1. All4feet Farmers login
  2. Cara Login Pertama Kali Kedalam Dashboard Area Farmers Coin
  3. Farmers World – How To Get Started and Everything you Need to Know!
  4. LOGAN Movie Clip – Rage of Wolverine (2017) Hugh Jackman X-Men Superhero Movie HD
  5. Python Project – Create Registration Form / Login Form Using Python
  6. Why Everyone is Farming Wrong
  7. Sokoshambani: An SMS platform that allows farmers of Potatoes to connect with buyers.

All4feet Farmers login

welcome to the all four feet hoof report,program to view your reports click on,log in your trimmer would have given you,a username and password the username,will be your email address your password,will be a number of letters and numbers,the trimmer is allocated to you click on,log in if you forget your password click,to refresh and the new password will be,sent to your email address log in this,is your page on the top youll see,calendar calendar is basically the,visits that your trimmer has got booked,in for you anything in blue or animals,that the trimmer has requested to view,again you will also get these on an,email 24 hours before the visit you can,view individual animals if required but,to view your reports click on view the,graph you see in front of you now is,highlighting concerns simple but,effective the date dates are visits that,that trimmer has been your customer has,been to you clicking on the date will,take you to that report of that days,trimming you can see your name we can,see the trimmers name and you can see,the date of the trimming strolling down,the page youll find the report as you,can see the cows on the left-hand side,feet theres trimmed and I think with a,camera in the hoof trimmer has decided,to take a photograph he may have talked,you up during the day or require the,vets to see it or further advice or just,for reference for future visits,trimmer has also left a number of,comments on the right-hand-side detailed,information and recommended action,these are his advice to you,you may wish to print the report off go,to the top right hand corner where,youll have Excel spreadsheet or a PDF,file click on PDF file this will bring,up a file that is easy to print from,your printer click on print and you will,get a printed report reports never come,off the site they will stay there so,there is no reason to print these,reports off and that is how you get,access to your report foot reports from,the all four feet site any problems,please contact your own country your own,contractor Fortuner for advice or login,details thank you

Cara Login Pertama Kali Kedalam Dashboard Area Farmers Coin

halo halo di video ini saya mau Jelaskan,bagaimana cara untuk melakukan login,pertama kali di dalam account Farmers,koinnya karena beberapa teman mengalami,kendala saat login pertama kali Nah,login pertama kali ini berlaku baik,sebagai seorang member Ya hanya memiliki,sebuah walet atau juga seorang Farmer,nah kebetulan tadi saya sudah melakukan,register walet di sini ya saya sudah,melakukan register walet kemudian saya,isikan data-data ini dan adalah sponsor,yang saya masukkan di sini dan setelah,saya mendaftar maka otomatis ada satu,email konfirmasi khusus untuk register,walet yang dikirimkan ke dalam email,yang kita gunakan untuk mendaftar nah,ini juga saya sudah masuk ke dalam,emailnya dan kemudian ini adalah,konfirmasi register walet Marco kita,klik disini dan,kemudian kita harus melakukan konfirmasi,khusus untuk pembuatan member ya atau,register walet confirm registration dan,setelah itu kita akan masuk ke halaman,login sama seperti pada tab yang ini,hanya bedanya ini dari ipel nah berbeda,untuk Farmer tidak ada yang namanya,email konfirmasi seperti ini Farmer,tidak ada email konfirmasi tapi adanya,adalah email pemberitahuan bahwa anda,sudah menjadi seorang Farmer Nah kita,akan coba login begitu dengan memasukkan,email kita,e-cash setelah masuk lalu kemudian kita,masukkan passwordnya yang kita miliki,Hai nah ini yang penting banget login,pertama ketika klik login perhatikan,baik-baik sajakan klik wajib Satu kali,klik login junub maka akan gagal,Oh ya Kenapa gagal gagal pertama ini,dikarenakan kita harus membaca dan,menyetujui sebuah agreement jadi untuk,melanjutkan mohon baca dan setujui our,Green mereka begitu kita klik ok akan,muncul Grand Max maka kita geser kebawah,stroll kebawah kita harus pilih yang,Agri kalau misalkan kita pilih disagree,maka kita tidak akan pernah bisa login,jadi kita pilih yang Agri setelah itu,layar akan diam saja tidak akan berubah,tidak ada perubahan apapun dilayar ini,enggak usah kaget enggak usah bingung,kita tinggal klik sini lagi loginnya dan,gagal lagi gagal ini dikarenakan adanya,Google recaptcha and Faith jadi sistem,partai ini sudah sangat aman ketika kita,membuka situs websitenya maka otomatis,ada captcha yang bekerja sebagai,antisipasi terhadap adanya robot atau,spamming atau,kau upaya-upaya untuk melakukan hak,terhadap sistem famous point Nah kalau,sudah seperti banget gagal Yang kedua,kita klik ok lagi dan kita diam saja,dulu tunggu kira-kira 123 ya 5 detik lah,Setelah itu kita klik login lagi,Hai maka berhasil jadi nggak perlu panik,nggak perlu kaget nggak perlu mengulang,langkah-langkahnya cukup klik login,gagal setujui agreement lalu jaga lagi,karena captcha lalu klik login lagi dan,kita sudah berhasil masuk kedalam,dashboardnya member area nah sampai di,sini paham ya kalau Manteman ya oke,mungkin itu yang saya mau sampaikan,sampai jumpa di video berikutnya

