1. Jobber Review- Service Business Scheduling and Invoicing Application
  3. Setting up your Jobber Account for Success – Jobber Series Episode 2
  4. Service Fusion: Full workflow demonstration
  5. How To Automate The Sales In Your Business // Interview With Curt Kempton From Responsibid
  6. Client Hub Tutorial – Hudson Bros Lawn Care
  7. JOBBER TUTORIALS Ep 1 – Create your first Client/Quote/Job/Invoice.

Jobber Review- Service Business Scheduling and Invoicing Application

yes this evening Im going to do a quick,review of an application called a jobber,we originally had a client that was,interested in doing some upgrades,between their QuickBooks as top,quickbooks online company file and what,we found was we felt probably the best,suggestion was actually for them to,implement a service type application,which is leading to the review were,about to do right now so Im gonna dive,in lets share my screen and just kind,of do a an unboxing if you will of what,we currently have so again this is,jabber and if we get started off well,go straight to the basic dashboard I,already went in earlier did a quick,video of just getting started kind of,popping some details and everything else,but as an overview once you have a,couple jobs in you would see your daily,activities as youre seeing here Ive,gone in and Ive added in a couple,requests maybe a couple of like invoices,those type of details and it actually,has great sample data so you can get an,idea of what you would see anyways so we,have one unassigned scheduled item for,today we can click on that and its,going to bring up a request that came,through from a previous client I need,hot water its gonna tell you the,location of it the details,if youve assigned it to somebody and if,it hasnt been you could actually click,and then choose who to assign this to,depending on which teammates you have,here click boom good to go and then I,could click Save and now that will put,it on to my calendar for the calendar,theres a couple different ways to view,this you can look at it from a monthly,view of course weekly grid as well and,depending on how you schedule out your,day how many employees you have so forth,you can have this kind of overlapping so,you can see whos available or not for,for dispatch purposes dispatcher is one,of the rules that this application will,let you actually set somebody up at so,we set up something from her bathroom,wall leak for a couple days,one of the other things I really like,this is the different employers we have,more employees,I like the map view as well so here,weve got this one specific day we have,a couple different items that have,handled during that day and its showing,the different locations because this,will give the ability for the actual you,can use the phone app your technicians,could use it to get directions to where,they have to go to and they can also if,you assign ahead of time they know,exactly what its doing just those,things again you could rearrange the,order so since this is any time we,should be able to take and move this one,up lets see here,thats something like that so then weve,got our list which would be all of our,different items that need to be handled,but some of the other items I really,like about this so you go to the client,list of course you have your properties,and your people which are all part of,that list the idea being that you may,have a property that could have multiple,jobs to it or the people that are part,of that property so its its like a CRM,aspect of it again weve got a whole,bunch of fake sample data in here which,is great it kind of gives us a good,overview,why dont we click on Casey here and,when you dive into that client well see,Casey see the address the person see the,different tasks or active work thats,going on so whether theres a quote,weve got out pending which on the quote,you can adjust the way this will look,the information you want to be seen on,here how many custom fields theres,quite for custom fields you can add to,it as well and then you can very easily,go through convert it to a job its been,accepted collect a signature on it which,i think is really really important lets,try clicking that for that covet so this,would be having it on your pad having,somebody sign right when youre there in,front of them and then you can send them,a copy as wasyou the goal being you go,out to court a job create the quo,perfect they sign off get the work going,get the job done,lets go back over to our so again our,people area we clicked in here and weve,got additional details here so your,active work any requests that came from,that person so maybe you have somebody,that just sends you a lot of work maybe,they its a property management company,that has a lot of different properties,that would be an example of this where,theyve got to first quotes C to track,whether youve won the quote whether,its still pending so forth different,jobs that youre on and then the,invoicing in a moment what Ill show you,is they actually have a client portal,aspect of this as well so your client,can log in like this person would be,able to go in and see all the different,quotes their invoices all that,information which i think is great,because its hey its they may use it,they may not but it gives them a way to,get the information that they need,without necessarily having to interrupt,you but youre still the one thats,giving in the content so youre still,doing the job turn notes hidden away,youve got your attachments of course,properties exact same idea come into a,property here now you see the property,you should see the people that are,connected to it we can see that I just,scheduled a request I need hard water,different things for the week again,active work requests quotes jobs so,forth shown the map just location of it,add things on the fly so now if I go,into the work tab I mean this is really,probably the most important part of it,they do have an add-on for expense,tracking so if you can get your,teammates used to using the application,and adding in their different expenses,this really could be useful to help,mitigate some of the expense reports,maybe that you have to create if theyre,having to put on two cards so forth you,can also add time so weve got,timesheets on here you can choose a,category it looks