1. College Students FINESSING College Debt *LIKE A BOSS*
  2. What MDMA Feels Like
  3. Admissions Virtual Information Session
  4. You can get help paying for college! Find out how in this informative discussion.
  5. At Home with HCC: Getting Started
  6. ESSENCE Program for Homeschool students | 2021
  7. Money for College: How to Apply for Financial Aid

College Students FINESSING College Debt *LIKE A BOSS*

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey guys its olivia welcome back to,wolf problem and welcome to our first,mini episode where well be talking,about financial aid,scholarships loan and debt and our,experience,with those things and how we go about it,so yeah experience with college tuition,so yeah,um i guess i can start first um hi,its your girl divine um,so yeah for like ive been able to like,see like um,college tuition different perspective if,that makes sense like for me,my experience to college tuition is that,i pay out of pocket,you know its very expensive and i,realized if youre paying out of pocket,right it makes sense for you to start,with your two-year college because to,your college they give you like,the same subjects,in a four-year um college you know,depending on the university and,depending on the,master states or should i say the,connection or the,the what do you call it um so like for,instance montgomery college has this,kind of connection with umd that they,have,all their courses the courses they take,in montgomery college can be transferred,to umd so two year colleges for your,colleges the kind of like association or,the kind of connection they have decided,to like um have,if that makes sense you know they also,have to like check research right like a,partnership,exactly thats the word partnership,right so its like your first two years,in college this amount of subjects or,the courses that you take depending on,your major you know,yeah its the same thing that you have,um,[Music],in the four-year university and the,tuition be like,less like buy so much if that makes,sense like let me say of course its,like,500 for like three credits,in the college right in the university,its gonna be like four thousand five,hundred like thats a huge difference,for that same course and the same,credits if that makes sense right,and if you are paying out of bucket you,want to go for the cheaper one and,thats why most people go to community,college first of all,if that makes sense um he also has to,like depend on your status too,are you an institute are you an upstate,are you um,immigrant yeah are you an immigrant are,you an international student,like all these things play factors to,your tuition also military,exactly in the military too its kind of,like so annoying so its like,the people that have the chance of,getting less tuitions are people that,aint staying,and i guess have the military to back,them up or they have financial aid,thats a resource that they have like,financial aid and then even when,it comes down to scholarships its like,the scholarships vary right,so its like you can meet certain,requirements but because of one thing,you dont make it if that makes sense,like,there are some um scholarships i could,have applied for but because i was an,international student i wasnt able to,gain it,if that made sense i made the,requirement i met the,major i was an electrical engineering,major they wanted someone in stem,my gpa was good enough for it um i had a,lot,of teams that i passed for but because i,wasnt a resident like a green card,holder or american citizenship,i couldnt apply for that scholarship,you know and then the ones that dont,include you being a citizenship,their chances are very very low if that,makes sense,and some of them they want you to write,essays and its just like,oh that is not for me like dont do this,to me so,sometimes scholarship is like not the,way,and then theres some scholarships that,they require like so much right because,i have like a three point plus gpa,some of them want you to be like a 3.9,above like,nine two nine five i have a friend as a,4.0,and because she had a 5.0 she was able,to like help herself financially,with a scholarship when she was in,montgomery college so she was able