2. How to get your SBA, EIDL, PPP Loan Balances
  3. Check your EIDL loan balance, next payment due date, and payment allocation to interest & principal
  4. EIDL Loan Repayment Step-by-Step: How To Setup Recurring Payments Easily
  5. How To Check Your SBA EIDL Loan Balance Online
  6. New SBA EIDL Portal Alerts
  7. How to Use the General Login System to Access DSBS Supplemental Pages of Your Small Business Profile


[Music],whats up guys and girls its good to,see you tonight show like subscribe,click the notification button so I want,to get information out you can get,information in I know its been a long,long hard couple years for all you small,businesses and and uh you know I want to,give a shout out to Jason mcelhome whos,been with everybody here as well as us,uh through it all weve helped hundreds,of thousands get billions quickly,whether it be directly through us or,indirectly uh from the process in the,beginning all the way to where we are at,now with loans and grants for small,businesses thats been our heart thats,what weve been doing so I just want to,say uh once again a shout out to Jason,Mackle home for all hes done as well is,what weve done here Im not going to,leave you hanging where youre at right,now I know you still want information,you still need grants were still,looking for small business grants all,around the country right now for you,guys so let us know where youre at down,below and we will continue searching for,you and well put up YouTube shorts now,as well for uh just dedicated areas,where we find somebody to put up in,Minneapolis Minnesota we go were,looking for Minneapolis Minnesota AMF,Ill put up a YouTube short and if you,see Minneapolis come up on a YouTube,short from frequency then you know its,me so but right now so youre being,forced to uh any up on the idle Loan,program here we are to help you show you,how to get in and pay that through the,uh through the pay.gov account that,needs to be set up when the government,makes a decision to run you out of,business forces a loan on you and now,its forcing you into a reset Force the,country into a recession and now theyre,making you,pay the loan instead of giving more,deferment dont get it I dont,understand it but lets uh just make it,through this together let me know if you,have any questions signing up to pay,your loan down below Ill try to help,you out as much as I can but I made this,short video for you all to pick an easy,way to get into your account check your,balance when your due date is due and,all that stuff so guys right into this,here we go and somebody say hey before,we start say hey we still want our 10K,thanks again guys hope you enjoyed color,I hope this helps,its really not an enjoyable moment care,loans and to,first were going to go into,caweb.sba.gov and this page will pop up,you are going to see SBA login youre,going to have to log in here,um I forgot my username or my password,on both wasnt sure which one so drive,my username didnt work I tried the,password and uh it didnt work so if,that happens to you which it will happen,to a lot of you this will pop up and you,will see when you try to log in you,check that box down there you log in go,to username and password down here and,uh forgot phrases youll type in a user,ID down here its not going to work so,youre going to put in your email up,here and then theyll give you that,thing you just type that in down there,submit it youll get that in your email,so you go to your email then you try,logging in again its going to give you,your email address or your username,through there or your phrase so your,account login what city were you born in,whatever question they ask you then I,got mine through mobile text my answer,you throw your PIN number down here and,then youll have your SBA,phrase and password your sign-in and,passwords so get both of those together,and once you do make sure you write,these down because the characters that,they want for your password is 16,characters and you know different shapes,and forms so thats going to be uh quite,challenging if you dont have that ready,for me so once you finally get your,account login uh phrase it name and and,password phrase uh username and password,free sorry uh youll log that in,and come on down here and click that,check check that box right here and uh,then you will be into your SBA uh your,kweb account Capital action Capital,Access financials whatever they call it,so you go up here and then this one,right here says it detected youre,currently logged out so you may have to,one once again do that same thing there,youre just done uh give them your phone,number they will send you a PIN number,and youre going to throw that PIN,number right in here I know quite,challenging but you know you gotta do,what you got to do for uh keep make sure,your data safe here so yeah get that PIN,number through your phone you verify it,here and uh you find yourself in into,the uh into your dashboard okay heres,your dashboard over here now its its,not that complicated but if you dont,know what youre doing,it could be harder to figure out so,youre going to go up here to borrower,up here in the top left and click that,come down here and itll say borrower,search,your name will be here and all that,stuff so youll know its your dashboard,so once you click on borrower search,and youre going to come into uh over,here youre going to see make a payment,down here and over on your loan number,youre going to click