1. Fortiva Credit Card Review – Fortiva MasterCard Should You Apply?
  2. Fortiva Cash Back Rewards Credit Card Review 2021 | Credit Card for Bad Credit
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  4. Fortiva Credit Card Review 2021
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Fortiva Credit Card Review – Fortiva MasterCard Should You Apply?

I am reviewing the for TiVo credit card,and I have mixed feelings about that,[Music],I worked hard to rebuild my credit and I,love making these videos and sharing my,tips and tricks on how I was able to do,that and Ive shown you in the cheapest,easiest way possible but today Ill be,talking about the four-team a credit,card and it is not the cheapest and,easiest way to build a credit so are,there any redeeming qualities to this,credit card Im going to go over that,with you today were going to look into,this card closer to see if it is a,viable option for you to rebuild credit,did you receive an acceptance letter in,the mail for the xiv of credit card well,if you did later I will share with you a,trick that could potentially lower some,of the fees associated with the,fourteenth of MasterCard honestly while,researching to do this video and review,article I have discovered that theres,not that much love for the four-team of,credit card so if you have this credit,card let us know what its like if you,love it let us know if you hate it,let us know now xiv of MasterCard is an,unsecured credit card but there are so,many fees that those fees will add up to,about the same amount that it would add,up to if you were going to apply and get,approved for secured credit card so,thats one of the main problems I have,with this card I think that their fee,structures way too high so this is the,dreaded snapshot of the four Teva fee,structure but like I said before earlier,in this video I am going to show you a,tip and trick on how to avoid some of,those fees at least hopefully so you can,see that there is a huge huge fees being,charged on this card you get an annual,fee and application fee and also monthly,maintenance fees so keep in mind on what,you could potentially have to pay in,order to have the fourteenth of Master,so if youve received a letter in the,mail inviting you to apply for the fort,IVA credit card and you want to do that,I did leave a link in the review article,the pros and cons review article so you,can glance over the review figure out if,this car is right for you and if you do,want to apply theres a link that you,can simply click on to take you over to,Fort IVA and apply for this offer so,when you go to the Fort evil website and,you go to the area where you type in,your reservation code this is basically,what it looks like its very simple and,straightforward so a good thing about,the 45 credit card is that it is a,credit card that will report to the,three credit bureaus the 14 of a credit,card is a MasterCard so the 40 of a,MasterCard will report monthly to the,three credit bureaus and that will help,you build your credit this is so much,better to have than a prepaid card,keep in mind prepaid cards tend to be,just as expensive in many cases as the,Fort Eva MasterCard the only difference,is you will not build credit with a,prepaid card so the 14 of a credit card,can be a helpful tool with managing your,finances you can use this to easily pay,for your utility bills or other expenses,you may have one thing that is nice that,they do include with all of this is that,they will give you credit monitoring,included so that can be very helpful,thats offered to you when you get the,44 credit card and you can closely,monitor your credit and you can see how,it is improving and itll give you a,good indication on when you should apply,for your next credit card like we said,before the 14 a credit card has higher,fees so maybe after 8 months 10 months,12 months 14 months you can see how,your credit score improved and you can,try applying for a different credit card,also I started a Facebook group,especially for people with bad and fair,credit if youre undecided on what,direction you need to go with the types,of credit card offers that you are,planning to apply for I recommend,joining this Facebook group I will,always be posting any kind of,information that can help you get better,chances of getting approved easy credit,approval is the name of the game on my,Facebook group recently I did a review,on the blaze MasterCard and the Avant,MasterCard these are similar types of,credit cards to the Fort Eva MasterCard,if youre interested they are the links,will be in the description below this,video I recommend that you check it out,this is will be a great way to compare,to find the best credit card for you,Ive also left other fair credit card,links in the description below including,store cards and I just am about to start,a fair credit card playlist and that,will include every single video that is,for fair credit and then whenever I do,any future videos I will immediately add,those videos to that playlist so youll,always get the most updated content for,fair credit cards now one of the things,I have against secured credit cards or I,should say some secured credit cards is,that the terms can be a little murky it,is suggested that the security deposit,is refundable it is a security deposit,but certain secured cards do not easily,refund your security deposit sometimes,they only refund your security deposit,when you cancel your account if that is,the case and you decide to keep a,secured card open youre essentially,paying about the same fees that you,would be paying with the 14 of a credit,card so thats why I dont exactly think,that the 40 of a credit card,is the absolute worst credit card out,there it can turn out to be the same,exact thing if you pick a certain type,of secured credit card to apply for now,a while back I did a video on secured,credit cards I talked about the five top,secured credit cards and I talked about,many aspects of these cards and who,theyre best suited for so it all,depends on the situations you are in,your life if youre in the middle of the,bankruptcies some credit cards you,should not apply for during that time,and youll automatically get denied I,cover all of that in that video as well,as covering which credit cards which,secured credit cards will refund your,security deposit without having to,cancel your account so if youre,interested in that Ive left a link for,that in the description below this video,and you should check it out,Ive won one really bad thing about the,14th a credit card is how high the,interest rate is charged there is a,range but the top interest rate is 36%,that is huge but if you watched my,videos you know what I say time and time,again most credit cards have high,interest rates even ones that are for,good credit,so my tip always is pay your balances in,full and the interest rate will not,matter but I need to leave that out,there at the taping of this video the,top interest rate for the 40 of a