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EHR Tutor Walkthrough

all right and here is our walkthrough,tutorial for ehr tutor,this is your clients electronic chart,youll access it on the workstation as,you begin your scenario,we have the clients info at the top,here,their code status,known allergies,and a brief summary of their primary,concern here,the first thing well look at is how to,enter in vitals,along the left side well go down to,flow sheets,drop this down,and we find vital signs,clicking into that,that takes us here and we have any,previous vital signs entry displayed,below here so we are going to enter in a,new set of vital signs so well hit new,entry,now it already has your name date,and time so you dont need to worry,about that,were only doing three of the vital,signs today thats going to be pulse,blood pressure and respirations,so for pulse,youll go and type in what you get from,the client,you will select the source,and then you will take the clients,actual blood pressure and youll enter,that in here,what position they were in,and then respirations right here youll,enter that in,so just those three,pulse,blood pressure and respirations,and we can go and hit save which is at,the bottom and also at the top here make,sure you hit save,now second we are going to look at the,behavioral assessment so let me start,from the beginning,so this is the startup page of your,client chart so were going to look for,behavioral assessment were going to go,along the left side panel,were going to go down to flow sheets,again,open this up,there was vital signs,and were going to keep going down,towards the bottom here well see,behavioral health and were going to,click into that,now this is where were going to do our,behavioral health assessment you only,need to do the first two sections,thats going to be risk status,and mental status those two sections so,below here sleep pattern safety family,visitors behavioral notes none of those,you need to complete just the first two,sections risk status and mental status,again it already has your name date and,time that youre documenting this so we,just need to fill it out,suicide status now you can click into,these,and click any of these that are,applicable,or you also have the option to type in,you could type in,client is not suicidal or no si or any,comments that they do have,now say you did click in the wrong thing,here you can exit out by just clicking,there and then it removes it,so be sure to fill out suicide status,comments homicidal comments agitation,violence or assaults you have some,options here,violence comments,other risks,which you can select from here or you,can also type into the comments,so for mental status,now for affect,you have these to look through,select the clients affect,and then do select their mood,their,orientation right and do remember that,uh oriented times four is what were,looking for right so as you assess these,then you can click these in client is,oriented to person time place and,situation and again if you make any,errors you can,x them out,go ahead and enter in their alertness,any memory impairment,their insight,their thought process,thought content,and you can even put comments here too,do look at their delusions,if they have any,perceptual disturbances,motor activity,comments,behavioral,behavioral comments,eye contact,speech,or comments about their speech again you,dont have to do both,if one is enough and that gets the,picture then youre all good but again,if you want it to be more clear,or if its easier for you you can go,ahead and type that in here,and that will be it for the behavioral,assessment just those two sections risk,status and mental status and be sure to,hit save so that logs into the chart,okay im going to go back to the,starting page again for the chart,now lets talk about administering meds,so lets say you call the doctor give,report and now hes ordering meds,hell give you the telephone order you,write it down read it back and then head,to the pixes,the id on the pixes that youll type in,is student s-t-u-d-e-n-t,and the password is one two three four,five,then youll click your patients name,and select the desired med,after you pull the med,head back to your patient and open up,the mar here in the chart so lets go,check that out so along the left side,so we see mar here youll click it and,from right here you can go ahead and,scan the patients wristband and the med,will pop up right here,all you have to do is follow the prompts,on the screen for your administration,okay great,those were the two main things for you,to see here in the chart,uh and again that was vital signs and,behavioral assessment,worth mentioning demographics on your,patient will be here in patient info,that you can look through,maybe if the doc the doctor asked for,lab results you can find that here in,results,we can drop that down,and we have lab results,or imaging diagnostic tests which both,are currently empty the client had just,arrived,if youd like to peek at previous,nursing charting,we can head into notes,previous entries here,and you can expand that with the plus,sign,okay and that was our ehr tutor,walk through be sure to let your,instructor know if you have any other,questions