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Farmers World – How To Get Started and Everything you Need to Know!

Hey, everyone.,My name is Nathan Pay, and welcome to Blu Ocean Crypto.,Today were going to get started in Farmers World.,If you missed our introduction video,to Farmers World, youll find the link popping up on the screen now.,Itll give you a good overview of how the game works.,So be sure to check it out if you havent already.,Farmers World is a resource management game played on the Wax Network.,If youre unsure where to go, check the description below.,Well have all the official links there.,Step one, log in to get started.,Lets go to the Farmers World website.,Well click the “play to earn” button in the top right,And this will open a new browser tab.,Clicking the login button will prompt us to connect our Wax Wallet.,If you havent set up a Wax Wallet yet, Check out our video here to get started.,Upon connecting your wallet, well have to approve the transactions,the first time you log in and connect your wallet.,Farmers World will ask if you want to add Farmers World,tokens to your wax wallet. Once again,,Say yes and approve the transactions.,Step Two: Acquire your NFT assets.,There are two main ways to get the NFTS that youll need to run your farm.,One;You can use the secondary market Atomic Hub.,Or second, you can use resources to mint new NFTS in the smithy.,Since we dont have any resources yet, well be using Atomic Hub.,Clicking the link go to Atomic Hub will open up a new tab in our browser,with the Farmers World section already selected.,First things first connect your wax wallet and approve,the transaction request.,If you remember from our first video, Farmers World uses,three resources, wood, food and gold.,Well need to grab the tool associated to each resource to get,our farm up and running.,Saws and axes for wood,,fishing boats, nets and rods for food, and the mining excavator for gold.,By visiting the smithy in-game we can see that the rarer,the tool, the more resources it will produce.,But, the more resources it will cost to mint,all of the various NFTs that can be minted, are minted,through the smithy. Blu Ocean Games Guild is also a great resource.,We have an active community,that you can engage with and troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter.,Youll probably remember we dont have any resources to mint new tools,,so well have to hop over to Atomic Hub and purchase them on the secondary market.,Youll see your wallet up in the top-right, along with how much WAX,you currently have in it.,We currently have 133 WAX, which is about $31 American.,Thats more than enough to get us started.,Lets start with a tool that produces some food,,so well search for fishing rod.,On the left you can search for various NFTs by category,and of course, make sure youre searching on the right marketplace.,I recommend you set the filter to search for lowest price because prices,on the secondary market can wildly vary and you dont want to end up overpaying.,Now before we can purchase this fishing rod, lets read this prompt.,Theres no need to rush.,As you can see, anyone can create and mint nfts for Atomic Hub.,So well want to verify the NFT details in order to ensure its authenticity.,This is what youre looking for.,This collection and verified badge.,Also, we can see the NFT I.D., the seller, and the price.,Before we can purchase,,,we have to confirm we have read this alert transaction successful.,Weve got our first farmers world NFT.,You can view the transaction details here.,But I just tend to close it. All right.,Now we want to find a wood producing tool such as an ax.,There are five wood producing tools and the cost tends,to vary quite a bit depending on the rarity of the asset.,As you can see, you can pick up an ancient stone ax,for as little as $0.08 since we have a bit more to work with.,Lets change the search parameters so we can find a better tool.,Lets change the minimum price to five WAX and see if that helps.,Oh, an ax.,We can get it for five WAX or $1.50 