credit,card is 36% okay so now Im going to,share the passible tip that can help,make the 14 a credit card just a little,bit more affordable now from what Ive,been hearing online there is a way to,get your fees lord at the time of,application and simply what you need to,do is fill out the complete application,and then at one point theyre going to,ask you if you accept all the terms and,conditions from what Ive been hearing,is if you say you do not immediately a,little offer window will pop up offering,you slightly better terms,then everything I described to you today,so if this tip does in fact work for you,I think you should come back to this,video leave a comment let everyone know,they can save more money if they apply,in this way and I do believe I would,deserve that you smash that like button,I saved you money okay so at the end of,the day the four Teva credit card might,possibly not be the worst credit card,out there especially if you follow my,tip today and get some of the fees that,weve been looking at lowered so my,recommendation is it would be better to,have the 14 credit card then do nothing,at all then not start building your,credit today because the longer you are,building your credit the better it will,be the longer your credit history will,be so if theres a choice whether to do,nothing or to apply and get the 14,credit card I

Fortiva Cash Back Rewards Credit Card Review 2021 | Credit Card for Bad Credit

[Music],welcome to credit master where we talk,about,everything credit its your boy again,bitcoin,back at it again look we got something,real special going on,im gonna be going through different,credit cards thats on the market and,were going to review them in depth,to see if they is stud or a bra,a dud and you know what that means were,going to be just going through the,different credit cards on the market,uh different ones you might have heard,of you might got mail about them you,might got emails about them,or you might not even heard of them you,might learn something new,so stay tuned lets get into this,welcome to credit monster,im your host daquan here to help you,become the master,of the credit monster lets go if you,find this content viable,please do me a favor like comment and,share,so we can help as many people achieve,their financial goals,now lets get to the information okay,yall so were going to be talking about,the fortiva,cashback reward credit card now ive,been getting,emails about this card constantly like,they are,banging my email up right now asking me,to get pre-approved,um and ive done a little bit of,research on them and,apparently they used to be invitation,only,but it looks like thats no longer the,case so is a lot of,outdated information out there if you,was to go to research it right now and,thats why im making this video so,lets get into it,okay yall so the way we rate these,cards is pretty simple,we had we look at everything in the,totality of the car annual fee,you know monthly fee rewards,miscellaneous things that may affect the,reasoning of getting this car,so it was three different ratings it,could get it could be a stud,which means in my opinion its a green,light it could be,a maybe which is yellow light,situational,for situational purposes in my opinion,and then we have,bra of dud which is a red light i,wouldnt get it in any circumstances if,it was up to me,and of course this is just my opinion,based on the research i do,on these credit cards so lets get it,okay yall so lets talk about the,fortiva cashback reward credit card,now this credit card is actually a card,for people with bad,credit one of the good things about this,card,is that you could get you could go ahead,and get pre-approved,with no credit check just to see if,youre eligible for the card,now keep in mind that no approval is,guaranteed,this is just if you do get pre-approved,you are,a high chance of getting approved but no,approval is guaranteed,keep that in mind also the apr,which is the interest rate is 29.99,percent now that is a variable rate,meaning it could go,up it could go down depending on the,market and the dependent on the state,laws,um so but that is a pretty high,interest rate for a credit card and more,likely is because it is an unsecured,credit card for people with bad credit,so normally those people you know these,cars give you the short end,of the stick um also there is an,annual fee the annual fee can range from,anywhere,of 85 to about 175,for the first year now at the second,year,they dont really give you too much more,of a break they try to give you a little,bit of a break but,it then turns into a monthly fee of,about 7.25,it really depends on your credit,worthiness i believe so,depending on your credit worthiness they,may try to charge you,um like 4.25 a month or 725 a month it,depends,but me personally i do not favor cards,that charge monthly fees now,one of the good perks about this credit,card is it does give you cash back so,the cash back,is three percent for groceries utilities,and gas,and one percent for everything else so,that is one of the good things about,this car,however youre not going to get too much,of a spending limit with this car,most of these unsecured credit cards for,people with bad credit,dont give you a whole lot of money in,spending power they will give you,like about 300 but this card says it,gives you up to a thousand dollars,which could be good um but it depends on,your credit worthiness how,trash is your credit thats basically,what theyre going off,so you know if you go ahead and get,pre-approved you may have a,better idea of how much youre going to,get but,do not count on that thousand dollars,okay yall so were gonna lay out some,of the pros and the cons first were,gonna go with the pros the pros are,that you could get pre-qualified for,this but no,uh well it was a soft pool so its a,soft credit check meaning it doesnt,affect your credit score,so you could have a little bit of peace,of mind,knowing that you have a high chance of,approval if you get pre-approved,so theres no risk to getting,pre-approved you could do that,and you know have your peace of mind,that you may get approved if you need to,get this card,another thing is that it does report to,all three credit bureaus,some cards do not report to all three,credit bureaus so this is one of the,cards,that you could use to build credit,because it will report your payment,history,to all three credit bureaus another good,thing is that you get,cash back like i said three percent,groceries utilities and gas,and one percent on everything else so if,you go ahead and use this car you do get,your cash back,um another thing is theres no sign up,fee but like i said it is that,that big annual fee so but theres no,sign of because some cars that are,similar to this car,has a a strict sign of the uh very high,sanofi,plus the annual fee so with this one is,is no,sign of face so thats a good thing with,this car okay here come the cons,so one of the big cons is that high apr,yes it is