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Intouch with Mary Kay: Mary Kay Intouch Login (Your prospects are looking for you!)

hello Davina Courtney here and in this,video Im gonna share with you how to,log in to your Mary Kay InTouch but Im,also going to give you a bonus Im gonna,share with you who your best prospects,are why theyre your best prospects and,how you can find a never-ending flow of,these people who will reach out and,touch you you dont have to go chasing,after them theyre gonna say hey Here I,am,I want to join your opportunity so if,you dont want that for your business,great just go down to the bottom of this,video description and click on the link,there it will take you right to your,Mary Kay InTouch but if you want to know,who your best prospects are why and a,free way on how you can find them then,stick around so your best prospects,answer might surprise you but stay with,me here okay people who are already in,network marketing why well because out,of the 18 point two million people who,are involved in network marketing last,year about 4.8 million,were women who were not married to their,opportunity theyre actually really,excited about the idea of network,marketing but either didnt like their,company or their upline of their team,whatever happens to be so theyre,actually actively searching for another,company to join so these are the kind of,ladies who are going to stick around who,are going to build their business if you,can show them a simple effective way to,build it which Im going to share with,you at the end of this video so if you,want your Mary Kay InTouch to look go,from the consult page to the Mary Kay,InTouch directors page these are the,kind of ladies that you are going to,want to find for your business no you,have to show them a way thats going to,work for their lifestyle okay so the,idea of prospecting friends and family,in anyone within three feet of you is,horrific for Moores for most people and,they end up quitting because of it so,you want to show them away and you want,to have a way yourself right to get a,never-ending flow of prospects to your,business so Im going to actually turn,this over to,my friend and mentor for Nisa BIOS who,turned me on to this I remember it like,it was yesterday,get the hell out of my house and here I,thought shed be a great prospect for my,team I guess not,this is probably an extreme case but,nonetheless during difficult moments in,my network marketing business I would,ask myself the same question you may be,asking yourself do home meetings hotel,meetings one-on-ones,do they still work this cold market,prospecting ie prospecting strangers in,public your waiter people at the malls,literally anyone with a pulse does that,still work what about making a list of a,hundred friends and family well the,answer is yes that stuff can still work,but theres a big problem the problem,with these old-school network marketing,methods is that they require you to burn,a ton of gas driving around town to meet,prospects and attend meetings wait did,they say this was a home business for an,away from home business these methods,theyre very inefficient and take up a,lot of your time so say goodbye to,seeing your kids for the next three to,five years if youre serious you got to,deal with a ton of pissed-off people and,rejection anyone here in the NFL club no,friends left and who the heck wants,strangers at their house for a home,meeting eight oclock at night I suspect,very lonely people but for the rest of,us who like our personal space or have,family with crazy kids terrorize in the,house oh this becomes very impractical,and even impossible after nine months of,lots of miles driven dozens of no-shows,wasted time and broken relationships,believe it or not I actually had done,pretty well in network marketing but I,absolutely hated what I had to do to,succeed unfortunately my team hated all,this too and they started to put faster,than I can recruit them and then I met,Tim well I actually didnt meet Tim I,accidentally found his website where he,opened my eyes to the real possibility,of building my business online behind my,computer or with my smartphone without,ever having to leave home in fact I,built my first six-figure network,marketing business within a couple years,of discovering these methods while still,living at my moms house from my tiny 10,by 10 bedroom with a computer a dream,and a ravenous drive to quit my cubicle,prison of a job honestly I didnt even,move out of my moms house until I hit,seven figures in my business,that isnt how to joke but hey can you,blame me living in California pretty,expensive but joking aside I did have a,lot of debt and a foreclosure to deal,with but thats a story for another day,the point is I need it and the bottom,line is that now I spend the majority of,my time alongside my mentor and now,partner helping other networkers follow,the blueprint I personally use to earn,over eight figures in my home business,and Id like to give it to you,absolutely free I cant promise you my,results I cant promise you riches as my,results are not typical but neither was,my drive to succeed all I can promise,you is the opportunity to learn the,skill set which completely changed my,life and gave me my freedom over eight,years ago wherever you find the link,above or under this video click on it,register with your email and Ill send,you my tenth part online recruiting,course absolutely free and if youd like,to grab a copy of my best-selling book,the attraction marketing formula which,goes deeper into these methods for a,limited time Im going to have someone,on my team personally coach you,one-on-one absolutely free so you can,get the same mentorship I got from Tim,which altered the course of my life,thats uncool awesome well click learn,more wherever you see it register and,youre gonna get my 10 part by,recruiting course absolutely free Ill,see you on the inside and the toxin,[Music],[Music]

marykayintouch login|Do You Want To Succeed In Your Mary Kay Business?

