Unveiling the Secrets of Little Nightmares 3's Clown

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Unveiling the Secrets of Little Nightmares 3's Clown

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Designing the Clown Character
  3. The Circus: A Possible DLC Location
  4. Exploring the Abandoned Circus
  5. The Main Tent and the Clown's Entrance
  6. Mirror Maze: A Game of Hide and Seek
  7. The Dressing Room and the Clown's Mask
  8. The Chase and the Discovery of Fire Breathing Equipment
  9. Defeating the Clown and Escaping the Circus
  10. Conclusion

Designing the Clown Character

In this article, we will delve into the world of "Little Nightmares" and explore the character of the Clown. We will discuss the ideas and concepts behind the design of this disturbing character and explore potential locations and gameplay segments associated with the Clown. So, get ready to step into the eerie world of "Little Nightmares" as we unravel the mysteries surrounding the Clown.

The Circus: A Possible DLC Location

One intriguing location that could be explored in a DLC for "Little Nightmares" is the circus. This traveling performing circus would roam from town to town, with its main base situated just off the outskirts of the Pale City. Unfortunately, the circus finds itself caught in the signal towers' broadcast, leaving it deserted and eerie. As the ghost, a child wearing a white sheet with eye holes cut out and no shoes, players would stumble upon this abandoned circus while searching for food and shelter.

Exploring the Abandoned Circus

While wandering through the deserted circus, the ghost would encounter various disturbing sights. The empty circus animal cages would be torn open, serving as reminders of the dark past of the circus. Creepy photo boards, where guests would put their faces in to become odd characters, would add to the unsettling atmosphere. The ghost would also come across an old-looking merry-go-round, with missing horses and the remaining ones barely painted. Their faces would wear large grins, giving them an obscure appearance.

The Main Tent and the Clown's Entrance

As the ghost enters the main tent, the scene is set for the arrival of the Clown. The arena is surrounded by empty, dusty, cobweb-covered seats. In the center stage, the voice of wooden poles tapping on the floor announces the Clown's entrance. The Clown himself is a truly disturbing character. With a long, saddened drooping face, big yellow teeth, and long slender arms, he walks on stilts, making him appear taller than he actually is. Holding a dark red balloon in one hand, the Clown believes the seats are filled with happy visitors. He waves at the empty seats and makes strange, disturbing faces, attempting to entertain his imaginary audience.

Mirror Maze: A Game of Hide and Seek

To escape the Clown's pursuit, the ghost seeks refuge in the mirror maze. This room is a large maze filled with dusty, old mirrors, creating a maze-like environment. The darkness and emptiness add to the sense of unease. Here, the player must hide from the Clown and avoid getting spotted. The ghost can use the mirrors to their advantage, tricking the Clown into thinking he has found them. When the Clown spots the ghost's reflection, he smashes the mirror, creating an opportunity for the ghost to escape and hide elsewhere.

The Dressing Room and the Clown's Mask

If the ghost successfully evades the Clown in the mirror maze, they will find themselves in the dressing room. Here, they come face-to-face with the Clown, who is seated in front of a mirror, applying makeup to his face. However, upon closer inspection, the ghost discovers that the Clown's face is actually a disturbing mask. As the ghost passes by, the Clown hurriedly puts the mask back on, ensuring he remains an enigma to the ghost.

The Chase and the Discovery of Fire Breathing Equipment

As the chase ensues, the ghost stumbles upon an old storage room. Climbing up the shelves, they discover a collection of old fire breathing equipment, including flammable liquid, fire sticks, and gliders. Desperate to escape the Clown's grasp, the ghost seizes an opportunity to fight back. Throwing a glass bottle filled with flammable liquid at the Clown's head and igniting it, the Clown becomes engulfed in flames.

Defeating the Clown and Escaping the Circus

With the Clown in flames, the ghost finally manages to make their way out of the circus. As they walk away, the circus burns behind them, leaving a dark and unsettling chapter of their journey behind. Unbeknownst to the ghost, they are about to embark on an even more perilous adventure as they make their way to the Pale City, hoping to find safety amid its shadows.


In this article, we have explored the character of the Clown in "Little Nightmares" and delved into the possibilities of a DLC set in a haunted circus. From the design and entrance of the Clown to the mirror maze and the final confrontation, the Clown's presence adds an eerie and suspenseful element to the game. As players navigate through the abandoned circus, they will experience both fear and excitement, culminating in an adrenaline-fueled escape. With its unique blend of disturbing visuals and thrilling gameplay, the Clown and the haunted circus offer an unforgettable experience for fans of "Little Nightmares."

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