variable but its very high,right now at 29.99,that is a super high apr yall,so i would not hold a balance on this,card,another one is you know the first year,you have their high,annual fee but then the next year you,have monthly,payments monthly payments to this credit,card,i am not a fan of having to pay a credit,card company monthly just to have the,card,so keep that in mind another one is,the high annual fee obviously we just,mentioned that,and then we also have the fact that you,are,likely to have a low credit limit,um these type of cards that you know you,gotta have like,reasonable credit to get that thousand,dollars for the most part,now i really dont know honestly im not,the underwriter for this car,so i mean the thousand dollars is great,but,after the thousand dollars theres no,data saying that you can get more of a,credit line,than that thousand dollars and a,thousand dollars,you know that could come in handy but,youll also be paying that monthly fee,as well for this card okay so the,verdict is,drum roll please,bruh bruh its a dud i wouldnt get this,card,for any reason now let me give you some,context,now the thing is the monthly fees,this car if you have getting this card,you have bad credit youre trying to,build up your credit,you have to keep the credit card,or else youre going to have to close,the card if you close the card youre,going to take a small hit to your credit,score,now you want to keep your cards as open,for as long as possible,thats the name of the game at least two,years you want two years of a good,payment history,on each account to build back basically,perfect credit,now if you have to go ahead and close,this card because these monthly fees is,killing you now because you got good,credit now you got better options,what was the point of getting this card,in the first place like,and so thats my thinking about that and,thats why i say it is a dud,the other thing is the high interest,rate now maybe if the interest rate was,a little lower,i say maybe because these type of cards,like you shouldnt go,cheap you could get way better secure,credit cards with a security deposit,than this card which is unsecured,now if you like like i said,if youre trying to get this type of car,more than likely,youre in a pinch and you need money,fast and this is kind of like,you know like going to the uh,whats it called the the paycheck place,where you get the paycheck loans and,stuff,i fo

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Credit Cards That WON’T Deny You (INSTANT APPROVAL)

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],uh,[Music],hey whats up guys welcome back to the,channel welcome back to another video,if youre stopping by the channel for,the first time please consider,subscribing to my channel,and while youre at it smash that like,button for me,i really would appreciate it in todays,video were going to be talking about,the best credit card for someone with,no credit or very low credit score,it wont be one of those cards you see,advertised,with great reward points or exclusive,perks instead it will be a fairly basic,credit card,thats okay you wont be relying on this,card forever,the idea is to build or rebuild your,credit,and then move on to a better card i,believe the best credit cards,for someone who has no credit or,low credit score are secured cards,with these cards you provide a security,deposit,which protects the issuer in the event,you do not pay,when you close or upgrade the card you,can get your security deposit back,the security deposit reduces the risk,which,makes secured cards some of the easiest,credit cards to get approval isnt,guaranteed,you still need to show you have,sufficient,income in order to be able to repay,the car even though its secured by your,own cash,lets take a look at the three secured,cards,i believe are the best credit cards on,the market,for someone who has no credit or,very low credit scores the first card,we want to take a look at is the,discover it,secured car nerd wallet,gives it a 5.0 star rating,annual fee is zero,apr is 22.9,nine variable,introductory apr is 10.99,on balance transfers for six months,and a recommended credit score of 300,to 629 the rewards and other features,on this secured card for bad credit,are better than those many unsecured,cards,offer for good credit,lets take a look at the pros and cons,the discover it secured may be the best,credit card available for people with,bad credit not only does it have an,annual fee of zero like we mentioned but,it also gives,rewards two percent cashback,on up to a thousand worth of spending,per quarter on restaurants gas,and one percent on all other spending,heres the con the initial deposit must,be paid with a bank account,so if you dont have a bank account this,may not be the right,card for you lets move on to the second,car,which is the open sky,secured visa credit card nerd wallets,rating is,4.6 which is not that bad,but it does carry an annual fee of about,35,regular apr is 17.39 which is,better than the discover it card,now it does not have an introductory,rate though so youll,be paying the 17.39,with your initial purchase or any,balance transfers you do,credit score recommended is 300 to 689,the open sky secured visa,credit card is a strong option for,people struggling to build or rebuild,credit as well as those without access,to traditional banking services,take a look at some of the pros and cons,pros unlike most secured cars the open,sky,secured visa card doesnt require a,credit check,now thats a big bonus for a lot of you,guys who are,that have no credit or,you know again have had some bumps in,the road with your,current or prior credit you dont have,to have a credit score to get this card,so thats good,also setting this card apart from other,secured cards you dont need a bank,account,theres another one you dont need,traditional banking services,either which is a plus you can make your,deposit and pay your bill,by debit card wire transfer,check or money order so thats a game,changer that puts it,in my opinion slightly above the,discover it cart because remember to,discover it card it does require that,you have traditional banking services,heres the con the car charges an annual,fee,yep theres no process to upgrade,to an unsecured car whereas with the,discover it card,you do have the ability to upgrade to an,unsecured card if you handle the your,secured card properly,lets talk about the last card which has,the,lowest interest rate now this,first progress platinum prestige card,has an annual fee of 49 though,the regular apr is 9.99,variable the intro apr,dont have one but the 9.99 is fantastic,it beats both of the cards we,looked at prior to this one right so it,does have the lowest interest rate,recommended credit score 300 to 629,although its always best to pay your,credit card,in full each month especially,when youre trying to build credit the,low,interest rate on the first progress,platinum prestige card,takes a much smaller bite when you do,carry