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okay this is a brief tutorial how you,use the nxvr portal preferably you use,Google Chrome so you go to Google Chrome,you type in CVR portal and you will now,see the first option as all you just go,straight to the,um,address bar and type CVR,Dot inecnigeria,.org,that will take you straight to the annex,portal a notification comes up,you allowed to load you click continue,the three horizontal lines at the top,right you click on it select signing,stroke register when it opens,you scroll to sign in with Google Now,people that have um Google account you,just click on sign in with Google if,your browser doesnt have a Google,account attached to it it should bring,up this for you to sign in to continue,to Anna connect.org so you get in your,email address select next put your,password select next then youll be,required to put your phone number once,you put your phone number then you click,once its finished if you not take it,today,main portal for those who have accounts,already attached to the browser to the,Google Chrome browser so when you come,to sign in with Google you select the,account that you want then it will not,ask you for a phone number and click on,finish now it now open,the inex CVR portal since youve not,made any application what you will see,first is new voter registration this,function has been deactivated since the,30th of May you will now see review,transfer information update collect your,PVC lost or damage PVC so for those who,registered between,2011 and 2019 and even on 2021 click on,review select the state where you,registered your surname your first name,your date of birth know that the Pu code,and the VIN are optional so theres no,need for you to fill them now some,people have other names like middle,names,so please dont put,your if your name is,Frank,Emmanuel,trooks,your fathers name is Frank your first,name is Emmanuel your your middle name,is just put Emmanuel dont put Emmanuel,jokes,because the the way you feel this from,will determine if you will see your,details so you must use the right,information,that you use when you um registering,now note,if probably during registration there,was a mistake on your,name or your date of birth use that name,as it is and the date of birth as it is,and fill the form after filling these,details,if you are doing it for yourself you,select here,so lets do it for yourself,if you want to do for other people,kindly select,Im doing this for someone else,check the box scroll down and select,search record,it will bring out your details,so you click on start,say yes to the Declaration,then,it will open up the form the voter,record review,whereby you cannot key in your,information now nin is optional,but whats not optional are all the,fields that have a red asterisk on them,like level of Education you select your,level of education for the case of,disability you have to select none if,you are not disabled or if you have any,form of disability,kindly select one of them,country of birth Nigeria is the first,option then origin information now when,you finish you save your details please,note where you have to type any address,do not put any special character like,full stop Comma just put a space bar,when youre done with that save once you,have saved if you generate a code for,you can scroll to where you need to,capture your pictures,now the first one is neutral expression,where you have to you dont have to,smile no frowning,and the second one is where you have to,smile,now note that some phones,once you click on choose file it will,ask you for permission to use your,camera you can go ahead and select yes,and it will activate the camera directly,some others will bring you we have to,choose from gallery and camera so Ill,choose for money Gallery when I click on,choose file it open up my camera,then you snap the first one is,straight face without smiling,then,you go to the next one,[Music],then you save and continue,now the process is being completed the,second picture you must smile properly,so here it says,um,status revalidation successfully,complete,now that Ive finished your your,validation,you will not get a PVC because what you,just did was to change your picture then,put some information your personal,additional information then you now,click on my application it now brings,you to your home page where you will now,see revalidation,successful successfully complete,stage two lets start with,information update so when you click on,request for update,the previous details that you had there,is still going to appear automatically,now note if youre doing for somebody,please wipe all the fields,so you clean all the information,then you choose your option if youre,doing for yourself or youre doing for,someone else so lets assume again for,someone else,it will give you this um declaration,form you click yes,you scroll up then you select search,record now if you notice it didnt tell,it to do review,you just told you to continue why,because this information,you have already reviewed it take notes,if two or three people in a state have,the same name and the same date of birth,you see therell be more than one record,so be careful and search carefully to,know the right person that youre going,to do review for and also transfer or,whatever the person needs,so since weve reviewed before now,we will now select continue,to give us a declaration from,you say yes so here what we will do is,to um make all the necessary Corrections,that you need to make if you want to,change your surname your last name if,you want to add um,other name,your gender your date of birth this is,where you have to change it you select,an occupation put your house address,your nationality country your state of,residents,your city of residence so you just fill,the form just put in your your all the,necessary information,that is being required of you,so also note that Im supporting the,document is also optional so you choose,to include,it or not dont forget your address,you must you must make sure that you,dont put any full stop comma hyphen,question mark just put space By no,special characters at all only spacebar,likewise youre the name of your,hometown then you submit your form that,status awaiting completion and,submission so you click next,to um,upload your picture and click on photo,scroll up and you take two pictures,now note that for every stage,of anything you need to do you have to,take pictures,thats the security feature that input,after snapping you click on Save and,continue,you see that the pictures has been,verified and has passed then you click,continue process analysis is next submit,application,it has a status application submitted,for approval stage one of two,stage one of two means that youve now,weve now officially made an application,so if not when we did review it didnt,say stage one of two so now weve made,an application because we need weve,made um in this case weve made the,correction and,it implies that its going to go through,the process of approvals after its been,approved well now we are not going to,get a PVC,so here you can print out your,application form for update so you click,on download,it will open up,um another screen up here in some cases,you will not see save as PDF you may say,select printer so when you click on the,make sure it says save as PDF you click,on PDF it will open up your file manager,where you save the PDF file and you can,use it to collect your PVC when the PVC,comes out so after this process in this,case that this person I decided to do,only update he doesnt need to,go to the inec office to do any other,capturing after this you have to wait,till when the PVCs are out and theyll,be giving you a notification on your,dashboard so at this stage you click my,application so you take you now to your,home your the home page,now you can see,um here we did,for this person weve done the review,weve done the update,now,if you notice they say your validation,successful and completed because that,was just you

