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Ingram Ipage

hi everyone I want to make a short,tutorial about how to use I page I cant,show you everything because its its,you know got a lot of options but I just,wanted to show you a few things so that,you can do your selection assignment,first of all youll see youre logged in,and you can see that you can select to,search either books digital gift music,video video game for our assignment,were going to use just book you can,search in several different ways and,also over here you can use the Ingram,active or mostly adult titles or if you,just want to see childrens titles,choose I kids so as you scroll down,theres all sorts of things on this page,theres bestsellers from New York Times,list theres top demand from Ingram,there are places you can sign up for I,page webinars one of the thing theres,catalogs you can look through to see,their recent catalogues one thing I like,to use is the Hot List if you go in here,youll see that each month,librarians make hot lists for,forthcoming titles so for instance in,March these are the hottest nonfiction,titles adult nonfiction that are going,to be coming out in March these are hand,selected by librarians this list is when,I actually used to do when I worked,there so Im just going to practice with,this so I go into this list and I see,that all these titles are coming out in,March and these are the prices remember,that this is retail price and that when,you have a contract with a vendor you,will get a discount so you will not pay,full price for it,you can see if its in stock with,they wont be because they arent out,yet,youll see starred citation citations,and reviews in I page you can look at,the reviews so instead of looking at all,the paper journals if you have a,contract with Ingram you can read the,reviews right in their system here also,if you have it set up you can check your,OPAC to see if you already have the,title or not and thats something that,you would have to set up with them,you see that you have a bunch of other,filter options over here which Ill let,you look through yourself another sort,you can do is you can sort all these,different ways if you are looking for a,certain dewey range you could search by,dewey keep in mind that not all of these,books have been assigned a do it yet,because theyre not out yet and,cataloging usually happens when the book,is published so you can also search by,by sack and if youre not familiar by,sack is a system used by book stores so,thats where youll see you know all the,biographies together all the cookbooks,together etc so for this exercise Im,just gonna use buy sack because I want,to see a list of biographies you know,usually those would be in the 900s if,youre gonna do a them but then also,some systems some libraries just put,them in a category called biographies,and dont put a dewey number anyway so,if I scroll down here I can see that for,instance Tokyo romance has a starred,citation and a review so Im gonna click,on this I see that it is a hardcover,binding and most of these are going to,be hardcover because theyre,gonna be the best sellers I can see the,bicep categories I can see the reviews,you see that it has Kirkus Reviews,Publishers Weekly Library Journal so,this title has gotten a lot of reviews,already so if I want to get this title I,am going to make a new list create a new,list and Im gonna call it Hollies,latest list Im gonna make it private so,only I can see it and Im going to,create the list all right so now Im,just going to go back to the list I had,and Im going to choose several titles,in here and I am going to add them to,that list and where is my list thing,lets go to the bottom here you go,selected titles add to Hollies latest,list so I will add them now to see my,list I go to the top of the page and I,go to public or private lists only and I,will see my latest list so I can email,this to myself I can download it I can,if I had it enabled I can check it to,make sure theyre there arent,duplicates in the list two of the same,titles I could make changes to it I can,view it so I can open it and look at it,in detail and go each title by title,youre gonna go back and what I want to,do is I want to create an Excel,spreadsheet out of,first sorry first I want to price this,list because those are retail prices I,want to know how much this list is,actually going to cost me so let me go,back and cuz it kicked me out Im going,to go to my list and Im gonna price,this list okay so it is telling me that,the estimated with the discount is 98,dollars and seventy seven cents so,remember that we started with the retail,price and this would be the price of my,discount now if you get cataloging and,processing it could cost a little bit,more youll have those details with your,vendor each library has its own system,set up whether they get cataloging or no,cataloging and processing or no,processing you know if you get the book,just only its just going to be a,straight discount so anyway for this,assignment Im going to want you to,download this as a comma delimited,format,put it into an Excel spreadsheet once,you can open and you can see the titles,right here,you,you,it needs a little fixing to just fix,these with the buy set this is the ISBN,or EAM but you just have to format it,correctly the author the title and these,codes are quality is a paperback and r,is for hardcover so you can tell that,one of these is a paperback this is the,public date this is the publisher this,is the retail price and this is the,discount price so if you want to go,ahead,you could total these up here and choose,some make sure you pick all of these out,whoops,sorry I messed that up,let me start again I want the total down,here so Im going to click total sum,youre gonna choose which titles and hit,okay and there is my total,and one more thing to fix the ISBN to,look like a regular number you need to,format the cells so you can right click,here format cells number make it a,number with is no decimals because its,not a its not a monetary amount its,just a number and there is your EAN or,ISBN as it used to be called and this is,also the ISBN so let me,woops format cells number known decimals,that is though the old number,you actually want this number for,ordering purposes anyway thats how you,do that

