2. Bank of America $500 Business Checking Bonus – (Expired)
  3. Bank Of America | Small Business Credit Cards | Credit Limit Up To $100,000
  4. Bank of America Minority Business Grant Program 2022
  5. How To Open A Business Bank Account Online Step By Step In Under 10 Minutes! | Mike Rosko
  6. Shredding Bank Of America Small Business Web Interface (UI)
  7. Bank Of America Business Credit Card | Importance of Banking Relationships


okay you guys Im gonna tell you why,banking with Bank of America or a small,business checking account is like dating,a guy from bumble so lets start off,with the beginning phase of our,relationship,so Bank of America lets call him ball,so when I first started dating Bob like,things were great you know he seemed,really great on paper just like he did,on his dating profile it said that there,was not going to be a monthly fee so,long as I had met the requirements AKA,spent $250 a month which is so easy or,had a minimum balance of around three,thousand dollars a day or five thousand,on average a month sounds like a good,idea so you know Bob and I went on a,couple dates like you know we sent out,the application it took a while to get,proved I would say about two weeks so we,went on like no three four dates and,things are good I mean the first date,was fine like the application got proved,very fast within the same day and then,when after the first week you know Bob,sent me nothing in the mail basically,for my debit card and some other items,to have it filled out and all Bob,required from me was basically telling,him what my ìin number was for my,business and also where my business was,registered and founded in and where was,going to be operated so overall the,entire experience and a process was,super seamless and I thought me and Bob,are going to be happily married for ever,and then on the second month which is,what happens whenever you date a guy on,bumble this is like when you start,approaching date number five and above,where you start deciding and defining,what the relationship is well Bob like,every other guy on bumble ghosted me and,I never was able to get into my checking,accounts which was bad because that,means I couldnt meet the minimum,requirements so then Bob decides to,ghost me I cant get into my account and,whenever I sided too,set my password aka hit a Bob in other,communication channels AAB totally,ignored me and said that our,relationship aka my checking account,never existed and I was like thats,sketchy thats weird,we did not already have history whats,going on,so basically around this time thats,when the roni started going on and that,was a really essential time for me and,Bob to have this situation go on because,I really needed this account active in,order for me to out my SP Eila but,unfortunately I couldnt do that because,I couldnt get into my checking account,so Bob really screwed me over on that,anyways so finally I decide Im going to,call Bob so I called Bob and Bob puts me,on hold for about three hours I know,whos gonna want to be on the phone for,three hours so I decided to hang up and,Im about to give up on this entire,process when Bank of America basically,mails me a bunch of paperless documents,so Bank of America decides to mail me,documents and Im like why are you,mailing me documents when I decided to,go paperless I mean its like were,trying to save the world and theres a,thing called global warming hello have,you not heard of Greta anyways so I was,furious because I was like why is Bob,setting me paper documents when one I,told Bob that we were going to be,paperless too Bob cancelled my checking,account and three now Bob is telling me,that not only is my checking account,still open but that Bob is starting to,find me for not meeting the monthly,requirements so I give Bob a call again,and this time I decide to actually stay,on hold for over two hours finally Bobs,friend Rustin over in New Mexico answers,the phone and at first Preston was,really nice like Weston was airing out,my story and was able to give me access,back into my account but then Weston,totally flipped a 180 on me and started,going off on me and saying that Bob and,Bank of America was not responsible or,what happened,that they were not going to take any,accountability or waive the fees that I,had accrued during this time because it,was my responsibility to have not done,this to my account and so basically if I,was just some this entire experience I,would say Bob is another F boy just like,Marcus over at Goldman Sachs and you,guys should definitely avoid banking,with Bank of America if you guys have,any examples of better banks that I can,start dating that arent gonna be like,people on bumble and definitely comment,below what type of Bank youre using Im,thinking Chase is really attractive but,I also dont know like he looks like,hes someone on hinge but let me know,Ill see you guys in the next video bye,my coin,[Music]

Bank of America $500 Business Checking Bonus – (Expired)