to,use the scholarship to pay for half of,her classes,and by combining the out of pocket,thats like as an international student,right and then theres some people that,are able to just use financial aid,throughout,those people are lucky because its like,and then again financial aid has its,requirements like you cant like take,less than 12 credits,um your major i dont think it requires,a major but its not about like,your credits and if you want to take it,in the summer and its like if financial,aid doesnt pay for it then you have to,pay out of pocket you know,and like depending on type of way to pay,your tuition each of them like comes in,risk if that makes sense you know,because like um financial aid its like,if youre unable to fulfill some,requirements you know,you wont get it and sometimes depending,on the school you go to financial,aid can come to you very very slow or it,can be very very quick,yeah yeah and yeah do you guys have like,experience with financial aid,um i have lots of experience but i,actually want to talk more about the,international um,i do have two questions for you like,how is like the process being an,international student and applying for,scholarships like whats that process,like and,do you believe there are enough,scholarships for international students,so um the process for international,people to like apply,because being me being part of a,military program the process is so,draining and its so long like you,really have to apply for the military,program and all that to get a waiver for,your tuition all that,months wait like maybe a year maybe,before you even go to school like its a,very long process like what is the,process like for,applying for international scholarships,um as i said it depends on the type of,scholarship though,so if youre looking at scholarships,that dont have requirement of you being,um what do you call it of you being,a resident or a citizen right,because i didnt feel like most of those,i didnt fulfill most of the,scholarships so i really did not look,more into it,but i realized that sometimes you could,get school scholarship like let me say,mcc is there youve been having like,a 4.0 for like over two semesters and,they can just like grant you,and theyre like okay um i heard some,screws does this im not too sure about,emcee,um then they can grant you like the,semester off of the tuition for your,next,class but i guess maybe like 12 credits,i dont need to do for that,and then there are some scholarships,because some people they give personal,scholarships,like they are rich people and they want,to help students out and its like you,have to fulfill some requirements maybe,for you for me to give you the,scholarship you have to like take,certain classes and maybe those classes,dont necessarily partake to your major,but theyre like hard courses like maybe,an honors program,or you have to come for like this,lecture and that lecture,or you have to like um have this certain,gpa,you have to write this amount of essays,you know,i would say its as long as a year but,yeah sometimes its like,within that six months range or should i,say three to six months if that makes,sense,its not as long as the military but,like,it all depends yeah it all depends,exactly and sometimes you might,not even hear back and,some scholarships it also has to do with,connections to not gonna lie because let,me say the professor sees that,youre such a wonderful student shes a,4.0 some professors recommend the,scholarships to you,and they kind of like help you push,forward that scholarship,and that makes sense but if youre doing,it on your own like maybe say you found,it online or you found it from,a friend you know not having like that,professionalism there to help you with,the scholarship,it might you might not even like hear,back after you know,and theres just qualifications too,exactly same thing,and military as well some scholarships,they differ,like some high scholarships i guess they,can like pay your,tuition throughout your whole,universities,and some tuitions they just like help,you pay a certain amount,some people use a once their lifetime,scholarship so yeah,figuring out what type of scholarship,you can get then what you can do

