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  6. AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard | 60K mile bonus after 1 purchase!!!!!!
  7. Barclays AAdvantage Aviator World Elite Mastercard

Easiest Travel Credit Card Bonus: American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator Red Mastercard from Barclay

so travel rewards cards there are a lot,of personal finance gurus who say you,shouldnt have any credit cards,whatsoever Dave Ramsey is one of these,guys I like Dave Ramsey I think hes got,a lot of good advice he argues though,that people who get credit cards with,travel rewards never use the travel,rewards they just sit in an account,somewhere and then they wind up paying a,lot of interest and spending money that,they dont need to spend thats not,necessarily the case as the card that I,got this summer will show,so before I do anything else my name is,Chris this is Chris hacks life and if,youre interested in learning how to,travel for a lot less than you may think,you need to pay for travel I would,encourage you to give this a thumbs up,like the channel like the video and also,subscribe that would help the channel,out a lot and hopefully it will help,other people learn how they can travel,for pennies on the dollar so what this,video is going to show you is what you,can actually get with The Aviator red,MasterCard from Barclay it will have a,couple of dummy bookings that will show,you if you can actually get flights to,decent places with the bonus that youll,get and after that I will look at some,of the other benefits that come with the,card I would tell you right up front,that I wouldnt use this for everyday,spending but there are some benefits,that come with it that might make it,worth holding on to for up to a year,before the annual fee hits again its,one of these trips that Ive taken that,has involved using credit card points is,one that I took this summer and this,summer my wife and I were able to take,an early anniversary trip to Jamaica,Ive got a video that shows the hotel,that we stayed at it was a very nice,hotel I used credit card points for that,it was a Hyatt and I paid zero for it,they upgraded me because I was just a,simple member to the Hyatt program they,upgraded me to a an ocean view room and,anyway on the way and on the way back,the American Airlines and I used,frequent flyer miles and like 80 bucks,to fly to Jamaica for each person they,offered a credit card sign up bonus that,was increased that was 60,000 points for paying a 99 annual fee,and also spending anything on the card,you could literally buy something for 50,cents at the grocery store or and then,pay it off and that 99 dollar annual fee,and you would get 60 000 points so that,is the American Airlines Aviator red,Advantage card from Barclay and that,card is actually one of the easiest sign,up bonuses that you can get and if you,play your cards right and go in the off,season you can actually go to the,Caribbean for two people for the bonus,of fifty thousand points that theyre,offering right now youll have to pay,some taxes those taxes usually range,anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars,but you can otherwise just spend the,Dollar on a pack of gum and the 99,annual fee and get these flights to you,know Jamaica or Aruba or Cancun and its,a really good deal The Aviator red card,is not a card that I would use for,everyday spending but it is one that I,have gotten a bonus on something like,three or four times I got the first,bonus when it was in a U.S Airways card,back before the merger between U.S air,and American and Ive gotten at least,two more bonuses maybe three since then,uh so anyway you might be wondering what,Im going to do with this bonus this 60,000 Point bonus that I got I have,already used up the points that allowed,me to top off my account and I am taking,my in-laws to Dublin Ireland and then up,to Belfast so I bought two one-way,tickets to Dublin from the United States,its a transatlantic flight I spent five,dollars and sixty cents on each plus the,99 annual fee and that allowed me to get,a one-way ticket,if it was just one person that I was,buying a ticket for you