1. What’s it Really Like to Work as a BetterHelp Therapist?
  2. Should I Become a Betterhelp Therapist?
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What’s it Really Like to Work as a BetterHelp Therapist?

whats up everybody i hope youre doing,well so a number of months back i posted,a video with the exact same title as,this one and for legal reasons i opted,to remake the entire video just to make,it absolutely crystal clear that the,contents of this video reflect my,opinion and theres no way to claim,anything that im saying as fact but the,content of the video is basically the,same stuff youll just hear me,sprinkling a little bit more clarity,about things that are definitely my,opinion now without further ado lets,hop straight into this video so for the,longest time ever since i knew that,better help existed ive always kind of,wondered what it was like to work for,them i mean you hear things here and,there but i just wondered what the,experience was like so much so that a,number of years back i actually,attempted to record a video like this,one where i applied to be a better,health therapist now ill admit that i,did not execute that video very well so,now is the opportunity to call,do over i really want to know what its,like to work for better help so for,todays video i posted to my instagram,stories inviting you all whove worked,for betterhelp to share what your,experience was like working for them in,particular i wanted to know about three,things how does betterhelp pay how do,they treat you as the clinician and how,do they treat the clients i received,several responses via those instagram,posts and i compiled them all together,and ill be sharing those anonymously in,todays video where we really dive into,the question,whats it really like to work as a,better health therapist i can completely,see the appeal of working for a place,like betterhelp because maybe youre,seeing it as a place to kind of fill,your open slots while youre trying to,build your private practice or maybe,its like a side gig on whatever your,main gig is or you know maybe its like,your full-time gig and its sending,clients your way and filling your,schedule now id like to emphasize that,this is completely anonymous feedback,and it only represents the opinions and,experiences of the folks who responded,to my instagram posts so i removed all,identifying information and compiled it,together in a excel type spreadsheet so,that you can see that information,without kind of outing the folks that,gave that feedback okay ive been jibber,jabbering for a while lets start,hearing about what people had to say,about better help lets first talk about,that first question how does betterhelp,pay i specifically asked how much better,help pays per hour and right off the bat,youll notice that theres quite a range,of pay represented here in peoples,responses i dont claim to know why,theres so much discrepancy here,one thing that i consider that might be,possible is that maybe some of the folks,who responded worked for better help,quite a long time ago and hadnt been,working for them more recently and maybe,their pay has changed over time,also please keep in mind again that all,of the numbers that are reflected here,are just simply what people submitted as,what they claim their experience was in,the excel document i listed peoples,reported pay from lowest to highest and,youll see theres that huge range with,the lowest pay starting at 15 an hour,that someone reported all the way up to,50 an hour so there is a huge range here,but youll also notice that for the,majority of the responses that i got,things are hovering more in the like 30,to 40 dollar an hour range and if you,average out the responses from all these,different folks it comes out to,33.79 per hour based on what people,claimed they made per hour working for,better help now i cant know if thats,actually reflective of how much someone,might make on average per hour while,working for better help but i will say i,can imagine especially if i were an,early career therapist and i heard that,i could make 33 dollars an hour while,somebody else was in charge of doing all,of the marketing for me and i could,effectively work from home with very,minimal overhead costs that sounds very,appealing but on the flip side now that,ive been in the field for at least a,little bit of time not only do i know,that i can definitely average far more,than 33 dollars an hour per client hour,but im also well aware that at least,for me and for a lot of therapists,around 20 to 25 client hours per week is,what most of us consider to be full-time,work for a few different reasons one is,just that we have a lot of admin stuff,that we have to get done so if youre,doing 40 hours a week of client work,your total hours of work per week are,actually far more than 40 because you,have all like note taking and all these,other things that we do on the back end,that can take a surprising amount of,time and also again for the average,therapist seeing that many clients per,week is incredibly emotionally taxing so,its helpful to keep that in mind as we,look at this reported average pay of 33,dollars an hour that,for most folks we may not be multiplying,that by 40 to get what the total pay is,per week its possible that for many,folks were multiplying it by something,like 20 or 25 to get what the weekly pay,looks like but just for funsies because,who doesnt love a little bit of math,lets work out that math real quick if,you actually did those 40 client hours,per week for lets say 48 weeks a year,so you can take a bit of vacation at an,average pay of 33 an hour that comes out,to just over 60 000 a year which,depending on what lens you use some,people might say thats a lot and some,people might say thats a little but,certainly higher than the average pay in,the us and so,cool but lets switch it up and imagine,for a moment that you might be working,20 hours a week instead which might be a,little bit more reflective of what the,average therapist in private practice is,doing then if we do that same math and,it comes out to just over 30 thousand,dollars per year you can decide for,yourself if you feel like that is decent,pay or not but i think it is very,reasonable to say that you could be,working 20 client hours in a lot of,other settings and be making more than,30 000 a year now of course all of this,is absolutely speculative i have no idea,how many client hours the average better,help therapist is working or even if 33,dollars an hour is the average pay but,just based on the subset of people with,what they reported this is kind of the,math thats shaken out in addition to,reporting their average pay while,working with better help many folks also,added additional comments which i think,adds some color and perspective one,person says they only allow 45 minute,sessions which equals,cents 22.50,session now this is an interesting,perspective now of course i havent,worked for better help to kind of test,out whether this is accurate or not but,i have seen that they offer 45 minute,and 30 minute sessions so if what this,person is saying were true that would,mean if lets say your average hourly,pay is 30 an hour but you have a 45,minute session maybe your pay for that,session might look something more like,22 an hour or if its a 30 minute,session then maybe its 15 an hour of,course this is only representative of my,personal experience but personally i,feel like two 30-minute sessions with,different people is a lot more work than,say a 50-minute session with one person,one way to conceptualize how i,experience a therapy session is rather,than it just being like flying an,airplane for 30 minutes its getting the,airplane ready taking off the airplane,flying the airplane landing the airplane,and getting off of the airplane,every single session so you have to,squeeze all that stuff into a 30 minute,window and then do it all over again in,a separate 30 minute window instead of,say maybe one 50 minute window for,example the amount of work involved is,just a lot more again at least for me,okay now this is interesting somebody,commented it depended on the length of,text messages now this is a really,interesting cl