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey internets rj welcome back thanks for,tuning in to the show today now todays,episode we have a 500 bonus up for grabs,compliments of bank of americas,business side of the house so of course,as we always do we will talk about the,offer of the requirements the terms and,conditions eligibility and everything,else you need to know in order to make,bank of americas money into your money,so that sounds interesting you of course,go ahead press the subscribe button and,lets get to work,now when it comes to bank of america you,know i will say i have not done this,bonus personally but i plan to and well,talk about that at the end i have done a,personal bonus from them in the past and,it usually goes pretty well now their,business side is known for offering big,bonuses and 500 is pretty big in this,game but we dont see them come around,too often so i will tell you right up,front in the past there has been a 750,offer before but i believe that was,targeted and we really havent seen that,offer in quite some time joe you know,you can make the choice for yourself but,me personally i will be going for this,bonus and again well talk about that,more a little bit at the end,but with the disclaimers aside now lets,take a look at the offer itself and so,here we have it open a new bank of,america business checking account and,earned that 500 weve been talking about,uh just like that you can see the people,over there on the right super excited to,do this,but what specifically do you need to do,to get the 500 well requirements are,actually pretty simple for this one so,open a business checking account online,and well talk about the types of,accounts they have by july 31st of 2022,so you do have a little bit of time for,this one,now youre going to need to deposit 20,000,within the first 30 days of account,opening and then from there you must,maintain a 20 000 balance until the 91st,day of account opening and so just like,that only three steps really to hit this,one so its pretty straightforward but,again in case youre new new money,basically means if you have a personal,account lets say with bank of america,you cannot transfer over twenty thousand,dollars from personal um to your,business checking account and that is,relevant here because bank of america is,built on the preferred reward system,right which basically means if youre,familiar with their credit cards you,know the more money that you have with,them the better credit card rewards you,you get so,ill link a video down below about their,credit cards if youre interested for my,other channel but there are people who,may actually have twenty thousand,dollars with bank of america to move,over there dont do that youd have to,take the 20 grand move it to chase first,so it leaves bank of america then move,it back to this business checking,account of course you have 30 days to do,that so you know i personally i dont,waste any time this is as soon as i open,the account link my accounts just go,ahead and make the full transfer so you,dont forget,and then you know that money has to stay,on deposit for that full time so,basically the 91st day of account,opening,so thats everything you need to know to,do the actual account now when it comes,to eligibility here again this is apply,online bank of america again youre,talking about a nationwide offer of,course but the rules havent had a bank,of america business advantage banking,account in the last 12 months of course,theres an interesting one here you,should be aware of though theres one,bonus per customer regardless of the,amount of businesses right,so what theyre really saying here is,you know businesses how you can do,businesses as a sole proprietorship,where you would apply as your name your,full name is the business and a social,security number right thats how i will,do it thats how most of you will,probably do it but they specifically,include this so you couldnt open up a,sole proprietorship business,and then come back later with your real,business its an llc maybe you just get,like an ein number perhaps,you could not open up two of these and,game the system that way so its just,basically one per customer of course you,know they have you havent had a,an account in the last,12 months there and of course this is,going to be nationwide offer here so you,know thats what you need to know about,it but lets talk about the account,options that you have and that will take,us into fees and things like that so,when we talk about account options these,are the two business checking accounts,they have to choose from business,advantage fundamentals banking and,business advantage relationship banking,now the real the quick answer here is if,you scroll down to the bottom you can,see the monthly fee information so,business advantage fundamentals sixteen,dollars or or a zero dollar monthly fee,well talk about how to waive it in a,second now the business advantage,relationship banking um if youre,looking at 30 a month of course it can,potentially be waived but you know why,even bother with that one so i mean you,can choose it if youre just looking for,a business account thats not really um,what im here for im just really here,for the bonus and the easiest path to,that,so well move forward assuming were,going to choose the business advantage,fundamentals banking account so again,with that one its an 18 a month,maintenance fee it is avoidable with a 5,000 minimum balance uh you could also do,250 a month and spend on the business,debit card or be a member of preferred,rewards for business and there are no,early termination fees here for um,closing the account which is nice so the,good news here is that youre going to,avoid the account fees by satisfying the,bonus requirements right so what youd,want to do here i mean dont spend 250 a,month on your