Heartland 2021 Education: Education ipage Master Class

here we go,hello everybody welcome welcome,it started in just a second,[Music],[Music],all right,welcome everybody uh this is officially,our first education session of heartland,2021 this is the ingram ipage master,class my name is larry law im one of,the co-directors of heartland im joined,today by carrie obre and kate scott of,the midwest independent booksellers,association as well they are the uh our,partners at heartland,um id like to mention,very quickly voting is open for the 2021,heartland booksellers award we had an,awesome event in um an awesome meet the,authors event meet the finalists event,in august so please check out that video,it is live on the heartland fall forum,website as well as the voting ballot im,going to throw that voting ballot into,the chat momentarily,there we go,um we are in full swing of heartland,right now so im going to quickly go,through a few events we have coming up,um we have another,education session this friday,it is the,future of sectioning led by joanna,parzikonis of,uh bookbug and this is a bookstore in,kalamazoo michigan,and then on tuesday september 14th we,have marketing lessons gained from the,pandemic led by tim smith of schuler,schulerbooks,and then on wednesday september 15th,please join us for an author event,spinning a midwestern yarn featuring,authors dane barr kai harris kelsey,ronan kyla chennault and,i think i got everybody carrie correct,me if im wrong,um awesome you can find more of our,upcoming events on the heartland fall,forum website im going to also throw,that link to all of our upcoming events,into the chat right now,all right um,and of course i would like to thank our,heartland sponsors,this year we are sponsored by blackstone,publishing ingram content group andrews,mcneil publishing imagination press,childrens books simon schuster penguin,random house scholastic macmillan heshet,and our principal sponsor harpercollins,so thank you all for sponsoring this,years heartland,now i would like to jump right into the,event,uh todays education session i would,like to introduce our educators for,today please join me in welcoming,regional sales manager at ingram nancy,rowland,field sales manager for ips pgw and two,rivers johanna heinz and supervisor of,customer carrot ingram eric forrest i,will let you take it away,[Music],thank you um its a pleasure to be here,first and foremost so thank you all for,joining,today were going to,demo ipage and hopefully,everyone here is at least a little,familiar with the site but even if,youre not thats okay well kind of go,through some stages here where we look,at some beginner type information and,then work our way through some more,useful,slightly more advanced use cases for,ipage,first and foremost i want to make sure,that youre at the correct website,ipage.ingramcontent.com,if you just type in ipage into your,browser or ipage.com youll probably end,up at the wrong site so ill make sure,that were at ipage.enginecontent.com,next if you dont already have a login,you can always reach out here using the,link that will get to our customer,service team and they will help set you,up with an ipage account if you dont,already have one uh if you have an ipage,account and maybe you need to change,some um,kind of master settings for lack of a,better term maybe someone at your,at your store has retired or is leaving,and you need to hand the brands over to,someone else theres a special team at,ingram theyre called ics admin at,ingram content.com you can reach out to,them and they can help,with the administrative pieces of your,ipage account,so without any further delay ill go,ahead and log into the site,and to make this demonstration you know,more useful im going to actually change,my account right now im looking at kind,of my view for lack of a better term,so bear with me just a moment while i,get into a test account,this account will let me kind of show,all the things that you would see as a,customer of ingram,so here i am at the login page of ipage,this home page uh eric um you need to,screen share,oh i am so sorry i thought,must have,dropped from the introduction lets see,here,i apologize okay,uh so here we are at ipage so again,ipage.enginecontent.com,uh so here on the home page uh you can,jump right into a number of things we,have a black menu bar at the top where,you can dive into some order history,maybe look at building out cart,to place an order or you can start,searching for product here on the search,bar,so starting off with some kind of basic,tips for ipage,when youre searching,you can kind of tailor your search based,on the product youre looking for i,think most of us are probably looking,for books but you could open this search,up to gift and game to music things like,that,as a general rule i recommend using,title keyword as your search criteria if,you open this menu youll see there are,numerous options but i think title,keyword tends to land with the most,accurate results when youre searching,either through,you know an author name part of a title,something like that,if youre looking for something a little,more broad keyword is the way to go,lastly,when youre searching you can choose,kind of which database for lack of a,better term that youre looking at,i recommend ingram active which will,show you results for products that are,basically front lists you know youre,not going to see any out of how to print,titles in this these results,if youre looking for a more,broad database a broader database ingram,extended well show you those backlisted,titles that are out of print or no,longer available through ingram,and then if youre looking looking,specifically for,titles from ips income publisher,services you can choose that option as,well,but for the purposes of todays,demonstration im going to keep it set,to ingram active,just as a i guess a bit of a,housekeeping