What MDMA Feels Like

we do not promote the use of legal or,illegal psychoactive substances this,video has been created strictly for harm,reduction purposes it needs to be known,that I do not condone the illegal,consumption of MDMA also called ecstasy,XTC M II seen Molly Mandy Adam me or a,slew of other bizarre name such as Disco,Biscuits,MDMA has been one of the worlds most,popular and commonly consumed drugs,since it first rose to popularity in the,1980s this goes without saying but many,people who have never tried MDMA are,very curious what the MDMA experience,entails what it feels like in the name,of harm-reduction I have created a video,this video that documents the four,primary stages of the MDMA experience so,perhaps if you yourself watching yes you,are curious about tasting Molly for,yourself you dont have to or in the,scenario where a person is going to try,MDMA regardless of what I say or what,anyone else said I believe that having a,firm understanding of what the,experience is like of what you can,expect can greatly help you in having,the most safe and responsible role as,they call it possible I will be covering,the perceived positive effects the,negative effects the neutral effects you,know everything in between,as well as the different types of,experiences that different people can,have Ill be covering it from more than,just one perspective and God knows when,I was probably abusing the substance,when I was younger I have had my fair,share of experiences oh yeah this is a,substance that in my past I definitely,used way too much so who better to make,the video what MDMA feels like then,someone who has had everything from a,traumatizing experience to a blissful,one but I must make it clear that Im,only going to be covering what I believe,to be the most,dominant most common effects that people,can have otherwise this video would just,run on for far too long Im not going to,be documenting every single possible,experience it also needs to be made,clear that absolutely no drugs were,consumed during the filming of this,video all the visual examples that,youre going to be seeing are simply,reenactments,the very first thing you are going to do,before you even think about tasting,those bitter delicious crystals is you,are going to test your MDMA or your,suppose at MDMA with at least three,different reagent kits first depending,on where you live in the world receiving,an imposter substance can actually be,more common than most people would like,to admit and some quite thankfully rare,imposters such as PMA can kill you next,you are going to weigh out your MDMA,with an accurate scale depending on your,body size you are going to consume,anywhere from 80 to 130 milligrams now,that you are confident that your,substance is genuine and your dose is,safe and accurate you are ready to get,on the ride assuming you ingested your,MDMA orally and you didnt goof it you,will probably notice the first sign of,effects within 20 to 60 minutes after,ingestion the first perceptual changes,that a lot of people notice can be some,restless energy or for some some slight,anxiety next you might notice that your,body feels very tense simply stretching,your arms and legs out and just,stretching really big and wide can feel,a lot more pleasurable than it usually,does you may even notice that you,started yawning as well but you dont,really feel tired you just have this,desire to yawn because your jaw feels,rather tight as youre sitting down,wondering if whether yawning and,stretching are actually symptoms that,the MDMA is coming on or not you begin,to notice the next effect start to,manifest you feel like your skin is,slightly different if you touch,something soft or rub your face on,something soft you may notice that it,feels more pleasurable than it usually,would the next change will be a slight,shift in vision colors and lights can,start to appear brighter and more,vibrant again its very slight at this,stage if you are with friends or a loved,one during this experience you might,start feeling more of an urge to,communicate with them you may also be,feeling some slight jolt of energy if,you were sitting down you might,want to get up and move around it might,be uncomfortable to stay seated if,youre anything like me the next stop is,the washroom where you proceed to shoot,your guts out for about 10 minutes on,the other hand some people will actually,feel very nauseous to the point of,puking or for others a totally,contradicting effect can happen and Ive,actually had both happen before many,times instead of feeling energy you can,kind of feel like youre melting away,into the couch you just start feeling,heavier looser and more relaxed,the next perceptual shift that happens,during this come up stage which Im,probably making it seem like its a,really long stretched out period but it,can actually be as short as five minutes,or less other times these effects are,stretched out it really varies,experience to experience and from person,to person some users will begin to feel,slight wave of euphoria at this point a,hint of the major euphoria thats about,to happen this can feel like some very,gentle waves of pleasure just kind of,crashing up against your body tingling,sensations going up and down your feet,to your head,but not everyone is going to be enjoying,themselves at this point there is a,majority of people who are still going,to be feeling what we call the come-up,anxiety personally speaking the very,first time that I tried MDMA,I had very few drug experiences under my,belt suffice to say during the entire,come up stage I felt a lot of anxiety I,not only felt really nauseous but I also,felt very lightheaded and dizzy and my,heart was thumping so quickly and so,strong that I could almost hear it and I,quite honestly had convinced myself that,I was probably going to die,in fact my discomfort had reached a,climax it didnt get any higher and,reached a point where I was super,panicky and then it quite literally just,like in an instant transitioned into,this pure blissful euphoria so if this,is your first time you might be getting,the effects not everybody but some,people will wear their heart is beating,really fast it might feel like your,heart is in your throat you might be,feeling cold even though you might be,sweating you may grab a sweater and put,it on because MDMA causes,vasoconstriction which can make your,hands and feet your limbs feel colder,than they actually are,[Music],for some the effects can go from very,subtle to very intense in an instant one,second youre sitting on the couch not,sure if youre really enjoying yourself,and the next moment you are writhing in,pleasure the peak can be easily,described as reaching a point in your,life where you just feel a hundred,percent complete and just pure,contentment you can feel as though,everything in the world is absolutely,perfect just the way it is that this,moment that youre experiencing is all,youll ever need all of that mental,chatter that some people struggle to,quiet down in their day-to-day life can,all of a sudden just be silenced it,feels like youve been cured of your,insecurities its as if some magical,wizard has come along and waved his,magic wand at you and poof you are no,longer insecure you no longer have,social anxiety you find that youre,talking more fluently easier youre not,judging every thought that comes in your,mind talking and sharing very deep,emotions can often feel blissful it,feels really good to share your ideas,and your feelings with other people,almost to a fault some will even feel a,sense of this universal connectedness as,if they are somehow intricately attached,in some way or another to every living,being on the planet and of course lets,not forget the powerful waves of,euphoria some users will actually just,lay down just you know in order to feel,the euphoria washing up and down their,body some people find the peak to be,very psychedelic visually speaking as,well they may find that their visual,acuity has enhanced an