debit card there are,better ways to spend 250 on a credit,card and get points so im gonna assume,most people are gonna go for the five,thousand dollars um minimum balance all,right you know if you make it through,the 91 days right that youre required,to keep that 20 000,you know on deposit meaning the full,from account opening to day 91,thats how they write it just make sure,that you leave five thousand dollars,over there until your bonus posts and,then you can feel free to move it all,out to you know back to your home bank,and move on to the next bonus now one,other note here um again bank of america,is best known for their preferred reward,systems and you can avoid the fees here,if you are in preferred rewards but the,difference here is that this is business,preferred rewards right so if you have i,dont know a ton of money hundred,thousand dollars whatever it is with,merrill lynch right and its in a,personal account thats the personal,preferred reward side and to my,knowledge the two were not,interchangeable its two separate,preferred rewards buckets,if you have preferred rewards and its,otherwise please let me know down below,but im pretty sure its separate so if,you have preferred rewards personal,dont necessarily assume youre going to,avoid uh the minimum fee on on business,as well,so anyways like i said im going to end,up opening this its on my uh its all,my spreadsheet is on the radar my,moneys kind of tied up in a citibank,bonus right now,but because you know we have at least,until end of july it should give me,enough time to free up money and then,open this one so i dont have a specific,data point for you however there are,some things ive read about this one,that i want to bring to your attention,again just from uh from data points and,as always the doctor of credit will be,linked down below and as this bonus will,do be a direct link down below as well,its not a referral link just get you to,the correct place as fast as possible,so theres no promo code you saw the,offer theres no promo code but what,folks are reporting in is two things i,want you to be aware of number one is,that there is a promo code box it looks,li

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Bank Of America | Small Business Credit Cards | Credit Limit Up To $100,000

hey guys its King Haywood connected to,the top loan and credit sources online,and this credit card Source small,business credit card is Bank of America,if youve been in the USA any amount of,time as an adult you should know about,the Bank of America bank,and if youre a business owner looking,for a small business credit card then,you can definitely apply here website,dependence and comments in the,description box below the video click it,you open up this website,all right lets go and the credit limit,is up to a hundred thousand dollars,usual and that will depend on your,credit history and your FICO credit,score better the score better your,credit history the higher the credit,limit as usual with any smaller business,credit card,all right guys you can go down to any uh,Bank branch uh Bank of America usually,gonna have one in a major city or in,your area youll find one and if you,want to talk to them about small,business credit card you can do so or,you can just simply apply here from the,website,all right so this is the business,Advantage unlimited cash rewards credit,card 300 online statement credit offer,unlimited 1.5 cashback on all purchases,everywhere every time now this card may,be if youre interested in that cash,back card smaller small business,do you want to click apply now and lets,see the rest of the card drop it down a,bit,now you if any time youre on the,website guys you simply if you look at,just for cash rewards cards travel,Awards lower interest cards Builder,strengthen business credit which is,probably a good idea if you want to,build up your business credit,simply click there and itll drop right,down to the business credit cards to,help you build credit,all right lets drop it down a little,bit more yeah the business Advantage,customized cash rewards credit card,theres no annual fee,and thats a good thing I do not like,Annual fees at all,so you have the business Advantage,unlimited cash reward credit card now,folks read over the benefits of the card,make sure its going to fit you and your,business before you apply,and I see no annual fee on this card no,annual fee and no International,transaction fees on the business,Advantage travel Awards credit card,Alaska Airlines business credit card,right and the Platinum Plus MasterCard,business card I remember this review all,the cards now if youre like me you will,find a car that fits your lifestyle,whether it be business or personal,all right,and this is the business Advantage,limited cash rewards MasterCard,secured credit card this is secured card,and a secured card its just business,uh as a car designed to help build your,credit bring it back up to where its,supposed to be and for this particular,card so if you if your small business,owner right now watch the video,uh and youre looking to build your,business credit this would be a great,part to apply for now it says right here,you open the security deposit,minimum one thousand dollars upon,approval your credit line will be equal,to your deposit amount same with another,personal credit card they have to be,your credit is always equal to the,deposit you put on that