1. How to Recover Your Baird Online User ID or Password | Baird HD
  2. The #1 Mistake People Make When They Use a Financial Advisor
  3. Profil3r – OSINT tool that allows you to find a persons accounts and breached emails | Kali Linux |
  4. I Troll BadBoyHalo with a SWEARING Soundboard…
  5. Recording: Baird Wealth Strategies: A 360 view of 360 Wealth – Organizing Your Finances
  6. Huggy Wuggy Factory Poppy Playtime Chapter 1
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How to Recover Your Baird Online User ID or Password | Baird HD

do you wish to log into your baird,online account but have forgotten your,login information let me walk you,through the quick and easy process to,electronically retrieve your user ID,and/or password information so you can,get back to viewing your accounts,through bottom line please be aware that,if you have not logged into baird online,for two years that you will need to,re-register and can do so quickly and,easily by clicking on the sign up now,link lets first go over if you have,forgotten your user ID click on the,forgot your user ID link and enter in,your personal information as required,and associated with your accounts also,enter the email address which you,originally registered for baird online,with this is going to be the email,address which we send your statement,confirmation and investor communication,notifications to click continue and you,will receive an email which has your,user ID listed click on the link within,the email to log back into bed online,with your user ID and password should,you have questions or need additional,assistance please be sure to contact our,baird online support team at 1 888 212 8,8 43 they are available to take your,calls monday through friday from seven,a.m. to six oclock p.m. central time,lets now take a quick look at the,process to retrieve your forgotten,password click on the forgot your,password link and enter your user ID and,the email address which is associated,with your bird online mortgage,this is going to be the email address,which we send your statement,confirmation and investor communication,notifications to click the continue,button to proceed this next page,requires you to provide the answers to a,couple of the security questions which,you selected when you registered for,Barrett online once completed click,continue and you will receive an email,with a temporary password and link to,log into your baird online account click,on that link in the email to log back,into baird online with your baird online,user ID and that temporary password you,received and click login you will then,be prompted to change that temporary,password to something which you will use,to log into bed online going forward,please be aware of the password,requirements which are noted on the,screen on the next screen you will see,that the new password has been accepted,and prompt you to log in with your beard,online user ID and that new password,which you have just created should you,have questions or need additional,assistance please be sure to contact our,baird online support team at one eight,to eight eight to 12 8 8 43 they are,available to take your call monday,through friday from seven a.m. to six,oclock p.m. central time in closing we,thank you for your trust and your,partnership in being a Baird client

The #1 Mistake People Make When They Use a Financial Advisor

[Music],tiffanys in georgia we recently,completed,baby step three which means theyre out,of debt and have their emergency fund in,place except their home,well be meeting with a financial,advisor soon to start on our baby step,four we know nothing about investing and,feel very clueless how can we prepare,ourselves to be a bit more knowledgeable,before our meeting,um i would tell you two things on that,one is prepare yourself by being very,comfortable,with the idea that this is your money,its your,money,its your money,there is no reason for you to ever be,embarrassed,ashamed,or afraid,to demand,that you understand whats going on with,your,money,see whats weird is as we go into these,you know were going to this guy or this,gals office and theyve got on a nice,tie or a nice dress or whatever and,theyre they have financial advisors,sitting plaque sitting on their desk and,we dont know nothing,and so we feel all intimidated,almost ashamed that we dont know,anything,but heres the clue its your money,youre in charge of this money god put,you in charge of this money he didnt,put me in charge of it he put that guy,in charge of it put you in charge of it,its your money,so i dont want you to go in there with,your head bowed ashamed,like i dont know anything,i want you to go in there going,square shoulder head up chin up its my,money,and they have to earn,your business,by teaching you something about how to,do something with your money that you,didnt know before,and if they cant teach you and the only,thing they can do is intimidate you then,what youve got is the wrong person,and its not your problem its their,problem because youre the customer and,the way they earn your business is by,teaching you,so i wouldnt go in there,humble,i mean you i wouldnt go in there,humiliated humbles okay but humiliated,now i dont know anything you know just,dont um please help me now you can just,go and say listen i dont know anything,about this stuff,but i listen i own this company,ramsey solutions i sit in some of these,technology meetings i got 200 technology,people on our team here,and and they use words i have no idea,what theyre talking about,its like techno cussing or something i,mean i dont know what it is and i go in,these meetings im and and and if im,supposed to understand whats in the,meeting now sometimes im observing the,meeting and im not supposed to be in,charge and its not up to me and im,just letting them run in their meeting,im not going to interrupt everything,based on my ego but if theyre trying to,get me to drop 200 000,into a new server or a new program or a,new whatever,then it is their job to let me know why,i would want to give that much money to,that,and if they cant help me do that then i,dont feel ashamed they should feel,ashamed,because i own the company,and i i dont listen i dont know beans,about technology i know a lot more than,i did two years ago but i i still i,dont,i am no