1. Nursing Assistant Careers at Beaumont
  2. Black Desert Mobile How to Loing & Enter Game
  3. The Donts of Amtrak Train Travel in the US
  4. Sasha Catches Real Fish with fishing Water Toys
  6. Crosspicking Method: Beaumont Rag
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Nursing Assistant Careers at Beaumont

[Music],i think one of the most important things,that a good nursing assistant has is the,ability to connect with people and that,they find energy from that people need,to have the desire to want to help,people to want to connect with people,and to want to work as part of the,health care team the clinical skills,come with time,i can teach you to do certain tasks i,can teach you information to understand,patients conditions better what i cant,teach someone is to be here for the,right reasons to genuinely care to,really want to make a difference in the,lives of people that you have the,ability to impact its a very humbling,and rewarding job outside of being,compensated for the job it really warms,my heart to help people every day making,them feel better making them feel happy,making them feel comfortable and,appreciated okay and your name is um im,jack hi,um is it okay if i take this one you can,take it off yes thank you my name is,jackie,i always look at the patients as if,theyre my family and that theyre,hurting and i want to make them feel,better i dont want them to feel like,theyre just here getting care i want,them to feel involved in their care i,want them to feel as if im not talking,at you im talking with you im talking,to you i want your opinion i want you to,leave not only healthy but mentally,healthy physically healthy emotionally,happy would you mind checking my last,blood pressure oh of course let me check,and see feeling okay i am im just,curious okay assumed your blood pressure,was at 120 over 71.,nursing assistants do a lot of the,hands-on care of the patients they are,really involved in the mobility of,patients so helping make sure that,patients maintain as much function as,they possibly can by helping them get up,to the chair helping them walk helping,them get to the bathroom sometimes our,patients are past the point where they,still have those abilities so its,really helping them maintain what they,have and gain some of those things back,as a nursing system im actually,handling the patients care and i love,to see the growth of the patient and how,they heal i love the job itself i love,seeing my patients every day i want to,know that my time with them matter and i,love seeing and freeing all my patients,and knowing that i did what i had to do,in order to get to where they are,[Music],getting to prioritization i will tell,any new nurse assistant you will not get,it the first 30 days you will not get it,the first 60 days realistically your 90,day point is when youll start to,realize how to prioritize what is first,yes it can be a lot on your plate yes it,could seem overwhelming but the overall,factor of after you do all of this the,patient satisfaction is what matters so,prioritizing would be if,someone calls for water someone calls to,go to the bathroom someones linens are,on the floor someones daughter is,calling you have to see what would you,do first so by prioritizing i mean,address the one need by addressing all,needs,communication with my patients and my,nurses is,crucial i need to make sure im on the,same wavelength as both the patient and,both the nurses in order to see that the,needs of both are taken care of its,very important to communicate with,patients to get them to feel better,listening to the patients is very,important,nursing assistants do make really deep,connections with patients because they,see them in moments that sometimes even,their family members dont,patients really develop a trust in them,really look to them for help,making that connection means the world,to them because its not like oh hi,im this person im just here for the,day its hi im armani,i want to know what can i do to make,your day better what can i do to take,you from this point of the day until the,end where you can go home and feel like,you got the care you needed you think,you want to take a shower,maybe not a shower im pretty tired from,walking earlier okay well then can i set,you up with a bed bath its really,simple,it really is important that people like,teamwork in these types of roles as well,the healthcare is a team with a lot of,members nursing assistants are a really,important member of that team and the,better that we work together and,communicate the better the experiences,for the patient and their outcomes will,be,bulma is really committed to safety and,really working through the pandemic i,will say that i felt leadership worked,really hard to make sure we had the,right ppe and equipment that we needed,to keep us safe i never felt like i,would have to worry about if i had to,make a choice to do something unsafe to,take care of my patients or if i could,keep myself safe i always had the,ability to do both hi my name is emily,and im a healthcare hero,im proud to be a healthcare hero,my name is armani ford webb and i am a,health care hero,im montana greene and im a health care,hero,[Music],you

Black Desert Mobile How to Loing & Enter Game

