1. How to create your My Benefits login
  2. How to Navigate Your Via Benefits Dashboard
  3. How to get DOI# or submit metadata or XML to Crossref and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  4. 2021/2022 MCSD OE Presentation – English
  5. Setting Up Your Tap Bio Account
  6. Upgrading to OpManager 12.2 webinar
  7. Wex CEO: Health Savings Accounts | Mad Money | CNBC

How to create your My Benefits login

[Music],welcome to,my benefits where you can find all your,learning,health and secure retirement benefit,needs,lets get started creating your new my,benefits login,please note that you will be seeing how,it looks on a touchscreen phone,but you will follow the same steps if,you are doing this on a computer or,tablet,to begin go to myseiubenefits.org,and click on create login you may also,have gotten an email with the link to,create a login,that takes you to the same page if you,use this link,some of your information may already be,entered when you go to the create login,screen,if it is not there please put in your,first name,last name and last four digits of your,social security number,click next now you will type your email,address and password twice,for your email address you can use any,email,as long as you are the only person who,checks it if you had a my benefits,account,before you can use the same email,address that you used before,putting your password next your password,must be at least,10 characters long include one letter,and number,and a special character the system will,let you know if your password does not,meet the requirements,you will now scroll down to select your,preferred language,which is the language that you use most,frequently and are most comfortable with,you can only select one language you can,scroll down or type the language in the,search box,click on the language to select it under,fluent languages,you will add all languages you speak,fluently,you can select multiple languages here,for example,if you prefer spanish but are fluent in,both spanish and english select spanish,for your preferred language,and english under fluent languages click,next when you are done,now you will add your contact,information and choose how you would,like to be contacted,here you can put your cell phone or home,phone number,it is important that you add a current,number so that you can be reached in,case there is a change or,update to your benefits then you can,choose,text phone or email as your preferred,way to be contacted,please note that important,communications may still be sent using,any of these methods,you can change or update this,information in the future in your my,benefits account,after selecting your preferred,communications click on,next when you log in for the first time,youll need to agree to a consent for,release for seiu 775 benefits group,to share information with your employer,now,you will need to agree to the academic,code of conduct,if you disagree you will not be able to,take required training,access information or complete your,certification,youre almost finished youll be sent an,activation email to your email address,click on the link in the email now you,will need to input your email address,and password,click on login you are now,logged into my benefits the next time,you go to log in,go to myseiubenefits.org and click on,login to be taken to the login screen,you can learn more by navigating my,benefits and the caregiver learner,center,by going to myseiu.be slash,login help and watching other videos,you

How to Navigate Your Via Benefits Dashboard

The reimbursement center dashboard in your  Via Benefits online account is the central  ,location to review your account  activity and submit reimbursements.,If you look under HRA – Health Reimbursement  Arrangement – on the left side of your screen  ,you will see your account summary. Here  you can view your total available balance  ,as well as payments on hold. It will also show  you a breakdown of balance rollovers from  ,previous years which account  for your total available balance. ,You can view your detailed account activity  by selecting either “View Account” or “More.”  ,You are able to make reimbursement requests  by selecting either “Premium Reimbursement” or  ,”Out-of-pocket Reimbursement” in the upper right  corner of the screen. You would select   ,”Premium Reimbursement” to seek reimbursement for current  plan premiums or premiums for previous years.,”Out-of-pocket Reimbursements” are for  those infrequent medical expenses  ,such as deductibles, co-pays, as well as  prescription drug costs.,Lets walk through an example of how to submit for an out-of-pocket  reimbursement using your online account.,To begin, click on “Out-of-pocket Reimbursement.” ,You will get a notification detailing the necessary elements, your supporting documentation must have  in order for it to be a valid supporting document.,It also identifies the different ways  you can submit the supporting document.,On the left side of the screen in gray you  will find your progress bar.,After completing a section on the form, the progress bar will  let you know what items still remain incomplete.,The first section on the form is identifying  what category you are seeking reimbursement for.  ,Use the drop-down list to select the Category type.,The next section is identifying the  Expense type. Once again, use the drop  ,down list to select your Expense type  based on the category you selected above…,then select the date the service took place.,You can use the drop-down list to change  the month as well as the year if needed.,Enter in the amount you  paid for the good or service.,Next, enter in the provider or carriers name,,then use the drop-down list to select  the individual the service was for.,Last, provide your supporting documentation. There are two ways to submit your supporting documentation.,You can either upload the document by scanning it to your desktop or taking a picture of it with your phone and saving it to your computer, or you can fax or mail the document directly to Via Benefits., Uploading the document is the recommended method since it does expedite the reimbursement process,and it makes tracking your reimbursement easier. Just select “Upload file.”,You can browse for the file on your desktop or you can drag the document into the box.,Then select “Review and Submit.”,If all of the information is  correct, submit the reimbursement.,Another easy way to submit a reimbursement is  through Via Benefits new mobile application.,Just download the app to your phone, complete  the form and take a picture of the supporting  ,documentation – front and back – and attach it with your submission.,Remember Via Benefits is always there to assist you with any questions or concerns,about your HRA and submitting for reimbursement.

