1. Ron Spreeuwenberg, HiMama Demo at Product Hunt TO #11 EdTech
  2. Funshine Express and HiMama Curriculum Q & A
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  5. EGGS CURRY | 1000 ANDA MASALA Recipe Cooking with Dhaba Style | Simple Egg Gravy Cooking in Village
  6. Rudra – Season 1 – Full Episode 13
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Ron Spreeuwenberg, HiMama Demo at Product Hunt TO #11 EdTech

welcome to the high moma product demo,row I hope you got your belt on because,youre about to get your socks knocked,off tonight I learned that line from one,of our sales reps or plots of beauty but,seriously were humbled to be presenting,at product on Toronto tonight and I also,love the data point that the EdTech,industry is worth 5 trillion dollars if,we get Im going to take that to my next,VC pitch and say if we can get point one,percent of the EdTech industry were a,five billion dollar company so thanks,for that so if I seriously we are,excited to be here representing the,youngest and most precious age group in,our educational system and thats infant,children through to kindergarten age,thats who we support at hi mama with,our apps for preschool and early,learning programs and basically what our,app is its an app that preschool,teacher is used on tablets in the,classroom to record childrens,activities thats everything from health,and well-being to learning and,development and also just silly in fun,moments that parents are at work,pretending to like work on an excel file,but theyre just staring at their,monitor are going to love and smile a,lot during the day okay so my name is,Ron Stromberg Im the co-founder and CEO,of hi mama Im actually presenting,instead for our CTO Alana fromi shes,not in Toronto tonight but shed,actually be much better presenting but,our product but Ill do my best we do,have some of our team here somewhere,wheres the high moma team give me a,showdown okay theyre here so cool least,weve got them so the ayala team is,passionate about two big things so the,first is engaging parents in their,childrens learning and development so,this is a very important to us and the,second is empowering early childhood,educators they need to get a lot more,respect in society theyre not getting,very much right now,those are the two things that we care a,lot about and we hope that those two,things ultimately translate into better,outcomes for children so Im going to,show you a little bit of our product,tonight a few interesting things about,us so you know what has driven our,product decisions so the first is that,we are bootstrap company so our,decisions are being based on being agile,and not over engineering things the,second is that were in a traditional,industry even more so than k-12,technology adoption is very slow in,preschool programs and thirdly we work,with multiple stakeholders so we have,users that are teachers we have users,that are parents and we have users that,are administrators of childcare programs,we have to balance the needs of all all,of these three stakeholders so Im just,if you just give me a moment to sort out,my text here im going to show you the,educator app because we really see the,early childhood educators or preschool,teachers as our primary users that are,the ones who are entering the content of,childrens learning and development into,our app for parents to experience as i,pull this up a little bit about it so,the first thing is again based on you,know being a bootstrap company we first,built a responsive web based mobile apps,okay thats where we started based on,Ruby and booster up and then we created,hybrid apps we used tools like PhoneGap,to create hybrid us because we knew that,platform flexibility was important for,preschool teachers for example were,available on iOS and Android were all,going amazon so thats preschools who,dont have a lot of money can use us on,kindle fires that cost 50 bucks instead,of ipads that cost over 300 for an ipad,mini okay so let me just pull up our,screen here im going to try doing this,on,my head so im a teacher im logged into,the educator after seeing this on ipad,mini right now like I said its build on,a responsive platform so you know its,designed to be used landscape portrait,etc and you can see it looks pretty,clean for a web-based platform not,native so basically im logged in as,soon as my kids arrive Im sort of,checking them in and so its doing a lot,of those these administrative pieces for,me in addition to the communication,space with parents sort of wanted two,key pieces that we focus on is ease of,use so Ill put yourself in a preschool,room as a preschool teacher youre,trying to look after twenty kids that,are running around being crazy and,youre also trying to do some,documentation youre up so its going to,be super fast so you know we can do,things like batch update so if,everybodys having the same you know,snack or whatever it is its designed to,be very quick to use and this is,replacing a lot of the pen and paper,work that the educators are doing,anyways so its replacing that and,making it faster versus creating,additional work for them and thats very,important point to make one of the key,pieces that weve also focused on as,learning and development and so as part,of that you can add learning and,development activities for children so,lets say Lucy was doing something in,class today and Im going to pull that,straight from my lesson plan so this was,a planned event for the day and lets,say it was a science and nature activity,point plan for the day which was reading,about shapes in nature I dont even have,to type that its coming right from my,plan thats been prepped in advance and,I can also tag development skills in,that though as well so lets say I want,to add additional information about that,being associated with the emotional,domain and autonomy an indicator that I,observe was she initiated the reading on,our own and I can also add photo or,video updates which of course,the parents are going to love so the,really cool thing about what I just did,in about 10 seconds is that that did a,whole bunch of stuff in the background,that that teachers otherwise would have,to do on their own and so let me show,you some of those things so the first is,the parents are going to get a real time,update so again when theyre at work and,theyre looking for something more fun,to do than work theyre going to get an,update about their kid which is awesome,the second thing is its going to go in,their daily report that the parents are,going to get the S at the end of every,day and it also goes into a couple of,other reports or what we call a visual,learning journal and also development,assessment so first of all lets take a,look at the development assessment so,you saw me added some add some of those,learning skills that were involved in,that activity as a teacher thats,automatically going into an assessment,for that child which is kind of used,because if you know any teachers,including preschool teachers a lot of,their extra time and evenings and,weekends is spent doing grading and,reports and this just happens in the,background so Ive got all of my,observations all my notes here in one,place and I can drill down for more,information on any individual activity,if Id like to learn more the other,thing is that youve got a visual,journal or a portfolio as we call it as,well and this is quite powerful for,educators because they like to go back,and they like to reflect on learning,visually to see what children are,hugging up to to see okay instead of,planning whats happening over the next,month I can see what in this case,Edwards been doing for the last three or,four days and I can plan the next event,based on his learning which is called,emerging curriculum so Im basing that,just right for his level to improve,outcomes for him so thats the way that,the program is designed you can see that,hopefully its pretty easy to use and,thats where we put a lot of our,emphasis with high Mamas making it easy,to use thats the really quick,the demo because were a little bit,behind Im just going to show you that,ease but if you have questions offline,come to me Im happy to answer them so,today we have thousands of childcare,programs using hi mama we have hundreds,of thousands of parents on our platform,also theyre very engaged users which is,very important to us we have about half,a million and trees added