hello guys – angrily Shiva baka baka,Musallam Xin chào touch aha I know seola,what it when a cop couldnt oblivion and,holla yep in this video Im going to,show you how to end a blackness at,Mumbai from outside country because a,lot T are asking me and sorry about this,I cannot reply to all clear,okay Im gonna show in this video first,thing you will need a cube if you dont,have a BK if you cannot download form a,PAP you just download this one and this,is quite good and easy to uptake in,future okay just download and enter this,one after that just skip n so game from,here like this Sigma values already come,up practice it mo Bai and yep English,version tap here and yep you will see,install button option around here okay,after that just install it,you,you will see this icon after that I just,end up game a line um oh and download,all fine is going to need to download,2.6 to go by even m4 core okay up to,download now you will see log in skin,okay just skip and exit say two main,skin after that you need to download one,up VPN are like Canada VPN or solo VP,and any VPN dares have the list country,Vivian when okay okay this one can I,give you an IRA test on this one okay,next one are something suggest me to,test on me VPN VP beefy right okay,one of my friend to try and guess on,this one in this one oh my god come on,maybe a not spot Im not sure why in,here you will see is less lava just let,Saban okay Canada my only one sour I,dont have Australia or other region,conscious then you can also fit our,Swiss ten or Canada,okay be good no tears on Canada and up,here okay in here you will see some ad,run round okay put this one and we cue,is connected okay up to Ted you can end,the game line on one here you will see,key icon around here is no problem even,you play in Asia or EU and you just need,to connect one ugly list VPN country,a – we need to download with VPN our and,says oh you dont know you dont need to,download with Viviane on mode just,download like normal okay,its going to be because RB or net from,seed to Canada were gonna have high,ping like 300 something like that,okay in here go up and yeah because I,need to and then my info okay its okay,now,after that you will see a server and,then for Asia we only have one server,here is fine for me a next question is a,can be obvious the end but for someone,from me if Im trying to off VPN is not,work for me,maybe some part maybe my Emery did not,support Im not sure about it up till I,off VPN I cannot play anymore for me I,need to play with VPN mode here what my,setting here my Mac setting laughing I,hope this we will have you to join game,and Sigala fine

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The Donts of Amtrak Train Travel in the US

hey there fellow travelers mark here,with wolters world and today were here,in mystic connecticut were at the,amtrak station about ready to head off,to boston what i thought id give you,today are the donts of traveling with,amtrak or the donts of traveling by,train in the u.s okay now theres two,kind of overall themes with my donts in,this video one are the donts for when,youre on the train and one set is the,donts that you should know just about,amtrak in general and booking and things,like that and im going to start when,were on the train and the first stone i,have for you when youre on the amtrak,is dont pretend like youre asleep in,order to take up two seats i cant tell,you how many times ive gotten on the,train here and got on an amtrak and,everybodys asleep im like dude its 10,30 in the morning or 11 oclock in the,morning theres none of you that are,sleeping the sun is blazing through you,have these beautiful views out the side,theres no way everyones asleep but,people will pretend because they dont,want somebody sitting next to them look,dont pretend like youre asleep because,people already know youre not asleep,okay and the thing is is actually the,trains especially if youre in the,northeast corridor and stuff like that,they do get pretty full and so they need,those seats so just know that no ones,gonna believe youre actually asleep,okay so put your feet down and do that,now if theres nobody there you know,feel free to take a nap and do that but,honestly youll be fine because my next,dont for you is when youre on the,amtrak trains okay and youre getting,your tickets dont think that the coach,class the economy class you know kind of,tickets equal economy class seating in,an airplane look on the trains on the,amtrak trains youve got a lot more,space okay you dont necessarily have to,sit in business class to get tons of,room its actually quite nice in that,way that oh man i can actually spread it,i i dont get smushed i can put i mean,im a fat guy and i can put the tray,down and work on the tray and economy as,well or coach class too so dont worry,about that now another thing with that,seat next to you another donut is dont,put your luggage in the seat next to you,okay the conductor will come by and tell,you hey you dont put your luggage there,put it above your seat in the overhead,compartment or put it at the end of the,carriage theres theres a place for,luggage there a lot of the times and the,thing is is that luggage rack above your,seat is way bigger than what you get an,airplane so youve got plenty of space,when youre there okay so dont feel it,you have to put it there because theyll,probably ask you to move it and kind of,another tone i have for you with those,conductors,dont disrespect the conductors i found,the conductors that go through the,amtrak trains have been very friendly,very helpful very informative with stuff,and they help you out theyre more,service oriented than the amtrak kind of,brand is associated with like look those,conductors are nice and helpful kind of,stuff and amtrak doesnt always have,that same connotation but they are so,dont mess with them because they can,throw you off the train okay if youre,causing problems if youre being,disruptive and things like that so just,have a heads up for that another thing,is when you see the conductors come by,youll see at your seat theyll poke a,little ticket theyll ask hey where are,you going or theyll check your ticket,say hey where are you going and they,write down on a piece of paper and then,stuff this little piece of paper above,your seat that indicates one that,someones sitting there so you have your,seat kind of saved and two it says where,youre getting off because my next dont,for you is dont think that amtrak,announces the stops look if youre