1. Chase Credit Card Login | www.chase.com
  2. Chase Bank Can Close All Your Accounts Without Explanation & Blacklist You | Bank Closing Accounts
  3. Chase Locked me Out of my Accounts PERMANENTLY Due to Suspicious Activity | Unemployment/PUA PT.1
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Chase Credit Card Login | www.chase.com

hi so you would like to login to your,chase credit-card account the first,thing that youre going to do is go to,any browser type in chase comm that will,bring you to this website as you can see,here if you already have an account of,course you can go right here to the,welcome box that is also a sign-in box,and enter user name and password and,sign in now if youre not familiar with,what Chase is it is a credit card,company that provides various lines of,credit to creditworthy customers and,businesses and it will allow them to,make purchases and repay their debt at,their convenience on a monthly basis,Chase Bank creates revenue partially by,charging interest rates until the,balances are repaid users can log in to,their online account to monitor charges,and purchases online or by mobile device,now if you would like to login you can,put in your username your password if,youve forgotten your password right,here under the sign-in box there is a,link that will take you to a reset,password page quite simply you will,enter your social security number here,and secondly you will enter your Chase,ATM debit credit card or credit card,number you can choose either one of,those according to whichever bubble you,you choose once youve entered this,information youll click Next and youll,be taken privately throughout the,remainder of the process of you know,identification code and password and so,forth so thats how you would,reset your password if you have lost it,and now if you do not have an account,and you would like to enroll you would,just click this little link under there,not enrolled sign up now and it will,bring you to the enrollment page and,itll tell you what you need first your,Social Security or tax ID number any,chase account credit or debit card,numbers access to a phone or email,address that you provided to it to them,in the past and then youll get down,here to the member ID information,personal or business or both you can,choose whichever one youre going to,choose well stick with personal you,would put in your chase account credit,or debit card number and your social,security number just like before with,the forget password then youll choose,an ID that you would like to choose and,be sure to follow these instructions so,that you are successful the first time,once you have created your user ID,youll click Next and you will be taken,through several other steps to complete,your enrollment once the confirmation is,made on your account you will then be,able to sign in so you would go back,here at the web pair at the home page,put in your username enter a password if,you would like to be remembered itll,remember your user name I just click,that box there do not do this if you are,on a public computer or a shared device,this is for private devices and PCs only,and if you would like to not have to,type that in each time just click the,Remember Me button you would then sign,in and thats how you log in to your,chase credit,card online management account

Chase Bank Can Close All Your Accounts Without Explanation & Blacklist You | Bank Closing Accounts

hey everyone welcome to my channel,normally on my channel i do how-to,videos but i needed to vent and get,something off my chest uh recently i,received a letter from chase bank who,ive been banking with for the past 18,years and they are blacklisting me,without explanation for no reason and i,just wanted to turn to youtube get this,video out there and warn some other,people that chase bank can blacklist you,they can close all your accounts without,explanation,and just say sorry take care,see you later so lets jump into the,letter and then uh why i think this is,kind of bs why this probably shouldnt,have happened to me i didnt violate any,of their terms and conditions,anything like that so lets jump to the,letter all right so its a three-page,document i received from chase bank,obviously i blocked out my name and,address for for privacy reasons but the,very front it says important information,we have decided to close your accounts,dear jeffrey financial institutions have,an obligation to know their customers,and monitor transactions that flow,through their customers accounts after,careful consideration weve decided to,close your accounts because of,unexpected activity on this or another,chase account so basically thats on the,first page the second page says were,closing your deposit account so it,specifically tells me that its closing,my checking account and the date that,its going to be,closed,and then on the third page it says that,were going to be closing all three of,your chase credit cards or you know,credit cards that are associated with,chase and it gives me the last you know,the numbers of the three accounts that,theyre going to be,you know closing so it says destroy all,the cards you know contact all the,merchants to automatically build these,accounts you know just get your affairs,in order so when i received this letter,i thought first maybe it could be a,glitch or maybe it was you know a,scammer trying to get my information and,you know take me to the cleaners or,something like that because i get a lot,of calls on my phone that are scammers,trying you know from amazon customer,support or ebay or paypal saying that,you know theyre here to help you and,give them a call so first thing i did,was i called the 1-800 number because,sometimes ill do that with scammers,just to see if it is a scammer you can,usually tell,but i called and they verified,everything and it was authentically,chase and they just told me that yeah,theyre closing all my accounts and its,confidential they cant disclose the,reason she honestly didnt even sound,like she was aware she said it was a,different department that made these,determinations and she couldnt tell me,anything and two she recommended going,into my branch in the morning so at,eight in the morning bright and early