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Admissions Virtual Information Session

So, hello, everybody, welcome.,My name is Lisa Freel, and I am the Director of Admissions,at Frederick Community College.,I am so excited that youve joined us for this evening,,for this virtual admissions information session.,I will ask you to please stay on mute,while we are presenting,,however, please use the chat box.,We have a team of staff members,that will be answering your questions,throughout the presentations,,and they will be providing links as well,to get you to the right answers that you need.,We will also have time at the end,for the presenters to respond,to any additional questions you may have.,And if we get disconnected with any of the presenters,because of connections here, including myself,,please stay in the sessions,cause we have people serving as back up.,All right, so lets get started.,So due to the pandemic impacting our nation and the world,,Frederick Community College has transitioned,to remote learning and operations.,Were continuing to monitor the situation,and following recommendations and guidelines,set in place by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan,,the Frederick County Health Department,,the Maryland State Health Department,,and the Centers For Disease Control.,FCC will resume normal operations,when the appropriate agencies declare it safe to do so,,and when we can be confident of the safety,of our students and our employees.,We at FCC will do everything we can,to make sure COVID-19 pandemic,does not interrupt your educational goals.,We understand that there might be,some increased fear and anxiety and uncertainty,about college this year, and it may not look,what you thought it might have originally in your mind,,but we want to assure you that youre not alone,,were in this with you,,and we will make sure to see this through together.,First and foremost, we want to make sure,that you have access to the resources,and the services you need when you need them.,So this event was created to provide you,with face-to-face information and support.,The agenda for the event,,well start with a general presentation about the college,,and then youll hear specifics,regarding admissions and the enrollment steps,,and next well hear from the Testing Center,,counseling and advising, financial aid, adult services,,and services for students with disabilities.,We do ask that you please stay on mute,,but continue to ask questions in the chat box,cause theyre gonna be answering those,and getting you the answers that you need right away.,So Frederick Community College,is an excellent choice for many students.,FCC offers programs,for students planning to earn a degree,,transfer to a four-year college,,take short-term courses, or start their career.,We currently have approximately,6000 credit students, and over 31%,of Frederick County Public School graduates attend FCC.,There is a 15 to one student faculty ratio,and about 70% of our students are part-time.,Over half of our students do plan to transfer,after theyve graduated from FCC,and then continue on to pursue a bachelors degree.,Some of our most popular programs,include the healthcare fields, business administration,,STEM, and cybersecurity.,There are over 85 programs to meet the needs,of our diverse student body,,including options that lead to academic credentials,and then other ones, of course,,for personal, professional, and workforce development.,The college also has clearly defined career pathways,to assist you as you grow and learn.,Students can pursue letters of recognition,,certificates, and associate degrees.,We offer career programs, transfer programs,,short-term training, continuing ed,,and workforce development,,English as a second language courses,,and really so much more.,Our student population includes,students from over 75 countries of origin,,and about 30% of our students,identify as first-generation college students,,and we are so happy to have them.,In addition,,the college also offers dual enrollment classes,,and thats where you take college level classes,while youre still in high school,,either at the high school or with us on campus.,Little bit about our faculty, they really are top notch,,a wonderful team of professionals,that are highly dedicated to student learning.,We have strong support services in place,for all of our students,,including adult services,,multicultural student support,,services for students with disabilities,,and engaging veterans and military services center.,All of the learning support team embodies students first.,Its our top priority.,Our mission is to work with you,,to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be,,and we can even help you figure that out too.,We have a wonderful student engagement office,that coordinates over 30 clubs and many, many activities,that connects students and provide leadership experiences,,including service learning opportunities.,They even created an online activities,and virtual adventures for our students,and you really should check it out.,They have aquarium visits and museum tours,that are quite amazing.,Our student athletes compete,in the Maryland Junior College Athletic Conference,and the National Junior College Athletic Association.,We have many athletes that continue their sports career,and receive scholarships,from their transfer institutions as well,when they move forward to play at their next institution.,And then in addition to our main campus,,the college also has a unique and separate Monroe campus,thats located near the Frederick fairgrounds.,Its home to our hospitality,,culinary, and tourism institute,with a highly acclaimed student-run restaurant,,and, boy, good stuff, really good food,,Im missing it right now.,And they also house the construction and engineering,,business and technology,,and healthcare career training programs.,The Monroe Center is actually,the largest workforce training facility in Maryland.,So lets take a minute and talk a little bit about cost.,FCC is very affordable.,Taking classes at FCC is a very smart investment,in your future.,Our tuition and fees are about 3600,for in county students for a full year.,Four-year public schools right now,are ranging approximately 12,000 to 20,000,and the four-year private range,is now well over $45,000 on an average.,Its just crazy.,So you will not find a better value for your education.,It has been proven nationally,that students that start with an FCC degree,who then transfer to Maryland System Schools, for example,,do far better academically.,Their FCC credits will transfer,and students have saved well over $40,000 in tuition.,Due to our articulation and transfer agreements,,its a really smooth transition,,so now is truly the time to save thousands of dollars,and take classes at Frederick Community College.,We have a beautiful campus,and I really wish I could show you in person,,but I do encourage you to see our new virtual tours,on the Admissions page of our website.,We have a flip book style tour designed to show you,what services are located in each building.,And then we also have a drone tour,that flies through our campus, its kinda cool,,and you can see the 100 acre campus,that has an arts and student center,,an art gallery, and a 400 seat theater,,library building, gymnasium,,outdoor classrooms that I love,and think are very unique to our campus,,dynamic student center, a STEM learning center,,and the Learning Commons,which houses our tutoring and writing center,,and so much more.,So once the campus has reopened,,we will revisit on-campus tours,and we hope to welcome you in-person to our campus.,Let me talk a bit further about the enrollment process.,Its really very simple,and staff are in place to assist you,at each step of the way.,Ill do a brief outline,,but each of the presenters are here,to provide you with more in-depth information,as we move through the agenda for the night.,FCC has whats called an open admissions policy,which basically means we accept everybody.,First you apply to the college,,it takes about three to five m

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You can get help paying for college! Find out how in this informative discussion.

