1. How Compass Group is Creating a Sustainable Future for All
  2. Compass Group Presentation
  3. Chef Gemma Evans-Hurley from Compass Group UK and Ireland on her role as culinary lead of projects
  4. Compass Group Employee Engagement – Kantar Client Panel @ HCI Conference
  5. Compass Group Video 2 1
  6. Chartwells – Compass Group
  7. Compass Group – 25 anos (Sub Português)

How Compass Group is Creating a Sustainable Future for All

at compass group we are the global,leader in food and support services we,operate in 45 countries globally the,food service industry is one of the most,highly carbon admitted industries,overall we as a company have an,obligation to partner with others to,help further the sustainable practices,within the food industry so i think,were well placed to create a difference,within the food chain,[Music],as a global company we made commitments,to reach net zero by 2050 so its,partnering with the suppliers for more,eco-friendly business practices and,working with consumers to try to change,a bit of the the mindset were able to,to use our position to influence both,sides of things so certain countries,like the uk were able to have a more,accelerated pace and thats what youre,seeing from the uk and ireland business,to achieve our net zero ambitions we,really do have to collaborate with,everybody whos involved in our journey,we recently signed off our electric,vehicle policies so that all the,vehicles that we order now in the uk and,ireland will be electric by 2030 well,have switched 40 of our proteins to,plant-based thats actually a,continuation of journey thats been,going on for a little while in the uk,and ireland chefs have been very,innovative working with suppliers and,growers to move more and more of our,protein to client base,so for me and my team and our front line,associates we ensure that we buy only,local and seasonal produce and and,encourage our chefs to come up with,authentic dishes and take different,routes to authenticity using these,ingredients so we came up with this,fantastic idea of being able to use,the peels of vegetables which are,extremely rich in fiber to create,chutneys and relishes some people can,actually access them and make their,food much more interesting and spike it,up with a burst of flavor we ensure that,we partner with our farmer communities,where we go back and help them kind of,grow grains which are good for our,health and wellness and also ensure that,the health and wellness of the soil,where they grow it is also taken care of,i guess what really excites me about our,role in this whole journey is that we,can create a genuinely circular food,system its authentic that we not only,get produce from the right places but,that we then reinvest food waste back,into the system and so that we have,as little impact on the planet in the,short term and actually no impact in the,long term,a third of all food is wasted globally,and yet youll never meet anyone who,wants to waste food stat food waste day,is a global day of action that was,started in the united states five years,ago compass decided to really drive,awareness to make sure that people were,aware of why we dont want to be wasting,food at home or in our kitchens the,opportunities to innovate are endless,were focusing on looking at upcycling,ingredients to reduce food waste were,looking to see how we can use technology,waste knot 2.0 is really one of the,simplest tools out there and weve,developed it because we wanted a very,customizable ipad solution to drive,awareness about food waste in our,kitchens the beautiful thing about it is,it was built by chefs for chefs so in a,matter of seconds were able to record,the waste no weighing no heavy equipment,needed and it actually complements the,activities of the chef as opposed to,adding another thing for them to do in,their daily lives by working together if,we all do a little bit when it comes to,reducing food waste it adds up to a lot,and has very powerful impact when it,comes to embarrassing global warming,where we can make the biggest difference,is in the supply chain so thats working,with our supplier partners to create,more sustainable business practices,things like regenerative agriculture,more eco-friendly labeling and packaging,reduction of plastic use those are,things that we can work with our,supplier partners and frankly we are and,theyre doing a lot of that already but,i think we can do a lot more together