i,put on my suit and tie and i stroll on,into the my local chase bank spoke to a,banker and she pretty much told me the,same thing which was not much that it,was confidential she couldnt disclose,why theyre closing my accounts but it,is confirmed they are closing all my,accounts and to you know get all my,affairs in order just take care see you,later dont let the door hit you on the,way out basically so what she did give,me i demanded to get the executive,office of chase so they gave me the,actual address of chase,i wrote a,nice official letter signed it sent it,certified mail with return receipt so i,had confirmation that they received it,and who received it,i havent heard anything its been a,month theyre just done with me now,i hate banks ive never liked banks,theyre its weird you put your money in,and then when you want to withdraw it,they act all weird like especially if,youre withdrawing cash they just they,freak out if youre drawing withdrawing,any more than like a thousand dollars,theyre always making small chitchat oh,what are you gonna buy you know are you,gonna go shopping and i always say its,not your business you know its like,its your money and then they act like,youre a criminal if you want to,withdraw it i hate banks never like,using banks but unfortunately we need to,use some banks i have six different bank,accounts that i use,but chase ive had the longest ive had,18 years ive been with chase it was one,of my first banks its one of my first,banks that i had a credit card with uh,you know i have amazing credit i have an,8 23 credit score ive always had around,800 to 815 credit score but my credit in,the last year has been the highest 8 23.,ive actually been a chase private,client with chase which means you have,to have over 250 000 in assets with the,bank so ive been a really good uh you,know client with chase now ive never,had an auto loan with chase or a,mortgage but i do have three credit,cards with chase ive had them for six,plus years each account never defaulted,on any of the accounts never been late,on the payments i always keep a little,bit of credit on there just to maintain,credit and make payments and things like,that which i know credit card companies,like you know like i said i was a chase,private client member i used to get,invited to their parties where they got,hors doeuvres and shrimp and you know,alcohol and all that stuff down on the,water they usually have one of these big,executive parties about once a quarter,and so i was invited to those i dress up,with my girlfriend and we go to those,you know i was a good client with chase,so after all this frustration with not,getting anywhere speaking to the branch,manager calling their hotline number you,know writing a certified letter and not,hearing back i was like well i could,always reach out to my attorney have him,draft up a letter for 500 and send it,but then im like i dont want to waste,more time and money and youre probably,not going to hear a response anyways my,attorney is a nice guy but hes,expensive ive had a couple lawsuits in,my life and they just theyre a waste of,money and a waste of time in my opinion,so you know i decided to just withdraw,all my money out of my accounts early,and transfer them over to one of my,other five banks so im good to go there,the only thing i im kind of bummed,about with with having these all these,accounts being closed is its going to,impact my credit its probably going to,bring my credit score down a little bit,because i had three credit cards with,chase all the accounts were six years or,more in length and length of credit,history is a determining factor on your,credit score and ratings so and the,other thing that sucks is one of my,cards was a chase amazon credit card and,you get five percent cash back on,everything on amazon and i do a lot of,purchases on amazon and i am going to be,losing that credit card so those two,things suck as well as having to you,know call up all the places that,automatically bill my credit cards and,update them to all the new things so,its its kind of lame and its,frustrating because again i dont know,why theyre doing this i actually looked,online and found a list of other people,that have had their accounts banned or,blacklisted,and theres a few things that will,trigger an audit on someones account,and then they might blacklist you so i,wanted to quickly go over those so,theres two different categories,reputational risks and legal risks legal,risks high value or high volume of,international wires depositing a high,value volume of money orders buying cash,equivalents with credit cards meaning,like buying prepaid visa cards and,things like that actually suing chase uh,doing large cash deposits of ten,thousand dollars or more or structuring,where you take multiple smaller deposits,that add up to ten thousand so just to,be clear i havent done any of these,things,maybe if i had to choose one would be,where i put in a little bit multiple,deposits here and there but thats what,you do when you have a bank account you,deposit money in so yeah over time i,have to put small deposits in that have,added up to ten thousand but this is,over you know the course

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Chase Locked me Out of my Accounts PERMANENTLY Due to Suspicious Activity | Unemployment/PUA PT.1

