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Import CBS Sportsline Draft results

hello this is dr. Robo coach and today,Im gonna show you how to do CBS,Sportsline sync and the first thing you,need to do is get out of Chrome without,a firefox it does not support Safari you,have to use internet explorer by,Internet Explorer I dont mean edge I,mean the old internet explorer it had it,had a feature that edge no longer,supports ActiveX that allowed sinking,tab so you can still use it,Ive got Internet Explorer installed,thats the e year not the dark blue II,its this EU canned on it download it,from Microsoft on the web pretty easy so,the first thing you got to do is go log,into your site so lets see my log in,super secret tough to tell anybody login,mom remember sure theres my team yes,yes okay so heres my team no thanks now,what I came here for is to show you,whats called the sub domain the main,here is CBSsports like sub domain is,right there,judo dot football thats my sub domain,youre gonna have a different one,excuse me alright so you got to remember,that now cuz when you go to fantasy,football draft comm its gonna ask you,so lets go fantasy football draft calm,WWSD,all right keep keep an eye on ie,[Music],because sometimes itll do things like,throw you out of ie and put you into,[Music],edge you dont want that so heres my,league,this is 2018 and I still have my 2017,leek in there so its got gonna dump,that so I click on heres my old league,its got teams in there that no longer,exist Charles and Brett no longer there,so what I want to do is right here CBS,Sportsline league sync note we also,support Yahoo leagues sink but yahoo has,turned off their console ads of six,seven months ago so Im not sure if they,are going to try that back on so heres,my user ID which that you saw,super-secret and you remember my sub,domain which I showed you is junto dot,football and I dont have to put in the,CBS supports comm just the subdomain,part see junto dot football and then I,enter in my password SP and usually only,one affects the rosters the they will,sync your league setup and your league,scoring system but I havent tested that,and a couple of years and they that may,be buggy so just stick with the fetch,rosters and you can handle that part by,yourself its a one-time setup you can,do that you can buy it maybe it works,then its gonna say note this requires,Internet Explorer to work and that means,Internet Explorer or not edge so get,internet download Internet Explorer 11,and bidding sense that were already in,Internet Explorer it should have but it,okay so now in here its gonna say its,gonna complain its like alright you,didnt run this as,administrator do this right-click your,ie startup and click run as,administrator and then I have to allow,ActiveX so basically I got a start over,close out my browsers and do what it,says so Im going to close this browser,close all tabs and then Im gonna find,ie internet Curtis and Im gonna right,click at this time and Im gonna say run,as administrator thats good now Im in,the mode I need to be in nevermind lets,go back to fantasy football draft Im,already logged in so coming up here I,didnt remember me so I wondered and,again I think in an admin mode doesnt,remember you passwords and cookies all,right back to Robo coach back down to,Robo sing or CBS Sportsline sync and,then again super secret subdomain only,affects the rosters so now were good I,think were gonna run into one more,problem right so weve got to allow,ActiveX on this page so how do you do,that well its a little bit trickier so,you have to press alt F get this menu,put it tools you come down and you look,for Internet Options and the easy way to,do this is just add the site security,trusted sites and for trusted sites Im,going to turn it down to low,security level and add this site so,theres a thing that says required HTTPS,we dont want that,just HTTP and well add um now fantasy,football draft comm will have the,ability to run active X depending on,whether lo allows us to run active X so,if you want to check that you you can,just try and see if it works so all I,have to do now is refresh the page so,Im going to press like that,to display this webpage again you need,to resend information thats fine your,browser is IE 8 or 9 on windows 7 you,must run an admin mode thats ok says,trying to sense ha now we finally got it,an ActiveX control bla bla bla bla bla,bla do you want to allow this yes all,right now weve got some action in the,background here its opened up see,pissed Sportsline and its going to,junto thats thats my subdomain thats,good so far and whats happening now and,no thanks no thanks,you can actually click on these things,while its going through these windows,its not a big deal,so what its gonna do its gonna go to,lead page and its gonna suck out your,rosters and pull them into ffd and this,is a great thing for CBS because now you,got people who are really engaged and,its gonna thats what now its,submitting it back to ffd and you see it,says true that means that ffd got the,information and its gonna do a couple,more throughs and that says ok got it,and now Im gonna return to the main,page theres some other links here about,you know scoring rules if you done up if,you imported your league scoring rules,and your your team,properties and you could go there and,click on those and review those but we,didnt do that we just sync the rosters,so were gonna go and return to the Robo,coach main page hopefully if this worked,right then I should have my 2018 rosters,here so you do that by clicking show my,league and my team my kicker,thats good thats my quarterback thats,good its all good,theres the whole league and that was,pretty easy I did that in under 10,minutes and you can do it too its not,that difficult as you as you just saw I,think that the thing for beginners is,its like you know the the hard part was,finding the file menu you press alt F,and then you get this menu then you go,to Tools then you go to internet options,were gonna go internet options at the,bottom security and then you click on,trusted sites you add fantasy football,draft should be here if youre on,fantasy football draft you dont require,HTTPS and the other thing is not,everybodys if youre running like this,from a corporate site and they might,monkey with what your levels are for,security for a trusted site is so if you,click on if you have to get to this,level it gets a little complicated but,hopefully busted sites allow ActiveX so,if you if you get this bar and you still,cant sync its because youre low,security settings dont allow ActiveX,not only deal you come in here and in,all these settings you see here you got,to go down you got to find the ActiveX,setting so text controls and plugins,allow ActiveX filtering disabled thats,fine but you walk is this one called,Ill previously unused controls to run,without prop you want to enable that,automatic prompting for ActiveX controls,I usually disable that its enabled but,it worked anyway so download signed,ActiveX controls enable that download,unsigned ActiveX controls prompt I guess,thats okay because it ran this one I,think is usually I have on enable its,on prompt but I guess thats ok because,it worked again only approved to means,to use ActiveX control without prompt,thats disabled I guess thats okay it,worked,run ActiveX controls and plugins I think,thats a big one that has to be enabled,and script ActiveX controls marked a,safer scripting thats enabled once,again all these ActiveX controls are not,available in Edge theyre not available,in Chrome theyre not available in,Firefox there are plugins that can,stimulate them Ive never tried those,plugins I wouldnt recommend buying them,either its probably pretty complicated,um but its just one step here youre,just gonna trust it sites and add,fantasy football draft close it and then,you want to set trusted sites to the,lowest setting that allow and then,youre gonna click OK did that and you,should be all set and then when you get,back youll have your whole league here,I dont recomm