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How to get DOI# or submit metadata or XML to Crossref and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

[Music],hello,uh here im working on how to deposit,articles,in the directory of open journal x uh,open access journals,uh doa uh collects all the,articles if you have access or the,license with the doaj,you can upload so i am doing this,tutorial for the journal of,international student,any journals that we have in our star,scholars network will,follow our probably the same approach,here,so the first thing first is you log in,with your username and password,so here we have our contact information,and we have a separate,login information for all of our,journals,so when you go to the dashboard you have,a couple of things here this is your,issn number or the number that assigned,to you,and go to the publisher area so in the,publisher area you can see,the name of the journal so this is the,example for one uh,tutorial for one journal so um,my goal here is to upload uh is,uh you know xml files so that,you know anyone uh whoever visits here,in this directory can see the articles,all right and here is the area uh upload,article xml,so here you need a couple of things to,upload those,so before doing that let me go to the,place where you can bring,the files to upload here,[Music],now i am on the home page of journal of,international student,uh if you are a admin uh the or the,editors then you can go to your,dashboard,because you have to download the,materials to upload on the directory,the other place to go on your dashboard,in open journal system,is the tools import and export so when,you click that,input and export there are two types of,file the crossref that goes for the doi,and then the second one is a doj this,goes for the directory,so here i am going to click the export,plug-in for the directory,uh then you have a two tabs i am going,to,bring the metadata from for the all,articles so i click on articles,so on my dashboard i have roughly 500 or,maybe more,right now i have 559 articles so im,going to download,at least 100 um articles,so what you do is you manually check,because i did not find uh what there,might be but i didnt see that,you know in a single click you cannot,download so you have to,do at least 100 click if you have 100,articles so this is what im going to do,so i did the check mark for 100 articles,and the next thing is,you know here is a check mark take it,out and now,hit export when you hit export all,articles will be downloaded so,i hit the export now it will come here,in a second,[Music],okay i downloaded 100 articles so let,let me go to my dashboard,and then the directory this is the place,i i,click on choose file so i have 100,articles the here right here on my,tab so i click this one and hit open,and the next thing is you just hit,upload once you hit upload um it will,start,uploading the old manuscript um i mean,the all the information so on the,screen you will see file uploaded and,waiting to be processing,so thats there and then within a second,you will see the you know information,pending,or out of 100 article that i uploaded,earlier,then i see you know 96 of them have,successfully uploaded,um as a new and then four of them were,the previous,entries and theyre about to,get updated so you will get the pending,and thats all you needed here,so moving forward what you need is your,username and password,and uh and how in in the way of,downloading,the uh metadata from your actual,journals,uh i hope this is helpful so in the next,clip i will,setting you how to how to upload,upload the your information journal,metadata,um and getting the dui number,of valid dui numbers uh from crosstrev,okay lets take a look,so to deposit your uh information,the xml file on the crossref the first,thing log on from your ojd,or open journals you know platform and,then go to tools,under the tools import export and then,click on cross strength,xml file remember or there you had a,different directory and this time you,are,selecting crossref and click on article,and this time you,will also select all article manually,so here im quickly selecting 100,articles,and then click on download xml,xml file so i have selected 50,um let me do 100 and 100 uh articles,have been selected here let me quickly,select all of them,for these tutorials im selecting now,okay and then i hit download xml and it,goes to your desktop,all right and once you have downloaded,that in the desktop,then the go to your cross strafe um and,this is the,username and password for all of our,journals probably the best thing is you,can download and email me,and then i will go ahead and upload or,you can take a username and password and,you upload,for your journal so here i log on with,my,information the next thing what i do is,i click on upload submission,when you upload and you select the file,name so,here is my file name of the xml file,this is actually i selected,187 files so i click on open here,so when i click open it is right here,and the next thing,the final step is click upload when you,hit upload,it says its success thats all you,needed so that,now all the numbers that you have for,your uh journal,the dui numbers i mean this should be,valid so when i click this one lets say,for an example give it a dui number so,when i double click this one or click,uh it should come back here uh right now,this is just i submitted so it may take,uh you know a couple of minutes to get,it activated,um if if it is submitted successfully,you will not see an error like this all,right,so thats an example i hope you found,the tutorial helpful,thank you for watching