so chase just restricted my account with,them and i still dont know why,if i try to log into a chase account it,just wont let me in,so like this morning i just said your,account is restrict i mean your account,is locked due to,suspicious activity i was like what the, and i said call this number so i,called them up and theyre just like,um we cant tell you the reason why but,like your relationship with chase has,ended and restricted,um and then i was just confused like,they,they didnt tell me anything so i just,hung up and i called him up again,because for the most part when you call,again theres a different agent that,gets on the line and hes still gonna,tell me anything and he was just like,chase has ended their relationship which,when i was like why,and then i asked him does this like,prevent me from opening accounts with,him in the future like permanently,and he was just like yes and i was like,what bro,thats such a bummer i was actually,using this card,i was using this,[Music],i just really wanted their credit cards,bro,thats so fast it hasnt even been two,months,its been over a month is because of the,college account or,is it because i kept on selling myself,uh payments because,i searched it up online theres like a,reddit page and theyre just like oh i,got the same,uh issues because i sell myself payments,or some or,i sell to other people payments and,thats something that i did,since i got two credit cards i want to,be able to see the actual real balance,that i have on my debit card,not the payments i already had on my,credit card so i want to be like,organized and just send myself the,payments to my pnc account,pay off my credit cards on that account,and be able to see my actual debit,balance on my chase account,but they just locked me out of my,account and restricted and ended,the relationship overall i dont know,bro thats so annoying,[Music],i might just have to go to amex now the,worst part is they cant even tell me,why like i had to figure out myself,and im just assuming its because of,those l payments but they cant tell me,exactly why its part of the terms and,conditions unless you got content for,the vlog but like, this is permanent so even when i,when i turn 20 30 40 it wont matter i,just cant open an account with chase,so i might have to switch to american,express or something should apply for,their credit cards their trifecta,good thing that their traffic is better,than chase at the end of the day when it,comes to like,return but i just wanted to have the,sapphires or,i dont even know what to think im so,bitter,i dont even know what i did wrong all,right let me stop whining,im gonna just set a plan and figure it,out,all right so i did some research um its,either abusing myself or because of pua,um recently i didnt tell you guys but i,got accepted i got,i got approved for poa determination,notifies that youre,you are financially eligible,it was like 195 bucks per week so ive,been filing for those every week but i,havent got them yet theres this lady,who ran in the same issue with chase and,it was on the news somewhere,heres a clip her problem is with chase,bank,chase locked this woman out of her,account because of the checks from,unemployment and shes not alone what,happened to karen crader has happened to,others,its all related to this massive,unemployment fraud where imposters are,stealing peoples benefits but some,people like karen,who are legitimately receiving,unemployment are getting stuck in the,middle,and locked out of their bank accounts my,entire family is super frustrated with,not being able to get access to funds,the unemployment claims for nearly 200,thousand washington workers,had been flagged over the summer after a,massive unemployment imposter scheme,several chase customers reported being,locked out of their accounts,both chase and the state of washington,said they were investigating they have,restricted all of our accounts,none of us can get access to our fund i,connected,my routing and account number to the,chase account so i dont know if i can,access that because now my channels,account is closed so,i went on the poa portal and i changed,information to my pnc account,um so i still dont know if im gonna be,getting the poa funds there were like,two issues on the,uh on my dashboard one was like uh,some scheme or and the other one,was like identity theft um,so like theres some people who uh know,peoples social security numbers so then,they use those,who is a tesla so they theyll use that,number to uh,steal other peoples benefits so,clearly im not doing that because its,my social security number on the pua,portal um they asked me to verify my,identity just to make sure that im not,scheming so i upload documents with my,state id,my birth certificate my social security,number and then it got approved so it,was all chilling but with chase when,they found out that i was potentially,fraudulent with my social security,number,or with someone elses social security,number im trying to get their benefits,they just deactivated my account they,just restricted it,and they said that i cant open up new,accounts with them i have to open up,account with a new,uh financial institute which is another,bank on the comment section of the video,someone said they went through the same,issue,they added chase on twitter explaining,like their issue chase said to go to a,branch in real life and and,solve it out with them so im gonna try,and do the same thing hopefully i can,get my account back but uh,yeah its just a bummer this is about,like a month late so like,last on january 20th thats when they,suspected me of the,the issue and whatnot of the fraudulent, and then now,a month later thats when like i,resolved it i think like a week ago,thats when i submitted my,my documents and then just now chase,found out about the potential fraudulent,stuff and then they just restrict my,account they just call it quits,they didnt say that its because of,that it could be about something else,like the zell situation that i said,but but yeah thats kind of just an,update on the situation ill probably go,to chase ill make another video on that,see what they say,apart from all that bro this weeks been,so ass but im not im not gonna get,into it just because i know better,things are to come yeah thats pretty,much it i no longer have an account with,chase,um i contacted them on twitter and,they just said to call the customer,service again but that doesnt really,help,um so i scheduled a meeting on their,website um to meet at a branch,and explain whatever is going on and,hopefully they can figure something out,for me,um i printed out like all the poa forms,um like all the documents saying that,im legit like its me as my account,pretty much just proving that im not,fraudulent and its actually me whos,filing for,pua i dont know i just thought it would,be it would be a good thing to just,bring all the documents just to show,them that im legit also you gotta bring,proof of identity and your proof of,residency so its like this stuff right,here i still dont know if im gonna,have an account with chase but well see,whenever i post an update video about it,ill just uh leave a card right here so,you guys click on it and see the part,two,um and how things go but um apart from,that i hope you guys enjoyed,make sure you guys like and subscribe my,[Music],seats,[Music],its not i dont think it might i dont,know maybe hold up,let me say it properly um