going,to be coming into boston or new york yes,they will announce those stops but if,youre going to smaller places like,mystic here they do not announce those,stops what they do is the conductors,know where people are getting off based,on those tickets and they go through and,let you know hey just so you know the,next stop is mystic okay so so dont,take down that ticket because thats how,you know that they where youre going,but its also how they know who to let,know what stop is next my next stone,that goes along with that is dont,assume that all the doors open on the,trains at every stop look,were here in mystic connecticut i mean,this is a small platform they only open,like two or three doors when they stop,here the train has like 20 doors that,comes through make sure you dont ignore,the the conductor because theyre going,to come through before and say hey just,so you know,this stop if you want to get out youve,got to go you know a train up or two,train two train cars up to get out on,that door on the left or the right or,whatever just so you know because,otherwise ive seen people that are like,hey why want the door open im like,theyre going to leave without you you,got to make sure you get to that correct,door thats why dont take down that,ticket because it helps them know where,youre going to get on or off okay so,that also leads into another donut of,dont ignore the conductor when you get,on because they might indicate hey,youre going to get off at mystic youre,going to want to get in,car 5 or car 6 or something like that,because thats going to be closer to the,one where they let off and that helps,kind of like mitigate too many people in,one spot or you have to run through the,train to uh to get your stuff there so,theres that well well let the train go,bye,so the train that just went by thats an,asella thats thats the fast train here,in the us that goes from you know boston,down to dc you can take that thats like,our probably fastest train here in the,us its still not super fast but it is,faster than a typical kind of train has,less stops obviously didnt stop here uh,in mystic so you might have uh if youre,gonna go to a smaller town you might get,a regional train or something like that,okay now another dont that i have for,you that relates to these faster trains,and stuff like that is dont expect,the trains to be like in europe or in,japan or stuff like that i mean that was,the fast train but even the fast train,here is kind of like a regional express,in germany or someplace like that so do,have a heads up with that one now the,thing is the us is very large okay so,youre going to be on the train for a,while when youre going places whats,cool is dont forget to bring your plug,look mostly amtrak trains actually have,plugs next to the seat and not just one,that you have to fight over with the,person youre sitting next to but they,give you two plugs so theres a plug for,each person thats there and thats,really cool also they do have wi-fi on a,lot of the trains so i mean its not,dont expect fast wi-fi but they do have,it on a lot of the trains so you can,stay connected and stay charged up so,when you get to boston like were going,to you can have enough juice in your,phone that you can have the kids play on,the phones and the ipads but you can,still take pictures too so thats kind,of cool um some other donts i have for,you is when youre getting on the train,and you might be a little hungry dont,expect a culinary masterpiece from the,cafe car,look its a train,and the only thing they have to cook,with is a microwave okay now you know,what microwave cooking is like yes,theres plenty of food and drinks to,have when youre on the train but youre,just not going to be too happy with the,food and the quality also and also its,a little pricey too so dont forget to,bring some food with you when you do,come on some drinks and some snacks and,stuff because it will make life a little,easier and a lot cheaper but i will say,is dont bring stinky food okay if the,food is overly stinky they might say hey,you cant eat that here i mean i would,hope they would say that because it can,be pretty gross because ooh limb burger,you know your limb burger sa

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Sasha Catches Real Fish with fishing Water Toys

sasha look here,wow theyre so cute,how are you guys,you need a bigger house hmm,[Music],[Music],ill get you fishy,[Music],[Music],[Music],hello sasha,what,its a talking fish,if you let me go i will be grateful to,you okay,no way are you a magic fish,yes and i want to thank you for setting,me free,[Music],but theres no water,why are you so sad the pool is empty,theres no fish here dont worry i will,fix it,[Music],thank you,now we are moving to your new,[Music],there you house my little friends,[Music],dont be afraid its just three,[Music],[Music],hmm mommy lets have a challenge ah come,on three two one go,come on,come on fishy,[Music],why this fish is so fast,[Applause],im gonna win,no im the best fisher,youre jumping so high,youre so tricky,[Music],can we try,our game only for me and sasha,well lets count it,ive got skate and you,[Applause],no problem i will win next time,im gonna play too,i have something very interesting,[Music],wow,[Music],we will have the coolest toy,wow,so big paw patrol station there are,marshall,zoo,super oh yeah wow,[Music],lets see if its faster skye come on,come on go go,[Music],[Music],[Music],you will be super clean,[Music],now our pool will be even cooler,lets change color,what is this fantastique,[Music],it looks like snow,[Music],woof,[Music],you have your home game,no we dont share with greedy ones,[Applause],[Music],lets see what youve done,[Music],i can help,[Music],ready,[Music],its so many fish here and you go away,toy breakers,do you like this pool oh yeah,[Music],sasha we have to feed our fish lets go,to the kitchen and cook something,[Music],theyre gone,hey,no its our fish,[Music],[Music],fish,[Music],ive got it first a deer from my pool,oh,[Music],hey you,right now,[Applause],[Music],[Music],why cant you share your fish,[Music],ill give you a new game and you must,try to play together,[Music],nice,[Music],we need some water for it,[Music],is so tasty here wow,[Applause],okay it will be a great design,[Music],i left it over here we should find them,[Music],no,[Music],im just way my dinner,well give you another food dont eat,our fish please bring me what you have,ill think about your offer,[Music],okay okay i agree,[Music],nice youre saying now lets go home to,your friends,thanks,[Music],hmm,[Music],you