Compass Group Presentation

hello everyone so today we are,presenting Compass Group my name is mark,my names Ivan,my names Alec my name is Andrew okay so,now were gonna do the preview before we,actually had inching like the body of,the presentation so who this confidence,group thats what were gonna be,discussing today hopefully you guys will,reach the objective and accomplish it by,describing who Compass Group is and what,are the four factors that make it up a,quick little run through what will be,going through today in todays,presentation hopefully you guys more,knowledge about the company is its,history the service and products it,provides the organization structure,along with the business philosophy that,the implement day in and day out to be,successful all right so to start this,off Ill be discussing the history of,Compass Group the 1941 they were founded,by Jack Bateman at the time it was,actually known as factory canteens after,Jack Bateman had integrated in all of,his services um he then chain of the,once they got more built they then,became Maitland catering in 1967 they,were acquired by the large conglomerate,named Graham metropolitan and 1987 they,had a management buyout and at that,point Compass Group was then formed in,1988 they then had a public listing in,the London Stock Exchange so basically,this helped them become more public with,their stocks people were able to buy and,sell,and finally their unregistered food,vendor in 2000 had won contracts to,supply the UN peacekeepers in Syria,Liberia and Syria,ok so now were going to be heading into,the second factor of what makes this,company this company which is going to,be the services so as described by my,partner mark it was founded in 1941 the,headquarters is in Chianti sirree its,known for many things but the main,service that actually provides is,outsourcing food and catering from two,really big events so now you guys might,be asking yourselves well where do they,cater to the companies and stuff like,that so it does it to hospitals,businesses universities really big like,offices stuff like that and it actually,has operations in 55 countries again all,this information actually found on web,dot a co-host,calm and then so you guys might be,saying like well who do they work with,so like some major contracts that they,have actually gone with with really big,companies are Porsche Volkswagen and,Bentley again these are all really big,names Im sure a lot of you guys have,heard of it and these are some of the,companies of the outsourced putu however,it just doesnt end there with Compass,Group it does have actually have other,services not provides because it is a,very big company that mainly just,provides like hospitality cos battalion,recreation so some of the other services,it actually provides our cleaning,services security services and then,business and building and maintenance,ok so now were going to actually go,into what kind of products they make so,then while they do outsource like third,company product foods they actually do,have their own brand products so just to,list a couple its wild greens Costa,coffee fruit scones pastries such as,that and they become pretty successful,because of that and now again if you,guys are asking yourselves well how much,can it is possibly company type generate,just by outsourcing food and doing all,this Hospitality recreation washing 2016,are reported at never in the over 19,million dollars which is a pretty nice,penny again it has really big contracts,with really respectable businesses so,and some of the major events that they,cater to along with having really big,contracts with Bentley Volkswagen and,sub so on and so forth and theyve also,really done big social events such as,the Super Bowl that enemies etc so,moving on to the organization structure,as theyre structured we have the,shareholders on top below then theres a,chairman and below them which is the,board and under them as well is the,Audit Committee a corporate,responsibility committee nomination,committee reverberation committee the,disclosure committee Executive Board and,then general business committee so as,for the shareholders they have about,40,000 shareholders which compromises,with their investors which are about,4,000,and to institutional investors and then,about 36,000 private investors and makes,up basically the main top portion of the,business executive board and for the,Chairmans responsibility theyre,ensuring that its an effective debate,and challenge what the board is,responsible for is including safety,leadership and risk management and such,as like values and strategies so below,them is the other committee as explained,before theyre responsible for financial,reporting the CSR committee theyre,taken into account with the corporate,responsibility policy and strategic,plans such as that with the nomination,committee they have the responsibility,of to oversee the delivery of the,strategy with the remuneration community,they reward strategic executive,directors and senior managers aligned,with the shareholders interests moving,on to this disclosure committee they,oversee the market and other information,that the public announces and with the,executive board they do day-to-day,operations with management and general,business they conduct business,companies with the board so as seen Paul,Walsh is chairman under Paul wash they,have non-executive directors below them,its half group executives and,non-executive directors and right below,them,its the non-executive directors and the,company secretary and a little,background behind Paul Walsh his age is,63 hes responsible for the corporate,responsibility and nomination Im a,little background about him nice good,luck marketing and he has a lot of,experience with retail operations and,other external appointments that he has,hes a non-executive director of,McDonalds and FedEx and many more so,this shows that he is a true candidate,of making this company better and hes a,strong leader behind every business,there is a foil of main tenets of the,philosophy of Compass Group is come in,I recommend me committed to their,products their services as well as their,customers as well as their commitment to,just benefiting their shareholders and,everyone that the company touches no,compromises now the company doesnt want,to take any compromises with delivering,the best service possible that also is,the responsibility and accountability,with the impact that they make on their,environment as well the loyalty of their,customers is something that does Drive,Compass Group even further to generate,that income that they do make they are,demonstrating that they are the first,choice you know for services food based,on their previous reputation they do,embrace diversity and contributions in,the workplace so within the workplace,theres a very very diverse group of,employees as well as different skills,that they can bring to help the company,as well as growth and as well as the,shareholder value that they uphold they,make sure that they deliver value to,their shareholders who are at the very,top of the corporate ladder,in conclusion I hope that we have met,our objective of explaining who compass,group is and had met all the four four,objectives so we have the compass group,history the services and products,organizational structure and the,business philosophy and we have a short,video for you to watch for those who are,better in those of you who are visual,learners we know some may be on the,editorial or can listen to things,however we do want to also adhere to a,visual learners as well were off our,countrys deliver the best of the best,of food hospitality of the Senators,[Music],we are literally everywhere from,colleges to corporations,to the most exciting sports and,entertainment venues in the world we,bring restaurant quality food to places,people would least expect it from,hospitals the Senior Living – the most,recognized cultural institutions in,America,and where every major high-profile ev