note,i will try to kind of move through these,sections very purposefully and stop at,each one to ask if there are any,questions so dont feel like you have to,hold those until the very end so if,there is a question hopefully the,moderators can help me keep track of,those and and call those out as they pop,up,so here we go um starting with uh this,page again i mentioned the black bar you,can kind of get into some more advanced,things like wheres my order wheres my,invoice things like that but lets go,ahead and keep it simple and just type,in,you know something,simple to,kind of demonstrate how to check for,product check for inventory,so ive typed in my keyword,and you can see i have you know a large,list of products to search through here,so depending on what my uh what the,context is about if im looking for a,specific book if im looking for,specific author or publisher,or maybe im looking for just a stack of,books to you know that have a general,theme i can do all that refinement here,within these results,i can start by searching within my,results so if im looking for a specific,author i can type that here,and itll narrow my results down based,on the criteria ive searched for,just to look through some different,options here so,that was searching within my results for,a specific author name i could do the,same for a publisher,likewise i can go through these,different categories here to look at,maybe im looking for something in a,specific bisac category maybe im,looking for something under a certain,price point or a certain format all of,these things can be kind of drilled down,within these um within these results,so thats a basic search function now if,youre interested in finding out how,much stock is in uh,how much inventory do we have on hand,you can always mouse over this little,stock check window,and it will pop up telling you first of,all like youll see the blue boxes there,are your kind of ingram designated,warehouses your primary and your,secondary,and remember in the context of this,search this is a kind of a wholesale,search so if youre looking for,something ips related we can we can look,at that in

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Using Ingram Direct-to-Home in Booklog

hello welcome to book logs video on,processing direct to home orders using,engrams direct fulfillment capabilities,in this video will show you how to,process customer orders that shipped,directly from engrams warehouses to your,customers home sending items this way,allows you to accept and fill a customer,order without having to store or ship,any inventory items book logs direct to,home interface with Engram is free,functionality if your version of book,log is 11 point 1 or higher then the,direct to home interface is built in and,ready for you to use to start placing,direct fulfillment orders with Engram,youll need to have an electronic,ordering account setup with them if you,havent been ordering from Engram,through book log electronically contact,Engram to establish a big buy sad,electronic ordering account then contact,book log support to configure and test,your EDI electronic ordering account,with book log if youre already ordering,with Engram electronically through book,log be sure that the account you have,with Engram uses the big buy sack format,if youre unsure whether or not your,Engram account is a big buy SEC account,you can check in book log to be sure,what kind of EDI account you have with,Engram go to the maintenance menu in,book log and click vendors find the,entry for Engram and double click on it,click the electronic ordering tab and,see what electronic ordering format,setting youve got if its not big buy,sack contact Ingram and let them know,you would like a big buy SEC account in,order to start doing direct fulfillment,once your account information is ready,Ingram will send you the settings and,you can replace the fields you see here,with the new account information,to fulfill a customers direct-to-home,order your first step is to create a,mail order for the items book log will,use this mail order to create a Pio just,for the items the customer wants to buy,and send the PIO directly to Ingram with,the customers address the customers,contact information is very important,for the direct to home fulfillment,process if you have a timber website,book log will import your customers,orders into book logs mail order module,in real time timber gives customers the,option of selecting direct-to-home when,they place the order timber can also,link to engrams inventory and display,books when customers search for them on,your website even if you dont carry the,title or have it in stock if you have an,Indy commerce website then you can,download your orders and our e-commerce,module will allow you to import them in,so that they become mail orders the,e-commerce module is a paid interface so,please contact us to purchase and learn,how to use it if you dont have an,e-commerce website you can still process,your online orders as mail orders to,create a mail order go to the sales menu,and click mail orders then use insert to,add a new order enter the customers name,just as you would in a cash register,sale having the correct contact,information for your customers is,integral to the direct to home,fulfillment process if you dont have a,mailing address email address and home,phone number entered for this customer,book log wont process this order as a,direct to home shipment after entering,the customers name scan in the items the,customer would like to order after you,scan in the items click the ship all,icon to show that all these items will,be shipped to the customer,now check the DTH box for every item you,want Ingram to fulfill directly Ingram,offers some extra services when you,process direct fulfillment orders youll,have the option to choose a shipping,account just for this order and you can,use your own account you can also choose,gift wrapping options for your order,when you click the gift options shortcut,book log will ask what kind of wrapping,paper you would like to use for your,items it also allows you to include a,message the customer would like to send,the person receiving the gift Ingram,allows you to use the same wrapping,paper and gift message for all the items,in the shipment or to choose them,individually once you finish selecting,your gift options youll enter the,customers payment then book log will,generate an order to be sent through a,EDI to Ingram when the order ships,youll receive an email from Ingram,letting you know thanks for joining us,shipping direct-to-home is a great way,to serve your customers without,committing staff or storage resources to,the order we hope this video helps you,see a way to use it at your own store,[Music],[Music],you