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hi guys welcome back to my channel so i,had to actually go ahead and,re-record this because my other video,had,made way too many f-bombs to for me to,even handle,so i hope i cover everything and,remember everything so i had a very,interesting day,and im making this video not only to,make people,aware but definitely to find out if,anyone else has,experienced what ive experienced i get,an email,and it says chase secured messaging you,have a message,i go and try to check this message i,didnt click on the link,because you never know if its spam or,whatever so i go,on my app first initially and im like,biometricking to,get in and it says your account has been,blocked due to security purposes reasons,whatever,please call this 877 number im thinking,hmm thats weird im why would it be,locked is there some kind of,weird fraud so just to triple check i go,on my,internet on the webpage and try to go,there chase.com,sign in same message so i initially,called this 877 number waiting forever,and the woman i spoke to first was like,yes i see here the reason for that,message,for that security message and why your,account has been locked i said,okay why is it well your checking,account savings account with chase,has been closed as of yesterday i was,like what,okay see this is the part i was already,starting f-bombs left and right because,i was a lot more heated in my previous,video its probably not,too healthy for you guys to see that so,im like what do you mean,it was closed yesterday i havent,received any calls,not only have i not received calls you,guys,notified me by secure message,today the day after and i cant even,read the message because my account was,locked and shes like i go,no i said okay so all right why was it,closed,oh um were not no she didnt say were,not able to tell you,chase is authorized not to disclose the,reason,for your closure but just to notify you,that its been closed,so im like going back and forth with,her ive been with you for 20,plus years i mean i was literally with,them,i i dont remember what that bank was,before i think it was like washington,mutual or something like that i loved,that bank,and chase bought them out during the,whole recession 2017. and not only is my,account closed,i am banned for life from,opening another checking or savings,account and i was like,what uh of course im like going back,and forth going what do you mean im,banned for life that sounds so hardcore,its like the most,i i dont really use it much now i used,it like a few months ago,never had like high amounts never did,anything that would be,weird like large deposits or had a ton,of money in there or anything like that,so,no like red flaggy type of things that,would,make you have your account closed you,know for like,money laundering or fraud or whatever so,im just like okay thats,really weird so you close my account and,im banned for life,interestingly enough this doesnt apply,to their credit cards so i still have my,personal credit card just the checking,and savings so im like okay,can i have the how am i gonna get the,funds,from the account she goes well you can,go into any branch,and i said well i cant go into any,branch i live in hawaii,and she says okay well you have to,find a way to get this i,swear to god this is what she says you,have to find a way,to show us proof that these direct,deposits made into,your account are yours i said what,direct deposits i go i only received,one like not one direct deposit but,multiple direct deposits a few months,ago from my,unemployment right she says yes the,unemployment youre receiving,we need to verify that amount we need to,see your weekly benefits,a summary of your weekly benefits to,be able to release your funds now i said,um what my there was three thousand,dollars in,in the combined accounts i have to have,2500 i think in the checking,to not get fees and whatever and the,savings,i i dont think that one you need to,have a minimum whatever so ive always,had 2500 in there,long forever like thats just,always what i hold in there so i dont,get charge fees i was like,okay what i need to show you you guys,are,withholding my money until i show you,proof that,those ui benefits are mine,what do you even mean right she goes,well when are you gonna come back to the,united states since youre out of the,country,i am in the country hawaii is the united,states,and shes like oh thats right thats,right im like okay,but we do not have a branch here how did,you open an account then,i opened it 20 something freaking years,ago im not born and raised in hawaii,anyway im im already trying to lose my,cool here so im like oh my god,this has got to be like something shady,going on right so i hang up with her,because im already like fuming and this,is what im saying i was like talking to,my partner im like,f-bombs galore because i was so pissed,thats my freaking money right,so then i im like okay i need to call i,im gonna call the,direct 800 number whatever on customer,service,so wait on hold she transfers to me to,the department,the dude tells me the same thing long,story short same exact thing,oh yes i see here your account is closed,youre banned for life,and you need to show proof these ui,benefits,are yours to release for us to send you,a check,of the money thats in the account i was,like this,is insane ive never heard of anything,like that,ever i would love to know if you guys,have ever had anything like this happen,to you,with any bank or more so specifically,with chase,i was just like mind blown so i did some,investigative reporting on google,because i was just like there,i i i still cant get over this right,this is just,whack so im looking online,and this has been happening for like a,couple of years now ive ive been,seeing people online saying oh my god,shes closed my account no,not telling me blah blah but i didnt,see really anything about,im trying to think i