your loan number,and thats going to give you all the,information that you were hoping to to,not have to pay some of you hoping to,not have to pay so soon uh but its all,down here your payment information when,youre first installment date is due in,the payment amount thats going to be,have to be made for that payment gives,your interest and all those other things,all this fun stuff is on this page so,okay so lets go back a page here into,the loan list and then were going to go,over to this youll see right in the,middle it says make a payment so you,click on make a payment and that is,going to end up redirecting you to uh,pay.gov uh are you a U.S government,website payment website to uh start,making payments on your loan youre,pretty much going to go through the same,thing that you just did with this as far,as you know making sure that your,passwords and everything is correct,youll be redirected to the site that,looks like this right here youre going,to click on that uh make a payment to,your loan once again fill in the boxes,the username the passwords right here if,you forgot your your email your username,or your password you can always go ahead,and do all that stuff that you just did,prior to what we just did over there so,youll sign in,youll find yourself here on this,website the SBA form 1201 the borrow a,payment youll basically just fill these,out uh fill out this information here,and after you do that youll see at the,bottom where you you pay your pay your,loan,okay and youll notice like down here,you can either pay the amount whatever,you want there your SBO youll put your,SBA loan number here and down here,youll pay pretty much a whatever amount,you want to play do not do not enter the,full amount of a loan unless youre,paying pay it off which hopefully some,of you can do thatd be great but the,payment amount goes there so you can pay,whatever you would like to put towards,it right and then youre good to go for,the month or whatever youre paying so,hopefully this helps guys uh once again,you can view a PDF of it right here if,you need to theres also a PDF for,instructions as well on their main,website so hopefully that helps guys,anybody yeah,[Music]

How to get your SBA, EIDL, PPP Loan Balances

[Muziek],hallo,body care edgar van bangle hier met niet,extract en de ofzo john van google.com,en de raspberry barry denken dat,nietzsche de baumgardner personal,business and money tree lights,imax i come you in a few weeks sms,working kosten die hier en this time,verrast iets talk about why is there,were doing business to prepare saus voor,de je rent en wanneer die issues there,were having the left is de stinkhol de,piep piep iemand die ideal want engine,journal psp games en sms thinclient,studeert militair steek mijn information,siliconen cup voor die interest and,unfortunately many je was een goede,mijzelf completely last,compromis lasten kanaal de video dus en,by the way to make your zien hier een,online dus is een interactief programma,zal historici hallo lionel rich er hier,in joining niet zo arm item,investigation het idee en dan haal ik de,grill bbq team en dat is in zon relatie,kan de show you how you access to your,sbe woon hier balance is een is dus,professor in picasa icoon de systeem,euros to be able to see your piep piep,imams en wat er na blowjob and free game,en ordre stel standing,zo arm,wanneer het niet alle prize for every,one of the sbm innovation,acties centen statements een hele,project glass and apologize de leiding,is in the greatest de looks on the wine,glass en,essential i would you wanna know this,is dat is een loon number,dat is zo chique met een korstje kolonie,van een niet eens to set up your profile,zo werden you go wel wat missie van king,the death,en zie je houden wie hallo my present in,een duur presenteren share de rico,en seth green and like this kit en,armani shirt ik heb dit zon,en weer organico,is waarvan een groot you this lovely,place called the capital axis financial,system dat word een green eagles huurt u,die kerel axess financial system and if,you get to his big your web page,by going to this website and its code,die we hebben de sbe god god en anderen,portier in the teachers de je kunt zien,en,discussie you know this is where youre,gonna go to get access to your sbe mond,now for those you,probably,arno en rolde in de serie complex cover,met systeem waar zul je niet uw actually,been accessed zo houden i can acces wel,hoe jullie doen ik klik na in rood,en wit dit is,hq voor oliën persoon verliezen de,eerste vinger en want pointed out of,this user guide you can select power en,dit is een particulier de bar oranje,borrowing van de van dsb,nooit weer information given birth user,alles information hier namibië liep hoe,de komst wil eyeliner de mobile phone,number,de grand jury junius welk ras vooral,voor fenomeen steeds youzhny won en wim,periodes jerry andrus mengsel op prins,axel chu and test your ride steur,ik jack lasershow phi phi phi phi phi,phi phi,selecteer een foto impressie van een,prepaid nummer in je zak die like this,je premie je e-mailadres in en polio,social security number and you will,appear in this file en chukka met met al,die number this is us be een woon,number,sillage and if you apply for a usb you,generate some time besteedt meer recent,hebben leather and measure loon number,ander civiele prooien social security,number hier en joden en poetin europe on,you commit met al die naam ruci spj,mooi nummer if you do