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How to Unlock HR User in Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Software | Install HR Schema in 11g

hello friends my name is srinivas and,welcome to my channel techstudio 82. you,can also visit our website,www.techstudio82.com please subscribe to,my channel and also dont forget to,press bell icon for latest updates in,this video i will show you how to unlock,hr user in oracle database 11g express,edition software before forwarding there,are some prerequisites the first thing,your pc must have installed with the,oracle database 11g express edition,software and secondly make sure that you,have downloaded oracle sql developer,software which is a standalone software,we are going to make use of this sql,developer for unlocking hr schema if you,want to know how to do a complete setup,of oracle database 11g express edition,software on windows operating system i,have prepared a video on this please,have a look at it in the below,description i have provided that link,please watch that video for complete,setup of oracle database 11g express,edition software so lets get started on,how to unlock hr schema in oracle,database 11g express edition software as,i already said you should download sql,developer i have downloaded my sql,developer software double click on this,here you can see sql developer icon,application icon this is a standalone,software we do not need to install this,software to every time we need to open,this application so open this,application sql developer double click,on this icon on the screen you can see,oracle sql developer is loading,this is the oracle sql developer welcome,page before unlocking hr schema we need,to connect to the system admin for this,we need to create a new connection we,need to manually create connection in,order to create a connection go here,click on this new connection plus icon,on the screen you can see a pop-up,window new select database connection,first we need to configure system,connection,so we need to give the name as whatever,the name you would like to give but i am,giving system admin and username is,system in small letters,at the time of oracle database 11g,express edition software installation,you might have specified database,passwords for sys and system database,accounts whatever the password that you,have entered you need to specify that,password over here,at the time of installation i have given,the password as admin so i am giving as,admin,and the connection type let it be the,basic let it be the default connection,hostname,localhostport1521 sid xc,click on test connection,you can see the status success,click on connect,we have successfully configured system,admin connection here you can see system,admin connection worksheet you have,successfully connected to the system,admin now we are going to unlock hr user,account in oracle database 11g express,edition software lets execute the sql,statement for unlocking the hr user,alter,user hr,identified by,hr,account,unlock,we are going to execute this sql,statement for unlocking the hr user make,sure that you are in the system admin,connection worksheet now run the,statement click on this on the screen,you can see the screen output user hr,altered lets query in the database,by executing select star from all users,execute here you can see hr account,so far we have successfully unlocked the,hr user in oracle database 11g express,edition now we are going to create a,database connection for this hr account,go to the connections,click on the new connection this plus,icon,you can see a pop-up window for new,select database connection you can see,the existing connections we need to,specify the name for this new hr,connection,i am going to give as hr,whatever the name you would like to,specify you can give you need the you,need to give the credentials for hr,username is hr,and password is also hr,and this enable the save password and,let it be the default connections host,name localhost port 1521 and sid xc,click on test connection,here you can see the status as success,lets connect,here you can see we have successfully,created database connection for hr,account on on the screen you can see hr,worksheet now lets query the hr,database select,start from tab,run the statement on the screen you can,see the query result you can see the,list of tables in the hr database these,are all the tables that are present in,the hr database,lets query one of the tables employees,select start from employees,run the statement,you can see the query result you can see,the data present in the employees table,in this way we can unlock hr user in,oracle database 11g express edition,software thats it thanks for watching,if you like my video please subscribe to,my channel and also dont forget to,press bell icon for latest updates,please like and also share my videos,with your friends and drop a comment,your comments are highly valuable,thank you

How to Unlock HR User in Oracle Database 21c Express Edition | Install HR Schema | Unlock HR User

hello friends my name is srinivas and,welcome to my channel techstudio 82. you,can also visit our website,www.techstudio82.com please subscribe to,my channel and also dont forget to,press bell icon for latest updates in,this video i will show you how to,install hr schema in oracle database 21c,express edition software before,forwarding there are some prerequisites,the first thing your pc must have,installed with the oracle database 21c,express edition software and secondly,make sure that you have downloaded,oracle sql developer software which is a,standalone software we are going to make,use of this sql developer for unlocking,hr schema if you want to know how to do,a complete setup of oracle database 21c,express edition software on windows,operating system i have prepared a video,on this please have a look at it in the,below description i have provided that,link please watch that video for,complete setup of oracle database 21cx,space edition so lets get started on,how to unlock hr schema in oracle,database 21cx space edition as i already,said you should download sql developer i,have downloaded my sql