welcome to todays live FAQ were,answering questions and anything that,you want to know about this new,scholarship program called the Maryland,Community College promise scholarship so,with me I have two Montgomery College,experts I think theyre experts they may,not think of themselves okay but they,know a lot about this so if you are,interested in getting more money for,finishing and completing your education,or even starting watch this for the next,thirty minutes were here to answer any,question you may have thank you so much,ladies for being here Judith and Tamika,tell me a little bit about what you do,here first my name is Judy tail and Im,the college wide Director of Student,Financial Aid and Im Tamika Cruz Im a,financial aid counselor and the,coordinator of state scholarships,excellent so what is the Community,College promise scholarship its a,mouthful oh Im going to read it it is a,mouthful the Community College promise,scholarship is a last dollar award that,is available to students that plan to,enroll in their local Community College,as a full-time candidate and a credit,bearing vocational certificate a credit,bearing certificate or an associates,degree or role in a sequence of credit,or non-credit courses that lead to,licensure or certification or in a,registered apprenticeship program okay,so break that down but lets clarify,first I didnt want to say that um as,far as last dollar award what that means,is after all other financial assistance,that youre receiving – student loans,that is what it would cover so an,example of that would be of a student,who fills out a FAFSA has an EFC of zero,at the community college level the most,likely you know,youre going to have your tuition and,fees fully covered so then you would not,be eligible for the promise that way but,say you had an EFC of 6500 and youre,only eligible for student loans that is,where you know youre looking to get,your tuition and fees paid so last,dollar means all other financial aid is,going to be paid out first and if you,still have tuition or feed charges that,are left that is when youll become,eligible for the promise scholarship to,me this sounds like I have no excuse to,say that you know I cant afford to go,to college that this is what to me the,scholarship is saying right is that,Maryland has established an opportunity,for students to to come in to to have a,you know the door wide open to community,colleges so who should be applying right,so we talked about in that definition,right so the different people so lets,break that any students who are in our,credit side who was certificate or a,degree granting students and those,students who are in our wdce programs,who are in sequence programs so this has,opened up more a to not only the credit,bearing students but also the students,who are in wdce,excellent excellent so what makes,somebody eligible okay the first thing,they need to do is they need to fill out,either the FAFSA if they are eligible to,fill out the FAFSA or the Mizpah which,is a maryland student financial aid,application if they cannot receive,federal aid that allows our students who,are undocumented,the scholarship okay thats the first,thing I need to do correct,there are also GPA requirements that are,put onto this award so as of right now,if the students who are coming out of,high school need to have a 2.3 GPA at,the end of their first semester there,are also income requirements for it as,well so if you are a you know single,parent household you cant earn more,than $100,000 and if its a multiple,parent household,fifty-thousand so and theyre there more,what I would suggest is that you know if,you want every detail of the scholarship,that you go on to the Maryland Higher,Education website and they have a whole,page of its dedicated to the Community,College promise and so you know if we,miss anything today or if you know you,dont get your questions answered,theres a frequently asked questions,section on their website so youll be,able to get you know the full experience,by going onto their website thats right,and one of the things while we talk,about their websites the other thing,students need to do is to enroll in,empty caps Maryland has a web site a,portal for students and for all the,scholarships promising all the rest of,them they need to get an account so as,they go on the website and look at the,various information about promise they,need to also make sure they fill out,empty capsule become registered that way,Maryland can get in hold of them and,give them more information regarding,what they are eligible for now theres,theres a couple of groups that benefit,from the scholarship program in and then,they dont normally have access to this,kind of money so I want to focus on that,so you mentioned undocumented students,but also non-credit students people that,are going through the WDC can we explain,real quick we have a question from Carla,what is WDC okay at Montgomery College,thats our workforce development and,continuing education department great,okay so youre not going for your,associates degree maybe going for a,certificate right or a short-term course,so theres now money available for even,for that yes Rach right that way yes,fantastic now for undocumented students,to have access to this money can we,repeat that again what if they need to,do sure for documented students the,first step is to fill out the,misapplication the Maryland State,financial aid application and you do,that by logging on to mb caps and,creating a profile so what youll do is,you go on to any caps youll create a,profile there theyre going to ask you,your name to set up an email account,you know just general information once,youve set up your profile and enbe cap,thats when youll be able to fill out,the misapplication so they ask you some,similar things about you know income,thats also you know on a FAFSA,application but its just really these,specialty students so whats going to,happen is if you fill out your,misapplication by March 1st,once the Maryland Higher Education,Commission has your application theyll,go through it to make sure that you are,meeting the terms and conditions of it,then theyre going to ask you to turn in,other documentation theyll give you,until July 15th to turn in the,supporting documentation for that and,then once they receive that is when,theyll start awarding students based on,their misapplication so it opens the,door to those students who traditionally,arent eligible to receive financial aid,to go to college okay okay one good,point the miss vacations and the FAFSA,application deadline date March 1st,March 1st March 1st got it okay so let,me see if Im getting this straight,because its a lot I want to break it,down so if you are undocumented you,cannot apply for FAFSA but you can apply,for the MS FAA application that when you,call Miss Bob yes okay and in order to,do that I need to get a login and my,start my account through MD caps right,yes were going were on good track here,yeah just to clarify it is one or the,other we find that in this first year,that its come out that students dont,know that they only have to fill out one,we have students who are trying to fill,out both and you know youre not youre,either eligible for the FAFSA or youre,not and if youre not eligible for the,FAFSA then thats when you do the Miss,book you do not do both applications,its one or the other okay okay so and,again you said March 1st is the deadline,yes does it give me any advantage if I,apply earlier it always gives you an,advantage everybody should apply earlier,because promise is one scholarship books,is last dollar you may be eligible for,other things,so getting it in by March 1st allows you,to see because Montgomery colleges fire,deadline is also much worse,and generally us first come first serve,so you would want to get in,and do it and not miss a deadline the,other thing is the month of February is,financial aid Awareness Month and one of,the things we do is help students to