not know us,pylonen nummer die pending januari,service of junior zone,directie service er 3 el paso texas en,their phone number is one hundred,voor,cm en ze won the hundreds of zeven in,sydney mijn team 6 euro online en gary,is niet nieuw, you hungry meer zo nam dit is,goederen loon service provider is er zo,annemie 420 festival is information and,in which you lord john,is collega biologie en een analogie en,thymine,en de en a major show je kanaal like,over de looks like to fight this and it,is now look barry intuïtief effect was,alles stuff on where i have to go,je hebt ik de kamers is bar over en,ineke kon bar over search and when you,wish i could pull up alle jolanda naar,free de sherwood die allemaal lunch,opeten mijn familie die fikri zolang je,kan zie hier used alone,hier is de piep piep een andere camino,writer nepwimper gemini cs sprekend pol,arnos van de denken dat dit is binnen,in een rolstoel dus op dit seizoen en,menhirs die sbe laundry to go largeur de,kimi of loopt en mike wie kan dit kan ik,hiermee acces to my entire lang,cambodja de premies van mad king ik,straks arrow,van chip wanneer google maps eten audio,justice bingo the meaning data je moet,niet zo mechanisch priem is het oude,record interesten first zoals r min pi,min simon die was aan het filmen zo web,app pincetje winterprik de skye up by,clicking on de printer icon,josee dit and then if you require jerry,financial olie highly recommend you,upload your statement us on decline,coral bay view arnoud,een kleine bars and i like to be veel,verdriet op toe als happiness and johnny,fan,google.com en ik ken dat happiness,john is een winkel come and,organic jongen pita hi guys hoop jouw,bureau die zit hier nu in new york i,could you will see them all other great,hair if you access with eye zo een chill,ben tunnels tunnels en een hoop zie je,later bye

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Check your EIDL loan balance, next payment due date, and payment allocation to interest & principal

sba eidl loan payments are coming due,that some firms are starting to get,notices and other folks just know is,about time to start making payments,so this video is going to walk through,how to log in,and check for your,first payment due date,and to check your account balance,within sba eidl loans theres actually,three different websites that have been,at play,so one is the page to make payments and,thats at pay.gov,second is the website where you can see,account details and account history and,thats the capital access financial,system,at this url,and then back when everyone applied for,eidl loans we were all working on,covet19relief.sba,that was the old rapid portal and that,has now been closed,so were going to talk about how to go,in and check your account balance and,when your next payment is due,so to go into capital access financial,system,you can log in if youve not enrolled,that plan to set aside 15 minutes or,more to get through that system,but once you have your login set up we,can log in here then from inside the sba,website you click borrower then you,click borrow or search,and then youre brought to a screen that,will list all of your eidl and ppp loans,from here if you click make a payment,youre going to go to the pay.gov site,to make a payment,to see account details you want to click,the loan number,and once you click the loan number,youre going to come up to a screen with,four different boxes im going to jump,back and forth here,so the loan info if you can see your,loan number if you need to grab that,you can grab your balance and interest,info so this is your current principal,balance,your payoff balance some interest,accruals,your accountant will probably,want current principal balance,as part of the year end reconciliation,and from the third section of the page,we get the payment detail,so heres going to show when your next,payment is due its going to tell you,your payment amount and so now you can,find out when you need to make that,initial payment,and then once you start to make payments,this section is a section that will,explain how the payment was applied to,both principal and to interest,that,were going to need this from all of our,clients on a regular basis so we can,make sure that we are applying those,payments correctly,just to note its going to surprise a,lot of folks that,loan interest on the eidl loans started,from the day that the loans were,initially pulled so a lot of firms are,going to you know they borrowed a,hundred thousand dollars,when they log in the balance is now,going to be a hundred and six thousand,dollars because they have two years of,interest on top of that principle,so the first year or more of payments,are going to be a hundred percent,interest,because we need to pay down that accrued,interest first,and then once the loan is paid once that,back interest is paid,then some of the payments will start to,be applied to principal,but were still going to need this,a out of this screen every couple of,months,were struggling to find a way that we,could share logins with clients and,still get through the two-factor,authentication,and then the last section is a option to,opt-in or out of electronic billing,i would suggest,opting out of paperless statements,was just the thought of if something,breaks and you miss payments for a,couple months i dont know that youre,really going to notice the cryptic,emails from sba even if if they even,send out past due emails,whereas if youre getting,paper statements in the mail there might,be a reminder there or a hint,that youre behind and you should maybe,take care of the loan balance,so just a quick introduction to the,sba website where we can see,first payment due date,and split out of payments thanks