can sometimes,get a round-trip ticket to and from,Europe for that,um so its a really good deal because,you know tickets to Europe can cost,upwards of 500 at the bare minimum all,the way up to over a thousand dollars so,it it really can save you a lot of money,if you are strategic so it is like I,said one of the easiest bonuses to get,but thats not the only benefit for,getting the American Airlines Advantage,Aviator red card Im going to look at a,couple of those now,so to give you a good idea of what you,might be able to get with your 50 000,Point bonus from the advantage Aviator,red card from Barclay Ive put in a,couple of dummy bookings I havent,actually booked these but here I put,Denver to Cancun in Mexico and thats an,international flight and you can see and,this is spring break of next year 2023,you can get flights for twenty three and,a half thousand a piece so your fifty,thousand Point bonus would get you two,round-trip tickets,um it looks like the taxes for this and,to actually get to the cheaper flights,you have to hit this little toggle here,you can see here its a hundred dollars,for the taxes and Ive got another dummy,flight up here going to Paris over the,same period of time and you can see that,on one day you can get a round-trip,ticket 452 and a half thousand miles,that will not actually get you under the,50 000 mile,threshold you could put two and a half,thousand dollars on the card and when,you spend that twenty five hundred,dollars you would have the points that,you need to get this the taxes as you,can see here are 86.78,um you could also wait and see if,theyll come up with a sixty thousand,Point bonus frequently they will do that,so these are just a couple of options,that you might have by getting this sign,up bonus and a minimal spend and you,could get a pretty cheap ticket to some,pretty cool places all right so now we,have the home page for the advantage,Aviator red World Elite MasterCard,through American Airlines and through,Barclays Bank and if we look at the,benefits of having the card you can earn,fifty thousand Advantage bonus miles,after making your first purchase and,paying the 99 annual fee in full you,have to do this within the first 90 days,but it is the easiest apps absolute,easiest sign up bonus to get most sign,up bonuses require you to spend at least,five hundred dollars a lot of the really,good travel cards require you to spend,three or four thousand dollars over the,first 90 days this one is the easiest,sign up bonus youre ever going to see,so youll earn two Advantage miles on,American Airlines purchases which isnt,all that great or one advantage mile for,every one dollar spent on other,purchases,you will get an anniversary companion,certificate which will allow you to fly,you and a guest for 99 the guest and you,get that if you spend twenty thousand,dollars on purchases so thats not,really a great deal unless youre going,to put a lot of spending on this card I,would not recommend putting all of your,spending on this card there are other,options in some of the other videos that,I have and so I wouldnt do that but,some other benefits and you can get,these anytime during the year that you,have the card you can keep the first,check bag for free so thats on domestic,flights only I ran into problems when I,tried to fly to Aruba a few years ago I,had an American Airlines card it was the,city card not the Barclay card but they,told me hey you cant check the bag for,free so Ill wind up having to pay in,thirty dollars this is only for domestic,flights you do get preferred boarding so,if you like getting on the plane Air and,finding a spot for your rolly bag in the,overhead compartment that can help you,out there are no foreign transaction,fees but again I would not recommend,this for an everyday spend because of,obvious reasons if youre looking to get,a free introductory rate or an,introductory balance transfer rate of,zero this is a card that you can you,know transfer your outstanding balances,that have high interest for zero,interest usually that comes with a three,or five percent fee up front and then,you can get interest-free for the rest,of the time and perhaps save s

AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard (Overview)

hey there im jeff with creditcards.com,today were going over the advantage,aviator red world elite mastercard,so this is one of the primary credit,cards for american airlines you may even,see them advertise it in flight i,certainly have,so well cover the main things you need,to know about this card but we do have a,full review on our website so if youre,not already on our website watching this,video on our website if youre watching,on youtube perhaps i will link that full,review for you in the video description,below so you definitely want to read,through the full review to learn a lot,more about the card,lets start off with the rewards for,this card though theyre very basic and,my overall thoughts are unless youre,really loyal to american airlines,theres a good chance that youd,actually come out ahead with a general,travel credit card or even a cash back,credit card as compared to this one but,you know heres what the card offers it,is two miles per dollar spent on,american airlines purchases and one mile,per dollar spent on other purchase and,thats it so like i said in terms of the,rewards nothing special whatsoever but,there is more to know about the card one,thing is that it generally comes with,the opportunity to earn a sign up bonus,i wont mention the specific details for,that in the video because it may change,a lot of incentives with credit cards do,change from time to time,so if you want to learn more about,the situation with regard to a sign up,bonus definitely check out our full,review also keep in mind everything with,the annual fee which you can see here on,the screen,uh this is not uncommon for a lot of,mid-range airline credit cards,having said that the car does come with,an anniversary companion certificate and,you can see more information about that,here on the screen as well that could,help to sort of mentally offset,some of the sting from the annual fee,also another thing to factor in is that,this is a rewards credit card this is,not a cash back credit card so,in this case youre earning miles you,have to not only factor in the number of,rewards or miles,but how you redeem them and what they,could be worth when you do go to redeem,them now with american airlines most of,the time at least from what ive seen in,the past the best option is just to,redeem your miles for future flights,with american airlines and usually,advantage biles are some of the more,valuable miles or points of any airline,out there i wont mention an estimate in,this video but we should have more,details in our full review or you can go,to the pointsguy.com,and they usually have updated monthly,valuations for points and miles now,moving over to some of the other,elements of the card there are some,benefits that are specific to american,airlines and some that are not specific,to american airlines and well cover,those and one thing is that you get your,first checked bag for free and you also,get the first check bag for free for,your companion when you fly domestically,with american airlines and if you fly a,lot with american airlines the savings,here,can really help to offset the annual fee,as well another thing is that when you,fly with american you get a discount on,in-flight food and beverages and you get,preferred boarding now as for some of,the perks that are not specific to,american airlines one thing is that the,car does not charge any foreign,transaction fees,and given the fact that it is a,mastercard you can travel virtually,anywhere on the planet and if they,accept credit cards most likely they,accept mastercard and you do not get,charged a three percent foreign,transaction fee even when you spend on,the card outside of the u.s so thats,great,and the card comes with a pretty big,list of different perks like you know,insurance items or consumer protections,you can learn about those in our full,review or on,the website for the card but thats,about it for the video just a quick,overview of the card,i would say the story here is pretty,straightforward if you fly a lot with,american airlines its worth considering,but you may want to also consider some,of their other cards because they have,numerous other credit cards some of,which may even be better for you so we,have a guide about the best american,airlines credit cards on our website and,a guide about the best airline credit,cards in general and i can try to link,those,in the video description for you as well,those are worth reading through to see,if there are any other cards that might,be better overall for you thanks for,watching have a great day

