of the generated article. From the WordPress editor, you have the option to further refine the post, making edits or adding additional information as needed. Once you are satisfied with the article, you can publish it directly on your website. This seamless integration enables you to quickly and efficiently generate quality content that is tailored to your specific topic of interest.

8. Potential Future Updates

AI Engine is a continually evolving plugin, with many exciting features in the pipeline. The developer, Jordi Meow, has expressed plans to further enhance the bot's capabilities and introduce new functionalities. These future updates will likely bring even more customization options, improved AI algorithms, and integration with other popular WordPress plugins. Keeping an eye on AI Engine's updates is highly recommended, as it promises to bring innovation and efficiency to your website's interaction with users.

9. Conclusion

AI Engine is a game-changing plugin for WordPress that revolutionizes the way websites interact with their visitors. With its versatile chat bot, customizable settings, and content generation capabilities, AI Engine empowers website owners to provide seamless, personalized experiences to their users. Whether you need immediate customer support, customized responses, or engaging content, AI Engine has you covered. By incorporating AI Engine into your website, you can enhance user satisfaction, increase engagement, and ultimately drive the success of your online presence.


  • AI Engine is a powerful chatbot plugin for WordPress developed by Jordi Meow.
  • The plugin offers a live chat bot, customizable settings, and a content generator feature.
  • Fine training the bot allows for customized responses tailored to specific requirements.
  • AI Engine simplifies the setup process with a user-friendly interface and integration with OpenAI.
  • The plugin supports contextual awareness and personality customization for the chat bot.
  • AI Engine's content generator creates well-structured articles on specified topics.
  • The generated content can be edited and published directly from the WordPress editor.
  • Future updates of AI Engine promise even more innovative features and integration possibilities.


Q: Can AI Engine handle multiple language support? A: Yes, AI Engine supports multiple languages, allowing you to engage with visitors from around the world.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of questions and answers I can use for fine training the bot? A: There is no fixed limit to the number of questions and answers you can train the bot on, allowing for extensive customization.

Q: Does AI Engine integrate with other popular WordPress plugins? A: While AI Engine currently works as a standalone plugin, the developer has plans to enhance integration with other popular WordPress plugins in future updates.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the live chat bot to match my website's design? A: Yes, AI Engine offers customization options to match the chat bot's appearance with your website's branding and design.

Q: Is the content generated by AI Engine unique and SEO-friendly? A: Yes, AI Engine uses advanced AI algorithms to generate unique and SEO-optimized content that can be further edited to suit your needs.

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