Funshine Express and HiMama Curriculum Q & A

[Music],hey everyone my name is kaya price and i,am part of the hi mama team here and i,manage our social community and in a,past life i was an early childhood,educator in a preschool classroom im,joined to us today by beth ellis,president of sunshine express to talk,about our new high mama digital,curriculum which is powered by sunshine,express early learning curricula,thank you both so much for joining me,today and talking taking the time to,answer some questions related to the,incredible early learning curricula your,team at funshine express has created,over the last 20 years beth welcome,were so excited to chat with you today,i am glad to be here too and were,actually at 27 going on 28 years,wow okay,for quite a few years already weve been,doing this,thats awesome beth lets talk about,some of the benefits of using the fun,shine express curriculum within hima app,i know a lot of folks in our community,are really curious how this will work um,but what are really mainly the three,benefits you would say,these you know we we have a couple of or,some benefits that we promote and they,came directly from our customers when we,did some surveying,most of our customers when asked will,say that they feel like they save at,least one hour a day,per day on planning and prep for,curriculum so,if you as an owner or you as a teacher,think about you know an extra five hours,of classroom time,that you gain back classroom time or,prep time that youre gaining back,thats really significant you know were,eliminating the time hopefully that it,takes you to really search for,activities to build your lesson plans,were saving you time on documentation,because weve got those standards and,those alignments built for you um so,thats thats a big number one um the,second thing that we really believe is,that,using our curriculum helps to improve,outcomes for children and consistency,across the program too so we have some,very large,organizations that are using us you know,with across up to maybe 10,or even 20 i think we have one customer,with about 20 different locations,and that,particular owner,wants to see consistency between her,centers and also between the classrooms,and whats being taught to specific ages,um so its a its a much,more consistent way of tracking what,those outcomes are gonna are gonna look,like for children and families like to,see that too and then the third,benefit we really feel is that of parent,engagement,that is something that within our,industry has been talked about a lot,over the last 10 years especially,and with the digital curriculum in,particular,those observations can be easily shared,when you want them to so not every,teacher is going to be comfortable,sharing those observations thats really,an individual decision between the,teacher director you know of the,facility,but if you want to be sharing those,observations,or even just information about,what activities have been done during,the day what the children have been,working on with their learning,its much easier to,engage parents,you know especially parents now that are,young and very technology,savvy,its a wonderful way to involve them and,engage them,bet thank you so much for spending the,time with us today and really letting us,know about more about funshine and how,the program works and how the curriculum,works and its really just great to know,that sunshine really is putting,educators first at the heart of,everything that they do just like us,here at hi mama its definitely a great,partnership were super excited,if youd like to find out more about,information or are interested in the,upcoming themes and trainings that,funshine produces you can visit,sunshineexpress.com beth thank you so,much for joining us today,thank you