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EIDL Loan Repayment Step-by-Step: How To Setup Recurring Payments Easily

hey everyone its ryder from skip if you,have eidl loans or youve heard about,the eidl program watch this important,video im going to show you how to,quickly set up repayments if you havent,done it yet and save money on those,repayments plus ive got some new,information from the sba on new,technology theyre building theyre,hoping to build to help with eid l,repayments so if you care about the eidl,program watch this quick video and if,you find this information valuable be,sure youre subscribed here consider,hitting the like button so other people,see this information four million folks,in the u.s have gotten eidl loans and,most have not set up eidl repayments im,going to talk about the three steps to,setting those up first figuring out what,you owe and when you owe it second,setting up recurring payments third,tracking those payments and figuring out,ways to save money on repayments so,lets get right to it so before i show,you how to check your balance again even,if you have done this its worth,watching again in case you missed,something there have been some changes,in the recent months heres the,important context you know we have a,database of all eidl loans and eidl,grants you can look up your loan or,grant by your business name your name,location zip code the point is most of,these are finally starting repayment,starting in october 2022 there will be,around 40 000 folks who will have to pay,starting in october november and,december that number skyrockets to,almost 2 million folks who will have to,start repayments in november and,december 2022 and a lot more going into,the beginning of 2023 and by the way,these three steps are all at eidlpay.com,eidlpay.com youll see the three steps,finding your balance creating recurring,payments and tracking and saving on,payments lets start with finding your,balance this is the most complicated,part so stick with me for one minute,youll need to create an account on the,capital access financial system if you,havent done that click not enrolled,right here and now this is the tricky,part because its one of these old,school forms if you get anything wrong,when youre filling it out you have to,fill it out again unfortunately but,theres nothing too complicated here,youll need to put in a user id your,information including a contact,information and youll need to choose a,few security questions here this is the,tricky part again the questions like,whats your first name of your childhood,best friend,what is the name of your childhood hero,so have fun with that thatll take a few,minutes for you to set this up now,before i log in and show you what that,looks like and how to check your balance,i just want to say weve heard from the,sba directly that they are working on an,improved system however,best case scenario its not going to be,available until early 2023 so,i wouldnt count on it especially for,the millions of you who will have to,make repayments or start making,repayments in the next few months the,problem as im illustrating here is,there are two systems this sba system,which shows you your balance and the,paid.gov system where you have to go to,pay so once you set up your account,youll need to log in they have,two-factor authentication so youll,probably need to verify with your phone,number and or your email address then,youll be logged in to your capital,access financial system dashboard then,to find your balance in this example go,under borrower and click borrower search,depending on when youre accessing there,may be errors like this so in this,example youll see available loans if,you took pvp loans youll see them here,as well hopefully theyll have been,forgiven and youll see the status paid,in full at the top here youll see,disaster covenanting economic injury,thats the eidl loan and youll see that,its currently dispersed now dont click,make a payment yet to find out your,balance against step number one click,the loan number here on the left hand,side so heres the important information,it will show you your loan info,important to write down that number you,will need it in a minute when you set up,recurring payments youll see your,origination date and maturity date write,those down as well and a quick tip you,can even upload it to your skip,dashboard under my documents and ill,get back to why you should do that in a,minute but its another safe place to,secure this information because its a,pain to log in here for a couple reasons,but the main one is you have to log in i,think its every month if you dont log,in once a month you have to call in and,manually talk to someone to reset your,password its a pain in the neck its,another reason why once you log in once,make sure you get this information down,youll see your balance and interest,information including current principal,balance total undispersed daily interest,accrual important to note that and think,about how can you save on that interest,charge youll see your total accrued,interest outstanding interest and total,interest and your total payoff balance,plus you will see your payment,information