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Chef Gemma Evans-Hurley from Compass Group UK and Ireland on her role as culinary lead of projects

hi my names gemma evans hurley and im,culinary lead of projects here at,compass uk in ireland,my role here at compass is very diverse,in what i do leading projects,really is the heart of looking at,innovation working with chefs working,with procurement and our food buy and,suppliers more importantly its about,recognizing gaps in concepts and really,being able to bring to the forefront new,culinary projects,really exciting new adventure for,compass group is compass academy where,theres a huge investment that were,going to be training our people,companies have invested in career,pathways to make sure that our seniors,are still moving forward which is,pushing that pipeline uh pushing to the,top postcovides its been a its been a,tough,few months if not years i think for,generally our industry but,compass group and compass group uk and,ireland i think have really bounced back,regards to,recruitment incentives making sure that,we really attract key,next generation professionals that want,to be with us so right here at compass,um certainly im an ambassador for,springboard but we make sure that we,prompt and promote out in the wider,industry making sure we attract talent,no matter the age diversity inclusion is,really important for us,in sports and leisure sector for us,we have a really high demand of chefs,needed that may be a match game we need,500 chefs,so,demanding as it is in the industry its,important that we attract and have the,right incentives we have an incredible,apprenticeship team here at compass and,we have incredible apprentices which,have uh,massive opportunities we like to rotate,people so for instance in the sports and,leisure sector of ours and somebody,would go and do two months,per,per place per venue to get real exposure,with compass being a global brand,it allows people to have aspirations and,exposure globally um there are many,people that have gone off and done years,of stints and and traveled,internationally and returned and brought,that innovation back to us like we said,you know really that grit of the cross,pollination bringing innovation here to,the uk,well being the chair of women in food,for compass group um,i have an amazing platform,to attract diversity and encourage more,females into our business more,importantly female chefs,we know that stats,show that its always been a,male-dominated industry but more,importantly lets not forget that our,male allies that carve the way for us,are really detrimental as well,females need role models and through,women in food we have the platform to,inspire and encourage people into,compass group so for women in food we,have three simple objectives,attract talent,support one another and create an,environment that,develops all,so its really important to make women,and food a success along with the rest,of our diversity and inclusion strands,of dni is that we have full support from,our senior levels at compass group what,can brands like staff canteen do to help,promote and attract people into,large corporate organizations,i think its really important that,females have something they can relate,to,so the success internally for women in,food we have an uh today 130 in our,community and its really fast growing,and for us its about inspiring juniors,within our company,its about supporting leadership and,potentially new roles that somebody may,not feel that theyre ready to apply for,and just generally,being an inspiration you never know,whose life youre going to change on a,daily basis,so campus is full of passionate people,that really abide by our food philosophy,our net zero our promises and road,mapping but more importantly people will,hear about changing culture and culture,comes from within,so once thats changed we have the new,culture change

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Compass Group Employee Engagement – Kantar Client Panel @ HCI Conference