dont think i,really saw anything about having to,prove your identity or whatever right,but,there and my partner was looking too and,he saw he goes,wait because we invest in bitcoin,lately and he goes did you use chase to,put the money i was like,no ive i havent like i i usually,switch banks,here and there um depending on interest,rates or whatever,so i havent really used chase in a,while so im thinking im im like no,i all the all the like top 10 reasons,you,would get your bank closed on you is,like,nothing ive no money laundering no,super high balances no international,wires,no cryptocurrency crap like that which,is weird,because it is your money but whatever,but then my partner finds,a youtuber who had the same exact thing,happened to him and he didnt have three,thousand,over eleven thousand dollars that he has,to prove,the money that came from whatever,business was,in fact supposed to go to him ill give,you a clip im gonna put a link into his,video,because hes hes re he recorded the,conversation and everything with the,customer service representative and and,i like him like he says in the video,i feel bad that the reps kind of felt my,wrath but,i was just thinking this has to be,illegal like,what the hell and i was definitely,flipping out on the reps i,yelled at them said im gonna get a,lawyer probably dropped some swear words,in there and i,i do feel bad but i was so in the heat,of the moment i was so shocked,i was confused i i it was like crazy,right so im gonna play a clip for you,of this guys video right here so you,can kind of get an idea of,who he is and his video does look like,the account ended up closing and then,the check for six thousand dollars that,the amount was pushing for,yes the account ended up closing but i i,literally talked to someone 12 hours ago,and they said call back in the morning,yes the accounts can close within 10,business days at any time,we can still get a result but,unfortunately account is hooked,i just give me my eleven thousand,dollars,we need to still verify that in order,for us to be able to release that,so and then of course that wo

Spamming Tutorial: How To Spam Bank Logs and Credit Card Information [Educational Only]

how bank logs and credit cards,information are acquired by hackers,hello guys welcome back on to smart lazy,hustler and today we will take a deep,look into how hackers also known as,spammers acquired bank and credit card,information so without any further ado,lets get straight into the video but,before dont forget to hit the,subscription button the likes and the,notification bell to get notified every,time we post interesting videos like,this and lets just jump right into it,just to let you know that this video was,sponsored by airshiptech.com.ng,and its like my go-to website whenever,i want to sell my gift cards or my,cryptocurrency whatever relating to data,bundle and even airtime right so this is,like a website i use once i get from my,clients i come here immediately and i,sell for the best rate in the country,right so all you have to do is just,click on your just compute click on,register and include your full name your,email address and also your phone number,and just you know use your password that,is it and click on sign up immediately,you have access to sell and buying or,from gift cards and crypto data bundle,airtime whatever all right you can trust,me on this and if you use the link below,youll get one of the highest rates so,lets get started hackers use a method,known as spamming to get the account,information they need and the most used,ones are email and sms spamming these,are similar methods but one requires,sending spam letters to email addresses,and the order requires sending spam,contents to phone numbers using sms,gateways,there are some tools needed to be able,to spam and they are number one scam,pages,scam pages sufficient pages that looked,exact as the original webpage of a,company such as paypal they are designed,to send any login input such as username,and password to their desired location,such as webmails or local mail providers,like gmail and yahoomail,number two see panels,cpanel is a web hosting control panel,software designed to simplify the,process of hosting a website this is,where spammers upload their scan pages,to be live on the internet number three,letters,letters in spamming is simply the,content sent to email addresses or phone,numbers,they contain fake notifications that get,victims to hop onto their website and,input their login information,and number four mailer or sms sender,these are medium troop which spammers,send out letters or content to email,addresses or phone numbers,email spammers use blackmail senders,with smtps to send out letters,and sms partnerships either api or,banner gateways to send content back,phone numbers so having gone through all,that we are gonna jump onto our computer,screen and see how all these are,combined in spamming,yes so guys welcome back onto the,computer screen,and uh were just gonna get straight,into things so the first thing we need,is scam pages so we went ahead and got a,few scan pages actually two,right here we have cash up and,huntington so we for the sake of this,video were gonna be using,cash out so the next thing we need is,cpanel to host our cashier page on so,im going to go ahead and teach you what,you can get,cpanel for cheap prices,so yes go on to your web browser and,search for,alex dot co just like this,all the links will be in the description,so just go ahead and enter you need to,create an account so ive already,created an account go ahead and create,an account yourself,and find your account with bitcoin once,youre done with that we have,so many,things actually here you can buy you can,buy leads email leads,for spammy you can buy php meters or,smtps for sendouts and you can buy rbps,vps cpanels and shelves,now,cpanels and shelves are used for hosting,web pages but were gonna just go for,cpanels,and once that is done,were gonna get back yeah so guys,this is the page youre looking for so,just go ahead and look for the united,states cpanel that has https,ssl certificate installed,so you can get it for 7.4 dollars you,can get for five dollars you can go,as low as three dollars but just