hello guys welcome back to another video,and today Im going to be showing you,how to get this character changing,device which you may or may have not,seen in the trailers for bone lab now,make sure if you do enjoy this video to,leave a like subscribe and turn on,notifications if you dont want to miss,a single video and comment if you want,to see more of bone lab because Im very,happy to do some more because its an,amazing game so lets get into it so,guys what you want to do is you want to,go up these stairs to start with which,is just next to this character changing,so you go up here to the left which is,the stairs uh so you just go up to the,top of this,and then once youre at the top youll,see this generator on your right,um and somewhere around here on the,floor there will be two batteries which,you just pick those up you pick those up,and you put them in here right like just,just like that you just put them in,there then once youve done that you,want to come over here and youll see,this this is the crane so to operate it,you go up down and then move,which you can see it just down there,that little box there,um and by the way quickly just before I,explain you more you have to go into,each one of these buildings at least,once and have have backed out all just,played played all backed out so you have,to go and gone into each one once so,youll know when youve done it because,youll see that box,um will have something a little orb,looking like this inside of it,um well just one of those and then,therell be a beam coming out the top,so uh the reason is like that is because,you have to use the crane,to take them and put them there so those,are the things which are in the top so,you just move the crane so lets say I,wanted to do this one uh I got the crane,above it and then I slow it down and,then you know when you have it because,it goes below the cross uh the big cross,on there I cant do it because Ive,already done it obviously which you can,see here,um,and then yeah once once youve done that,um youll see that that is unlocked,um which is those big doors so Ill see,you down there now so guys as you can,see were at the door now which is to,well just in front of mods uh which will,be on the right of the door and park,which on the left and just sandboxes,over there and the character change,thing is there so all you want to do is,you just want to go up to this door and,if youve unlocked it which you should,have if youve done the crane bit then,you just,fine press that button and it will just,open up she then can walk through and,then youll see this big red button here,which,um I would recommend clicking because,you dont have to but youll see in a,minute there is quite well not important,but it makes it easier so yeah so just,press that and so then youll see this,big spectator platform there or room or,server or office or anything like that,so if you look to the side which has,these crumbled bits of brick you just,want to go up to that side you either,side will work but the size just easier,so if this is closed just press that,once and just wait for it to open uh,because it has to cycle that as well so,just press it once and wait,um if it is closed but if not just walk,through and then you can just go down,here,and then walk through here,and youre in this room so once youre,in here you can see this ladder here,which,um you just want to climb up,okay so once you are up here what you,want to do is just make your way across,here to this second fan here simply stop,the fan and then Crouch down and get,thrown like that and you can just push,this open,then shut it as well just like that and,then you can Chuck down the hammer,and just jump over,and then you come on here and just press,this red button here on the left of the,left one,um and then for any reason if this isnt,here then you can just press that button,to recall it back so um yeah just wait,for this to go to the top and then yeah,Ill see you at the top,so guys as you can see Im currently at,the top and then Im just going to go,straight ahead across this platform,and then you just want to go straight,ahead from the platform and bang through,the doors just like that,and then try and avoid these boxes,because obviously it spawns those things,um so this is where I was confused for a,good 30 minutes because I just didnt,look around make sure to always check,your surroundings for things like the,crane so if you just um so um so if you,just go straight ahead just to the first,desk youll see this which operates the,crane,so then you just want to go down over,here just below,um just below the crane because then it,just yeah it goes down here to lift the,desk and move out the way just like that,and then grab this and swing it across,and then youll see this little plug,down the little sink plug so youre just,going to want to just lower the crane,down and jump down first so it doesnt,sway around when it goes down and then,just lower the crane down,just like this,so then once its about there uh well,actually well well know just about,there or wherever just move this,slightly out of the way so as you can,see I have now got the crane onto the,plug and Im now just simply going