At Home with HCC: Getting Started

Hello everyone! Welcome to HCC. This is our Facebook live event.,Im glad to have you here this evening. Im Kevin Crawford. Im the director of,Admissions and Enrollment Management here at HCC.,My name is Mike Martin, I work as the Director of Advising and Registration,and its great to be here this evening. As Kev said,I will tell you that the campus is still here.,The campus has not disappeared. Its still here and,and well be excited to get back on it when the times right.,I tell you the best part so far has been,being able to see Kevin. I know hes missed me probably over the past,six weeks that weve been remote, but it was nice to certainly see him this evening.,Whats this? Yeah Hey, its growing out man. You give Mike a,hat and a volleyball and he looks like Tom Hanks from Castaway. I mean that thing,thats grown pretty well for those who havent seen him in a while. Six weeks,have grown. Yes and I tell you, you know were excited to answer,all your questions here. Were here to help you tonight.,Kevin and I played baseball together for a long time, so Im gonna let him,lead off the night. Ive had the pleasure hitting behind him,in the lineup a lot of times, so Im going to let him start and,ill pick up later. Thanks Mike and our goal tonight is to,cover as many things to answer your questions of becoming an HCC student as,we possibly can. We dont have all of the answers and I know,some people have questions about summer semester and fall semester and,theres still some things that well have to work out as,as time goes by. But we want to we definitely want to get started and,answer as many questions as we can. So Mike why dont you start off and give,some updates about the summer semester and things were thinking about for the,summer. Sure. Summer semester right now for,students just so you guys can be aware. The summer semester is going to be,completely remote and online, including all classes the classes,will be online. I know that there was a time when lab,sciences were going to have a face-to-face,component with the lab, but thats no longer the case.,A lot of the classes in the summer will meet online,,some of the components of the class may involve students having to get on,at a certain times. This is a little different than,what were used to with online classes, but students may have to log on at a,certain time for the summer classes.,But were ready to go. We have a dynamic faculty and a staff that have,been working remotely and well be able to help students be,successful with a lot of the resources we have.,Good. Another update is the summer grad gift program that were starting,for our graduating high school seniors of 2020 and tomorrow,morning at at six oclock in the morning. Our,application for that program will go live.,Basically, if youre a 2020 high school graduate,you can take up to two classes tuition-free,here for the summer. Youre still responsible for paying the registration,fees and the course fees and textbooks, but its a tremendous savings for for,high school seniors. Whove you know really had their senior year,cut out on them here in the spring, so visiting hagerstowncc.edu,grad gift( g-r-a-d-g-i-f-t) Youll find out everything you need to,know about grad gift and were extremely,excited. Its a really great program. Like you said, seniors have been through,an awful lot and for them to have something,like this that they can maybe get a jump start,on college. Wed love to see a lot of the seniors that,take a class in the summer, stay with us in the fall. Were not sure what the,fall is going to bring, but certainly if they get started with us in the,summer wed love to be able to see you stay with us.,Okay lets get started. So were doing a series of these. This isnt going to be,the only one. Itll be the next, lets see, next five weeks on,Thursdays were gonna do this. Mike and I are proud to represent the,faculty the staff and the students here at HCC, so we can be the voice,to help our incoming students to get started. So I wanna,start with the Admissions part. If you forget,everything we talk about tonight and you want to become a student, remember,you need to apply for Admission first and everything we talk about tonight can,be found at hagerstowncc.edu. If you click on,the future students link its all right there. It is a,one step after another of what were going to go over so it starts with the,application. The application at HCC is a free application.,It all can be done online and once you apply,the main goal is for us to generate an acceptance letter to come to you.,So that, you know what your next steps are, you know what your login,is and you know what your student id number is. So I would recommend students,who want to get started to do that application for admission at HCC.,Now I know we have students and families who are watching saying,,hey, we took classes in the Essence Program,and we applied quite a while ago and we dont have that acceptance letter,anymore. You can email the Admissions Department and we can send another,acceptance letter to you, but the main thing is when you apply,,you want to wait for that acceptance letter to come in the mail. Right now,were able to mail things out and get things in the mail on Fridays and,that will go over what some of your next steps are.,So we have a Dr. Ohl-Gigliotti here tonight, Dean of Students.,Shes going to be asking some questions to us that are coming in,from students who are watching. Kevin, we have a question from Jane.,Jane wants to know when is the deadline for applying for fall courses?,So that question is asked a lot and a community college is on whats called,rolling admissions so theres no deadline.,But classes do start August 31st and you dont want to wait that long, you want to,get in early. We are registering students right now so,I would say apply in the next couple days, so that,we can get your acceptance letter to you and then youll get to the part where,you can pick the classes that you want. You wont get shut out from any,specific classes. So the earlier you apply, the better. I,wouldnt wait and procrastinate throughout the summer.,Yeah and also Jane as far as registering, the sooner you get registered the,more of an option you have on classes and times.,As of right now the the payment due date for,fall classes is july the 23rd. So if you do happen to register,early you have most of the summer to be in the class before you can figure out,payment arrangements either through financial aid or,or payment plans or paying for your classes at that point. Its very,important when you receive that acceptance letter.,Its going to give you temporary password.,Please the first thing you need to do is to log in and change that password, so that,your online accounts become active. A lot of things we do here at the college come,through student email and you need to activate your student email.,You need to be able to get onto,d2l for any online classes that you want. Michael, talk about other things that are,coming up. So, if youre going to be an Essence,student meaning youre going to be a senior next year and you want to be in,our Essence program. If youre going to take a class this,summer for our Upward Bound program. If youre a readmit student, meaning,youve been away from HCC for two years and youre coming back.,If youre an international student. If youre a veteran.,Please do the application, so we can get that acceptance letter out to you.,If youre a visiting student, do that application. Mike, Ill let you talk about,what a visiting student is. Yeah visiting students, if you,happen to be listening right now and youre a visiting student that,is looking to take a class at HCC in the summer. You still have to go,through the whole admissions process. The whole application process to come here.,I would encourage each of you to work with the home school that youre at.,Meaning that if you if you attend Shippensburg or you attend Shepherd,,make sure youre working with those folk