How To Use EHR Tutor on ATI

hey everyone I just wanted to make a,instructional orientation video for the,EHR or the electronic health record,through ATI I know that some schools are,using this and some may not be familiar,with it so I just wanted to share my,screen and kind of show you how to,navigate it,um and how to work it so let me go ahead,and pull that up,um share screen,say Okay first,um lets see if I can put my face here,youre gonna go to the ATI site,ati.testing.com Im going to log in,sign in,okay now what you want to do is it might,look different depending if youre an,instructor or student you can always,click the student view,um but Im just going to do it this way,just to get to the HR so I click,products,over here and then Im going to go to,manage products and again this is my,instructor view not sure,um exactly what the student view looks,like but it should look similar,and once I get to manage products its,going to have all these different,um options Im going to scroll down,until I get to EHR tutor right here Im,going to go all the way across and click,this plus sign thats going to open up,the course activities the modules course,activities and then you have to click,this little clipboard check thing,a lot of clicks to get to it,okay now its opening up the EHR tutor,okay so let me see if I can maximize,this,all right so now were gonna go to,uh the course list,and this is the cohort that I I do,Thursday clinicals with my students this,is me my enrollment key is here Im,gonna click go to course because this,ones specific to me where Ill have all,my students under as well so the,students will have to put in that,enrollment key to be,um under my cohort so,now,um on the screen you can see it has,different assignments or activity names,so we have orientation practice which is,the first one this ones just kind of,like,its not an assignment per se it says,you can go on and practice what it would,feel like to create a new patient and,fill in the information,um so its kind of like a playground you,kind of like go in and play with it and,not have to worry about like turning,anything in now the assignments week one,week two three four five six and seven,these are where the,um the actual paperwork is going to be,turned in,um so Im gonna go under,just pick something random week two,actually let me do it as a student view,so you can see what that would look like,so,you would this is what the students,view would look like,course name you would select a course,and this is where youd pick the cohort,that you would be under and thats me,again so every students gonna be,assigned an instructor and Im that,instructor so click that and then now,thats the same thing so they have,orientation practice week one week two,so forth so Im going to click week two,and show you how to create a new patient,so you can see here,where it says the due date due before 10,24 and you know at midnight it does lock,you out so you wont be able to do any,more charting,um after that due date so make sure you,turn it in,um and it will tell you what exactly,they want you to do for this week they,want you to a head to toe assessment do,some nursing notes every two hours get,your eyes nose and two sets of vitals,and every week is going to have a,different,um requirement what you have to do so,make sure you just read it builds on,each other so in at least in the the,class that were doing like week ones,the easiest and it builds and then by,week seven youre doing a lot more,charting this just kind of get you to,get used to it so were going to click,new inpatient chart right here,and so now you have to create a patient,you cant do anything else until you,create a patient so patient name,um,obviously if it was a real a real,patient you wouldnt want to put their,actual name because thatd be HIPAA,right theres a do not place any hip in,this chart so you could make up a name,or just use a patient initials this is,my name so Im just using it for the,demo,um but you could put like,GB you know for patient initials so that,would be violating HIPAA and you just,fill it out,um,all the way through,my preferred pronoun is her,instructorship so,um,you should have to fill out all of these,things before you can move on comments,you can write anything else here,um for my students this is where,um youre going to put the path of,physiology for their diagnosis so if,your patient is for example a diabetic,you would put down the pathophysiology,in this space,um you know explaining whats happening,at the cellular cellular level with,diabetes what organs involve you know,the role of insulin the pancreas and all,that so,um for my students thats where I want,you to put the patho based on their,diagnosis,then you just push save,its kind of annoying because this,support button is right there so you,have to like scroll just enough to avoid,hitting the support button push save,and then now youre at your dashboard,so,um this is where the patients name is,going to be female 30 years old,um this is the just kind of the patient,summary so you see that the