to,press upwards and it is just um it is,just going to take the plug up like that,so you can just now throw down the,controller it doesnt matter where it,goes and then you can just simply jump,down here,so guys once youre through to here you,just um you just want to come over here,grab this ammo and you may or may not,have a gun which you probably do right,now but um,you just yeah you just want to come,through here like this,and just get these guys like like this,oh this guy has got like no ammo its,ridiculous,so then you just wanna,get him,and then you just want to be careful,because yeah theres a guy up there,so you want to get him,silently and then yeah okay so if you do,make any noise he might not be up there,he might be just around the corner so,just be careful of that,you just gotta make sure but dont drop,my gun,uh okay so then when you once youre,here trying to press this button here,and then you just want to press this,button which will shoot the ball up wait,and it hits that button and then it,opens that so you um so you just want to,head over here,um,and then once youre over here,yeah so you just go around the back here,um,and turn on this valve and then go,just go around the back I got lost there,and then and then just move this,uh just there or wherever,um,so yeah he,um and then you just want to make your,way up here like this,dont worry if it drops a bit like that,just carry on go through here and then,if you dont already have a gun there is,one here if you dont have one,and then you can just grab this ammo,like this and then grab this Im a two,and the summit 2.,cool right then you just want to go,through these doors,and then,and then just drop down,and then these guys are just annoying,thats what I thought,okay so then,so then yeah you just move on to here,this you dont need this right now,um wow is that three of them up there,this time no its just two I dont know,if thats two or three oh well,um,and then youre gonna become Captain,America because youre gonna grab this,the uh Bin lid and then just walk up,here and block all the shots of the,Sentry turrets,and then,drop it down here,why is that by that,oh,packs itself up like that,and yeah you can just get the sky,and then Im pretty sure yeah theres,oh geez hello,this guy over there and the guys there,why is this gun like gotten like no ammo,just double check that no ones down,there,and then you can just make your way up,here like this,um,and then just come through here and then,these boxes will just fall,and then itll be these things which is,very unique,so you can just,get them,given oh geez,there you go,so you can just move on to this wall we,should just grab here and pull across,its like on Springs or something so,just,you gotta just slide through,my hand is stuck in the wall,wel

Crosspicking Method: Beaumont Rag

this video,shows you the method i use when cross,picking,cross picking is a guitar technique,used to imitate a fiddle technique,called the georgia shuffle,this is a three quaver note,sequence played over and over,in a music form that is divided into,two groups of four notes,ive chosen the tune beaumont rag,to illustrate this technique,as with so many facets of flat picking,we can trace this back to the father of,flat pick guitar,doc watson who first recorded this tune,on his doc watson and son lp,from 1965 with his son,merle he played it on a 12 string guitar,an instrument that is rarely used for,playing,what might generally be termed fiddle,tunes,this tune is a two-part tune,divided into two 16,bar parts and the cross picking starts,on the first bar,of the second part of the tune the first,part of the tune,played slowly sounds like this,[Music],[Music],you,[Music],[Music],as you can see im using a standard,alternate picking pattern of down up,down up down up down up,[Music],you play a down pick on the beat,and an up pick off the beat,so in some parts of this tune i will be,picking,up on consecutive notes,where those notes occur off,the beat the slightly,misnamed alternate picking,comes about because the vast majority of,fiddle tunes,have eight quavers per bar,and where that occurs you will have down,up down up down up,down up or alternate picking,its when you have a touch of,syncopation,or a crotchet or two appearing in the,tune,that you have consecutive down or,up strokes and that occurs,occasionally in this tune,the cross picking part in this tune in,part b,crosses three strings with,a g and a note used on the third of,those strings,the first two bars of cross picking,consist,of an arpeggio of a g major chord,using the b note on the fifth string,the open d string,and either the open g or the a note,on string three like this,[Music],the next two bars use,the c note on string five,the e note on string four,and the g and a notes on string,three like this,[Music],and putting the whole of the second part,together,sounds like this,[Applause],[Music],do,[Music],[Music],the so-called trick to achieving,this picking sound,is to maintain a down,up down up down up down up,pattern over a three,note pattern in other words,maintain your normal picking pattern,incidentally the glenn miller song,in the mood when played on the guitar is,more or less a brief example of,[Music],cross-picking,[Music],and so on now ill play the whole,tune at a slow tempo once through,so you can hear everything,in context,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],do,[Music],do,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],do,[Music],ive included a recording of beaumont,rag,that i made for my cd i pick,therefore i am,which includes the cross picking in the,b part of this,tune just remember to play,down up down up down up down up no,matter,what the melody is doing,and happy picking,[Music],do,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],do,[Music],you

DÉCELER UNE MAUVAISE MONTRE ? ???? (5 choses à regarder ⚠️ !)