technocrat i have no i i mean i,im starting to know what a few of these,things are the,nuances between some of the different,things the basic concepts because ive,had to learn enough about the basic,concepts in order to make the,investments and guess what i got guys,here that can teach me the basic,concepts because they know all the,details same thing you need to know,enough about the basic concepts that you,can make the decision intelligently on,your own,and if they cant help you learn the,basic concepts enough then youve got,the wrong person you should not be,intimidated you dont have to be a bit,more knowledgeable before you go in,there all you have to be is remembering,whose money it is its your money,not their money,and so kind of strut in there a little,bit i own the place,your job to teach me not my job to be,beholden to you because youve got five,letters after your name,or less,so that you know and do not put money in,something because dave ramsey said too,do not put money in something because,somebody else said to only put money in,investment if you understand it you know,how these people lose their butts on,stuff because they put money in,something they had no idea they trusted,the guy,and his name was bernie madoff,they trusted the guy,and he was not a crook but he was an,enthusiastic ignoramus,which by the way will screw you more,often than actual crooks,people that are enthusiastic ignoramus,has you ever met them theyre,enthusiastically stupid,theyve theyre telling you the exact,wrong thing with great enthusiasm,and you went well theyre enthusiastic,and they seem to know what theyre doing,and so lets just go with that instead,of you understanding what you need to,put your money into thats how we work,with these pro athletes is how these pro,athletes lose their money its how these,country music stars and these uh,hollywood starlets lose their money we,work with them all the time when they,hit the wall you know i had 10 million,dollars i dont know where it went well,its because you gave it to people and,walked off and thought well i hope they,took care of me youre like what do you,need a babysitter when are you going to,be a grown-up,i got me a man one of the guys at nfl,meetings we were in try to go on those,rookie camps and tell those kids the nfl,stands for not for long,average nfl careers of 3.8 years,so i try to explain to him and the guys,like i got me a mandu you got you a man,what does that mean you got you a man,you bought a man with your signing bonus,how i mean what do you mean you got a,man what are you talking about oh got me,a money man hes going to take care of,me thats what they say right before,they say i lost all my money and im on,the cover of sports illustrated broke,you gave it to someone else to manage,and you did not know what you were doing,if you dont do anything else just put,it in the bank at least you know where,it is,do not put money in something you do not,understand ever,unless you understand it and you need us,now,you need to not necessarily go in there,knowledgeable,uh tiffany,a bit more knowledgeable but you need to,leave a bit more knowledgeable,when you sit down with a smart vester,pro,they their their job is to have the,heart of a teacher not the heart of a,salesman or we dont recommend them,click smart investor at daveramsey.com,if you want to find one you said im not,in that business but im telling you how,to do business with them by the way the,same things true with anybody in the,financial world you sit down with an,insurance person they drop their glasses,down the end of their nose act like,youre an idiot fire their butt,some of these insurance people actually,teach intimidation selling as a,technique,to get you to buy without understanding,what you own,you sit down with an attorney and hes,doing your uh,estate plan and youre paying him a,bazillion dollars to do that his job is,to help you understand,not to be,condescending,and ive had to explain it to because,they teach condescension at some law,schools its one of the courses i think,and im just not going listen im paying,you 275 an hour for you to look down,your nose hairs at me you can just stop,that crap right now,my net worth 20 times what yours is so,stop it stupid now lets stop and talk,through this again,youre here to advise and teach,not be condescending i dont have any,tolerance for that and you shouldnt,either you deal with a real estate agent,and they roll their eyes because you,dont like the way a house looks you get,the wrong real estate agent,their job is to help you find something,not,intimidate you into buying something,because youre scared of your agent,oh my gosh,but people do it all the time dont they,and so these people in the these,financial realms in particular insurance,mortgage,real estate estate planning,certainly investing,you have to demand that they teach you,they teach you they teach you,because you have to learn,you dont have to get a masters in,business but you have to learn to the,level of sophistication so you dont,lose your money,because i

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Profil3r – OSINT tool that allows you to find a persons accounts and breached emails | Kali Linux |

Profil3r is an OSINT tool that allows you to find  potential profiles of a person on social networks,  ,as well as their email addresses.  This program also alerts you to the  ,presence of a data leak for the found emails Clone the repository from the GitHub using git  ,clone and the link for the repository copied  from GitHub the link is in the description ,Now give the permissions to the setup file  to prevent errors with change mod setup.py ,Install the Pre-requirements before running the setup script. ,install the Pre-requirements using python3  – m pip install -r requirements.txt. ,After installing requirements install  the script with python3 setup.py install,Dont cancel the installation process it will take some time.,Run the script with the username which you want to find on platforms.,Use up and down arrow to move and space to select.,Select the social platforms in which Ypu want to search the accounts,Note that the more number of selections will take more time,Leave a like if you enojoyed the  video , subscribe and press the  ,bell icon to get notified for upcoming tutorials .