like you can choose,basically a person or an active job to,assign it to oops,well go start time,8:00 a.m. and well say 3:00 p.m.,duration time well go to testing time,save so that should actually tag it,straight to that job which is great then,when youd go for approving timesheets,youd be able to see through here having,gone through this whole part of it to,see exactly how it goes to payroll or,the integration aspect of it but perhaps,in a different video we could go over,that as well Im gonna go back to my,work tab trying to go through this,somewhat fast but just so you can get,more to see more of the app itself we,can add a new job we can see weve got,five active ones weve got one thats,required invoicing like its done then,your invoices a-wing payment your quotes,people responded so forth,requests are pretty cool I do like I,like this effect I like the concept that,youre gonna have somebody just send in,a request for additional assistance itd,be great again apartment complex if,youre the person thats going to be,taking care of this its a few – the,foreman or the property manager having,it set up for each different tenant can,actually make a request through this,that could be another good use of this,going to are quotes so the quotes jobs,invoices all that stuff you can really,fine-tune the way you want this stuff to,look lets go up to the top right gear,icon here Im gonna go into settings and,through here you can go to your branding,set up of course your company logo,company information I really dig the,fact you can add the social networks on,where this comes into play is if when,the inside of the client portal what,will happen is it gives you the ability,that you can actually they can contact,you by going straight to social media,now as long as you doing a good job,thats a good thing youre not maybe not,such a good thing we went into here to,open the so you can customize your PDF,settings so for invoices you can come in,you can add in a whole bunch of language,at the bottom here which ends up in this,bottom little corner here so I repeated,a whole bunch of the same language just,copy paste copy paste copy paste because,I wanted


[Music],whats up guys we got another new,storefront today,this is a coffee shop shouldnt be too,big of a deal but were going to get it,cranked out real quick,all right,[Music],[Music],whats up guys marshall with lakeview,window cleaning i just got back from,doing,a walk through for a construction,cleanup so yeah were kind of running,around today that was like 45 minutes,away so that was kind of a drive but,its good because i think were gonna,get that job so hopefully you guys will,be able to come along with me i didnt,film any of it today,um it was my first day on the site so i,didnt want to walk around trying to,film things but,i think once were in and doing the work,i might be able to film a little bit of,that,so hopefully later down the line you,guys follow me along for that,and let me know if you guys do,construction cleanup comment below,were going to be working with a casino,uh its gonna be basically hotel rooms,so eight floor is a hotel room so,you know if you guys have any experience,with those in particular construction,cleanups,um let me know because im always,looking for tips and pointers a little,bit of footage yesterday from one of our,newer storefronts too,that was 517 coffee a little coffee shop,here in town,and that was the first time cleaning it,that was pretty straightforward not too,crazy dirty or anything like that,now were at a cat cafe this is also a,new customer of ours,inside windows they got some partitions,and then were gonna do some exterior,window cleaning,and i think thats it were gonna round,out the day with that,so anyway follow me along for the rest,of this cleaning and well get after it,thanks guys,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],whats up guys marshall with lakeview,window cleaning here yeah that video was,just kind of a mashup of a couple of,days,some new storefronts that we cleaned pet,cafe and the coffee shop,so shout out to them for getting on our,route thats super awesome to add those,two businesses to our route,in 2021 gonna be doing them both monthly,also,that was the first clean on both of,those they werent that dirty,the cat cafe those partitions there,they had a little bit of cat prints on,them and stuff like that but,to be expected that was the video,hopefully you guys enjoyed it,the next video we do is going to be the,post construction cleanup,im going to try to film some of that,and well see what happens if i get,enough footage to make a full video out,of that i will,were not going to be cleaning windows,there until a month from now,this first trip is just going to be,cleaning the frames and getting some of,the paint residue and tape and things,like that off of the frames,if you guys want to see that comment,below know anything about construction,cleanups comment below,and thanks for watching the video make,sure you like it make sure you subscribe,to us,um we just hit 100 subscribers so thats,really really huge,really really happy thank you guys so,much thank you to window cleaning,resource for helping us get there,window cleaning resource just shouted us,out as one of the top,youtube channels to follow for 2021 so,thats,amazing to even get recognized by those,guys so thank you so much you guys,um we literally would not be here,without you hope you guys enjoyed the,video,um subscribe like check us out on,facebook and as always go to,windowcleaner.com for any,of your tool needs um actually,i just got to download a scratch waiver,and a contract form for over five,thousand dollars for this next job that,were doing,so you can find those forms on wcr.com,uh those are super helpful i just,downloaded them and then plugged,my information into them and sent them,off to my customer,insanely easy to use something else i,just started using was jabber ive been,using jabra in the past but i kind of,stopped using it,didnt really need it as much but i just,started using it again recently,for this job i sent out a bid with,jabber i got the first month free,from using the code from stevo the,window cleaner so if you guys want to,check out jobber,for free for a month go over to stevos,channel hes got the code i think in one,of the videos im not sure,check that out super good service you,get to try it free for a month pretty,cool thanks for watching the video,and as always stay clean and windows,stay getting it,peace guys,you