patient,summary is is highlighted this is read,only so like nothing is filled out yet,because I havent filled anything out so,it doesnt have a primary concern it,doesnt have any vital signs but when I,start plugging them in itll show up on,this main page and its just like a,quick overview you cant actually click,or enter data on this page so if I,wanted to like insert some vital signs I,cant do it here because it theres,nothing to click what you do is you have,to go to flow sheets and click this,little down arrow,and now you have all these different,flow sheets right,um and then youll click vital signs so,go ahead and go to vital signs,and make sure that when you go to put,them in that youre paying attention to,the time right so like if youre a,student and lets say your clinicals,were yesterday on Monday and you took,vitals at 8 A.M but you get home you,dont chart it until the next day,Tuesday and like right now its 5 22,right so thats gonna thats gonna be,the time stamp that shows up so make,sure youre changing it to reflect you,know whatever time it actually was so,lets say it was Monday at 8 A.M you,want to make sure to change that and,have it be accurate you can put you know,your values in here,fill everything out,um blood pressure Im just making up,some value so you would put obviously,the ones that are true for your patient,you can skip this I dont require that,the mean artillery pressure,room air for me Im just making up stuff,Im pretending that Im my own patient,um so when it comes to pain,if they are verbal like they can talk,you want to do the numeric pain rating,if they cant,if theyre like you know on a on a,ventilator or theyre non-verbal then,you would do the faces which shows like,happy all the way to crying and you,would just rate what their pain is based,on their face,um glucose monitoring Lets Pretend my,blood sugar was 70. and any comments,that would happen maybe like,um no BP on left arm you know maybe they,have a fistula or something so youd,want to write that down the rest of this,like the height and weight the BMI I,dont require that so you can just leave,that blank or save,okay so now that thats saved whenever,you save something it kicks you right,back,um,whenever you save it itll show you the,completed information that you filled,out so if I want to like edit it I can,click this button if I did something,wrong I want to change it,um youll notice I cant add anything if,I want to add something new like a,different time maybe I want to add in,the lunchtime vitals you have to do a,new entry and then make sure to change,that time stamp,so here you can see everything youve,charted,um you can also go back to the patient,summary and now those will show up,um on that on that summary page so now,we see the vital signs that I just,plugged in but again you cant,chart anything there you have to go to,the flow sheet so I want to show you how,to do,um the head to toe assessment so go bac

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EHR Tutor

hello I just wanted to take a quick,moment here to upload a video on how to,access the HR tutor and a few things,that you could do in EHR tutor,I know when I started it took me forever,to find EHR tutor and figure out how to,do anything with it,so lets take a look at EHR tutor here,Okay so go to ATI when you first start,using ATI youre going to have something,thats prompting you to pick your,cohorts I think you can skip that step,until you figure out which cohort you,need but if you know which cohorts you,need you could go ahead and select that,to get into EHR tutor youre going to go,to products,and then bandage products,and then here is EHR tutor,you have to click this little plus sign,to open that and then this little button,right here to access the product it does,open up in its own window it always,opens up in its own window so if you,cant find it and you know you opened it,check and make sure its not in a,completely separate window so one of the,most common things youre going to do,for this is like look at charting or,maybe you want to create a patient or an,assignment for students,um so you would go over here to course,list,and these are some of the courses that,Im affiliated with if you are a adjunct,or somebody whos not a lead on a course,then your lead for that course should,have added you into this so that you can,access it so Im just going to show you,really quick how to create a new course,Okay so,Im just going to say test so this would,be you would do something like this if,youre like creating an assignment,um,for like a class,um and then once I create this I can,also just show you how to kind of access,it where we wont have any student names,in here,okay so here it is,it creates an enrollment key and so you,can share this with your students if,youre the one assigning the course,um,and,you can add users to it so if you click,add course teacher it would be other,teachers and you just type in their name,same thing with students you just start,typing in their name itll come up and,you select that too to add them,and so,um,so this is our course,and I have the users,okay now I have to think for a second,were going