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Ordering Books through Ingram Spark – KWE Publishing

hi today were going to talk about how,to order your awesome book hey here we,are on the Ingraham Square website heavy,WWC calm what you want to do is look,over here to the right hand side things,to do is go over here to the left hand,side and click on quarters now I have a,number of books that are listed here,you may only have one thats okay click,on the one you want and check it select,[Music],add items to order and youll get a new,screen that pops up,what you want to do is check the return,to address thats my address,check the ship to address thats the,correct address print location generally,you want to have it in US dollars and if,you have a promotion code you can enter,that here theres a couple of options,that you have you can choose how quickly,we want your order to be printed sorry,here economy service lives in five to,seven days,excuse me Express service thats in two,days,rush service prints in one day thats,just the printing part of it you also,have to add in a days it would take your,order delivered theres different,shipping options basic residential round,president a second day and residential,next day if you want to know more about,these shipping options click on the,shipping methods link and here we go has,different shipping options so lets say,I absolutely want to have it delivered,the next day after the shipment date so,I want to do residential overnight,[Music],[Music],next day sometimes you need to have your,books right away and were gonna pretend,were gonna select rush service so,usually print in one day and residential,next day so lets factor in one day here,and then next day here so we take about,two to three days down here and you can,choose how many you want to order lets,see lets say we want to order 50 books,and then I come over here and click on,update order see this button right here,[Music],all right,this puppy is going to be expensive,because weve got 50 books the selling,price is right here its two dollars and,47 cents for this particular book to,order 50 of them says quantity 204 dont,worry about that what that is telling us,is how many would fit into one can be,kind of help because say youre having a,big sale and youre gonna order lets,say in this case 500 books of this one,um I know that I will end up with two,partners that will become so and its,okay you dont have to order to the part,in quantity theyll still order the,amount that you choose and the order,quantity could be one over here were,going to look down and see this is our,total 282 thirteen see that shipping is,kind of expensive because thats that,residential next stage,um so say you were like police Nikes I,dont need to have it that fast Im,gonna change it to residential second,day so you come up here and lets say,you know its really not a drop-dead,rash as far as having it frayed to eater,you cant come up and click on buddies,and lets change it to economy service,and lets change it to residential,second day and then come down here and,you click on update order and its gonna,reprice your order hundred and eighty,dollars thats much better but realize,now that it will print in five business,days with this option and then add to,that a second day so we would take about,seven days to receive so once youre,ready you see your fifty and each one is,sequestered 2006 to seven cents and our,shipping cost is $38 but you ready hit,submit ordered and if you have a,promotion code you would have entered it,on the previous page heres giving you,your information you dont need to order,and put in a purchase order number you,can use that for tracking if thats,helpful to you one thing that can be,super helpful is to enter in your email,address so that way when you place your,order it will send you notifications,about tracking now some of theres one,option thats economy and that will not,allow you to track your packages but it,will give you a little blurb and let you,know right so say youve entered in your,email address you can either save this,for later in which case you can go back,and place your order or you can do,proceed to payment and you have the,choice to either pay with a new card or,pay with cards you have on file,have a card on file here so I can select,that and then if I was ready I would go,ahead and click on submit I dont want,to order 50 pieces of that book right,now this is just for demonstration if I,was doing it for reals,it would per there now say you have,submitted an order and you want to check,on it look over here to the left-hand,side under orders you can look under,pending orders and see I have some that,I placed these are orders that have not,yet been submitted remember where we,have a place where we could go back and,submit them later this is handy if you,want to set up your order but youre not,quite ready and then you can process,this beer Im submitted and look at,orders that you have placed thats this,one and it shows me books that are,ordered and up here it has the same,information that we had on the order and,then here under packages it has a place,where you can click on the carrier track,key and with who this book is on its way,to us peek through USPS and should be,delivered very soon them so that is how,you go through and order your books all,right thanks so much

Make More Book Sales by Following These Important IngramSpark Upload Tips!

