1. Getting Started with Camel K – Tools
  2. Camel vs. Camel: Animal Attack Unedited (VLOG)
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  4. Monitoring Camel applications with nJAMS
  5. How to use Camel JMS and connect to ActiveMQ?
  6. Roasted A Whole Camel For A Holiday For The Whole Village! Cant Do Without An Excavator
  7. Spring Boot with Camel ActiveMQ JMS Example – Java AutoConfiguration

Getting Started with Camel K – Tools

[Music],hi I want to go over some of the tools I,use to develop a CEM okay application so,these are just my personal preference,but youre welcome to use that as a,reference for yourself so I use Visual,Studio code as my source code editor the,reason I chose it is because its,lightweight doesnt take up too much,space in my computer and its actually,available on a lot of major operating,system so one of the cool things in vs,code is the extension marketplace so it,allows you to add different languages,debuggers or tools for your own habit so,here are the extensions are installed to,develop my camera application make sure,you have the party camera toolings,installed once its installed its going,to turn into your the manage button as,you can see from here and then you will,be able to view your cam okay status in,the left hand Explorer console as well,after going into a java application,thats running a chemical route I can,start writing my camera route and the,extension comes with most of the cam OTS,L support so you will be able to use the,camel auto-completion,capabilities so that you dont have to,look up the documentation all the time,while youre developing its a really,big help if youre not familiar with all,the components at the first time and,another cool thing about the extension,is as a developer you never have to,leave this IDE in order to run your,upcam okay application because it comes,with a lot of helper so you can start,with your cam okay integration with,dependencies or with properties or with,secrets thats available and open ship,and speaking of open ship you probably,want to have the openshift connector,extension basically it helps you with,interacting with the openshift cluster,so you get a more streamlined developer,experience while using this extension so,you dont have to ever leave the IDE as,well but if youre someone like me that,likes to experiment,a lot of capabilities in CHEM okay then,you probably want to install the camera,cam okay Co I basically this is a binary,file that is installed in your own,system and then this one is going to,this binary file is going to talk to the,chemical printers on your either,kubernetes or OpenShift cluster so there,are several different versions of,camelcase EOI thats available on the,website make sure you go and check the,version that you have in your kubernetes,OpenShift cluster make sure that both,versions are matched I will probably go,for the stable build but if youre more,experienced or more adventurous youre,always welcome to try the nightly build,and now as a developer you have all the,essential bits and pieces thats needed,to run a chemical application in your,machine now lets take a look at open,ship or a kubernetes cluster its not,easy to come by one thats available for,free on the internet so what I would do,is go to learn openshift calm and it,provides a very good playground for,people that wants to use the cluster and,then dont have access to one of them so,all you have to do is go to the website,click on the playground and select open,shift for the apps playground at the,time of the script recording the,available version is 4.2 but game okay,works on almost all the open shift for,the X version so if you see other,versions thats okay you can keep going,as well and of course theres other,options where you can just install,kubernetes cluster or open shift,clustering your local machine that is,another option but in this case you,dont have to install anything all you,have to do is just go to the internet,and stand start up a cluster on the,cloud so you can experiment with chem,okay so once you log into the playground,its going to ask you to login as admin,or a user so in this case were going to,login SM and first because we want to,install the operator so login to the,website using the admin admin password,its going to give you all the,permissions as an administrator or an,overshift cluster,and then you see all the options,available on the left hand side so now,your login into the console as an admin,what happens now is you probably want to,connect to this OpenShift cluster by,logging into it from your local machine,so theres two ways you can do it the,first way is to use the OC command,thats available on the top right hand,corner using the token to login using,the Os openshift seoi but if youre not,familiar with COI thats okay,go back to your vs code and then go back,to the OpenShift extension and login,from there as well so all you have to do,is just to provide the OpenShift URL and,then also give the credential in your,extension and then it is going to start,logging into the OpenShift from your,machine and then you see all the,available resource as an admin because,you log in as admin on OpenShift and Im,going to quickly create a namespace for,myself this will be the project that I,will be working on to install my cam,okay application the next thing is to,install the heart and soul of cam okay,of course which is the operator,so in OpenShift there is something,called open operator hub so camera,operator is very easy install if you,have the operator hub all you have to do,is look up cam okay,in the operator hub and its going to,bring up the chemical operators and you,can go ahead and install it make sure,you install that in your namespace so,its easier to see whats going on in,the operator and once the operator is up,you you are ready to develop your first,cam okay application,quick summary I have V s codes as my,developer tools and I also have the,extension to help me with developing Kem,okay and I also have openshift,as my running platform thank you