usd!,I like that price. So lets get it.,Same as before.,Confirm the collection and make sure it has the verified checkmark,before proceeding.,Thats two resources covered last up.,We need a gold producing tool.,The only tool that currently produces gold is the mining excavator,will use the search bar to pull up all the mining tools Seeing as the mining,excavator is the only gold producing tool, it tends to be a bit more expensive.,As you can see here, the lowest priced mining excavator,is $7.80 USD or 34 wax.,Knowing that this is the lowest price excavator on Atomic Hub,,Im going to buy it again.,Check the collection and that it is verified before proceeding.,And unless we check this box that says approve all transactions,,well have to do this every time we make a purchase.,If you want, you can verify that you have these NFTs,in the NFT section of your cloud wallet.,So since we still have some WAX available, lets take a look,at picking up a membership.,As we discussed in our last Farmers World video, memberships will allow us,to carry more tools of the associated membership type,as well as increase the amount of time needed before we have to log in again.,So we have about $20 remaining.,Why not!? back to Atomic Hub!,And this time will narrow the search results just to memberships.,You can narrow the search further by searching specifically,for a wood, food or gold type memberships.,Lets start with wood.,Membership rarity is categorized as either bronze, silver, or gold.,As you can see, the lowest cost bronze wood-membership is about a dollar.,Maybe we can find a more rare membership type for a similar cost.,Lets look at the silver wood-memberships.,And there you go.,A Silver wood-membership for also five WAX.,Lets grab a second silver wood-membership too.,Since were here, while were at it, lets grab a couple of food-memberships too.,You are limited to two memberships for each resource,,so theres no need for a third.,Now, just like the gold producing tool, the gold-membership,is quite a bit more expensive than the other memberships and are tools.,We actually dont have enough for a gold-membership.,So were going to have to hold off on that for now.,Instead, how about we pick up some more tools?,Lets pick up another fishing rod and maybe another ax.,Oh, it looks like we have enough for another mining,excavator, so lets grab one.,Why not?,Live a little!,Lets confirm our purchases are in our wallet.,As you can see, our two wood-memberships and two food-memberships,,fishing rod, ax and mining excavator are all here.,That should be good.,Lets get farming!,Step Three: Equip Your Tools!,Before we can equip our newly acquired enough,tools, well need to refresh and log back in.,Youll find all your tools in the chest.,To equip the asset, well click the wear button.,As you equip your memberships and tools,,youll see the amount available to equip decrease.,However, sometimes the game will glitch,and not register that youve just equipped the asset.,Patience is key.,Generally, if you give it a moment, itll sort itself out.,Continue equipping your assets, then circle back.,Well go over some common errors and how to troubleshoot them in our next,Farmers World video.,But until then, just be patient.,Continue until all your assets are equipped.,Once everything is equipped, we can hit the home button and see that,everything is in place.,Step Four: Get Farming!,To use your assets, simply click the mining button on the tool you wish to use.,You will need to approve each transaction,,so I highly recommend clicking the Approve All Transactions option.,Thats one down.,Just work your way down the list and hit the mine button,or claim when it comes to the memberships.,Each tool requires a different amount of energy,and gold to maintain based on the rarity.,The rarer the tool, the more energy and gold it will consume.,If you run out of energy, youll need to convert some food.,Click the plus sign in the upper,righthand corner in order to bring up the conversion tool.,Looks like we have just over nine food, so lets conv