in todays video im going to show you,the techniques i use,to be able to load your book up to,ingramspark and give it every,opportunity to sell well across,well over the 25 000 different platforms,or online distributors,that ingramspark can actually get your,book into so,watch this video carefully and ill show,you those steps,hi my names romney and im the founder,of the lifegradual publishing group,and thanks very much for jumping on the,channel today if you do like the content,that im providing,make sure you subscribe hit the,notification bell and give me a thumbs,up if you do like the videos,because i want to be able to create,content which helps your,self-publishing business grow so in,todays video,its all about the way that i load my,books to ingramspark,and theres a few things that ive,learned over the past year and a half,and ive actually loaded over 250 books,onto ingramspark,so i know the methods and i know the way,that,gives you the best opportunity to sell,more books youll actually find that,if you load your book to ingramspark,in a lot of cases youll notice that it,appears on amazon in fact it sometimes,competes,against the book that you have on amazon,with your with your,ingram spark book and sometimes it,actually ranks better,when you load it to ingramspark but,theres a few reasons why that happens,and theres a few techniques on and show,you and steps today,which will actually show you the best,way to be able to fully utilize a,platform of ingramspark,to give yourself every opportunity to,sell those books and more of them,so ive sold well over 3 000 books on,ingramspark,in just this year alone so i want to be,able to show you those techniques,which will help boost your book theres,a few things though,that help my book sell obviously you,need to make sure theyre the highest,equality,that youre going to give the customer,the best customer experience,but theres also some keyword things or,keywords you can put into ingram,when youre loading your book up plus,other little other little uh tricks,that ill show you so watch my um,process,as i jump onto my dashboard now okay so,im in the dashboard right now ive,actually pre-filled,some information out so i can actually,go through it,but what we what you would do when you,get to your,im sorry ingramspark dashboard you,would simply go to add title,and that would bring you to this page,here what i would highly recommend you,do,is before you start again this is just a,uh,a made-up book i used to be a phys ed,teacher,so i just thought id focus on this one,so what i would do is id,have the title the subtitle the,description information,but also add any reviews that you might,have,received from your book if youve,already launched it somewhere,else say on kdp amazon and youve,received reviews,then grab those reviews and paste them,into,this information here because there is a,place you can put them,on ingramspark which not many people,utilize so thats really important,to do so lets go back into the,ingramspark dashboard you would put the,title,you dropped isbn which you would,purchase,prior so that might be through thorpe,bowker who,i utilize for the purchase of my isbns,some countries they do offer a free isbn,but for many countries they dont,so then what you would do is youd go to,your publishing rights so,that would mean that you would um you,have all the,copyright for,utilizing any images or information that,you have,then under this box here not many people,see it or they skip it sometimes this is,actually where your subtitle goes,so make sure you add your subtitle if,you had a series you can always put that,as well,which would go in this box here then as,you scroll down,you would add the author so ive just,made up a name saying tom smith,but you could do that um you know your,name or your,uh whatever type what you might even be,your brand name you can also add,information about you as an author,or it could be your brand your,background any prior books that youve,completed as well,so your you can add those details in as,well,for this part i havent seen you know,huge amount of evidence with it makes,any difference or not,but it may help your brand if your book,is appearing in different platforms to,have your,your details your brand on there so for,me the life graduate publishing group,is my brand and i would put that,information there,you would put your publishing business,name or your,whatever you want your imprint on the,books to be,so for me uh i would i would have,you know one of my business names on,there now the subject was,you would click find subjects and this,would bring up a whole range of,different,areas which you you know you might like,to to check out,so ive pre-selected education physical,education,but there might be another one for,example if we just did,health click on health,and then it would load up different,subject areas that you can,by free tools out there we can find the,different subjects and things like that,ive used,bookbolt.io to find,different categories and things like,that but you would simply go through and,you get to choose,three so there might be something in,here,that would be suitable so it could be,for example this one that might be one,that youd like to,to use so you simply click on the on the,box and that would,appear so remember you can get three the,audience,depending on what your kind of