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Setting up your Jobber Account for Success – Jobber Series Episode 2

welcome back to the channel todays,episode is jobber series number two,which is setting up jobber for your,business im gonna teach you guys,everything you need to know,how to set up java and optimize it for,your business success,lets get started,[Music],[Music],if you have any questions make sure to,throw them down in the comment section,because ill either make a youtube video,answer it in tech talks or respond,directly that comment i appreciate your,guys support and id love to see you,guys getting after it,so keep up those questions if you dont,have any questions you can always like,and subscribe the video support the,channel i truly appreciate that,so next thing im going to mention last,thing ill mention before we get into,things here,is im going to put my jobber link down,below if you click on that youll get a,discount for six months,as well as a free trial so make sure,take advantage of that because honestly,you need jobber,if you want to take your business to the,next level so what youre going to do to,set up your jobber account first off,youre going to click the link in the,bio to start your free trial,and then the first thing youre going to,do is go over to your settings so in,your settings here id always like to i,always recommend starting at the top and,working your way down,so on your company settings youre going,to be putting your companys name your,phone number,email website your billing address the,hours of operation and all your tax,settings here,and thats very self-explanatory just,take a second to set that up,you guys dont need any help for that,the next thing would be your branding,which is crucial,in becoming a successful company is,having great branding so as you can see,here we put our logo in,and then you can see what your pdf style,would look like you can also attach all,of your social media channels,so ill zoom in just keep it simple this,is what our quotes would look like when,theyre sent via email,so yeah just throw your logo in there,nice and quick and then you can change,your pdf style but i like going with,this one right here which is the modern,settings,and then products and services in here,you can preload all of your products and,services,with pricing so on here this is not,going to show our pricing but you could,put in,200 and update it and then its always,going to be a 200,flat rate just add all your services in,here that way its click and its ready,to go,custom fields this is another awesome,tool that you guys can use,so on your job or custom fields what you,can do is you can create these to track,throughout the customer journey,just to see like the lead source where,did they come from who made that sale,you can also track property custom,fields the lead source,job sources anything like this you can,just track all of your custom details,on your clients that will help you know,where theyre coming from or who sold,them that way you can always keep good,data on your customers,next thing would be your job or payments,so on here just takes a second to set up,but its definitely worth it because,as you can see here it will send you,payment notifications it will,automatically just go directly to your,bank account,straight from jobber payments which is,incredible,expense tracking again you can create,your own accounting codes we dont,bother doing any of those if you guys,are really into that you can,just another tool that you can use to,keep organized so now well go into our,team organization here,so on here what you can do is you can,add all of your team members so what you,do is here you can click on myself,ill have my personal profile my address,all of this sort of stuff so you can,just add your team and manage them in,here,the next thing well look at here is,your work settings so,what you can do here is you can set up,all of your automated reminders so on,quotes you can set a reminder so,add a reminder your calendar to check in,on quotes you havent heard back on in,three days,that way youre following up on those,leads because following up on your leads,is crucial to making good sales,um and you here you can create all of,your invoice reminders,calendar and again were going to do a,more in-depth video on this i mentioned,that my last video,but this is a this calendar settings is,something i want to do a full in-depth,breakdown on,but you can see here you can assign a,color to a worker so lets say i want to,make sure that every time,im working its going to be pink okay,so bang so now anytime i book a job as,adam chapman its gonna come up pink,so the next thing here is jobber forums,which ill have to do another full,in-depth video on,but job reforms is incredible if you,have guys working for you you,need job reforms ill just pull this one,up really quick to show you guys but as,you can see here its our christmas,light form,in my last video you briefly saw that,but as you can see here i custom created,this form so when the guys are doing,each job,they go in and simply fill it in was,there a wreath yes or no,was there a timer yes or no how many,lights do we use,every single thing you need to know and,i recommend creating those for each,different service you offer,that way youre storing staying,organized the next section which is the,client,communications so client hub is awesome,it gives you a general overview you can,have your requiring a signature for,clients to approve their quotes directly,through the email,um you can see what your clients are,allowed to log in to see on their,dashboard,um you can have them request request,changes book their appointments,you can also share in your their login,page so they can go in and see jobs that,have been done in the past,client hub is a great place for your,clients to have access and see whats,going on with their own property,and when works coming up the next thing,which again im gonna have to do a full,video,on this because theres so many,capabilities but as your templates,so you can customize