1. Auto Loan Application Your Loan Request Bank of America like all financial institutions, is required
  2. Bank of America Business Auto Loan Hack!
  3. Bank of America Auto Loan Hack!
  4. Best Bank of America business auto loan hack#businesscredit #2022 #best
  6. Bank Of America Business Auto Loan and How To Leverage It
  7. Best Credit Union for a Car Loan in 2023

Auto Loan Application Your Loan Request Bank of America like all financial institutions, is required

hello everyone how are you,this is video topic usa car insurance,and usa car loan,the first apple open the google chrome,and,search google url,type,carlone,usa,and visit,[Music],and visit first,page,car loan calculation,and car,payment tool,at bank,america,so,lets start and click the first url,select,and go,total,loan amount,total loan amount,2 lakhs usd,and,your monthly payment,356,usd,for a 20 lux,dollar loan,apply now,first of all,calculation and finally,apply now,one moment and please wait,thanks for waiting and,go to next page,loan type,grade started welcome to apply just,minute,loan type,remittance,remittance,yes maximum loan request,yes,profile and customize my application,with,account information and continue,auto loan applications,login same time,save time,not a online banking customer,apply is easy continue,your loan request to give your most,valid identity number,loan amount,2 lakhs usd,completely,month,loan item,72 month,personal information first name,middle name,last name,no need,address number,email address,oh sorry address,sheet number,please enter valid address number,obviously usa address number,next,sheet name,apartment,city,zip code,please enter village report,please enter valid zip code,home phone number,[Music],so,contact information contact information,box,need only was a number,is,you

Bank of America Business Auto Loan Hack!

all the credit mentorships are going to,hate me for this one radical marketers,bank of america is going to hate me for,this one but because i love you so much,and because you did all of those,comments on the two ways to buy a car in,your business name im going to keep my,promise in todays video i am going to,teach you how to get four car loans,under your business name without having,to be in business for two years using,stated income from bank of america,thats right im gonna drop the play,here today but before i drop this,information i need you all to understand,something you need to look at the date,of this video to see,if this information could still be,relevant and look at the comments,section because when i dropped the bhg,credit card they werent you werent,allowed to apply for it online anymore,you had to go through them to get a,secret code to apply for it and when i,dropped other types of videos whether it,was navy federal or whatever the case is,these institutions pivot quickly these,plays go away when we run them okay so,you all need to understand that this,play may not be around based on when,youre watching this video but as of,right now youre watching this video,its live its ready its still good and,i know many people that have personally,used this play and i know about it and,im gonna drop it right now today smash,the like button lets do this welcome,everybody back to the radical marketing,youtube channel where i teach you how to,build credit leverage credit and create,wealth so smash that like button punch,that subscribe button and knock out that,bell notification button for me because,i make videos daily and you my friend do,not want to miss it if its your first,time on my channel thank you so much for,stopping by i promise not to waste your,time i promise to give you all stuff and,no fluff do me a huge favor and comment,first time viewer or first time watching,in the comments section so i along with,this amazing credit community can,welcome you to the channel this is all,about helping you level up in your,credit journey and entrepreneurial,journey welcome to the channel and for,all of you radical marketers out there,radical nations salute its because of,you this channel has been blowing up so,you know what to do lets get this video,soaring in the algorithm so we can help,many people out smash the like button,throw comments in the comment section,one two three four five i dont care,blast the comment section with random,comments so that way we can get this in,the algorithm and other people can,benefit from this information its all,about all of us leveling up not just,some of us and if youre not part of our,private facebook community you need to,be a part of it theres over 11 000,members in there its completely free to,join no spam no self promotion allowed,whatsoever link is in the description we,talk about things we cant talk about on,the channel if you know what i mean so,join the private facebook group and add,me on instagram radicalmarketer link is,in the description below send me your,credit question whether its business or,personal related and