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2021/2022 MCSD OE Presentation – English

hello and thanks for joining me,to discuss the 2021-2022 benefit options,through the martin county school,district,from april 19th through april 30th the,martin county school district will be,hosting,open enrollment all benefit elections,must be made in bentek,which you can access by visiting,www.mybentek.com,forward slash sbmc dont worry if youve,forgotten your username or password,there is a hyperlink on the bentek login,screen,that will assist you in recovering your,username or resetting your password,if youve never created a bentek account,then there is also a hyperlink on the,sign in screen to do so,most of the districts insurance,offerings for the new plan year,beginning july 1st of 2021,has remained the same including all of,the carriers the district has,offered previously thats florida blue,for medical,florida combined life for dental,superior vision,for vision coverage the hartford for,life insurance,the standard for long-term and,short-term disability,for the medical and dependent care,flexible spending accounts,the district has wex which was,previously known as discovery benefits,and for supplemental insurance aflac,there are no rate or plan design changes,to,dental vision disability or life,insurance,so throughout this presentation we will,mainly be focusing,on the medical options so who,is eligible for coverage well you are,benefit eligible,if you work more than six hours per day,and are a regular mcsd,employee if youre an interim employee,you,must work a minimum of 99 days,consecutively,to become benefit eligible and,substitute employees are not,eligible for benefits they want to,ensure,more than just yourself under district,insurance they are eligible for coverage,as long as they are,your legal married spouse a natural-born,child,a step-child a legally adopted child,a newborn child up to the age of 18,months of a covered dependent,or a child for whom legal guardianship,has been awarded to the employee,or the employees legal married spouse,if you have never,previously covered your eligible,dependent,under a district insurance plan in the,past,you must provide proof of dependency,within 30 days,so for a legal married spouse that would,be a copy of your marriage license from,a government,institution and for children birth,certificates,adoption certificates or court order,paperwork,if they are your stepchild you would,need to provide,the marriage license to their birth,parent,and then a birth certificate as well,all documentation can be uploaded in,bentek through your document center from,your dashboard,so before we get into the medical plans,and the new insurance premiums,for the new plan year beginning july 1st,such 2021,lets discuss how insurance premiums are,calculated,so theres a few different high level,costs that go,into calculating an insurance premium,beginning with,expected medical claims which takes a,look back at the previous 12 months,of plan paid claims the inflation factor,for future claims,and large claimant forecasting theres,also some administrative costs in,running the plan,so what the carrier pays for claims and,billing processes,disease management id cards and network,discounts,as well as reinsurance costs for,claims above a pooling point of 260,thousand dollars,those three high level amounts,calculate what insurance premiums should,total for the new plan year,so taking a big a look back at what the,districts paid claims are,remember they do make up about 78 of,what,the new plan year premium should be so,from,june 1st of 2020 through february 28th,of 2021 the district incurred,nearly 12 million dollars in paid claims,florida blue only received a little over,11.5 million,in premiums therefore florida blue,paid out more in claims than they,received from the district in premiums,which creates a loss ratio of a hundred,and one percent,so how can we reduce paid claims through,the plan,knowing that those paid claims drive the,premium for the upcoming