hey that my friend this is pitting you,on here from Brisbane Australia coming,live to you from my beautiful home,office now if youre here watching this,video is because youre looking for your,mary kay login and the reason why you,want to do so is so that you can get,access to your back office have a look,at your statistics have a look at your,report see how much money youve made,this week this month or this year but,also at the same time you want to have a,look at who else has joined your,business how your business is looking,but let me ask you this one question how,does your statistics look how do they,look do you have a business do you even,have a downline now do you even make,residual income in your business now if,you are struggling in your marriage Kay,chances eyes because youve done,everything your upline has told you to,do alright and that involves writing a,list of a hundred people or more alright,and pitching to your list about your,business opportunity or break your,products now not to say that what your,upline has told you is incorrect it does,work you get some results I got results,not doing traditional marketing,strategies belly-to-belly but eventually,what happened is that got to a point,where I exhausted my warm list people,were running away from me because I,didnt want to hear about my business,opportunity and he got to a point where,building my business was very tiring and,very draining okay I I couldnt see the,light at the end of the tunnel and if,you cant see the light at the end of,tunnel I understand exactly how you feel,okay I understand because not too long,ago I was in the exact same situation,chasing friends family and I wasnt,getting any results but what I found,when I decided to come online and do,some more research and research studies,the top earner see what they were doing,and what I found was that they were,generating leads online they were,generating leads online they were using,the internet to generate targeted leads,on line they learned how to market,themselves and possess position,themselves as an authority okay now,theres four elements in order for you,to build your business 1 find prospects,to invite your prospects 3 you need to,present to your price,number four youve got to follow up now,most people know how to do two three and,four but finding prospects is very very,hard and you cant build your business,if you dont continue to find prospects,okay and one of the things that I needed,to know is how do i generate leads,online I need to understand what the top,earners were doing but let me ask you,this one question what would it be to,you what what would it mean to you if,you were able to generate five to ten,leads per day targeted leads per day for,your business that reach out to you and,ask you what are you doing what are you,promoting how can I join you what if you,were able to generate these targeted,leads what would it do for your business,what would it do for your business if,you were able to personally sponsor,people five to ten people into your,business per week what would it do for,you you see this my friend here is the,way to go this my friend here is how,youre going to do it if you serious you,dead serious about generating leads,online if youre dead serious about,taking your business to the next level,all you need to do is click on the link,below and I will give you free access to,a video training from the top earners,showing you step-by-step on what you,need to do in order for you to build,your business online and offer you to,generate leads online now if you are,dead serious click on the link below,right now enter your personal,information your best personal,information and if you leave your phone,number I will personally contact you I,will personally contact you okay so once,again click on the link right now if you,are serious and you want to take your,business to the next level,enter your best personal information and,I pity you and personally contact you,once you leave your phone number okay,once again click on the link right now,enter your personal information and Ill,see you on the other side go ahead click,on the link right now,you

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Mary Kay InTouch Tutorial – How to Process Personal website order