ESSENCE Program for Homeschool students | 2021

all right,uh so this is hagerstown community,college my name is kevin crawford,um were gonna do a little bit of an,overview today on,our essence program and what the essence,program is here at,hcc uh just want to do those the,the a general just introduction with me,im the im the director of admissions,here at the college,um ive been here for um,i guess its been 15 years now that ive,been here at the college so,um ive worked with the essence program,basically,um for basically the whole time that,ive been here im trying to get my,powerpoint up here so give me a second,um so i know the ins and outs of the,essence program,ill be able to help you with really,everything that you,[Music],need according to the essence program um,we have plenty of students who started,here at the college and been in the,essence program,uh who are home schooled and weve,worked with the homeschool community for,for quite a long time so we we look,forward to,continue good partnership with um with,mason dixon,so let me get my powerpoint up here and,well get started,all right,all right so um basically the essence,program was started here at the college,in 2003,and we basically started with uh,you know just some students coming out,here to the college to,uh you know just take some classes and,and get a head start on college,and its morphed into you know now the,fall semester we have about,750 early to college students and we,have,close to 700 as well in the spring,semester,so its become a large program with us,but,some general things about hcc,were the oldest community college in,maryland,we have a lot of different majors so im,going to be talking about majors with,you all as well,we like for our early to college,students when they,applied to hcc to to choose a major,if theyre not quite sure we just say,choose general studies,and through your time here we can always,adjust the major if necessary but we,we have a lot of majors to choose from,were a fully accredited community,college and thats thats extremely,important,because the biggest question that a,student or family will have,is how do i know what im taking is,going to count,where im eventually going to go to,college at and we of course would love,for students to do their associate,degree with us,but thats not a requirement for our,early college essence program,you know you can do some early to,college classes count them for college,count them for high school homeschool,credit and then go wherever you want,but were a fully accredited community,college in my time,here at hagerstown ive worked with,students whove transferred just about,every college,university thats out there so theres,really,not many schools we dont work with i,will tell you that when we,get into the part about registration and,things like that,i always strongly encourage early to,college students,in the essence program to take general,education classes,because theyre classes that will fit it,really any college you go to and thats,the safest bet with transferring,we have over 6 000 students who take,classes with us during the year,of course we offer the two-year,associate degree theres theres no uh,talk here at the college that were,going to offer four-year degrees i hear,that,uh and i ask them ask that every once in,a while we do have students,when they graduate high school two or,three receive some sort of financial aid,and our facilities here are are,state-of-the-art theyre theyre,tremendous,so getting started at the college were,an open door college so we we dont turn,students away,now the only time that i really ever,have to worry about turning a student,away is that adult learner who maybe,doesnt have a high school diploma,and maybe wouldnt uh test high enough,to,to take college classes here at,hagerstown,but getting started its pretty easy so,whats on your screen now are the basic,steps and if you you know are,only on watching me here for this amount,of time if you go to hagerstowncc.edu,future dash students youll see all of,this,easiest way to get there is click on,become a student on our website,and it leads you through all the the,steps for admission but the first thing,you always need to do is apply to the,college,we have an online application its free,and you will apply youll be accepted,and if youre,youre still a student who doesnt have,a high school or homeschool graduation,date yet youll be put in as an early to,college essence students youll receive,an acceptance letter,that will specifically say to you youre,accepted to the college,and youre youre in our essence program,heres what you need to do now,so you know if i was walking up to a,student and they said hey i only have,five seconds what do i need to know,about hcc id say apply,because were going to send you what,your next steps are and what you really,need to do,so no application fee get your,application,in id say within five business days,youll receive an acceptance letter,if you apply and put a personal email,well send you a little bounce back,email that says hey your applications,went through,if you want to get started heres the,link for the next steps for you,and itll lead you through to some of,those those next steps,we tell students to do their fafsa,and for those of you who are not sure,the fafsa is how you apply for financial,aid,so even though theres not a lot of,financial aid for a high school or a,homeschool student,we do have foundation scholarships here,at hcc which ill cover here in a little,bit and those do require the fafsa,so i always tell families get in the,mindset every year youre going to take,classes,to do the fafsa by march the 1st march,the 1st would be,for the academic year coming up now the,way colleges look at academic year,is fall semester which starts in august,is,academic year then the spring semester,then the summer semester thats one,academic year,so those of you watching or listening,and say wait a second i want to take,classes in the fall march first,babies already passed you can still do,the fafsa thats fine,but we always try to say when youre,graduating high school or homeschool,be in that mindset every year by march 1,to do the fafsa,so for anyone watching who wants to take,classes do the fafsa,itll help you if you apply for any of,our foundation scholarships,and moving forward each year i always,tell students go ahead and do your fafsa,itll help you with scholarships out,there we want students to submit,transcripts to us and transcripts are,very important from high school or home,school,we will tell any student if your high,school transcript,has or shows at least a 3.0 cumulative,grade point average,will make you exempt from placement,testing now we want students who are in,our essence program to at least be 16.,so usually thats end of the 10th grade,year,early 11th grade year and those,transcripts should have you know,all of your freshman year and then maybe,up to date your 10th grade year or,final grade your 10th grade year so we,do want a 3.0 if you have that 3.0,and you get the transcript to us youre,ready to register for classes,if you dont have the 3.0 there are some,things that we can use in place of,the grade point average example if,youve taken sats we can use a score of,530,on sat math or a 480 and evidence-based,reading and writing,so if you have those scores you can get,the college board to send the scores to,us,that will exempt you from placement,testing if a student has taken the acts,the score of 21 in english and math,will exempt them from placement testing,or if youve taken a college level,english or math class at another,accredited college that will exempt you,now i know a lot of people are always,thinking,do i need to take the sats or the acts,you know typically you dont,typically if you attend a community,college and you graduate with an,associate degree,when you transfer the four-year college,is just going to be looking at what,youve done in the classroom and im a,prime example of that i was a two-year,student here at hcc,i graduat