Should I Become a Betterhelp Therapist?

hi Im Brad charbredau Im a licensed,clinical social worker,and Ive been using betterhelp since,February of this year,whenever I was considering using,betterhelp I was looking around for,resources to know exactly how it works,and if it would be a good fit for me,I wanted to provide this video for other,therapists who are considering using,better help in order to give them more,information and a resource to contact me,if you have further questions about how,it works,so thats the purpose of this video,uh considering during a time like this,we have inflation and covet and all,these other issues better help has,actually been a really good extra source,of income for me,now to in order to use better help you,do have to be a independently licensed,therapist is a clinical social worker,marriage and family therapist mental,health counselor professional counselor,or psychologist,now one of the benefits Ive noticed,with betterhelp is that they do provide,a lot of advertising like I see them,everywhere now and they have over 20 000,therapists,um who are on the platform for Better,Health,now the way that their pay structure,works is that they do for every five,hours that you do patient care,you get an extra five dollars per hour,and it starts at thirty dollars an hour,and then goes up to 70 dollars an hour,now for me I do about 15 hours a week,just as like I say a part-time job,and Ive been doing about 2 000 per,month which has been really helpful I,just always have to take out the not for,taxes because it is a contract job,now,the other aspect too is I do do you have,cph insurance for my practice so I do,recommend having your own insurance as,well,the way that the sessions are structured,is you can either do video Voice or,messaging,personally I prefer just doing the video,and the voice and Ive made that clear,to patients but I do respond to the,messages that they send and I usually,respond within 24 hours,um but you can mark that if youre on,vacation in order to not respond within,that 24 hour period,that was one of my biggest concerns when,I started looking at the platform was if,I would be able to respond in time,but it really hasnt been a problem,another benefit I like is that you get,paid each week,so and they make it very clear with as,far as how much youll be making,Ive really enjoyed the the,the platform and that if each time that,youre assigned a patient you can,determine if theyre appropriate for,therapy online,um because youll be able to read,through what the biography and what,brings them in and youre able to,actually decline the patient if they,dont arent appropriate and you can,write that in there so you normally if,theyre suicidal I usually will decline,the patient and notify a better help,that they would be more appropriate to,go into an in-person clinic since Better,Health is completely online,the other aspect I like about it is like,I say theres low overhead so its all,from home,and if you have a patient that cancels,you are able to you know work on other,stuff around the house,and its just like I say you dont have,to,to rent an office for it,um,and then,if you have further questions you are,welcome to reach out to me,I would be very happy to help you,um to learn more about it my email and,Ill put it in the description as well,is Mr C therapy gmail.com,or my business phone number is,501-444-2969,I do ask that if you just sign up,because of my review of Better Health,that you use my code in order for me to,get a small Commission,and then for each person that uses,better help within two weeks they would,actually receive either 500 or a,thousand dollar bonus,so I really recommend for people to at,least try it out see if they like it,because you know at the very least if,you do a session youll get a bonus and,if you dont like it then you could,always cancel at any time,but I do ask you to to use my link,um and in the whenever you sign up if,this review has been helpful and youre,welcome to reach out to me to ask,further questions if needed,thank you for your time