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60,000 American Airlines Miles for a packet of gum?! | Barclays AAdvantage Aviator

hello good morning how you doing today,stick with me folks because today im,going to give you,60 000 free american airlines miles at,the end of this video,welcome names john liang and this is,what card wednesday where i break down,the latest and greatest in the world of,credit,and today this is an offer that i think,most of you are sleeping on,its the barclays aaa advantage aviator,better known as the,im kidding no one calls it the barclays,american advantage card this card comes,in hot with a,60 000 mile signup bonus after spending,anything in the first three months yes,quite literally anything,a packet of gum 60 000 miles buying your,groceries,60 000 miles buying takeout with the,card 60 000 miles,give me a like on this video no 60 000,miles but i do appreciate your support,so what do those 60 000 miles get you,well strap in buckle up because were,going for a ride or better yet,if you are in the continental united,states you can pretty much get to,honolulu czech toronto check cancun,check paris check madrid check,bali check bangkok check tokyo check,sydney australia check thats right,those 60 000 miles will get you one way,to any of those destinations,what about some round trips wouldnt the,united states only cost 17,000 how about the united states to,honolulu would only cost you 40,000 u.s to europe 45 000,what if you want to boost it up a bit,how about something like business style,well then youre talking my language if,youre looking at a business class,ticket you can get from the u.s to,europe for 57,500 american airlines miles or how about,some place a little bit more tropical,crystal clear water over water bungalow,how about the maldives well thats,exactly what i did i used my american,airlines miles to fly from boston,to the maldives on qatar airways q,suites,for free99 you guessed it american,airlines is a partner with qatar airways,and so you can use your miles to book,with qatar airways,flights and i will tell you the qatar,airways,q suites they quite literally build a,double bed,in the sky when it comes to earnings,this card earns,two american airlines miles on all,eligible american airlines,purchases one american airline mile for,all other purchases,as far as benefits goes this card comes,with priority checking,and free check bags now thats not all,the benefits but those are the ones that,i highlight,so the question goes is this card worth,it,year one absolutely without a question,99,annual fee 60 000 miles with,any purchase no brainer year two,debatable,i would say this if you are a,semi-frequent american airlines,flyer and you sometimes like to check a,bag and you would,like to get priority boarding yeah,absolutely,go for it year two if on the other hand,youre not and youre debating it its,totally okay to close and cancel out the,card,and i will let you know on something,that i recently just found out myself,so theres a common myth that you should,keep old credit cards open,because the average age of your credit,history is a determinant in your credit,score,well it turns out if you close a credit,card that is in good standing,that credit line will continue to age on,your credit profile,for 10 years i know ill let that one,sink in for a little bit because for me,i was,absolutely blown away id always thought,oh you should never close because it,impacts your average age of history,well thats not true as long as its in,good standing so if you close it after,year one,dont worry about it if it was in good,standing itll continue to age for 10,years,continuing to boost your credit score,amazing so if youre interested in 60,000 free american airlines miles i will,drop,a link below drop a comment if youre,interested in talking about any specific,card,my name is john its been what card,wednesday see you next wednesday,peace,you