book is,is it a textbook,is it a high school or elementary,textbook,is it for young kids is it a uh you know,a kids,childrens book about go to the doctor,for example,is it for professionals most most times,its,trade general but you also might have a,book,thats geared towards you know going for,employment as a,as a you know 17 year old so it might be,suitable for that one so,we would choose this one this is the box,here which i,definitely recommend you feel some,information in thermo,subjects break it down even further i,found this,one just by doing fine subjects again,just scroll through and have a look i,found sports and active recreation that,would be suitable for the book were,doing,at the moment table of contents i dont,normally add but its something you can,now review quotes again i would,definitely recommend this,they need to be legitimate quotes though,and,they need to make sure that youve,already received those,whether it be through amazon and kdp,because they will appear so,what you would do is highlight that and,you would drop it into,the box here and you can make this,information if you want to you can,bold it you can you know do what you,want with it you can,jazz it right up if thats going to be,suitable for you,the description on to ingramspark it,must,be just in normal word so i would copy,uh this section just here copy all that,and then you go and you paste it and,again you can highlight this,these these areas here and you can,change the,sizes so at the moment heading 4,you could use a heading 3 but amazon,may not like hitting three i think,theyre moving towards,eliminating heading 3 and just having,heading 4.,dont quote me on that but i believe,that thats what might be happening,and then you can use this section here,youve got numbers you can use,dot points whatever you like and you can,change it around you can highlight,whatever you want to,so thats it now these keywords here,lets just get rid of these for the,moment,and uh if i can actually no,what ill do this is uh the keywords,that i actually found,um sorry um yeah these are actually the,keywords that i found,by doing my research and what i would do,i would highlight all these keywords,here,and i would copy them id go to a,website,called um free online comma separator oh,what ill do is ill provide you with,the link,here in the video in the description,what i would do is paste all my keywords,id use this semicolon here so you can,get a drop down box of a few different,options semicolon,and then you push that across select,that,and you know copy it then you go back to,ingram,and you would simply ill get rid of

IngramSpark Publishing Tutorial: Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Welcome to the fourth video in my beginners guide to self-publishing a book,series here on YouTube. Previously in this series,,we covered the nine steps to self-publishing a book we covered how to upload a,book to KDP, how to upload a book to Barnes and noble press.,And now were gonna be talking about how to upload your book to Ingramspark.,Make sure you check out the previous videos in this series,,but today is all about Ingramsparks. In my opinion,,Ingramspark is not a platform for beginners.,Its not exactly the most user friendly platform that Ive come across.,And theres a lot of things that you can do to kind of screw up in the process.,So thats what Im talking about for todays video.,Im hoping to give you guys some helpful tips.,So Im gonna be covering step by step, exactly what you need to do to upload,,to Ingramspark, and how to avoid some errors that Ive made in the past,,including the fact that when I went to do a pre-order for my childrens book on,Ingramspark,,they actually started sending out blank copies of the book because I had,done one tiny thing wrong during the uploading process.,But Im here to make sure that you arent confused and this is as clear as,possible. So Im not only gonna be giving you a tutorial.,Im also gonna be giving a ton of tips and telling you guys a few things that,you need to know about Ingramspark before you publish with them.,My name is Mandi Lynn. Im an author,,book cover designer and the creator of The Book Launch Planner.,And if you like weekly videos on the business of being an author,,then be sure to subscribe and hit that belt notification icon.,Lets go ahead and jump into the video.,So its no secret that I am not a fan of Ingramspark.,I have done many,,many videos on this YouTube channel about Ingramspark listing the pros and cons.,Listing where you can go wrong with things. Um,,basically what Im saying is Im not gonna go into all of it today.,If you wanna know all of the pros and cons of Ingramspark,,please go ahead and watch all the videos that will be linked in the description.,I have an entire playlist about Ingramspark. Yes, a playlist,,because thats how many issues Ive had with them. But to put it lately,,Ill make a quick list for you guys. There are not user are friendly.,They no longer have a phone number for customer service. You have to email them.,You have to pay a fee. Every time you publish a book,,you also have to pay a fee. Every time you need to upload an updated file.,You also tend to make less royalties with Ingramspark than you do any other,print on demand company.,And Ive had a lot of issues and have heard of a lot of authors having,this issue of having