Money for College: How to Apply for Financial Aid

hi my name is tamika barnes associate,director of financial aid,and i will discuss an overview of,financial aid programs and how to apply,for them,what is financial aid financial aid is,the financial support a student receives,from federal state institutional and,private sources to attend,college sources of financial aid,from the u.s government there are grants,the work study program,and loans from merlin higher education,commission,there are scholarships and grants,available for merlin residents,district of columbia education,assistance,there are scholarships and grants,available for district of columbia,residents,institutional funds these are,scholarships provided based on merit,and other or private scholarships,how to apply for financial aid the first,step is to complete the free,application for federal student aid also,known as the fafsa,the application is available online at,www.fafsa.edu,capital technology university school,code is 001436,and the fafsa must be completed annually,early fafsa completion the 2020 2021,fafsa became available to complete on,october,1st 2019 and is still available to,complete,you must use your 2018 federal tax,returns to complete,and you can use the irs data retrieval,tool,this will allow the transfer of tax,information,directly into the fafsa,how awards are determined,income assets household size number and,college and dependency status,awards are also determined by students,cost of attendance or,budget bill expenses include tuition and,fees and room and board,other expenses are books and supplies,transportation,and pricing expenses,federal grants theres the federal pell,grant,this is gift aid that does not have to,be repaid,the maximum award amount for the current,2019-2020 school year is 6195,for the coming 2020 2021 school year,the maximum amount will be 6 345,theres also the seog grant which stands,for supplemental educational,opportunity grant this is also gift aid,that does not have to be repaid,this award ranges from 500 to 1 000,and is awarded to pell eligible students,on a first come first serve basis,what scholarships are available state,scholarships and grants,private scholarships scholarships,provided through foundations,religious community organizations or,local businesses,and scholarships provided by,organizations related to your field of,interest,how do i find scholarships you can,contact your state agency,use the financial aid website contact,your networks,get free online search tools you can,visit,studentaid.gov backslash scholarships,and follow capital on facebook,maryland state grants and scholarships,you must be a merlin resident,must demonstrate financial need must,maintain full-time enrollment status,students are required to file a fafsa,before march the first,and create a md caps login and password,the website is https colon backslash,backslash,mdcapps.mhec.state.md.us,maryland state grants and scholarships,theres the educational assistance grant,for three thousand dollars,and the guaranteed access grant for 19,100,the minimum gpa is 2.5,and students must submit all required,documents by april,the first this deadline has recently,been moved up to june the first,senatorial and delegate scholarships,range from five hundred dollars to a,thousand dollars,you must contact your merlin senator or,delegate for information,regarding the delegate and senatorial,scholarship programs,you can visit www.mdelect.net to locate,your elected,official and make an appointment please,your case,this is always good in an election year,when they need your vote,district of columbia education,assistance the district of columbia,tuition assistance program,also known as dc tag the dc tag,application,opens on february 1st each year,and closes on july 1st the mayors,scholars the application opens on april,15th,and closes on july 1st the dc,cap last dollar award the application,opens on february 1st,each year and closes on may 31st,for more information about these,programs you can visit,osse.dc.gov,institutional scholarships students,automatically have their admission,applications reviewed for the,institutional scholarship,programs students will be notified by,the office admissions,of awards scholarship,websites here are some websites to,search for scholarships,absolutely scholarships.com,collegeboard.com,collegenet.com fastweb.comaid.org,go college.com iefa.org,internationalscholarships.com isc,to cares.org scholarship,dashpage.com scholarships.com,goodcall.com backslash scholarships,studentscholarships.org and,supercollege.com,federal work study the federal work,study program,is a need-based award its intended to,supplement,costs associated with attending college,such as books,transportation and personal expenses,funds are paid directly to students,students,gain work experience on or off campus,and schedules,are flexible,federal loans theres two student loans,theres a direct subsidized loan which,ranges from three thousand five hundred,through five thousand five hundred this,loan is need based,and interest is being paid by the,government while the students enrolled,the direct unsubsidized loan ranges from,two thousand to seven thousand dollars,this loan is non-need-based but interest,does accrue while,students enroll the direct parent loan,is based on a parents credit and is the,parents responsibility,if denied the student is awarded,additional unsubsidized loan,theres private loans available theyre,normally offered by private lenders such,as credit unions or,banks repayments begin six months after,the student graduate or drops below,half-time enrollment,in summary complete and submit,applications,early the 2020-2021 fafsa,is available to complete now pay,attention to deadlines,respond to all correspondence check your,mail,and email accounts for assistance call,and schedule a financial aid appointment,if you have any questions you can call,us at 301-369-2800,extension three two four you can email,us at,find aid at captecu.edu,or visit us in person in room b-226,thank you

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