1. Blue Sombrero Registration
  2. AYSO 1463 – Volunteer Blue Sombrero Sign-Up Tutorial
  3. Blue Sombrero walk thru NBLL
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  6. CJSA Stack Sports Connect 2020 Registration Review part 2 Q/A piece

Blue Sombrero Registration

today were gonna have walkthrough blue,sombrero on how to edit a camp then you,and/or date the first thing we want to,do is login as administrator,and make sure youre on the registration,page I landed there if we look towards,the bottom youll see a test that Ive,set up,its called X tutorial okay in order to,change the venue sly State were going,to have to edit this registration step,one is if its a venue change youre,gonna need to change the name okay well,just tag on the word venue at the end,save alright now we can jump over to,step 6,the steps are important theres not a,lot of them but theyre important to pay,attention alright heres the second,place where the name gets affected Ill,make that the same as we did it on the,first tab alright now here is important,this is the start date of the actual,lacrosse camp ok lets just move it up a,week for the example okay so well start,the camp on the 13th generally theyre,Monday through Thursday okay so that,would be the 13th through the 16th that,covers the dates of the camp and a third,date you have to be careful of is the,close date this close date has to be,within the window of the start and the,end dates and I generally make it the,end date that way registration is still,open up until the end of the camp in,case theres a late registration alright,I hit save finish okay now we just made,a venue change to a camp registration,right now could I change the subject,in the future there might be a reason to,hide a camp from users we want to,register and its real just a matter of,clicking on archive okay I take that,camp I click on archive its in the,archives and its no longer visible all,right the user wont even see that camp,anymore all right now if I want to,return it to say they can see it then I,go to the archived programs find the one,that Im interested in and I say,unarchive it I go back to the current,registrations and if I go to the bottom,youll see that its back so archive,hides and unhides if theres any,questions dont hesitate to answer

AYSO 1463 – Volunteer Blue Sombrero Sign-Up Tutorial

hey everybody this is Jaime over at a,why so one 4-6-3 just want to provide,you guys a quick video tutorial video to,show you how to volunteer in the region,so first thing youre gonna want to do,is go to our website the address is a,why so blue sombrero comm slash region 1,4 6 3 if you just you know do a quick,google search you can actually punch in,a YS so 1 4 6 3 and it should point you,in the direction of the blue Saburo site,next thing youre gonna want to do when,youre on this site right here is hit,the login button if youve never created,an account you go ahead and hit the,register here button and at that point,you fill in all the various pieces of,information that theyre asking you for,but for this tutorial were gonna assume,youve already created a created an,account and you already have a child,thats basically registered so Im gonna,go ahead and sign into this account now,on the dashboard screen which is what,youre seeing right now you would select,the volunteer button on the left side,next you would select the find volunteer,roles on the upper right orange button,and normally if everything goes right,you should see the available position,screen like youre seeing right now this,is what should pop up but for some of,you for whatever reason it gets kind of,the system gets a little hung up on the,add participants screen so you might see,something more along a lot along the,lines of this right so if you havent,added a participant quite yet its gonna,ask you to do so its gonna want you to,put in your child but in the case of,like your basically a volunteer is like,look I dont have a child I just I just,want a volunteer I just want to help out,in the community then what you got to,make sure to do is hit the back button,right and actually if anything hits,select back to my account go back to,volunteer do you find volunteer roles,and make sure that its that program,information number 3 is selected if you,select this right here you should be,good to go so in this instance heres,all the various or here are the various,you know positions that you have,available as a volunteer team parent,Youth referee assistant coach referee,board member and head,you can go ahead and sign up on multiple,ones right at the same time to kind of,save you a little bit of time in this,instance Im just gonna go ahead and,sign up as a head coach so Ive selected,head coach now Im gonna hit continue of,course find yourself because sometimes,it might list yourself it might might,list another family member or another,child go ahead and select yourself and,hit continue now at this point this is,where for volunteer registration its,gonna want you to go ahead and fill in,all the information now keep in mind,anything with the red asterisks similar,to what Im kind of looking at right now,this or highlighting right now those are,all required so you will have to go,ahead and fill those in anything that,does not include an asterisks you can go,ahead and skip so make sure to fill,those in I will do so right now and I,will make sure to skip a little bit so,you dont have to see this whole thing,now at this point I have gone ahead and,filled out everything thats asking for,especially with the red asterisks by the,way in regards to references yes youre,gonna have to fill those in what those,what those basically are as as a,volunteer its incredibly important that,you know a background check is run on,every single person who decides to send,an application to volunteer so if for,whatever reason during the application,process verified volunteers whos the,entity responsible for it if they kind,of notice a little little something in,there that might be a little tricky they,may give some of these people some of,these references a call to make sure,that you know the volunteer themselves,are reputable theres someone that can,be trusted with children all that kind,of good stuff so its its really the,systems way to try to make sure the,person whos volunteering is is someone,who can you can be trusted in the,organization so at this point I have,filled everything out I will hit the,continue button and its now asking me,and everything kind of went through its,not a ski me to click here to sign a,signed form so you hit that button,and heres an opportunity to sign the,form actually its an opportunity to,make sure everything that youve youve,documented is correct so whether it be,your address whether it be your,reference information your phone number,your drivers license information,anything and everything thats important,to this to this process needs to be,correct 100% so make sure everythings,good if its not you always have the,ability to hit the back button or even,cancel the application if youd like to,but if everything looks good select the,I agree I am an adult of age go ahead,and type in your name and go ahead and,afterwards continue to review it its,basically a situation where its kind of,one last opportunity to review right you,get one last chance to return to edit if,not you hit submit signed volunteer,application and at that point you should,be good to go and that that basically,moves you on to the next step and the,next step by the way is gonna be a,verified volunteers application which,you should receive in your email address,and that is the second phase of what you,need to do in order to kind of make sure,youre youre 100% good to go as a,volunteer but as far as phase 1 is,concerned thats pretty much it feel,free to send me any questions again my,name is Jaime and email address is are C,dot AYSO one for 63 at gmail.com RC dot,one for our seedot ays so one four six,three at gmail.com thanks a lot,everybody