developer,software double click on this,here you can see sql developer icon,application icon this is a standalone,software we do not need to install this,software to every time we need to open,this application so open this,application sql developer double click,on this icon on the screen you can see,oracle sql developer is loading,this is the oracle sql developer welcome,page before unlocking hr schema we need,to connect to the system admin for this,we need to create a new connection we,need to manually create connection in,order to create a connection go here,click on this new connection plus icon,on the screen you can see a pop-up,window new select database connection,first we need to configure system,connection,so we need to give the name as whatever,the name you would like to give but i am,giving system admin and username is,system in small letters,at the time of oracle database 21c,express edition installation you might,have specified the database password for,system admin and pdb admin account,whatever the password that you have,entered over there you need to specify,that password here i have specified my,password at the time of installation as,admin so i am giving as admin its,always better to save password coming to,the connection details hostname is,localhost port is 1521 but for the,service name we need to give xcpdb1 at,the last step of oracle database 21cx,presentation installation you might have,seen this last screen which has the,connection information you can see this,pluggable database localhost,port number is 1521 and the service name,is xcpdb1 which we need to specify over,here x e p db1,click on text connection,here you can see the status as success,click on connect,on the screen you can see we have,successfully connected to the system,admin you can see a worksheet over here,now lets unlock hr user actually the,fact is in oracle 21c express edition we,need to manually install hr schema so in,the below description i have provided a,link for to download the hr schema,related file just click on that link you,can able to download that file on the,screen you can see in my downloads,folder this file this zip file this is,all about hr schema just right click and,extract the file the file got extracted,double click and copy this,and we need to paste in the c drive,location,c,apps double click on apps,double click on this folder,and double click on the product folder,21c and double click on the db home xc,here you can see demo folder,double click on this here you can see,the schema folder double click on this,here we need to paste this folder right,click and paste,open this human resources folder you can,see multiple sql files all these are,related to the hr schema so we are going,to execute one by one with the help of,sql develop first we are going to,execute this hr underscore main this is,the first file to be executed,for this you need to copy this path,click on this path,right click,copy and we need to paste in the sql,developer please make sure that we are,connected to the system user go back to,the human resource folder,the first sql file that we need to,execute is hr underscore main,this we need to copy,open the sql developer,and give the hr underscore main dot sql,in order to execute the sql statement we,need to specify at symbol,space,at the starting of this line now we are,going to run this statement,click on this run statement,on the screen you can see a pop-up,window we need to enter variables that,is enter value for 1 which is specify,password for hr as parameter 1. i am,giving hr as password click on ok,we need to enter value for 2 here we,need to specify default tablespace for,hr as parameter 2. so i am providing as,users,click on ok,we need to specify temporary table space,for hr as parameter 3. for this i am,giving as temp,temp,click on ok,we need to specify password for cis as,parameter 4,at the time of installation we have,provided sys system and pdb admin,password as admin in small case so the,same i am going to provide over here,admin,in small case,click on ok,you need to specify log path as,parameter 5. i am providing,dollar oracle underscore home demo,schema log just click on ok,and we need to specify connection string,as parameter six we need to enter value,for six im giving value as,localhost,1521 xcp db1 this is the plugable,database so we need to specify this,connection string,click on ok,you can see the log over here so far we,have successfully created hr user now we,need to create a new connection for this,hr user click on this plus icon new,connection,give the name as whatever the name you,would like to give im giving as hr,and username as hr in small case and,password as hr in small case,and this for connection details i need,to provide the service name as xcpdb1,which is a pluggable database click on,the test connection,you can see the status as success and,click on connect we have successfully,connected to the hr user just querying,the hr database select star from tab you,can see in this user there are no tables,now we are going to dump the tables rows,etc all related to the hr schema lets,go back to the hr schema folder,here you can see this sql files now i am,going to execute,some of these files not all the files,some of these files,i have created once notepad,and i have created this sql files and i,am going to execute one by one i am,going to execute the second file which,creates table sequences and constraints,okay copy this,paste it in the paste it in the sql,developer make sure that you are in the,hr schema and click on this run,statement,on the screen you can see the log it,created tables indexes and views go back,to the notepad and copy the third sql,file which populate the tables copy,and paste it in the,sql developer,click on run statement,you can see it populated the rows it,inserted the rows and finally it,committed once again open the notepad,copy this fourth sql file it will create,indexes copy,and paste in the sql developer,run the statement,on the lock,you can see it created indexes and,finally it committed lets go back to,the notepad lets execute this fifth sql,file which creates procedural objects,copy this,and paste it in the sql developer click,on this run statement,on the screen you can see it created,procedures triggers successfully and,also committed lets go back to the,notepad now we are going to execute the,sixth sql file which add comments to,tables and columns copy this,and paste it in the sql developer and,run this statement in the log you can,see the comments got created lets go,back to the notepad we are going to,execute this final sql file this will,gather schema statistics copy this final,sql file,and paste it in the sql developer,click on run statement here you can see,pl sql procedure successfully completed,so far we have executed sql scripts that,are related to the hr schema