مرحبًا يا شباب ومرحبًا بكم في هذا الفيديو الجديد,الذي من المحتمل أن يوفر لك بضعة يورو من خلال تجنب شراء الساعات القذرة,لأننا اليوم سنكتشف معًا كيفية اكتشاف ما إذا كانت الساعة,تُباع باهظة الثمن مقارنة بما هي عليه. يستحق ذلك حقًا!,غالبًا ما يكون هناك أشخاص على Youtube و Instagram وما إلى,ذلك يسألونني عما إذا كنت أعرف مثل هذه العلامة التجارية أو تلك وما إذا كانت جيدة.,غالبًا ما نخشى الشراء ونحتاج إلى الاطمئنان ،,خاصة وأنني لا أعتقد أن هذه مشكلة يواجهها المبتدئون فقط.,اشترى جميع المتحمسين ساعة بالفعل مرة واحدة على الأقل,وندموا عليها بعد بضعة أسابيع,، وأخبروا أنفسهم أنهم ربما دفعوا مبالغ زائدة مقابلها قليلاً.,اليوم ، سأقدم لك 5 أشياء للنظر فيها قبل الشراء,. سيسمح لك ذلك بمعرفة ما إذا كانت الساعة التي تبيعها,باهظة الثمن مقارنة بقيمتها الحقيقية ، وبالتالي لتكون قادرًا على اتخاذ قرارات أفضل.,على أي حال ، إذا اشتريت ساعة أزياء ، فأنا لا أهتم ،,فكل شخص يفعل ما يريد ، من ناحية أخرى ، حيث يزعجني عندما,يستفسر الناس ويفكرون في شراء “ساعة جميلة” بينما في الواقع هذا هو ليست الحقيبه، ليست القضيه.,على سبيل المثال DW ، لا تزعجني جودة ساعاتهم كثيرًا … بل هو,السعر المطلوب مقارنةً بهذه الجودة.,على أي حال ، أعتقد أنك حصلت عليه.,أحدد نفس الشيء أنه إذا كانت الساعة التي تثير اهتمامك تبدو وكأنها,تقدم خاصية أو خاصيتين سنقدمهما,معًا ، فهذا لا يعني بالضرورة أنها سيئة.,من ناحية أخرى ، كلما زادت النقاط الحساسة التي ستعرضها ، زادت,احتمالية وضعها في فئة الساعات ذات القيمة المشكوك فيها مقابل المال.,لذلك نبدأ بالنقطة الأولى ،,إنه أول شيء نراه عادة: إنه التصميم بالطبع.,إذا لم يكن لدى الشركة بالفعل ميزانية للتصميم ، وهو أحد,أهم الأشياء ، فيمكننا أن نقول لأنفسنا بالفعل أنه من المحتمل أن يكون هناك القليل من الميزانية للباقي.,حسنًا ، بالطبع ، عليك أن تُحدِث فرقًا بين غياب أعمال التصميم والتصميم المصمم,والمُحسَّن بشكل متعمد.,على سبيل المثال ، إذا أخذتك Daniel Wellington Classic Roselyn ،,فهو تصميم أساسي للغاية ،,فسنجد قرصًا أبيض غير لامع بدون تشطيب معين ، وعقارب وعلبة,فولاذية مع عرض متوسط ​​لدرجة أننا نتساءل عما إذا كان حقًا فولاذي ،,عفواً العروات ، لكن الجنون الصغير الوحيد,في التصميم هو هذا التاج المقبب الذي يمكن أن يجعلك تفكر في بعض كارتييه.,في موازاة ذلك ، سأأخذك الآن Nomos Tangente 101 ،,وهي أيضًا قطعة مستديرة من الفولاذ ،,ونرى أن لديهم بالفعل خطأ مطبعيًا حقيقيًا تم استخدامه في الشعار والفهارس ،,لأن شعار Daniel Wellington جيد ، فقط ضع DW مع انقلب D ووصفه بأنه شعار ،,يمكنك أن تقول إنهم لم يلفوا أنفسهم حقًا.,توحي العلبة الفولاذية بالثقة ،,ويتم تلطيخ اليدين بتسخينها حسب التقاليد.,وميناءها المعدني الفضي الأبيض مجلفن ،,وهي عملية تتكون من غمر معدن في حوض من الزنك المصهور.,تم صنعه أيضًا على عدة طبقات ليكون قادرًا على إعطاء,عمق للميناء وعلى وجه الخصوص في الساعة 6 مساءً مع قرص الثواني الصغير المريح.,باختصار ، لن نصنع فيديو مقارن اليوم ،,لكن التصميم قطاع معقد ، مع مراحل بحث مهمة ،,لذلك قررت بعض الشركات خفض تكاليفها بمجرد طلب,ساعات جاهزة في المصانع التي تصنعها يدويًا. الذي سيضيف ببساطة,الاسم والشعار كما تفعل بعض الساعات الإعلانية ، على سبيل المثال.,لكن التصميم هو أيضًا مسألة وجهة نظر,ولا يمكن مناقشة الأذواق والألوان.,هذا هو السبب في أنه قد يكون من الصعب أحيانًا التمييز بين التصميم البسيط,والأصلي والفعال والتصميم الذي يتم على عجل ، دون أي تفكير حقيقي.,من ناحية أخرى ، فإن الشيء الذي لا يخدع التصميم هو بالطبع التشطيبات.,وكون صناعة الساعات ، من بين أمور أخرى ، صناعة قائمة على الدقة ،,ويمكن اعتبار العيوب المرئية من حيث التشطيبات,بمثابة نقاط إعادة عرض أعلى من سعر معين.,انطباع مركز بشكل سيئ ، لولب تم وضعه بشكل سيئ ،,سطح مصقول بشكل سيئ … كل هذه حالات يجب فحصها باستخدام,عدسة مكبرة حتى تتمكن من الحصول على فكرة حقيقية عن الساعة.,أثناء اختبار Spinnaker Bradner على سبيل المثال ،,كشفنا عيبًا صغيرًا غير مرئي للعين المجردة على الإطار الداخلي.,بالنسبة للساعة التي تباع بين 300 و 350 يورو ، فهذه ليست مشكلة في حد ذاتها.,En revanche si lanomalie était visible à loeil nu ou pire encore,,si vous descellez ce genre danomalie à la loupe sur des montres au dessus de 1 000 euros,,alors méfiance,,ça nindique souvent rien de bon pour الباقي!,عليك أن تضع في اعتبارك أن “العلامة التجارية الجيدة” ستفضل القيام “بالجمال والفعالية”,بالميزانية التي تمتلكها بدلاً من محاولة فعل المزيد ولكن ينتهي بها الأمر بشكل سيء.,عادةً ما تكون هذه هي المشكلة مع بعض العلامات التجارية الصينية ، مثل تلك,التي أعرضها عليكم الآن. إذا تمكنوا من إقناع عمتي جينيت الذي,لا يرى الكثير على أي حال ، فلن يكون مفاجئًا إذا تركتك الساعة,في غضون أسبوعين وستشعر بالخوف من فحصها بعدسة مكبرة.,سيخبرك شخص يعرف القليل عن الساعات أنه على أي حال بسعر 30/35 يورو ،,فإن أفضل نسب الجودة / السعر ستكون بشكل أساسي Casios بسيط للغاية.,بسيطة للغاية ، بالتأكيد ، لكنها تظل نظيفة للغاية وموثوقة,بأسعار لا تقبل المنافسة في ضوء وفورات الحجم التي يمكنهم صنعها.,وبالطبع هناك أمثلة بكل الأسعار.,هنا ، سنلعب لعبة صغيرة,على سبيل المثال ، في Invicta ، إذا أخذنا رجال Sea Vulture Men …. أخبرني جيدًا,في التعليقات كم تعتقد أنها تكلف ،,وكما ترى في الثانية من ناحية ، إنه بالطبع كوارتز,، ثم سيكون من الضروري الاحتفاظ بهذا السعر والذهاب للتشاور مع السعر الحقيقي.,على سبيل المثال ، في رأيي ، لا ينبغي أن يتجاوز السعر 350 يورو,عندما يمكنك أن ترى بوضوح العرض الرخيص الواضح للميناء والإطار والباقي ….,ومرة ​​أخرى أقول هذا السعر لأنني أعلم أنهم,يبالغون في تقدير السعر طوال الوقت ساعاتهم.,على كل حال لا أعرف ماذا,أجبت …. لكن هذه الساعة بأي حال تباع ب 1095 دولار !!,الآن ، إذا كان لديك فرق كبير جدًا بين السعر الذي,فكرت فيه والسعر الحقيقي ، سواء في اتجاه أو آخر ، اسأل نفسك الأسئلة الصحيحة ،,لمعرفة ما يمكن أن يفسر السعر المنخفض جدًا أو المرتفع جدًا .,من ناحيتي ، عندما أكون فوق ، غالبًا ما اعتقدت أن الساعة كانت,ميكانيكية بينما في الواقع