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Blue Sombrero walk thru NBLL

hey guys this is Abe from zero sports,and Im actually gonna walk you through,the blue sombrero process to register,for New Braunfels Little League,so first things first you want to head,out to New Braunfels literally Borg and,this will be the homepage on the top,right a regardless if you click login a,register its gonna take you to the blue,sombrero portion of New Braunfels Little,League so I want to in clicked on login,now in my situation I already have,password and and a username but if you,dont obviously can register here or go,to the top right and you can click on,register back up here but again I I,already have an account here with them,so were gonna go ahead and go through,there,now just for demonstration purposes I,want to include all my information so,Im going to go ahead and start from,there now the first part is actually the,parent information its not the not the,child a lot of times we see the childs,information registered here so just,giving yall heads up about that that is,your information as the parent,and because Im running the video here,it is gonna lag a little bit so dont,feel their websites actually this slow,its actually just my computer,and the other thing is I also am doing,in this on the desktop mobile version,will be a little bit different,okay so I dont have any participants,right now Im going to go ahead and add,a participant so if you want to see how,I got theres the little snowman on his,side right here,okay now this would be actually the,participant / that your childs info,here um so my sons Isaac for something,that know that now a lot of questions,have been coming out from what Ive been,told by new rifles Little League and,from parents Ive been talking to is the,birth certificate,you actually dont have to upload that,right now we can take that at a,different time and somebody also said,that it doesnt take PDF that any of you,snap it with your phone you should be,good with that and so I dont know why,doesnt take PDF but just just so yall,know that you can just do it your,regular to telephone picture there,all right thats my info,[Music],okay yes my child is with me,continue,and again I skipped a birth certificate,part there so heres another thing that,comes up is your you may see this where,hes available for two programs so the,Challenger Little League if in the event,your your son has special needs you can,always contact Memphis Little League or,speak with mr. John Ellis hes a great,advocate for the challengers literally,Division has done a lot of tremendous,work with the Angels if your son or,daughter falls into that category we,offer a great program for the Challenger,Little League if hes if theyre not a,special needs they may fall under what,they call like a mate,miners are majors if your son is 10 11,12 thats going to be the same right,there most of the time though its going,to default you to your standard Little,League based on your calendar age so in,case of you see these two options unless,you heat your son or daughters of,special needs player theyll go ahead,and register with challenger if not,were going to go ahead and do whatever,the other description would be so in for,instance my son hes in hes 10 hes,league 811 though so it would just be,aware of that that the league age is,different from his actual aid age now so,he qualifies for minors / majors Little,League Baseball so I will select that,when I click this its not going to,automatically take me to the next page I,have to come down here click continue,okay see now this part I know weve been,getting a lot of questions about to the,league school name turning and this is,just in case if hes playing with some,of the nearby cities some of the other,youth organizations this is known as a,parent play Little League of the child,yes,okay this is all that terms and,conditions,except,okay so in this situation if you know he,went to a public squad but Kenyan,intermediate this teammate requests from,what Ive been told it only will apply,to t-ball and coach pitch so if theyre,in minors are above I wouldnt not an,involved with that obviously coach,request isnt guaranteed,there is a school waiver form that they,ask you to do here you can actually skip,that so dont worry about trying to go,to the school and trying to get us some,kind of school waiver they actually,dont need that I think its down here,participation the league requires a,veteran yes okay so this is the part I,was talking about the proof of residency,you can actually skip this part you,dont actually have to do it so just be,aware of that Im gonna try to keep all,the way to the bottom school enrollment,yeah Im just gonna skip all that,so putting on then,swallows bottom,okay,okay so now were at the coaches,selections and available positions to,volunteer I would highly encourage,everybody to do this at least the,miscellaneous work date because we,always need volunteers from all the,little leagues that we help out others,they can never get enough volunteers so,please go ahead and do that if you can,and then obviously if youre trying to,be a head coach or assistant coach again,please try to do that right now just for,the video purposes Im gonna go ahead,and click I do not wish to volunteer at,this time okay so now it has my sons,info here there you know registration,cost youll click continue Ill fill out,the my credit card information here and,it should only give you the availability,to do credit card so it should there,were some other features before that,they had on there we went ahead and got,rid of them so now its just the credit,card now once thats done Ill click,continue and then youll be done now,keep in mind when you do register,especially like before December youre,not gonna get a phone call from a coach,next week or anything like that,the season wont start to walk mid,February so just be aware of that when,youre doing that but other than that,thats pretty much it and if you have,any questions you can go to New,Braunfels little org or you can even,reach out to us and well be happy to,answer some questions you may have thank,you so much every day,you