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How to Fix BetteHelp Login Error | 2021

want to learn how to fix your login,error on your better health app ill,teach you how to do it today welcome,back to tutorials point before starting,you can subscribe to our channel for,more videos and updates today ill tell,you six of the ways to fix the login,error the very first one is to have a,strong wi-fi connection sometimes weak,wi-fi connection could also be the,reason of you facing the login error the,second one is to go to your app store or,play store just like me and then tap on,the search for apps and games option on,the top enter here better help and,search for this app you can see that you,have an option of open in the top right,corner sometimes you may get an option,of update instead of open which,indicates that you need to update your,app if you have one tap and update and,make your app updated unupdated app,could also be the second reason of you,facing the login error so make sure to,make your app updated third one is to go,to the settings of your phone and reach,to the point where you can clear the,cache of this particular app different,cell phones could have different ways to,reach there if you have a cell phone,like mine you can go to settings scroll,down tap on apps tap on manage apps tap,on the search bar enter here better help,and search for this particular app on,the bottom you can see three of the,option that is for stop uninstall and,clear data tap on clear data on the,bottom right corner tap on clear cache,tap on ok on the bottom right just by,doing it you have successfully removed,the cash related to this particular app,and this has helped you remove all of,the unrequired filthy junks which could,be the third reason of you facing the,login air so make sure to use it the,fourth one is to force stop this app on,the bottom left corner you can see an,option of first stop currently on my,phone it is disabled since i had just,used it previously but if you do have an,option of first stop tap on it on the,bottom left corner just by tapping on it,an option will just pops out on your,screen which will tell you that if you,first stop an app it may misbehave but i,would love to tell you one thing that,first stop in an android phone is a very,special feature to stop all of the,ongoing activities inside the app and,help your app start in a fresh way so,make sure to use it the fifth one is to,drag this app and reach the point where,youll get an option of uninstall tap,and install and go to app store or play,store and install this app once again,that means reinstall this app,reinstalling this app could also help,you fix your login error because since,just like first stop reinstalling your,app could also remove all of the,unrequited filthy junks and reinstalling,it will make the app new and fresh to,use so make sure to use it the sixth and,the final one is to restart your phone,try restarting your phone because not,just from this particular app but an,android or ios phone because of other,ongoing apps on the background that help,akura face the problem of login so ive,just told you six of the ways to fix a,login error make sure to go and use all,of them i hope it works for you if,youre going to use it effectively it,definitely will and if it has make sure,to provide like to our video and,subscribe to our channel ill see you in,the next video till then keep calm stay,safe,and goodbye