How to use the wifi in your Honda

[Music],whats up everybody films Lombardi here,the Atlanta Honda guy and today Im,sitting in the 2017 Honda Civic EXL and,it has the capability to pair to Wi-Fi,so Im gonna show you guys how to do,that a lot of people dont know how to,pair to Wi-Fi so Im gonna go ahead and,jump in and show you guys how to pair to,a Wi-Fi source whether it be a public,source mobile hotspot on your phone or,tablet or anything like that its,actually pretty easy and its pretty,neat because you can just surf the web,straight on your touchscreen so before I,jump into it if you guys could help me,out like this video if you enjoy it and,leave a comment in the in the section,below or if you have any questions or,concerns you can leave it down there in,the comments as well and then as always,please subscribe to my YouTube channel,and I hope you guys enjoy this video and,learn a little bit from it and if you,have any questions again any questions,concerns anything like that leave them,in the comments below,but lets get straight into it okay so,were looking at the main touch screen,here and what youre going to have to do,is go into settings first and youre,gonna have to go over to bluetooth and,Wi-Fi Im gonna click that and then,youre gonna want to go down here and,click Wi-Fi on/off status normally on a,brand new car its gonna be set to OFF,youre gonna want to turn it on so,youre gonna read through this and hit,next and then were gonna go ahead and,turn it on and thats gonna turn on the,whole Wi-Fi system okay and its gonna,connect to whatever device you choose,youre going to want to go through here,and hit yes and now that thats on you,want to go down to your Wi-Fi device,list and thats gonna give you all of,the sources that the car can find right,now there are going to be a few public,Wi-Fi sources around you and then if you,are mainly a lot that are locked so to,get the best connection here I just went,ahead and paired it to my phone in my,mobile hotspot before I did this video,to get the best connection so Im just,going to go in here and click this and I,had to punch in the password already,before I did the video so you may you,may or may not have to do that depending,on the device that youre using so I,have the options to connect disconnect,and delete the device Im already,connected so were going to go ahead and,just back out of here but thats where,you would choose all of your sources so,now were gonna hit the home button and,were going to hit this little circle,icon right here and thats gonna bring,us into this back screen here where you,have a few other options and controls,and things you can choose from so along,with calculator picture gallery you have,browser kind of like you would find on,an iPhone or any kind of smartphone so,were gonna go ahead and click this and,its pretty neat because your car is,basically a computer on wheels I dont,know any other car that you can surf the,web on or get onto a source like this,and get actually onto the Internet so,youre gonna go over here,and youre going to click this tab,button and thats where you can add,separate windows or separate tabs just,like a phone youre gonna want to go,into there and then youre going to,click up here and thats where youre,going to entertain your website name or,wherever you would want to go so for,example Im gonna go ahead and just,delete that out and search or type in,your URL so www.google.com/mapmaker,Atlanta Honda guy.com and see if it,pulls up other pages,it may take a few minutes to load just,depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi the,signal that you have looks like its,still loading but I have people who buy,cars and they do work out of their,vehicles and its great because they,literally can get onto their their work,pages or whatever they use or as some,Excel spreadsheets and and do their work,in their car there you go so pulled up,my website and you can scroll and see,everything in there its still loading,it may be a little slower than a normal,computer but you get the gist of it you,get the idea so there you go guys thats,how you would get on to the internet and,use the Wi-Fi and the brand new Hondas,anything with this touchscreen interface,is gonna have it again the 2018,odysseys are gonna have built-in Wi-Fi,but any of the 2017 Hondas with this,interface you can access outside Wi-Fi,sources thank you guys for watching,again if you liked the video or you have,any questions like the page like the,video and then leave a comment on the,page below and then again as always,please subscribe to my youtube channel,thank you guys and have a good one,[Music]