everything so ill,just pull the quotes up really quick,you can change this so this is what my,email would send like hey natasha thank,you for your quote,and you can also send a text message but,again i will go more in depth into this,because this is an incredible feature on,jobber that i feel like a lot of people,arent utilizing properly,the next thing would be your,notifications and what this is is just,your general,what kind of notifications you want to,send your clients so right now as you,can see here we have quote follow-ups,so lets say we send a quote on the,monday they dont answer on wednesday,its going to send them a text message,saying hey,do you have any questions about your,quote and then on the friday its going,to send them an email saying hey its,adam do you still want to proceed with,the quote,youd be shocked at how many quotes get,signed after the second and third,attempt,so i definitely recommend having your,quote follow-ups on and again you can,have your invoice follow-ups and all of,that,but currently we have those turned off,just because were in the off season,the next thing would be your request,page which again you can customize your,form however youd like and then that,would live on your website for clients,to,for clients to request quotes and then,these things are optional but we use,them,so we have connected our quickbooks uh,links to our,is linked to our our jobbers link to our,quickbooks so my accountant can go on,there really quickly,and see the numbers of the business and,then we also use the mailchimp,integration,which again i will be showing you guys,fully in depth on a video because this,is extremely powerful tool,that i feel like a lot of people arent,using properly but what you can do is,connect your mailchimp account and send,out all of your automated campaign,so there you have it thats just a brief,overview of setting up jobber for,success,because i recommend that you guys start,at the top and work your way down and,customize,jobber to suit your business as

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Service Fusion: Full workflow demonstration

[Music],in this demo video I will give you an,overview of some of the products that we,offer and then walk you through a normal,workflow process our software is broken,up into two core components the first is,the admin system which is what you would,use in the office from the admin system,you can create an estimate convert that,to a job whenever youre ready you will,have access to a drag-and-drop dispatch,screen thats very simple to navigate a,company in your own personal calendar in,the accounting section service Fusion,allows you to invoice customers directly,out of this software but it also,integrates with both QuickBooks desktop,and click books online finally you have,a reports section with the ability to,create custom reports and export that,data out of this system into an Excel,spreadsheet the second piece is the,field worker interface this is what your,service tech would use out in the field,from their smartphone or mobile device,from this interface they can view their,job assignments behind a calendar view,under my work if you allow them to they,can create their own work orders out in,the field view inventory and stock,levels per warehouse location along with,basic clocking in and break functions as,well that are then sent into a payroll,report the field worker app also tracks,your service technicians location this,will keep you in the loop on whats,happening out in the field at all times,so to start lets talk about how we keep,you and your team organized under the my,office tab you will see estimate and job,statuses service Fusion allows you to,create as many statuses as you need once,created those statuses will appear on,the left hand side of your jobs,dashboard this will make each work order,very easy to find based off your own,filing system you can even search for,clients using the search field to the,far right so lets pretend that a,customer calls in and requests that we,meet them at their property for an,appointment today at 9 a.m. in this,scenario the admin will go into the,dispatch screen to the far left I can,view all of my service technicians from,this view I can easily see that max is,available during that timeframe I would,click and then choose job doing this,will send me to the creative job screen,but it also inserts max as the service,tech and plugs in the date and arrival,time so if its a first time customer,one that Ive never dealt with before I,can key in the information as they,provide it in these sections if its an,existing customer I can search using the,first few letters of the customer,company main phone number or email,address anything that you can think of,to pull up that klatch record once Ill,pull up a customers record in the,upper-left beneath the customer section,you have service agreements so you can,name your service agreements define what,they cover even plug in a life span so,the moment I pull up this record I,instantly know whether this client is in,or out of warranty beneath that section,of the customers contact information the,service location now if you work with,residential customers some of these,clients live in gated communities or a,password protected area so you can place,the flag in the box and then type in the,gate code so the service tech has access,to it without calling the customer,directly beneath this section I have a,job description and I will key that in,here,purchase order number its all tracked,and allocated to the work order so,really quick just to make sure that you,understand where were headed creating a,job in this system is very simple I have,the consumer related information on the,Left scheduling and any notes,specifically for the service technician,on the right and at the very bottom I,have a section McKean all charges,associated with the work order as well,so going back to the consumer side of,the work order at the top we have a,toolbar the second box or customizable,fields in service fusion you can rename,these fields to say whatever you would,like so the admin or the service,technician can plug in the answers that,apply and its all tracked on this work,order you have a section for photos,documents even equipment and equipment,history with