their hard covers printed with no dust,jacket. And it seems to happen more for author copies than customer copies.,So I guess thats one thing,,but when youre an author and youre ordering a copy of your own book and it,gets delivered to you without a dust jacket, thats really discouraging,,but thats just the quick and dirty like issues that Ive had with Ingramspark,,besides the fact that the platform isnt user friendly, but again,,make sure to watch all the videos that will be, be linked down below.,So to put it lightly, I do not recommend this platform for first time authors.,As a cover designer,,I work with a lot of authors and a lot of authors will ask me about Ingramspark,and what my thoughts are. If youre a first time author,,maybe stay away from Ingramspark for a little bit.,If you really wanna do Ingramspark,,then go first to kind direct publishing perfect your files there.,And Im talking about the cover files and the interior files. Perfect.,It there then upload everything to Ingramsparks so that you dont have to pay,the fees that you need to when you need to update your files. Now,,with all that said,,theres still a lot of good about Ingramspark Ingramspark gives you a lot of,opportunities that other print on demand companies wont give you.,And Im talking about distribution, beautiful hardcovers, pre-orders.,Theres a lot to be said that is good about Ingramspark.,So if you are still interested in publishing with Ingramspark,,lets jump into the tutorial and Ill give as many tips I can to make this,process as smooth as possible. So here we are on my Ingramspark dashboard.,Im gonna go ahead and show you guys how to upload a book to Ingramspark in case,you wanna go ahead and do that. So Im gonna hit the add title button.,So you have a couple options here. You can do print and e-book print only,,or e-book only. Now I recommend doing print.,Only if you want expanded distribution for your ebook,,then do it through draft2digital, not Ingramspark.,Draft2digital you can do it all for free.,You dont have to pay $25. So once you select which book its gonna ask you,,do you have files ready to upload? Yes. All my files are ready. No,,I would like to see the available options, um, for creating files or no,,I will enter my title information and submit files later.,So Im gonna do yes,,I have all my files ready so I can literally show you guys the entire process.,So next its asking me what type of files. Um,,I have my print jacket or cover ready.,And I also have my print interior file already. So now theyre asking,,what would you like to do?,Am I just printing the book for myself so I can have the book physically for,myself or do I also want to distribute and sell the book?,Im gonna hit the distribute and sell option because I feel like thats what,most of you guys are here for. And then Im gonna hit the continue button.,So Im actually gonna pretend Im creating the hard cover edition of meet me at,the summit, which Im not,,Im not gonna be printing the hard cover addition through Ingramspark,,but I just wanna go through the motions with you guys.,So Im gonna put in the title and the language,,and then we have the print ISBN.,Now this is actually a little different previously Ingramspark only,allowed you to use a paid ISBN that you purchased through Bowker.,But as you can see here, you can also receive a free ISBN owned by Ingramspark.,Since Im just doing an example today, Im gonna do the free ISBN.,And then when you click that, it does just explain what exactly that means.,Selecting a free ISBN offers you a non-transferrable ISBN owned by Ingramspark.,Basically that means that this ISBN can only be used for Ingramspark.,It cant be used for other places like Kindle direct publishing.,And its also letting me know that if I use a free ISBN,,if I had a coupon code to, uh,,get some sort of discount off of the uploading fee that I cant use that coupon,code. So thats good to know.,So now it has given me this free ISBN. Um,,and then to asking me, do I own the copyright? Yes, I own the copyright.,And then its asking me a bunch of copyright questions.,Just make sure you read through them. Um, you should be answering no,,if you own the copyright and then youre gonna click, okay.,And now we get to add in the authors. So Im gonna put in my name,,but of course, if you had co-authors, you would add them in here.,Or if you had an illustrator, you would add them in here.,Then you can choose to hit show more fields to improve book optimization.,So you can add in, um,,info about where I live and my biography and, um,,other work that Ive done, Im not gonna do that,,but if you wanna improve the optimization of your book, you can do that.,You can also do this information through, um,,Amazon author central later on. Once the book is published,,so here to asking you to select your imprint and imprint is just your publishing,house. So for me, its stone Ridge books, but I can also add other, um,,publishing houses or imprints to my account.,The next spot here is subjects. Now,,I dont know why Ingramspark calls it subjects,,but this is basically your categories.,So like I talked about in previous videos, when youre uploading your book,,you wanna have a document like this already established where we have our,categories picked out.,We have our keywords picked out and we have

Bookmanager Tutorial | Single Title Ordering for Ingram