Camel vs. Camel: Animal Attack Unedited (VLOG)

[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],[Applause],now what you just saw there is a baby,was putting messy in her place he has,not gotten a chance to picking on babies,for a long time now this is what they do,when they kill each other as you could,see that babys not actually biting her,baby is angry video was getting all like,that with me baby did not like that,hes saying that was not okay and Ive,put up with that well we didnt have,this nice curl pen that just got set up,the first chance he got he made Nessie,submit baby and this you just saw a,great example of how camels kill each,other and how they kill people now,thats not what baby is doing obviously,not actually biting her theres no blood,draw or anything he stopped and knew,exactly when to make nests heesu miss,him because Nessie has been a huge bully,because its baby who has been tied up I,knew that he was going to do that and,give her a run around but I was a little,surprised myself and see hes still,theres another behavior hes showing,him whos on top now if he wanted to,hurt Nessie or really kill Nessie right,now what he would be doing is he putting,that hard brisket right on top and,se-ryung on her throat and Nessie would,be dead baby act shes not really,okay right now camels arent they,theyre just kind of very very powerful,I save you got babies actually trying to,get Nancy to stand up again I realize,this might be difficult for some people,to watch thats why Im gonna put a,warning on it definitely but this is how,they treat each other in nature and it,should be allowed because if not you,know Nessie is gonna keep harassing baby,and did she could potentially become,dangerous so this is good and what I was,expected but I really appreciate it baby,cuz yeah Nessie has been a little bit of,a jerk,but I guarantee you she hope you like,that anymore because now she is Reese,gonna respect a baby and me again,now we could see Nessie is submitting,she may not go down again but baby has a,lot of progress and look she cush on her,own this time instead of being forced,showing submission not she didnt she,gave up but shes not turning and facing,him like you saw in the other video this,is this is excellent response it might,have seemed harsh but again these are,fifteen hundred two thousand pound,animals,there she is she submitting again notice,theres no blood there not really you,know,Nessies probably quite regretting,bullying papian me for so long while the,fence has been down but,youre that noise they make,a little little I got a little bit of,blood there at the tail up come on baby,Nessie what were you expecting you gonna,pick on baby four months while hes,disadvantaged hope the wind noise wasnt,too much its possible I might have to,edit over my commentary but if it is I,will make sure to write this out in the,comments if Im on top of these rails,and try to get a better view but heres,their pen completed if you didnt see,the video from earlier I got some a,brand new set of nice stud pen so I can,work with them more since Ive been sick,and havent been able to and as hes,turned into a monster,yeah the Loch Ness monster Nessie,but baby just wow really acceleration,what what I have to do I would never,treat her like that it is very soft and,and gentle but as with most animals it,really is a dominance at a hierarchy and,in babies done and likely not gonna ever,pick on this you got it now Nessie wont,pick on baby,[Applause],okay thanks for watching and I hope you,found that interesting and just remember,when you watch it these are very large,animals they were not actually hurting,each other that was actually what needed,to be done for a piece to be maintained,a little bit like kind of like mutually,assured destruction now now a baby wont,do it again and Nessie knows not to do,it again cuz who knows hes gonna go,crazy first no its Mads it,you

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Camel Coin new Update | Camel token presale | Free Camel coins 10000000000++ Daily |

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],how,the total number of camels in circulated,is deflected by 10 trillion,and the,remaining nine trillion will be,destroyed and uh so you could present,with 10 really,undergone a circulation mining which is,550,this revision will reduce circulated,volume,certain mining time speed up,trading and increase value cayenne,so,nest mining and pre-sale will be carried,out after mining and pre-sale the,withdrawal of coin will be opened,to the ballot and transaction will be,entered the,decentralized trading platform,so amanda narendra will after mining and,pre-sale in the world it,[Music],is your chen dubai