year,well you want to be sure to stay in,network price compare for service,and know where to go and when,during this presentation we really,wanted to focus on,how you can choose the right plan for,you and your eligible dependents,the district will remain with an hmo,option,ppo option and high deductible health,option,through florida blue there have been a,few,planned design changes on the ppo and,high deductible health plan,that were previously emailed out,but weve created a few generic,statements that you may identify with,that will help you hone in on which plan,may be best for you,and your loved ones so taking a look at,this,chart can provide a little bit more,clarity,if you are thinking about making that,switch to a high deductible health plan,the benefits department wanted to,outline a few,other thoughts to consider we are very,excited to report,that the high deductible health plan,employee only medical coverage,will remain at zero cost for employees,for the july 1st 21 plan,year while you are covered under a high,deductible health plan,you can contribute pre-tax dollars into,a health savings account,for current or future eligible expenses,so since you would be paying zero,dollars,out of your paycheck for that employee,only coverage,you can start by putting away some money,in that health savings account,whether its 5 10 or more dollars per,paycheck,those funds will start to build up and,they will remain,in that account until you use them,remember,a health savings account belongs to you,the money stays in the account until you,access it for eligible medical expenses,and if you were ever to leave the,district that account would move,with you as well,in-network preventative care under a,high deductible health plan,is free so be sure to take advantage of,those free,annual screenings in network florida,blue,does offer a free nurse line available,24 7 that you can give a call to,and theyll help you determine if you,need care or not,and for those who are taking,prescriptions,there is the condition care rx program,which offers those prescriptions,at zero cost as long as that,prescription is covered under that,condition care,formulary and knowing where to go for,service is extremely important,there is an hierarchy of price points at,places of service,so try not to make the er your first,stop unless it is a true emergency,take advantage of telemedicine and,visiting your,primary care doctor for visits,while covered under a high deductible,health plan dont be shy to ask for,discounts or payment plans,if your doctor is aware that you are,covered under a high deductible health,plan,and money will be coming out of your,pocket first prior to the pa,plan paying out on your behalf theyll,be more enough to work with you on,payment plans or discounts,you can always check out or manufacture,coupons,for prescriptions as well,the benefits department wanted to,outline in a very visual way,the cost of some most commonly utilized,services,under all three plans so in the example,listed here your doctor tells you that,you need an mri,you have two options for point of,service one a freestanding imaging,facility,and the second hospital-based mri,from this chart you can see that the,hospital-based mri,is much more expensive than the,freestanding imaging facility,both mris would produce the same image,under the hmo ppo and high deductible,health plan while receiving,hospital-based services you,are subject to the deductible first,in this example your child is sick and,needs a doctors care,you have four different options for,receiving treatment for your child,starting with telemedicine primary care,physician,both at the lower cost spectrum then,urgent care and emergency room being the,most,expensive option,under the ppo plan a new per admission,copay,was layered into the new plan design,as well as an increase to the deductible,there was an increase to the high,deductible as well but,coinsurance was lowered to 10,in network so again giving a very easy,to follow visual,of how point of service and place of,s