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I remember the bad days,I remember being down but we are now,I mean sometimes youre not even giving,a chance sometimes you just got to take,it,I remember the bad days do you think,Oh,[Applause],[Music],dr. Cuddy I wouldnt talk,[Music],ah,we playin da,[Music],do they move on you know harmony I,[Music],Oh,[Music],only then can I get the heck eaten,my male body idea,[Music],afternoon sir oh yeah I hear certain new,sea islands Batali half a day,get a plastic initially my boyfriend,Jonah Hill Metronomy engineer named,Jeremy Jeremy porch apart in a normal,day car to America dayglo Jackie a demon,appealed to Nicola Caqueta Karen gotta,nocturnal a Jamaican Garanca Dakini area,where a lot of hard work

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Hayamma Hai Hai Amma Lyrical Video Song | Preminchu | Laya | Sai Kiran | SPB | Chitra | Telugu Songs

హాయ్ హాయ్ హాయ్ ,హాయమ్మ హాయ్ హాయ్ అమ్మ ,ఈ తుంటరి గాలేంటమ్మా,నిలువెల్లా గిల్లుతోందమ్మా,దాయమ్మ దాయ్ దాయ్ అమ్మ ,నాఒళ్ళో దాక్కోవమ్మ,గాలైనా చేరలేదమ్మా,చెలినాదుకో పురుషోత్తమా,చెయ్యందుకో ప్రియనేస్తమా,జడివానతో సుడిగాలితో పడలేనయా ప్రియుడా,దాయమ్మ దాయ్ దాయ్ అమ్మ,నాఒళ్ళో దాక్కోవమ్మ,గాలైనా చేరలేదమ్మా,హాయమ్మ హాయ్ హాయ్ అమ్మ,ఈ తుంటరి గాలేంటమ్మా,నిలువెల్లా గిల్లుతోందమ్మా,గాలి ఖవ్వాలీల గాన కచ్చేరీకి ఊపు ,రెచ్చే వయసు వయ్యారం,కైపుతాళం వేసి ఖూనిరాగం తీసి,తూగిపోయే తీగ సింగారం,నర నరంలో నిప్పు తరంగం ,ఆపతరంగాని సుకుమారం,మత్తు మృదంగం కొత్త తతంగం ,యమ కదంతొక్కు సింగారం,మునుపు ఎపుడు వినపడని మధురిమల,మొదట చెలిమి శ్రుతిలో,వలపు తలపులకు తలుపు తెరిచి శివమెత్తే గతిలో ,జతగీతమే జలపాతమై జతులాడే లయలో,దాయమ్మ దాయ్ దాయ్ అమ్మ ,నాఒళ్ళో దాక్కోవమ్మ,గాలైనా చేరలేదమ్మా,హాయమ్మ హాయ్ హాయ్ అమ్మ ,ఈ తుంటరి గాలేంటమ్మా,నిలువెల్లా గిల్లుతోందమ్మా,ఇంతకాలం ఇంతపెనుభారం,ఒంటరిగ ఉందా కంటపడకుండా,నిన్నుచూసే లేత నయగారం,కళ్ళుతెరిచిందా వేంటపడుతోందా,ఈడుపొంగుల్లో,ఏడురంగుల్లో,ఎంత బాగున్నదే చెలి అందం,ఎన్ని కళ్ళున్నా చాలవంటోంది ,పురివిప్పే నెమలి సౌందర్యం,చిటుకు చిటుకుమని తళుకు మెలికలను,చిదుము చిలిపి చలితో,తొడిమ నడుము తెగ తడిమి తడిమి తరిమెసే గిలితో ,చెలగాటలో చలివేటలో ఒణికించే గొడవా,హాయమ్మ హాయ్ హాయ్ అమ్మ ,ఈ తుంటరి గాలేంటమ్మా,నిలువెల్లా గిల్లుతోందమ్మా,దాయమ్మ దాయ్ దాయ్ అమ్మ ,నాఒళ్ళో దాక్కోవమ్మ,గాలైనా చేరలేదమ్మా,చెలినాదుకో పురుషోత్తమా,చెయ్యందుకో ప్రియనేస్తమా,జడివానతో సుడిగాలితో పడలేనయా ప్రియుడా