The Big Lead CBS Sportsline

this is driving,people like me who do this crazy,what what in your whats going on here,why all this stuff,now the as you said in the intro uh tony,the sport has outgrown the rules were,just at a stage where the players need,to be paid because of what theyre,bringing into the university,talking earlier with brian and without,question the sport,the rules are cannot handle where the,athletes are these days theyre just too,high profile,and the ncaa if it doesnt do anything,its going to lose,lose interest from the fans well i dont,know necessarily believe its going to,lose interest from the fans but the,players are definitely disappointed,in how the system is set up now i mean,this is a billion dollar industry,and the only people who arent,benefiting from it financially,are the ones who are making those items,that are flying off the shelves and,campus stores,theyre making those items a hot,commodity and yet they get nothing for,that i dont hear anyone say,well you get a free education thats,bull dukey you dont get a free,education theres no coach walking,through a high school arbitrarily,handing out scholarships you earn it all,right heres the question ive got lets,start with you and this bj,now look my thought is that look aj,green,no he knew he wasnt supposed to sell,that jersey i understand there is no,level,at which thats following the rules he,got a thousand bucks but you ive heard,you talk about this you dont think this,should have been,any penalty for aj well how do we know,he he did he knew he wasnt supposed to,sell the job ive never heard of that,rule,we used to get a jersey at the end of,each year your jersey for you to keep,they didnt tell you what you could do,with it or what you could not do with it,i gave mine to my mama she wears a,marionette here my little brother has,one but,i didnt know i wasnt supposed to sell,it maybe they theyve disclosed that to,these guys and pressed upon them not to,do that but i wasnt aware of that rule,well jason you talk about paying the,players and now you know what the ncaa,is going to say about this,theyre going to say look jason we cant,because if we pay the football players,we have got to pay the womens,volleyball team if we pay the basketball,players,then we gotta we got to pay the track,and field guys,and we dont have enough money to do,that its very radical the thought is,just,nobody can nobody can envision players,getting paid but,when you look at how much money theyre,generating for the university,its totally different from where you,were 20 years ago on the sport coaches,are now making three four five million,dollars a year,everybodys benefiting except the people,who are putting out the product,how can that possibly be right and were,not saying pay off every player no,not every player deserves to be paid if,your jerseys over there,you know got spider webs on it no you,dont get a dime,if my jerseys flying off the rack give,me something set something aside,well its real interesting to me because,what happens is when this stuff like,this happens,man the player just gets beat up i mean,its like wheres the loyalty,wheres the love we showed you all this,love and now you screw up,and now youre not on the field but i,think guys i dont know what you think,but,jason ill start with you i dont it,seems to me weve gotten to the point,now where you talk about the money is so,big the players are saying you know what,if i get caught i get caught but i aint,taking it anymore,reggie bush look at him he got away,scot-free his family got hooked up,he won a heisman they won the title,everything went great and now four years,later whos getting punished,the new usc coach the new usc players,reggie bush got away fine,well i think thats definitely wrong,that he got away scott free i know,theyre asking him to,maybe possibly give the heisman back but,theyre not asking usc for any of that,money,that they generated with reggie bush on,the football field now if theyre so,self-righteous give some of that money,back and theyre not doing that and they,wont do that but youre right,reggie bush his family got taken care of,but that those people that gave reggie,bush somebody had no affiliation no,association with the institution,thats why i think the the penalty is,just too harsh well what about my point,that i did in the monologue and its,this its this kind of stuff,i believe people have been talking about,the big football schools,pulling away from the ncaa which has,eight million schools in it,and really forming their own,organization where they can streamline,the process put an enforcement staff,here,and have this stuff done on a more,timely fashion jason what about that i,think i think its,bound to happen wouldnt that be perfect,for america,a situation where youve got the 60,thriving college football schools that,people have,interest in that generate money playing,against each other and you know what the,smaller ones that dont generate money,sorry youre not happening i mean thats,where were going that sounds like a,free enterprise to me and that to be a,perfect,that will be a perfect minor league,system for the nfl