to go back to course list,okay so this is might be where you come,in as this course list is what it,usually opens up to initially,and then heres the one I created so,were going to go to that course,so as an instructor I can create a new,activity,um and so you might do this for,um,different classes so I know in nursing,111,we create a patient in here for them to,go in and do their Sr and care plan,and,um so for that you need to click that,they would be doing a clinical patient,okay and we could name it care plan,no,you can write some instructions here,do your care plan,you can be very specific there okay,and then,you could have it open at a certain date,and time,so a lot of times its just the first,day of the class but you could have it,to where you were,um only doing it for a s like a certain,activity or a lab and you only wanted it,to be available that day so students,werent getting confused on where they,needed to go so it would just open up on,that day so you can have that here and,then you know putting a due date in is,required so that way the student is,clear on when this has to be done so,lets just say tomorrow,at 11. well lets say 23.59,and then prevent student from charting,after due date you could or you could,leave it open just whichever you prefer,and I think typically were doing,inpatient charts but look at that they,even have an EMS friend okay,well save that,okay so here is the activity that I have,created,um and again if I didnt remember what I,had done I could go to course list,go to the course and this is whats,going to pop up heres the care plan,that I created,um,so view the activity as a student so,they will click here,they can put their patients information,in here,oopsie okay,new one its me and Im 66. okay,save,and then so for 105 currently they are,using a lot of this to document,um actual things because they dont have,a lot of access to an EHR,so that is one way its being utilized,in,um,classes like 105. theres assessment,and it has all these separate sections,so that is that one and then,um,for I know for 111 and maybe even 201,theyre using it for putting in an S Bar,so they type all of this in here,and then the care plan portion right now,were using it for this they need to go,in and put in a new problem,[Music],and type in whatever instructions you,have given them so right now I think,they have to do outcome planning,intervention and evaluation for 111.,then all this could change,they have to put the diagnosis in as,well so were using it as a tool for,them to chart on okay,so let me write something diagnosis,um,lets see if itll let me get away with,just that,okay so then once you have students,um actually Im still in this as a,student but I mean so,if theyre doing multiple ones,separately they would just do another,new one,okay were gonna go back to course,activities,here it is,Im not sure what is happening right now,instructor I need to be an instructor,here we go okay so course list,here it is heres the one were looking,at,so now I want to go in here and grade,this so I will click grade charting,and heres the student who submitted,this view in great charting,so then anything that has been entered,in will have the yellow so it kind of,tells you where where you need to go to,grade,So I entered something into the care,plan section and then so this is what it,looks like once you get in there and,then everything that theyve typed will,be all in here,so if it was you know the assessment,this would be yellow and then it would,have everything that theyve typed all,in here,okay so thats just a really quick,kind of overview on the most common way,I think that its probably used,um,you can also let me see if I can play,with this create a new activity,um individual patients,do tomorrow,okay so like if I was using this for lab,I might want to,um create a patient or give them a,patient,um to chart on and this has a ton of,patients that have already been created,so if you have something that youre,looking for specifically,um you could find it here or its also,just really not that hard to create your,own patient,um I have created a patient before,heres the patient I created,um,so if I do that it adds it,[Music],um,I think you have to be in a separate,place to actually create a patient but,280 patients,and I think you can search for different,things so if you were wanting to say UTI,I dont know if thats a good way to,look for it no okay,um,lets see,my own personality I think you can just,search though,or whatever youre looking for,and so a lot of these will have like the,patient kind of what they came in with,they may have some orders,um so you can,you can give them a patient,and then create their assignment,group,thank you,okay,um patient chart Library,this is where if I wanted to I could,create a new patients chart so I could,go in here and I could say I want a new,patient I want his name to be Adam,um,description I mean you could do anything,and you could write you could save this,as a favorite they even have where you,can put in a picture their gender,identity all of this,um I dont know if itll let me just put,Adam and move on,okay were gonna say hes 99.,and his provider is anyone doesnt,matter okay,say,somehow,okay so now that I have this I can,um enter,all of this I can enter orders,I can,um,I can change any of this so that I have,if I wanted to add allergies,put in some lab results for them to view,um,theres a place for order so if I wanted,to say that the patient was going to get,um,Tylenol,I think if you start typing here it will,bring up some things okay so this has,got 325 milligram of Tylenol its a,written order,um,and you could put how much,so you can create all kinds of things in,here,and I think you can view it as a student,once you get it all done and make sure,it is how you want it to be,lets see if I,um