EGGS CURRY | 1000 ANDA MASALA Recipe Cooking with Dhaba Style | Simple Egg Gravy Cooking in Village

ahí le gusta que lo fuerte que quiero,para conseguir que venga,buscaba vegetales,[Música],[Música],me dice,porque llega lópez,no,[Música],bueno,[Música],y la ola,[Música],sé que resulta banal en like,para chamán yandel,correcto en valoración de,por qué,bueno,[Música],[Aplausos],hablando,ah,[Música],a la banca,el martes,se clava que necesita manejar la cnae,pacta valley,[Aplausos],para mejorar,me engañó,[Música],sí,[Música],para chema la rai,ahora changing the world,nadie que no está con él,[Música],jajaja,a retoman cantando,para llamar a la charla,imaginable,[Música],ah,80 net,[Música],caliente,[Música],sí,real,publique una tabla de sala,[Música],blake,[Música],[Aplausos],[Música],daniela gómez siguiente y nos basta con,usted,[Música],ah,[Aplausos],[Música],y,[Aplausos],[Música],ah,magnetto a la e,[Música],y político,[Música],andaba no porque muchas familias pagando,sanidad,1,está bien,mi vida,[Música],y,nada más,bien

Rudra – Season 1 – Full Episode 13

Rudra, can you hear me?,Yes grandpa, I can hear you.,Rudra!,Rudra!,Varun, Myra.,Why are you panicking?,Grandpa, what were both of you doing with your eyes closed?,Rudra and I were using telepathy…,…to read each others minds.,But what is wrong with both of you?,Rudra, my new neighbor is a bully.,He beat me randomly.,I was coming here…,…and he got hold of me.,I was telling him…,…to hit him.,But he was scared and got beaten up to pulp.,I couldnt resist.,So, I used magic…,…to punch him.,In the same way shed hit me there too.,He punched my right eye…,…and Myra punched out the other.,Grandpa, isnt there a magic…,…that will make me fit…,…and muscular…,…so that if anyone attacks me…,…at least I must be ready for self defense?,Yes, there is.,Ill tell you.,But only use it for self defense.,Not for fighting.,Do you promise me?,Yes grandpa, I promise.,Tell me the spell.,Oh, some new magic!,”Magic chants.”,Good deeds always pay off.,Now Ill become muscular…,…and stun everyone with my looks.,Its a simple spell.,”Magic chants.”,”Magic chants.”,Grandpa didnt say it quite like that.,Balloono would mean balloon.,Oh no!,Im fine.,Whats happening?,Grandpa, the spell has backfired.,Dont turn me into a balloon!,Rangeela, why do you try new magic on the sly, wrongly?,Grandpa, give me a chance.,Ill bring him down.,Myra, youre evacuating the air…,…and my lifes at stake.,Its my turn today…,…to die…,…instead of Varun!,Hey! Listen.,Pay for the groceries.,My name is Rambo Bonebreaker.,Im Master Shoo magicians student.,I take whatever I want.,Im taking this for my boss.,He doesnt have money…,…so, he simply takes whatever he needs.,Is your master a king?,Better pay, or youve had it!,Take your stick.,Somebody stop him.,Hes going without paying.,Ive got fresh vegetables today.,Chingli will be happy.,The boss will be happy to see the goods.,Give those fresh vegetables to me.,Rudra!,Quickly, come to the market, Rudra.,Theres a bully in the market.,Move aside!,Are you new in Sun City?,I only fight for a reason.,Hence, Im telling you…,…pay for those goods.,Or return the goods.,I wont return the goods.,Who are you to tell me this?,Im Rudra, grandson of Sun Citys great magician Jai Singh, Chauhan.,I dont care, since I wont listen to you.,Ill do what I like.,Try and snatch it from me.,Wait, youre casting magic!,I dont know any magic.,Ive recently