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Monitoring Camel applications with nJAMS

thank you very much so um,actually i have joined this session,because i want to share one,experience i had in the past and just,talk a bit about,how we did solve one of the issues,you are all familiar with integration,and,you know when you build your flows in an,integration platform like camel,you deploy your flows to the platform,suddenly everything becomes more or less,a black box,unless you build this sort of a,framework yourself you log some data to,log files or to an external data store,like a database and you browse through,it to understand what went through your,platform,and actually i had had the discussion,with one of,our customers here in germany uh nine,years ago,and he was actually very frustrated with,monitoring his platform and getting,insights because they had,a very large installation distributed,environments,many flows processing a lot of data a,lot of business data things like orders,invoices and so on and so forth,and so at that time we said uh,in in operations we can do something,about it we really need to,to get out of this darkness,and give our customer a bit more,visibility into whats going on in the,platform,so that was the birth actually of a,solution called engines that we have,built and that engine has been deployed,across the years to monitor different,integration platforms,and around 2019,we have decided to build an engines,solution,also for camel to make sure whenever you,deploy,your your platform you you build your,your flows and you deploy them,that you have visibility into whats,going on inside the platform,uh ngems stands for not just another,monitoring solution and the reason for,that is,because n-gems collects all the data,and flows running through the platform,actually it monitors,the the flows natively as well as the,data,executed along these flows it,automatically identifies,issues and it can generate alerts for,any issues that happen in the platform,and it does all of this without,requiring you,to do any changes to your code so its,actually,a platform that does the monitoring,by auto discovery,so on the right side you see,a flow this is a diagram generated by,engines automatically,out of a flow definition and this is,done by engines without requiring you to,change anything in the code actually,engines doesnt know,about the implementation of the flows,and their configurations,it just runs on top of the platform and,its how to discover the activities,the routers actually the complete flow,end to end,while the flows are executed uh,when when messages are hitting the,platform via,channels engines will collect the data,and will show how the flow has been,executed,along the the flow you will see every,activity has been executed and some,metrics around that activity,if any error occurs engines will capture,that error in the flow automatically,and will provide it to the user in the,user front end,when you run flows typically you have,multiple flows,running in your platform to achieve,certain goals so these flows will work,more or less on the same messages and,engines will correlate,the execution of those messages across,different flows,and will present the correlation chain,to the user,for user to be able to understand,exactly where we started processing,data and if there are any issues,where those issues have happened,so in the next slide we will see a,screenshot from the graphical user,interface,on the left side we show,the the domains of cabin that we,monitored you can have multiple domains,things like,this is a development environment this,is a test environment,or a production environment and,automatically engines will,show all the flows deployed to those,environments,and engines will also apply access,control,to this so different users may see,different flows in the platform,once you click on any of those flows and,gems will execute the search and will,show you,all the executions that happened in your,platform and if you click on one of them,you get you get an exact description of,what happened,inside camel with regards to that,specific message,so you can imagine every entry in this,list corresponds to the,processing of for example order,if there are any errors engines will,highlight those errors with this icon,if the flows run properly they will be,marked with the status success which is,green,in addition we have a search bar where,you can search,on any flow based on the data,processed by that flow data could be for,example an order id,or customer name or an address or a,supplier,any value that you have you could put in,here in this search bar,and n gems will show you a list of all,messages that are executed in the,platform,for that specific id,so in addition to this uh with engines,we can,see the execution time of the flow so,every throw how long it took to execute,we can see the execution time of every,single activity by clicking on this icon,we could see that,we get a lot of statistics calculated,for the platform,for every single flow definition as well,as for every activity inside the flow,so engines goes beyond this,and it provides reports so we can,create reports for any flow definition,we can also configure alerting rules,alerting rules can be based on the,status of flows can be based on the data,inside the flows they can also be based,on,statistics and finally,we have another component embedded in,engines called argos,so with argos we can monitor,the infrastructure which is,running canon and with this,we actually want to bridge the gap,between monitoring the flows,and if a flow for example is taking too,long,we would like to determine if there are,any issues in the underlying,infrastructure,and then correlates the two events,slowness of a process,correlates with the cpu is overloaded,for example,so as i mentioned uh with engines we can,capture,all the payloads so this is really where,we give hundred percent visibility into,everything going on in the platform,so we capture the message,that has been sent via the channel,no matter which format that is it could,be a message in xml,or cms sorry or json,message or csv whatever is there engines,is generic and it would show you exactly,the payload,as its been used by camel and,you could also enable tracing along the,flow and see exactly how the message has,been transformed,routed across or along the the chain of,of the flow,so in a nutshell with engines in place,you have now the possibility to monitor,a layer,which has never been monitored in camel,mainly the flow,layer as well as the data layer,and the endgems actually provides this,feature,out of the box without requiring a user,to do any development,or any enhancements to the platform to,gain this visibility,how it works engemps consist of two,components one is a server component and,one is,what we call the engines client the,engines client is nothing but a jar file,a jar file that you will deploy to your,platform,along with with the configuration file,and that configuration file will tell,the engines clients where to send,monitoring data to,and obviously it will send it via,active mq or or any gms message,messaging server of your choice,to the engine server the engine server,will display the data will execute the,alerts and so on and so forth,if you are interested to see engines you,can get in touch with my,colleague peggy jordan at,integrationmetals.com,she can help you to get a demo an,evaluation we can ask your questions,sorry we can answer your questions and,uh,i would like to take the opportunity now,and thank our,partner bintigra from slovenia,who did build the engines client for,this,for this platform to extend the,monitoring capabilities to camel for,camel user also to benefit from these,features,thank you