i will get your,answer in a voice memo as soon as i get,a moment,all right ladies and gentlemen lets,drop the b of a play i got my little,notes here,and were gonna drop it so the first,thing is you need to have an llc this is,not good for a sole proprietor write,this down i need to have an llc okay so,you can start one all right and then the,next thing youre gonna do is you this,is gonna only be good for new bank of,america business customers so if youre,already a member of bank of america you,should start another business and try to,run this play because this is a loophole,for new business clients if youve,already had over six months over three,months this wont work for you you have,to be a new,business account with bank of america,under three months okay,you have to have an llc you have to have,at least a 720 on experian if you do not,have a 720 on experience this will not,work for you okay,and,this is whats gonna happen youre gonna,go online to bank of america commercial,car loans ill put the link in the,description so you guys dont get,confused okay,this is also going to be all under your,business name so this is not going to,affect your personal debt to income,ratio on your personal credit report why,is that important well,a lot of people are getting car loans,under their personal name and thats,great but the problem is is its,affecting your ability to get more,credit when you need it right so this,play right here is not going to report,to your personal credit whatsoever this,is going to report to business credit,these are business card loans that will,help you build your business credit,youre welcome okay i love you very much,smash the like button please if you like,this type of content i need you to,engage with the video and ill keep,dropping more content like this okay we,really want to touch the world we want,to touch america and help everybody,level up okay so with this play,720 with experian a new business with,bank of america have to have an llc what,youre going to do is youre going to,apply for a car loan once you get,accepted with the car loan youre going,to repeat that process four times youre,gonna put the same information in on the,credit app they are gonna pull your,experian heads up okay you can use that,inquiry hack and remove it later on if,you want to i dont care okay,youre gonna repeat that,every single time stated income you got,to be and heres what you said what do i,put on the state of income well you,never lie of course okay this is for,entertainment purposes only but,you have to justify to bank of america,that you can,afford it so heres an example if i were,applying for it with my current business,i may put something like 250 on the,business side and i may put like,125 on the personal so theyll say how,much do you personally make 125 how much,is business make 250. that would be my,own personal data points right,and thats what i would put for myself,because that would,be,uh relevant for,one of my businesses right so thats,what i would put on the stated income,and that would allow me to get four,honda civics for,a touring business for a fleet whatever,the case is um so this is gonna have the,ability to get four car loans with that,now you can even run this play uh i mean,you could run another play with navy,federal you could run another play with,penfed but heres the thing the credit,unions like that theyre really be,theyre cracking down on touro business,theyre cracking down on car rental,businesses bank of america from what i,understand is still good with it okay,youre gonna have to have commercial car,insurance ill be doing a video on,commercial car insurance please comment,below,who did you get your business card,through and,what commercial car insurance do you,have all of you doing turo comment help,somebody else be a good human people,were in your situ wishing before you,were in their situation before so,comment whos the commercial car,insurance you have and why do you like,them and if you did a different lender,did you do ally no allies and no pg okay,lender bmw financial ford financial,things like that,okay so,youre gonna repeat the stated income on,four applications straight okay youre,gonna get approved for four now like i,said this play can go away so i dont,want to hear oh it doesnt work for me,it works right now okay so if it works,right now it works right now okay um and,thats basically the thing normally you,need to have two years of,being under business and things like,that but with this specific bank of,america play its great its just like,the wells fargo play where you open up a,wells fargo and then youre approved for,a ten thousand dollar business credit,card we uh you can watch my video on,that soft pull business credit card okay,um,but thats thats the thing okay you,have to understand too that a lot of,these lenders are going to be cracking,dow

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Bank of America Auto Loan Hack!