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Monday May 23rd CBS News Colorado Daily Sportsline

hello everyone thanks so much for,logging onto your cbs news colorado,daily sports line it is monday may 23rd,glad to have you with us coming off a,rough thursday romy bean joined me on,thursday ahead of game two and if memory,serves we went 0 for 3 on our picks ouch,but here we are on monday getting ready,for game four between the abs and the,blues because we always rise in fire the,abs favored tonight in st louis no,surprise there decent money on the puck,line paying out at plus 150 the over,under for tonight is it six and a half,in the avs to win on the money line is,it -160. heres how i feel about this,game i think the avs win tonight but i,think it is going to be a really close,game and if you look back at game three,it was a little closer than the score,dictated the abs basically got two empty,net goals because they caught the goalie,midway going off the ice late in the,third period,ended up being a big victory for the abs,but it could have been a lot closer and,probably should have been the final,score just dictated that it wasnt,because of those empty net goals i think,this is going to be a really,really intense game tonight i think the,blues come out and they look at this as,basically a game seven right because,lets face it if the blues lose tonight,this series is over they are not winning,three straight games especially with two,of them,being here in colorado okay so i think,the series is already over because i,think they haves win tonight but i,think youre going to see a really,really good shot from st louis dont,sleep on whoso in net,i think hes going to be better than,people expect i think the way to play,this would either be go abs,on the three-way money line i think you,could take the blues on the reverse puck,line or if youre willing to lay the,juice you go with the abs on the money,line at minus 160. i know its a little,bit juicy thats actually going to be my,play for tonight i also have a couple of,shots on goal props that im looking at,and theyre both blues related here but,one game you keep hearing over and over,and over again in these games,is jordan kairu of the blues and his,shots on goal tonight over under is it,two and a half and youre getting plus,money to the over hes hit three shots,in all three games in this series and if,you look back at what he has done,through the course of the postseason,hes gone over that number of two and a,half in seven of the last eight so,youre telling me im getting plus money,im gonna play the percentages here and,ive got a guy who is consistently going,over albeit close at three,but youre gonna give me plus money on,him to go over again tonight,in a game where the blues are going to,feel like they have to shoot a lot,because they need to win this game ill,gladly take jordan cairo over two and a,half goals tonight im also going to,play ryan oreilly over two and a half,goals tonight bet him gm has this juiced,at minus 135 right now a lot of other,places have this at like minus 155 so,im playing this basically just on the,value but again oreilly has gone over,this number in all three games in this,series and hes gone over it in seven of,the nine games that the blues have,played in the playoffs so far so,abs moneyline minus 160. jordan kairu,over two and a half goals ryan oreilly,excuse me over two and a half shots on,goal ryan oreilly over two and a half,shots on goal as well full unit on the,abs money line and half a unit on the,two player props for tonight all right,those are my best bets see how i hit the,table there i didnt even do it like on,purpose its just a reactionary because,when i give a best bet i just get so,excited i just want to pound the table,for my three best bets tonight all right,we will see what happens make sure you,join us tonight at 6 30 for those of you,in the denver viewing area xfinity,monday live george wasdeki going to be,our guest as we preview game four,tonight between the blues and the abs in,st louis again abs money line jordan,cairo over two and a half shots on goal,ryan oreilly over two and a half shots,on gold my three best bets for your cbs,news colorado daily sports line brought,to you as always by batmgm placer,pollys props and futures at the king of,sportsbooks download the app today