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How to Sign up for BetterHelp

hey guys so Im gonna show you how to,sign up for it but our help which is one,of the more commonly used distance,counseling services heres the,assessment it takes you to what is your,gender how old are you what type of,counseling are you looking for they,offer both individuals and couples was,your orientation what is your,relationship status have you been in,counseling or therapy before and these,questions Im just going to answer at,random because Im obviously not trying,to give you all my personal information,how would you rate your current physical,health sleeping habits eating habits,financial status are you currently,experiencing a rolling sadness grief or,depression over the past two weeks,moving or speaking slows so slowly that,other people have noticed or the,opposite being so fidgety or restless,youve been moving around a lot more,than usual little interest or pleasure,in doing things feeling down depression,or hopeless trouble falling asleep,staying asleep or sleeping too much,feeling tired or having little energy,poor appetite or overeating feeling bad,about yourself or that you are a failure,of let yourself or your family down,trouble concentrating on things such as,reading the newspaper or watching,television thoughts that you would be,better up dead or of hurting yourself in,some way how difficult of these problems,made it for you to do your work take,care of things at home or get along with,other people are you currently,experiencing anxiety panic attacks or,have any phobias are you currently,experiencing any chronic pain are you,currently employed do you consider,yourself to be spiritual or religious do,you have any problems or worries about,intimacy are you currently taking any,medication when was the last time you,had a plan to commit suicide thats a,good way to phrase that how often do you,drink alcohol who referred you to better,help country are you in but state are,you in,and thats the end of the assessment,its a pretty basic one that covers kind,of a wide variety of issues its pretty,comparable to one you would get,actual physical agency it says down here,if youre in a crisis or any of the,person may be in danger dont use the,site these resources can provide you,with immediate help I am so glad they,included that because online counseling,is a good service as it does reach a,certain populations that cant either,cant or dont want to go to a physical,agency for whatever reason and it has,different services for persons in crises,in different countries – which is nice,the faq page is super helpful for people,seeking their services,I know services start at $35 a week and,then can go up to 70 and it really just,depends on how many video chat sessions,you have with your counselor is my,impression of how the price points,differ but yeah parent lis a lot of,people use this service very specific,number twenty thousand four hundred,twenty two testimonials almost two,thousand therapists that many sessions,has a wide variety of mental health,professionals working for them,PhDs lmf Ts LCSW s and L pcs but yeah,thats a little tour of