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Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity (Official Video)

♪ What were living in ♪,♪ Let me tell ya ♪,♪ Yeah, its a wonder man can eat at all ♪,♪ When things are big that should be small ♪,♪ Who can tell what magic spells well be doing for us ♪,♪ And Im giving all my love to this world ♪,♪ Only to be told ♪,♪ I cant see, I cant breathe ♪,♪ No more will we be ♪,♪ And nothings gonna change the way you live ♪,♪ Cause we can always take, but never give ♪,♪ And now that things are changing for the worse, see ♪,♪ Whoa, its a crazy world were living in ♪,♪ And I just cant see that half of us immersed in sin ♪,♪ Is all we have to give ♪,♪ These futures made of virtual insanity now ♪,♪ Always seem to be governed by this love we have ♪,♪ For these useless twisting of our new technology ♪,♪ Oh, now there is no sound ♪,♪ For we all live underground ♪,♪ And Im thinking what a mess were in ♪,♪ Hard to know where to begin ♪,♪ If I could slip the sickly ties that earthly man has made ♪,♪ And now every mother can choose the color ♪,♪ Of her child, thats not natures way ♪,♪ Well, thats what they said yesterday ♪,♪ Theres nothing left to do but pray ♪,♪ I think its time to find a new religion ♪,♪ Whoa, its so insane ♪,♪ To synthesize another strain ♪,♪ Theres something in these futures ♪,♪ That we have to be told ♪,♪ Futures made of virtual insanity now ♪,♪ Always seem to be governed by this love we have ♪,♪ For these useless twisting of our new technology ♪,♪ Oh, now there is no sound ♪,♪ For we all live underground ♪,♪ Now there is no sound ♪,♪ If we all live underground ♪,♪ And now its virtual insanity ♪,♪ Forget your virtual reality ♪,♪ Oh, theres nothing so bad ♪,♪ As a manmade man ♪,♪ Oh, yeah, I know, yeah ♪,♪ Futures made of virtual insanity now ♪,♪ Always seem to be governed by this love we have ♪,♪ For these useless twisting of our new technology ♪,♪ Oh, now there is now sound ♪,♪ For we all live underground ♪,♪ Now this life that we live ♪,♪ Its all going wrong and out of the window ♪,♪ Do you know there is nothing worse than ♪,♪ A manmade man ♪,♪ Theres nothing worse than ♪,♪ Living in a foolish mind ♪,♪ Virtual insanity is what were living in ♪,♪ Well, its all right now ♪