هي كوارتز … وعندما أكون أقل,من ذلك ، سأحاول تحليل جميع العناصر التي يمكن أن تبرر هذا السعر.,أحاول أيضًا المقارنة مع العلامات التجارية الأخرى … لكن العلامات التجارية الأخرى من,نفس الحجم ومن نفس البلد لأن اقتصاديات الحجم,والعمالة يمكن أن تخلق بالضرورة اختلافات كبيرة.,لذلك بالنسبة إلى Invicta ، قمت بتحليل الساعة وخصائصها جيدًا …,وبالنسبة لي أرى مبررًا واحدًا فقط لهذا الاختلاف في السعر ،,وهو ما يلي:,إنها علامة تجارية يجب تجنبها.,إلى جانب ذلك ، إنه جزء من العلامات التجارية للفيديو 5 التي يجب تجنبها.,أدعوكم للذهاب لرؤيتها لمعرفة الأربعة الأخرى!,النقطة الثانية ، التي أشرت إليها للتو ، هي بالطبع,الخصائص التقنية وبشكل عام ، إذا كانت غامضة أو,يصعب فهمها أو حتى غائبة عن ورقة المنتج ، فغالبًا ما تكون علامة سيئة.,الخصائص التي لا ينبغي تفويتها هي بشكل أساسي على الحركة,والسوار والمضاعفات,، فلنبدأ بالحركة,بالفعل ، حتى إذا لم تجد أي معلومات عن العيار المغلف ، حتى من خلال البحث ،,فهذا يعني أن العلامة التجارية لا تهتم حتى بالتحدث معك من المحرك.,وإذا كان الأمر كذلك ، فهناك فرصة جيدة أنه لا يستهدف,الخبراء الحقيقيين ، مما يثبت أن هؤلاء لن يشتروا منتجاتهم أبدًا.,دعونا نتذكر بسرعة سبب التعارض بين,حركة الكوارتز والحركة الميكانيكية أو التلقائية.,بشكل عام ، تعتبر حركات الكوارتز ، المدفوعة بالبطاريات ،,أكثر اقتصادا في التصنيع من الحركات الميكانيكية.,هذا هو أحد الأسباب التي تجعل الساعات ذات المستوى المبدئي من الكوارتز.,هذا لا يعني بالضرورة أن هذه ساعات سيئة.,الكوارتز هي تقنية مختلفة ببساطة ، غالبًا ما,تعتبر أقل نبلاً من الميكانيكية ،,ولكنها تتمتع أيضًا بمزايا أخرى وهي أكثر دقة.,اليوم ، لن نقارن بين التقنيتين ، نذكرك أن,هناك أيضًا ساعات كوارتز فاخرة مثل الحركات الميكانيكية ذات الجودة الرديئة.,لكن بشكل عام ، لا يزال الكوارتز أرخص.,لذا دعنا نعود إلى الورقة الفنية للساعة.,إذا كانت المعلومات الوحيدة التي تشاركها العلامة التجارية في هذا الموضوع هي مؤشرات,مثل “حركة الكوارتز” أو “الحركة التلقائية” أو غيرها ،,فإننا هنا أيضًا نحاول بالتأكيد إخفاء أصل العيار عنك ، والذي,غالبًا ما يأتي من المصانع الآسيوية التي تقدم أحيانًا مستنسخات من عيارات مشهورة,ولكنها تسعى للحصول على أقل الأسعار وبالتالي بجودة أقل.,أسلوب الخداع الذي يظهر في كثير من الأحيان هو قول “حركة الكوارتز اليابانية”,لأن اليابان بلد مشهور بصناعة الساعات مثل سويسرا.,بعض هذه الحركات ستأتي من نفس هذه المصانع الآسيوية.,ربما يكون البعض الآخر من Miyota ، فإن كوادرهم هي بالتأكيد ذات نوعية جيدة ،,وتجهز العديد من العلامات التجارية جيدًا مثل Beaubleu على سبيل المثال.,لكنها تقدم أيضًا حركات كوارتز بقيمة 4 دولارات مثل عيار M2025.,خلف “حركة الكوارتز اليابانية” في ورقة منتج Daniel Wellington ،,يوجد في الواقع ، على سبيل المثال ، Miyota 1L22 الذي يكلف حوالي 10 دولارات لكل وحدة ،,لذلك حتماً بسعر 200 يورو لكل ساعة ، يتجنبون ذكرها ..,طبيعة يمكن للسوار أيضًا أن يعطي مؤشراً على

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