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*WATCH ME APPLY* AAdvantage Aviator World Elite Business Mastercard (80K Miles)!

its officially summer travel season,which means its time for me to stock up,on some more miles to pay for future,flights whenever i want to go on another,vacation so barclays really has my,attention right now because they have,some incredible offers on their business,credit cards for the airlines as i,record this video the hawaiian airlines,business card is offering 80 000 miles,the jet blue business card is offering,80 000 points and the advantage aviator,business for american airlines is also,offering 80 000 miles and as a,semi-frequent flyer on aa that bonus,looks really darn good to me so in,todays video you get to watch me apply,hey everyone its mark im here to help,you put more money in your pocket,through credit cards and smart financial,habits if that sounds good to you do me,a quick favor and click on the like and,subscribe button down below also check,out the links down below in the,description area to earn some more cash,back when you shop online through,rakuten to get some hotel day passes,through resort pass that way you can use,the pool spawn other amenities without,having to pay for a room and to view my,all new site with some great credit card,offers that have organized into,different categories to help you find,the cards that you like best so,interesting story ive actually had this,card before its now of course cancelled,because i havent had it for a number of,years now i just kept the physical card,as a visual prop for you all in this,video but ill be going to apply for,this a second time with a new bonus and,if you stay to the end of the video ill,review my credit score some of the,underlying factors on my credit report,and how im able to pull this off a,second time based on some rules that,barclays has that you definitely want to,be aware of if you apply for it yourself,in the meantime lets get this,application underway were going to go,up here to barclaycardus.com,and then down to,browse credit cards gotta love it when,they make it easy on you the card i want,is right here at the very top theres,the advantage aviator world delete,business mastercard with the 80 000 mile,bonus and 95 statement credits so ill,go over to learn more so i gotta say,this is one of the best offers ive ever,seen on this card because not only is,there a big bonus plus the statement,credit which entirely wipes out the,annual fee in the first year so really,this card costs me nothing for 12 months,but it also only requires a 2 000 spend,requirement in what 90 days so 2 000,bucks divided by three months thats,roughly,667 dollars per month very easy to meet,that with my regular expenses that i,have on a monthly basis here on my,business side especially so lets go,ahead and click on apply now ill zoom,in here for you all so its easy to see,weve got the business information,starting first so the legal business,name if youre just applying as an,individual so a sole proprietor for,example you can put your first and last,name here or first middle and last name,the legal entity type so if you have,lets see what options they have here a,general partnership corporation limited,partnership llc or unincorporated,association if you formed any of these,entities select the one that is,corresponding to your current situation,and put that on the application again if,youre an individual just applying with,your name that will be a sole proprietor,then if you have a trading name go ahead,and place that right here how many years,youve been in business the number of,employees lets see if barclays allows,you to put zero or if they want one so,zero apparently works i usually just,count myself as one,some applications do require you to,count yourself so just to avoid any sort,of situation where it might,be a problem i would just count yourself,then we have the annual business revenue,so put your amount there for what youre,making currently per year your business,phone number if you have one if its,just your own cell phone number you can,place that as well not a problem and,then the country of formation so im,going to fill out these forms right here,and then be back for the next part all,right first part complete now the next,section here on the application is to,enter your business address so first,line second line city state zip code all,the regular stuff for a typical address,if you work from home you can put your,home address without any sort of issue,also the nature of your business will be,the drop down arrow right here lets see,what this is so this is basically the,industry that you operate in tons of,different options here uh if its not,perfectly exactly what you are then this,is something that is the uh closest in,resemblance to what you actually do so,for me and my online business here with,youtube uh the best and closest i can,get to is likely going to be arts,entertainment and recreation,and then once you select yours youll,then have a second drop down for the,nature of business subcategory uh,basically to get more specific so,underneath that im going to be more,under entertainment and then well have,lets see internet publishing and,broadcasting most likely then to wrap,this section up we have a final question,does your business trade or intend to,trade with or operate within any of the,following countries theyre listed there,for me thats a no and now were on to,the next section called personal,information which means its all about,you so we got first name last name phone,number email again of some of the stuff,you also use for your business thats,okay uh position in business lets see,what options we have here with the,scroll down owner officer present,partner or other uh for me thats owner,choose what is uh most relevant for you,percentage of ownership for me thats a,hundred percent am i a u.s citizen yes,why do we ask for your country of,citizenship it gives you a reason there,resident status if you own rent or other,then it prompts you for your personal,address right here so if that again is,the same as your business address leave,this radio button selected otherwise you,can add a new address and form fields,will drop down right there okay lets,keep going here were almost the end of,the application now weve got security,information so here youll put your,security number date of birth and your,total annual gross income we then have a,section that is very important if you,want this to go very smoothly in terms,of tracking all the miles you earn if,you already have another advantage card,or if you already have an american,airlines profile or whatever and this,will hold true for any other airline car,that you apply for because barclays also,has the jet blue cards and even if were,talking about chase or bank of america,whatever,if you have a loyalty number with the,airline credit card that youre applying,for put that right here which means if,you have two or three delta cards or,american airline cards southwest cards,etc all the miles earned from all those,cards will be pooled to the same account,at the very end of it all we then also,have optional services if you want to,add additional cards for employees if,youre going for a personal cart thats,the equivalent of an authorized user,electronic delivery consent so read,through that and go ahead and view the,e-sign disclosures below that we have,the legal terms and conditions for this,card product as well as the terms and,conditions going over your apr any fees,that may be involved with your account,etc so ill now go fill out the,remaining form fields and return shortly,after all right so after carefully,checking every single thing that i wrote,there to make sure that there are zero,errors anywhere i recommend you do the,same because you dont want to have any,sort of pending status or denial based,on one digit mistyped for your social,security number for example so uh we,seem to be good to go all that is left,is a big apply now button whoops there,we go are you all ready cuz i am lets,zoom on out to have the full view and,