a balance,obviously your goal is to pay this thing,off in full every single month,but if you do got to carry a balance of,the three cards,the first progress platinum prestige is,going to have the lowest,interest rate so lets look at some of,the pros,and cons credit cards for people with,bad credit tend to have,high interest rates often 25 percent,more,the first progress platinum prestige,mastercard however offers a,rate lower than what youll find on many,products for people with,good or excellent credit so that is a,great pro,the con is it does have that forty nine,dollar,uh annual fee which is which is high for,for secured cards right,but to offset that you get the lower,apr on your interest rate well guys,those are the three secured credit cards,that i would ask you to consider if you,have,no credit or low credit,those three certainly will give you an,opportunity to,build or rebuild your credit,and then you can with a couple of those,cards you can,upgrade to a unsecured card,if you handle the secured card properly,you guys know a big proponent of,utilizing,credit cards to be able to assist me in,building my wealth,now in order to do that you have to be,able to demonstrate you can handle a,credit card,properly so that you can increase your,credit limits,to help you build wealth im gonna leave,the link in the description box of this,video,of the three cards i discussed today,drop me some comments let me know what,you think about the three cards we,looked at today,and if there are other cards out there,that you believe,are good cards for someone who has no,credit,or a low credit score drop them down in,the comment box id love to,see what your thoughts are on that if,youre stopping by the channel for the,first time,please consider subscribing to the,channel share the video,and smash that like button thoughts,become things if you can see it in your,mind,you can hold it in your hands you guys,keep chasing your greatness,never stop believing in yourself and im,gonna catch you on the next video,peace todays video is sponsored by my,company rf financial consulting,and in my company i work with,individuals just like you,through financial mentoring and coaching,sessions,and in those one-hour sessions we talk,about strategies,to help you get to your financial,freedom,whether it be through real estate,investing stock market investing,creating additional streams of income,credit card arbitrage or starting,and growing a business if thats,something that you might be interested,in,theres an email address in the,description box of the video,send me an email and lets discuss if,im the right fit for you

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Fortiva Credit Card Review 2021

okay,lets talk about the fortiva credit card,shall we,if you have less than prime credit like,a bankruptcy,its okay this card is designed for the,way you,live according to fortiva i,really dont know what they mean by this,slogan,however when the top credit lenders such,as american express,bank of america and chase tell you,no no no fortiva tells you,yes yes yes but i want to learn more,about the benefits of having a fortiva,credit card,dont you,something about fortiva that you may not,know and that is they provide three,types of services the fortiva credit,card,for teva retail credit and for teva,personal loss however if you are here,today you probably are here,for the fortiva credit card,and you probably want to know what the,benefits are,to having a fortiva credit card and i am,going to,go over those benefits with you now,so according to the 14,something about 14 that you may not know,and that is they provide three,types of services the fortiva credit,card,for teva retail credit and fortiva,personal loss however if you are here,today you probably are here,for the fortiva credit card,and you probably want to know what the,benefits are,to having a fortiva credit card and i am,going to,go over those benefits with you now,so according to the fortiva website,great benefits come standard with this,car you dont have to do anything,extra you know to receive,great benefits so exactly what are these,great,benefits there are four the first one i,give a plus,which is the free credit score the,second one is,periodic reviews for credit line,increases i give a plus plus,the third one is contactless payments,with apple pay,samsung pay and google pay the fourth,would be,account access online or via,mobile app i think the first and the,second,are so important the reason why i think,i like number one the free credit score,is because it keeps you you know,on top of what is happening with your,credit,however as you can see there is an,asterisk mark next,to the free credit,and the reason being is because there is,something else,we need to know something important that,we need to know regarding this credit,score,and that is although the credit score is,provided,by equifax it is for educational,purposes only,so what exactly does that mean basically,the score that you see on fortivas,website,may not be used by other creditors,to make credit decisions,on your behalf so if youre in the,market for a home or a new vehicle,fortiva may show you at a 720,but the lender may not use that,information they may use a different,scoring system,and that scoring system has different,criteria,it may also show that your credit score,is lower it may show you at a 620.,so thats going to change some things,regarding your purchases,you may not get the home or that card,note at that interest rate that you,wanted,at that low interest rate that you,wanted your interest rate,may be a little bit higher than expected,so do keep those things in mind,so now that we know what the great,benefits are,with having a fortiva card dont you,want to know what the fortiva,cardholders are saying,about this card theres a link for that,lets click on this,a review section provided by 45,according to their site 13,404 reviews have been submitted,out of these reviews the highest score,they can receive is 5 stars,and they receive a 4.7 which is almost a,five so this is,great this is really really great,how did they get this number,over 11 000 reviews that were submitted,gave them a five star over 300 reviews,that were submitted gave them a one star,what is this information based on,what what is determining,these numbers if you take a look at the,right,youre going to see that the cardholders,rated them a 4.9,when it comes to the quick approval,they were rated a 4.7 when it comes to,the,card benefits and they were rated a 4.8,when it comes to the application process,it sounds good but i have a question,what are card holders saying about the,customer service,that they receive from fortiva the,interest rate,the fees how do the card holders feel,about,feel about that so youre not going to,find this information,on fortiva site you actually have to go,to an external site to find that,information,and thats what i have done,and lets just take a look when you go,to this external site,you