How to Create a Team in Sports Connect

today were going to learn how to create,teams on the rbsa website,once you log into the system you should,see some navigation up here,um the item were looking to click on is,the team so once were to teams,click on manage teams,and in this case were going to create a,couple of uh sample teams,uh but the first step is selecting the,league that you want to create teams for,so well go to 2021 wreck baseball,and well start with uh baseball coach,pitch there are 78 players registered,and 15 coaches or volunteers so far so,lets go ahead and create a team or two,we would probably create 10 or 11 teams,for this league but were just going to,create one or two,for an example,so the first thing we need to do is go,ahead and click on once weve selected,the program in the division well click,on add team,the easiest thing to do is is simply,manually create teams you can go through,and do all this other thing other stuff,but its probably simplest to do this,so in this case so we have 78 players if,we were going to do 11 teams we would,put 11 here but for the purposes of this,were just going to say two teams,so this gives you the ability to name,the teams whatever you want,were going to name them,[Music],team one,do not,use,and team two do not,use i name that because when you archive,them,it has to be unique names,okay so once youve saved those you can,see your teams are here again you can,name them anything you want indians,braves reds,whoever so what were gonna do is go to,team one and were gonna go ahead and,start allocating team personnel and then,allocating players,so the first step is go ahead and edit,and were going to go to team personnel,once we get in here you can see all the,different volunteers so were going to,go ahead and select a head coach,and a coach,and were going to add the selected to,this team,so once they get down here they are,assigned you can reassign these later if,you need to but at this point they are,assigned to the team one do not use,were gonna hit save and continue to,keep them the next step is its going to,take you to the player allocation screen,and in this case its going to show all,78 players available,youll notice at the very top,these two are reserved these are coaches,children,so these two definitely have to be on,this team,and then we just select,10 11 other players not in this order,but whatever draft order,was decided upon,so im going to go ahead and add,selected players once you do that you,will see them just like you did the the,coaches,and i selected 10 players,if i wanted to remove one of them i,could go down here remove that and now i,only have nine players in this so then i,could go up and add somebody else if,need be so you can do that at any point,in the process once these teams are,saved you can add or remove accordingly,if somebody registers later and you need,to switch teams around you can do it,this way,so save and finish,now its going to take us back to the,teams page and youll notice,we have allocated,team personnel and we have allocated,players so lets go ahead and do the,same thing for team two,you can see that bob and,chris have already been allocated,so youre going to have to find a couple,of other coaches so well select jen and,jason,and here again their children have,already been allocated im only going to,add four players to this team just,for the purposes of this demo,now ive just learned that,that jen doesnt get along very well,with uh,with jason so im going to go ahead and,kick jen off of this team,so now im going to save and continue,itll go back to the player situation if,you want to add more ill add another,and now we have it we have one,and four allocated and thats it in a,nutshell,thanks for watching