what up what up what up whats going on,everybody how is everybody doing today I,hope everybody is wonderful,um first of all I like to say thank you,for watching and subscribing to the raw,game marketing YouTube channel,um its been a pleasure to be able to,give you guys some insight,um over some research that Ive done,um continue to hit like subscribe hit,that Bell notification for anyone thats,new,um uh that was for you but to the ones,thats already like to subscribe I just,want to say I really really appreciate,you,um it helps these videos get out into,the and um what do they call you uh,aneurysm,so uh others can see this video and,without further Ado I like to say this,video was for entertainment purposes,only Im not a legal or a financial,advisor its based off of my own,personal opinion and my own personal,research,or for research for my mentors or,somebody else,thats where um I get a lot of the,information from,and as I said before,Im going to keep on spitting that raw,game giving you guys good content feel,free to leave a comment below,um anything that youd like me to talk,about or if you have updated information,on something that Im speaking about I,really appreciate that we could be,helpers one to another and thatll work,out great and today I know Ive been,talking about this and some of my other,videos were going to talk about that,Bank of America hack,um where a lot of people use this to get,um cars to post on a tour row and what,it is is you get uh four car loans,um under your business name and Bank of,America is actually doing this and um,so the qualifications for this is,you need to have a LLC business and the,business can be under two years old,and um,you can get the loan by using no stated,income,and,if you already a member of um Bank of,America uh they really they wont let,you do this so unless you open up a new,business account and become a member uh,you could do this and basically what,youre going to do is youre going to go,online to Bank of America and youre,gonna um apply for a loan,once you apply for the loan Bank of,America yeah theyre gonna pull your,credit,um you need at least a 720 credit score,and theyre going to pull from Experian,so if youre not a 720 or higher this,may not be for you at that present point,in time get your credit up because they,will pull from Experian,and then uh and it goes in a business,name which is good so it wont affect,your personal credit and it wont affect,your personal utilization so itll be in,the business name which is a great thing,um if it works for you and I dont know,if this hack still works but if it does,um please leave it in the comment below,if somebody has done it already or uh if,youre gonna do it and let us know what,happened when doing this but I know uh,this year that this hack did work,so after you apply for this loan,youre going to rent and recycle youre,going to do it again youre going to do,the same thing over again four times put,in your LLC information and then like I,said um your business only has to be,under two years uh make sure youre a,720 with your Experian,okay then of course youre gonna have to,uh put down some income now when you put,down your income I suggest you not lie,on the application,but you have to make this believable,um you have to convince Bank of America,that you can afford this you cant put,down any low amounts thinking youre,going to get this loan but um Ill give,you an example uh they may ask how much,you make on the business side I would,say for me myself uh 230 on the business,side and then they will ask how much you,make on the personal side I would say,something like a hundred and twenty,thousand and uh thats just an example,that would cover you to get approved for,these loans and uh,once youre approved for these loans you,know a lot of people what they do is,they use these loans enough for turo you,get four cars,um I guess you ever theyll give you a,certain amount you could get four cards,and you put those cards on two row,um a lot of big big Banks theyre good,with financing uh on the business side,but these Credit Unions theyre a little,more Stricker they kind of know whats,going on and uh its kind of a high risk,for them so uh they might take you,through a whole bunch of loopholes and,it just might not be good to do it,through a credit union right now,as I stated in one of my videos I just,got a commercial vehicle I didnt get,four but I got a sprinter van and I,tried to go through Navy Federal and,they it wasnt bad they wanted just a,little bit more information,the last years uh bank statement and,they just wanted you to send in some,stuff your mlc but I didnt do it and,they only covered if it was a nuke a new,um new vehicle 80 percent you pay 20 if,it was used they paid 75 percent you pay,25 and,you could just do a lot of stuff with,that auto loan and dont get mad at me,saying oh this loan dont work no more,because like I said before Im not sure,if it still works but I know a lot of,people were talking about it on Facebook,and,a lot of people may be mad that Im,sharing this hack but you aint have to,pay 2500 or 3500,for this information I gave it to you,for free,Bank of America theyre a major Bank,so uh they specialize in giving out,large amounts and large funding so,run the play let me know what happens I,havent ran the play because Im curious,to see if it still works and we could be,helpers one to another dont forget to,hit like And subscribe to this channel,uh watch it to its entirety or try to,watch as much as you can share with a,friend share with a companion just share,it with anybody and I appreciate you,guys as I said once before this is the,Bank of America hack and like I said,four vehicles you do this four times,make sure that Experian 720 or more so,you just