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How To Manage User Roles In Node.js

imagine your favorite website lets just,say for example read it and now imagine,that every user on the site has the,ability to delete or edit the comments,of every other user it would not take,even just a couple hours for the entire,site to go into complete chaos and the,only thing preventing that chaos is a,strict strong system of rules and,permissions for users so in this video,Im going to show you how to set up a,really flexible and really powerful rule,and permission system for users inside,of nodejs lets get started now now if,you create a complex permission system,youre gonna need somewhere to host this,which is perfect because it will annek,that met todays video sponsor is giving,you an entire free year-long trial of,their servers and these are powerful,servers these servers are actually more,powerful than youre gonna get in the,free trial of most other providers and,youre getting them for an entire year,instead of 30 days or maybe even 60 days,that is 365 days so make sure you check,out Atlanta net link down in the,description below and use the code Kile,to get an additional 50 dollars of,credit which you can use towards,anything else on the hosting plan,welcome back to web dev is simplified my,name is Kyle and my job is to simplify,the web for you so you can start,building your dream project sooner so if,that sounds interesting make sure you,subscribe to the channel for more videos,just like this now to get started I have,a very basic boilerplate code setup and,if you want you can download this code,from the github link in the description,below but Im gonna go through exactly,what I have here just so you know,exactly where we are,so the first file is this data j/s file,and this is a really basic file this has,all of the different permission rolls in,our system for now we just have admin,and basic because I just want to show,you how this works without dealing with,a hundred different permission rules,also we have our users which is going to,be taking the place of a user database,you can imagine that this is just a,table inside of a MongoDB database that,has these three different users same,thing for projects we have three,different projects and each user has,their own project and Ive just given,the project the name of the user as well,so we can easily see which project is,whose,and then we also have different rules,the Kyle user has a role admin and these,other two users have the basic role the,next thing that we have is going to be,our server jeaious this is our main,server in here were just starting up an,Express server were telling it to use,JSON so that way we actually can pull in,data from a post request this is,essentially an API,were also pulling in our project router,and making sure that all of our project,routes are set up that way and then we,just have a few really basic routes here,we have a get route for the home page a,dashboard page where the logged in users,can see this in an admin page for admins,only and then finally we have this,middleware which is just setting our,user so inside of our body were going,to be passing up a user ID and were,actually setting the user based on that,user ID from the data inside that data,j/s file and then were just listening,on port 3000 so a really basic server we,just have these three routes as well as,all of our project routes and inside of,our project its very straight forward,we have a get route to get all of the,projects and then a route to get just a,single project and then this simple,route to set the project for this a get,route here really pretty basic,boilerplate code and I also have this,file here called test rest and if youre,using an extension called rest client,inside of es code you can actually make,API requests directly in vs code or you,can use something like postman if you,want to make the request that way so,this test rest file allows me to for,example make a request to localhost 3000,if I click send request you see we get,the response of home page which is the,exact same response we have inside of,our server jeaious as you can see res,dot send home page and the reason this,is working is because ive run npm run,dev start which just starts up our,server instead of here if we see we have,a node monsura jeaious when I run dev,start so it just starts up our server,and itll restart it every time we make,a change and thats pretty much the,basic code we have we essentially have a,system with a bunch of different routes,but none of these routes are actually,protected for example this home page,anyone can go to which is okay but this,admin page for example if I send a,request Im not logged in no,authentication and I still have access,to the admin page so we need to make,sure that we lock down these different,pages based on role,as well as based on what projects the,user has access to and whether or not,the user is logged in so to get started,I want to go with the most basic form of,authentication which is whether or not,the user is logged in thats going to be,our very first set of requirement,because we have this dashboard page,which should be visible to every user as,long as theyre logged in but right now,we arent logged in as any user so this,dashboard page should essentially tell,us we need to sign in so lets go into,our survey digest and see exactly what,we need to do we can open this up here,and we can see that we have