will see that they no longer have a,higher rating,they have a very low rating according to,this site here,the score is actually 1.3 out of 5 which,is very very low,however only 12 reviews,were provided although it is a small,sample of people i still want to know,why these people are so unhappy and this,is not the only external website,that shows sportiva with a low rating,but this is the lowest one this is the,lowest one that i came across,so according to jim this was just,posted on may the 22nd i would rate a,zero,even though the balance was paid in full,before the due date i was,assessed a ten dollar fee for account,management,what is there to manage with a zero,balance i close the account,and would advise anyone to stay away,from this company,in april someone wrote,terrible card even if your credit is bad,very low initial balance and they,um what are they,something deep in the tnc that,they do not increase oh i think theyre,talking about the credit line,theyre saying like they dont increase,the credit line after the first year,wow i mean this is kind of really jumbo,you get hit,with an annual fee and then they,charge you 750 a month for processing,fee,regardless if you have a balance or not,okay,so a lot of the complaints seems to be,about,the fee,as you can see here the customers just,arent happy with the fees,that come with the card and theyre,saying you,dont get a credit line increase,i dont know about that part i mean,because i dont know,if these card holders are they playing,the credit card game correct,you know are they keeping their credit,utilization low or are they,paying early so theres always two sides,to the story,however if you are seriously considering,taking out,the fortiva credit card,read the cardholder agreement,which is provided on the website and we,are going to take a look at that now,because that is going to provide you,with the meat and potatoes about this,card,very important information is in the,card hold agreement,i know sometimes when you have bad,credit or when you dont have credit at,all,and someone finally gives you a yes,after you have been told,no so many times you,glance over or you just dont pay the,cardholder agreements any attention,because you,so desperately want a credit card,but do yourself a favor this is going to,save you some money,this could possibly save you some money,if you read the terms,of agreement so lets start with the,interest rate,the apr ranges from 22.74,which isnt bad that is about average,but it goes up to 36 percent,which is really bad,and youre probably not going to know,what your,apr is gonna be until after you get the,card,you can try to call them or email,someone to see,what your credit score may be before you,agree to the card,i mean you can always give it a,however theyre stating that your apr is,based on your credit worthiness,so if youre applying for this card and,you know you have bad credit,you can probably assume,that youre going to get the 36 interest,rate or at least close to it,apr for cash advances and balance,transfer,ranges from 25.74 to 36,again it goes from average to extremely,high penalty apr,none and the interest they give you some,information,about paying the interest if you need,credit card tips they provide you a link,to the consumer financial protection,agency,fees is another biggie for me,the interest rate and fees determine if,i say yay or nay to a credit card offer,so you are going to get,two fees that are guaranteed which is,an annual fee which ranges from forty,nine dollars to,a hundred and seventy five dollars after,that is zero dollars to forty nine,dollars annually,there is an account maintenance fee that,is guaranteed,sixty dollars to 159 dollars an

$1K Easy Credit Cards for Bad Credit: Milestone v Indigo v Surge v Aspire v Fortiva ???? CREDIT S3•E329

i want to quickly compare and contrast,five easy credit cards for bad credit so,we have milestone indigo surge aspire,and fortiva dont you go anywhere,[Music],so,[Music],welcome back folks to another edition of,the awesome sort of kiwi show how are,you today i hope you are doing fantastic,im doing marvelous if you ever ask me,if you are doing as great as i am go,grab a cup of coffee or tea or what got,me lets roll,[Applause],in todays conversation i want to,compare i actually want to do a,comparative analysis of five easy credit,cards for bad credit we have milestone,indigo surge aspire and fortiva one,thing i want to say right off the bat,please understand folks that these are,cars that you only want to use for one,year because these cars have,lots of fees so you if you have poor,credit the goal is to actually get the,car to use it for one year pay the fees,and then close the account and usually,we recommend not closing not closing,credit card accounts but this accounts,these cards if you maintain they should,keep them open they will be charging you,annual fees every any every year yeah,thats an annual fee and you dont want,that at some point you dont want that,so those are cars that you use only,temporarily very important i just want,to say that because the fees are,numerous okay so lets start with,milestone mastercard so with milestone,if you have a the minimum fico score is,300 okay they have no one-time fees the,regular apr is 24.90,the annual fee 35 dollars to 99 okay,there is no monthly fee and uh,again the minimum credit is bad credit,so minimum credit score 300. what we,love with the milestone is that you can,actually pre-qualify for a card and this,will not impact your credit score,because actually uh yeah i mean if the,minimum credit score is 300 they really,dont need to check your credit okay of,course they need your social though okay,and so less than perfect credit is okay,and you can also uh access your account,through mobile and you have protection,from fraud if your card is stolen or,lost and the account history is reported,to the three major credit bureaus okay,were talking about transunion equifax,and uh experian and what we love with,the milestone is that you can,pre-qualify quickly and easily i mean,you know it happens within five minutes,you just go to the website and it,happens within five minutes so the,website is milestonegoldcar.com,okay this is really good and uh so no,security deposit,you have the credit bureau reporting,this is important and by the fees again,you are you only have one fee,and the fee go this is an annual fee 35,dollars to 99 dollars depending on your,state and,your fico score,and uh,the the max the the limits if you will,that you can get with this card the,initial limit 300,to 2 000 depending on your fico score,and they actually review your account to,actually bump up your limits but again,this is a car that you actually just,want to use for one year and then move,on to another another card,let me talk to you about indigo,mastercard,so when you think about indigo i want,you to think about theres no one-time,fee we love that,though you have an annual fee that goes,all the way to 99,the