respect to this customer as,well now in the scheduling side of the,work order if it happens to be a,multi-day job you can place a flag in,the box and then plug in the start and,end date in some industries that we,service they have jobs that repeat so,you can place a flag in the back,and it set the parameters for how often,you would like for the system to,recreate this work order and it does it,all automatically in the completion,notes section the service technician can,summarize what was done on this job,leave recommendations for the customer,anything that you can think of and those,answers will populate in this section in,the middle area we have a section for,you to plug in a full diagnostic,checklist this will ensure that your,service technicians are doing a full,diagnostic on every single service call,in the notes sections you can send,messages back and forth to the service,technician the this extra this area is,private and this customer will not be,able to see the notes in this section,but its still linked to this job under,reminders you can set the system to,remind the customer or the service,technician by means of email text,message or a phone call with respect to,this job appointment scroll to the,bottom and click save job so for most of,our customers it literally takes 60,seconds to create a work order and then,youre on to the next task in the upper,left the system will assign this a job,the job will work the work order number,on the right-hand side I could take a,deposit or create an invoice with one,click of the button email the work order,to my service technician or print out,the work order with or without the,pricing so we created a job and we,assigned it to max so Im going to play,the role of Max to show you what the,service tech sees when he receives this,job so the work order we just created,ends in seven to six so I would click to,my work the job ending in seven to six,is the very first work order well click,on it and this is your service,technicians view in the upper right they,can see the customer name and the,scheduling information behind the info,button you can view all jobs and,estimates that weve ever done for this,customer historically hopefully this,will save your text a ton of time from a,diagnostic standpoint bond the mapping,button I can receive turn-by-turn,directions to the job site upload as,many photos as I would like and capture,multiple signatures and connect those,signatures to this work order as well,scrolling down to the bottom the service,tech behind the task box can view the,diagnostic checklist and can check off,one by one as they complete them this,way you can confirm that those tasks,were completed prior to them leaving the,property behind the invoice tab again,assuming that were at a customer site,and now we need to add some charges so,as you probably have noticed you can add,a product and you can add a service now,you can do this separately or you can,bundle them together you guys probably,know this as flat rate pricing but we,will do this individually for this,particular example so lets add a,product as you can see all the,categories are broken down and theyre,enhanced with images so its a lot,easier for the taxa tech to navigate and,if hes in front of a customer its a,lot easier for them to sell so I will,choose split systems and as you can see,we have two sub categories again very,simple for the tech to navigate so Ill,choose air conditioners and in this,section you can view the products add it,and now I can view the description I can,give you as many pictures as you would,like to upload and even videos now the,videos are something thats normally,supplied by the manufacturer unless you,guys choose to produce something,in-house pricing can automatically load,member pricing if the customer is under,an

How To Automate The Sales In Your Business // Interview With Curt Kempton From Responsibid

all right all right,all right all right all right okay well,were live here we are whats up this is,keith kalpas with the untrapped podcast,and were reporting from,fort worth texas at the power wash,university expo,being thrown by michael hinderlighter,being hosted by bobby,walker and im here right now with no,one other than the genius,kurt kempton founder respe,responsibility,and whats up man how are you man whats,going on,what are we doing at this place and what,are you doing here,well i think everyone for the most part,here is just getting their brains filled,with knowledge,its been a long time with covid its,been a long time to be able to sit in,the room,with a bunch of other people learn a ton,of stuff,i mean its actually almost breathtaking,because its reminding me of the days,when i used to go to conferences and,learn a ton of stuff all at once but,theres a lot a wide variety of people i,kind of thought that powerwash.com was,going to throw an event that was all,about,like how pressure washers work how to,rebuild a pump,how to put some new o-rings in but,thats not whats happening here,whats uh you got people like bobby,walker speaking well actually bobby,walkers just emceeing hes not speaking,yeah hes up there cracking jokes yeah i,like it yeah hes,hes actually kept the room quite alive,but um i know kenda,who is brandon vaughns coach brandon,vaughn josh latimer,was here um the morning was filled up,with a bunch of other,like just really great speakers keith,actually you kicked the whole thing off,yep theres been a lot of inspiration,theres been a lot of know-how,theres a lot a lot of um sort of,helping people find that their limits,are a lot further,away than they thought that they were,and thats the kind of event thats,happening here when im here i just came,as a sponsor i just came,to support the event and they ended up,having me go up on stage and i spoke a,little bit about you know how responsive,itself works they wanted me to spend 15,minutes,downloading that into the crowd but um,i kind of came here just thinking it was,gonna be a sponsorship opportunity but,its been really cool to see that,theres a lot of people whove been pent,up for the last year,that are ready to break free and and,thats been the overall feeling,since ive been here i love i love it i,see,i feel this buzz in the air too of its,starting to feel like 2019 again,yeah well yeah it