including when your next,installment for most of you your first,payment is due and what that amount is,in this case,forty nine hundred dollars write that,down thats what were going to set up,in the pay.gov recurring payments and,youll also get an email alert and make,sure youre enrolled in paperless,billing statements as well so once you,have that balance written down including,your loan number you can either go,directly to pay.gov or click make a,payment they both go to the same url and,right at the top here make an sba 1201,borrower payment,pay it right here click it theres a lot,of copy you should read it briefly but,ill give you the short form they,basically say do what i just showed you,log into cafs get your loan information,and if you need help logging in you can,call the sba so this is step number two,were going to set up the payments you,can pay with ach a bank account a paypal,account or a debit of card those three,options they do not accept credit cards,so were going to continue to the form,and show you how to do that you need to,put down your borrower information and,your sba loan information and then at,the bottom put in your payment amount,again that can be your first due payment,amount unless you want to pay more than,your minimum so its up to you and then,click continue okay step three then,youll need to put down your payment,information again three options bank,account paypal or debit card most of you,will probably choose a bank account,especially if youre setting up,recurring payments and when youre,setting it up today youll be able to,choose whether you want to pay now or,you can set it for when your payment is,due so in this example the first,payments due in november on november,8th so you could set up your payment to,go through on november 8th or whenever,your first payments due put in your,information click review and submit,payment here at the bottom on the next,screen youll be able to check whether,you want this to be recurring or not and,confirm your information and click,submit and once you set that up youll,get an email an official email from,pay.gov thatll have your receipt,information how much you paid when you,set it up and the frequency if its one,time or recurring again screenshot that,information save it and consider,uploading it on your skip dashboard,which leads me to the third and final,step when you go to eidlpay.com,youll see this third step to add in,this information so you can view it on,your skip dashboard pro tip if you,havent added in that you received eidl,funding you can do that here as well,again our goal is to help you start grow,and fund your business and a huge part,of that is helping you understand all of,your funding options whether its grants,loans like the eidl loan or other types,of financing as you start to pay off,your eidl loan we want you to have a,full picture of other financing options,as you pay that down you c

How To Check Your SBA EIDL Loan Balance Online

one of the most common questions that we,get here at freedom tax accounting is,how can i check my sba eidl loan balance,so in this video were going to show you,how you can check your sba eidl loan,balance online so thats what were,going to talk about in this video,hello from freedom tax accounting were,an accounting firm where we provide,quality tax and accounting services and,we help small business owners achieve,their financial goals,now if you or your business have,received an sba e idl loan,you may be wondering how can i check my,loan balance,now why would you want to check your,loan balance since you know your loan,amount,remember that the loan amount that you,got in your bank account from that time,that you got the loan,uh deposited into your account,the interest is accruing because even,though you have 24 months to start,making your monthly payments,the interest on your loan is accruing,from day one,and also maybe your bank if youre going,after another loan maybe your bank wants,to know your sba loan balance also your,cpa if your cpa is doing your monthly,accounting he needs to know the sba loan,balance to have your profit and loss and,balance sheet up to date because your,business does have a liability with the,federal government so your cpa needs to,know that information,in order to do your corporate taxes as,well,so were going to show you how to check,your sba eido loan balance online,now many of you,are familiar with,this page,this is the sba eidl loan portal,now you may have access to this page but,you cannot you cannot check your sba,loan balance,through this portal,it is a separate,website this is the website that you,need to go in order to check your sba,eido loan balance it is kweb.sba.gov,when you go to this website,you go here is the capital access,financial system,this is a place where you can check,all your financial information with the,federal government,now if you dont have,an account with the capital access,financial system you need to create an,account now,the username and password to this,website is not the same,username and password to the sba eid,alone portal okay so this is a separate,user id and password so if you havent,created an account you need to click,here to not enroll,to create an account so you click not,enrolled,and you start creating your account,you create your user id you put you,create a password you re-enter the,password that you want to use,here where it says user type,when you,click the drop down you