do the same thing and repeat,the cycle one two three four and dont,forget if you already have a business,account with Bank of America it wont,work I think they said that uh,something about,its for new members who have an account,for three months,three months are younger or something,like that so if you already have an LLC,banking account which you can do is you,could try to um open up a new LLC and,then try to run a play,that might work as well Im going to,keep on bringing more content more,videos you guys do me a favor help me,out give me some stuff to research or,talk about I would gladly do it for you,any questions leave in the comments,um Ill Ill get try my best to get back,and respond to you answer any questions,or help me out as well and thank you,guys for watching I really appreciate it,have a blessed day youve been wonderful,and Ill talk to you guys again tomorrow

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Best Bank of America business auto loan hack#businesscredit #2022 #best

whats up everybody its your boy,caillou and today we got one of the,craziest hecks you guys are gonna ever,hear from this channel all right a lot,of people do not know about this bank of,america hack all right now when we say,heck i want to get a little bit familiar,on the side of im going to touch a,little bit on the side of,what industry im talking about okay so,with this uh bank of america credit hack,is going to be a auto loan okay so this,is going to help a lot of people out,that are in the industry of,transportation people that need printer,vans people that need uh vehicles to go,on tour,now its going to be a lot inside when,we go over exactly what they offer and,uh you know,how they how they do things because the,ultimate the ultimate,hack i would say within here is that the,simple fact that that youll be able to,get multiple cards with only one inquiry,to your credit so thats the major part,a lot of people go out on touro,and uh i mean a lot of people go out and,they start to get on touro or they start,to get in business and theyll go out,and theyll finance probably one vehicle,in their um,in their company name and theyll go,finance another vehicle somewhere else,and thats multiple in i mean multiple,inquiries going on okay now with this,credit hack with bank of america theyre,gonna allow you to get multiple cars,with only one inquiry and this is the,major thing okay so before we go ahead,and get started make sure you go ahead,and hit that like button and subscribe,button that way youll be updated every,time your boy drop a five video okay all,right so lets get to it the bank of,america credit hack all right so first,of all i want you guys to get uh,understand a little bit of what exactly,bank of america is looking for because,some people are going to look at this,video and theyre going to say well,listen,ive been having,a bank of america bank account for like,three years now,business account so ill go apply for,this right now and everything like that,im gonna go ahead and get this out the,way and let everybody know that you have,to be a new business in order to apply,for this uh loan okay in order to apply,for this business auto loan you have to,be a new business all right so that,means less than three months with bank,of america so that means you cant just,be with bank of america for america for,two years,[Music],you cant just be with bank of america,for two years and then say hey listen,because i had a business account let me,go ahead and apply for this uh,commercial loan,its not gonna work out that way bank of,america basically says that you have to,be a new business and you have to have a,account with them for at least i mean,less than three months all right so you,have to be a new business to go ahead,and apply for this now but like i said,the major thing is,is that you will be able to get multiple,cars you will get financing for multiple,cars with only one inquiry all right,now another thing that you want to be,able to show uh,bank of america is that you can afford,the income so of course within the three,months uh that you have the account,most likely uh,im not gonna say most likely we know,that bank of america is going to be,looking through your transactions and,your statements of those three months to,make sure that you can carry on this,commercial loan right,all right thats gonna be another main,thing that theyre gonna look for now,where you guys need to head to im going,to have that in the description for you,guys to go to if you guys want to go,ahead and apply for this uh commercial,loan im going to have that right in the,description but you literally just want,to head to bank of america commercial,loan,uh im a commercial auto loan,and,click on that and its literally gonna,have everything laid out to you with the,interest rates of exactly,not down payments or anything like that,but itll have your rates and everything,you need to know inside so like i said,itll be major for people,that are in the transportation game okay,and the the major i mean not the major,thing,the best thing i feel like about this is,that,you are a new business so if im,somebody that it has just now got in,business right and i plan on going on,tour right lets say im planning on,going in the industry of touro,and i just built my business up now i,got one car lets say i got one car in,my business name right,but,i want to go ahead and do this bank of,america credit hacks that way i can be,able to get multiple cards at one time,and place them on two row that would be,with only one include that would be,crazy okay right,so what i would do is i would head on,over to bank of america all right start,an account with bank of america let that,account run for three months and its,definitely worth it to