regular apr 24.90,theres no monthly fee and the minimum,credit score here is uh 325.,so if you have a fico score of 325 you,can qualify minimum okay and uh what we,love with uh with the indigo mastercard,is that you are able to look at the,lets say um they actually uh pay,attention to a few things your income,okay they pay attention to how long you,have been living at the address youve,been living at,they pay attention to uh your utility,bills so pay attention to your dti,and with indigo you do have the,possibility of a soft pool so you can,pre-qualify for the credit card okay and,they will start you at the 500 so they,will search you at 500 to 2 500,depending on your your fico score its,really important to also mention that,the uh the,what we love with this card is that,their customer service is great,even though the fees are a lot they do,have perfect customer service okay you,have mobile account access at any time,okay and by the way the website is,indigocard.com,indigocard.com were showing this to you,on the screen so if youre interested in,uh,in this card okay and you have fraud,protection for stolen or lost cars and,your account history is reported to the,three major credit bureaus in the united,states and one thing we have seen with,indigo card is that if you want to,qualify for the car lets say both you,and your partner have a poor credit and,youre trying to rebuild credit together,its this could be a great opportunity,to co-apply for this card and you might,even be getting a higher limit to start,with you might be getting maybe,800 or 1 000 okay but with like i said,before with uh with indigo you can the,initial limit goes from five hundred,dollars to twenty five hundred dollars,and they review your account every six,months to consider you for a possible,limit increase but again this card is,kind of this card,the the way you play the game with this,card is the same the way you play the,game with the the milestone mastercard,you use the card for one year and uh,after that you just you just ditch it,you never want to keep open,you want to you never want to keep an,eye a credit card that charges you an,annual fee especially if you dont see,any benefits,if you have a rewards credit card or if,you have a a travel credit card that,charges you an annual fee okay,at least there you can see the benefits,but this cards theyre just charging you,for the fact that you have poor credit,and they are helping you rebuild the,rebuild your credit thats the only,reason why theyre charging you fees so,thats for indigo mastercard,[Music],now we have the search mastercard this,is the third card i want to review in,todays conversation okay with search,mastercard there is no one-time fee,you have a regular apr that oscillates,from 24.99,to 29.99 thats variable you have an,annual fee that goes from 75 to 99,and uh in terms of monthly fees none for,the first year but uh after that you,they can charge you up to ten dollars,think about that so not only you just,pay you are paying uh,youre paying already an annual fee but,theyre also charging you monthly fees,thats just crazy but yeah thats what,it is the minimum credit score that they,look at 300 okay and so the website is,searchcardinfo.com,and one thing you need to understand,here is that with a search card with the,search mastercard you can receive up to,one thousand dollars in credit limits,that will double to two thousand dollars,after you make after you make your first,six monthly minimum payments on time,okay and all credit types are welcome to,apply but again they charge a lot of,fees and that we you know the surge,mastercard is one of our last uh our,least favorite cars but again this is it,is what it is okay and your initial,credit limits will go from three hundred,dollars to one thousand dollars okay and,you also have with us with a search,mastercard one thing we love though and,this is important to their credit they,give you free access to your vantage 3.0,score from experian so when you sign up,for each statement this is really good,they have a monthly reporting process,too with the three major credit bureaus,okay and with the search mastercard you,can see if you are pre-qualified without,impacting your credit score so this is,really good we also love the fact that,you have a fast and easy application,process you can you can have results in,seconds in other words you can see if,you if you are approved in seconds,within seconds they have a free online,account access 24 7.,checking account is required though so,for this card for the surge mastercard,they want you to have a checking account,so this is important and the checking,account must be must have some direct,deposits okay and so this is what it is,uh one thing i also need to mention,pretty quickly here is that when we talk,ab

Fortiva Credit Card Review – Bad Credit Unsecured Credit Card

hey Im Adam Jessica from Powell money,comment in this video I am going to,review the fort IVA credit card an,unsecured to credit card targeted to bad,credit customers but before I do that I,would ask you to please subscribe to,this YouTube channel this YouTube,channel if you have not already and if,you have already I thank you for doing,so so for Teva this is a company that,targets bad credit customers for,unsecured credit cards now there are,plenty of companies out there that do,this and I have to say that you know,from everything I know of for Teva I,think theyre more on the worst end of,the spectrum as far as these kind of,companies go in terms of the fees and,the interest and all of those sorts of,things that they are offering people now,I should say right up front I try to be,fair to companies that offer these type,of unsecured credit cards to bad credit,customers because of the fact that if,you have bad credit you know you have a,bad credit history and you have,something in your past that shows that,you did not do so well with credit so if,these companies are offering you,unsecured credit youre going to have to,assume that you are going to pay you,know higher fees and you are going to,have higher interest rates so this is,not a surprise and its something that,you know I dont necessarily like to,bash the companies for doing now I would,tell you that I would always suggest,that you instead get a secured credit,card instead of getting one of these,cards it has you know low credit lines,and high fees and interests but we will,get back to that so anyway these kind of,companies you know theyre taking on a,higher risk so you can see why the fees,and interest are going to be higher and,obviously they want to turn a profit,as well so we dont want to you know,just some merrily say that they are all,bad but in my opinion for Teva takes,things just a little bit too far now for,Teva offers their cards on an,invitation-only basis so you cant just,jump online and you know check out the,offers and apply for one they send out,offers that are somewhat customized to,you know who you are and how bad or not,so