have several,options you need to,uh,select,borrower okay so when you select,borrower,this is what you get here you put your,name and your last name not the business,name,one of the owners,one of the business owners name so the,name,the last name and the date of burst now,this has to be the business owner that,applied for the eido loan for the,business okay,now here you put countries going to say,united states you put your zip code you,put your address,you put your city,you put your landline phone number uh or,your mobile number now where it says,country here you put the number one if,if its in the united states and then,your area code and your,phone number same with mobile you put,one as usa country and area code and,your mobile phone number okay you put,your email address,and you re-enter your email address okay,next part is going to ask you for,the social security number now important,it is the social security number of the,owner of the business who applied,to the eid alone,so,you do not put the business ein number,you put the business owners social,security and then here you put the sba,loan number,okay you can find your eidl loan number,on your contract,okay also,if you log into your sba portal,you log into the sba portal,and in the top right,there you can see your eidl loan number,so thats where you can find the loan,number that youre going to put in this,box,then its going to ask you for security,questions now you pick the question and,you put the answer its going to ask you,to set up,three different security questions,then you go to the captcha and then very,important it is case sensitive so if you,see a capital s put capital s if you see,capital b put capital b so it is case,sensitive because this is something that,a lot of people are having issues with,okay so remember that the captcha is,case sensitive you click submit,then its going to take you back to the,capital access financial system home,page now you put here you your new,username your new password and then you,scroll down click this little box and,you click login,then when you log in its going to ask,you for,a pin,to authenticate that is really you the,best way is to do the,a text message so here you click sms to,mobile phone,youre gonna get a text message with a,pin number you put your pin number here,in the next page you verify the pin,number,and that will take you to this page this,is the capital access,financial system home page now once you,are here,you need to go,to the top,left okay here where it says borrower,you click there and on the,drop down you click borrower search,once you click borrower search,its going to,tell you all the eido loans or the,federal loans you have with the federal,government okay so here youre going to,see your loan number,here youre going to see,the business name,the loan amount,okay and then you basically you can,click the loan number when you click the,loan number,this this is where you get the,information of your loan,here you can see the date the loan was,started,when is the the the final date the,maturity date of the loan,here you can see your principal balance,well this is not the balance of the loan,this is what was deposited into your,account,here you can see the interest that is,being accrued every day okay this is the,total interest that has been occurring,since you got the loan,and then,this is your sba loan balance the payoff,balance this is how much you owe the sba,as of the date you check this website,okay,now on the bottom you can also check the,payments that you have made,you can see when is the next due date to,do your when do you need to start doing,your payments now remember that you have,24 months to start making your payments,so here is going to tell you the date,that you need to start making payments,towards your loan this is your monthly,payment this is how much you need to pay,the sba,and then here if you have made payments,to the sba is going to show the payments,you have made how much of that payment,has gone to principal and how much of,that payment has gone to interest okay,so basically thats how you check,your eido loan balance online okay now,remember that we are a full service,accounting firm if you need help with,your personal taxes business taxes,setting up an llc monthly boot keeping,payroll trouble with the irs we can help,you even if your business is in any of,the 50 u.s states,okay also remember that we are part of,freedom group we are a group of four,companies where we do,taxes accounting immigration real estate,insurance and,financial planning so we can help you in,many many ways now we hope this video,has been helpful if you have received,valuable information,like it and share it with another,business owner that can take advantage,of this information thank you for,watching this video god bless you bye,[Music]

New SBA EIDL Portal Alerts