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I Troll BadBoyHalo with a SWEARING Soundboard…

what is up guys i dont have time to do,this video because bad is currently,yelling at me right now,these are my messages with him he said,hurry up im leaving bye and i said all,this so let me just explain what this,video is basically,i have a sound board see this file right,here sound board i have baby sounds,where its basically like a baby crying,i have girlfriend files where its,basically sound bites of stuff related,to me,having a girlfriend and i have a skeppy,sound board that i havent recorded yet,so i need to do this like really quick,yes,okay no no has been done what are you,talking about,bad okay perfect im very happy to see,you,i have to go now im trying to do this,as fast as i can hes getting mad at me,do you want to play game of bed wars,there was literally a guy right there,what are you doing bad there was,literally a guy and you missed him,are you kidding me right now im trying,to win and youre literally sabotaging,the game hurry up and do,better hurry up and get on i want to,party you,do you think were gonna win this game,he left he left the tape spin,okay im pretty much done now all i have,to do is go into the sound board throw,in the files,okay so first line is gonna be like baby,stuff second one is gonna be stuff about,me oh hes back hes joined back okay,good im gonna join and im gonna be,like oh hey bad whats up what are you,doing and then the last row is going to,be,a bunch of girlfriend lines okay so im,gonna unmute my mic right now micro,sound,youre here yes okay what did you want,to record,yes again im very happy to see you,thank you,im very happy to see you uh i have been,waiting here for a while though what are,you doing,ive been waiting for you what do you,mean what am i doing,what what,[Music],what what,hmm hey do you want to play game of bed,wars yes i do i guess i will,right now wait hurry up on i want to,party you okay,okay im coming one second ill start at,minecraft oh my god i have nothing else,to say,microphone activated are you on im,logging in give me a second,literally dont say aha to me im,literally on my way,im stop it i didnt say uh you said,i said you said um huh,get on so i can party you okay im on,im on im on do you wanna wait,i have a question what do you wanna play,game of bed wars yes,im on im on invite me yes yes im on,wait do you want me to nick or not,no okay okay nick wait nick or not no,no okay im not no nick no im unknit do,you want me to,nick or not what are you talking about,bad,join my party i am i am i am im in im,in im in,lets go im very happy to see you oh,thank you,okay so i am literally about to start,using the girlfriend soundboard voices,i dont know how hes going to react but,uh lets see so,are we just playing bev wars yes is this,you i dont know is that you,your names bad is that you no,why is that your name no okay im skeppy,what are you ready yes are you recording,yet no,are you gonna record maybe are you gonna,record or are we playing for fun,do you think were gonna win this game i,do really because i,am a professional bad worst player i am,very good,oh were in zack yeah hello oh,okay who was that oh it was my,girlfriend that was your girlfriend,yeah she keeps yelling at me you have a,girlfriend yeah how come,i didnt know about this what do you,mean you never told me you had a,girlfriend,i didnt think it was important thats,kind of an important thing you share,with your best friend do you think,what okay im coming can we hurry up and,play this bad words game,you asked me to play the bedwars game,theres one little,guy right there what are you doing that,there was,literally a guy and you miss him are you,waiting,right now im trying to win and youre,literally sabotaging the game hurry up,and do better i am doing that,what do you mean what what yes,oh my goodness who is that as your,girlfriend yes the girlfriend you,conveniently never told your best friend,about yes,i never told you about her because youd,be weird about it im just,asking im telling you now okay,thank you i appreciate it leah do you,want to go out yes,okay cool what after this game is your,girlfriend and leah there,um no just my girlfriend then who is,your girlfriend,[Music],activated that is being really weird and,i dont know how to answer,him oh my goodness is your girlfriend,named mm-hmm,yes okay youre lying no yes,what are you gonna help yes youre,actually not helping youre being a,muffin head am i lagging or is this,person,the server oh my goodness the server is,saying skippy defend our base,what are you talking about im talking,about defend our base okay,ill place blocks do you think were,gonna win this game,i do but not if youre not if you keep,being a muffin head,okay im gonna try and break this muffin,its bed right next to us okay,okay gosh he covered his beds oh im,just playing with bad right now yeah,i know hes being annoying as usual yeah,i heard that,do you even like bad no its okay my mic,is muted you can talk do you even like,bad,no no hold on i need to help him,theyre literally coming to kill us,youre being very unproductive right,im here my headphones were off okay im,going for their base,where are you going for their base get,me out doing a good job,scabby i wasted an ender pearl dad yeah,okay who is that oh thats my girlfriend,okay,why are you talking to your girlfriend,we are playing a bed worse game what are,you,talking about you invited me to play a,bed wars game,what are you talking about talking about,you invited me what are you,talking about im trying to explain it,youre being,what are you talking about bad oh my,gosh im so irritated what are you,talking about i am trying to explain to,you,okay okay im gonna do it im gonna,click the baby,im gonna click the baby button,[Music],[Music],im sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry,im sorry oh no no no no no,do you have a kid okay oh my god my mic,wasnt muted is that what the crib was,about,bad this isnt the way i wanted to tell,you this oh my gosh you