run transactions,through that account to be able to get,this commercial loan because this is,amazing you know uh other a lot of,people uh that have to go out to,um commercial car companies to be able,to get their cars for you know special,services touro or you know whatever,industry youre in okay a lot of these,people literally just go one by one and,get these loans they dont usually go to,just one-stop shop,to be able to get multiple cars all,right especially with only one inquiry,pool on of your personal credit okay now,another key factor with this loan is,that the simple fact is that it does not,affect your personal credit all right it,does not affect your personal credit at,all so that means once you apply for it,and you get the business loan this,business loan will not be reporting to,your personal credit at all it will only,be helping in building your business,credit all right,so,thats another great thing about this,business,yall i keep on trying to talk real fast,yall know whats going on with me today,all right but thats whats so amazing,about this uh bank of america business,hack okay this thats the simple fact,that youll be able to get multiple,cards with only one inquiry with not so,bad of an interest rate all right,and thats going to basically be all for,today i hope you guys enjoyed the heck,like i said if you guys want to be able,to apply for this loan i will have it in,the description and,like i said your boy will be coming out,with videos all this year of 2022 to be,able to help you guys out with your,business make sure you like and,subscribe to the channel,and its kylie gibson and ill see you,guys again


beautiful dreams production,[Music],whats up its your boy who is King,shawnn and we back again with another,classic you know on this channel we talk,about personal credit we talk about,business credit we talk about anything,to take you and your family to that next,level so Ive been getting a lot of,Instagram message if you want if you do,have a message from me you can send it,to CEO Sean s-h-a-w-n three underscores,and Ill get back to you within 24 hours,Im overwhelmed with a lot of messaging,but I will get back to you and um people,been asking a lot how can they buy a new,car in todays business name so Im,gonna show you what you need to do its,pretty easy and pretty simple if you,follow the steps you could get up these,approvals now,um Allied Bank will be number one I will,say overall Ally Bank is probably the,best one to go to I dealt with them on,two different occasions very smooth very,easy and I got both of them with no PG,Im gonna show you what you need to do,to get approved with no PG but were,gonna move right along the second best,one is PNC bank now PNC Bank um is a,little tougher but um its a great Bank,when it comes to the interest rate AP,you know all that stuff is they have,great benefits basically if you approve,now,they will be requiring a PG,um but the good thing is that even if,you get approved even though even though,they went off your personal that debt,even if its fifty hundred thousand,quarter million dollars it will be,reporting to your business credit thats,the great part the only time you will,ever see that business loan if you got,that car repoed they had you know they,want their money back then they will be,smacking it on your business and then we,smacking it on the personal just to let,you know now the steps you need to do to,get approved for this loan you want to,get this car into your business name now,the things you need to know you need to,have at least 15 total accounts,reporting to your business side Im,gonna break it down now when it comes to,duns and Bradstreet you need to have at,least seven accounts reporting now when,it comes to Experian business you need,to have at least four accounts reporting,and when it comes to Equifax you need to,have at least four accounts point so,lets go back to duns and Brad when I,said you need at least to have seven,accounts reporting now dont try to be,slick,you know yall try to you know youre,always trying to find a way to get over,and be slick dont be trying to go get,uh Uline Granger Quail Zorro all these,vendors thats not how its gonna work,because they will deny your ass dont,try to be slick lets do it right you,need to have,um tier ones tier twos tier threes for,those that dont understand tier ones is,vendors tier two is gas cards and tier,three is obviously is business credit,cards so lets say guns and Brad say,seven accounts you want to have only,about two vendors reporting maybe two,business credit cards and maybe two,um gas cards and then if you go down to,the um Experian business obviously you,want to equal it out you dont want to,have a lot of energy they dont want to,see so out of four you should only have,one vendor and three other mixed with,the tier ones and I mean tier twos and,tier threes and again with the Equifax,um that is pretty simple just to let you,know now youre gonna need at least a,five thousand dollar trade line,reporting so lets say that first one,you need is seven trade line I mean you,need seven accounts reporting to that,duns and Bradstreet right so out of that,seven youre gonna have at least two to,three credit cards maybe one or two two,to three whatever it may be one of those,credit cards gotta be at least five,thousand dollars or more even if its a,gas card it gotta be five thousand,dollars or more very simple very easy so,if you got a proof of American Express,business cash that might be eight ten,twelve thousand youre good if you might,have got approved for a tier two gas,card you know I got videos on the Shell,card the speedway and all and if you got,a proof for a eight nine thousand youre,good Longs is more than that five,thousand you need to have at