AAdvantage Aviator Card Now Open For New Applications!

hey guys a credit shuffle here there is,a new credit card on the block the,American Airlines advantage aviator red,card,its a MasterCard from Barclays card and,it was just released that the card is,now open for new applicants now to give,you a little bit of background when,American Airlines and US Airways merged,there were four American Airlines,aviator advantage cards and these were,aimed at US Airways premier world master,card holders to bring them over to,American Airlines after the merger they,werent available to new applicants well,thats changing now because the AAA,Advantage aviator red card thats this,one is now available to new applicants,American Airlines had initially said,that it was a negative available on,flights and in airports but it seems,that now there is a live link for online,applications open on barca cards website,and this is no secret link folks you go,to their site and its on the front page,and click in and youve got a very easy,link to follow to apply for the card so,lets look at some of the benefits so,first of all well talk about the,rewards and the signup bonus for this,card is 40,000 American Airlines miles,and its a really easy signup bonus to,get all you have to do is make one,purchase within the first 90 days of,account opening and pay the ninety five,dollar annual fee and you get it the,points guy com estimates this bonus to,be worth six hundred dollars and two,miles per dollar on American Airlines,purchases and one mile per dollar on,anything else and when you redeem your,miles you actually get 10% of them back,up to ten thousand miles per calendar,year I would say its a little bit of a,gimmick that one to be honest they could,have just made the earning better but,you know what the hey it makes a bit,complicated but anyway and so now lets,have a look at the benefits now this,card it fits into what I call the Tier,three of credit cards in the u.s. those,with a ninety five dollar $100 annual,fee so you get your first check bank,free for the primary cardholder and up,to four companions when traveling on,domestic itineraries from American,Airlines on international flights you,Jen,get your bags check for free anyway so,that domestic only thing doesnt really,limit you you get group 1 boarding for,the primary card member on domestic,itineraries thats a little bit of a,bummer that you dont get on,international flights you get 25%,discount on food and beverages and,headsets etc on the flight and theres,no foreign transaction fees on the card,thats to be expected with the $95,annual fee you get access to the,MasterCard worldly travel services with,you know preferred access to certain,offers hotels resorts etc you get the,usual sort of travel coverage auto,rental collision waiver trip,cancellation insurance etc fraud,liability protection thats to be,expected and youve also got extended,warranties for items bought with the,card etc so what do we think about the,benefits of this card theyre pretty,good the first bag checked and the,group1 boarding on domestic flights and,also the 25% discount on in-flight,purchases are the real unique benefits,of this card most of the other ones,would be available on any other cards,and you know to be honest,foreign no foreign transaction fees,would be expected on a card with this,type of annual fee another addition on,this card is if you spend twenty five,thousand dollars in a calendar year you,can acquire three thousand elite,qualifying dollars which can earn you,American Airlines gold status so who,would I say this American Airlines,advantage aviator card is good for well,I definitely say its good for someone,who travels a lot on American Airlines,domestically because youve got that,free check bag on domestic flights those,Group one boarding privileges are only,applicable on domestic flights and also,youre only really going to be buying,food and drink on domestic flights,because normally its provided for free,on international flights and it also,recommend this card for someone who just,wants to get a really easy sign up bonus,those forty thousand miles for making,one purchase so this would be a great,card for someone like that if youre,interested in American Airlines credit,card though do have a look at the,several city cards that are offered for,American Airlines that do have some,other perks that definitely compete with,this card Ill put all the links to,those,in the description of this video what do,you think guys are you interested in,this card leave your comments below as,always Im the credit surfer if youre,new please subscribe well see you next,time bye,[Music]

AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard | 60K mile bonus after 1 purchase!!!!!!