CJSA Stack Sports Connect 2020 Registration Review part 2 Q/A piece

really good for a recreation where you,may have thousands of kids who played a,rec program and you need to create those,teams well my question is my hiding,create lets take away duty make,requests to in which team a request to,be a custom question that you asked,re-registration well of everybody that,goes attend the same school do I just,want to break it down you can we buy a,bike great our age whatever I want to do,I could go in and you be Auto assign and,pick out different criteria the auto,side doesnt give you a bunch of percent,of the way there we team that gives you,about 85 and 90% theyre just tricking,teams and then you would have to go in,and start building players around a TV,to within all extra registers in a,specific age division and their childs,and that division if you want to put the,volunteer and their child on the same,team that is one of the criteria that,allows it as well really good for record,as far as competitive theres none,acceptance,except get that accepted thing to make a,debug rec if you do the lot of a sign,you can add teams from a previous season,or you can go in here and just click,manual team creation and you can start,creating teams Ive actually got a weve,created a few for 15 boys,so to do that I can just click Edit you,can name the team which is called a,United step 2 is going to be allocated,your volunteers if you want to go to,step 3 before step 2,no worries play your step 37 players so,you can go in and add volunteers it will,tell me whom I associated and player is,so my child,so dont let them come in here but God,selected start adding Kelly theres,multiple volunteers you want to add Ive,already had one following to your,registered you can click on all of them,they all show you so you can certainly,add those but you can also go back,so come back down I click renew selected,Oliver change their role,you dont have to be register which is,the page change,coach,and then Ill start adding players as,well,three now a lot of times when I talk to,soccer club they like their team a,request to build out teams they build,out choices based on specific,information any information that you,collected during registration youll see,this ad player information box right,here start adding those you can start,adding those to the drop-down the school,name maybe into that one but the lighter,filtering out as well and so if there,were answers you can start filtering out,everybody maybe you had 30 players and,all attend the same school what altering,those players if theyd be afraid to get,the same team you could filter it just,by that school and answering to see all,thirty kids quickly but all those thirty,kids on team,want to do that and put them all on a,team just like this box right here and,it selects all of them and then you will,click Add selected so when you do build,up teams if theres specific questions,that help you build up teams during,registration ask them because youll be,able to see that within this key,management so Ill go in here quickly,Ill click Add selected Ill take,questions just a second,same good finish and then from here once,you create the team we got this roster,notification so youll be able to so I,have actually submitted the competitive,lets say I was doing rack I put them on,the team theyre all thrown at each I,have placed these players on the teams,but they havent accepted the invite yet,so with this competitive they accepted,by sliding to suddenly email that hey,you guys have made the team like what,theyre all to you pilot status,notice this made the team email when I,set up and Step five the registration as,an admin whatever that email was set up,as I want to send it just to Brandon,right now I can click send,its an email accepted if I take them to,the next step of the registration we 10,out of Katies hes good to go,I want to send it to Scott as well I,said proposal I want to add additional,recipients I mean its going to go into,the emails of the admins that Ive set,up on the account are targeting parents,on the account level but if I want to,add anybody else I certainly can and,then youve got the did not I have not,add Steven to this game so Steven in,this did not make the team section so I,can sit here anymore,I dont have to I dont put the flavours,are the teams go into the email status,and then youll be able to notice here,Ill accept it once they accept you then,no but their status changes to accept if,they have a set example if a kidney or,said stick but it doesnt say it doesnt,say accept me,and then one other thing I wanna mention,is that you can email that Rob whats up,the teams both albums leave on that,roster to parents coaches of that team,holds the roster of posting the roster,getting closer to our teenagers critical,talent back to the mobile app so once,you post the roster when you log in as a,parent on the mobile app if youre using,a password its going to show you one is,Fisher your child on this team say,anything with coach the coach to put on,this team once you put the roster cook,logs in with his username and password,it shows you your team youve got to,post that roster and then the last thing,is submit team button this is where you,submit it directly to the state so once,youre ready to submit it go ahead and,submit it to the state if you need to,move players add player drop players the,long as its not activated within the,state system go ahead and do it once you,make a change here maybe makes that,change in the state or shows up at the,state level if you do then activate it,on the state level and you start trying,to add players here is going to show a,pending status at the state level you,have to go in and,you guys going in completely except that,at the state level if you try to remove,cannot remove players once or its,active player in what I would recommend,is dont Lincoln and step one of the,registration yeah thats great we are,sharing the information,you know hes whatever church but I,dont have to have to go through all my,regulator bursaries correct,so it just essentially just gonna send,the players dont worry about need to,submit to the state,[Music],this taxi