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EHR Tutor Patient Chart

welcome to the dalton state simulation,center,in this video tutorial im going to walk,you through,how to access ehr tutor for your,simulation,not all classes will have ehr tutor,access we,are segwayed from ehr tutors sim chart,but for the purpose of this video i will,walk you through,how to get to the content so the first,thing that we want to do,is log into ehr tutor,okay to access ehr tutor youre going to,go to ehrter.com,sign in with your username password,and then what youre going to see is my,page for,simulation currently the course,enrollment key,is this key right down here 447,hz 7k that may,change depending on,the semester youre in but we are,we are phasing out ehr tutor and,introducing sim chart into dom state,college,health professions so this should be the,only enrollment key,would need for this time this is,basically the last semester,i believe the ehr tutor will be used for,simulation and this is my screen you,wont necessarily see this as a student,okay so heres your student view this,should be what you would see when you,log into your ehr tutor,were in simulation centers where we,want to be,and for the purpose of this tutorial im,just going to go through the dementia,simulation patient,so im going to click on that and my,patient is robert klein,and just ignore this copy part i forgot,to take that part out,but basically at this top part right,portion right here will be on,every single page no matter where you,click in the chart,so youll see the patients name what,they are,their date of birth how old they are for,the purposes of simulation,sometimes the chart will not have a date,of birth because if its a live actor,actresses sometimes well just let them,use their own date of birth it makes it,easier for them to,spout off something when youre,looking at confirming the patient for,the purposes of simulation you will,know their name and their medical record,number other,two numbers that youre really going to,look at,this will also give you the patients,doctor their allergies code status and,comments so,all of this section will be at the top,every single time,so initially the charting is going to,take you to the patient summary this,will give you information about,their vital signs if theres any inner,allergies,orders that have been entered on the,patient lab work anytime you come into,simulation,and you have lab values youre going to,look at always go to the patient summary,because it will give you the normal lab,values,whereas if you go to results and try and,look at labs,i dont think youll see it here but in,the lab result,portion it doesnt give you the normals,for whatever reason in the software,i think its just one of those bugs we,can take away the copy,so now it has updated our patient name,and what they are and thats the only,thing we change in there,results this patient doesnt have any,lab work,doesnt really have any diagnostic,testing the provider you can click on,that,and this is where you would see if,theres anything entered as far as,chief complaint history and you can also,make changes in these areas,so in the history if you wanted to add,anything new you would go to new entry,it would open up the section for you,you can make changes should you need to,and save it were not going to make any,changes at this time,you can review their sim systems,such as the eyes ears nose throat you,can add things,take away things whatever you need to do,allergies home medicines,this is where we add allergies or make,changes to the patients home medication,list,in the notes section click on that and,youll see no,time type note professional role who is,created by,you can edit the note or you can just,open the note,and it will tell you what that,professional charted,you can also make a new note should you,want to flow sheets,you have admission vital signs youre,probably going to want to chart vital,signs so know where this,is new entry youll need that and then,enter your vital signs save your vital,signs,assessment its where,you could make changes to,anything that youre assessing on the,patient should you need to,other screen scales,you can do daily care,so you could chart their safety,environment,mobility nutrition if you need to make,any changes to that,again you would new entry,and then you would save it at the end,intake output,if they have lines drains wounds,behavioral health screenings,this patient currently doesnt have any,of