Unlock Your Power: Journey into the World of Sigils

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Unlock Your Power: Journey into the World of Sigils

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Sigils Deck
  3. Understanding the Sigil Cards
    • Meanings of the Cards
    • Practical Guide on Card Bindings
    • Creating Sigils Without the Cards
  4. Applying Sigils for Manifestation
    • Using Sigils on the Body
    • Using Sigils for Decoration
  5. Creating Your Own Sigil
  6. Exploring Different Sigil Meanings
    • Constancy
    • Embody
    • Fluidity
    • Navigate
    • Perspective
    • Shift
    • Strengthen
    • Amplify
    • Decisions
    • Divinity
    • Mediator
    • Success
    • Assertion
    • Connect
    • Filter
    • Highlights
    • Barrier
    • Disguise
    • Repel
    • Shadows
  7. A Step-by-Step Sigil Reading
  8. Conclusion

Sigils: Harnessing Manifestation and Empowerment

Sigils are powerful tools for manifestation and empowerment, and Jane Matthews has created an exceptional deck known as the Sigils Deck. Published by Red Feather, this deck offers a comprehensive guide on how to use sigils effectively in order to manifest the best possible life. In this article, we will explore the Sigils Deck, understand the meanings of the cards, learn how to apply sigils for manifestation, and discover the process of creating your own sigils.

About the Sigils Deck

The Sigils Deck comes beautifully packaged in a box and includes a book that serves as a complete guide. The book not only provides meanings for every card in the deck but also offers a practical guide on how to create different card bindings. Additionally, it provides instructions on creating sigils without the use of the cards. With this deck, you have everything you need to begin your journey of manifestation and empowerment.

Understanding the Sigil Cards

The Sigils Deck consists of various unique cards, each representing a specific energy or concept. Let's explore some of the key meanings associated with these cards:


Constancy is a card that symbolizes the importance of perseverance and maintaining a consistent approach towards manifestation. It signifies the need for dedication and endurance to keep the momentum going.


Embody represents the act of embodying specific energies in order to manifest desired outcomes. This card reminds us that sometimes we need to adopt certain characteristics or qualities to align ourselves with our intentions.


Similar to the concept of flow in the runes, fluidity signifies the ability to adapt and navigate through different situations with ease. This card reminds us of the importance of flexibility and going with the flow.


Navigate emphasizes the need for clear guidance and direction in our manifestation journey. It represents finding the correct navigation route and making conscious decisions to reach our desired outcomes.


Perspective highlights the significance of viewing situations from the right perspective. It reminds us to have a balanced and accurate understanding of our circumstances in order to manifest effectively.


Sometimes, when energies are stagnant, a shift is necessary to create movement and progress. The Shift card represents the need for change and transformation to overcome obstacles and accelerate manifestation.


The Strengthen card emphasizes the power of amplifying and boosting our manifestations. It reminds us to focus on strengthening our intentions and aligning ourselves with the energy required for successful manifestation.


Similar to the Strengthen card, Amplify emphasizes the importance of intensifying our manifestations. It encourages us to channel additional energy and resources into our intentions to enhance the manifestation process.


Conscious decision-making plays a vital role in successful manifestation. The Decisions card reminds us to make thoughtful and deliberate choices to pave the way for our desired outcomes.


The Divinity card represents our connection to the divine and higher spiritual realms. It calls upon our higher selves and the universal consciousness to support and guide us in our manifestation journey.


Sometimes, we need to play the role of a mediator in our own manifestations. The Mediator card signifies the need to find common ground and resolve conflicts or obstacles that may hinder our manifestation process.


Success is the desired outcome of every manifestation. This card embodies the energy of accomplishment, fulfillment, and achieving our goals.


Assertiveness is crucial in certain situations to steer our manifestation process in the desired direction. The Assertion card reminds us to assert ourselves when necessary and take a proactive approach to manifesting our desires.


Connecting with the right energies, people, or resources is vital for manifestation. The Connect card signifies the importance of establishing meaningful connections to accelerate and amplify our manifestation journey.


The Filter card serves as a useful tool in manifestation. It helps us filter out unwanted energies or distractions and focus solely on what is essential for our manifestation goals.


Highlights symbolize the moments or events that bring our manifestations to the forefront. This card indicates the occurrence of significant events or information that align with our desires.


Creating a barrier between ourselves and negative influences is sometimes necessary for successful manifestation. The Barrier card reminds us to establish boundaries and protect our manifestation process.


Disguise represents those moments in manifestation when it is best to remain hidden or keep our intentions secret. It advises us to disguise our true intentions until the opportune time for revelation.


Negativity can hinder the manifestation process, and the Repel card signifies our ability to repel anything negative that may affect our intentions. It acts as a shield of protection against detrimental energies.


The Shadows card represents the mysteries and unknown aspects of manifestation. It reminds us to explore the hidden depths of our desires and embrace the complexities of the manifestation process.

Applying Sigils for Manifestation

There are different ways to apply sigils for manifestation depending on your preferences and the nature of your intentions. One method is to use sigils on your body, either by drawing them directly on your skin or wearing them as temporary tattoos. Another option is to display sigils as decorations in your environment, such as on a wall or near your workspace. Choose a method that resonates with you and experiment to find what works best for your manifestation practice.

Creating Your Own Sigil

While the Sigils Deck provides a diverse range of cards, you also have the opportunity to create your own sigils. The process of creating a sigil involves combining symbols, letters, or shapes to represent your intention. By personalizing your sigils, you can infuse them with your unique energy and align them with your specific desires. The Sigils Deck's book offers guidance on how to create your own sigil, allowing you to take full control of your manifestation journey.

In conclusion, the Sigils Deck is a remarkable tool for harnessing manifestation and empowerment. With its comprehensive guide and diverse range of cards, it offers a holistic approach to manifesting the life you desire. Whether you choose to use the provided sigils or create your own, this deck serves as a powerful resource for those seeking to unlock their manifesting potential.


  • The Sigils Deck is a tool for manifestation and empowerment.
  • It includes a book that provides meanings for every card in the deck.
  • The deck offers a practical guide on card bindings and creating sigils without the cards.
  • Sigils can be used on the body or as decorative pieces for manifestation.
  • The Sigils Deck encourages users to create their own personalized sigils.
  • Each card in the deck represents a specific energy or concept related to manifestation.
  • The deck emphasizes the importance of perseverance, perspective, and conscious decision-making in manifestation.
  • It encourages users to connect with divine energy and establish meaningful connections.
  • The Sigils Deck provides tools to repel negativity and navigate through complex manifestation processes.
  • Shadows card represents the mysteries and unknown aspects of manifestation.


Q: Where can I purchase the Sigils Deck? A: The Sigils Deck is available for purchase on Amazon UK and other online retailers.

Q: Can I create my own sigils using the Sigils Deck? A: Yes, the Sigils Deck provides guidance on creating personalized sigils.

Q: How can I apply sigils for manifestation? A: You can use sigils on your body or display them as decorative pieces in your environment.

Q: Are the sigils in the Sigils Deck suitable for all types of manifestations? A: Yes, the diverse range of sigils in the Sigils Deck can be adapted to various manifestation goals.

Q: Can I share my sigils created using the Sigils Deck online? A: Yes, you can tag the creator of the deck, Jane Matthews, and use relevant hashtags to share your sigils on social media.

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