Working for BetterHelp – What is it Like? – Therapist Review

have you been considering working at,betterhelp if you are unsure about what,it is like to work for better help my,experience may be helpful for you to,understand more,i can tell you about my experience with,onboarding in the work itself,i am a therapist and ive been working,in clinical practice for about three,years now i typically work in person or,through zoom with clients in my monday,through friday eight to five job,honestly i am feeling pretty burned out,as the demand is high and the pay is,low i decided to work for better help,because i wanted to see what it would be,like to provide therapy services through,this platform and also to supplement my,income,i have found that i am enjoying my,experience so much that i am considering,working for better help time,i love my control over availability and,scheduling,i love that i have the opportunity to,decide when i am available and feel,rewarded when i work to my full,potential,to help you understand a little more,about the process of onboarding ill,begin by telling you about the day i,applied i had done a little research,about the process of onboarding so i,wasnt surprised when it went relatively,quickly,day one i completed the application,which was typical of a job application,the application itself was pretty cut,and dry and it was easy to complete in,about 10 minutes,by day 2 i was scheduled for an,interview with a specialist,i was unsure of exactly what this,interview would be like but i had,researched and it looked like it would,be a quick verification interview it,turns out this was correct,on day three i had a 15-minute interview,which was short and sweet the main focus,of the interview was to verify my,identity my clinical license and go over,how the better help platform functions,the interviewer explained that if i,begin working with clients within 14,days i would receive a 350 bonus,once this interview was completed the,specialist informed me that i should be,watching for an email from better help,in the upcoming days with a clinical,quiz and a background check,on day four i received an email that,requested that complete a clinical quiz,this quiz was straightforward and,relatively easy and anyone with clinical,knowledge would most likely be able to,pass this quiz,i was able to complete this quiz in less,than 10 minutes i also completed a,background check which was provided from,a second email i received from a,contracting company,on day 5 i received a notice that my,background check was approved and my,application was approved through better,help,within 20 minutes i received five,potential clients in a row,by day seven i had 16 clients earned a,350 bonus and 1.5 hours earned just for,messages with clients,by day 12 i had accumulated 17 hours and,26 minutes worth of messages and,sessions,this came out to a total of 634.65,this includes the messaging back and,forth between clients,i want to emphasize that i did not work,17 hours of live sessions but i received,17 hours worth of work,i also received the 350 bonus which is a,grand total of,and forty 1006.43 cents,i couldnt believe the amount i would be,paid for my first check,i work a full-time job and this is,absolutely wonderful to have this extra,income,i am enjoying the platform so much that,i may resign from my full-time position,and work at better health throughout the,days,i feel this would be very beneficial for,me to schedule hours around my,childrens school times make room for,doctors appointments and even be able,to sign up for time at the gym again,i enjoy that some clients like to have,live message sessions some like the,appointments by phone and some by video,this really helps to break up the time,if sessions are back to back,i like the challenge of working to build,rapport virtually i am very good at,building rapport with clients and if i,am able to do this virtually then it is,very rewarding,the platform is easy to use and the,clients so far have been well suited for,what i specialize in,not only do i love the platform but,there are also some perks,some of the perks of better help are,grouping ours the journaling feature,worksheets and therapy goals,therapists and clients are able,participate in grouping ours that are,held regularly and facilitated by,therapists,i participated in a groupinar about,trauma last week and it was fun to watch,learn and interact with other members,the journaling feature is provided to,clients so that they can use this to,write down their thoughts and feelings,client journal entries remain private,however they can share entries with a,therapist if they wish to,worksheets are available for therapists,to attach to messages for clients to,reflect and learn new skills during,therapy,when clients review and fill out,worksheets this counts towards earnings,for therapists,there are various topics of worksheets,from dbt skills to stress management to,anxiety,and last but not least therapy goals are,my favorite feature on better help,clients can collaborate with the,therapist about their treatment goals,and come up with a smart goal to add to,the platform,once the therapist adds this goal for,the client the client has full control,over the progress of this goal and can,update this accordingly,i really am enjoying my work with better,help and even though i have only been,working for the company for a short time,i feel this is an exceptional,opportunity as a therapist to provide,services to those who may wish to have,therapy sessions in various ways,some clients have reported that they are,camera shy and would like to work up to,video sessions which helps them become,comfortable and ultimately overcome this,anxiety,most of my clients enjoy using video and,some do still like to have live,messaging i would like to note that the,live message sessions are interesting,because you are able to see what the,client is typing as they are typing it,and vice versa,overall i am finding this experience to,be fun and beneficial for my clients,it is helping me to enhance my practice,and my knowledge base as a therapist,that continues to take on clients with,various concerns and need for a new,skill set i have found that this work,has motivated me to seek out new,treatment modalities to learn in order,to help support clients with unique,needs,i would recommend anyone that is,interested in trying better help to test,it out for yourself,yes we as therapists will all have our,own experiences and you may find that,this also is an exceptional opportunity,for you,in this day and age it seems that many,are seeking out mental health services,especially due to chronic stress from,this pandemic,there are many in need of help and this,gives us the opportunity as therapists,to provide quality services in practice,if you have any questions please feel,free to leave them below,if you would like to try better help,please click on the link below to get,started if you sign up using the link,below you could receive anywhere from,dollar three fifty dollar two thousand,just for signing up,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