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LOGAN Movie Clip – Rage of Wolverine (2017) Hugh Jackman X-Men Superhero Movie HD

[Applause],uh,we need to reach them before they get to,the border,uh,[Music],all right,[Music],run,i want you to breathe just a flesh one,baby,[Music],get behind me,[Music],you took all the medicine,[Music],we got ourselves an x-men fan maybe a,quarter of it happened,and not like this in the real world,people die,logan i dont want to talk about it,logan just stop,be careful i need the girl,[ __ ] her,go get it,[Music],[Applause],no no no,holy [ __ ] and were down,[Music],i am not whatever it is you think i am,[Music],this is what life looks like,people who love each other at home,you should take a moment,feel it,you still have time,[Music],two days only one meal and hardly any,sleep shes 11. im [ __ ] 90.,[Music],oh yeah

Python Project – Create Registration Form / Login Form Using Python

hi everyone welcome back to our channel hope  you guys are well so today in this tutorial i am  ,going to show you how you guys can make a login  from or a registration from using just python  ,and before we start if you guys are new  in my channel then please please subscribe  ,like this video and press the bell icon for the  future videos so lets go back to our tutorial,now first you have to open your code editor and  then create a project and here you can see that  ,this is my project login in python now right click  on this and now we have to create a python file  ,this python file will be project dot py thats  it now here you can see that i have created  ,a project dot by file now for creating this  registration from im going to using kinter module  ,and i have already installed this skinter module  in my project file and if you dont have installed  ,this package in your project file then go to  terminal and here you just have to type pip  ,install and then enter thats it and then type  enter okay but i dont have to type enter because  ,i have already installed this package in my  project file so first i have to import this enter  ,file in my project file so thats why from kinter  i want to import everything so thats why i import  ,and then start thats it now i want this kinter  file into a root file so thats why we have to  ,first give a root and then enter okay so now  i want to this root file to be always main  ,loop so thats why root dot it will be main loop  thats it now first here now we have to create  ,a form we have to create a window for showing our  registration from so thats why i will give root  ,and now i will call our geometry property and  here we have to give a width and height and i will  ,give a width of 500 and then x and i will give a  height of 300 thats it so if we now run our file,here you can see that now i have a window  here and this is 500 width and 300 height  ,now here i will put my heading my entry field  and name field phone number field or anything  ,you want so for doing this first i am going  to create a heading here so for creating  ,our heading we have to take level thats it  and i want this level to be in the root file  ,so thats why root and i want to show a  heading so thats why we have to give text  ,and inside this text we have to give  a heading and here i will give python,registration form thats it and now i will  give a font and our font will be arial and  ,i will give a font size and it will be 15 and  i want this font size to be in bold thats it  ,so if we now run our file here you can see that  we cant see anything because we have to use  ,grid file or we have to pack this label file so  thats why i i am using grid so thats why dot  ,grid and here now we have to give row  and column so for row it will be in 0 and  ,for column it will be in c so now if we run here  you can see that i can see my python registration  ,from heading here now i want some field here like  name field phone number field or gender field so  ,for doing this now we have to create some variable  so my first variable for our name will be name  ,and this will be a level and i want to this level  to be in the root file and the text will be named  ,thats it now i will just simply duplicate  this for our phone number for our gender and  ,for our emergency and for our payment  mode thats it so this will be our phone  ,and our text will be also phone  this will be capital letter and  ,thats it and this will be our  gender and this will be also gendered,now this will be our emergency and this  will be also emergency and here it will be  ,payment and it will be also payment mode so  after initializing our level files now we have to  ,pack these variables so that we can show these  things in our form so if we now run our from  ,here you can see that we dont have anything  because we have to pack these things first or  ,we have to use grid for this thing so thats why  first i will give grid so for packing this thing  ,we have to use grid and here in this grid we have  to use two value one is row and one is column and  ,for our column it will be everything in our second  column now i will just simply duplicate this line  ,and this will be for our name field and  this will be for our phone number field,this will be for our gender field this will be  for our emergency field and this will be for our  ,payment mode field thats it and here row will be  here you can see that our heading was in row 0 and  ,so our name field will be row 1 and this will be  row 2 and this will be row 3 4 and f5 thats it  ,so if we now run our file here we can see that now  we have our name field our phone gender emergency  ,and payment mode now i want some fields so that we  can type our name we can type our phone number and  ,other things so for doing this we have to create  entry here in our python file so for doing this  ,now we have to use entry field and before  fast we have to create some variables for  ,storing our values from our name for our phone  number for our gender for our emergency and  ,for our payment mode so i want some variables so  that these values can be stored on that variable  ,so thats why now we have to create some variable  so for our name field i will give name value  ,and it will be actually a string bar  and i will create our phone number below  ,and this will be our also string bar now i  just simply duplicate this line thats it  ,so this will be our gender  and this will be our emergency  ,and this will be for our payment boot thats it  so now if we now run our file here i want a check  ,button for remembering me or anything so i want a  check button here so so the variable name will be  ,check value tag value will be integer because it  will be either one or either zero so thats why  ,it will be an integer value so thats it so now we  have to create our entry field so thats why type  ,entry and here it will be entry thats it and our  entry value always will be in our root file and  ,the text variable will be that variable name for  that entry so i will just simply duplicate this  ,line so this first entry will be for  our name entry so here it will be  ,name and our text value will be also named  value because in our name entry whenever i  ,write something i want that value to be stored  in our name value which is here name value and  ,this is actually a string because our name will  be always be string so thats why i used name  ,value here so after name value now we have to  create our second entry which is our phone number  ,and our phone number entries will be saved in our  phone number value third entry will be for our  ,gender and this value will be also stored in our  gender value thats it and our fourth value is  ,will be for our payment mode and this value will  be also stored in our payment mode value and this  ,value will be for our emergency and this value  will be stored in our emergency value thats it  ,so if we now run our file here  you can see that we cant see our  ,entry field because we have to pack this values  first then we can see our entry field so thats  ,why now we have to pack our files so our first  entry will be name entry and now use grid thats  ,it and here we have to give row and the column  so this will be row and the second value will be  ,column thats it now i will just simply  duplicate this line and this will be for our  ,phone number entry and this will be for our gender  entry and this will be for our emergency entry  ,and this will be our payment mode now our column  will be three for every field and our row will  ,be here you can see that our heading is in  our row zero so it will be row one and a two  ,three and four and five thats it this  will be payment mode so if we now run  ,here you can see that we can see our entry  here and we if we now write anything here  ,it will be stored in our name variable so  here you can see this is our name variable  ,so now i want to make our check box her