this information,because this is a fundamental patient we,dont have a lot of information,outside of the information you need to,complete this simulation,to make it a little bit more simplistic,for you since this is your first,simulation,or first set of simulations so your mar,this is where youre going to find,your medications this is where you,will be able to give medicines so our,patients and ehr,tutor were able to scan the patients,barcode,and their medication barcodes but for,the purpose of this,were just going to show you how you,would document without a barcode scanner,so you would click in that little box or,whatever time,youre clicking in and then you would,document why youre not scanning,submit that then it takes you to,medication details,this is where you will document if,youre given the medicine,holding refusing not given date time the,dose,and then whatever additional dose rate,if its a rate and then any comments and,then you can update chart,this patient only has three medicines,then your orders this is where your,provider has entered all the orders and,again,these orders can be seen in the patient,summary as well,so this is where you could enter a new,order,so lets say if your provider,you called and they want you to add,something to the patient,you would enter a new order,you would search for it lets see,choose the milligram dosage what type,of order the doctor,yeah would enter dose rate,root frequency how long,schedule,and then you would sign the order were,not going to assign this one though,and so thats him in our order,you have it yeah were gonna leave were,not gonna save it,patient education as far this patient,does not have an s4 currently in the,chart but if you wanted to document as,far you do have that ability right here,so this is where you could document your,as far as opposed to writing on the dry,erase board in the room,or as opposed to documenting on a piece,of paper,so if you document it in this s bar here,you would have it as your record in your,notes care plan discharge,and then you have barcodes barcodes is,where we,print out the patients barcode their,allergies,what the medicines they have and these,are,what you would see when youre looking,at the medicines in the simulation,youll see a medicine with barcode what,the medicine is,how its dispensed as and the milligrams,or the dosage,of the medication,and that is basically it in a nutshell,for ehr tutor,each of your patients will have a,different,or each scenario that you come into the,simulation room,will have whenever you come into,simulation,according to what course you are in will,determine,which patient you are looking at so we,will try to,ensure that your course is connected,to a particular patient or if you know,that youre coming into a stimulation,for dementia that dementia stimulation,will be connected to a specific patient,so you wont have to try and figure out,which patient it is,youll be able to open up the,course go into it and find the specific,patient for your specific course,if you should have any questions you can,always contact the simulation center,at 706 272-4499,i can also be reached by my email,s-w-i-n-d-o-m,daltonstate.edu and we look forward to,having you in simulation have a great,simulation time see ya

EHR Tutor Unfolding scene instructions

we are going to create a new patient and,do an unfolding case study so im just,calling abe,um,putting in,age whatever identifiers i want to have,in here,making it a patient and now i have abe,and i can go in fill in whatever i want,to and when im doing that,i,if anything i put in now is going to be,available to the students or,i can make it in scenes to do an,unfolding case through ehr tutor,and anything i put in here is going to,be in the unfolding scene so lets just,say im going to order,um,vital signs,[Music],i apologize if you hear my stomach,growling,and im going to fill in all the details,i want to im going to sign that order,thats the only order im putting in,right now,but lets say i want to,go back and add more i want to on the,next scene and i can call it whatever,one i want to create a new scene and put,zing,to or just say second,and now,i am in second scene you can see there,and im going to put in a new order for,oh i dont know lets do a foley,ah no results sorry,indwelling catheter,and i can fill out all that information,and im going to sign it,and now in that second scene,i will have orders for a foley,um lets do a third scene and were,going to just call it third and again,you can name it meds or procedures or,whatever you want to call it,but when that third is showing here i,can put in new orders,and this time,its going to be for acetaminophen were,going to give them,acetaminophen and were going to fill,out all the information that we should,just like building anything in here,were going to sign that,were going to call it done,just like putting in any other activity,i are patient im going to create a new,activity,its going to be a test,abe,this is my new patient im going to keep,it visible and im going to add my,patient,i am going to find abe,and,thats my chart im going to put it in,sorry it bounces a lot but im