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Tuesday May 17th CBS News Colorado Daily Sportsline

hello everyone and thanks so much for,logging on to cbs news colorado it is,time for your cbs news colorado daily,sports line brought to you as always by,bet mgm the king,of sportsbooks i am michael spencer you,can follow me on twitter michaelcbs4 and,it is finally here game one between the,abs and the blues after a long layoff,really for both teams but especially for,the avalanche were finally good to get,to see some hockey tonight at ball arena,so lets get into it shall we abs are,the favorites no surprise here getting a,little value finally on the puck line,paying out at plus 110 so for every,dollar you put down you would win one,dollar and 10 cents if the abs win by,two goals or more tonight keep that in,mind the over under is it six and a half,past several meetings between these two,teams have gone to the over and the avs,to win on the money line is minus 225.,heres how i look at this game the avs,say they will not be rusty they will be,rested right,this is a classic argument here its,been a long time since they played a,game youve gone on eight days now since,they last played a game you have to go,all the way back to last monday to find,out when the colorado avalanche were,last on the ice i think they might be a,little bit rusty but i think that rust,wears off after about five minutes,tonight at ball arena that building is,going to be absolutely jumping i think,the abs win this game im going to go,with the abs on the puck line tonight to,win this game i told you yesterday that,i like the abs to win this series,i think st louis plays well tonight,because they are rested too after,beating minnesota in six games but i,still think the avs win tonight and i,think they do it by two goals or more it,might be a situation where we get an,empty net goal we saw a lot of those in,the first round of the playoffs but i,think abs minus one and a half is my,best bet in fact i know it is my best,bet for tonight i also think that you,could,play the first period over two goals,that is paying out at even money i think,theres a chance for a push there,because its a two so i like that and i,could see a situation where the ads,arent going to be a five nothing at the,end of one but i could see a situation,where this is a one one hockey game,after one or maybe even a two nothing,hockey game,so i think you could go first period,over two goals at even money im also,looking at a couple shots props here i,think nathan mckinnon over four and a,half goals would be a play i dont love,that its at minus 120 excuse me not,over four and a half goals over four and,a half shots on goal but if you go back,to round one and yes its a different,series against a completely different,team mckinnon had six eight six and nine,the blues in that series against,minnesota and really all season long,allowed an average of 31 shots on goal,per game,so i think youre going to see the,avalanche get some shots on goal tonight,i think that youre going to see the,avalanche maybe have somewhere between,two,three power play opportunities and i,think thats where you can see some,shots on goal for mckinnon so i dont,have a problem im gonna play a half a,unit on nathan mckinnon over four and a,half shots on goal,also if you want to get risky tonight,devon taves over two and a half shots on,goal is it plus money thats it plus,110.,taves,went over in all four games against,nashville only played one game against,st louis this season but had three shots,on goal in that game i like the fact,that its a plus money it was at like,plus 140 earlier in the day a bunch of,people have jumped on it since but i,still think that its worth a quarter,maybe half a unit to take devontaves and,the over especially because its at plus,money two and a half shots on goal,tonight all right a lot of information,there in a short amount of time the,bottom line is hockeys back at ball,arena the abs are back on the ice i,think they shake off the rust early in,this game i think they cover the puck,line so give me abs puck line,a full unit bet on that and a quarter,unit bet on nathan mckinnon over four,and a half shots on goal as my two best,bets for your cbs news colorado daily,sports line its kind of become a thing,i like stamp the bets stamp of approval,im doing it again two best bets two,stamps thats gonna do it for cbs news,colorado daily sports line brought to,you as always by bet mgm place your,parleys props and futures at the king of,sportsbooks download the app today