this,dashboard page and we want to write some,form of middleware which is going to,take in the user which were setting,here so our user is already set its,request user and we just want to check,if that user exists then continue,otherwise make sure that they are logged,in and send them an error message and,instead of writing this code inside of,our service file I want to create a,brand new file for this and were just,gonna call this simple file here basic,auth is this is going to be for a really,basic authentication and were gonna,create a function in here which is going,to be called off,user and this is just going to be a,middleware so its going to take in a,request response and next and this is,going to check if the user exists if,theyre logged in if so continue,otherwise throw some form of error so if,you remember I said we set our user on,request user so we can just say if the,request out user is an old then that,means we dont have a user so what we,want to do is take our response and set,the status to be 403 that essentially,means that you do not have access to,this youre not actually logged in so,that you need to log in and then we can,return our res dot send and it just says,you need to sign in just like that and,we can export this by saying module dot,exports and we can export that auth user,so now we have this function being,exported from this file and instead of,our server here we can import that auth,user function which is coming from,oops require of that dot slash basic,auth make sure I save both these files,and now what we can do is just simply,for our dashboard we can just say auth,user and now if I try to send a request,youre gonna see it says you need to,sign in and in order to have a user be,sent in we just need to send in some,JSON so Im going to tell the server,that our application is sending JSON and,then inside it here Im going to just,send the user ID and we have a user ID,of 1 if you remember quickly we have 1 2,& 3 so if I send a user idea of 1 and,send the request youll notice its not,actually giving us back a response and,thats because in our basic auth I never,actually called next so we just need to,call next here which is going to talk,server to continue to the next piece of,middleware which in our case is inside,of our server right here to send this,dashboard page and now when I click send,request you can see I get back dashboard,page and if I dont have a user and I,click send you see it tells me I need to,sign in so we have the most basic form,of authentication done where we say only,logged in users can access this page but,if we for ex

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How to Check if a User is Logged In with React

so far application functionality is,working great our authentications,working we are registering users were,logging users in and were updating the,parent application state however we have,an issue where we need to let the,application know that it needs to check,if a user is authenticated or if theyre,not right away so imagine a scenario,where youd go to Facebook and every,time you went to Facebook you would get,requested to type in your email address,and password that would be a horrible,user experience and we dont want that,either so lets create a new user so,that we have somebody to work with here,so Im going to register this user and,you can see everythings working but if,I hit refresh on the dashboard it says,were not logged in so what I want to do,is I want to create a process for,checking to see if the cookie is,installed in the browser and asking the,API if the user is authenticated or not,and so thats what were gonna build out,in this guide so opening up visual,studio code here Im gonna go to the app,component because this is the parent,component this is where you need to,check to see if a users logged in or,not so it can let all of the child,components know about it so Im gonna,create a function here called check,login status its not going to take in,any arguments and it is going to contact,Axios and so make sure that you have,Axios imported here at the top so import,Axios from Axios and now we can actually,call this so Ill say Axios dot git and,were going to call the server now its,not HTTP I made that mistake in the last,video in this case for a localhost its,just HTTP and then local host colon 3001,slash logged,now if you do not remember this we,created a logged in endpoint in our,rails API so were just creating a get,request where were contacting that API,and then were passing in and this is,very important as the second argument,were passing in an object with with,credentials set to true if you do not do,that none of this will work because,rails wont know about the cookie with,credentials is where youre giving,permission for the API to be able to,read that in so were gonna say with,credentials true and then from there,were going to take the response so,first lets just see if this is working,so Im gonna grab the response and lets,just console.log it so Ill say logged,in question mark and lets just see what,the response gives us and then lets,also add a catch in case there is a,server error so Ill say err and then,Ill console log out the check login err,and then we want this function to run,right whenever the components mounted so,Im going to say component did mount and,then from there this dot check login,status and were going to call that,function so lets open up Google Chrome,open up the actual console because,thats what were printing out to youll,see right when we logged in it says,logged in and it says data logged in is,true so it says not lie even if youre,confused why is it saying not logged in,well its because this is pulling from,our base State our base state is not,connected to the API yet at least not,when the system is actually working or,not when the system is loading up so,right here we can see the API is,actually telling us about the user this,is the user we just created thats the,right email address and its telling us,were logged in so everything is,working we now just need to connect all,of the dots we need to take in this API,call so that every time the components,mounted which means