hi girls thank you so much for coming,back to my YouTube page this is Portia,and this is business training tutorials,for online in touch and Im super,excited because today we are going to be,going over how to process online,customer orders from your personal,website so the first thing youre going,to do is log in to your in touch it is,going to take you to your home page,youre going to go down to customers go,over to my customers and youre gonna,see right here that it says orders and,you have one personal order so you can,go ahead and click on that and its,gonna bring you to your new order and so,just click on your customer this is just,an example so youll see that it is my,name and its just an M a practice order,so youll see that the order date is,7:30 which is today and its order,status is pending you personally have to,process every single order that comes,through your personal website so how do,you do that well great we are going to,do that right now so delivery preference,she says she wants it shipped to her,address so you can do this two ways you,can choose to ship it from your,inventory personally or you can do the,customer delivery service CDs which cost,five dollars and seventy five cents and,so today Im going to choose Im gonna,ship this from my inventory because I am,going to I either have it on hand or Im,actually going to place a full order and,ship it to her when it comes in and you,can charge her shipping according to,your shipping cost in your city so you,can add that a little later when we,process her payment right now you just,are you gonna use customer delivery,service that cost 575 no matter what,their order is or youre gonna deliver,it yourself,via take it to her house or via USPS,okay so I choose my inventory which,means Im going to ship it to her myself,and then here are her products and you,have the option if you would like to add,the gift of purchase this is a four,dollar purchase that comes from your,pocket but this is just like Macys or,Sephora if you buy something from them,theyre gonna probably get a gift fruit,with purchase so this gets your clients,really really excited and says wow this,is awesome,and so I usually add that gift with,purchase its four dollars and its,great customer service and it brings,your clients back because they know if,they spend $40 or more theyre gonna get,something special from you so you can go,ahead and add that to your order and you,can see that its added at no cost to,her and this is her information and the,payment options so you can add her,payment yourself by putting in her,credit card number you can process her,credit card information personally on,your prope account so say shes already,giving you her credit card number and,you process that money on your prope you,can do that and just keep this order,shes gonna get the receipt that its,processed and she already knows how she,paid you if the credit card is here,already then your that will show and,itll say online payment and then its,going to give you the option to put in,the amount you need to charge right now,what you see if she has the online,payment you see the total amount so its,1/9,nine so youre not going to charge her,the $4 for the free gift with purchase,no but you are going to add on your tax,and shipping to this amount so add on,that tax and shipping and then in the,credit card option where it says amount,to amount to charge the credit card,youre just gonna go ahead and add on,the tax so for example Im just gonna,add this up real quick,$1.99 see its 10% tax but youre also,going to ship it so you have to tax on,shipping so say theres 199 plus 5.75,for shipping cost youre gonna do of 10%,of that and thats gonna be twenty,dollars and forty seven cents so twenty,dollars and forty-seven cents add it on,to your $1.99 cost its going to be a,total of two 1947 which youre gonna,charge her card okay,so youre gonna go ahead and process,that theres no card in there right now,but say there was make sure that you add,the tax and you add the shipping cost to,the credit card that youre charging,okay totally hope that makes sense so,thats how you process the payment and,if you say you got cash check or prope,youre just gonna say okay well this,amount was collected so she already paid,me the two ninety non-pro pay for,everything so were gonna go ahead and,add that payment let just happen so,were gonna go to 1947,so that is fully paid and were good to,go I dont know what that is so were,gonna remove that so we paid she already,paid on either Pro pay or in cash to,1947,and if you wanted to leave any notes in,this order this is gonna be on her,profile in your database on InTouch so,you can say Porsha received gift with,purchase and thats just for you and,then we always want to make sure that we,follow up and in touch is so amazing,that they are going to give you a,reminder two days two weeks and two,months because you chose that follow-up,reminder and so perfect youre gonna get,to follow up with her shes gonna get,her product shes gonna be so excited,that you were prompt in processing her,order now mark as complete confirm mark,as complete and its going to bring you,to this or online order confirmation and,youre gonna go ahead and send her a,confirmation that says your order has,been processed and I always say I,appreciate your business and want to be,respectful of your time and your,shopping preferences if you ever desire,personal services including skincare and,beauty exam and advice and follow-up to,and share your satisfaction please feel,free to contact me so I always do that,in processing their orders send the,email and its all done so that order is,complete good to go and that is it so,then you can go back to your in touch,and that is processing online orders,thank you so much for hanging out with,me and I hope this was helpful have a,beautiful day