make,sure you have an https ssl certificate,installed so you gotta go ahead and,check if its still up,and um,its bad so were just gonna go ahead,and look for another one just go to,check,and its working so just go ahead and,buy it and theyll provide you with all,the efforts you need so once you buy,that,we just go,ahead and go on to the,homepage of the cpanel so lets just go,ahead,and jump right into it,so this is the home page of the cpanel i,got so depending on your provider is,gonna be a little different from my own,but youre gonna get all these things,right here that you need so,the next thing we gotta do is host our,scan page so just go ahead and click on,file manager,wait for it to load,and um just click on,h cmr this one public html sorry,and um now just hit upload right here,now just drop the files here or you can,click to,upload,so youre just gonna go,select the cache upstand page and drop,it on here its gonna load and it says,complete just hit this link to go back,and now we get our scan page uploaded,but we need to actually extract it so,just go ahead left click and right click,select extract,and hit on extract files,now it is done just close this,and go ahead and delete,this zip file right here,skip this,and yeah so guys just like that we got,our scan page uploaded so lets go back,to our home page,and click on the primary domain,so youre gonna see this,deceptive site ahead notification thing,here just because our cpanel doesnt,have an https that is why i should go,ahead and get one so this is actually,not anything just go ahead and click,details and,visit this on safe site,so now click on this cache app,link here and it will direct you to your,cache app just go ahead and click this,and then just like this we got a catch,up scan page uploaded so you can see it,looks almost the same as the cache of,original scan original page sorry so yes,so,just like that our scan page is uploaded,so,we gotta do a few tweakings for this,thing so just go back,just go back to,the home page go to,file manager,and go to open the cache up folder,first of all go to public html,go to,cache up,click,and um depending on the settings of the,scan page,you need to,change where you need the result,sent to so im just going to go here,and,edit,edit,and so just like this,you need to put in where you need your,result sent to so im just going to say,sorry,just like this so just say go ahead and,save it so you need to actually find,this,or else youre not gonna get results,its gonna send it somewhere else so,just close this,and just like that we are done hosting,and everything,so what were gonna do next is um,we need letter,so now were jumping onto,sending out spam content to victims yeah,so you need letters so we go went ahead,and got,a catch-up letter here lets just click,in and you see what on top,so,this is basically a letter that looks,something like this so depending on the,pages spamming you need each letter,so you can still go ahead and hit us up,well find your letter for instance page,so yeah this is how it looks were gonna,go ahead and edit this,so how to edit this,you need,you need,a notepad glass blocks or just a notepad,so im going to go ahead and edit this,with notepad,and be sure to take note of this just go,ahead and click,and press,console this and go ahead and,console this and go ahead and press ctrl,f,just like that,cancel and search for hr ef,click it,let me move this out of the way,click it again click it again,click it again,and yeah,so here,youre gonna find this link so you get,it,copy this thing and replace it with your,scan page link just like this,this is our scan page link so just copy,and go to notepad plus and,make sure,you dont,cancel or remove these,quotation marks right here just,copy this,and paste it in just like that dont do,anything else and just go to control,file and just go to save,yeah so,just close out of this,and basically were done,so right now what we need to do

How hackers Bypass Multi Factor Authentication | Evilginx 2

[Music],[Applause],[Music],dude,seriously,whats up guys so today we are going to,be talking about multi-factor,authentication and how,hackers bypass it so first off what is,multi-factor authentication,simply put basically it is a secondary,measure of protecting your accounts so,you know whenever you log into your,banking account or your microsoft office,account or sometimes your gmail and your,facebook,you would put in your email address you,would put in a password and then it,would ask you for a,an otp that otp is your multi-factor,authentication,its there for if example an attacker or,hacker manages to get your email address,and your password thats the thats the,second line of defense thats,okay youve got my password youve got,my email address,but i have the otp so youre not getting,in,but there is a way that hackers can,bypass this,through a simple phishing attack so,phishing attacks are basically when,an attacker will send you an email that,has a little link in it,and they try and trick you to click the,link they present you with a fake login,page and theyre trying to steal your,credentials okay,but today were going to look at how,they can use this to bypass,your multi-factor authentication lets,dive straight in,shall we okay so for an attacker to,set up this attack theyre going to need,two things one a virtual private server,that is in the cloud with a publicly,accessible ip address,i have built in ubuntu box sitting in,london,with this ip address over,here and then theyre going to need a,domain so,i went and bought and registered a,domain called cyberfish.xyz,and that is the domain that we are going,to use for the specific attack so,the exploit kit that were going to use,is evil gen x im not going to talk you,guys through how to set it up and how to,configure it,theres a ton of tutorials and theres a,ton of documentation already on the,internet,around that so im not going to go,through that today were just going to,be talking about how this attack works,and then do a demonstration,so youre going to open up evil gen x,evil gen x is just basically a man in,the middle,framework that allows us to steal,passwords and authentication tokens,of the people that we fish so if you see,over here,we have