[Music],hey gang,trevor from book manager here and today,id like to talk about,single title ordering for ingram book,manager has the capability of sending,a single title holding order to ingram,right from your system with just a few,key strokes,this is especially handy when ingram is,low in stock at a particular warehouse,and youre unsure of whether youre,going to be able to fulfill your,customers order,usually its used for special orders but,it can be used for stock orders,this way you can send an order separate,from your regular electronic orders,it doesnt matter about your minimums,and you essentially reserve this stock,for your customer or for your shelf,that order will then ship the next time,you send a regular electronic order,so in a way youre essentially just,holding the order putting your name on,it,and its sitting reserved in their,warehouse for the next time you have a,regular order to ship,its typically used heavily during the,holiday season or any,peak buying season where ingrams,warehouse may be getting low,and their inventory changes quite,readily throughout the day,doing a single title order starts,exactly like a regular order,so ive got a customer special order for,a,book right here and im going to look it,up like usual,and check the pub stock and i see oh oh,boy ingram oregon is where im going to,order it from,because i want to get it fast but they,only have two in stock,im going to use the l for live function,just to make sure theyve got some stock,and oh,they only have one in stock right now i,want to order this,right away to make sure that my customer,gets this book,because im not going to be sending my,regular ingram order for another,hour or so and this copy could sell out,before that time,so im going to start the order just,like normal over order,im going to specify a quantity stick in,my customer name here,there we go and im gonna go down check,the pub stock make sure ive got the,right supplier so im gonna do,ingram 15.99 as my price,with a 1999 sell the margin aint great,because im buying in us dollars but my,customers,speedy fulfillment is worth more than a,few extra points,so im happy in this case now where the,magic happens is down in the last,bottom right field sto this field here,you say,yes to you put in your clerk code,and this screen here defaults to the,actions field,this is where you have two choices s for,send,or l for live to get live pub stock so,this allows you to right before you send,the order,guarantee do they still have one in,stock pressing l for live will give you,the same stock information as if you,were going to ipage,or calling ingrams customer support so,we know this is accurate,once again they only have one so i want,to jump on this right now,all i have to do at this point is hit s,for send,and this order will be sent off i also,have the choice to arrow up here,to specify a warehouse or if i want,pairs,here in warehouse i can hit page up to,actually select the warehouse i want to,send this to but otherwise we just want,to use our default,distribution center so im going to,leave these blank and as defaults and,just hit,s for send here its now going to,send and prepare and its also going to,grab,a confirmation so it says sto,confirmation received and,processed i can press any key and,effectively i am good to go,this order has been confirmed i can,check it in order processing,and i would have if i were to search for,ingram,i could see it was my last order sent,ive got a confirmation for it i could,view the confirmation,uh basically the,previous screen would tell you if it,wasnt confirmed so if the order was,back-ordered o-b-o-s or cancelled,o you know c-o-s it would,tell me so in the previous screen so i,dont really need to go here and check,and read the actual confirmation but if,you want it is here,for you to read but essentially thats,it this order has now been sent,and it will sit there held for my,customer and my store until my next,regular ingram order here is sent single,title ordering is,handy again for low stock but you can,get into the problem,of using it too much or using it for all,your orders,keep in mind that you need to send a,regular whats called an eo,electronic order to ingram in order to,release single title orders so if you do,all your ordering as single title orders,you need to at least send one order the,regular way,when youre going through order,processing and you prepare and send,order youll notice that the order type,right here says eo you need an eo order,here,in order to release all your single,title orders alternatively you can,do these hold orders for entire,shipments you can do this for,not only single titles but multiples in,that way all you have to do is send an,order like normal or start to send an,order,and change this eo field to a ce so you,can see at the bottom here it says ce,order but hold and ship with next eo,order thats all a single title order,really is doing in book manager,its changing the order type to a ce and,sending it immediately and then,requesting a confirmation,right away as well so you can take any,order and turn it into a,quote-unquote single title or a holding,order just by changing this to ce,but by default the system will always go,to an eo and simply sending this will,release,any single title orders

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