have a kid,no no no no no no no no,youre a daddy no im not yes you,are its not like that you know you,dont understand,what do you mean its not like yeah okay,okay two years ago,i saw this girl and then two years later,um i had to get a crib you have a baby,no its not like that its like four,peoples,its what so you just found a baby yes,and you said im just going to take this,baby you just took a baby,sort of where did you find it did you,adopt it im very happy to see you,answer the question microphone activated,there was,literally a guy right there what are you,doing were not talking about the game,you apparently have had a child for you,the child isnt important i dont care,about the child,the child is not important anymore whose,child is it,that yeah can you take the baby,okay this is kind of a big deal i,just said take the baby yup you,shouldnt yell at your girlfriend,yes guess what yes are you okay then,dont yell at your girlfriend thats not,in this game,what what is more important to you right,now,the bed wars game oh my gosh what im so,mad,i dont know if were gonna win but im,trying really hard you have no idea,yes mm-hmm,can you stop that stop what im going,talking about bad you keep going im,following you,right now all right follow me im behind,you im in a bridge,okay are you with me i am one,oh my goodness can you tell why are you,not shifting who are you talking to what,are you,doing bad im shifting what are you,doing right now back follow me im,following you were going in here we go,go go go go dont die dont die or were,dead okay,oh my goodness their beds already gone,i dont see it we did it oh my goodness,wait scabby break their bed its not a,bad for me,i know i cant see it either we lost,because im stupid,dang it skeppy you gotta focus hello,what are you talking about bad im,talking about the fact that we walk,what are you talking about bad the game,im,still alive why do you have,a baby in your house oh my god okay if,hes reacting like this now,i have no idea what hes gonna be like,with the swearing is

Recording: Baird Wealth Strategies: A 360 view of 360 Wealth – Organizing Your Finances

on a 360 view of 360 wealth and were,joined by two of bairds technology,solutions consultants andy krogstad and,michelle dowling today well have a,lively discussion on an overview of,baird online in 360 wealth and well,explore key features and functionalities,available to you through the online,platform,for those of you not familiar with andy,andy graduated with a bachelor of,letters in sciences with a focus in,organizational professional,communication from the university of,wisconsin-milwaukee in 2010,andrew currently holds his finra series,six in series seven and has been in the,financial,services industry for over 10 years and,six of those being here at baird for,those of you not familiar with michelle,michelle recently joined baird after,more than a decade in the industry she,was previously working at morgan stanley,and raymond james and prior to,transitioning to the financial services,michelle was a high school english,teacher,so welcome to both of you before i turn,the call over to them i just have a few,housekeeping items to highlight for,optimal viewing wed suggest setting,your layout to the side by side view via,the circle in the upper right hand,corner,all participants are in a listen only,mode but we would love to hear from you,so we will host a q a session at the end,of todays webinar to address any,questions as time permits,you can submit a question by clicking on,the q a icon on the bottom right hand,side of your screen,just please be sure to address your,questions to all panelists,and this presentation is being recorded,and will be available along with the,slide deck through your beard financial,advisor in about a week following,todays call so thank you all for,joining us thank you michelle andy for,being here andy the floor is yours yeah,thanks justine,good morning good afternoon everyone,depending on what part of the country,youre joining us from as justine,mentioned im andy croxted technology,consultant here at baird joined by my,colleague michelle dowling im based out,of our milwaukee wisconsin office,michelle is out of indianapolis so today,were going to go through baird online,in 360 well so the agenda for today,were not going to click through every,single page every single feature but,were going to really highlight those,key features that we think youll,benefit from,and then well look at 360 wealth in the,planning tab and were really going to,encourage you if youre able to log into,your baird online account and click,along with us thatll be really,beneficial again if you have any,questions please use the chat well save,all those questions for the end and,well get through as many as we can,and with that im going to kick it over,to michelle,sounds great hey thanks andy,all right as andy mentioned were going,to walk through some of bear onlines,key features initially so lets go ahead,and get started,first were going to talk about your,home tab and investor research located,under that,in your upper left left hand corner of,your,landing page you will notice the home,screen so this screen is customizable,you can drag these tiles around youll,notice weve located our portfolio,summary in the upper left corner on the,right side we have our investor research,clicking on any of these links is going,to take you into that area and so right,now were going to look at the,strategist piece by clicking on our,market strategy link,here in this market strategy which,changes weekly youll find investment,research and u.s and other international,market news,yeah michelle for those of you on the,call if youve never,listened to any of the strategist,contact looked at the things that,theyre putting out they do a really,great job of taking these complex macro,economic things and boiling it down to,what does that mean for me,as a client as an investor so again,thats available right through your home,button on baird online so if you havent,looked at that before highly