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Mary Kay InTouch tutorial – How to Place your order

hi girls welcome to my YouTube page and,tutorials this is Portia and Im super,excited to show you how to put in a,cosmetic order so here we are at our,Mary Kay InTouch youre just going to go,to your Mary Kay InTouch comm and its,going to bring you to this home page so,first thing youre going to do is sign,in with your consultant number go ahead,and put in your password and log in now,youre going to come to your home page,on InTouch youre going to go over to,ordering drop down box comes down and go,ahead online order and create a new,cosmetic order click on that and then,its going to bring you to the page,where you can start adding products now,you have all these topics and then the,drop box comes down so you can pick your,products now we have section one,products where those are our skin care,and cosmetic products and then we have,section two products down here which is,all of our sales tools and aids that we,purchase to help us with all of our skin,care classes and sharing the product,with samples so right now were just,going to add a few things so you can get,familiar with the process so first lets,just add a couple miracle sets so here,we are at our skincare timewise,anti-aging were going to add one,miracle set were going to update our,order and so everything that we add each,time we want to make sure that we update,our order because if you leave the page,and it didnt get updated then you might,have a problem,so always update your order and in this,box you will see current total order and,its going to say section one REE,tell and then section one whole cell and,so this is what we pay with our 50%,discount right and if this is your very,first order right here in this section,do not fall below wholesale cost its,going to say two hundred and twenty five,dollars so you dont want to fall below,225 in wholesale okay so that is on your,very first order so make sure you pay,attention to that because if you fall,below that and you place the order,youre going to be paying full price so,pay attention to your current discount,and make sure it says fifty percent okay,and so now were going to update our,order with our one miracle set lets go,add some section two because we want a,team build we need some educational,materials right so lets add one steps,to success so you can see the difference,with this you have your section two cost,here and then you have your section one,whole cell cost here so seeing the,difference with that and lets just say,our order is all done and we can go and,check out so were going to go check out,and we are going to see this option we,can add some things in oh yeah I forgot,an oil for makeup remover so lets add,one of those to our order so perfect so,it updates our basket for us and we have,everything here that we can see and,thats perfect thats all we need right,now so lets just begin our process to,checkout,okay so now this is it really going to,show you where youre at so your current,award status is 105 and then it says,well if you had this or that you can,bring up your star it shows you your,next level of rewards so this is just a,sample order really what I would suggest,is you never have an order under you,know five hundred dollars two hundred,dollars because youre paying on,shipping and taxes every single time so,we want to be very wise with our orders,and you know do less and less orders in,a month so we dont have to pay all that,shipping costs okay girls so lets,continue to checkout so here we are now,this is your last step and if you accept,the order guidelines itll take you to,the next step so you can use your prope,here this is so amazing I hope everyone,has their prope set up and their website,because when you are taking credit cards,and debit its going to be super,convenient for you to apply those funds,to your order so you would just say this,is the amount so I have a couple bucks,in there so I would just say I want to,add all that to my order and then you,know you have a credit card hooked up to,here and so you just finish your process,that way and so thats it girls checkout,and it comes to you within three to four,business days so thank you so much I,hope this was helpful and helping you to,be successful in your business and,placing your first order stay tuned for,more tutorials