card to activate,it,and make consistent payments that,improves your business credit score over,time,so youre looking to build your business,credit perfect card to apply and just,click apply now on the website,all right get more rewards when you,become prepared rewards for business,member you can get up to 75 percent more,Awards on every purchase you make we,have gold platinum and platinum honors,make sure you contact customer support,from this website if youre interested,in these cards,and if you if you already have the great,credit score and obviously have people,did this on my videos if your credit,score is already wonderful 700 plus you,know credit and history is great and you,can apply for one of these cards now,youll be approved I dont know if its,a soft pool multi time its a soft pool,to let you know uh the type of credit,lighting starts you with before you go,ahead apply for the actual application,fully apply,but um if you heard of scores high,enough you will be approved all right,probably going to end the video right,there thank you guys for watching once,again it is King Hayward stay safe out,there

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Bank of America Minority Business Grant Program 2022

im sure youve all probably heard by,now about bank of americas new no down,payment mortgage loan but this video,aint about that,nope this is about bank of americas new,grant for small businesses and if youre,a small business owner like me then you,might want to listen up chill settle,down lets listen to the old loud novel,im todd and lets talk some square biz,now real estate is one of the top 10,ventures for new small business owners,but with interest rates so high breaking,into the market can be a little bit,difficult for those just starting out,but insert bank of america here in just,the last couple of weeks bank of america,not only announced its new no down,payment mortgage options but they also,announced their new small business grant,program and heres what theyre saying,about it the program is designed to help,small businesses grow and create,generational wealth opportunities for,women and minority-owned businesses,itll help these businesses purchase,commercial real estate in conjunction,with the sba or small business,administration 504 or 7a loan the,program will give your business a grant,for up to 50 of your required injection,or the required amount that you should,have in access to be approved for the,loan and for new businesses this can be,anywhere from 10 to 15 when you apply,for it through the sba now before i go,any further youre probably wondering,whats the sba 504 or 7a loan what is it,well here we go the 504 loan with the,sba is a loan program that provides,long-term fixed rate financing for major,fixed assets through certified,development companies or cdcs cdcs are,community-based partners with the sba,who regulate nonprofits and promote,economic development within their,communities the 504 loan can only be,used specifically for the purpose or,construction of existing buildings or,land new facilities or long-term,machinery and equipment or the,improvement of land streets utilities,parking lots and landscaping or existing,facilities now on the other hand the sba,7a loan is the most commonly used loan,program because in conjunction with your,real estate purchase you can also use,the loan for short and long term working,capital refinance current business debt,or you can purchase furniture fixtures,and supplies both the 504 and the seven,day loan normally have a limit of up to,five million dollars and depending on,what youre using the loan for you could,possibly get five and a half million,with the 504 loan now to qualify for,these loans you must be a for-profit,business you have to be considered a,small business under the sba standards,and you must do business within the us,specifically for the 504 loan you cant,have a net worth of over 15 million,dollars and your business cant make,over 5 million annually,now how do you actually get the grant,bank of america says this if you apply,for a 504 or 7a loan and youre,purchasing a property in an opportunity,zone within the five targeted cities,which for now are atlanta chicago,charlotte dallas and los angeles and,theyll give you a grant to help you pay,down the down payment on the purchase of,that property now real quickly an,opportunity zone is an economically,distressed community where new,investments under certain conditions may,be eligible for preferential tax,treatment in other words these zones,were created to incentivize investing in,historically marginalized neighborhoods,okay so now what does this whole program,look like well lets go to the drawing,board so we can put some numbers to it,now to start off your business has to be,at least 51 owned by women or by,minorities and lets say you want to,purchase your first commercial property,in the opportunity zone in charlotte,north carolina,now your business gets under contract to,purchase this property for a hundred,thousand dollars and you apply for,either a sba 504 or 7a loan and now the,sba calculates that your down payment is,going to be 10 or 10 000 in this case,and so now heres what bank of america,is gonna do theyre gonna give your,business a grant for up to fifty percent,of the down payment or in this case five,thousand dollars and so now you only,have to come up with five thousand,dollars to