recommend,you do again theyre putting out really,great content on a weekly basis,the next tab well look at is your my,portfolio tab and in particular,portfolio at a glance,so in,under my portfolio youll find portfolio,at a glance and this is a great page to,really kind of give you an overview of,what your portfolio looks like,at the top of this page youll notice,your day movers so those are indicated,by their up or down position by green or,slightly red color,if you hover over any of that,information its going to pop and give,you specific information about that,particular holding,as we scroll down on this page,youll notice that you have a portfolio,value chart,notice there underneath portfolio value,you can change your time range you can,look at one month three months in this,particular situation were looking at,our 18 month view now one thing you may,not be aware of this,chart is actually interactive so if you,hover over any area of the chart it will,give you that specific day value,yeah michelle and if you everyone,notices that lower left hand corner,youve got that thumbs up icon,youll see that several times throughout,the presentation so we tried to,highlight things that wed consider kind,of tech tips or hidden gems so to speak,so just features that may not initially,appear as if theyre there like the,hover over on the graph in this example,so well point those out as we go,through but keep an eye out for that,thumbs up icon as we move through the,presentation,scrolling down on this page yet further,well find our asset allocation now up,there in the right hand corner youll,notice that we can switch between asset,category and asset class,if i click on asset class its going to,dig a little deeper into what my,portfolio is made up and again another,one of those,hidden gems you might not be aware this,is interactive as well if you click on a,particular piece of that chart its,going to give you information about the,specific holdings that make up that,particular asset class,yeah and michelle one of the themes,that hopefully youll notice throughout,the day is baird online has a lot of,customizations in terms of how you see,and view and digest information so some,of you on the call may be in that more,broader category just show me my,equities and my fixed income others may,like to dig into those details and look,at your asset classes large cap mid cap,small cap so depending on how you like,to consume that information and interact,with baird online,you have a lot of options at your,fingertips so as were navigating,through were going to point out those,areas where you can kind of customize,and tailor that experience as youre,navigating the online platform,also id like to point out that within,many of the pages of baird online you,have the opportunity to look at all of,your accounts you can look at individual,accounts or you can create an account,grouping if you simply select that,pencil icon youll notice that it allows,you to create a group,selecting create a group,then gives you the accounts that are,available in this particular instance i,just want to select karens individual,accounts to create a new group i name,those karens accounts and youll notice,now when i select that drop down again i,have,a group called just karens account,yeah and michelle this is a really great,feature so if you find as youre,navigating around baird online youre,constantly toggling between a couple of,your accounts to see information or,youve always thought id like to group,a few of these accounts together those,groups will flow through several of the,pages on baird online so that as youre,navigating around youre really seeing,the information for the accounts that,you want to see so if you havent used,that grouping feature before uh,definitely give it a shot really easy to,do there was a little star icon where,you can actually set a group as your,preferred favorite,so if you havent used that highly,recommend you do again theres that,thumbs up icon in the lower left hand,corner,great information thanks andy,now lets look

Huggy Wuggy Factory Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

hey cookie fans welcome back i am very,very excited to play this game that you,guys have been requesting for me to play,no way cookie is going to play poppy,playtime cant wait to see it can you,play poppy playtime hi cookie i love,your videos please play the real five,nights at freddys game and poppy,playtime five nights coming very soon i,love you so much theres a free fresh,chocolate chip cookies for you oh thank,you cookie can you do poppy playtime vid,the name of the blue thing he is huggy,wuggy cookie play poppy playtime the,monster is named huggy wuggy and then,the doll is called poppy please play,poppy playtime next yay you got it were,gonna find out all about it right now,because im gonna play chapter one a,tight squeeze as an ex-employee of,playtime co you finally returned to the,factory many years after everybody,within disappeared why would i go back,all right what could possibly go wrong,so ive got a package but with a vhs,vintage poppy commercial,poppys as lovable as a real girl and,she talks like one too hi my name is,poppy i love you,can you help me polish my shoes why of,course poppy just like a real girl poppy,always wants to look her best perfect,thank you,her hair is sturdy and wont come out,when you brush it and smells just like a,poppy flower is there anything else,youd like to say poppy im a real girl,just like you,whats the time,and if youve ever wanted to see how all,of the nations favorite toys were,created playtime co is now offering,factory tours at just 2.99 a person an,entire hour and the most magical toy,factory on earth thats interesting are,you waiting for come visit the factory,okay you can visit the factory thats,nice that they offer that does anyone,else think that poppy kind of looks like,circus baby yeah yeah no yeah everyone,thinks the staff disappeared 10 years,ago were still here find the flower who,wrote the note so we have to find the,poppy okay so this is like if