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CVR Owner Portal Video

housing authorities and Housing Choice,Voucher program administrators face,greater demands for program performance,and increased customer service while,dealing with decreased HUD funding,rental markets are tight and vacancy,rates across the country are low owners,complain that the Housing Choice Voucher,program is too burdensome and slow,public housing authorities need an,advantage to attract and heap rental,property owners with quality units for,the Housing Choice Voucher program CBR,associates the leading provider of,Housing Choice Voucher Management,Services has developed the owner portal,a web-based communication tool for,property owners cv rs team of leading,affordable housing industry,professionals worked closely with cv rs,in-house software developers to design,an innovative software thats flexible,enough to meet individual agency needs,property owners and managers are able to,access the information they need 24,hours a day without contacting or coming,to the public housing authority office a,recent survey of owner portal users,revealed that 62% of respondents visited,the public housing authority less often,and the majority strongly agreed that,the information provided by the owner,portal is important to them agencies,report a dramatic decrease in owner,calls and emails owners log in with a,secure username and password from a,computer or mobile device navigation is,easy with large icons tabs in Quick,Links agencies can display news and,features on the home page with one click,owners can see a listing of upcoming,housing quality standard inspection,appointments and detailed inspection,information by clicking on an inspection,they can see individual fail items and,photos if the agency allows it owners,can submit self-certification of repairs,or requests for Rhian spec shions or,extensions right from the portal by,clicking on view my properties owners,can see a list of all units currently,under housing authority payment contract,including the approved contract rent,half amount and current tenant rent then,with another click owners can see hap,statements and download financial,information into an Excel spreadsheet,the move tracker and rent increase,tracker give owners a real-time look at,the status of,and rent increases submitted for,approval instead of calling the public,housing authority an owner can feel,confident that the public housing,authority is processing requests and has,the information needed by promoting,transparency and open communication cvrs,owner portal can help public housing,authorities build better relationships,with property owners while increasing,program efficiency for a full product,demo and more information contact CVR,today

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Create Free Best CV for Europe | Europass CV for Europe jobs | Europass CV Formats

in this video i am gonna show you that,how you can create like this free your,first cv,[Applause],so lets move into this video,simply type europa cv in google,scroll down and open this website,click on login to your pass,if you already have an account simply,login by using your email and password,otherwise click on create an account,enter your name and email address,select language,check below box and click on create an,account,now you will get a confirmation email on,your provided email address simply open,that email verify and set your password,after that go to login page,enter your email and password to login,to your account,now click on create your free europass,then create my profile,enter your name date of birth,gender and your nationality,now add your contact details such as,email address phone number home or work,address etc,once filled all the information here,click next,now add here your work experience like,your designation your employer name job,description etc,you can add more work experience by,clicking on add new work experience,after that click on next and add your,educational details,after that you can add your language,skills,enter here your mother tongue,then you can add other language which,you know,now the last you can add here your,digital skills,simply you can type here or drag out of,these skills,here you are almost done,now its time to create your cv,click on create,if you would like to add your photo you,can add by clicking here,you can add here something about you,like you add summary on your profile,so now click on my profile,then start from my profile,continue,select entire profile,click no thanks,now from here you can choose any format,or color you like,select the format you want and then,click next,choose a name for your cv select pdf and,click on download,so here is your cv i hope this will help,you if you like this video dont forget,to subscribe our channel for more useful,videos,see you in next video allah hafiz