Wednesday June 22nd CBS News Colorado Daily Sportsline

hello everyone thanks so much for,logging on to cbs news colorado it is,time for your cbs news colorado daily,sports line brought to you as always by,bet mgm the king of sportsbooks im,michael spitzer you can follow me on,twitter at michael cbs4 no official pick,yesterday however i did tell you that i,liked the over in the rockies marlins,game so hopefully you took that because,that sailed over that was not even a,sweat at all love a game like that and,so yeah again no official play we wont,got that on the official record but we,do have some official plays for you,tonight because it is game four the,stanley cup final the avalanche leading,that series three excuse me two games to,one and obviously hoping to take a 3-1,series lead with the victory tonight in,tampa look at the betting lines,this is a really really interesting we,went over these a little bit yesterday,the abs on the puck line is paying out,big time money thats plus 210 right now,so if the abs win by two goals or more,and you take that you will win two,dollars and ten cents for every dollar,that you bet the over under for tonight,is at six the abs to win straight up is,minus 105 and tampa to win straight up,is minus 115. now what that means,yesterday they were both at minus 110.,so vegas is seeing some money come in on,tampa today not a real surprise if i had,to place a bet on a side in this game i,would take tampa on the money line at,-115 im staying away from the puck line,but i would take tampa on the money line,tonight if i were to take a side for my,best bet couple shot on goal props that,i have my eye on tonight starting with,nathan mckinnon his shot on goal prop is,four and a half,the over,is minus 135. this has gone over four,and a half he has gone over four and a,half i should say,in five of the last six games he only,had three shots on goal in game two of,this series but i think you could play,nathan mckinnon over four and a half,shots tonight i also think you could,play kill mccarr over two and a half,shots on goal tonight because macar has,hit this number in four of the last five,games and in those four the last five,games hes had at least four shots or,more now he did get blanked in game one,didnt have a single shot on goal but i,think that he goes over again tonight,that being said,my best bet for tonight is under six,goals and heres why if you have,listened to what the avalanche have,talked about since game three they have,talked about yes darcy kemper was not,great however we have to do more in,front of him to help him out i think,this is going to be a very very tight,game tonight i think both sides are,going to come out there is going to be,some tight checking i think that both,teams are going to want to play better,in front of their goalie and i think,that their goalies are going to want to,play better obviously vasilevskiy was,really good in game three bouncing back,from that game two performance i think,you could see some of the same from,darcy kemper tonight i think youre,looking at a game thats maybe 2-2 at,the end of regulation maybe its 3-2 one,way or the other,but i dont see a high-scoring affair,tonight i think both teams come out and,try to play a really really tight close,game and that is why i am going with,under six tonight is my best bet for,your cbs news colorado daily sports line,there it is the stamp of approval good,to have it back,under six tonight gonna be a,gut-wrenching affair but were gonna,rent our guts out and root for no goals,good goalie play thats all were asking,for right under six my best bet for your,cbs news colorado daily sports line,brought to you as always by bad mgm,place your pilots props and futures at,the king of sports books download the,app today

Thursday June 2nd CBS News Colorado Daily Sportsline

hello everyone and welcome inside your,cbs news colorado daily sports line,brought to you as always by bet mgm romy,bane making her return to the daily,sports line romy i told myself today i,wasnt going to put you on the spot how,did you do the last time you know what,that was hows miko random been doing in,the playoffs is it my fault im riding,the miko so heres what it was you rode,miko the last time you were on he didnt,hit on tuesday,you werent here for game one i rode,miko in your honor and of course he,cashes so uh we went 2-0 the last time,we did this segment mikko ransomen,anytime goal scorer that cash devon,taves over half a point that cashed in a,wild wild game one and we got game two,tonight what do you like tonight well i,cant i cant veer from it now i am,riding the miko random train the moose,started to get loose in the last game,and i think thats what he needed he had,a goal and an assist and i think hes,going to do well tonight im going to i,want mikko i think mikkos gonna get a,goal and another assist tonight so im,taking mikko over one and a half points,thats riding it plus 165 right now you,know i love that plus money yes yes,absolutely how can you not love plus,money ive also got a plus money play,tonight as you take a look at the,batting lines the abs are of course the,favorite the over under is it seven,and i think tonight could be a tighter,game so im gonna go time of the first,goal,nine minutes to 60 minutes thats it,plus 120. now you can also play that at,the start of the puck drop zero minutes,up to eight minutes and 59 seconds that,is not it plus money but i think tonight,may be a tighter affair than what we saw,both of these teams have preached look,we need to be better on the defensive,side of things pavel francos is going to,be in net tonight thats obviously,something to keep an eye on i think that,will encourage the abs to play better,defensively at least in the start of the,game things might open up a little bit,later but i think to start its tighter,game i think absolutely i mean like you,said both sides thats what theyve been,preaching at least for the start i think,as this game goes on this could still,hit the over i think this could be a 5-3,game or it could be a 3-2 game but with,the amount of goal scorers on on this,team on both teams,uh its hard to bet on which one you,like the over the under but i do think,they happen later you look at game,number twos for the abs in this stanley,cup uh finals run,game number two against nashville 2-1 in,ot game number two against the blues no,goals were scored in that entire first,period so i think yes i think there are,going to be some goals scored tonight i,think you could probably see five to,three if you were forcing me to take the,over the under i would take the over,tonight despite the fact that it is a,little bit juiced,but i think its a slower game to start,so im comfortable taking uh first goal,between the nine minute mark and the 60,minute mark tonight you say you were,comfortable,i didnt mean to do that i might get,another goal,but yeah hey back-to-back games with two,goals for j.t comfort why not jt confer,anytime goal scorer something to look at,tonight if youre feeling spicy i,thought its going to do it for cbs news,colorado daily sports line brought to,you as always by bed mgm place your,pilots props and futures at the king of,sports books romy always good to have,you back on the stage hey its a treat,for me