How to use Camel JMS and connect to ActiveMQ?

hello and welcome back to apache camel,tutorial,today,well be talking about,jms component,okay and how to use gms component to,connect to one of the,messaging brokers so lets first try to,understand what jms is,so the java messaging service or jms api,is a messaging standard that allows,application components based on the java,platform enterprise edition ie java ee,to create send receive and read messages,it enables distributed communication,that is loosely coupled reliable and,asynchronous,all right so,how jms component in camel works um as,usual it we have to define uh uh,endpoint or uri uh so this is how it,looks like so you give your component,name,jms uh then colon then you have to,tell that are you going to connect to a,queue,or youre going to connect to a topic,by default,if you are connecting to um a queue you,dont need to specify okay you can you,can ignore that as if however you like,to connect to a topic then you will have,to specify topic as you can see in the,example over here,okay so,after you have defined,whether its a queue or topic then you,have to give the the destination name ie,topic or queue name okay and there are,several options you can specify such as,uh connection factory you know the type,of message reply queues etc etc you can,take a look on on camel website um,search for gms component and there are,um there are literally 30 40 options,available for you to play uh based based,on your your requirements,okay uh so as i was saying so this is a,quick example over here this is how you,form your uri uh when youre connecting,to jms component so you prefix with jms,colon then you give queue name okay as i,said this is this is optional but its i,think its a good idea to give um,a hint that its a queue or topic and,then you give your q name okay,over here for example i have im,expecting that im trying to connect to,a queue called orders okay same goes,with topic jms colon topic colon orders,all right perfect um,so in workshop what we are planning to,do uh we will be adding a dependency,okay what dependency do we need we need,camel gms dependency okay and um then,well try to download and install active,mq which is uh apache is offering um,like noise its a very lightweight uh,but yet get quite fast messaging service,so well try to download that that,messaging broker okay and well of,course try to read and write messages,and,if you get a time ie if i could finish,in in a good time like you know ill try,to cover one advanced use case okay,so lets just uh go to our,intellij over here so first thing what,we would like to do is we like to,download a dependency so what i have,done in my form file over here i have,just got this particular dependency,okay,so i hope the the text size is good,enough,yep so,you need org apache camel camera jms and,you need to give the the version number,which you are using for your core camel,okay so in my case i am using uh,3.11.3 okay you can use the the latest,and greatest version which is available,when when you are kind of watching this,video and trying to play with with jms,um,so at this point this is the dependency,we need second dependency we would,require because if we like to,connect to active mq so you will need,two dependencies for active mq you need,uh orj apache,active mq and then the artifact id is uh,active mq-camel and you need so im,using this version which is available at,the time of recording 5.16.2,the second dependency,when youre connecting to um active mq,is,you need a broker okay so it can connect,it can read the messages and it can,write the messages as well,wonderful so so these are the two things,which we need now,what we want to do next is we like to,install okay uh active mq because as i,said um you you dont have to have,anything installed we will this is a,complete hands-on exercise so lets just,do that so,i love to use docker in in my my macbook,whether its a pc or macbook i love love,using docker because you know you can,install anything and then you can,literally,you know destroy that thing so its not,gonna hog any any resources on your,computer once when you are not using it,okay so,two ways you can install um activemq you,can download the the entire binary and,then you can install it in your machine,im going to use docker as i just said,uh inside docker two ways again you can,say docker pull and then you can give,the image name,if you are,doing again and again um i think its a,good idea to create a docker compose,file uh in my previous videos i have you,know,mentioned how to create docker compose,file and how you can execute it so you,can take a look over there so what i did,i created a docker compose file over,here and this is how,you need to uh basically,specify image container name port name,for your activemq all this code is by,the way available on github.com,js sagu or you can go to my website,sago.uk and you will be able to download,the code okay the the links are uh in,the description below all right so once,you have specified,your docker compose file what we really,need to do is we just need to go to that,destination,okay im over here and then im simply,going to say docker compose,up so we would like to bring our,container up,um option dash d which means you want to,run as a detached ie in the background,so you can your your your shell can come,back,and if i just do that,everything mentioned in my docker,compose,will execute right all the containers,mentioned in my docker,will basically start i do not want to do,that so what i can simply do is i can,simply say activemq okay because this is,the name we have given,to our our container so if you just say,that docker compose up minus d active mq,it will automatically download the image,for you it will start the the container,for you and you are good to go,all right,lets just quickly open docker desktop,you can actually check the,the status over here you can simply say,docker ps so it will show you the,processes okay but i like using docker,desktop you can you can start stop,things here you can basically you know,monitor things you can launch um cli and,and all these things okay so our active,mq,broker is up and running now lets just,go to the the admin screen okay,so,lets just go to the the admin screen,its showing here that its running on,port 61616 but that is the the the tcp,port where um you know its its,listening okay what we do would like to,do is we like to open the the web port,okay so first lets just click on open,in browser even though its not going to,work because,its,its the wrong port over here,so what we can do is we can quickly go,back to our,docker compose file and its actually,listening on 8161 port for web because,thats what i have specified over here,so im going to replace,8161,okay and there we are its logged in,sometime it might ask you for,username and password when youre,logging for the very first time okay,what happened here yeah in in my case,however,i i logged in i think previously so it,has stored my credentials so credentials,are admin,admin okay username admin and password,admin so good news here is that our,activemq,broker is is up and running so which,means we can now just define our camel,root and we can start interacting with,active mq so,the way active mq works you come to this,console you click on men ah there we are,actually it doesnt store credential,actually you have to click on on that,thing so credentials are admin admin,there we are its saying welcome to,apache activemqconsole at localhost this,is the id okay,this is the version um uptime two,minutes blah blah blah all these things,okay and over here you will see cues,topic and a number of subscribers if i,click on subscribers you can see there,is no subscriber at the moment because,um we have not yet,written anything which can we can talk,to it all right so cues again empty uh,there are,two things you can do over here you can,create your queue over here,okay and then you can mention that queue,in your camel root otherwise camel has