going to,save that maybe,there we go,and now im going to go to,my course,and im going to find that test and it,happens to be on the second page,and here it is if i want to make those,scenes,visible for the students i go into it as,a student which is a little bit,backwards to me but thats what you do,click on that patient,and now i can add a scene if i want to,however it opens is anything i put only,in that,initial,scene so the only thing in here is vital,signs,okay they did that this is a brand new,class thats the first thing they did,i want to add a scene so i go to the,arrow i can add the second or the third,scene you dont have to do them in the,order you can get them all over the,place,i get the scene i want there i add scene,add again,and now when it says scene has been,added now i have everything from the,first initial scene,and the second scene so there i go ive,got vitals and the foley,so i put in one more thing lets just go,see,is there anything else to add,so i can see here that by the second,scene it has a one that means that one,student in this case me im in student,mode saw that scene so that ones been,deployed lets open up the last one that,has a zero nobodys seen that yet lets,add it,i have to add again,that scene has been added and boom now,all of my orders are there,so i did this with only orders but any,and all information that you put into an,ehr tutor chart,can be put in in these scenes so you can,unfold the cases,you can do that with,keith rn unfolding case studies or,something on your own,im using an interdisciplinary sim so,well see how it goes but super super,easy simple hope it works

EHR Tutor Product Demo

wed like to introduce EHR tutor the,first truly affordable academic,electronic health record system thats,both highly functional and user friendly,our company was founded by nursing,instructors so we understand the,struggles of modern health education,fortunately weve spent a lot of time,thinking about how to integrate new,electronic charting systems so you dont,have to with EHR tutor you can keep your,current technology because our web-based,program will work seamlessly on all,tablets Chromebooks smartphones and,computers regardless of operating system,or browser we designed our products that,can be conveniently used across all of,your allied health programs including,vocational programs adn BSN and nurse,practitioner programs whether you plan,on doing electronic charting in your,classrooms simulation labs or during,clinical rotations we have you covered,in the classroom you can use EHR tutor,to increase critical thinking skills by,using patient scenarios to have students,review information from a whole patient,perspective our pre-built patient,scenarios mean you have a hospital full,of patients for your classroom if youd,like to show an example of symptoms,relevant to a specific diagnosis simply,choose the correct patient from our,library and open her chart during your,next lecture best of all you can always,use our polling feature to make sure,your students are paying attention,simply pose a question related to the,chart and ask your students to select,the correct answer using a smartphone,tablet or laptop for those of you,looking to do electronic charting in,your simulation lab we have all the,features you need students can review,scenario information before a simulation,begins and complete charting throughout,including barcode scanning for,medications and logging any,interventions or assessments as an,instructor you can make changes to the,patients chart throughout the activity,afterwards youre always able to review,and grade student information which is,great if you hold post simulation,debriefing sessions as for clinical,rotations we give students the ability,to create a chart from scratch so they,only have to enter the information that,was relevant to their visit,students can enter that information,on-site at your clinical facility or,from a home computer we also have a,convenient place to create custom care,plans for patients that can be printed,out or viewed on any electronic device,during your students next visit luckily,all information entered is visible to,instructors at any time so you no longer,have to wonder exactly what a student,did or did not get a chance to practice,while doing clinicals from initial,implementation to final integration,weve made EHR tutor breeze for you to,use with your students but dont worry,if you do need help after signing up we,always provide 24-hour support to our,users and training for all instructors,using our site to learn more get a quote,for your school contact us at any time,wed love to hear from you

EHR Tutor Features for Clinical Visits