How to Download BetterHelp App and Guide to Create new Account

want to learn how to download and shine,up for a better help app ill teach you,how to do it today welcome back to,tutorials point before starting you can,subscribe to our channel for more videos,and updates the initial process of,creating an account on a better help app,is having the app itself for that go to,your app store or play store just like,me and then tap on the search for apps,and games option on the top enter here,better help and search for this,particular app you can see that theres,an option of open in the top right,corner since i have already installed,and downloaded as simultaneously if you,havent done it you will get an option,of install instead of open in the top,right corner make sure to tap on it and,install it simultaneously and when,youve just finished installing and,downloading it you can go to better help,and open it just like this since we are,trying to create an account and we are,onto the very first section of bear help,you do first choose the type of therapy,that youre looking for im basically,looking for individual days for myself,you can either choose couples or teen,to have an individual or couples or team,thats of your choice if youre going to,open up for individual you need to,choose your gender now that is male or,female im going to choose female you,can do if you want now you need to,select your ease scroll down and select,the ease now you need to clarify your,sexuality here there is option here you,can even type in show more below prefer,not to say and look for all of the,options im going to choose straight you,can choose of your own and even you can,choose your relationship status im,randomly going to select one you can,also select of your own now you need to,clarify if you consider yourself to be,legious im going to choose of my own,you can choose of your own too if you,consider yourself a spiritual you can,tap in yes if you dont you can tap and,know and if you have ever been in,therapy tap in yes and if you do not,have to happen no so you can see that,now you choose that what has kept you,from seeking out or trying therapy you,can choose here for that just in front,of the reason on the square box you need,to tap on it so basically it was too,expensive for me or so basically i,wasnt ready to try so im gonna tap on,square box and run to fit you can choose,a few and when youre done tap on next,below you can see that even you need to,choose what led you to consider online,therapy today so im going to choose one,of mine you can choose of your own for,that you need to tap on the square box,in front of the spotify region scroll,down and tap on next on the left corner,below you can see that what are your,expectations from your therapist so,basically you need to choose the type of,therapist you want i really want,therapist who listens to me who can,listen to me so im going to tap on the,square box in front of it you can choose,of your own and then tap on next on the,left corner below so you can choose that,when was the last time you thought about,suicide so ive never thought about it,if you have had you can tap on the,options here and you can even choose are,you currently experiencing anxiety panic,attacks or have any phobias ive had one,so im going to type in yes below no you,can choose of your own and if youre,currently taking any medication tapping,yes and if you did not have tap no and,even you can clarify if youre currently,experiencing any chronic pain if you,have had one tap on yes and if you,havent tap no and you choose as well,that how would you rate your current,financial status its kind of fair for,me so im going to tap in fake and,choose of your own and even in issues,that how would you rate your current,sleeping status its kind of poor for me,so im going to tap and pour below fare,you can see that how do you prefer to,communicate with your therapist its,either you want to message them want to,have audio video stations or if you,havent decided yet you can tap and not,sure yet decide later chooser of your,own i can choose are there any specific,preference for your therapist either you,want them to be a male therapist female,therapist question based therapist and,the list goes on i really want them to,be a male therapist so im going to tap,in the square box in front of it you can,choose off your own and then tap on next,on the left corner below now i can,choose that whod afford you to better,help scroll down and choose one of the,options im going to type in social,media post now you choose a country by,typing in this country option you can,choose one of the country that you,belong to when youre done doing it type,in next on the left corner below now i,can choose your preferred language i,want to have the session in english im,going to leave it either if you want to,change it tap on the language and choose,the available language here when youre,done doing it tap next on the left,corner below now into mac all that apply,if either you are a student disabled,unemployed employed but uncommons low or,financially impacted by the coronavirus,outbreak so im going to choose now i,can choose off your armor tapping on the,square box and try to fit and then tap,next on the bottom left corner if you,have completed the questionnaire tap on,next below you can see that you just,took a big step now you need to create a,private account for it either you can,continue with facebook or continue at,google or you can choose your email,address to create one tab in first name,or nickname below and or here your first,name i can choose a full name as well,tap an email address below and choose,the email address that you want to keep,in it tap and confirm email and choose,the email address and confirm the email,address once again tap on create,password below and create a new password,make sure to make it stronger when,youre done feeling all tap on the,square box in front of i agree to the,terms and condition to agree with it,youre all set since you have just,filled all of the details now tap on get,started below now you need to create a,new pin so that you can get an extra,security on your account im going to,choose four digit pin you can do of your,own so you can see thats being,processed and youre almost there now,they have to send a verification code to,my email address i need to enter the,cardio so im going to go to my email,address and voice the code and enter it,you can do the same similar to the,homepage of my own email address and on,the top i do have a notification from,better health tapping it so thats the,code given by betterhelp you can tap on,the code and copy it go back to better,help and submit the code here just like,this and then tap and submit next to the,code so you can see that if there any,issues you would like to focus on they,would want to match you with the,therapist to suit your needs so you can,choose the issues that youre currently,facing so im going to choose it for,that you need to tap on the square box,in front of the particular issues that,youre facing and when youre done tap,on next on the bottom left corner now i,can choose for the additional areas that,you prefer that if there are any,additional areas that youre interested,in they may not be able to honor all the,preferences but they will do their best,so you can choose any of the areas that,youre currently facing issues on for,that type of square box just like before,in front of the problem when youre done,doing it tap next on the left corner,below now you need to enter here and,what brings you here you just specify,why you would like to have this therapy,because this will give you a therapist a,good understanding of where to start you,can tap on what brings you here and,enter your issues otherwise that have,just brought you here when youre done,feeling all tap next on the left corner,below so you can see that alexa girl,welcome to better health its time to,start feeling better so you have just,successfully created an account for,yourself and this is the h