so american airlines is one of the few,banks that have co-branded credit cards,with two different banks,they have three personal co-branded,credit cards with citibank most of which,ive reviewed on this channel but they,also have four personal co-branded,credit cards with barclays,currently you can only apply for one of,the four barclays cards and thats the,advantage aviator red mastercard which,well be going over today in detail,so starting off the advantage aviator,red master car comes with the annual fee,of 99 that is not waived the first year,as far as the sign up bonus youre going,to earn 60 000 miles after you make your,first purchase and pay the 99 annual fee,in full in the first 90 days of having a,car which is awesome,now if youre new to this typically you,have to spend around three thousand,dollars on the car within the first,three months of account opening to get a,bonus this size,again with this car you just need to,make one purchase and pay the annual fee,now aa miles are valued at 1.4 cents per,mile so your 60 000 mile signup bonus is,valued at 840,one thing to note is that youre not,eligible for this offer if you currently,have or previously had this card in the,past,next lets take a look at the point,earnings on this card,so with the advantage aviator red card,youre going to earn two miles per,dollar spent on eligible american,airline purchases and one mile per,dollar spent on everything else,eligible american airline purchases,include airline tickets as well as goods,and services purchased directly from,american airlines,also barclays will round up your,purchases to the nearest dollar so you,can earn a few extra miles over time,this realistically isnt going to be,anything significant but hey it is what,it is,moving on lets take a look at the,benefits that come with the card,on domestic american airline flights you,and up to four companions traveling on,the same reservation as you will get,your first check bag free,checked bags are normally thirty dollars,per person for domestic flights so this,benefit can potentially save you a lot,of money depending on how often you fly,next you and up to four companions,traveling on the same reservation will,also get preferred boarding on all,american airlines operated flights,also when you use your card on american,airlines operated flights youll receive,25 off in the form of a statement credit,on food and beverages,youre going to get up to 25 back as,statement credits on in-flight wi-fi,purchases,the car comes with no foreign,transaction fees,each anniversary year you can earn a 99,companion certificate if you spend 20,000 on purchases and your account,remains open for 45 days after your,anniversary date,personally id rather use that twenty,thousand dollars on other signup bonuses,with other cards but hey its there if,you want it,lastly youre going to get zero percent,intro apr for 15 months on balance,transfers made within the first 45 days,of account opening but if you use this,make sure youre able to pay off your,balance because after that a variable,apr will apply of either 15.99,19.99 or,24.99 based on your credit,also the fee for balance transfers is,either five dollars or five percent of,the amount of each transfer whichever is,greater,now last but not least lets take a look,at the protections and insurances that,come with this card,youre going to get travel accident,insurance trip cancellation and,interruption coverage,baggage delay insurance and auto rental,collision damage waiver,so who is this car for this card is for,people who fly american airlines,semi-frequently and values banking,relationships with barclays,citys version of the car the advantage,platinum select has better point earning,categories but on the other hand the,advantage aviator red has much better,travel protections overall,this car has an excellent signup bonus,as you only have to make one purchase,and pay the annual fee to get it,and also if you fly american airlines a,few times a year,not having to pay for your first check,bag could possibly be enough to cover,the annual fee,so tell me what are your thoughts on the,card,if you want to check out some other,airline cobra credit cards or even some,trips ive taken using points and miles,ill leave a playlist on the screen for,you,ill see you in the next video have a,good one,[Music]