were just,walking in okay kind of looks like i,broke in because the particle board is,off the door okay its very colorful,very abandoned okay got you guys said,this is huggy wuggy welcoming you weve,got a vhs right here what does that say,lalith pure closing computer i mean this,is old this is very very dated eat,healthy like brawn wait a minute,playtime co cafeteria recommends a daily,intake of 4 000 calories what okay,boogie bot another toy mm-hmm,candy cat uh oh huggy you guys told me,about huggy wuggy this packaging is,empty huggy wuggys not in the box oh,theres a train going by okay i can jump,cute candy cat uh okay somebody,destroyed the bot uh okay something,busted out of that one the trains just,going around and around okay what do we,have back here go in the back doll head,and arm theres a hand print go back,over whats in here poppy wants to play,staff only theres a toy theres like a,little code to get in here to open the,doors,oh i pressed it,maybe i can figure out what the code is,oh i got it i picked it up oh i can put,it in there is a tv right here,okay put that in hi,my name is late pierre and im the head,of innovation here at the playtime code,toy factory if youre seeing this then,youre trespassing uh i was told to come,here okay so im sure the alarm got set,off so they know im here oh that was,the gift shop down there and that was,security okay i need to find the code,look the train has colors too i could,maybe do the colors of the floor or the,colors of the train so what is that,green pink yellow red,yellow,red,oh yes yes okay security oh we got,another tape what is this thing,something in the wall okay all right i,can play the tape here,playtime grab pack oh is that a grab,pack tighten the straps okay so it fits,on your arms hold both cannons oh how,fun you get like stretchy arms pull the,trigger to fire pull again to retract,only fire at small objects handles yeah,i was just saying that do not do this at,people may cause injury wire is,conductive use for rewiring,thank you use your grab pack responsibly,okay im excited for that im getting a,grab pack oh here it is yes,i got it,oh that is so awesome oh i got the chair,oh oops i only have one they showed two,hands should i go in here okay,there is that little hand print,somewhere is that the gift shop no it,was back here yes were going into a new,area did that work,it worked yes oh theres huggy wuggy,okay hes not gonna come alive right,this is just a statue huggy wuggy 1984,playtime co has designed hundreds of,distinct toys but none connected with,people more than that of huggy wuggy our,founder elliott ludwig aimed to create a,toy which could hug you forever i dont,know as nice as that sounds it kind of,sounds bad as is always true playtime,cos four-step process to creating the,most life-like toys was a success oh,with a bit of string and polyester our,lovable blue pal huggy was brought to,life huggy wuggy has gone on to be,playtime cos most popular and,best-selling toy so far is this a button,looks like a button um okay so here they,are in their boxes this ones missing,yeah that one is definitely missing that,ones in there,oh,it fell out oops,uh sorry uh lets see this doll theres,the robot theres a testing area huggy,wuggy theres another hand wait is that,where i came in no thats a different,door theres a power area theres a,theater oh theres so many areas power,cant go through go through here,oh,to the power the power went out can i,open it now,is it really broken,all right lets go into the testing,innovation can i go in here theres a,camera right there im high-fiving the,camera,oh somethings gonna come along this way,right go all the way around okay this,has two hands i only have one hand i,need to find the other hand where do i,get the other hand at,oh i can grab everything now can i turn,on the computer,oh oops dont want to do that i hear,something oh its a train,oh hes got a keys,[Applause],[Music],okay squeeze you until you pop yeah that,doesnt sound good,okay i got the key,i got it,okay open there all right lets go into,the power okay bunch of doors remember,do be kind to others do show up on time,do not hide behind doors to scare lathe,pier dont stay past 8 p.m dont misuse,company time tamper with machinery enter,innovation wing without authorization,okay whats wrong with saying past 8 p.m,is this like ann oh theres a plushie on,the ground what is that oh its a broken,its one of the broken dinosaurs,its floating in the air,its floating theyre still watching,theres something down there oh this,doesnt look like i should touch this,high voltage i dont want to get shocked,wait does it count if this isnt my real,hand,seems seems good we got to turn the,power back on high voltage but theres a,bunch of hands,pull it open,oh grab to divert power okay,oh is that okay oh yeah yeah yeah it,said you could do that thats a lot of,power okay touch with wire to power so,we got to go touch that wire,okay there we go touch the pole theres,another one come around,come on there we go yes okay we got the,power back on dinosaur is still floating,hey goodbye floating dinosaur oh no oh,no hes gone hooky wonky is gone ah,i dont know where he could have gone,though okay were gonna just go slap the,hand,okay open quickly okay hopefully it,closes okay i need my hand okay where,are we going now staff only oh five,okay we can go down here,okay all right all right missed so dark,how come the power didnt turn on down,here okay snuggy wuggy theres a little,bee thing,these little empty containers,that i could drag okay,oh the bee went flying doll head,its so dark in here theyre still,watching theres a camera right there,hey oh video there must be a tape,somewhere find the tape is it hiding in,one of these little bins is it up here,lets go up oh,claw machine were in the factory okay,is that doing anything uh hopefully i,didnt need that huggy says remember to,take breaks breaks longer than 10,minutes are not permitted only 10,minutes at a time,gotta probably put something in here oh,there it is i have it,o

My New Bird!