How to do a consultant order on Mary Kay Intouch

you how to do a regular order,and so this is your mary kay in touch,screen,youre going to go over here on ordering,all the way on the left youre going to,click on ordering,and do online ordering and were going,to create a new cosmetic order so you,click that button,its going to come up and for,consultants its just going to be where,you can order for yourself,and once you bring that up its going to,have this toolbar here with all of the,different,headings of where our products are going,to be now youll notice,theres a heading here that says section,1 while supplies last,so thats going to be discontinued items,the company breaks it up into,section 1 which is our full size,saleable product,and then section two is going to be,your sales aides so if you notice down,here is section two promo,and then everything across this bottom,here is going to be section two items,section two promo is going to be,anything that is new for the quarter so,lets just jump in here and were going,to go to skincare it lists,all of my skincare different lines so,lets just say,im going to go to customized skincare,and so,you can see maybe i need like three eye,makeup removers,um lets see maybe i need two beauty,bladders whatever,i hit update my order and then youll,see where its there,now if you are not an active consultant,then,your retail amount and your wholesale,amount is going to be the same number,until you hit 450 dollars,retail when this number is 450 retail,then the 50 off will come for the 225,price now i am an active consultant and,so it automatically gives me,my 50 so um we can just contin lets,just go to checkout,and so um its going to just kind of,show you some suggestions of things you,might want to order,add on you can add more save the order,whatever you want to do,begin the checkout process,this next screen is always important,that a lot of consultants miss,this is an area that you want to pay,attention to its showing you,the next opportunities you have to,maybe earn something or become a star or,what have you so,um you know i am a already a star and so,its saying that im at a diamond level,and if i ordered another 493 wholesale i,would automatically be emerald,so theres different times that youre,on target for things its really,important to look in this area,it shows that ive got my 50 discount it,shows my wholesale which is my,cost it shows the retail so well,continue to check out,and its just going to just,ask me how i want it shipped i will,recommend always doing ups,the delivery the postal mail is much,longer,much more delayed it says one day,difference that is not the case,were going to continue to go to,checkout and then we would be able to,um you know check out from here so you,would accept the ordering guidelines and,the nice thing is its showing me that i,have money in my propay account,so i could use this funds in my po,propay account i want it if i wanted to,and then simply put the rest of my,credit card if i had enough in my propay,account to cover it i wouldnt have to,do anything,off of my my my debit card thats,linked to my account so that shows you,how to,do an order on a regular consultant,order on intouch

NEW Mary Kay App User Tutorial

hey everybody thanks so much for joining,me im so excited to share with you the,new mary kay app this app is so gorgeous,you guys if you look on the bottom here,after you download the app youll have,the opportunity to look through,um,our favorite products youre gonna be,able to shop a list of,all our skincare if you look on top,there are these categories so you can,search for price range you can search,for gifts you can search for,tons of stuff that makes it super easy,for you right um if you look under my,mary kay and you look under my,consultant theres gonna be options for,you to search for who youre shopping,with all you got to do is enter their,first name last name and the state that,they live in so if youre unsure of any,of those things about your consultant,you can just reach out and ask if you,need to be synced up with a consultant,theres also an option for that um so,once you find your preferred consultant,you will go ahead and click on their,name and it will pull up,their specific profile so hi thats me,um you can kind of scroll down and see,my bio um what i love about mary kay my,specialties see if were a right fit um,obviously,hopefully we are and then its going to,give you an option to sign in so youre,going to click that you want to shop,with me and then you are going to,fill out,um your login information so youll fill,out your your email and your password,that is associated with your specific,mary kay account so if youve never,registered,with your mary kay consultant before you,can go ahead and do that,on this step but the first time