started learning from my boss.,I dare you to wrestle with me.,Thats enough! You cant have things both ways.,You cant fight on your terms.,Rudra isnt well built like you.,Its not an equal fight.,The magic duel will also be unequal.,You know how to cast magic.,Then use magic to build yourself to fight with me.,Rudra, hes very eager to fight.,So you build up your body…,…and fight with him.,I dont want to fight…,…but since youre insisting, Im ready.,”Magic chants.”,Ill complain to my boss.,Boss?,”Magic chants.”,I cast a magic that…,What happened?,Why are you panting?,Where are the goods?,Boss, I ran for my life.,Rudra threw me into the air.,I was bringing the goods for you…,…but I had to leave it all there.,Who is Rudra?,Rudra!,The grandson of Sun Citys great magician, Jai Singh.,How dare he beat my student?,The people of Sun City…,…will see what wonders my shoes can do!,Rudra…,…and Jai Singh Chauhan will be dead, now.,Come and buy these amazing shoes.,Once you wear them, you wont take them off.,Exchange for your old shoes.,Offer valid for a day.,Tomorrow onwards, youll have to pay for them.,Come on, now!,The shoes are very pretty.,Give me the tiger printed shoe.,The wolf print for me.,Here, take my old shoe.,Wow, I want the cat print.,I need the dog print.,Yes!,Wow, theyre cute and pretty.,Nice shoe, bye!,Immature people of Sun City…,…you havent put on a shoe.,Rather, they are clamps.,Henceforth, youll always obey me.,”Magic chants.”,My magic astonishes life.,Nice shoe!,Very nice. – Oh!,Friends, come with me.,I need help from all of you.,Come on. Follow me.,Boss, youve done a great job.,Both of them are Rudras friends.,Rudra will surrender when he…,…will see his friends in this condition.,Dont wait. Jump inside.,Boss, how will you enter inside?,Why do you worry?,Ill change my name if…,…I dont bring Rudra down to his knees.,I must use my army.,There is the enemys palace.,Go and open the door from inside.,What is this?,Who are you?,No!,No!,”Magic chants.”,”Magic chants.”,”Magic chants.”,Jai Singh!,You are stuck in my magical web.,No magic will work within the web.,And you cant come outside.,Now, its the turn of your beloved Rudra.,The one who insulted my student Rambo.,Myra, why are you here?,”Magic chants.”,Im the shoe magician.,You are Rudra, right?,No matter how many efforts you put in…,…you wont be able to cut my web.,You hurt my student, right?,Its the punishment for the same. Hang in there.,Ill rest for a while.,Rudra, what happened? Why dont you show your strength now?,Lets see how strong you are.,Good deeds always pay off.,Myra and Varun, youre here so early in the morning!,Who are these people?,You know me.,And he is my boss, Shoo magician.,I have control over all this.,Rudra and grandpa are the two people who’ve been hanged.,Grandpa! Rudra!,Ill count to 3.,Leave grandpa and Rudra. Or else…,3.,One should never waste time while counting.,If you want to cast the magic, then do it.,Dont count.,We are going out to the garden.,Bring tea and snacks immediately.,Come on, everyone. Follow me.,Move!,Rudra, can you hear me?,Yes, grandpa. I can hear you.,Rudra, none of my spells are working on this web.,Grandpa, dont worry.,Id already decided…,…how Im going to get free.,I was just waiting for the right moment.,Look at this.,”Magic chants.”,Bravo, Rudra.,Good deeds always pay off.,How did this miracle happen?,Shut up.,They must not learn about this.,Rudra, we have to take