a couple of fishlets or fishing,pages,that are in by default youve got,linkedin theres instagram theres,twitter,theres tick tock and office 365 which,is the one we are going to be focusing,on today,why because a lot of businesses most,businesses use microsoft and office and,the office 365,suite so that is what were going to be,focusing on today,so we need to create whats called alert,allure is,a url that is generated by this exploit,kit,and that is what were going to send to,our victim users,so lets quickly create one,365 enter there we go we get a little id,with it,and then were just going to get the url,of what we have just created so heres,the url,this is what an attacker would put into,an,email and trick you to click on it so,you would click on the email it would,take you to a fake login page,you would type in all your details and,then the attacker would be able to get,the details so let me show you guys how,this works so lets imagine,we get sent this link and we click it in,our email inbox,and then it will open up this page for,us over here,okay so if youve ever used microsoft,office 365 you can see,this is identical it is exactly the same,as microsoft office 365 thats what,makes it so difficult,if you have a look here in the top,corner this is your giveaway,always check the url of what you are,clicking,obviously microsofts website is not,going to be called,login.cyberfish.xyz okay so,that is your telltale sign youre gonna,have to look out for that when you click,on links,so lets go ahead and lets go russell,lets say zone dot,fun okay oh thats safe zone,there we go its going to bring me now,into my,password so im going to say this is a,very,long password one two three please never,end,a password with one two three by the way,and now its asking for the otp okay so,lets get my cell phone out,its indicator open it up,so now we go 205 918,verify,[Music],im saying no dont want to stay signed,in,now we are logged into our office 365,or we think we are logged into our,office 365,lets go back to our hackers,machine okay so now im done playing the,victim,lets close this this up here there we,go as you can see over here we have,everything we need,the username is russell at safezone.fun,the password is this is a very long,password 123,but because we have multi-factor,authentication enabled,this isnt enough because if i go and,type in the email address and the,password,its still going to ask me for the otp,but,we have intercepted authorization tokens,so lets quickly pause there,what is an authorization token so simply,whenever you log into a website the,website and youve logged in correctly,the website will give you whats called,a token its a bunch of numbers and,letters that generally dont make sense,to normal people,but basically its a token that the,website gives you,to say youve signed in correctly youve,given us the right username and the,password and your otp,youre allowed to be here so that helps,the website identify you,if you close your browser or if you,refresh the page and have to log in,every five seconds so,thats what we have stolen and were,going to replay those and im going to,show you how we do that,so were going to just basically open up,sessions,sessions 51 you can see thats the one,at the end there,this here this garbage this mumbo jumbo,over here,this is the token the cookie so were,going to,copy this now were going to go to a new,browser,okay the attacker will basically open up,a new browser,we will then go to,login.microsoftonline.com,okay this is just a normal microsoft,online page,and then using a cookie editor extension,such as this one its called cookie,editor,youre going to basically go ahead and,import and youre going to paste the,cookie,here that we copied and say import,and then refresh the page once youve,refreshed the page,you are going to be logged in as,russell at safezone.fun,and so look generally these,authentication,tokens do have a time to live so after x,amount of hours they will be,invalid but a couple of hours is more,than enough to do some damage if,somebody manages to do this to your,online banking account,your facebook your twitter or whatever,the case may be so,there we go that is how hackers are,bypassing multi-factor authentication,i hope you guys enjoyed this video if,you did enjoy this video,please smash that like button and smash,that subscribe button and have,yourselves a red,day cheers

The bank login scam (Part 1)

there are very few things that annoy me,more than cold calls,especially ones that sound like this,hello this is british telecom,technical department we are here by to,inform you that your internet line will,be terminated from today onwards,to fix up the problem please press one,to connect with bt,if you would thank you for your response,we would now like to transfer you to a,poll taker for just a few more questions,please stay online the guy who answered,the phone explained that he was from bt,and that there was a fiber cut and that,he would need to get access to my pc,to restore internet service yeah press,windows key and the letter r,r for robert this guy gave his name as,roy miller,and he got me to download some remote,access software called teamviewer,and he proceeded to connect to my pc,yeah theres something in the corner now,it says bt technical department,oh yes sir you actually got connected to,our server,okay so what im going to do im going,to transfer this line to one of my,senior technician,i run wireshark to see what their ip,address is and it looks like a uk one,they seem to be using a vpn a vpn will,disguise the real,ip address correct so this is mark,robinson im the senior executive then,ill help you out how you get rid of all,the,problems which is currently active into,your internet website,from their actual ip address it turns,out that these guys are based in kolkata,or calcutta and india,i cant reveal the real ip address just,yet but look out for part two,while ill reveal a lot more details,about these guys,close that route leave it as it is,on the right or if you can see small box,on the right,bottom corner and leave it as it is it,is your secure,secure web page unlike some other tech,support scams this ones a little bit,different,it relies on the victim not