30.000 كمامات (مافريك) الوبائية,أولاً، شكراُ لكم يا رفاق، يبدو أنكم أعجبتم بالتصميمات الجديدة!,وثانياً، من الجيد أننا قدمنا شيئاً جيداً، لأنها ستساعدكم,وستعطيكم طبقة الحماية الإضافية التي تحتاجون إليها,هناك الكثير من الناس يعملون جاهدين لملأ المخزون مجدداً,لهذا نحن نملك المزيد، وسنحتفظ بالقليل منها للمستجيبين هنا في (لوس أنجلوس),الممرضات، الدكاترة، الشرطة ورجال الإطفاء، إلى آخره ….,إستمروا في تفقد الموقع، إنه maverickclothing.com,أيضاً، سنعلمكم حين سنملأ المخزون مجدداً,كلها أمور جيدة وستصبح أفضل!,إنه ليس عنوان خادع، سأحصل على طائر جديد!,تعلمون أمر المأساة التي حصلت مع (مافريك) الببغاء!,وكيف أكله كلبي الـ(تيبيتان ماستيف) (جينجر العملاق),والآن، تم الحفاظ على إرثه من خلال ملابس!,الأمر حزين نوعاً ما !,أنا فتى طيور!,سأعترف بهذا، أنا مغفل!,فتى الطيور هو مثل سيدة القطط,الأمر غريب ولست فخوراً به، لكنني فقط أحب الطيور!,لهذا وفي الأشهر الماضية، كنت أبحث عن فصيلة الطيور هذه,وأعتقد أنه الطائر الأروع على الإطلاق!,إنه يدعى الرمادي الإفريقي,إنهم ذكيون للغاية، يملكون ذكاء طفل عمره 5 سنوات,ويمكنهم قول أكثر من 1000 كلمة,ولم أستطع إيجاد واحد، لهذا نشرت طلباً على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي,وسألتكم إن كنتم تعرفون أحدهم من يملك رمادياً إفريقياً,واحد من أصدقائي تواصل معي وألدني على عائلة تملك رمادياً إفريقياً,وكان بحاجة إلى مأوى، لهذا فكرت من سيكون أفضل مالك له من يوتوبر ملاكم رقمه 0-1,إنهم على وشك المجيء إلى هنا، أنا متوتر!,لكن متشوق أيضاً، لهذا فلنقم بذلك!,(لوجان بول فلوغز),إنها لحظة هامة !,يا لي من مغفل، هيا بنا !,ـ كيف الحال يا أخي؟ ـ كيف الحال، ما أخبارك؟,ركلات (كورونا)، كيف حالك؟,يا إلهي!,أخي، إنه جميل جداً!,مرحباً يا صديقي!,تعال إلى هنا!,مرحباً يا صديقي، أنا (لوجان)، سررت بلقائك!,نعم، أشعر بذلك!,يا إلهي، أنا أقوم بذلك الشيئ بالفعل !,أخي، إنه جميل للغاية!,ماذا كان ذلك؟,لا أستطيع سماعك؟ حسناً حسناً!,لا زال يحاول قول كلماته الأولى !,يا إلهي يا أخي!,ستكون هناك لحظة سيقول فيها كلمته الأولى؟,نعم!,أحب الطائر اللعين!,أحبه كثيراً!,أهكذا تقوم بإطعامه؟,أوه، إنه يحب التركيبة!,هذا غريب جداً وغير مريح بطريقة غريبة!,لكنني أعتقد أنه هكذا يجب أن تقوم الأمر!,أخي، وكأنه يمص الحقنة بعمق، الأمر مفزع نوعاً ما !,ألا يشبه هذا واحداً من مشاهد (لانا رودز)؟ بربكم يا رفاق أنا أمزح!,هذا هو إذن، عضو عائلتنا الجديد، يا للهول!,أخي، إنه نعسان للغاية!,هذا لطيف جداً!,قلبي يذوب الآن!,فتى جيد!,قاعدة أساسية إذن!,إن رأيت هذه الكلبة، والتي هي نفسها تلك الكلبة، إبق بعيداً عنها !,لديها عادة غريبة وهي … أكل ببغاوات!,لا، إبق بعيداً عنها !,أخي، أتعرف أنه إن مرت الأمور بشكل صحيح وبقي بعيداً عن هذا الكلب,سنكون أصدقاءاً لـ 50 عاماً؟,50 سنة؟ هذا نصف سن (مايك)!,سأكون صريحاً معك، عليك التعود علي وعلى فخذاي الشاحبتان اللون!,لقد تغوطت علي، كما تغوط كل شيئ آخر في حياتي علي !,ـ تعرف مدى كرهي للطيور يا أخي! ـ نعم، لكن هذا أمر مختلف !,ـ تعلم كم أنا أكره الطيور! ـ نعم، لكن أنظر إليه!,ـ قل “مرحباً بك في عائلتنا” ـ مرحباً بك في عائلتنا!,ـ يبدو لطيفاً! ـ إنه لطيف للغاية يا أخي!,ـ جنوني، صحيح؟ ـ أخي، هذا الطائر رائع!,لديه ريش أحمر أيضاً؟,أصابتني القشعريرة مثلما يحدث عندما يوافق أبوك على صديقتك الحميمية!,وضعنا القفص في هذه الزاوية وأعجبنا موقعها!,لهذا، أعتقد أننا سنجد منشئ أقفاص لنضع واحداً منحنياً هنا!,هكذا سيكون محاطاً بالناس وسيكون إجتماعياً!,ويستطيع الجميع رؤيته من المطبخ، بما في ذلك (برولي),ماذا؟ يا صاح أنا هنا !,أحدهم يشعر بالغيرة، لم يعطيني هذا القدر من الإهتمام من قبل!,لم أنت غيور للغاية؟,أخي، يستطيع هذا الطائر أكل مؤخرته الخاصة !,حاولت القيام بنفس الشيئ لسنوات، ذلك رائع!,كما ترون، هذا الطائر غير منسق للغاية!,يبدو مثلي وأنا أحاول الركض في ألعاب (المتحدي),لم أر حيواناً غير منسق كهذا من قبل !,لكن ذلك لأنه لا يزال صغيراً، لكننا سنعمل على ذلك، هناك الكثير من التدريب للقيام به!,إنه صباحنا الأول معاً!,هل أنت تمازحني؟,هل هو مثالي أم أنا أتلعثم فحسب؟,يا صاح، نحن نحظى بحديث وسادة وكل شيئ !,لأكون صريحاً، إنه معانق أفضل من معظم الفتيات التي أضاعج!,هذا الفتى على وشك أن يصبح صديقي إلى الأبد!,لنرى تلك الأجنحة، لنر ما لديك .. نعم فتى مطيع!,إنه يقفز حول السرير ويحاول إختبار جناحيه قليلاً!,أعتقد أنه إنه إستمر في فعل هذا، سيتمكن من الطيران!,أنظر!,بطريقة ما، أصبح هذا الطائر ما يعجبني الإطلاق عليه: الصديق الفوري!,إنه أمر مضحك لأنه عندما كنت أتحدث إلى (مافريك)، كنا نضع ترجمة على الفيديو,لكن بما أن هذا الطائر سيكون قادراً على التحدث بالإنجليزية,لا أعتقد أننا سنحتاج إلى ترجمة!,هذا ما أنا أعلمه ليقول ” يا أيها الوغد”,”أحبك”,” ما الأخبار؟ “,هل يبدو الأمر وكأنني أطير؟ هل أنا على وشك الإقلاع؟,أخبروني أنهم قد قصوا جناحيه، أعتقد أن الأمر نصف صحيح!,إنه يطير حول المنزل، إصطدم بالثلاجة مرتين!,أعتقد أنه ينام كثيراً لأنه لا يزال صغيراً!,والأمر مضحك نوعاً ما، لست أدري إن كنت تعرفون هذا عن الطيور,عندما ينامون، يرفعون رجلاً ويحاولون إبقاء التوازن بالرجل الأخرى!,لكنهم أيضاً يضعون رأسهم على ظهورهم!,لهذا عندما تنظر إليهم من الأمام، يبدو الأمر وكأن رأسهم قد قطع!,لكن لا تقلقون، لا زال له رأس … أعتقد!,لا، لا، لا، أحا,يا إلهي!,كاد أن يسقط في حوض الأسماك!,أنظر إلى السمك، إنها حيوانات، إنها كقطيع من الأسود!,فقط إنتظر ثم كل السمكة الأقرب، وإنتهى الأمر!,هل علقت سلحفاتنا؟ يا للهول!,ـ إنه رأساً على عقب! ـ نحن مختلون !,إنه عالق يا صاح، أنظروا إليه!,هذا الشيئ الأغبى على الإطلاق!,الآن وبعد قضاء بضع أيام مع طفلي الجديد,كان الوقت قد حان لإعطائه إسماً، إسم يدلي ببيان!,إسم يستحق حمل إرث (مافريك) الببغاء!,إسم مدوي لدرجة أن يسبب هزات أرضية في كل مرة تلفظه,وجدته أخيراً!,سيداتي سادتي، أقدم لكم,السيد!,هذا صحيح، إسمه هو (السيد) الرمادي الأفريقي!,يمكنكم التواصل معه على (إنستغرام) على @sirthegrey,أو لا تفعلوا ذلك، لا أكترث!,لقد إنتهى هذا الفلوغ، إشتركوا، الوداع!,إشتركوا من أجل المزيد,ستكون هناك لحظة ينقط فيها كلمته الأولى,سيقول ” يا ولاد الوسخه”,تابعوني على (إنستغرام) على @LOGANPAUL

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