least again,out of those three bureaus,duns and Brad one we have the biggest,requirements they want at least seven,accounts one of those got to be over,five thousand dollars very simple very,easy you got to have be in business for,at least one year now when you get to,the when you get to the um,on the dealership the things the,dealership is going to require is your,article organization your EIN number and,your tax for the year right those are,things theyre gonna ask for and if,youre trying to get no PG again if,youre trying to get no PG when you go,to these Banks youre gonna have to at,least put anywhere from three to seven,thousand dollars down to get approved,for your first one because after that,first one and you built that,relationship guess what people you could,go back and get that no PG the second,time with no money down so again people,this is pretty simple this is pretty,easy so again and another key you need,to know when you walk up into these,dealerships,um you need to speak to the finance,manager,um dont go to a regular car salesman,because theyre gonna run your personal,and you dont want to go through that,you want to speak to the financing,manager and that dealership Mercedes,Toyota whatever it may be,um its different thanks for does a GM,does it where you could get you know,business cards into your business credit,and you want to speak to them you want,to let them know that you want no PG you,want to go through Ally Bank or you want,to go through PNC whatever it is,whatever one a lot of these business,these dealerships got relationships most,all of them got relationship with Ally,Bank thats why I tell you theyre the,easiest that you want to go to but PNC,is really good especially when it comes,to the rent when it comes to the rates,excuse me so again people I just ran it,down what you need to do to get approved,to get a car in your business name again,we need to stop being lazy we need to do,the work yall I appreciate yall like,comment subscribe but for now Im up out,of here peace

Bank Of America Business Auto Loan and How To Leverage It

welcome,to the Legacy mindset Channel Im your,humble servant Paslay,and on this channel we talk about,leveraging OPM turning liabilities into,assets turning debts into weapons and,eventually creating generational wealth,and I know that is something you are,interested in so do me a favor and,please like comment and subscribe,it it hurts you none and it only helps,me spread this video out to more people,who like this content and can use this,content in their lives just like you are,about to use this contest so it helped,me help you help me you get it so,lets talk about this,Bank of America a business advantage,auto loan,now a lot of people on YouTube have made,videos about this countless videos about,how you can get these loans if you dont,know,Bank of America has this business auto,loan where,under one LLC you can get up to four,vehicles with one hard pool,which is great,so,a lot of people on YouTube have been,making videos but most of them have not,done this themselves they tell you about,it because its regurgitated information,and everybodys making the same videos,so Im not going to make a video on how,to actually apply foreign what your,credit score needs to do everybodys,done that I want Im Im making this,video to help you guys think outside the,box and and think how can I leverage,this always think about how you can,leverage something internal liability,into an asset because if these cars are,just sitting and theyre theyre of no,use to you what what is the point and if,you have them up on Toro which Im not,mad at you know if you have them up on,Toro but theyre not getting booked,every 30 days and its stressful for you,and youre only breaking even because,youre paying the car note oh youre,driving for free but the if you want,more cash flow Im gonna help you think,outside the box a little bit so what if,you get a car that lets say you get,approved for 40 000 or 30 or even 20 000,youre you know you get you an a nice,economy car with a good amount of,mileage on it not too much,um you want to get something used not,new,appreciates way quicker so you want to,get get a used car has a doesnt have,too much mileage on it and what if you,get in these,Uber and Lyft Facebook groups,what if you get into these GrubHub and,doordash Facebook groups what if you get,into these even the traveling,nurses Facebook groups a lot of,traveling nurses they travel all around,the world and they get a stipend and,they need a vehicle in the city that,theyre in to rent,and I just want you guys to start just,just walk with me youre gonna go into,these groups on Facebook and youre,gonna post pictures and videos of your,vehicle saying that you want to rent,them out,and people are going to be blowing you,up simple as that people are going to be,blowing you up because,people either they have cars and theyve,ran them into the ground because people,like to be their own boss and drive Uber,and Lyft because it has a flexible,schedule so they like to do that so if,you have a car you tell them that youre,willing to rent your car out to them,they will be blowing you up non-stop,because theyre gonna want that vehicle,and you are going to charge them four to,four to 450 a week I know I know I know,what youre thinking dont even say it,whos gonna pay that nobodys gonna pay,that,whos gonna they might as well buy their,own car listen listen listen listen,I have done this it is a proven fact yes,they will,people come from all different walks of,life and they may not have the best,credit score,they cant go into the dealership and,get a 20 30 40 000 car without a,co-borrower a lot of people cannot do,that so A lot of people are looking for,a way out theyre looking for a way