hey everyone its ryder from skip i hope,youre doing well a quick update today,on the e-idea loan processing from the,sba if you havent checked your sba,portal lately theres a new alert from,the sba i want to talk about what it,says what that means for grants and,loans and i want to spend two minutes to,tell you about other loan opportunities,not only 7a 504 from the sba but also,other funding opportunities you know,weve seen a record number of folks,trying to start off the year in a,position of strength by going after,available funding you know theres so,much motivation in these first couple,weeks of the year to have it be your,best year yet which is what i hope it is,for all of you how to make it your best,year what are some of those resolutions,you had if its for growing your company,small business side hustle or finally,pulling the trigger getting some funding,to make your dreams happen obviously our,whole goal this year is to help make,that possible for you ill keep it short,today be sure to watch until the end hit,subscribe turn on the alerts to join our,community and give this video a like so,youtube shows it to more people and if,you want personalized funding help to,talk to one of our experts we have so,many great people even im going to do,some of the calls because theres been,so much demand go to helloskip.com,join choose either the premium or vip,option or better yet click the link at,the top of the description use that,invite link you will see spots available,weve helped tens of thousands of,businesses collectively get over a,billion dollars in loans and grants just,in the past few months i know ive said,it a lot of times wed love to help you,we really have an amazing team and,lastly you can try risk free so just go,to that link in the description to book,and choose a time to talk with us okay,so let me dive in you heard my preface,heres why its so important to think,about capital early on in the year ive,talked about the rising interest rates,the fed is going to taper back its bond,purchases theyre starting that already,interest rates are going to go up and,this came out today from the wall street,journal mortgage rates hit highest,levels since spring 2020. this is of,course related to the economic outlook,if interest rates broadly go up of,course so will mortgage rates you know,ultra low rates have fueled the boom in,home sales and prices the average rate,for a 30-year fixed loan was 3.22 up,from 3.11,last week a year ago mortgage rates were,around 2.65 homes are still going for,record sale prices and now were seeing,these higher interest rates so why did i,bring that up its another reason to,continue to look for capital for your,business weve put up a number of posts,over the past week five steps to help,you qualify for a business loan how you,can lose your business liability,protection the best small business,grants for women in 2022 how to start a,business in 2022 roadmap for success and,a whole bunch more plus were talking,more about 7a and 504 loans you know 7a,loans which is the most common sba loan,program many of you qualify for and you,can use these for operating expenses,similar uses as the e-i-d-l heres a,list you can use it to create or acquire,a business make equipment purchases,purchase real estate land or structures,construct new facilities renovate or,expand existing buildings refinance or,consolidate existing business debt this,is why many of you have been going after,the eidl funding 7a very similar as,opposed to 504 which is more for capital,investments ill talk about that soon,anyway were helping people apply for 7a,loans theres a bunch of forums you need,to fill out its more complicated,than the eidl process speaking of the,e-idl process in case you havent been,on your portal heres the modal they,have important information sba is,continuing to process and decision,covert idle loan applications and,targeted eidl advanced applications,received before the application deadline,which was december 31st sba is no longer,processing supplemental targeted,advanced applications the second bullet,and ill zoom in a little bit sba will,accept requests for increases,reconsiderations and appeals received,within the designated time frame unless,funding is no longer available however,as i reported a couple days ago the sba,has said they have plenty of funding,based on the funding they have they,should be able to fund every single,business that is eligible up to their,approved loan amount so if youre,qualified for 200k 300k 1 million or,higher the sba has said they have enough,money for you now many of you are stuck,in reconsideration or denial because,perhaps of lack of repayment ability,perhaps a loan officer did not,understand what you sent to them they,did not understand your cash flow or,they did it incorrectly whatever the,case may be in many cases loan officers,have reversed those decisions because of,reconsideration letters of course weve,helped a ton of businesses successfully,apply for reconsideration or appeal and,get what they asked for but thats the,eidl news every day we hear from the,folks who are helping that theyre,getting approved so theres good signs,id love to hear in the comments since,were a few days into the new year how,are you doing in eidl land still waiting,have you been successful or have you,given up and moved on to other programs,such as the 7a loan or other private,funding options you know we have four,great partners for business loans and,lines of credits im going to leave the,links to those in the description and,ill talk about them in more detail soon,since youve watched until the end ive,got a special surprise for you we picked,25 000 grant winners on december 30th,and we picked alternates as well and i,said if people dont claim their prizes,were gonna pick more winners well guess,what were a week into the new year not,everyone has claimed their prizes so we,are going to pick more winners tomorrow,in a live video so be sure to hit,subscribe ill be picking more winners,friday january 7th and if you missed,that live well be emailing the winners,and well be doing more thousand dollar,grant giveaways in the coming weeks and,months so dont worry about that weve,been committed to giving most of our,youtube revenue back to you thanking you,for being a subscriber most importantly,use the link in the description if you,want to talk with us i promise you its,worth it stay well stay healthy and ill,see you tomorrow,[Music],you