Setting Up Your Tap Bio Account

heres everything you need to know to,get started with your tap bio account,there are two ways to set up your tap,bio account first by clicking the link,in our bio in our Instagram account or,by going to your web browser and typing,in tap bio and signing in from there,once here click sign in and type in your,email to retrieve the sign in code copy,and paste the six digit code in your,email and paste it in the sign in now,click verify and youre all set to start,setting up your new tap bio account to,edit your tap bio account click Edit,card this brings you to the profile card,screen where you can change your profile,photo you can upload an image by,clicking change profile photo swipe to,the left to add a filter to your,background photo you can also choose a,solid colored background on the last,page once youve chosen your profile,photo or profile background go ahead and,click Save you can update your avatar,change your name or the title of your,tap bio account update your bio website,Google Analytics and Facebook pixel,click manage your links to add social,media icons to your profile once youve,added your social media accounts click,Save to save the changes to your profile,card click Save to make a card visible,click the eye icon the bar chart icon,allows you to view your card analytics,to add a card click the plus icon you,can create multiple types of cards,heres how to create a simple card first,add a title and body you can move text,and buttons up and down by adding spaces,finally create a button by adding a link,you can change the background photo of,any card by clicking the landscape icon,you can change the color of the buttons,by clicking the palette icon the tap bio,links card allows you to add multiple,buttons to add an Instagram links card,first you must authorize your Instagram,account any link in the caption of your,Instagram post will automatically be,added to your Instagram links card or,you can manually add a link to any,Instagram post once youre done adding,your links click Save click the COG icon,to change the layout of your Instagram,links card to set up your email,subscription card click the COG icon,next choose your email service then,authorize your account the image gallery,card allows you to add links to your,photos you can upload multiple images at,a time you can drag and drop your photos,you can also change the layout by,clicking the COG icon click a photo to,add a title description and link,[Music],to make a YouTube card add your YouTube,username to rearrange your cards click,your profile icon in the top right hand,corner next click your cards drag and,drop to rearrange the order of your,cards to add tap io to your social media,profiles go to your account and click,copy profile link now you can paste your,tap by a link and all of your social,accounts,[Music]