to,make a living for themselves and their,family so if you provide that for them,you have created a solution to their,problem which means they will take that,car from you,after you Market it to them and say that,youre offering unlimited miles,and that you can provide insurance for,them I can make a whole nother video on,that just let me know if you want me to,make videos on these things Im just,helping you think outside the box right,now and provide unlimited miles,provide insurance and youll take care,of the maintenance and they take care of,the rest which is the car washing,keeping it clean for their for their,clients and and the drivers and you know,its,they take care of the rest,youll be making lets say on the low,end,you charging somebody four hundred,dollars a week youll be making sixteen,hundred dollars a month off of one,vehicle,so just imagine if you got four,the four and,the moneys coming in and its looking,good just be like okay what if I get,more,and it doesnt have to just be the the,Bank of America Bank of America isnt,the only one that offers business auto,loans so theres different ways you can,do it I can make another video on that,too but I just want you guys to start,thinking outside the box you know and,youre going out running these plays,youre going out and acquiring these,things and youre not leveraging them,the correct way and cars are getting,repossessed and you people are only,breaking even you got to think outside,the box and and and figure out different,ways,to make this money,because,its just imperative like you have to,like you have to think right if if,youre creating this solution to their,problem theyll keep the car from months,months and months upon months,because theyre gonna,have an emotional,connection to the car,because theyre going to be getting,compliments theyre going to be able to,take their girl out on a nice day to,something nice,um theyll be getting accomplishments,from the customers theyre going to be,making money youre going to be making,money its going to be a its its going,to be a nice deal instead of you know,going to tour around which is nothing,wrong with turo dont dont get me wrong,its not wrong but what if Toro kicks,you off the platform,things like that happen then what,you gotta start thinking about these,things,you cant be on tour all forever,so you gotta start thinking about how,can I leverage these vehicles in another,way thats a different type of client,base and then just think all my people,that are on tour already,its hard to get your cars rented out 30,out of 30 days,its not easy and it takes a lot of work,because youre youre getting ready for,a customer every couple days sometimes,daily sometimes people just want it for,one day two three days then as soon as,they come back you have to wash it you,have to get it ready for,another person,so instead of having however many people,you have to get the car ready for a year,imagine only having,one two three max people getting in and,out of your car for the year,think about how much more time youll,have when you find one person that,really wants to hustle that really has,is a is a good driver and they get,inside your car and they have it for,months on end and youre,collecting this money passively,and I know what youre thinking like,how am I going to give them this car,what if they mess it up what if they,speed what if they get a ticket what if,the cars dirty listen,these platforms do the work for you,turo it does the work for you it,promotes you it take care of the,insurance so if youre not on there you,have to take care of it yourself so,dont worry about that because Uber and,Lyft is going to take care of that for,you,when people have dirty cars they get bad,reviews and they can potentially get,kicked off of the platform so they keep,the car clean theyre not going to be,smoking in the car because theyre going,to be driving Uber and Lyft youre,meeting them in these Uber and Lyft apps,youre going to get screenshots of their,Uber profile youre gonna get their ID,youre going to make sure everything is,right before you hand them the keys once,you hand them the keys theyre not going,to be smoking in there theyre going to,want to keep the car clean theyre going,to want to keep the car so theyll be,paying you,so I want you guys to s

Best Credit Union for a Car Loan in 2023

it was just under about a year and a,half ago that my father obtained a loan,to buy out his Toyota Sienna lease and I,remember he got a really really good,rate from a local credit union here that,was just under three percent on on an,auto refinance rate and theyre offering,new rates just below two percent APR,however that same Credit Union Now is,offering that same loan for six percent,interest the Bank of America at the time,was offering that loan for 3.49 however,they only bumped up their interest rate,to five and a half percent in this video,Im not trying to tell you that the best,auto loan rates are going to come from,credit unions however depending on what,your credit looks like theres a good,chance that you wont get approved for a,decent rate at any other bank except for,a credit union whats changed over the,last couple years is that many banks,have placed stringent qualifications for,auto loans and its not as easy as it,was a couple of years ago and if youre,not part of a credit union you might,find that having a credit score under,600 could pose a huge challenge to get a,decent auto loan rate when I say decent,I mean something in the single digits,now if youre part of a credit union,theres a good chance that you will get,approved but your auto loan rate still,might be a little bit High what I wanted,to do in this video was was give you,some idea as to how to go about looking,for the best possible rate