How to Use the General Login System to Access DSBS Supplemental Pages of Your Small Business Profile

[Music],so the big question is this,how do small businesses like yours who,feel like youre doing,all the right things and going to all,the right events,reach the federal buyer in a way that,helps you win more contracts,that is the question and this is the,place to get your answers,my name is neil mcdonnell welcome to the,govcon chamber of commerce,[Music],okay lets get started in this video i,want to give you a quick tip on how to,access your dsbs profile fields so you,can update that profile,when you cant get access through,sam.gov if you forgot where it was at,so just giving you a reminder your small,business profile in the federal,government contracting space,is made up of your sam.gov profile,and your dynamic small business search,fields this,sba small business profile so together,they make up your small business profile,and to or to change your dsbs fields you,go all the way through sam.gov,pages you just keep clicking next next,next you get the very end,the last page has a submit button before,you hit submit,look right above that submit button you,should see another button that,leads you to the small business,administration or small business pages,and um thats one of the best ways to do,it you get direct access and the in the,linkage between the two systems,is real time but if you would like an,alternate way that doesnt require you,to spend,15 minutes clicking through sam.gov and,having to update that,profile just to update these pages come,over here to this tool called the,general login system,eventually itll be wrapped into some of,these newer tools but right now it still,exists and it still is there to be able,to help you get access to certain things,like a hubzone application,or more importantly to this video the,dynamic small business search,fields that you want to populate like,keywords and capability narrative and,your experience if you dont have an,account,come over here on the left hand side,right here youll see create new sba gls,account,when you click on it youll get a form,that looks like this it asks you two,basic questions are you an ada,applicant right here at the top and at,the bottom it asks you are you a federal,employee answer no to both of those,and then fill in the basic login,identity and contact information,for yourself like i put in a fake,birthday and a fake pin things like that,right now as in a fake address,as im doing the video and then ill,just go in and either delete this,account or change the account so it,actually reflects the,my true data so when you hit submit here,at the bottom for this form,youll get an email pretty quickly from,sba with a temporary password so then i,would log in with govconneal,and the temporary password the system,automatically has you reset your,password to something more secure,when you do that youre brought into the,general login system,you immediately get access to nothing,right so you,you have to request access and um,theyll have to approve it so,the way you do that is up here on the,top you see a menu system with some,buttons,find the one that says access and click,on it and,when it loads youll see several options,you have and im not going to explain,them to you but youll notice like the,hubzone if you want to apply for a,hubzone you can click on that one,but the one you really want to pay,attention to for this video is pronet,dsbs because thats the one where you,can sit there and request,the sba supplemental pages and this this,little window that pops up just telling,you,itll take a few days to get you,approved but,you want to fill out this part that says,sba supplemental pages because youre,asking,for access to the extra pages that would,make up your small business profile,the only other piece of information you,need to add is a duns number,so you put your duns number in when you,hit submit,itll take a few days for them to get,back to you but when they do,youll then see um that you have access,to the supplemental pages,for that companys with the duns number,that you entered,and from here you can go straight into,the fields for keywords,capabilities narrative um the special,equipments the extra fields the,i think some of the principles that you,might want to put in there theres a,fair amount of fields in there that you,can do and now you dont have to go,through all the sam.gov,click through activity so if you found,the content valuable others will too,please give it a thumbs up so they can,find it,if youd like to connect with me,personally do so on linkedin,we often do free training webinars and,interview federal buyers,sign up for the govcon chambers email,list to be notified about these,opportunities right here at,www.govconchamber.com,and then finally please consider,becoming a sustaining member of the,govcon chamber of commerce,help us keep bringing you great content,like this for a dollar a day,im neil mcdonald wishing you great,success

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