Upgrading to OpManager 12.2 webinar

hello everyone thank you for being here,for the op manager 12 webinar session,today so before go ahead and starting,the webinar session I would like to,understand if everyone can hear me and,if everyone can see the screen op,manager – Ali on slide if you can hear,me well can you go ahead and give me an,S on the chat okay I think everyone can,see the slide now so again thank you,everyone for joining the webinar session,today there is no doubt that op manager,12 had created a lot of interest and I,suppose a couple of you would have,already tried version 12 and joined,today to learn more I also expect that,most of you present here or using,version 11 and wanted to learn what is,new in version 12 how it is different,from version 11 how to migrate to,version 12 and so on let me stop here,for a quick minute and I would like to,run a poll to understand how many of you,here are actually using version 12 and,version 11 well thank you for,participating and that was so quick I,can see that a lot of participants are,using version 11 so lets get started,off so this will be the agenda for our,todays session evolution of app manager,Ill be talking about the journey of app,manager from version 4 to version 12,version 12 and its significance here,Ill be talking about todays enterprise,network challenge with an example and,well see how our manager 12 is going to,help us solve this problem easy benefits,of an integrated tool for existing users,how to migrate in three simple steps,this will be the primary part of our,webinar session today,well also we also have a video on how,to upgrade op manager from version,11,600 to 12200 Ill be sharing it with,you after the session so before we move,on at any point of time please use the,chat window from GoToWebinar panel to,post your questions our panelists can,answer your questions right there or,dont worry we have the last 15 minutes,for the QA session and you can get,answers for all your questions during,that time as you all know op manager is,an availability and performance,management solution that helps,enterprise proactively monitor business,critical servers routers switches,firewalls and pretty much it monitors,all the SNMP enabled devices provided,the MIB files are available it empowers,an IT administrator to troubleshoot,performance issues quickly it also helps,the IT management team by neatly,presenting the talked and data with,customizable dashboards and widgets,manage engine up manager was launched in,2004 it was built over a web animus,framework which was developed by manage,engine in the early 90s 2004 to 2006 is,the early stage and an important period,for op manager where this was the this,was initially introduced with basic,availability and performance monitoring,for the servers and network devices over,the period of time we had introduced the,most important features for monitoring,the event logs sis logs and SNMP trap,processing all these helped the,administrators to find the network,faults and effectively troubleshoot the,issues,business view is one of the widely used,feature and knob manager was introduced,in this period 2007 to 2010 so two years,after the launch of manager was well,positioned in the market and was,competing with Sullivans,whats up cold and,the big players this was the time op,manager had stepped into the enterprise,market by launching the Enterprise,Edition targeting the users with the,distributed network environment op,manager also extended the support for,monitoring the Microsoft applications,such as Microsoft Exchange Microsoft,sequel and Active Directory customizable,dashboard and widget is also effectively,used by almost all administrators was,introduced in this period we had,developed the plug-in model to support,the users who wanted to monitor and,analyze the flow based bandwidth and to,backup the configurations of network,devices net flow analyzer and net,network configuration management plugin,was a great hit as 50 percentage of a,customers who bought op manager also,bought these two plugins so between the,period of 2011 and 2015 we had,introduced features like idea automation,workflows rack builder 3d data center,builder and plugins for applications,manager IP management and switch port,mapping smartphone apps for iOS and,Android and extending the support for,trending VMware and hyper-v technologies,and now in 2016 we launched off manager,12 the industrys first find one network,management software it integrates the,top 5 managements in software and I am,going to play a short video of op,manager evolution from 2004 to 2006 team,please have your headsets on and Im,going to play it right away,twelve years ago managed engines,simplified IT management by building,products for specific IT needs such as,network management application,management bandwidth analysis firewall,security and network configuration,management now we have simplified IT,management all over again with opt,manager 12 we have taken the five point,products in our network management suite,and integrated them into a single,comprehensive product our next,generation network management software,offers data integration across all,modules network server and bandwidth,monitoring as well as firewall log,configuration IP address and switch port,management your data is integrated,across all modules and presented on,dashboards snapshot pages business views,and inventory and alarms pages you can,easily drill down to a particular,monitor and narrow down a phone you can,view all your data on one page,without juggling multiple times op,manager 12 gives you the agility to fix,faults instantly before they impact your,business unlike any network management,software weve created before off,manager 12 is more advanced and tightly,integrates all our key network,management products at just 98 megabytes,this is the next generation network,management software tailored for todays,network management needs so as I said it,integrates the top 5 management,softwares off manager health and,performance monitoring flow based,bandwidth analysis with net flow,analyzer and for configuration,management with fence iam IP management,and switch port mapping with off doodles,and firewall log analysis with firewall,analyzer so all these standalone tools,or plugins available as modules inside,of manager now so accept firewall,analyzer all these the rest of the,standalone tools were available as,plug-ins for OTT manager so with that,well move on to the next part version,12 and its significance lets assume,that a travel booking site had a had an,outage and the users started,experiencing multiple problems from,different parts of the world so these,are the users who wanted to book their,flight and hotels but somewhere,experiencing a slow login somewhere,having a problem with payment somewhere,even not able to access the booking form,the factors affecting the problem could,be from anywhere maybe due to,application failure due to faulty router,configuration or even the problem could,be with ISP does it matter to the,end-user they just want the services to,be up and running all the time lets,assume we are in a similar situation,how many of us do you think pick up a,phone or send an email to the vendor and,wait for them to resolve the issue as,long as we have an alternate option,which is open the alternate site make a,booking and the job is done as a result,this company had lost many of their,unhappy customers to the competitor so,this is a very critical problem as it,impacts the business lets see how the,IT team reacts in a situation like this,what type of tools they use to keep,control of their service application and,network so what do organizations do to,gain visibility into their ID 60,percentage of the medium enterprise use,more than 10 tools to monitor the whole,hi t the same way this company had,different tools and teams to manage,monitor them applications server a,network so here is the scene at the IT,team pay the server and network team,checks the app and confi