all them away from here.,Or else, the palace will be wrecked for no reason.,”Magic chants.”,Rambo, why didnt we get the snacks yet?,Go to the kitchen and check what both of them are doing?,Boss, theres no kitchen here.,We are at a strange place.,Where did it all go? Where are we?,How did we come here?,Just like you deceived and trapped us…,…I didnt take much time…,…to bring you here.,Your party ended before it could begin.,If you want to be safe…,…bring back these people to normal.,And get out of here.,Dont think that youve done great job…,…by bringing me here.,I wont bring them back to normal.,In fact, my army will teach you a good lesson.,Friends, take care of him.,He has ruined your boss party.,He came here to spoil our happiness.,Good deeds always pay off.,Varun, we are friends.,Why are you stuck with this magician?,Grandpa! Rudra!,Save me!,Sorry, Myra.,”Magic chants.”,Myra, get back to normal. We are friends!,This shoe is very strange.,Myra is behaving like a cat.,And her shoe has the image of a cat!,Are these shoes responsible for this chaos?,This magicians name is Shoo magician.,Yes. Thats what it is about.,Come on!,”Magic chants.”,Run!,Ill hide here.,Rudra.,What am I doing here?,No. My army!,Rudra, I remember now.,We purchased shoes from his store.,Then, something happened.,I wont spare him.,I wont spare you.,My shoes.,Shoo magician.,Now tell me…,…what should I do to you?,Will you close your shoe store?,Or will you party more?,Boss, apologize to him.,Or else, well get beaten up by these shoes.,Jai Singh, Im guilty for my deeds.,And I beg forgiveness.,Ill never force anyone to wear my shoes, henceforth.,Shoo magician, your student respects you a lot.,Teach your student the good things about magic.,Teach him the proper way to use magic.,Yes.,You are right, Rudra.,From now on, Ill teach good…,…things and good magic to my students.,Well leave.,Rambo, come on.,Shoo magician, stay with us for some days.,We want to play with Rambo.,From now on, he is our friend.,You are a very nice person, Rudra.,Thank you.,Good deeds always pay off.,Someone help me to get awa

The UNSEEN Dinosaur Killer | Planet Dinosaur | BBC Earth

these are dangerous places to be at the,bottom of the food chain,unable to run nor anankas relies on,brute strength,tyrannosaurs are predators that will eat,anything even one of their own,whether theyve killed it or not and a,discovery found in Montana of a number,of meat-eating dinosaurs appear to show,that being such an unlucky,could have dramatic consequences it,seems scavenging can hold hidden dangers,this Tyrannosaur wasnt killed by,Northland acres theres a more deadly,killer at work here,all the Predators bones were found,alongside the edge of an ancient,stagnant lake and all of them died at,the same time similar mass killings have,been found today among births and the,killer a fast-acting naturally-occurring,deadly disease botulism botulism is,caused by bacteria that can thrive in,rotting carcasses we think that the,dinosaurs too might have been victims of,this lethal and invisible killer once a,carcass is poisoned it is quickly passed,on to any animal that eats it with,lethal results but plant eaters like,Nora nitrous are usually safe from such,deadly killers by completely changing,its diet,Nora nycos shows the extraordinary,adaptability of the group known as the,theropod dinosaurs

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