[Music],next up we have Veronica ospina from,compass group shell be telling us a,little bit more about strategy and,culture through a really diverse,organization and keeping that,conversation going through action Thank,You Brittany ank you good afternoon,everyone Im gonna start by telling you,a little bit about Compass Group and who,we are and then Im gonna share a case,study from one of our companies so we,kind of joke internally and say that,Compass Group is probably the biggest,company that youve never heard of and,thats intentional because were,essentially a holding company for about,25 different sectors or companies that,operate in any market imaginable when it,comes to food so were in offices were,in universities schools hospitals arenas,museums you name it so chances are that,if you have ever dined out of home you,have probably dined with us we also do,some pretty cool events like the,Kentucky Derby the US Open and the,Governors Ball at the Oscars so were a,food company a food service company and,we really consider ourselves to be a,people company so were people serving,people,those are some of our sectors so Im,gonna share this slide here I wont read,everything but these are this will give,you a better picture of what Compass,Group is about but what I really want to,point out and draw your attention to is,this 250,000 employee number thats the,number of employees that we have in the,US and in Canada thats 250,000 people,serving over nine million meals a day,the number for us is staggering and when,we think about it we think thats 9,million opportunities to make a,connection with our clients and our,customers every day nine million,opportunities so when we look at this,number we have a huge responsibility to,be engaged with our associates we have,an attract retain and engage people,strategy that is really at the heart of,our company and everything that we do we,have were focused on attract retain and,engage and one of the ways that we,measure engagement is through a survey,tool with our partnership through TNS,right now we do surveys every year and,whats cool it with TNS that what we,just started is we made sure that,starting in 2017 every single associate,and Compass Group is taking the exact,same survey before we used to have two,different versions and versions for,managers and for hourlies and now,everyone is giving the same kind of,feedback so Im pulled to these four,items out I wanted to share them with,you because there are the four items,that our leadership and we are all,really really proud of because theyre,really reflective of our vision and,values and our culture if you look at,the top left Im proud to work for the,company thats a huge engagement,indicator for us it shows that people,are engaged theyre happy where theyre,working theyre more likely to stay and,thats the kind of culture that we want,to build also embracing diversity and,include,have making sure our associates have a,clear understanding of what their need,to do to serve our clients and training,and development and as crystal talked,about safety is a top priority for us so,these numbers are really significant,because these are the results of a,hundred thousand people saying that this,is how they see us as a company so were,performing well internally but were,also performing really well against,best-in-class external companies Im,going to go quickly through this slot,next slide here and Im pointing this,out its these are engagement and,retention actions that we do but whats,meaningful here is not that were doing,development plans or performance,appraisals because youre all doing that,in your organization but whats,meaningful here are those percentage,numbers the compliance numbers that,weve really tail issen to what our,associates are saying and were doubling,down and making sure that were,delivering on the commitments to connect,with our people and now Im going to,share the case study which is really the,part that Im most excited to share I,really love with this sector what this,company is doing theyre called canteen,theyre one of our sectors those of you,who are familiar with vending might know,canteen,they started in Chicago in the early,1900s as just a vending company and,theyve really grown and Ill tell you a,little bit about that in a minute but,going back to 2015 they went through a,big organizational change they had a new,CEO and the CEO had seen the engagement,results for the first time and as a,result of those 2015 engagement results,they are the CEO and the leadership team,decided were gonna focus on three,things that we really really think are,gonna change our culture these three,things these are the things our,employees are saying they need more of,and we think that were going to move,our people culture and our business by,making improvements on these three,things which are communications,incentives,that was more tied to recognition and to,sharing success and training and,development and what they did is they,made a commitment that in every single,communication they made over the next,two years from 2015 to 2017 every single,communication was going to try was going,to tie back to these three piece these,three initiatives every single HR or,people or training and development,initiative was going to tie back to this,and they were gonna communicate it over,and over and over again so that,associates knew that the leadership was,engaged was listening and was connecting,with them and the results for 2017,really capture the the success of the,effort that they put into to focusing on,these three areas,here we go so I wont read everything,off but if you just off of the slide but,if you just look at the increases that,it were so meaningful overall all,categories 77 went up five points,engagement scores increase to 80% and,this the third bullet is what we are,really excited about and that is I am,proud to work for a company up 11 points,I mean that is just just so,statistically significant and it tells a,great story all the dimensions went up,with the exception of one that trended,down so this last piece Im going to,read to you Brittney told me not to have,any notes up here but I didnt memorize,these last questions but I wanted to,share them with you because theyre so,meaningful to us and these are some of,the scores that went up and thats my,work gives me a feeling of personal,accomplishment went up 11 percentage,points,I received the training I need to do my,job safely and well went up 13,percentage points and my manager,recognizes me when I do a good job went,up 18 percentage points over two years I,mean it just shows their success and I,think whats really great about this,story is you can do this it doesnt,matter the size of your organization or,where you are on the engagement scale in,terms of listening it can be done in any,organization and Im really proud to say,that canteen is now our fastest growing,business and theyre approaching two,billion dollars in revenues every year I,mean theyre just doing phenomenal work,so Im gonna pass it over to moon now,but Im gonna leave you with kind of,three takeaways and those three,takeaways are get your leadership,engaged have a top-to-bottom initiative,get your communications teams engaged,make them part of that team so that,theyre communicating and they are,listening theres two-way listening,going on and commit to your action items,and stick with it and you will see,positive results,nice preach it sister,Thank You Branagh here yeah I love the,way that youre using it can a listening,strategy to inform what really is,important which is that continuous,action story that can continue in,connection with the employees and you,see that through those nine million,engagement points with consumers as well,with your clients that just completes,the value chain all the way through,thats phenomenal thank you and what a,scale is well Graduate congratulations