complete the down payment,instead of the ten thousand dollars with,bank of america small business grant you,essentially cut your out-of-pocket,expenses in half now i realize this is,just a basic example with some round,numbers and this is going to look,different for you and your business when,you start factoring in interest rates,and closing costs within your area but,this grant can be a big stepping stone,for small businesses to get that first,property now the one thing i did not,mention in this video but you absolutely,need to be prepared for it is how to,actually get approved for a sba loan,especially in the wake of all these ppp,loan scandals getting your business,approved may not be as easy as it used,to be but i go over a solid plan to help,you and your business get approved for,any type of business loan or credit in,this video right here so you definitely,dont want to skip it because you cant,get the grant if you cant get the loan,so im ty that was a little square biz,and im out

How To Open A Business Bank Account Online Step By Step In Under 10 Minutes! | Mike Rosko

so congratulations if youre watching,this video Im assuming you finally got,the courage to start your own business,so in this video Im going to show you,step-by-step exactly how to open up a,business bank account,[Music],what is up online retailers renewest,channel welcome my name is Mike Roscoe,for aloes you do not know I teach people,on how to start build and grow their own,online retail business also known as,Amazon FBA wholesale which is,essentially selling big name-brand,products popular name-brand products,like Microsoft Sony at Disney Nintendo,Hasbro Mattel Procter & Gambles all,those huge brands that are in demand,customers already want to buy youre,buying them from suppliers at a lower,cost and selling them at a higher price,so in this video Im going to show you,how to open your own business bank,account how to open a business bank,account if for those you have not seen,my video on how to start your new,business and how to register your,business with your home state simply,just click on the link above dont want,to miss that one now how to open a,business bank account step-by-step Im,going to show you simply its very easy,now a lot of you have the fear of first,of all a lot of you had the fear of,starting your own business as I showed,you it takes 15 minutes so its not bad,at all doesnt take long everybody has,that perception of fear get over the,fear and lets move on and lets open a,business bank account now on top of that,some of you have a fear of going into a,bank and opening up a business bank,account Im going to show you how to do,it online it doesnt take long at all,itll take a week for it to open,normally once you fill all this,information out so simply just type in,open business bank account online bank,of America so click on this link,and its gonna ask you for zip code Ill,just put New York in click go now you,can read the perks of both these,accounts Im just gonna do this one,because youre just starting off so you,might as well open the lowest one now,open now obviously if you dont want to,pay the 18 a month you could read how to,avoid the fees now maintain balance of,5,000 or more minimum daily of 33,000 or,an average of 15,000 but keep in mind,this business is focused on turnover,rate flipping using money to make more,money so youre gonna want to just flip,the capital as fast as possible and just,keep letting the capital grow,reinvesting the profits and just letting,it go right letting it grow so were,gonna you can read all this if you want,to under 50 a month 5 you get a free,business investment account so if you,buy stocks or whatever or anything any,kind of investment it doesnt really,matter you want that account,just get it for free so why not right,now lets just get started so pretty,much its going to tell you which,resources actually it doesnt doesnt do,that anymore so open now maybe it does,on the next page but um so were,applying for this business now so you,want a second business checking account,know you have one business so you can,get a additional I wonder if yeah you,get an additional investment account if,you want its free so no monthly fee so,whats the harm I know you have to use,it otherwise youll lose it so if youre,not gonna use it then dont even bother,count management now count management,and payroll youre not gonna have,employees most of you to start off so,dont even worry about that account,management it says 15 a month but you,have to buy the QuickBooks software so,its not only 15 a month you have to pay,for QuickBooks – so youre most you are,not gonna do that,even though QuickBooks is a good form of,tracking your information but just to,start off I mean you can always just,contact backup America and say you want,to add that feature but for now when I,can do that business credit card I I,would get a business credit card just,because start establishing credit you,know and eventually youre gonna apply,for new credit cards and you will get a,higher credit limit so this is,investment account business credit card,go to application oh here we go so after,you apply you must read this you can,either fax the documents most most of,time youll scan them and then email,them to this exact thing and of course,youre going to need a,axé cover sheet and put your application,ID thats how they recognize it when,they see it the