Why Everyone is Farming Wrong

The days of marketplace farming are over as there is a new king on the block.,I’m going to show you 2 farming strategies, the first is the fastest way to farm and the,second is an easier, more casual approach that is still incredibly fast.,For the fastest way, the start is pretty standard, we will get Benjamin down as fast as possible,and save up for a 2-0-0 farm.,Once down, get a second 2-0-0 farm, ideally finishing this on round 13.,We will upgrade the first farm to a 2-2-0 and the second to a 2-0-2.,On round 17, sell the 2-0-2 farm and upgrade the other to a 2-3-0 banana bank.,Now the round timings might change a little based on how much you have to spend on defenses,,but in general they should be pretty close.,Next, we will get a 2-0-0 farm, a 1-0-0 farm.,If you are on an easier map like Resort, you can make both of these 2-0-0s, but if not,,it is not a big deal.,Upgrade the 2-0-0 farm to a 2-0-2, and at the start of round 27, collect all the money,from your bank and upgrade it to an IMF Loan.,Once you have popped almost all the bloons, sell the 2-0-2 banana farm and deposit all,of your money into the IMF Loan.,Continue to put as much money as possible into it while still defending the rounds.,Do this until the IMF Loan’s ability is off cooldown where we will activate it and,upgrade our 1-0-0 farm into a 1-4-0.,Now start depositing as much money as possible into this new one, as we want to catch up,to how much we have in the other.,Use the second loan ability when it comes off cooldown, and deposit all of the money,into both IMF Loans, starting with the new one so that you don’t fill either up.,This will time itself perfectly such that they will both almost be full at the start,of round 34, so sell all of your damage dealers, click collect all on your IMF Loans, and place,a 0-0-4 village in range of both of them.,Next, we will hit play, use an IMF Loan ability, upgrade our village to a 0-0-5 monkeyopolis,,and place down a 0-0-3 engineer to pop the round.,Make sure this engineer is in range of the monkeyopolis and upgrade it to a 0-1-4 as,fast as possible as we want that bloon trap money.,Target the bloon trap as far forward as you can and start placing down 2-0-0 farms inside,of the monkeyopolis’s range.,I had to upgrade the village to a 1-0-5 to fit a third farm, but this isn’t needed,on every map.,Once you have a few 2-0-0 farms, upgrade them to 2-0-3’s and coast to round 40.,Now, if we sell everything but Benjamin, we will be left with about $68,000, and if you,are on a map where you can get a favored trades at the end, you will be around $77,000.,This will be more than enough to insta kill the tier 1 boss but rounds 40 to 60 are where,the real magic happens in this strategy (if there is no water).,Now round 40 is when the boss comes, and you can defend however you want.,I tried to get away with a BRF and a marketplace, but it was probably too greedy.,I also did this while only keeping a marketplace and the results were incredibly similar since,,we kill the boss in just 1 round so don’t worry about it as long as you have at least,1 marketplace down.,Anyway, once the boss is popped, we will make a 1 BRF monkeyopolis as they are incredibly,efficient.,For those of you who don’t know what that is, it means we will get a 4-2-0 banana farm,and sacrifice it to a 0-0-5 village.,This will make us $3,600 per round and give us a boost to other farms in its range.,This bonus extends to the bloon trap engineer, which we are getting again, and we will target,the very start of the track if possible.,Next, we will get down a 0-0-0 and a 0-2-3 banana farm inside the monkeyopolis’s range,and this is where the unique strats come into play.,We will get a 0-4-0 engineer, and once we have $9,000, we will overclock the 0-0-0 farm,,sell the engineer, sell the marketplace, and upgrade the overclocked farm to a 4-2-0 BRF.,This will keep the overclock duration for an incredibly long time because it was an,un-upgraded farm when initially buffed.,After that, we will get a 0-0-4 village to buff our monkeyopolis and BRF and then place,down another farm and a new 0-4-0 engineer.,Once you have these and $13,000 