youre,in the app i highly recommend doing this,you can also reach this step by going to,the,my mary kay and it will let you register,or sign in so if you need to register,thats one way that you can do it,i also love,that,mary kay has these other options so you,can,check our satisfaction guarantee policy,you can give us some feedback um when,you select your consultant youll want,to go ahead and click the notifications,are on and then its going to pull you,up to your my mary kay screen,this is where you can change your,personal information you can change your,passwords enter your payment information,and then youre going to want to go,ahead and fill out that beauty profile,so its going to ask you a series of,questions,these are questions that are going to,make um,your whole experience,uh customized so its going to ask you,um very specific questions,and let you really kind of describe,what it is,um,that youre,experiencing right i dont want to say,what you expect because a lot of times,we really dont know that much about our,skin which is wild because its the,biggest organ in our body right um so i,really love that the questions are are,detailed they give you,um,tons of very relatable areas of concern,for you,so youre just gonna go ahead and select,everything um and then its going to,give you recommendations that are,tailored specifically to you and i love,this i love that it lists all the,products um that are recommended for you,so its this one-stop shop and youll,always be able to kind of go back and,see hey you know what it recommended,this for me theres a recommendations,tab so all you got to do is click that,and it will pull up everything,that was recommended in your beauty,profile i love that you can also build a,routine so its going to let you select,any product these arent just products,specific for you these are any products,that you might have in your mary kate,collection or specific products that you,want to purchase um all you have to do,is select them and i love that it breaks,it down,very specifically so you have your,cleansers you have your,exfoliators,your masks,special,concerns your serums your toners,as im filling this out im picking,whats specific to me,um,every time you pick one,dont make the mistake that i did there,was underneath i kept,i kept going back to the um,same,tabs that i was i was clicking before um,and then once youre all done youll be,able to build your routine,and its gonna allow you to,um save,what youve worked on and so whats,really cool is that youll be able to,not only do,um,one routine but youre going to be able,to choose multiple routines so i named,this one,all my favs so these were all my,favorite products that i absolutely love,so i have them there and it has my,routine of how the order i would put,them on but then i also wanted to kind,of make one,for every product that i have on hand um,that i use,daily in the morning,i would also do one for ones that i use,at night i mean you can customize it to,uh like,my pamper day which,i hope everyone can have one of those um,and select the products that you would,want and i just love that this really,breaks it down in a very easy to see,very easy to understand um very,aesthetically pleasing way uh to kind of,organize all your products,so this was specifically to my morning,routine you can make as many routines as,you want um something i really love is,that once you click on the routine that,youve made it gives you all the details,about each product thats in there and,youll notice these little suns and,moons on the side,those are telling you that you can use,it both am and pm other ones will tell,you you can use it am or pm and itll,tell you how many times per week you are,allowed to use them or that its i,shouldnt say allowed that youre,recommended um to use them how many,times a day how many times per week um,if you can use them both in the morning,and at night or if you should only use,them in the morning or only at night,i love how easy it is to break down,if youre like me i really love having a,hard copy of something so youre able to,go ahead and click the little icon on,the top right and you can print this out,it will give you a pdf version,of all the products that youre using,print them out and youre ready to go,so,if we look further through the app you,have this,where you can shop directly from this,app so you can go ahead and look at all,the new products if you see a post and,youre like oh man she told me about,this product you can flip through itll,show you what the shades look like on,different colors skin itll show you,what the product,details are and you can add to bag,directly from there making your shopping,experience literally,one stop,i dont know about you but i love,ease and efficiency,i love that they give you all the,details about the products that you