whenever the,application loads its going to check to,see is the user logged in if they are,let them have whatever permissions or,processes or whatever it is that you,want to give them so that is really good,that everythings working now we need to,just wire it up so inside of this then,response Im going to have a conditional,so Im gonna say if response dot data,dot logged in which is what we saw,thats what its returned so if thats,true because we saw those a boolean and,this dot state dot logged in status is,not logged in in that case what Id like,to do is to set state so say this dot,set state and well set the logged in,status equal to logged in and if you,want you could also grab that user as,well so you can say I also want to set,the user and thatll be response data,dot user okay so thats the case in this,scenario here this is where response,data is logged in and the current state,is not logged in so thats kind of our,case number one as it were,now else if so now we have another,condition so now were gonna say if the,response dot data logged in is false I,put a bang there so this is just gonna,check to see is this false if thats the,case and this dot state logged in status,is set to login,then we want to turn that off so in,other words if for some reason you have,this scenario where you have the user as,being logged in and you have that in,your local state but the API tells you,know this user is not authenticated then,you want to perform another state update,so lets just paste in this dot set,state and were gonna change this to not,logged in which I believe that is yes as,our current state and then we dont have,a user here so in this case well just,set the user back to a plain empty,object so that is the second condition,and thats really all that we have to be,concerned about so were checking to see,if the user is logged in and if the API,returns and says yes they are logged in,but the system says that theyre not,then we want to update that and if its,saying that the API says no theyre not,logged in but our local state says they,are we want to update that we dont have,to take care of any other conditions,because if you think about the other,potential scenarios they are the user or,the API actually being logged in and,its saying in our local state were,logged in in that case we dont have,anything else that we need to do so that,is all that has to be done so lets test,this out now and you can see right away,just when we hit save the state is now,automatically updated and if you go to,the home page which is mimicking what,would happen because if you hit refresh,this is as if a user is coming to this,page when they are authenticated but say,they come back the next day or anything,its going to pick up that they are,logged in so this is working perfectly,so now that we have our registration,component done our login component done,and we have the ability to automatically,check when our application loads if a,user is logged in or not we have our,full authentication system built out in,the next guide were going to perform,our final task and that is were going,to,implement the ability to sign users out

Create User Roles in NodeJS and ReactJS – Tutorial

hey guys hows it going im back here,with another video and today im going,to be talking about how to create,different roles in your website where,for example,if you have a user who is an admin he is,going to be able to,try to reach a website and see a page,that fits directly to what role he is,and if someone is just a simple normal,user its going to see,a different page and if the person is,like a moderator its going to appear a,different page,so basically implementing roles into a,react application with node and,some database in our case were going to,be using mysql so,this is a previous website i created,this is not a continuation from that,video,but basically its kind of like just a,simple registration and login page,that i created with react and its its,pretty good like i mean,its already very secure in some ways,basically we already hash the passwords,there are sessions theres cool keys,theres a bunch of stuff that are not,actually useful to this video,specifically,but just so you guys understand that i,already created a simple login system,in this application the important thing,is that were going to be working with,different routes,so for example i have here in my mysql,workbench,a table called users and you can see,that currently theres only two users,and theres a username and a password,however now we want to insert,another column into our database called,role,and if i come here and write and click,on alter table i can just alter directly,and write,roll so its going to be a a variable,character,a varying character i think and it,shouldnt be no,so we need to add something basically a,rule,actually let me allow it to be no,because,if we dont uh its gonna give us an,error because,theres already two users in our,database without that so we need to,change that,immediately so basically lets say that,please subscribe,is an admin and,that i dont know google is,a visitor that,those are the two roles that we want to,use right we should also create a third,one,so lets save this lets apply,and now go back to our alter user,alter table and make this not able to be,null,if we had made this before it would give,us an error because we already had two,elements in our database,which were no because they didnt have a,role inserted into them,so basically this should be it apply,and lets for now just create a third,user,so if i come here to users,these are the users im going to,register another user called,john smith and the password is going to,be,whats up let me click register,and i actually i think it didnt,register yeah because we are,not uh were not adding a role to that,registration,you can see that probably yeah there was,an sql inst insert,error and this is why im actually i,dont want to add the role,directly from here i just want to edit,from the database so sorry about that,im just going to alter again,and remove the not null you can do it on,your own if you want to add a,a row input to add into your database,but im not going