being aware,that teamviewer,also gives the scammer complete,visibility of everything that goes on on,the screen,yeah and come back to the normal screen,right now,im on my normal screen yeah did you,close your google page,and this is the knob of the scam he,pretends that he cant see my desktop,okay right now sir i just want to tell,you one thing that why,you are receiving that call today,because from the last couple of months,we are noticing in our british telecom,technical server,that your internet ip address which we,have,given you to access internet at your,place,it is misused by the cyber criminals or,the hackers,and whatever you do on your internet,either it personal,or financial is at the risk so i need to,know,that did you share your internet ip,address to anyone or your family member,have shared your internet line this,scammer is about to run through,one of the most elaborate stories ive,ever heard in all my time at scam biting,and this is all just to get bank account,login details,you know you know very well that if your,internet line is misusing by the third,party,the any other person without your,authentication that,it is an illegal act under the law if,the hackers can do any illegal work,using your internet ip address then you,will be responsible for that,and we know that you havent shared your,information to anybody so it is our,responsibility to get rid of all that,hacking activity which is currently,active into your internet website,okay and after that were gonna trace,those hackers as well with the help of,ncaa team do you know do you heard about,the ncaa do you know what they are,no no you dont know ill tell you they,are the national prime agent,they are the national cyber crime agency,of united kingdom,with the help of them were gonna trace,those hackers who are gonna misuse your,internet line day by day,ill skip past a bit where he gets me to,run event viewer and look at the,perfectly normal errors and warnings,and now he types something on the,command line yes still typing,stopped it says,what it says says oh no its moving,read it back to me please uh oh its,moving off the screen hold on,um status 11 hackers,are active it is gone,yeah it says something about 11 hackers,11 hackers right,somehow he knew it had scrolled off the,screen even though he cant see it,could you please could you please just,scroll up the page just call it,scroll it up scroll up the page go to go,just try to scroll up it says status 11,hackers and if you can see the status,into your,internet website online activities are,highly unprotected,so you can see the status it is uh,sended by our ncaa,investigator team and they have found,their 11 hackers,are activated and theyre gonna misusing,your internet website,but they didnt succeed i told you,before because we will block their,connection,to catch your personal website,so no worries what were gonna do very,soon were gonna show you,whos the hackers whos 11 hackers are,gonna do this illegal work,okay so could you please do me a favor,just close that page come back to the,normal screen right now,okay um yes its the normal screen,open up your google chrome if you use a,browser like a google chrome,or internet explorer whatever just open,up,its still loading,if you can see that just type in the,middle this type,in the middle nca dot,co dot uk by our,official website we gonna show you the,most wanted cyber hackers,who is still activate into your internet,website as well,okay there are two hackers where we have,found two hackers,who is activated into your internet,website so please just type it,nca.com.uk and press,search or press enter button,um yeah its got national crime agency,home,and crime agency yes you have to click,on that,click on that click on that just simply,click on that national crime agency of,united kingdom,they are the secret investigator sir,according to the uk law you know very,well the national crime agency of,united kingdom they never share their,single information to anybody,when they are investigator,when they are trying to catch those,peoples okay,so once you click on that in the very,top you will be get a option like home,about us and most wanted,can you see there anything like the most,wanted,you have to press that you have to press,it press it over there the most wanted,but what happened you will be able to,see the cyber,hackers who is the most wanted people,in our country right now who is still,activated both,the cities or states in the united,kingdom,all right and we have found there are,two hackers,all right two hackers who still,activated into your internet website,okay understand and ill tell you the,name of that two hackers you have to,match is is there any name of the,hackers,the first name the hackers is mark,queen and next one is david,john welley can you see that two name,on that on it,so so then the both uh people,they are misusing your internet line day,by day they are doing illegal work they,are doing money laundering using your,internet ip address,and according to our uk you know very,well that it is an illegal act under the,law,so you need to close that page come back,to the normal screen right now,just simply close it do not stay,too long on that page just close it down,all right because its our official,website we are not allowed,to show the official website to anybody,because you are the authority then you,will be,so you are the authority then we are,giving you the,website we are giving you to see that,website at that moment,so right now what we gonna do i just,tell you one thing according to the ncaa,law were gonna trace those people and,we have found their location they are,located,in right now manchester and one of the,on and any and next one is located in,the liverpool,so from this cities theyre gonna do,this illegal,work using your ip address and you know,very well that how illegal that is,understand,so what were gonna do were gonna,giving them a bit and,as soon as possible were gonna catch,those stress those people and we have,been found,their details within five minutes all,right,okay and after that were gonna,were gonna giving you were gonna give,you the secret work to you,which is so you jus

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