Monday June 13th CBS News Colorado Daily Sportsline

hello everyone thanks so much for,logging on to cbs news colorado it is,time for your cbs news colorado daily,sports line glad to have you with us my,name is michael spencer you can follow,me on twitter michaelcbs4 this segment,is as always brought to you by bet mgm,the king of sportsbooks and what a,massive massive week we have on tap here,in the state of colorado the abs and the,lightning playing in the stanley cup,final game one coming up on wednesday a,lot going on so were going to jump into,this and im going to get right into,what i like in this series i think this,is going to be a fascinating fascinating,series first of all i told you a couple,weeks ago i like the lightning plus 260,to win the cup that is now down to plus,155. i think were going to get a hedge,opportunity on that and heres why i,wouldnt be surprised if a lightning win,game one now today im just going to,take a look at series prices ill be,back on wednesday to give you my,thoughts on game one but were not,hedging just yet because the abs are,still heavily favored to win this series,but i think that the,tampa bay lightning were going to be,live to win game one and i think that,will give us an opportunity to hedge,later on in the series a couple things i,got my eye on in terms of this series,overall the series total games the over,five and a half is at minus 200 i know,thats super juicy i dont see a,situation in which either team wins this,series in five games i know the apps,have been really good i know the,lightning are really good i think this,is going to be a long really competitive,series im more than happy to lay the,juice here at -200 to take the over,five and a half games i also think that,the lightning,are gonna be live to win this series so,im gonna play the lightning plus one,and a half all right thats at minus 125,but when i look at this series spread,im gonna go lightning plus one and a,half because i think this is going to be,a seven game series,and we got some insurance there in case,the lightning do went,at the end of the day i think the abs,hoist the stanley cup,but i do like the lightning plus one and,a half in this series,if the abs win in six were toast here,but thats the only way we lose that bet,of course if he has one in four or five,two we lose that bet,as well weve played abs minus one and a,half a lot in this stanley cup playoff,run but im gonna take tampa bay plus,one and a half to get this thing to,seven games and then well see what,happens as long as it goes to game seven,it doesnt matter who wins the other bet,that im going to make today is nathan,mckinnon to lead the abs and goals,during this series okay,its interesting to me that mckinnon and,rantonin are both at plus 250 here i,think nathan mckinnon who oh by the way,leads the abs and goals during this,playoff run continues that pace and what,do we know about nathan mckinnon his,whole life has been about this moment,you think back to last year and that,post-game press conference after the abs,lost in the second round ive been in,the league nine years and i still,havent won bleep nathan mckinnon is,going to play like a man on fire in this,series hes going to lead the ass hes,going to try to put them on his shoulder,and lead them to a victory but hes,certainly going to lead them in goals,thats a bet im willing to make at plus,250. so to wrap up today three bets in,total on this series series over five,and a half games minus 200 little juicy,im gonna lay a full unit on it,lightning plus one and a half games,thats a minus 125. im going to put a,half a unit on that and then nathan,mckinnon to leave the ads and goals at,plus 250 for a half unit all right three,bets for your cbs news colorado daily,sports line,three stumps right there to end it on,your monday were going to be back all,week talking about this series including,some thoughts on game one coming up,tomorrow and of course on wednesday but,for now those are my three best bets for,your cbs news colorado daily sports line,brought to you as always by bet mgm,place your police props and futures at,the king of sportsbooks download the app,today

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