Compass Group Video 2 1

my name is Jim Norman and Im general,manager here for Compass Group at the,Microsoft location in Fargo North Dakota,we have 22 associates and it ranges,anywhere from general manager food,service director executive chef to chef,station chefs dishwashers beverage,assistants you name it we have it here,in Fargo,[Music],[Music],in 2013 microsoft real estate and,facilities created the supported,employment program,they started the program with 28 people,and have now grown to over 200 the,program is designed to match people with,disabilities and really focus on their,abilities and find a perfect work,environment my name is Brittany Trenton,I am Peters job coach here at Microsoft,I started working with Peter from day,one when he started this job one of the,things I love most about working with,Peter is his sense of humor and I think,its really kind of shown through his,work too just with his coworkers and,everyone he works with they just love,when Peter comes to work everybody says,hi he really lights up the room when he,walks in been doing a great job for us,to watch him grow more dislikes about,his personal life this track needs to do,learning the foods that he likes to eat,he loves his shrimp and all these other,things hes just getting to know him,personally hes been great right here my,name is Ryan Gerber Dean I am the food,service director here on the Microsoft,Fargo campus and Ive worked for a,compass group for just under six years,peter has been nothing short of a breath,of fresh air the level of positivity and,hilarity that Peter brings to us every,day is just something we should all,strive for,Im Peter I work here at Microsoft Im,really sure I worked here for almost a,year,I like the people here of a food here I,like the kitchen workers here I like the,upper dish guys here,I like making friends here as well Peter,was first diagnosed with autism when he,was three and a half years old every,every teacher since kindergarten when,weve had to say goodbye in the spring,fall they do not want him to leave and,they cannot wait to the next time they,can see him next year they just in its,crazy and its something you know I,think its in him innately I dont think,either Kevin and I as parents gave it to,him you know he gave us more than hes,that Im gonna give him oh hey there,welcome back,as you can see diversity inclusion are,both important to Microsoft and Compass,Group we have learned way more from,Peter than we ever could have expected,Peters really taught us to focus on our,abilities and not our disabilities Ive,always said if we could look at the,world through Peters eyes wed be a much,better place,you

Chartwells – Compass Group

[Music],i ask our customers,why did you choose us number one thing,they say to us,is that you listen and after you listen,you deliver and then you come back and,you check up on us,why chartwells is your dining services,partner chartwells higher education,delivers across the board by providing,an award-winning approach to guest,service through you first,the highest account retention rate in,the industry customized flexible service,solutions tailored to each campus,environment,an outstanding management retention rate,and a flat management style that,provides the ultimate transparency,and cost value for our clients chartwell,ceo steve sweeney knows that you first,the award-winning service initiative,makes a difference,you see it in our associates they really,enjoy,what they do so if we reflex in how they,greet,and how they interact with our guests,associates are very very nice the,students are so,uh interactive with the manager they,come and say whats the special today,whats good today what should i eat and,then they come back and they go thank,you nev you know today i had a great,lunch,we do a lot of social media and were on,facebook and twitter we just recently,started our foursquare page,the true testament to chartwell success,is in the loyalty and retention of the,clients themselves,in fact last year we were almost at 100,and at the heart of all that is talking,to our clients and finding out what they,want and making sure that our people,deliver it,chartwells also brings personalized,flexible service solutions to your,organization we are absolutely willing,to customize,any operation there are no cookie cutter,solutions to any of this every operation,has to be looked at totally differently,chartwells does a great job with all,their programs its not just about the,food with chartwells,its events customization its really,built around the school,where the program is food trucks,exhibition kitchens,international dining options and an,extensive roster of popular brands to,help students feel the comfort of home,management retention is absolutely key,to our business and what i hear most,from our managers,is that everyone is approachable were a,team we get it done,together at the heart of this recipe for,success is management,accessibility your manager is always,approachable i talk with my boss i talk,with my bosss boss from where our unit,managers are on the field,up to my position is probably three,people if that,the most important deliveries for any,client is price value,we know the limited resources of,students and we wouldnt be on the,campuses that we serve,and have the growth that weve had if it,wasnt for delivering price value,the most important thing is when the,parents come for parents weekend,with the students and they want to meet,as personal and the handshake,of saying thank you for taking care of,my daughter or my son when you break,down our business,it really is just that little local,restaurant on the corner,let us chart a course for you