overclock the farm, sell the engineer, and upgrade the,farm to a 4-2-0.,You’re probably seeing the pattern now.,We’re abusing the extended overclock duration, as each BRF makes 80% more money during the,buff.,We will continue to overclock 0-0-0 farms, sell the overclock engineer, and upgrade them,to 4-2-0s until we have 5 BRFs.,It is here where we have a crossroads.,If you are on a map where the biggest monkeyopolis possible is 6 or less you will follow what,I do here, otherwise just continue the pattern until round 60 where you will sell as many,BRFs as you need to beat the boss.,But, if you are on a map like scrapyard, we will make the biggest monkeyopolis possible,,buff it with a 0-0-4 monkey city, and use our patented engineer farm strategy to get,some more BRFs up and running as fast as possible.,Now you can stop farming whenever you like to prepare for the boss, but because I was,in unranked I greeded a bit.,You’ll likely change out a BRF for some marketplaces that you can sell to give you,a few extra bucks on round 60.,But once you pop the tier 2 boss you should have 90 to 100k, so place down a few 0-0-0,farms and get 2 0-4-0 engineers.,We will make two of these bad boys overclocked 4-2-0s right away, sell the engineers, and,prepare to make an overclocked 5-2-0.,So, get another 0-4-0 engineer and save up $113,000.,At this point you can overclock the base banana farm, sell the overclock, and upgrade the,farm to a 5-2-0 banana central.,Next, we will want to fill out the rest of the map with BRFs, and at the beginning of,this process we will continue selling the Engineer in between farms, but once you have,about 9 BRFs down, you can start keeping your overclock engineers and just buying new ones,as you go.,Now at the start of this process, I like to get a 0-2-5 monkey wall street that is buffed,by a monkey city, as it will generate lives and collect bananas for us, but this is not,necessary.,But just keep buying 0-4-0 engineers whenever you have a 0-0-0 farm ready to upgrade to,a 4-2-0 BRF, I found that having 3 engineers is the sweet spot, but it may change depending,on the map and how big your monkeyopolis is.,Once we have all of these down, you’ll want to get as many 0-4-0 engineers as you have,farms.,This way you can keep them all buffed, and they’ll make 80% more money per round, which,easily pays off the cost of the engineers.,This part is definitely not required, but it will make you way more money even in just,a few rounds.,From here on out the farming is pretty standard, with the only difference being overclock if,you want to continue that.,But this gave me plenty of money to get a degree 40 Apex Plasma Master for the tier,3 Boss even without having to sell anything and on a horrible farming map like Scrapyard.,Now, boat farming is still faster (next video), but this is the best strat for maps with no,water.,Now, Punji helped out a ton in making this strat, so if you want some more boss guides,,you should check him out.,But if you don’t want to be exiting to home to get perfect upgrades or you just want a,more relaxed approach, this next strat is for you.,It starts exactly the same, with Benjamin, a 2-2-0 farm, and a 2-0-2 farm.,Then, we’ll sell the 2-0-2 on round 17 and get a 2-3-0 banana bank, but here is where,things get easy.,We will get down 2 more 2-0-0 farms while the bank fills up, and when it is sitting,around $8,900, we will collect it, place down a 0-0-2 village next to our new farms, and,upgrade both banana farms to 2-3-0 banks, giving us 3 of them.,Then, sell the village and either get some marketplaces or a 0-0-4 buccaneer, depending,on if there is water or not.,Then, you can collect and sell them on round 40, which will give you about 60 to 65k to,work with for the tier 1 boss.,I recommend this for boss events as it is super easy to pull o

Sokoshambani: An SMS platform that allows farmers of Potatoes to connect with buyers.

so ist,ist das nötig,oder doch verwandelt,krieg ist,die anstellung die kleine politik,sid,weil die fans,polzin davon wo sie uns,so der turm und foren geht es sich einen,preis,wie die mitte berlins,deuce,alles passt

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