really is how crazy,busy everything was,that buzz in the air and um uh but yeah,im excited its beautiful weather now,im excited im here to learn,and uh brandon vaughn just spoke about,an hour ago and he was talking about,systematizing your business and,systematizing the sales and all these,things you can,build and hire your team yeah it calls,up maps,marketing administration uh production,and sales,[Music],and what i love about it is we were,talking about this earlier,he provides sort of this blueprint for,what people should expect,as they go through the growth process,and what the next thing to work on will,be and what an organization chart would,look like to all different parts of the,of the growing of your business but the,best part,like any map is that he shows you where,where youre trying to go,but he also based on the number of,dollars that your company is doing,he gives you a you are here portion and,its so nice because he can show you,where youre at and youre like oh,shoot im still pretending like im a,small business or,im trying to do things that big,businesses do i need to focus on whats,actually important right now at this,time of my business life,and um you get to see the light bulbs,just coming on like crazy all over the,place,yeah dude yeah its so awesome and then,uh you,with responsibility i know i have,response a bit on the front end of my,website and i was talking about,that a little bit when i was speaking,yeah and you were,it really does work how um and people,sometimes email me ask,ask me what it is its uh kurt who is,here on on the podcast,um check them out ill put links in the,show notes develop this software system,that,its on my website and basically it,automates and closes customers for you,so you can be on a job or you can be,sleeping or on vacation and,you can like kind of clone yourself and,its like a virtual sales person almost,talk about that well so and its at its,root,responsibility is a sales process there,but its you build it and you download,your brain of what the optimal buying,experience would be for your customer,then responsibid will create the,ultimate sales process,for you so theres a buying experience,for the customer and theres a sales,process for you and theyre both,important but theyre different,so um what i mean by that is that you,tell responsibility how to price how to,package how to,sell good good better best how to upsell,down sell cross-sell and it sounds like,a lot of crazy stuff,but once you put that all in there now,whoever is using response bid and that,system,will not only have active automation,going and pushing,the whole cycle along which is important,but everything will sort of be within,the right guide guide rails,and the other cool thing is is that not,only will you be on the right path and,and have the right guide rails but,youre actually going to have um,sort of a way of knowing that no ones,falling out of the bucket,so thats the biggest problem is when,theres chaos in your business,every time you are going out to make a,sale youre rushing out there,youre bidding the job or whatever if,you if you rush out and do it,in person to responsibility the,follow-up on that person is not going to,fall by the wayside also you know that,the packages are going to be presented,the same way that they would be,presenting any other time,also if they dont decide to go with you,right now and they get that follow-up,and they click on the link again,theres a video reminder of keith,kalphus who was at my house or,what the owner of the business im now,bonding with him through video even,though hes asleep right now,and that can happen in person but it,could also happen over the phone,it could happen as you said on the,website,its a system at its core with three,different manifestations of ways to,enter the system,phone in person or over the website,and whats happened is over the years,weve seen that companies like,homeadvisor thumbtack theyve looked and,said hey,look at all these dumb people out doing,blue collar work that dont know,anything about,technology and that sounds harsh but,heres the thing,when they took advantage of all the,people who didnt,know how to build technology instead of,them building that sort of,experience for their customers they said,well just build the experience,and then well go into um a way of,basically presenting this on behalf of,several companies and they can all pay,us to fight over the same customers,so they saw the opening they came in and,they did it and what were passionate,about responsibility is saying,no no no we know that theyre not,technology but these people are not,stupid,they actually deserve to own this,process and we move the in-house for,them so that the customers fighting over,which package to select,from that company rather than having,their phone blown up by 17 different,service providers,because they started with the promise,they would get an instant quote online,and house call or not sorry house call,pros crm we integrate with,but um homeadvisor and thumbtack theyre,like,no no come to us well give you an,instant quote air quotes right,and then what they did is they just,shipped your information for 12.95,or depending on the area significantly,more,for all these people to blow your phone,up its just messed up man,whoa yeah oh my god thats how that,works,so quick question i use jills office,theyre the virtual receptionist oh yeah,call answering service they pick up my,phones and they do a great job,but i also have responses but how do i,integrate those two together so,just super quick yeah so i actually wa

Client Hub Tutorial – Hudson Bros Lawn Care