How to Connect Your Honda to Apple CarPlay

hi guys justin thompson here at smail,honda in greensburg pa,here to talk to you about how to connect,your apple carplay to your new 2021,honda,first thing you will need a phone cord,by the way if youre uh,using a a cord that you bought from,maybe a gas station,it might not be completely compatible to,use apple carplay,so not only does it have to be able to,charge but it also has to be able to be,used for,media purposes so there is a usb port,down here,that has a phone icon on it thats the,one youre going to plug in,now with some other models of hondas it,may not be right directly underneath the,uh,head unit here it could possibly be in,the center console,or even underneath here with the new,crvs so wherever the phone,icon is the usb port with the phone icon,thats the one you want to connect in,so that you can use apple carplay now,that i have it connected in,i do not have to download any,applications on my app store to begin,this,its ready to go i dont even have to be,connected wirelessly however i would,suggest to do that anyways,and we connect well enable carplay,i will allow carplay on my phone it will,ask me that,youll be asked every time you connect,wirelessly or through apple carplay if,you want to connect honda link assist,and in the event of a collision the,vehicle can automatically attempt to,contact emergency services,using your connected phone so,well just say yes its always a good,thing to have so now that i have my,phone connected,i could even silence my phone so to,speak currently kind of turn it off,and set it down wherever you want i hit,apple carplay on the main honda screen,and now its going to bring up apple,carplay all the supported applications,that i have on my phone are going to,show up here on the touchscreen,i have noticed that if you have any,applications that are supported,and they dont show up on the,touchscreen thats a good indication,that they may be in the cloud on your,phone,so you actually have to have them on the,home screen for them to show up here on,the,touch screen here so i have all my,contacts,i can text message i can even use my,apple maps as my navigation i actually,have a waze app that i use as well and,thats a supported application for apple,carplay,so all you have to do to use one of the,commands you just hold the voice command,button down for about three seconds to,bring up siri,to be able to do whatever you want so,im going to voice command and,destination here,directions to red lobster,one option is red lobster on us 30 east,and all you do is hit the one you want,to go to hit go,starting route to red lobster and turn,30 west then turn right any of your,turn-by-turn directions there,with apple you can actually uh share,your estimated time of arrival i think,thats kind of neat you know,so if youre uh you know planning a,lunch or a dinner and youre trying to,meet somebody somewhere you can share,when youre supposed to get there so,theres a bunch of applications on here,uh podcasts audiobooks as well all my,itunes are here as well too,so i do a lot of music online so im,able to just go on to my music and all,my playlists are going to be there,however i have them in my phone,so again this is just an extension of,your phone apple carplay ill just swipe,right to see the other applications that,i have,settings is even on here as well so if,youre driving down the road and you,wanted to remind yourself to get,something,virtually anything you can do on your,phone when youre not in your car and,youre using siri you could do the same,thing here,so i could voice command in to remind,myself to pick up,bread at the grocery store at 5 00 pm,and it would set that reminder for me so,when im in the car,if i had it connected with apple carplay,it will give me that reminder so lets,say you wanted to make a phone call,again you can voice command here a lot,of the stuff you can just hit the,application on the touchscreen too so if,i hit phone i have all my contacts there,i can keypad,in a phone call if i wanted to again i,can voice command in the phone call just,as easily,my voicemails are all there so i can,listen to my voice messages,so again just a great way to stay,connected with your phone,and my text messages i have all my text,messages there,if they come across fresh its going to,actually show up on the bottom of the,screen in a,little bar i can hit it and then it will,read the text message,and as far as the text messages you just,click on the app and you have,all your text there if it has a blue,circle on it that means you havent read,that text yet so you can hit it and then,read that text of course itll uh,siri will read it for you thanks so much,for watching the video we really,appreciate it,if you have any questions or comments,leave them in the comment section below,and visit us here on route 30 in,greensburg please ask for me justin,thompson and of course visit us online,at smellhonda.com,thanks so much for watching

Intercept Images from a Security Camera Using Wireshark [Tutorial]