bad your credit history it might be,so if you have a very very bad credit,history theyre gonna send you a worse,offer then someone whose credit history,is sort of bad but isnt quite as bad,you know as somebody that maybe is that,a bankruptcy or is defaulted multiple,times or whatever so depending on where,you fall in these sort of bad credit,fear or bad credit range you could see a,different offer from Fort IVA now a far,Tevas offers maybe all different I did,manage to find sort of a generic credit,card agreement that shows what a,prospective cardholder could get and,what that shows is that the interest,rate could go anywhere from twenty one,point nine nine percent on the low end,which isnt really all that low to begin,with but it could be as high as 36% in,terms of an annual fee in the first year,it could be no annual fee or it could be,a forty nine dollar annual fee but then,after that first year it could be a,forty nine dollar annual fee all the way,up to a one hundred and seventy five,dollar annual fee now in addition there,may be or probably will be a maintenance,fee and this me Im having a hard time,saying maintenance maintenance fee is a,yearly fee that is actually doled out,every single month so you might have a,maintenance fee thats sixty bucks or,you might have a maintenance fee that is,as high as 159 dollars and that will,then be charged to you either you know,on the low end five bucks a month or as,much as 1250 per month so you know once,you get to especially that second year,if you have 175 dollar annual fee and,then youre also paying a big,maintenance fee and youve got a you,know super high interest rate youre,talking about paying well over $100 just,to have this card you probably dont,have a great credit line you have a very,high interest rate were sort of,starting to approach the you know levels,of my most dreaded credit card,the first premier credit card so you,know maybe you get lucky and you get a,little bit better,rates and fees with this car than what,Im telling you but on the high end this,card is not something that you want to,mess with now like I said I like to be,fair to these kind of companies,obviously if you are serving bad credit,customers in some cases you are doing a,service for those bad credit customers,if it allows them to rebuild their,credit that is not always a bad thing,and sometimes those fees and interest,are going to come with the territory,however in the case of Fort IVA if you,do a little digging into the company,what you find out is that this is a card,that is issued by bank of Missouri but,the company that actually you know sort,of created the card and markets the card,is called atlanticus holdings or maybe,atlanticus Services Corporation and I,think theyre like under atlanticus,holdings corporation well when you look,back in history you find out that,atlanticus holdings corporation used to,be a company called Compu credit that,used to issue or market a lot of other,bad credit cards and at one point got in,trouble with the US Federal Trade,Commission to the extent that they were,forced to refund over 100 million,dollars to the customers of these cards,they have because the FTC said,essentially that there were deceptive,marketing practices so there is a,history here you know with this company,so therefore Teva now but theyve been a,lot of other things in the past or,theyve backed a lot of other things in,the past and so that makes me even a,little more leery of dealing with them,now I should mention here that there is,a second way that you could get to know,for Teva and that is through retail,credit cards so for Teva provides what,is called second-look financing to some,retail credit cards and what that means,is if you apply for a retail credit card,and you are rejected for it and that,retailer has some sort of relationship,with for Teva what might happen is the,initial bank who is their partner might,say no this persons credit is too bad,then that retailer might say well lets,ask 40 but if theyll take on this bad,credit customer and Fort Eva might look,at you and say okay well take this,person and you know obviously they would,probably charge you a higher interest,rate and some fees but if you would,initially be rejected theres the,possibility that you would then be,accepted via Fort Eva now I know I,believe currently and I know in the past,that Home Depot is one of the retailers,that has used for Teva or however these,connections all happen there are Home,Depot credit cards out there that are,for Teva credit cards so not the one,that Citibank issues but if you get,rejected for that you could end up,getting one from Fort Eva okay so now,Im gonna make my pitch for secured,credit cards the problem with unsecured,credit cards for people with bad credit,like the Fort Eva credit cards is that,you usually have small credit lines that,youve got high fees youve got high,interest rates yes they may help you,build credit but you are spending an,awful lot of money in order to get,yourself there and theyre not,necessarily helping you build credit all,that quickly so especially youre gonna,pay these high fees you know think about,you know paying $175 Plus every year to,have an unsecured credit card well you,might as well take that money and put it,into a deposit toward a secured credit,card so if you dont know what a secured,credit card is you have to put down a,security deposit in order to get the,card you use it like any other credit,card after that you get a credit line,that is essentially equal to whatever,your deposit was but that deposit just,sits there you dont spend that deposit,every month you use the card like,regular you pay it every month and as,you make your on-time payments this can,help you build credit when you no longer,want the card anymore or you get,upgraded to a better card you can get,that security depos

$3,000 American Express Credit Card – Pre-qualify With Minimum 580 Credit Score | Rickita