need,um if you,wanted to,ask a question about a product,it gives you the opportunity very easily,to,scroll down and you can actually,select that you want to,text or call your consultant so that way,if you see something you like,for instance this beautiful bag thats a,gift with purchase and youre like wow i,really want that you can just text me a,message straight from the app and just,be like hey i really want to know what,can you recommend to me um,so that i can get this bag that i saw on,this app i love it,and that message goes directly to my,phone,instantly now i dont know if ill be,able to instantly respond,but i will always respond,for sure,within 12 to 24 hours but i love that it,goes from the app directly to your,consultant and it is fantastic,if you see something that you like and,youre like wow you know what,my mom would love this you can text them,straight from the app um,it will go straight to them what theyre,recommended when you go back to my site,or when you go to my consultant youll,pull up my page and it will let you see,ways that if youre like wow this is,amazing so easy i love it you can click,right on there and it will tell you all,the information you would want and need,to know about becoming a beauty,consultant yourself which i think is,fantastic,so thats really it guys that is the app,um i love,that it is very easy to,manage its very easy to go through i,like that it gives you a little ticker,on top that shows you how far away you,are from a free gift i love you can,click the shopping bag and you can go,ahead and you can check out um stra

Как разместить заказ на сайте Mary Kay in Touch

девушки в этом видео мы с вами,рассмотрим как проводить заказ вы,вводите нам реке intouch номер,консультанта ивашко и ваш пароль,нажимаете на слово вход,дальше у вас открывается страница,вот такая вот главная страница моряки,официального сайта компании mary kay,этот сайт только для консультантов это,не для клиента вы заходите вверх видите,здесь вверху вот написано размещения,замовлення нажимаете на размещение,замовлення и вам выходит такая картинка,вот эти вот картинки которые здесь,счастлива дюжина ранняя пташка очередным,набор там вайс люблю мари кей они,меняются ежемесячно потому что здесь,разные акции вы будете все время их,видеть на первом на первой страничке,дальше здесь из 3 способ оформления,заказа вы выбираете первый способ,оформит но формы тайного за мол они в,крестовый че бланк за молния в одну,starring у можете просмотреть все три,выбрать для себя наиболее удобный но вот,для меня наиболее удобно это именно вот,оформить заказ в один бланк заказа,дальше доставку те кто киевлянки вы,выбираете можете выбрать другой в,основном вся выбирает слова вот доставка,просто кто в киеве те могут нажать окно,выдачи компании забрать сразу в компании,доставка вас высвечивается окошко где вы,едины ваши дал на меня уже здесь все,введена я выбираю адресную доставку по,украине чтобы на офис вы можете выбрать,вот доставка новой почты у вас будут,открываться все отделения,здесь нажимаете такую птичку и выбираете,то отделение какое вам нужно,если же вы хотите на дам либо,вдруг какое-то место вы можете даст,выбрать либо субботняя доставка девочка,вы приходит только по субботам вы можете,выбрать либо адресную доставку до либо,доставку новой почты либо доставку мист,экспресс тоже очень хорошо и just новая,доставка,red ну да выберите то что для вас,наиболее удобно если выбирает на,адресную идем дальше здесь виден уже,адрес и нажимаете слова продолжить,видите в правом нижнем углу и слова,продолжить нажимаете на него и у вас,высвечивается profi club когда вы будете,участникам профи клуба на 1 этой,страничке здесь будут бонусы и также,здесь будет высвечиваться у вас,счастлива дюжина всегда это,дополнительная спецпредложение вы можете,если у вас в прошлом месяце делались,заказ на то как вы новички прошлого,месяца размещая заказ в этом месяце в,один и вы хотите выбрать,счастливую жену а это шикарная,спецпредложение которое вы можете взять,в двух единицах вы здесь ставите циферку,1 до выбирая то что вам надо и,переходите верху вот написано продолжит,и,и переходите на другую страничку и там,можете выбрать 2 спецпредложение,счастливой дюжины,ну что вы можете взять 2 в минус 50,процентов обожающий своему дюжины всегда,используя ее где же мистично потому что,размещая заказ ранняя пташка счастливой,дюжиной выходит очень выгодно и здесь,девочки вы уже выбираете ту продукцию,которая вам нужна смотрите секция 1 это,все что касается продукции это все наши,крема помады вначале всегда идут,специальное предложение месяца чуть ниже,вы спускаетесь здесь идут новинки вы,можете посмотреть ниже идет система,там вайс по уходу за лицом дальше идет,глаза и губы дальше дополнительное,средство,ниже все для области вокруг глаз гу,юбки начинается мужская коллекция и,дальше уже идет более распределена