Wireshark is a powerful Wi-Fi sniffing,tool thats even able to intercept,images out of thin air today well show,you how to intercept images from,insecure Wi-Fi security cameras on this,episode of cyber weaponslab,[Music],[Applause],[Music],most people watching security cameras,rely on the usually insecure HTTP web,server thats running on the camera in,order to watch the security feed or,change settings on the camera,now this is commonly HTTP rather than,https and most people dont really,bother to make the distinction or prefer,to buy one thats secure because they,dont understand the risk that it poses,now on a security uh on a Network that,has security like a WPA Network that has,passwords if you just have one person on,the network youre probably going to be,okay if you have a pretty strong,password and nobody can see the traffic,thats going through it but the second,somebody else gets your password or if,its not an open or shared network then,you can really start to get in trouble,because anybody can see these insecure,HTTP requests over the network,now what this boils down to is we can,actually see what the person is seeing,on their screen so if theyre watching,the security camera or as is common they,have a dedicated monitor set up to watch,it somewhere in their business or home,then we can literally just download the,packets as theyre transferring from one,device to another and then use Wireshark,to export them and look at them on our,screen,so to do this well need to have the,password to the network so we can,decrypt the traffic thats flowing and,well also need to initially kick them,off the network for a moment so we can,capture the per transaction session,information that allows us to see,everything in this particular Wi-Fi,connection because if we were to,intercept this without getting that,four-way handshake then we wouldnt,actually be able to see the packets that,are flowing over the wire we just kind,of see that it was data but not exactly,what was contained once we have a,handshake and we also have the password,of the network we should be able to use,Wireshark and a wireless network adapter,that supports monitor mode to intercept,these packets and turn them into actual,images,once you have Wireshark set up then we,can begin,so to start out with this tutorial on,Wireshark I want to give you an,indication of what you should get at the,very end and in this case were going to,take a look at the HTTP traffic thats,flowing on the network and when I press,start and Ill click continue without,saving then we should be able to start,seeing some information thats flowing,between various hosts on this network,now here you can see that Wireshark has,also detected that there is a JPG,involved which means its likely that,were intercepting images which is Our,intention in this case,so how is this happening and how is it,possible well a lot of different webcams,use insecure HTTP servers in order to,show people whats going on and most,people will just use the default HTTP,server thats included on the camera in,order to watch whats going on and maybe,just have that on a screen somewhere in,the building,now this opens up the possibility of,intercepting the insecure HTTP traffic,so what well be doing in this example,is intercepting the HTTP traffic from a,different host listening to it and then,actually extracting an image so that we,can try to see what theyre seeing on,their screen now you can see that the,traffic that Im intercepting is,relatively organized and if I click here,we can see all the most recent packets,that are being intercepted but if I were,to delete this filter Ill click one of,these just so we dont get too far in,the weeds,there we go,theres actually going to be a lot of,other filters a lot of other packets to,be displayed because we were only,selecting one in a very very large group,of available packets that were being,passed now you can see that some of,these arent being decrypted and thats,another important thing that Ill get to,a little bit later about what we will,need in order to have the circumstance,where we can kind of look into the,packets and see whats being sent,provided the person is using HTTP HTTP,instead of https,so now we have a pretty good amount of,packets so Im going to press stop and,lets look at one of these and see if we,can find some identifying things we can,use to create a filter and find other,packets like it now obviously Ive,selected the hypertext transfer protocol,so I want to find get uh HTTP requests I,can also use the host so its going to,Port 81 which is a very common uh port,for webcams to host a HTTP server on to,let people kind of check out whats,going on on the camera or change the,configuration options so in this case I,can,right Mouse click on this host we want,to surveil and then click on apply as,filter and then select it,so if we want to see then what this,looks like we can start up our Wireshark,again and we will start a fresh capture,and be able to see all the traffic,coming from this host which is pretty,lets see,started continue with that saving,and there we go so we can see theres a,bunch of HTTP traffic and were not,specifying actually no we are specifying,that we want to find a traffic thats,HTTP and then the host equals 192 168031,so great weve identified a Target that,we want to Monitor and in this case,weve kind of sniffed out some traffic,from the overall Network traffic that,was more interesting to us and then,created a filter so that were just,watching things that are coming from,packets in this case that are coming,from this particular host now were also,getting more information and the reason,weve done that is because we were able,to grab a handshake earlier on in the,session now thats important because,each one of these sessions is negotiated,at the beginning of when the client,connects to the Wi-Fi network so if we,werent there to sniff this out in uh in,the beginning then we wont be able to,decrypt the traffic for this particular,session although its pretty easy for us,to just go ahead and disconnect the,person with another command and ensure,that we capture this traffic,now lets say that we didnt meet the,first demand where we need to be able to,kick somebody off this network and grab,a handshake well the way to do that is,we can jump into a terminal window and I,can just use a simple mdk3 W uh Lancer,Im on which is our wireless network,adapter that were currently listing on,and then D for de-authenticate so its,only going to take a quick second of,this until we see something up here in,Wireshark and in general that means that,were seeing de-authentication packets,so Ill go ahead and stop and weve seen,a complete succession of anything coming,from our host so I will copy,this filter,and then Im going to exit it and lets,take a look at what was going on at the,network at large as soon as we started,attacking things with uh mdk3,so here we can see things are kind of,back to to usual on the network but,earlier we have these this wave of,packets attacking the network that was,forcing everybody who was connected to,automatically reconnect,so these packets that you can see here,the orange ones and yellow ones are,basically attempts to disconnect,everybody whos connected and following,it you should start to see people,attempting to reconnect and thats where,well be able to grab the handshake that,we are looking for in order to make sure,we can decrypt everything that follows,now this is great for us because we can,start to see the plain HTTP traffic but,if we dont actually have the password,then we still wont be able to see,everything thats going on,so here we can see uh Weve disconnected,people and then people who have been,connected to the network before have,been forced after this wave of,de-authentication here we go to submit,their keys so this is the handshake and,this is great because now were able to,see all the communication between the,host and the router so all right great,w