hey everyone i just want to let you know,about some amazing updates that we have,uh coming uh to our clients with hudson,brothers lawn care,uh weve made a lot of changes lately,weve been growing at a really rapid,rate,weve been doing our best to keep up,with everything and keep everything,organized our communication our,appointments our reminders,our scheduling our billing theres so,much to keep up with and so were trying,to make things,uh more integrated all into one system,to make it less confusing for you guys,make it less confusing for us we dont,want to forget your yard so,i wanted to walk everyone through a,really neat feature,of some of the new software that were,using called client hub,its going to make it a place where you,can go you can pull up all of your,information about the,visits that you have invoices you can,pay invoices from there you can look at,past invoices,its very neat you can even request new,work through there,so i just wanted to do a quick,walkthrough to show you how to get,to this client hub and some of the,features,that are available that will make your,uh user experience with us,as a client hopefully a little bit,easier a little bit more simple,a little bit more fun so anyways were,going to do a little bit of screen share,here im going to show you exactly how,to access it what some of those features,are,so first off what you need to do is go,to our website,which is hudsonbroslawncare.com so we,see that,in the url right there,hudsonbroslawncare.com,so what you would do is the first time,youre going on there youre going to,want to click,on this client login so when you click,on the client login,it will uh prompt you to put in your,email address where it will then send,you an email,with a secure link to the client hub,they want to make sure that youre,the correct person so if youre a client,of ours,it will have your email address in the,system as long as we have your email,address and we use it for billing,purposes,if we dont have your email address make,sure to send it to us so that way we can,put it in the system,well attach it to your account and your,invoices,and that way you can log in and use the,client hub,so uh heres what it will take you to so,when the client hub launches,it will be personalized to you,so i have myself in my own personal yard,uh as a client in the system so we can,see,uh the services that have been done on,my yard uh any uh,open invoices because ive left some,open for this,uh particular tutorial well see how it,works,so if there were any open quotes this is,where it would be maybe you wanted some,additional work,uh it would be right here uh,appointments,so we see the upcoming appointments that,are scheduled for the rest of the months,you know,tentatively when were planning on,coming the rest of the,of the month we also can see some of the,past services you can click on some of,those,and we can see who did it we see,zacharys beautiful face,he took care of my lawn last week that,was very very kind of him,uh so we know exactly whos coming,whats going on,uh when the lawn was last serviced were,able to to see all those things,and then were able to pull up our,invoices so ive left like i said an,invoice open,so it will show past invoices that have,been paid any open,invoices as well so we see here that,this open,invoice is still unpaid because i am a,late payer,and i also get really cheap lawn,services we can see for a dollar,theres got to be some benefits to being,the boss right,so anyways youre able to pay the,invoice right there,thats all you got to do you click on it,and youre able to put in a payment,method whether its a credit card or,a debit card and youre able to pay the,invoice,right through the client hub another,really interesting feature that i wanted,to share,with you guys was the wallet so while it,makes things,very easy its kind of a set it and,forget it put it on,autopilot if you want to so you can add,a payment method,that stays in the system and whenever an,invoice is generated it automatically,pays the bill for you and then sends you,a receipt so you know that its,paid so it makes things very easy very,simple if you dont want to have to,log in every time we do the yard and pay,the bill again if you want to do it that,way,fine if not you just want to do it once,thats how you add a payment method,and then it securely uh saves the,information,and allows us to process it for payments,so one note that i want to make about,the invoices real quick,is that these invoices in this system,are only from when we,launched using this software forward so,its only been a couple weeks,if you have outstanding invoices past,say like two three weeks ago,theyre still going to be uh how they,were done before you,have to be paid the way they were before,were trying to get all that closed out,so that we can just move,forward with this new system very simple,very clean,very easy so only uh invoices within the,past couple weeks are going to show up,here,but going forward all of your invoices,will show up here so itll make it very,easy,to keep track of everything to keep,everything paid if you have any,questions,it might be easier to log on to here,than to have to ask us about it because,you might get a quicker simpler response,though we have no problem answering any,questions you might have,a couple other interesting features,the contact us details just in case you,forget our phone number its right there,our email address,its right there our hours of operation,they are all right there along with our,social media pages so if you want to,check us out on facebook twitter,instagram leave a yelp review or google,review,uh those buttons are all right there so,hopefully this will make things,easier for everyone itll make things,easier for you and itll make things,easier for us how to help us keep track,of everything as the company is growing,and keep things simpler so nobody gets,forgotten,that everyone has clear communication,clear reminders,clear invoicing so if you have any,questions please feel free to reach out,to us my number is 843-991-4109,or check us out at hudson bros care,gmail.com thats the email address that,you would want to contact us,at again if we do not have your email,address,make sure to send it to us and then that,way we can put it into the system,and we can make sure that we have uh,this client hub available to you now if,you are pretty sure that we have your,email address,uh and it doesnt work youre not able,to access it,again just reach out to us well make,sure its in there and then we should be,good to go,again if you have any questions feel,free to reach out to me i hope this,works out for everybody and i hope that,everybody enjoys this new feature,and i appreciate everyones patience as,were growing and changing some of our,systems this year were trying to make,everything,easier and more efficient for everyone,have a great day

JOBBER TUTORIALS Ep 1 – Create your first Client/Quote/Job/Invoice.