faster if you do this,the right way the faster you get,approved okay so you can either put it,on the fax cover sheet or just sub,neckline theyll know exactly what,youre talking about,now again itll take three days to a,week so were just gonna move on and go,to the application now pretty much its,just its pretty basic youll understand,so legal structure LLC and then youre,gonna click single-member sole,proprietorship most of you are going to,be a single-member LLC not not Im not,saying Im not a professional Im not,saying thats the best way to do it not,the most tax beneficial Im not a,professional so I cant give you advice,on that Im simply just showing you how,to open your own business bank account,online,are you the owner yes business um will,do retail retail will do other wholesale,trade and import and export will do that,because were not specified for all this,I guess you could do stores of any,machine on yes stores or you can do,other I would do just other wholesale,and portray describe your business,online retail e-commerce does this,business have any non-us business,activity mostly youre gonna be know a,lot of you a lot of you will be,expanding once if you let this grow,youre going to be expanding to Mexico,Canada UK Europe Australia you can sell,in all these platforms Amazon will set,you up for that so for now well put now,but obviously youre going to be,expanding click continue,no spaces our numbers assuming you,thats why business information now here,youre gonna put your business legal,name physic business tax ID number okay,dont forget to do that if you dont,know what this is make sure to watch my,video before I show you how to register,your business essentially,Ill show you everything in that video,so make sure to watch that if you have,not seen that video yet date established,simply whenever your business was,established now,obviously the business tax ID number,Ill go over it real quick just because,I dont want to miss anything on that an,EIN is essentially just a social,security number for a business everybody,is assigned a social security number now,an EIN every business is assigned an EIN,okay thats how you identify the,business now,does your business so in New Jersey you,actually need a DBA to open any business,bank account simply what a DBA is and,its a trade name so lets just say you,were your business was your name Mike,Roscoe loc I didnt want people to see,that so I filed for a DBA and my DBA was,XYZ retail so thats what I want to do,my business as I want my business to be,referred to X Y referred to as XYZ,retail okay,so country legal US state obviously we,did New Jersey,primary operations u.s. state New Jersey,again physical address like I said most,see you will be home address most you,will be single member LLCs and your,business address will be your home,address unless you have a warehouse,eventually you will be getting a,warehouse if you want to expand that far,I dont know what your goals are if your,goals are only to make $500 extra a,month probably dont need a warehouse if,your goals are to make a million dollars,a month youll probably need multiple,warehouses really depends on your goals,but for now those you are just starting,off just starting your business bank,account home address single-member LLC,right business phone business email what,is your purpose of the changing general,business operations youre gonna click,no for all of these no gambling non,operating this means like a holding,company or whatnot but parent company,again no this is not nonprofit is this,business operating as a charity no click,continue well obviously I cant go any,further but essentially all its

Shredding Bank Of America Small Business Web Interface (UI)

so alright folks today were going to,shred Bank of Americas online banking,interface specifically related to their,transfers so this is my small business,banking account at bank of america one,of them i have multiple and i often have,to do wire transfers for acquisition and,and purchases and when doing so bank of,america has conceivably created a fairly,useful interface you go to transfers and,you say okay i want to transfer between,my own accounts if I want to move money,between them I want to send money to,someone else using their email address,or mobile number thats a bank of,americas little paypal thing using,their account number at bank of america,or using their account number at another,bank or if you want to receive money you,can send an email using their paypal,like service right so theyre also have,this helpful help me choose a transfer,option of course theyve violated all,the rules of interface design despite,the fact that this is in a menu there,are items here that are not clickable so,an inconsistency in their interface is,confusing at the top they have bold,elements that are not clickable okay but,in middle they have unfolded elements,that are clickable but do not have an,out underline to indicate that theyre,clickable thats okay theres a lot of,interfaces that do but theres also not,a color change interface indicated where,as you can see on other aspects of their,interface they do have a standard URL,color change with a mouse over underline,but they completely do it differently in,this menu rating and consistent they do,a mouse over hover to indicate its a,menu item now some UI folks would say,well because its a menu its okay that,its different but I