Fix Apple Car Play in 10 seconds (Honda CRV, HRV, Accord, Pilot, Civic, Odyssey)

so hey guys in this video i want to show,you how to fix your car play,if it doesnt work on your honda crv,and any honda uh that have like carplay,on it,so uh after you plug in like this,connection right here,it goes to that connection the carplay,connection,and so after you plug in as you can see,its charging but,the car play function is not working,when i press on it,its going to say when saved please,confirm that your smartphone is,connected to the usb port which,has a smartphone icon,on the lid so uh,so after its connected usually it,should show a car play button right here,right so i already connected that cable,to the,right here the port that has the,you know carplay connection so if it,doesnt work for you,and how to fix it its very annoying,right uh,so as you can see its charging right,now,but if its uh not working,what you do is you press on this power,button,for uh 10 second or less so just keep,holding it,so im gonna press it now one,two three four,five six do you want to reboot so it,says do you want to reboot its still,charging right now,and im gonna click uh type touch yes,right here,its gonna reboot uh the system and,thats how you reboot uh,you know your info infotainment system,on your honda crv,its gonna reboot and its gonna take a,little bit of time,yeah so,lets wait for it to reboot a little bit,its going to take a little bit of time,but um,this should fix your carplay problem so,i,can feel a vibration that means its,reconnecting,uh your infotainment to this phone,right here so were gonna wait until,you know the logo displays and through,it goes through like all the,boot cycles right here and just wait a,little bit,lets see,were gonna wait it takes a little bit,of time but uh this should fix your car,plate if you have any problem,you know on any honda crv right here so,mine is the 2018 and,okay it says notice and usually it,does like that and were gonna hit ok,so we like to enable carplay right here,apple carplay may use some user im,gonna do always enable,it is subject to apple privacy no phone,is paired to system now,we like the phone uh i dont need to do,that,i would like to turn on honda link,assisting when the car is crashed,there we go we attempt to call emergency,no,i dont need that uh im gonna im not,gonna pair with my bluetooth yet,so im gonna go back to the home button,and as you can see right here uh i dont,know if you can see,the company just reappear right and i,havent even like unplugged this so its,still charging,and it has a carplay so when i touch the,carplay but then its working now,and i can just like play music from my,phone now which is nice uh thats what i,wanted,and so look at this so if i go to next,so yeah its working now im gonna touch,the,you know the google maps on here,and thats the destination you see,everything is working now,on the carplay so its uh using my phone,as you know,uh the car play okay,so cool so guys,uh everything is cool right here its,working,all right so if you guys like this video,uh you found this helpful,please dont forget to drop a like and,subscribe to my channel,and thank you guys for watching i hope,this helped you guys,uh if you have any problem with car play,just let me know just leave your comment,and share your experience in the comment,below and thanks for watching,have a good day guys thanks

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