whats going on you guys im mitchell,with mitchells lawn care welcome to the,channel,if youre new thanks for tuning in if,youre a little subscriber welcome back,i hope that each and every one of you,are having a wonderful and blessed,day that youre happy and healthy and,youre just capitalizing,on a new year this is going to be,a new series for me a new playlist if,you will,all about jobber if you are interested,in it,youre already a user whatever it may be,im going to try to do a few episodes,that dive into jobber kind of a tutorial,if you will so without further delay,lets get into this,[Music],so in march of 2019 i just want to give,a little quick backdrop okay march of,2019 i started using jobber,and i knew about them since 2017 when i,went to the first,or my first gie plus expo i saw their,booth set up,and i didnt know what it was kind of,just walked by started asking some,questions and found out it was a,software-based company that worked,in our industry the green industry okay,they service,many other industries but they have,software that is tailored for us,okay so uh i kind of pawned it off you,know i was using quickbooks and had been,using it for years and it was the method,and system by which i used and,you know it was working for me but it,wasnt working great,and the more and more i thought about it,and the more and more time i spent in my,office,i realized that something had to change,so,january 1st of 2019,i was like okay nows the time,weve got to do something okay so i,switched to a a free,crm software not jobber and i wasnt,happy okay,im not going to tell the who that was,but you know i just wasnt happy with,that software,their customer service was lacking i,didnt like the app,i didnt like the desktop software yada,yada yada,so i was growing really frustrated,because time was ticking im going,further into the year i had already,turned my back,on quickbooks and my old method,and i needed to get something in place,quick so,enter jobber the customer service team,at jobber has been,wonderful and the rest is history,so this first episode is pretty much,going to be,from the point of youve already signed,up with them,you you know youve got your package,deal and,youre ready to get started with your,first client,your first job and you want to know what,to do,okay so thats what this video is going,to be,lets dive into it this is the home,screen thats going to list,you know requests you have in your,quotes,your jobs and your invoices stuff that,is is past due needs attention,uh drafts things like that so this is,kind of a quick reference,screen for you to see,you know pretty much whats going on,what youve got out there,what youve got coming in and what you,may need to handle okay,so you want to go to new client alrighty,so you get the phone call coming in and,its,mrs doe mrs jane doe for conversation,purposes okay,and youve got them on the on the phone,so you would go to right here,this is miss,jane doe now company name this is a,great spot if its a commercial account,and thats you know what you want the,the you know the headliner be on the,quote on the invoice,stuff like that so right here company,name lets say,jane doe is the ceo of,food lion thats a grocery store where i,live so,food lion and you want that,to be the account title so you could,select right here use company name as,the,primary name okay so you would select,that and it would put that kind of like,bold on your quotes and invoices okay,if you wanted to do that now right here,is your contact details,phone number and theres a little drop,box right here so work mobile home fax,and other,so if this is her main number main,number you would put our main number in,a lot of times people call from their,mobile and you would ask them that you,know is this a cell phone,so you could label that and put in,their number all right,now right here receives text messages is,a great thing,to know from that client because you can,send them their quotes and invoices and,correspondence via text message it gives,them a link that they can go to for the,client hub,so right here when you select mobile,all right theres a little tab a little,switch,for on or off for receives text messages,okay if they receive them and they would,like to get it that way,you can do this receives text messages,okay,if you want to you can add another phone,number all right so lets say,you can contact them at home,all right but their primary contact is,their mobile phone you would just,hit that little star right there okay so,do that,now down here would be their email,address if you want to send all,correspondence to,email so lets just do dain.do at,getjobber.com its a fake email,and thats their email address okay now,under here is all your automated,notifications,quote follow-ups appointment reminders,stuff like that okay,and then theres settings for all of,that additional client,details if they were referred by,somebody so lets say,miss jane doe was referred by john,smith okay and you can also add any,other custom fields that you want,thatll be a whole other video i do on,customizing jobber to tailor fit,your needs okay so,im not going to allow that but anyways,server street address and lets just,pick one of these random ones that came,up from canada,because jobber is a canadian-based,company,and right here if you need to put in tax,you can,is their billing address the same as,their property address,and additional property details this is,a really good place,to fine-tune this contact okay,i have already added in this custom,field right here,visit frequency is it going to be a,weekly service or a bi-weekly service,okay and ill show you how to do that,are there turf treatments at that,property okay lets say theres a turf,treatment and its,75 dollars per treatment okay so thats,in there now,so you know what to to build them in,case you sub contract up,is there a dog is there a locked gate,you can highlight that,and all of this is customizable is the,yard small,medium or large if you need to know that,and then right here it says add custom,field okay so you can click on add,custom field,and this is where i put in uh the turf,treatments,the frequency of visit stuff like that,so you would just type it in right here,the true or false is the little box that,you you can select,drop down fields would be where you,select weekly,or or small medium large yard and then,the text field is where you can type in,a price,okay so,thats pretty much it for setting up a,client okay and that way you would do it,a lot quicker if youre not trying to,record this but anyways,that is your client details so right,down here where it says,so right down here where it says save,client,you will save the client all right,and looks like weve got some wrong,phone numbers,and this is good though because you may,enter in something thats invalid okay,so im gonna try and do this,a default number,just for that and see if thatll save,and it did okay now,this is your client screen alrighty so,everything that you just entered in,is right here in this main client screen,okay,uh so youve got their address,okay youve got all the custom fields,that you just entered,right here is the overview for requests,that has come in from them,quotes that you may have jobs and,invoices,here is all of the company information,and their phone number email address who,they were referred by,if you need to add tags you can,we can go into that and once there is,billing history,all of that will be right here and,jobber,payments okay also you can make,notes on this client if whether it be a,good thing or a bad thing if there was,something wrong with the property you,can notate that the date,and you know talk to them later about,that,if you will okay so if you need to edit,it,send them an email and more actions,right up here in the top right corner is,very important,if you click on more actions,this is going to bring up all of your,action items,did they request you to do something do,you need to send

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