hey beautiful people its rick and im,back with another video so in this video,you guys i want to talk about the credit,one bank american express card now i,told you guys about the american express,credit card and how you guys can get it,with a 620 credit score a minimum of a,620 credit score by going through macys,and getting it but with this one i,usually tell people with credit one bank,you want to have like a 550 credit score,but i think that you guys may be able to,get this one if you guys have like a 580,credit score now i told you guys about,this in a previous video too i just came,in talked about this a little bit,but i didnt go into details and i think,that those people that um couldnt get,the credit card directly through,american express then those people can,try to get this credit card if your,credit score is really low so if you,have a 580 credit score you want to get,the american express credit card,definitely stick around because im,going to show you exactly how you guys,can go ahead and get this credit card,and then the best thing is you guys can,pre-qualify without a hard inquiry now,let me go over a few details um about,the credit one banking american express,card so,in general credit one bank um i usually,suggest credit one bank but the thing i,dont like about credit one bank is that,they do charge annual fees and this,credit card will have an annual fee but,i feel as if its american express,um for those that really want american,express at least you will have an,american express so i can understand um,paying the 39 annual fee but so many,other credit cards just a regular credit,card they charge annual fees for it and,i dont like that,but they will pull your experian credit,report you can pre-qualify for all of,their credit cards so not only just this,credit card the american express one,they have other ones you guys can go,ahead and pre-qualify and you can click,right here to see if you pre-qualify,were gonna do that next and then,theyll um youll do a quick application,theyll let you know what they can,pre-qualify you for and its not going,to affect your credit for you guys to,get pre-qualified now they say for this,credit card the credit one bank and,american express they said they want you,to have an average to excellent credit,score i dont think that you guys,um should get this credit card if you,have excellent credit like why get this,one if youre gonna pay an annual fee 39,dollars you might also get what a better,american express car and ill make sure,i have that link down below if you guys,want to see if you can pre-qualify for,just an american express card in general,and listen if you can pre-qualify,without a hard query why not,try,you guys are going to get the unlimited,one percent cashback reward um with this,credit card which is really good at,least you get something um you guys are,going to get the retail protection and,then you guys are going to get the,american express offers and the special,benefits so,um thats like with the shopping dining,travel and all of the american express,all um all the things that they offer,for people that have american express,cards you guys are going to be included,in that now like i said you guys want to,have a 39 annual fee the apr is 23.99,percent so its kind of its a little,better than some of the other credit,cards um thats on the,the easier cards you guys can get at,their credit score um some of those,credit cards have 29 percent so this is,a little bit better but its still not,its not the best you guys can get,credit cards when your credit score get,really high you guys can get credit,cards with lower um apr and more,benefits but some of the other,additional benefits that you guys are,going to get you guys are going to get,the um contactless payment,thats when you can just,tap your card,a lot of times when you uh at the store,or,two you can um do it online also you,guys are going to get the zero fraud,liability all that means is if you have,a transaction on your credit card that,you did not authorize then theyre going,to protect you from that and theyre not,going to make you pay that thats what,that zero fraud liability is you guys,are gonna have free online access to,your experian credit score i really like,that for the people thats like me you,like to continuously check your credit,you guys are gonna have access to your,experian credit score,and then theyre going to have an easy,to use app so thats really good you,guys have access to the app you guys get,customizable notifications like a lot of,times i want to know when things are,charged to my account when my um,balance hitting a certain um threshold,um if my bill is due i like to get those,notifications,you guys will be able to customize which,notifications you want so thats really,good and i really really really like,this when you can choose a new due date,so you guys can choose a new deep um new,due date so if you want to switch your,due date if the due date is on the 18th,and you want to start having your due,date on the first or second then you can,switch that due date i really like that,now im pretty sure you cant keep doing,that but in terms of switching or do,they so when you find out when you want,your due date to be just make sure you,stick to that due date they have a few,reviews on here but,its on their website you know you could,take it or leave it,in terms of um,if you agree with their reviews or,sometimes if you do more research you,may see other reviews outside of just,here and they may be more,real of whats going on now like i said,too you guys can pre-qualify for this so,to see if you pre-qualified just click,right here see if you pre-qualified,and this is what its going to look like,for all of the credit one bank cards if,you want to pre-qualify its the same,form you guys are going to have to fill,out so youre going to know in less than,60,seconds without impacting your credit,and youre going to get all the benefits,that i already talked to you guys about,so what youre going to want to do is,youre going to want to put your first,name in your last name in your mailing,address city state zip code,youre going to want to put your email,address in your,main phone number most likely your cell,phone number social security number,your date of birth and then your total,monthly income so a lot of people get,tripped up with the total monthly income,but all you have to do is figure out how,much you make per year and then divide,that by 12. so you can click right here,to have a calculator calculator for you,so you can say how much you get you make,per year so say you put two hundred,thousand on here,that means that youre making um sixteen,thousand dollars per month,and thats what you would put in that,section but they actually put it in,there for me huh good but um thats what,you guys will put there if youre only,getting um,fifty four thousand dollars per year,just put the fifty four thousand in,there and then they say hey you make it,forty five hundred dollars per month and,you click close the window and there it,is right there theyre going to actually,put that in for you but like i said too,for this one after you fill out this,form theyll let you know what youre,pre-qualified for,and if you guys want to see if you can,pre-qualify for other american express,credit cards then all you have to do is,just click that link down below ill,have that link,for you all,to go ahead and click to see if you can,pre-qualify for other american express,credit cards if for some reason youre,not getting approved for a credit card,its most likely because you need to,remove the negative accounts thats on,your credit reports a lot of times you,have negative accounts to your credit,reports thats stopping you from being,able,to get more credit cards so i always,tell people sign up for my school some,membership my social membership is where,we help you um and you can do it,yourself too or we can send out letters,for you we help you get those nega

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