да,уже не системно если вам нужно,дополнительно какой-то один крем либо,одно очищение живет по системно система,там вайс система ботаника система клэр,прав для проблемной кожи и ниже же у нас,начинается макияж корректор и консилер и,основа потения выравнивающий нашей,основы монтируешь который шикарная сиси,крема кудри рассыпчатые компактны и,дальше уже идет декоративной пудры,контуринг хайлайтеры карандашики помады,то есть полностью все что касается,близки тени и помады,румяна футляры наша щетка крутишь,который должна быть абсолютно у всех,девочек уход за руками уход за телом,солнцезащитная коллекция мужские ароматы,женские ароматы и ограниченные коллекции,которые уже заканчивается и даже и,система репер дальше девочки идет секса,номер два секса номер два это пробники,это пробники,основа под макияж это сумочки пакетики,все что касается ежедневнике ручки здесь,тоже есть смысл посмотреть очень много,да потому что очень хорошо продаете,продукцию компании mary kay либо дарите,в красивом фирменном пакете от моряки,это всегда выглядит очень стильно,литература рекомендую обязательно вам,прочитают литературы мечты сбываются и,другие до которые есть книжки компаниям,реке по построению бизнеса и вы 100,процентов,узнаете очень много для себя но мы,вернемся и я выберу сейчас этим бьюти,бокс и я выберу специальное предложение,несколько штучек чтобы показать вам как,вы это делаете дальше когда вы выбрали,ту продукцию которая вам нужна вы,нажимается снова же продолжить и,переходите на другую страницу сейчас у,нас пока переходит,здесь всегда видно вы можете проверить,тут же на второй странице все ли вы,выбрали правильно ли вы выбрали да если,хотите что-то запада заполнить ну вот вы,понимаете что вы что-то забыли вы,нажимаете вот вверху до даты продукцию,если же вы согласны с заказом все,правильно вы нажимаете продолжить,продукцию дальше здесь для звезды,консультантов всегда подарки поэтому у,вас тоже спустя время будет такой список,подарков дополнительных но мы проходим,дальше чтобы я помогла показать на этой,странице всегда вы будете видеть какие у,вас,комплименты за заказы это может быть my,без имени комплимента может быть бизнес,комплименты там может быть премиум,комплимент смотря какого объема вас,заказ вот здесь вот на эту страничку,тоже есть смысл обратить внимание верни,на картинку здесь расписаться sexy 16,200 это по каталогу скидка 43 процента,потому что 40 процентов скидками,регулярно + 25 предложения с ранние,пташки счастливой южный выходит да общее,43 процента сумма доставки и загальна,сумма которая нужна видите вот заложу,knorr охотку -3 627 66 это то что мне,нужно положить на счет и ниже здесь,написано базовая единица 375,375 никогда не выгодно но я не буду,подъезжать этот заказ выгодно всегда,делать заказики чтобы получать счет,дополнительная подарка за четыре базовых,гораздо лучше подарок 6 еще лучше 10 еще,лучше и вас переводит потом на такую,страницу где написано к платят такая-то,сумма и ниже написано оплатить кредитной,карточкой девочки вот здесь вот,пожалуйста обратите внимание оплатить,кредитной картой и сейчас просто не,будут переходить потому что я не буду,оплачивать этот заказ когда у вас все,карты кроме private вы можете нажимать,оплатить кредитная карточка и переходи,там вас будут спрашивать инфекционный,код и дальше идут данные карточки как,обычно как люблю,любой проплате через онлайн до покупки,которая вы делаете если же и вы там,просто вы делаете вводите данные и в,конце будет это как подтвердить заказ и,подтверждается все денежка списываться с,вашей карточки и вам приходит,уведомление от компании о том что да там,что ваш заказ принят и когда компания вы,соберет вам придет уведомление на ваши,вайбер о том что ваш заказ собран номер,заказа такой-то и уже с новой почты вам,придет уведомление когда его приходите,получать на новой почте,если же у вас приват24 вы оставляете эту,страничку до открывайте ещё одну,страницу вы знаете да,новую вкладку открываете там открывается,же приват24 заходите в все услуги после,всех услуги ниже вам скину еще как это,делается после всех услуг вы заходите в,косметику в косметике находите mary kay,когда вы нажмете моряки у вас будут два,подразделения,mary kay новичок имеют моряки,существующей консультант вы уже не,новичок и уже им не будете в уже,консультант у вас есть ваш номер,консультанта по которому вы зашли нам,реке intouch поэтому у вас обязательно,вы вводите свой номер консультанта и,переходите на другую страницу вам также,по напишет вашу фамилию имя и эту сумму,которую вам нужно здесь оплатить а в,данном случае на 3 627 66 как у меня вы,вводите подтверждается там оплату,переходите на эту страничку и просто вот,здесь вот вверху и и как обновляете,спустя несколько минут после того как вы,в привате платили у вас здесь должно,быть dos платы 000 и вы нажим

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