to do that,so im just going to apply and,let me go back here to users and try to,register john smith again,it should work so yeah it worked,so lets go to our mysql database,refresh this and now we have a john,smith,so lets change this to moderator so mod,there are three different roles in our,application so apply,so if we come here and we refresh this,were going to be using something called,a react router so if we come here and,navigate towards our re our client,folder so,where our react app is we can just write,yarn add react,router done basically this will allow us,to have different pages,in our application or different routes,so,if you dont have if you dont have yarn,youre using npm its the same its just,npm,installed react router dom so now we,have,our and let me close this we have our,react router dom here,and instead of having all of this im,going to do something,which is a bit different and im going,to remove this so,were going to have different pages so,im going to create a folder called,pages and inside of here were going to,have the,registration page which is also going to,be the login page,so registration.js were going to have,the main page so,main.js and these two pages,the page that is going to be changing,every as regarding to,the role you are is going to be the main,page so let me save both of this,and im going to grab everything ive,already added to the registration,that i created here to my registration,page so,let me grab this come to our,registration page and directly add this,to here,im also going to be copying the this,div,over here and adding to the top because,it makes sense,since we are since we are directly,using we want to do the same thing we,did before right,so lets just come here and also copy,all of our states so this,this and all of our functions as well,and the use effect,we need to make it so that its exactly,the same right were just changing the,page,so lets copy this and now lets copy,all of the imports,so this should be the same as well okay,now on the app.js page,were just gonna have one simple thing,so im gonna delete all of this,and im also going to delete this were,just gonna have the following thing,were gonna import the the,react router dom uh library so,over here were going to import,you can just ignore this this thing,right here i hate when this happens so,basically let me just add a div right,here so,it doesnt give us errors so if i come,here and write import,and i write browser router,as route,and router,from react,router dom which is our library it,should be working so inside of here we,should add a,router which will basically be an object,representing,all of our different pages that we can,have so let me close this,and add a route which is going to be,have a path so this path is going to be,slash registration,and theres also going to be,its going to be exact meaning this is,the main page we appear in,and its going to have a render which is,going to be a function,taking props props,and its going to be rendering the,component called,registration so if you dont understand,what im doing,i would recommend watching my video on,react router dom this is just a way to,create different routes in your,application so,im going to be adding this parentheses,so it knows,it knows that it represents a lot and i,also need to put this over here,so im saving it and it should be,working it says cannot resolve,dot app.css and i get i dont know what,it means basically we,should change this over here so,now it should be working yeah so,location of undefined,where is this error did i,interchange this let me see,yeah i guess this is the error i had so,basically we created a route,that whenever we try to access the,normal url it will render,the registration page so lets try to,access the normal url and its not,actually,trying to access the registration page,so let me see what happened oh okay i,just realized that,im not trying to access through this,url you should write,slash registration and you can see that,now all of our registration information,appears in the slash registration,so lets create another route which is,going to be the main page,so this one is going to be just a simple,slash so,just like this and were going to be,rendering the main page,that for now theres literally nothing,right so if we go to the,normal slash theres nothing so,what were going to be doing here is,were going to be adding,sim a simple header basically,representing which row we have so,its going to be admin if we are an,admin and its going to be,a normal user so,user if you are a normal user its going,to be,let me see moderator if we are a,moderator,so you can see that for now all three of,them appear because we havent,implemented,what we want to do so thats what we,want to do over here lets come here and,import axios,axios from axios and axis is an,http request library so were going to,be making the request to our database,and over here we need to create and use,effect hook,why do we need to do that is basically,because we nee

Oracle Apex 20.2 – Create Login Page in Oracle Apex 20 2

dear listener this is awesome from,ittegbt.com,today i am going to show you,how to create login page this one login,page in,order call fx252,so open you this one minimize off in,your browser,then log in you oracle effects 25 into,right here your what is this name my,wife uses name,idtec bd,then write username admin then write,your password microsoft like this this,one,copy and paste here then click sign,then after signing you see here showing,one application,how can create application i already,discussed previous lesson,you can check my previous section,now click a application this one,click then here you see my application,name test id 101 this one,just showing click this one,then you see application id 101,and application name test this one test,now we need to run our login page click,run face this one,this bottom then you see here come login,face,we will work here well set background,image here,then ill show you step-by-step,then we need to first a image,you need to take a image like this,background image,size for here background image size,white 960 height,720 720 like this you