this is a very quick presentation on how,you can use HR tutor to track your,students clinical work during clinical,rotations or visits one thing to keep in,mind is if you actually want to see the,functionality of our site and how it can,work in depth the best thing to do is to,call us or email us and all of our,information will be at the end of this,presentation and set up a phone demo,with one of our representatives so you,can actually see the site functionality,however to give you a few ideas of how,our product can help you with your,clinical charting lets talk first about,some of the problems that exist for,schools now one of the things we hear,frequently is that students have very,little if any access at clinical,facilities to do charting on real EHR,systems the problem with that is that,you all know as far as nursing and,allied health goes charting is a huge,part of the workflow and when they dont,get access to those systems theyre,missing a whole piece in relation to,that workflow because of that you end up,with unprepared graduates get to their,workplace once they graduate and they,dont necessarily know how to work in,that charting piece or how to manage,their time effectively when it comes to,that the other thing that happens is,students are often unfamiliar with,viewing information in the chart so they,dont necessarily know how to find the,information that they need to find when,it is set up in an EHR system outside of,that collecting and grading student work,is a huge problem that we hear about if,youre collecting paper charts right now,it is so easy for students and,instructors to misplace those you have a,situation which says that they submitted,their work but you know you never got it,its very hard to prove what happened to,that charting theres also no easy way,to review past work when its all done,on paper and student work is very,difficult to track once it is on paper,all you have after that paper is given,back to your students is a recording of,the grade its difficult to see what,skills they actually had a chance to,practice at clinical sites and its,difficult for your students to go back,and review their work to see how theyve,progressed as future nurses and how,theyve progressed as students in their,program,weve tried to solve some of those,problems primarily with accessibility,any academic EHR system will greatly,help this with our site its web-based,you can pull it up on any tablet,computer even a mobile phone if you,absolutely had to as long as your,students have their username and,passwords they can access the site,anywhere anytime because of that if,theyre at a clinical facility that does,not allow them to use the EHR system,there they can actually do their,charting while theyre sitting bedside,if they have a device to do so or,immediately after they work with a,patient and youll see in our site that,we do have all your standard charting so,just as an example if your students just,did some basic work today with mobility,and they had a chance to be the patient,and work on some of those daily care,pieces they can come in and either right,away when they do those pieces or,immediately afterwards they can come in,and chart exactly what they did so the,chart will be blanks they just fill out,the information that they need to and,they can submit this from anywhere so if,they dont have access at a clinical,site they can go home and put this in or,put it in on a lab computer at your,school when students submit their work,electronically through EHR tutor you as,instructors will see it immediately so,it makes it very easy to collect and,grade and track that work over time,everything is web-based so it does,happen in real time when you review,their work you can put in a grade in a,comment the comments field is completely,unlimited so if youre somebody who,wants to copy and paste a rubric and,there youre more than welcome to do,that with our site we do highlight,exactly what the students entered so you,dont have to go fishing around for,their information youll be able to find,it very quickly and once you do chart or,once you do complete the grade in the,comment section students will see that,immediately so theres no wait time,between when you submit that and when a,student has access to it,the other good thing about that is the,chart and the comments are in there,forever so your students can go back and,review what they did over time you can,also make sure that theyre being,exposed to the things they need to be,exposed,you during those clinical visits so if,you want to make sure that a facility is,getting them to interact with a variety,of patients or to practice certain,skills you can always go in and go back,over those charts and make sure that the,students are seeing what they need to,see so you can see in here where the,grading happens and where the,highlighting is so you can always find,the student work,thats just a basic overview of how our,site can help you with your clinical,information that students are collecting,during their visits but if youd like to,see the actual site you can always call,us at four four zero three zero five six,one eight eight you can also visit our,website at EHR tutor.com,on our website youll also find a very,short video like this related to how you,can use EHR tutor in a lab or a,classroom setting we also do monthly,webinars that you can find on our,website so if youd like to learn more,about teaching ideas as always something,that we post thank you so much and let,us know if you have any questions as you,look through our product

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