the slowest agnata diperjualkan welcome,back sembelit Channel for today video,Guys Memang kenapa kalo minat Rich,senyum-senyum dalam negeri Cina tim-tim,AC tv show sigolabang banyak banget,sungai itu Turki ini Uh sumpah Anung,Abah so itu turun sehingga,jadinya palenque nothing memonitor lalu,oblong bahina sirbo penataan pantai,gamis lampu Aladin banget Telepon Andri,Summer ontime upside-down,puyunghai,Playstore kehilanganku,Sungai on customer,kalimutan mag like and subscribe today,dan mengacu Torial video sofa Gua,ngelihat enteromonas style,[Musik],surat cinta enggak guys betul lantai,saat ini Playstore,search sempurna things TV camera,solution nah,sedih tuh Hana pengguna tinjau itu,Puyung kehilangan natrium,yang Sisi camera recorder sedikitpun,Artinya,suku-suku kau kayak dicapai Jika pernah,pedangdut,Jono polisi Upin,Hai sup undang-undang maupun Mari kita,Soge start klik pun aktingnya,Hai suaian meski tamu sebab pada waktu,kucing itu puyuh DJ recorder Sudi,denkayu mag,videorekorder sedih Purnamasari cord,ditembak mahupun penyemangat hapus nama,record itu nama itu Insyaallah fuyasu,itung camera settings,info Jane pun Atine visit of Young,akting para,so kamera,Hai sebago ngelihat bakutai mag Gemawan,6 video orang pindah kasih Siti Bina tim,isi tepung menangkapnya Songon pun tahun,punta mengetahui sawijo quality di to,save ijo quality lagi pun natinson,normal-normal di tanahmas flash lagi,nothing Seno,Aku senang kasih tablet khusus Enno Desa,kami rendaman is legal yang punat Insaf,Oh nasapreneur pusaka sih keinginan,Jenny Sungai,kasih mesozoikum Safran parah sedikit,Aisha screen lab sebisa bintangi screen,bilang itu yang negeri Karena,Cover Screamo So simple minds eye Clinic,movie ini lipat,hai hidup yang Lala Basuki klik mula,oleh Kim yes indin klip moyung aktivitas,seandainya saat,suhu di tanahmas toilet di Jepang ini,kebingungan sailing video itu Puyung,simple kapal kumuh Taeyang Big,simplejson atmarini Game Kung Sino Sino,So,simple n u shud itu sosok review,Hai So,Hai sunnah di pinggirnya balla koyok,nunggu satunya betahin Puyung sit-up,suka pagoh Ine Febriyanti Cleaning Up di,sungai unit,testing,bakso itu guys Negeri tenang aku thanks,telpon,sesuaian Sodiq Monata Yo So Leon a a,Hai untai seju recorder Suryo pahit apa,senyum paano so klipnya pun ting tong,Hai syuting dan pun Atin Jangkung,Negeriku Indonesia ke si bilang nugget,matik dong kan yang asking syuting,ampunan Tin,so time not in the,The,[Tertawa],Sign guys nah pensiunnya Ayan membina,tingkah gigi,[Musik],suhu,sebagai Kenapa Kalau pictnya,soulittle penaten ituin final lomba,ganteng anu pasti Guys ke sih,Kai food sampeyan,ilegal netizen nyumplik sampling sauce,sedih ban apa kalau Fit cover sampul,Gustu memonitor dont miss museum by,moga langgeng selvon thapster dangdut,genang siswi di kamera soundtrack,sampler Engkong menga,customer kita aku nganu ginagawa nelpon,Bisa gaol diubah oleh friederich Herman,wedding ngegosok Warto parah kita mau,yuumanga oleh ginagawa Nagasawa mau yoga,naon atuh jerin Kung sekali lagi motong,Seven moonastro bahkauji morning Dew,ipar aku melamarmu kesini hukum awakna,teleponmu huruf masih memang,datang ke Kuningan sedih banget napa,kalo petugas soulittle pun a3se,Hai sombong kulit icon taqlid Taisa,Bijuu recorder klik nothing nya show and,friction publik figur NATO,supaya Negeri Klepu yang guys so di mana,Pak Lupit ke sih gini lama-lama Nana,Grey kenapa lah orang lagi kita kanila,Gambit lampu hitung sel penemu Parang si,Siti Bina Telaga Saga is dimana apa,kalau First ampunilah game ulang yang,genset lebih,inden mati kita Munadi itu saat ngunu,Gina go anu,partner memang anakmu Diva,Sugeng kedelai sofa govina ending Oke,nebah song Gaga winatine is such an kita,Kinet kita-kita nayu muka Aku jas,Seruyan guys orang ginagawa aku Dito,sogina golongan teman tentang sampul,para melamarnya umpan usia gemiti,so-yoon Cooky naik lelang toh,the shop is with nine guys so,Saudi itu memakai kita Emang Rich natin,sweetune yunke Nina,susu itu,inilah,Kenapa hormonik kita akan hilang gamis,lampu hitung Seven Sisi,tiba-tiba napa kalau besok Sabtu,[Musik],Munadi anak-anakmu,Hai subbanul kedele,superfunk enak ending uh kenapa soga,winatine is,Khan kita kita kita kita Layung hujan,doyan guys,begitu sogina tukang sampun para malam,menyebabkan Yi Soo Yun mungkin naik,detail,hoodie pegawai snapvault susah guys in a,sama Agus tung as some Hindi na intim,dihantui pokoknya magomedov comment box,lagi kutilang puyeng link Neng upstation,yang dinamis natin shoshana Tulungagung,hanya Guys dont forget to like and,subscribe Oke klik new notification Bell,parah lagi Kayong updating bisa mengecek,tutorial widyono Pinang lagi comment,upload sebut loving you guys how,I,Heart You

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