and if,whether or not you should be looking at,a credit union and which one and how you,should find it what is happening guys,Ari here from negotiationguides.com and,by clicking the link in the description,below youll be able to shop around for,new and used vehicle pricing from,dealerships in your local area if youre,new here please consider subscribing,because this whole channel is going to,teach you everything youre going to,need to know so that you can negotiate,it as possible deal you guys lets get,down to business now I do need to say by,chance by coincidence that earlier today,when I Was preparing this video I came,across a credit union Id never heard of,here in Boston offering a rate that was,lower than Bank of America as it was,lower than pen fed it was lower than,everybody else and Im not saying that,everybody has access to this loan only,people that live in Massachusetts,had access to this Credit Union to be,able to become members of this Credit,Union and it was through the,governments Credit Union finder tool,that I came across as credit union,basically if you were to log on to the,National Credit Union Administration,they have a locator tool where where you,can plug in your zip and itll pull up,every single Credit Union thats,recognized by the ncua and you can go to,their website and check out auto loan,rates now what I did was was I checked,out different credit unions in my area,and checked out what most of the,qualifications were comparing that to,the National Credit Unions now let me,give you a rundown as far as what would,qualify somebody to be a part of a,credit union a lot of people think that,to be able to qualify to be a part of a,credit union you have to be a part of,the military or you have to be a,government employee and thats really,not true yes there are very very good,credit unions very very popular Credit,Unions that originally like say pen fed,USAA these are organizations that,usually require some affiliation with,the military and now while that may be,certainly true for a lot of,organizations it may not be the case for,all of them some require that youre a,government employee some actually dont,require any sort of affiliation but,require that you keep a checking account,open with a small balance and that is,the case with PenFed now Pet Vet is,offering rates at 5.54 for new cars and,6.14 for used cars so theyre not,necessarily the very best but they are a,nationwide option now comparing that,with local options that Im seeing here,the main difference that I was seeing,was about a half a percent up or down,either way that we went for the average,auto loan every single Credit Union that,I was checking out was between five to,six percent between new and used rates,where typically the lowest rate that I,was seeing was that one credit union,here in Boston that Id never heard of,similarly Navy Federal Credit Union 4.74,for new and used vehicles Consumers,Credit Union,4.94 for new 5.19 for use logging on to,Bank of America they had an auto loan,rate for 5.29 for a new and 5.49 for use,so its not so much that credit unions,are going to give you the very best,longer rate and you have to take into,account the people that are going to,give you the best auto loan rate really,do care to see what your credit profile,looks like because it could be that Bank,of America doesnt even want to offer,you an auto loan yet the credit union,down the street recognizes that youve,got a poor credit score but they still,want to extend to you say like a seven,or eight percent auto loan rate with all,this being said I do need to stress that,sometimes taking an auto loan offer,through the manufacturer may actually,prove to be the very best option,typically Banks typically credit unions,dont offer zero percent or one percent,or two percent APR unless for example it,was two or three years ago when we were,seeing interest rates at their very,lowest right now for example there,arent many promotional APR offers,but the ones that are available we are,seeing for between 3.9 and 4.9 percent,if there are any promotional APR offers,now when you do go to the dealership a,lot of these dealerships will be,offering both a manufacturer offer if,there is one and theyll be offering,offers through the banks and the credit,unions I wouldnt just close yourself,off and go into the dealership set,installing exactly how youll be,financing but it is imperative that you,go into the dealership having some sort,of solid backup option that youre able,to negotiate with this is actually this,is actually huge this is actually very,very important I say this in a lot of my,videos and they say,going to the dealership with some idea,as to what you could qualify for even,having a pre-qualification would give,you a little bit more negotiation,leverage so that you can go to the,dealership and have them give you a,lower auto loan rate possibly from the,same bank because a lot of the times,theyre actually working with the same,exact banks that you were reaching out,to again very very simply put just by,logging onto the ncuas website and,putting in your zip and just seeing what,local options are available to you I,think that you could quickly piece,together a few bits of information so,that you can see if youre going to be,able to qualify for an auto loan rate,independently at a credit union or,somewhere local and not have to go into,the dealership and give all your hope,and all your cards away to their finance,office again you guys links in the,description below to help you navigate,the car buying process if you found this,information useful please consider,subscribing at least like the video deal,will ya thank you so so much for,watching guys,well see you next time

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