Roasted A Whole Camel For A Holiday For The Whole Village! Cant Do Without An Excavator

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Spring Boot with Camel ActiveMQ JMS Example – Java AutoConfiguration

hi guys so today what were going to do,is use spring bit to auto configure our,octave mq connection factory which is,actually going to be a pull bull,connection factory were then going to,wire that connection factory into Jam,mass transaction manager were also,going to wire the connection factory,into our JMS combo component so then,were going to create some Camel routes,that are going to read off the JMS queue,or topic were then going to create a,transacted session where were going to,then send the down stream to multiple,queues so hope you enjoy the ActiveMQ,auto-configuration which is in spring,but one point 4.0 and to your M 3 Ill,soon find that out and I hope you enjoy,the chemical hi guys so lets get,started here,so go ahead and create a new spring,starter project Im using spring STS,here and were going to create a project,called contract JMS adapter so go next,Im what we want this apache camel so,thats going to us to write some rights,that were going to read off JMS queue,perform some logic and sand to some,other end points which in this case are,also going to be JMS queues we also want,the JMS activemq configuration on we,want the web dependency and were going,to use spring put one point 4.0 so click,Next,bring down the spring bird starter since,its going to go to spring initializer,bring our dependencies down import it,into our project which is our ID of,choice which is spring tool suite so go,ahead and delete the boilerplate code do,move an update and your projects ready,to go you should see here theres one,class contract JMS adopt their,application which is our main entry,point to your application so go ahead,and open maven dependencies open up,spring bit auto configure and scroll,down to the packaged JMS dot octave,mkay so if you open up that package you,should see a JMS connect connection,factory configuration class and this is,our auto configuration so lets lets,look at this class so if you put up the,class youll see if we have the property,spring dr. GameCube pool and the name of,the property so spring,the vamp you enabled is set the false,the remoter create a standard ActiveMQ,connection factory with our ActiveMQ,properties and if its set to true were,going to do is create a pulled JMS,connection factory which is what we want,to do in this case we want of a pill of,connections and were also going to pass,in our octave mq properties so if you,open up activemq properties youll see,that theyre on their spring ActiveMQ,dot broker URL dot in memory username,password and etc so this is different,than the spring one point three point,five so if you if you go ahead and open,up that dependency youll notice that,the likes of pill is not there so this,is really nice of spring one point four,point zero so lets go ahead and,actually start configuring this so what,we need to do is go ahead and go into,our spring dot our application property,file and one thing I also should have,mentioned is you must have the spring,that octave mq pill configuration,property set as it again its out,configuration properties so lets go,ahead and open up our spring application,properties lets create a spring octave,fq poker so we want spring that active,advocate croaker grouper URL what were,going to do is say tcp were going to,call it to a server im going to be,running with a local host typical is,born 6-1 6-1 6-1 we also want spring dot,octagon key dot total dot enabled equals,trade so now were going to have a,pilbow connection parking we also want,spring dot ActiveMQ full dot,configuration dot were going to call it,and going to give it max connections so,Marcos connections equals ten lets skip,it some other properties Phil dot,recreation so as you can see here,theres lots of different properties you,can set so the time owed a Reconnective,exception can extract your block,obsession pill so if the ability to set,all these properties so theyre,automatically going to