Compass Group – 25 anos (Sub Português)

hace 25 años tuvimos un gran sueño,acercar el mundo a latinoamérica,teníamos visiones similares sobre lo que,queríamos hacer ser un puente entre,latinoamérica y el mundo conocíamos las,regulaciones las costumbres y,compartíamos los mismos valores entonces,decidimos hacer realidad ese sueño y así,nace compass group queríamos ser un,actor relevante en la región con,presencia local pero manteniendo una,visión global queríamos aportar,innovación mejores prácticas en los,mercados para atraer nuevos negocios,nuevos inversionistas queríamos llevar,latinoamérica al mundo y traer el mundo,a latinoamerica y juntos lo hemos,logrado en compass alumnos respetamos y,valoramos las diferencias nos ayudamos,mutuamente tenemos espacios para,conversar y nos importa que las cosas,resulten bien tenemos la convicción de,que el proceso es tan importante como el,resultado compás club son sus,colaboradores lo demás es replicable,trabajo de cada una muy visible en,nuestra estructura de puertas abiertas,hay mucha solidaridad y amistad cada,colaborador es embajador de los valores,de la firma,queremos que nuestros colaboradores se,sientan orgullosos de trabajar en,compasión así como nosotros nos sentimos,agradecidos de cada una de las personas,que han sido y son parte de esta,historia porque lo que hemos logrado es,gracias a este equipo,[Música],la familia con fast group es diversa y,mantiene el sello inicial hoy trabajamos,más de 300 personas a nivel regional,cerca de la mitad son mujeres tenemos,más de 15 diferentes nacionalidades y,los socios de la firma llevamos más de,15 años en promedio trabajando juntos,[Música],nos hemos enfrentado a distintas crisis,a lo largo de estos 25 años hemos visto,cómo han cambiado las regulaciones y,condiciones de mercado pero hemos,seguido perseverando en busca de nuevos,caminos creo que hemos sido expertos en,enfrentar las crisis como oportunidades,y salir bien para esto nos diferencia,somos y operamos como una gran firma,integrada,estamos en 8 países pero tenemos un,sello único una misma cultura que nos,identifica una misma forma de trabajar,en esta historia ha sido fundamental,nuestro rol social y el involucramiento,en el desarrollo de los mercados de,capitales de los países los que estamos,aportamos trabajo crecimiento capital y,mejores prácticas en cada una de las,comunidades las que nos toca,desenvolvernos esto es parte de nuestro,propósito de nuestra esencia,queremos seguir siendo una compañía ágil,que se adapta y que enfrenta a los,desafíos como oportunidades,queremos seguir persiguiendo el sueño,inicial mirando siempre a largo plazo y,llevando nuestra experiencia de,conocimiento a nuevos mercados,seguiremos creando productos innovadores,generando valor a nuestros,inversionistas y apoyando a nuestros,colaboradores queremos llevar nuestra,capacidad de gestión de activos a los,grandes centros financieros globales,dicen que las cosas más difíciles y,estresantes de la vida son casarte,comprar tu primera casa y cambiar de,trabajo hice las tres juntas en cuatro,meses y fue una muy buena decisión,porque hace 25 años tuvimos un sueño que,hoy es realidad queremos seguir,creciendo y soñando con ustedes y así,seguir haciendo lo que mejor sabemos,hacer por muchos años más,[Música]

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