disagree despite,the fact that im seeking a link to,click which is what i would be finding,in a menu if thats all that was here,then it would be okay but in this case,we have bold items that are not,clickable have no,mouseover effect so I know in the menu,theyre not clickable but down below I,have a menu item that has a mouse-over,underline effect but is not in blue text,and doesnt have the same mouseover,effect as these because its already got,the shade behind it obviously most,people will figure it out but its still,just making it take longer to figure out,what I want to do right the other thing,is is they pretty much express all the,options here and this little wizard,takes you to build process but its,still a very similar process to the,process you get when you use one of,these now in the case of between the,same banks you go to into a different,interface but in the case of using their,account number at another bank you end,up in this interface okay and youre,ready to make your transfer which is,fantastic now pay attention to this tap,ok because Ive already done my transfer,but I dont know when Im back where I,was in the interface or when Ive come,into my primary account interface when,Im at the primary page of my account,interface you cant see anything related,to existing transfers so heres my,problem Ive already done a transfer,Ive already initiated a transfer Im,checking on the status of it because,its late it was supposed to be there,today to the person Im sending the,money to and it hasnt shown up at their,bank and it needed to be there by today,so Im test so today I called bank of,america and the woman on the phone,assured me that it would be there by,five oclock today despite the fact that,i sent it at 1143 a.m. yesterday and it,was supposed to be there for 10 bucks,today now of course they say well well,get it there by five so we can say we,made it the next day the problem is is,conceptually most people expect that,thats going to go out in the morning or,at least before the time when I,initiated it the day before the second,problem is is that I know theyre making,money on the float so it just pisses me,off,theyre holding out of that money to,make money on it and they do it all day,and they accumulate vast amounts of,money doing it the inconvenience my,business when theyre supposed to be,serving my business but thats a user,experience on the services side were,not going to have to address here so no,matter where you come into the account,right you cant get to seeing your,existing transfer activity there,interface forces me to go through,initiating a transfer in order to see my,transfer activity there is no transfer,activity in this menu item theres none,in this menu item at all there are no,transfer activities here no transfer,activities here no transfer activities,here no transfer activities here or in,any of the other menu items okay the,problem with that is is all I want to do,is see my transfer status now I can go,into my account ledger and see the,transaction but I cant actually see an,updated status because the terminology,they use in the transaction is different,pause the recording so Im not traipsing,through mall my personal and business,account records to show you this is what,I see in my actual transfer right now,here they have uncategorised pending as,the terminology they use and in the,transfers area activity they call it in,process so I dont know what either of,those means and interestingly i can edit,the categorization but that doesnt,actually reflect whats going on right,so,back to any of the other tabs your pages,or interfaces there is no way for me to,get directly to my transfer activity to,see the activity thats actually going,on its an infuriating process so i have,to go through here go to transfers and,then i have to actually initiate a,transfer so Ive done log in click Ive,done Ive landed on my main account page,and now that I want to see the actual,transfer activity the real time,information about the status of that,transfer I cant get to it I have to go,through and initiate a transfer and I,can guarantee you that most users are,never going to figure this out if they,kept their ledger up to date with the,transfer status and use the same,terminology it might not be so bad but,because they dont in the transaction,logs use the same terminology and show,actual real time status you cant get,the information you need all right so I,have to actually in order to get to the,transfer activity tab I have to go and,initiate a transfer so in this case I,can initiate one use their number,account number at another bank because I,would assume its close to what Im,looking for since thats what Ive done,so now they put me into the interface to,initiate a transfer Ive now been,through one two three four five or six,clicks and then i can get to my transfer,activity and here i can see my actual,transfer and see that its in process,further annoying me and pissing me off,because my transaction has not actually,gone through,and it was supposed to so bank of,america i want my ten dollars back now,the interesting thing here is i then,went and had another pitiful user,experience because i called them today,and they promised it would happen by,five right so i went back to contact us,because im angry and i want to contact,them and discuss what my problem is now,most banks i have 24-hour chat access,but for some reason bank of