Barclays AAdvantage Aviator World Elite Mastercard

welcome everybody back to the radical,marketing youtube channel where we talk,about how to leverage credit how to,leverage social media and how to make,money online so if that interests you,smash that like button punch that,subscribe button i make videos daily,matter of fact two to three videos a day,so you do not want to miss it if its,your first time on my channel welcome,thank you so much for your time and you,trust i promise not to waste it these,videos are very informal and,conversational all geared to to give you,all stuff and no fluff i tell people all,the time the banks hate me and the gurus,hate me because i tell you what they,dont want you to know or what they want,you to pay for so if this is your first,time checking out the channel im,blessed to have you add your add your,thoughts to the comment section put your,thoughts or your your questions concerns,or your experience with todays topic in,the comment section below and love to,engage with you also for all of you guys,out there that are not part of the,private facebook group links in the bio,are links in the description below you,guys could do that gems are dropped,every single day we have one of the most,active communities on facebook and one,of the fastest growing youtube channels,because of you and i appreciate you guys,always liking commenting even if its,just an emoji to make the youtube,algorithm spread this video out to the,masses all right guys without further,ado were going to talk about today the,barclays,american airlines aviator advantage card,okay,i have had the card i dont have it,right now im going to tell you my,experience with it im going to tell you,what i love about it im gonna tell you,what i dont like about it and were,gonna just cover it all okay so im,gonna try to keep this video under 10,minutes full of data points if youve,had this card put your thoughts in the,in the comments section anything that,you want to know about this card put it,in the comment section and lets rock,and roll all right so first of all,this is one of the more popular cards,from barclays uh barclays is going to,pull from transunion hard pull credit,limit increases are going to be a hard,pull thats the downside i dont like,about them barclays is also a new,account sensitive and they are also,inquiry sensitive so make sure that you,dont have more than two to three,accounts in a given six month period,now theyre also going to give pretty,decent limits now when i got the card i,got a ten thousand dollar limit to start,with it was probably my fifth or sixth,card that i got,um i got it obviously for the for the 60,000 american airlines miles because,thats pretty valuable if you guys dont,know that thats a really good offer and,im going to go over all that in a,minute but,i ended up getting the card,i loved it,i just didnt see myself using it and i,wanted to do something called credit,reallocation where i took the 10 000 and,put it to another card where id have a,thirty thousand dollar limit with a,different barclay card so um i ended up,doing that but thats besides the point,ill get back to that in a second um so,you start with a good credit limit if,youre selling trade lines its gonna be,great with barclays because theyre to,report the entire history for your,client,uh and yeah i mean theyre they they do,the credit reallocation which i just,told you about where you can move credit,lines from card to card uh which is,really really awesome,now,american airlines actually has six cards,that i know about they have three cards,on city for the personal side one card,on barclay and then two business cards,one on city and one on barclay so,theres literally a total of six,american airline cars now there are so,many perks with all these cards and,there is so many sign-up bonuses with,all these cards you literally could,travel anywhere in the world that you,want for free just saw 60 000 miles,pretty pretty much in this type of,economy and world um the cool thing,about these miles is they go to,different transfer partners so you can,transfer them out to alaska airlines or,cathay pacific or wherever you want to,go all the airlines have three major,alliances and you can easily google who,is delta aligned with who is united,aligned with who is american aligned,with and then you can see all of the,transfer partners so thats how a lot of,these travel vloggers that you see are,traveling for free theyre utilizing,miles and theyre ranked ranking up,their cards by msing if you dont know,what messing is join the private,facebook group and you guys will know uh,real soon about what that is,so all you have to do here the sign on,bonus is 60 000 advantage bonus miles,all you have to do is make one purchase,it can be a stick of gum and you pay,your 99 annual fee in full,uh within 90 days so you buy a stick of,gum and pay a hundred bucks within 90,days theyre gonna drop sixty thousand,miles right into your american airlines,account okay um youre gonna get free,checked bag every time you travel so,youre traveling from new york to vegas,you drive you fly on american airlines,youre not gonna pay for your bag,super cool uh preferred boarding as well,annual fees 100 bucks earn 2x miles on,every eligible uh american airlines,purchase you buy something on the plane,you buy another bag you use your airline,card youre going to be able to get 2x,miles on all that 1x miles everywhere,else,get up to 25 back as a statement credit,on in-flight wi-fi thats pretty cool,uh the this is really cool the,anniversary companion certificate each,anniversary you earn a companion,certificate good for one guest at 99,plus taxes and fees if you spend 20 000,on purchases and your account remains,open for 45 days after your anniversary,day so what they want to do is make sure,you spend on the card you spend 20 grand,youre going to get a certific,companion certificate for 99 bucks plus,taxes and fees thats really good you,can pretty much go anywhere that you,want with that and make sure that they,they want their annual fee as well so,they want to make sure you stay open for,45 days in flight savings youre gonna,get a discount on like alcohol stuff,like that on plane benefits here what do,we got free first bag check free is uh,the first checked bag is free,uh youre also gonna get uh preferred,boarding no foreign transaction fees,thats amazing oh what do we got here,introductory apr on balance transfers,talk to me barclay zero percent intro,apr for 15 months on balance transfers,made 45 days from account opening guys,thats super powerful so theyre going,to give you,a 15-month balance transfer zero percent,and 60 000 miles and give you an,opportunity to get a companion,certificate and make you not pay for,your bag,i dont know people its a pretty good,card i would grab it i would grab this,card asap now,one of the things that i wanted you to,see here is once you have this card you,can open up this card which is the,business side of it and thats 80 000.,well go over that in another video,all of the city cards is also going to,have three different cards right with,different status levels to them okay,and then also,um they have a business card as well now,the business barclays and the business,city cards do not report to personal,credit what does that mean you can max,out the card and it never hurts your,credit score thats the big thing you,can liquidate the cards you can rank up,the spend on the cards all types of,stuff when you know how to do this you,know what im talking about,the other thing i want to make you guys,aware of is im a huge huge fan of world,of hyatt its my favorite hotel chain in,the world um when you stay international,you stay at hyatt its like staying at,the magic kingdom i mean its amazing,but literally they have an alliance so,you can earn status with hyatt with,having status with american and vice,versa,your miles can you can pay with miles,im going to put the link to the hyatt,american airlines,alliance so you guys can read that and,t

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