need to,make a image for background in photoshop,and this one this is css code,if you work in,effects you need to basic knowledge,about,css html,sql qr sql and database,otherwise you can not goodly work so,you need to basic knowledge about that,this is css code,under description i will give you all,css code then you can practice,so here you see now im going to show,you,how can make image for background,this one background image,of a new photoshop then here you,take like this image i take,image or make this image for background,like this you take,then you here you size image under,image size click then here you set your,white high resolution like this,resolution 300 like this you set,then then you save file click save as,then here you write your background,image name,any name you can write like this,yourself i like like this background for,logging this one then you select here,jpg this,format then click save i cancel this one,because i already made before here you,see,background for login dot z this one i,already,make for background like this you made,then,you need to this quote for back set,background image,this one here t login background image,set,this one t login container,this one where i find this code now im,going to show you,then you can easily work,minimize this one here background you,right click,then click inspect this one click,then here you see t login container,this container css,code you need to copy i like this copy,then paste expat,i already make before like this you,faced,same format then you write like this,background image,then clone then url,then back it inside you set your image,path,this path where i find this one now im,going to show you,open your effects then here,you click share component,this one click then you,now we need to upload our image then you,get,image name and path click here,static application file this one click,then here click upload then click,choose file,then select your image i already made,this one before,select then click often,see here come background for login this,one,then click upload,now uploading,our image upload finish you see here,background for login.js this one,here you see this code this path we need,this one you see here,i already said before like this you see,apps apps under scope,image hash background for login.jpg like,this,you copy this one then you faced here,like this you coffee face if you mistake,cannot,change your background,then you see here background repeat,no repeat like this you write background,size,cover like this then copy this code,then minimize this one go to your,login page here you see edit page this,one click,then,we are coming edit page,this one login page we need this one,select this one,then you here c c,is under inline this bottom click,then paste here your code,then click ok then click save,then go to login page now you,just click reload then we,set your background image or change your,background image,click here reload then you see here,already change background image this,this is very easy,if you have knowledge basic knowledge,about css then you can,do like this see here showing,now im going to show you how to,write something before username username,before,like and try username entire password,like this how can you write,now im going to show you here i will,write entire,username here i will write entire,password,go to your login page here you see,username,this one click then here,go down here you see value placeholder,this one here you write android,key know this one capital letter e,n t e r s page,username then select password like this,right here value placeholder,before first one right here enter e,n t here like this,page then click save,then go to your login page here,showing only username password when i,reload,then we will come here and try using,your password,see here only showing then refresh see,here come,and try username entry password or you,can write entire username here,and enter your password here like this,yourself are showing like this,then now we need to,configure login body this one this code,font size fading high border radius,now i am going to show you this one here,corner you right click then,connect come round,then click inspect this one,then here you see username this one,under you see here font size feeding,high so we need to,connect round thats one called border,radius,here not code i have into expect this,one,border radius then come corner round,like this this one copy,i faced here for showing you,then paste here see corner come,round like this how many round you need,you can change here,here have 20 you can increase,decrease you right here 2 2 picture,see now round come,like this if you decrease you write like,15 you see then round come like this,how many many you need pixel you can set,here,so i said by default my before like this,20,exam then you copy this code,from here to here i already,make code in textpad i close this one,under description i will give you then,you can practice,copy this code like this,then go to your login page this one,select login page then here cs,css in line here click,then paste here and try,then press here then click ok then click,save,then refresh,see already set round,now we need to change bottom,this one this bottom button this one,sign in button this one we need to,corner round,also need change color now im going to,show you,like this come round right click this,one,then click inspect,then here you see bottom this one,this one see under showing color this,one,background color this one font color,this is sign in this font color white,this one and this one background color,you can change background color you see,like this yourself which one you need,then you copy this code,i already make code like this you copy,then you paste i already made code,text pad copy from here,this one coffee,then go to login page again select login,phrase,then here click then paste here,then click ok,this one click ok and click save,then you refresh here see already change,color and font color you see and come,round,and already change bottom color,see here i am showing you login page,inside,here you click here you you see here,color,black color color here come,and font color white this one,youre showing signing bottom,font color quite calm,see this one radius border radius,in corner round i need to change this,one,20 pixels then,same like this username password and,click ok,then click save,then again go and click request,see now come for a radius round,like this now we need to,change over color what is hover color,now im going to show you when you move,mouse,then come another color see highlights,another color,this one called hoover now i am going to,show you how to change hover color,right click then click inspect,then here you see hover,this one click then,check mark uber then later,under showing over color you see here,so i close this one because i a