america,doesnt do that so i go that we can help,you online by phone or in person well in,fact you cant help me online when i go,to small business which is what my,account type is click go I then get best,way to contact us and a blank screen,then suddenly the chat is not available,for this topic comes up now this is what,I get every single time I go to contact,us for a small business this tells me,they dont have anybody trained for,handling small businesses online via,chat despite the fact that it would make,it much faster and much easier for users,in the small business community get,support number two when I called today I,actually got on the phone and was told,that there would be a wait time of,between one hour and 12 minutes and one,hour and 49 minutes well obviously Im,not going to wait on the phone that long,right they do have the sense to have a,call back feat

Bank Of America Business Credit Card | Importance of Banking Relationships

welcome back for another video and today,were talking about bank of america,business credit card its the real,estate trapper and right now were live,in the trap lets get it,[Music],[Music],oh,[Music],i actually just started my banking,relationship with bank of america,normally when i first start a bank,relationship i do not apply for any,credit products reason being theyll,give you baby limits so for example when,i first opened up my native federal,account,um whether its personal business,doesnt matter and here i am making six,figures 800 credit score a thick credit,profile the first i opened the account i,applied for a credit card they gave me a,thousand dollars once they started,seeing you know 20 and 30 000 deposits,as you know credit cards became 20,thirty forty fifty thousand dollar limit,anytime i open up a new account which is,personal or business i,make deposits for six months you know,normally its between twenty and thirty,thousand dollars a month but the motto,is,banks will always give you credit,when you dont need it but when you do,need it theyll deny you remember that i,was just at the bar with a friend hes,been banking my bank of america for like,two or three years or having long his,business has been in business and he was,just showing me like hey you know i got,sixty thousand dollars in this bank,american credit card and i got this you,know this hes like man why dont you,apply im like man i just opened the,account,uh,literally 48 hours ago hes like man you,got good credit and i just apply just,reiterate you have to make deposits to,these accounts so anyway i went ahead,and applied,business advantage customized cash,rewards mastercard,and i was approved for a baby limit um,six gs i probably wont even use it you,know most of my credit cards are you,know 25 30 40 50 000,because i didnt have a banking,relationship with bank of america you,know a long-standing one theyre not,going to get give out a lot of money if,they dont see a lot of money coming in,so you know thats why i was given a,baby limit we first opened up a bank,account we need to have some deposits,going in some transactions so they can,see some activity so that when they do,give you high limit credit cards they,know based on your activity that youll,be able to you know pay them off,successfully so for this particular,credit card of course you have to do a,personal guarantor on it so theyre,going to run your credit majority of the,time i go to bank of america its like a,car loan or something like i was,thinking i was going to get a g wagon,they approved me for um 100 000 no money,down through bank of america but they,use my experience score so i actually,talked to a rep that for credit cards is,random it was like roll the dice and,whatever it lands on financial,transgender you use transunion as an,experience to use experience so for this,particular credit card they use my,transunion score and i guess thats cool,you know my transition score isnt you,know trash um my credits have good,credit so they use that score i was,expecting to use experian because you,know when i apply for cars and stuff for,the fleet,they always use experian the customer,service tech said for credit cards its,random they just roll the dice youre,going to be equifax experian or,transunion or maybe two of them at the,same time so you can see the proof you,know for baby six probably wont use it,that much maybe for gas or something you,know the whole point of it is just to,have it paid off every month and,uh i guess whatever rewards come from,that not many because only six grand,which you know,but,at the end of the day you know i just,wanted to educate you all on you know,this particular,cashback rewards card ill leave the,link so you can actually go check it out,the main thing that i wanted to you know,share with you all is that water these,relationships before you actually ask,them for something so you know if i,would have you know made my normal,deposits of 25 30 35 000 a month then i,probably would have got like the 80 out,of credit card with ease once i get my,package in the mail with the debit card,and you know the checkbooks and all that,stuff then im gonna start making those,deposits and then six months from now i,either ask for a limit increase and then,ill apply for a different credit,product make sure you like comment,subscribe and stay tuned for the next,video,[Music],[Music],you

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