*NEWS* Get Online Counseling with BetterHelp

thank you to betterhelp for sponsoring,this video,hi guys this is linda and this is gandhi,from brain education tv,we are so excited to announce a new,partnership between,our channel brain education tv and,better,help which is insane because they are,literally,the worlds largest online counseling,service,holy smokes so is there something,interfering with your happiness or is,preventing you from achieving your goals,for me i would sometimes feel lack of,motivation,or i would feel down and sometimes it,was just nice to have someone to talk,and to vent to,who doesnt know the people and,situations im talking about,i totally agree with you one thousand,percent so gabby,how does this work you answer a few,short questions,and you get matched with your own,licensed professional therapist,there are literally over 16 000,therapists,who are ready to help you with the push,of a button its not a crisis line,its not self-help its actual real,professional counseling like you would,do in an,office but its done completely online,from the security and safety of your own,home,so you dont need to take your pjs off,you can literally get help on your couch,no makeup on in your pajamas eating some,snacks,talking to your counselor yes so then,gabby can you tell us more about how,better help is different from,traditional therapy yes,there is a broad range of expertise and,better helps counselor network,which may not be locally available in,many areas,and people from all over the world not,just in the united states can use better,help,services they have financial aid,available too so its more affordable,than,traditional offline counseling and if,you for some reason want to switch,counselors,its free to do so because better help,is committed to,facilitating great therapeutic matches,that makes this whole process so easy,and so effortless,and its also easy to sign up ill show,you guys here,on your phone go to the play store or,your app store depending on which device,you have,android or iphone in your search bar,search,better help better h-e-l-p,click install to download the app,and when its done downloading open the,app,and itll take you to the main page,click ok to agree to the cookies,and then pick which type of counseling,you are looking for,individual couple or teenage,answer a few questions that they ask you,for a more personalized experience,and then as we mentioned this isnt just,limited to the united states you can,pick whichever country you are in,this service is available for people all,over the world,and then you can even select your,preferred language,and then itll take you to youve,completed the questionnaire,click next and then from there you can,either link your facebook account or,your google account,set up an account with better help and,theyll guide you to the next steps to,match you with the counselor that fits,your needs,at any time you want you can log into,your account and send a message to your,counselor,that youve been matched with he or she,will respond in a thoughtful,timely manner which is always,appreciated plus you can schedule weekly,videos or,phone sessions so you wont ever have to,sit in an uncomfortable waiting room,in a dark grungy place as with,traditional therapy,betterhelp wants you to start living a,happier life today,all right people so if youve been,looking for online therapy and this,sounds like it could work for you then,please visit,betterhelp.com brain education tv,thats spelled better help h-e-l-p,forward slash brain education tv and,join over,1 million people taking charge of their,mental health with the help of an,experienced professional to make it even,easier theres a,special offer for our channel viewers,you can get,10 off your first month using our custom,link,better help help dot com,slash brain education tv thanks for,tuning in,see you in another video bye,you

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