What is single sign on (sso) | How sso works with saml | SAML authentication with AD (2021)

क्वांटिटी सबैले टोकन इट विल ग्रांट,एक्सेस कोड पर्टिकुलर सिक्योर पेज,एक्सेप्ट हेलो फ्रेंड्स वेलकम टू हाई के,फंडे यूरोजोन चैनल पर भी मेक आईटी,इंटरेस्टिंग फॉर एवरीवन एंड थिस वीडियो,विल कवर मोस्ट रिक्वेस्टेड टॉपिक फ्रॉम,योर आइज विच एस एस एस ओ और व्हाट वे कॉल,एस सिंगल sign-on ऑन,द स्पॉट यू अरे अटेंडिंग ए बिग फैट इंडियन,वेडिंग आफ मल्टीप्लेयर एंड इट्स वेरी टाइट,सिक्योरिटी एंड द ग्रेट यू आर यू शो योर,पर्सनल आईडेंटिफिकेशन एंड फ्रेंड्स एंड,एंटर्ड इनटू थे बिल्डिंग इन द द द,फूड आइटम्स,अट एवरी,एंटिटी एंड वेडिंग इन्विटेशन कार्ड फॉर,योर कन्वीनियंस फॉर यू टू गो थ्रू थिस,प्रोसेसेस एंड वे विल नॉट लेट यू हैव द द,सुरेंद्र वेडिंग टो व्हाट एवर आईटी एंड,फ्रेंड्स एंड सिक्योरिटी पर्सनल आस्क यू,टो शोकेस योर आईडेंटिटी एंड इनविटेशन,रेड्डी एंड फ्रेंड्स एंड गिव टो कन्वींस,यू कैन सेट योर व्यू ओर एडिट ओके और,स्टैंप आफ सोल्स विच वैलिडेट योर,आईडेंटिटी हस बीन प्रूवन एंड नऊ यू कैन गो,फॉर ए जोयफुल एंड व्हेन थिस फैमिली सपोर्ट,सिंगल साइन ओं व्हेन योर आईडेंटिटी एस,ऑथेंटिक एंड अनऑथराइज्ड राइट द सेंटेंस ऑफ,इन आर्किटेक्चर एंड व्हेन यू गो अबाउट,डूइंग जॉब विच यू वांट ए टू द क्वेश्चन,विल टेक यू स्केटर वेरी सिंपल यूजर के इस,आफ अंडरस्टैंडिंग हाउ सिंगल साइन ओं,वर्ड्स यूजिंग सिंपल और हेल्दी कृष्ण,टेंपल स्टैंड्स फॉर सिक्योरिटी मार्क,अपरसेप्शन लैंग्वेजेस एंड ओपन स्टैंड टो,एक्सचेंज आईडेंटिटीज बिटवीन एंड आईडेंटिटी,प्रोवाइडर एंड सर्विस प्रोवाइडर टो,इंदुलगे इन रियल लाइफ फॉर एग्जांपल के इस,युग क्वांटिटी प्रोवाइडर में भी कुछ भी,बेवकूफ बता द गवर्नमेंट ऑफ इंडिया वर्षीय,आईडेंटिटी एंड योर सर्विस प्रोवाइडर फॉर,रिसर्च ओं वेडिंग व्हेन यू ओके सुबह इंडीज,टूर एक्सचेंज न्यू आगरा अबाउट डूइंग ग्रेट,जॉब सो लेट्स अंडरस्टैंड इट्स आर्किटेक्चर,एंड स्टैंड हाउ एसएसओ एग्जैक्टली वर्क्स,सो फ्रेंड्स लेट्स अंडरस्टैंड थिस वर्क,फ्लो फ्रॉम एंड टो एंड सिंगल साइन ओं ऑक्ट,10,2012 अट एवरी स्टेप एंड द वर्ल्ड नंबर वन,इज द प्रिंसिपल ऑफ द व्यक्ति,रिक्वेस्ट रिक्वेस्ट अश्लील मैन टू गो टू,सर्विस प्रोवाइडर,सब्सक्राइब,और नॉट फॉर व्हिच वी कैन कॉन्टैक्ट इन द,फोन,कि प्रोवाइडर 34 होल व फॉलो यू कैन सी इन,वैरीयस हेयर्स को इंग्लैंड वर्सेस,अंडरस्टैंड ठाट व्हेनेवर यू सी द ब्लैक,गेरो दिस इज द इंटीग्रेशन फॉर ब्लॉग एंड,वेयर आर यू सी द ब्रेड एरोड टो कन्वर्ट,फ्रॉम वेनसडे टोकन हस बीन एसाइंड टो के,सुनील स्टार्ट विद स्टेप 185 वही यूजर ओपन,सब ब्राउजर एंड टाइप्स आफ योर टाइम विद,यूअर ऑफ द पर्टिकुलर सर्विस प्रोवाइडर सोप,सपोच वेयर ट्राईंग टो ओपन होमपेज आफ अवयव,एप्लीकेशंस व्हाट विल हैपन विद इस,पर्टिकुलर ब्राउज़र विल डैड टैटू,रीडायरेक्टेड टो थे स्टेट्स विच इस,पर्टिकुलर सर्विस प्रोवाइडर और यू कैन सी,द वेब सर्वर नोट स्टेप थ्री हिंद इस,पर्टिकुलर वेब सर्वर विल रीडायरेक्ट इस,पर्टिकुलर रिक्वेस्ट ओके टू द एक्टिव,डायरेक्टरी जब Bigg Boss अधिग्रहण वांट टो,नो वेदर थिस लेजिटीमेटली रिक्वेस्ट कमिंग,नॉर्मली यह नोट सॉलिड जनरेट सेवंथ,क्वेश्चन रिक्वेस्ट अनिल पाठ ऑन टू द,एक्टिव डायरेक्टरी सरवर ना आधावन श्यामल,और डिप्रेशन रिक्वेस्ट जनरेट गो टू अवॉयड,एक्टिव एक्टिव इन थे नेटवर्क और सपोच वेयर,यूजिंग एज्यूर क्लाउड डेबिट कार्ड गो टू,एडिटर सर्विस सो इंडिपेंडेंस सौंफ नऊ हैव,टेकन विद से जिंक सैंपल शोएब स्टेप और,अधिक जटिल एक्टिव डायरेक्टरी वैलिडेट इस,पर्टिकुलर क्वेश्चन ऑल डिस्ट्रिक्ट्स विल,गो इन एक्सएमएल फॉरमैट सालों से,इंटिग्रेशन विल जेनरेट एडीशनल प्रिंसिपल,रिक्वेस्ट एंड डिफिकल्ट रिक्वेस्ट विल बे,ऐडेड सून रिलाइज्ड रविदास पर्टिकुलर,एक्टिव डायरेक्टरी सर्व व्हेयर टो,आईडेंटिफाई वेदर इट्स र लेजिटीमेट यह डोंट,वांट स्टेप फॉर द यूजेस ऑफ साइंटिफिक हैव,असेंबल्ड टो कम विल बे जेनरेटेड फॉर दिस,पर्टिकुलर रिक्वेस्ट f5 विच विल बी डन टू,द आइडेंटिटी प्रोवाइडर,दिसंबर टोकन विल हैव डिफरेंट अटरीब्यूट्स,एंड इंफॉर्मेशन अबाउट पर्टिकुलर यूजर ओके,इन थिस पार्टिकुलर टोकन इंफॉर्मेशन एंड,क्वालीफाई एक्शन रिस्पांस विल गिव बैक टो,थिस पार्टिकुलर ब्राउज़र फ्रॉम व्हेयर थे,रिक्वेस्ट वास मेड वन रिक्वेस्ट रिचेस्ट,इस पर्टिकुलर ब्राउज़र थिस पार्टिकुलर,ब्राउज़र विल रीडायरेक्ट डिफिकल्ट ओपन बैक,टू द सर्विस प्रोवाइडर,पूछेगा डिफिकल्ट टो कन्यू यू कैन चेक थिस,किंड आफ आईडेंटिटी कार्ड टो वैलिडेट ए,टाइम इन थे न्यूज आफ वे पर्टिकुलर वेब,सर्वर वंस इस पर्टिकुलर टॉपिक अनिल,वैलिडेट यह डिफिकल्ट सैमर रिस्पांस एंड,डिफीटेड वैलिड रिस्पांस फॉर,एंड्राइड बेल्ट टोकन इट विल ग्रांट एक्सेस,कोड पर्टिकुलर सिक्योर पेज एक्सेप्टेड ओके,खुद इस पर्टिकुलर टू कंट्रीज एंड इट्स,असेंबल रिस्पांस टो बे मेड सैमर रिक्वेस्ट,विद वॉटर सैंपल रिस्पोंस ओके चुनाव वास,पिक्ड असेंबल रिस्पांस एंड गुड द,लेजिटीमेट टोकन इस फेस्टिवल ऑब्जर्व्ड से,हेयर यू आर जे न्यूज अरनव बॉयज और,बॉयफ्रेंड ओके शोल्ड इस पर्टिकुलर यूजर,विल बे अपॉइंटेड एंड विच रिवर प्लेट और,Services इस पर्टिकुलर यूजर हस,रिक्वेस्टेड फॉर वुड बी अवर बैक टू इस,पर्टिकुलर ब्राउजर इन थिस पार्टिकुलर टो,कनेक्ट विद साइंस दैवीय वैलिडिटी आफ थिस,पार्टिकुलर टोकन फॉर सपोर्ट सेंटर सेक्शन,आफ सर्टेन टाइम विडियो और बेबी समय,पैरामीटर एंड ड्यूरिंग डेटाइम इनटू वन,डिसएप्वॉइंटेड यह नीड नॉट टो ऑथेंटिकेट,एंड अगेन एंड अगेन एंड अगेन टिल थे टाइम,डिस्टिक विच हस कम एस वेल इट्स ओके शुद्ध,सिंगल साइन हम सीधे सेक्शन ऑर द सेकंड,स्टेप ट्वीट इस आयरलैंड सिंगल sign-on,स्वीट इस सेंटेंस अलसो कॉल्ड एस फाइल,सिंगल साइन ओं नोव साइलेंट सिंगल sign-on,मींस डोंट हैव टू नेसेसरीली पास द पासवर्ड,मेनी टाइप्स ऑफ इन दिस इज ऐड न्यू प्लेस,योर टाइपिंग यदि मैनुअल पासवर्ड राइट थिस,अलसो कॉल्ड एस अलर्ट एस एस पॉसिबल सो सॉरी,इसे साइलेंट सिंगल sign-on ने स्व तो आई,होप यू लाइक दिस वीडियो अपडेट प्लीज हिट द,लाइक बटन हिट द सब्सक्राइब बटन एंड द बेल,आइकन सुयोग्य क्लीन नोवेना अपलोड माय,नेक्स्ट वीडियो कमेंट सेक्शन इंवॉल्वेस,ओपन फॉर यू डेयर कॉमेंट्स फीडबैक,इंप्रूवमेंट एस फॉर मी टू इंप्रूव योर,इंटेलेक्ट्स टाइम गाइस प्लीज कीप लर्निंग,कीप शेयरिंग और नॉलेज एंड गैस की फसलें,बचपन में

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