Wex CEO: Health Savings Accounts | Mad Money | CNBC

is this market ready to fall in love,with a financial technology stocks all,over again I mean for most of the year,the FinTech court or higher these,companies had nice consistent growth and,their stock skate portfolio managers,exposure to the financial sector without,the wrist youd normally get from actual,financials but the last few months,FinTech has lost some of its luster hey,by the way the banks it really gained,it its beds going to juice the economy,by cutting interest rates that makes the,banks more attractive and thats,kryptonite to the FinTech stocks which,brings me to wax WX so corporate,payments company that handles fuel carts,travel cars and even health care and,employee benefits earlier this year the,stock was red-hot then wax reported a,strong quarter with weaker guidance we,got to go into that at the beginning of,August and then the stock out clobbered,it fell from 280 to 188 a matter of,taste since then its been able to bring,you down to two away but its still well,off its highs so can West get its stock,group back lets check in with Melissa,Smith shes the chair and CEO of Wax,whos in New York with their health care,team this week to promote a new,initiative I think its very exciting,its aimed at teaching people how to use,health savings accounts myths welcome,back to met money thank you now I know,that you had a presentation and youre,doing some unbelievable work with HSAs,and a lot of people say HSA what the,heck is that,mines me when they said that about IRA,what tech is that meanwhile since then,people have saved a million bucks,tell us about HSA yeah we think thats,really important for people understand,what theyre about because it allows you,to defer taxes around health care,payments so if you have a high,deductible plan your employer probably,has an HSA account that they will offer,to you we want to make sure that people,are utilizing that because often the,employers will put money into them so,think of that is one way of saving and,then on top of that you defer taxes if,you use them for appropriate reasons,okay so why have most Americans been and,youve got some great stuff they why had,people dont feel like they are at the,center of the healthcare ecosystem and,employers dont feel like they have,friends and benefits given that you have,an HSA I think thats lack of,information nearly I think people are,urn intimidated around the concept of,in HSA and FSA theres all these terms,and its part of what were trying to do,with our event is to make sure people,are educated so if youre interested HSA,de comm weve gotten information out,there on that well is it something that,your HR person at your company has to,know about or get an individual who is,got his own or her own business get an,HSA they can they can you can actually,get it through your employer you,actually can get it through if you look,at our partners our partners include,Bank for America it includes HSA banks,or theres number of other providers,that you can go to outside of your,health insurance provider okay Musa how,much does it matter I mean for instance,health and employee benefit was 83,million recently unbelievable growth in,second quarter 2019 can you get that to,be one of the largest pieces of your,company its about 20% of the overall,profile and growing faster so we do,think that will continue to if you look,at the mix of the business its gonna,skew towards the things that are outside,of fleet over time okay you mentioned,that is the third the analyst send,attended to think I saw this in a couple,of notes that your travel and corporate,solutions business had gotten just a tad,slower with a high multiple stock that,obviously was a ding is it any way to be,able I know how your inquire about the,what the quarter but can that pick up or,was that just the analyst being to Nick,thank you but 25 percent growth we had,in the quarter we and we felt pretty,good about that I think if you look at,the kind of the trends around a lot of,what were seeing in business volume the,the volume is off just a little bit and,its a kind of across all of our edition,enjoys heard what weve seen,historically and thats a bit thats you,know part of what were experiencing is,a little bit of softness just in terms,of same store sales and we were seeing,growth theyre still growing right 1% is,still a good growth number but its a,little bit softer than what weve seen,how about the Chevron and shell deals,what do they mean for you yeah,so Chevron travel that huge they were,about 7% of her overall fleet volume,just in those two contracts and so we,implemented,shell Kiawah and Chevron q2 and seeing,the benefit of that now just in case,there are people who dont know exactly,what I mean when I say the shell and the,Chevron can you walk people through,because its incredibly important and,how much it saves companies but it could,be a great opportunity to buy the stock,of web,would help people that understand that,sure sure so what the oil companies have,done is outsource their commercial card,portfolio so if youre a business and,you want to have a product to use to pay,for your fuel associated with a brand,then we are often the backbone,associated with that in both Shell and,Chevron decided to outsource everything,from sales marketing all the way through,credit collections and think of that as,kind of the whole scheme including the,technology to us well thats terrific I,know youve done it putting this Cup be,tremendously won this thing HS want,people to understand it so they want to,go to the PC and then what HSA day comm,its just a day doc HSA dot-com yeah,its got the gene chaski my old friend,you modern Astec alright great thank you,so much,okay thats a melissa Smith chair and,CEO of wax w e– x you dont see them,are there behind the scenes but they,make a lot of money they have monies,back in oh yeah Jim Kramer here from,there buddy thanks for watching see me,see you on youtube click here to,subscribe and get the jump on 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