be graded im,injected in to our auto configured a,fillable connection factory so like we,see it up we can I start actually,writing some spring code so if you go,ahead and right-click a good class and,were going to put this in packaged up,convict were going to call this JMS,cuffing its going to be configuration a,so what were going to want a career,first is a JMS transaction manager so,were going to enable transactions,within camel spring and what we need,here is a connection factory so as you,remember here this is automatic auto,configure our connection factory what we,want to do here is go ahead and copy the,connection factory class and were going,to inject that this is going to,automatically be Auto wired for us into,our baton configuration so as you can,see connection factory is not a bit,importance of JMS connection factory and,you go to run ahead want to go ahead and,create a JMS from dr. Roger new Jam -,transaction manager home were going to,set the connection factory that,connection factory to the connection,factory just created were going to,return JMS transaction 1 of course what,we want to do that again is create a JMS,component with camel its a public game,s component,opponent rate GMS close this is going to,be our caramel component thats a lot,going to allow us to read off our cues,and of course what we want is the,connection factory injected in there as,well so again we could actually have the,import here so what were going to need,to go ahead is go into our palm and,manually import the caramel jam ass,package so if you go into your palm,going to want to copy this dependency so,this is what is automatically brought,down for us could or got apache2 caramel,caramel were going to contaminate mess,step up,update move it up there go back into,your jam mask configuration control,shift Oh bringing your JMS combo,component so now what we want to do is,actually create a couple component so,jam nuts component we want to actually,use the AMS component AMS component and,target this is going to give us a,conducted session were going to pass in,our connection factory and we also want,to pass in the JMS transaction manager,so were going to need to auto our this,transaction manager and also into this,bean so now we have a transacted JMS,component we want to go ahead were,going to set maximum concurrent,consumers said max compare consumers to,thats how many consumers are going to,be reading off the queue at any one time,in any instance of our application so,Im going to return that were going to,use a property so were going to use the,volume maximum concurrent consumers so,you want to go ahead and import that end,file JMS coupon,action manager a type of their choice of,dough Joseph F for mother see if so now,we have a octagon key connection factory,which is pulled we have a JMS,transaction manager that will manage our,connections and were creating a JMS,combo component which is the combo JMS,component so its going to log the rate,of JMS queues and were injecting in the,connection factory so news were to pull,connections and it also knows that which,transaction manager were using on the,JMS component is not transacted so if,you go in here its going to set the,template that transaction equals true so,now were ready to go so lets actually,go ahead and set our maximum and max,concurrent consumer property first just,before we forget so were going to want,say to maximum consumers and what we,want to do now is actually go ahead and,start writing our Campbell right so if,you go ahead new class contract rights,were going to call this JMS right what,we want to do is extend the superclass,so it will be right builder um click,finish so now were ready to go to start,writing our rights but because were,using spring but its going to auto,configure an auto scan or application,packages so if we annotate our right,with our component itll automatically,instantiate this component within the,camel context which again is,automatically configured so go ahead now,lets actually start writing our camel,right so were going to say from o

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