1. How to Enroll as a Monat VIP- a step by step walkthrough
  3. How to enroll a new VIP for Monat
  4. Monat VIP Sign Up
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How to Enroll as a Monat VIP- a step by step walkthrough

hey hey new vip,i wanted to show you guys how to sign up,how to place that first,initial enrollment order uh to walk you,through it so that you have a seamless,experience now i will say that we have,new shopping carts new websites coming,on the way very soon but until then,i want to show you how to put your items,in your cart for today how to add that,free,product of the month that you get with,your enrollment order,how to put products into your queue for,your flex ship whenever youd elect to,receive that and process that down the,road,im going to walk you through all that,today so my name is shannon massey im a,director with monat,and this is my account so im going to,go through the steps as if i was a brand,new,vip signing up enrolling through my,website,i would go to the website here i would,make sure to click on the flag for the,corresponding country that im in weve,got the united states,canada both in english and french united,kingdom poland and ireland,so you go to join now after youve made,sure that youre in the,proper country and then youre going to,click on enroll as a vip,and youre going to get ready to have,the best hair and skin of your life,all right so its automatically going to,put your vip registration fee,in the cart which is 19.99 in the united,states,and then youre going to come down here,this is todays order the products that,we want to,put in the cart and pay for today so we,are going to put items into the cart,that is going to be a placeholder in the,queue for the flagship down the road,which can always be changed later,but these are just the products were,paying for today to get started,so lets go to all products in the drop,down box im gonna,get some shampoo im gonna get some,conditioner im gonna get that all,important,treatment mask so im gonna put the renu,shampoo in my cart today and over here,it,shows where its been added and then im,going to go over to the conditioners and,im going to get that intense repair,conditioner that i love so much,again a little message pops up that its,been added to todays order,and then im going to come down here and,im going to go to treatment,and im going to get that hair,transformation,mask that i love so much right here add,that to the cart again weve got a,little box there that shows that its,been added,oh my goodness im three dollars away,from getting an additional 20,off on top of my 15 percent oh look at,this message here at the top,well in that case im gonna go ahead and,get the,rejuva beads split end and damage mender,which just gives your hair that sleek,smooth uh look its a patent-pending,product we can actually see,the two pieces like a v-shape split in,you can see them coming back together,being magnetized back together,when you use this product and you do use,it about every three or four washes,all right so look at this it kicked in a,purchase plus discount of 33.40,thats like getting almost one of my,products almost free my shampoo,almost free so what im gonna do,oh my goodness theres another message,here at the top forty six dollars away,from getting an additional twenty five,percent wow if i wanted to get the,skincare right now i could add it,and kick in another uh get up that to,twenty five percent off,uh but im gonna stay with what i have,right now so now that ive put the items,in my cart for today,im going to add the only for you item,which is free,all new vips get to choose one and they,change from month to month,this month it happens to be a four ounce,bottle of the revive volumizing shampoo,or the renew,hydrating shampoo well im going to get,that renewed because my hair is a little,dry and coarse so i want to have all,that hydration from the rejuvenate oil,and im getting a free bottle so that is,so awesome all right so ive added that,today,now im going to come up and continue,and now im going to put items in my,cart as a placeholder in the queue for,the flagship whenever i decide to elect,to re,to process that in the future and its,completely up to me,when i process that in the future so,heres the next flagship date okay i,think ill go ahead and just push that,out for 60 days it lets me do that,up to 60 days out that doesnt mean i,have to get an order every 60 days it,just means that my flagship is going to,be,temporarily intensively set to process,60 days from today but guess what im,going to get an email,seven to ten days prior to that that,next processing date,and its going to ask me hey first of,all heres a reminder that this is set,to come up,process do you still want this do you,want to change any of the items in your,cart,if so go into your account make those,changes and save them and youre good to,go,all right so now its asking me to set,up,create my flagship again these are just,items im going to put into my cart as a,placeholder,for a future order and i can change,these at any time,so you know what i think im going to go,ahead and put some of the skin care,into the cart um that makeup vanishing,balm oh my goodness ive heard its,amazing,and im going to put that in there and i,want to get some of that,where is it i want to get some of that,berry scrub ive heard so much about,which is natural cranberry seeds as the,gentle exfoliant,all right im gonna put that in my flex,ship as well oh my goodness now im,look at this message at the top not only,am i getting my 15,off that i normally get as a vip,customer on all orders but i just kicked,in an,additional 15 off on my flagship order,so look over here now these are not,charges that are going to be processed,today this is on the flex ship for the,future which i can,adjust and i can change the items in my,cart or change the date of the,processing,anytime but for the items that i put in,the queue as a placeholder today,its going to give me that additional,15.60,off which basically means that my berry,scrub is gonna be about 35,34 instead of 49,as a vip and the retail price on that,was 58 so what a big savings thatll be,all right so ive got over here on the,right you can see ive got todays order,here we go todays subfolder vip,registration fee you never pay that,again you pay that one time,renew shampoo intense repair conditioner,the mask the rejuva beads ive got my,free only for you,shampoo in there and that gave me an,additional 33.40 off so,my total will be 153.59 so thats,awesome my flagship which would be the,future,order whenever i elect to receive it and,ive got my two products in there i got,an additional 15,off of their purchase plus program which,is a stacked tiered,discount program on top of the vip,discounts already so the more that you,spend the more that you save,and that gave me an additional 1560 off,there again i will get an email reminder,7 to 10 days,prior to that and it will ask me if i,still want it on that date or do i still,want the products in the cart or make,any changes to it,so now that ive got my flex ship set up,ive got my items in my cart for today,ive got my free only for you product in,there today we can continue,and at this point i would put in my,personal information,i would create a username and password,because i will have my own vip suite,when you go to create your password,theres a little question mark over here,and make sure you are putting in seven,characters,at least one number one capital letter,or one uppercase letter and,at least one symbol the symbol cannot be,a money sign so you might want to use,something like a,an exclamation point there so as long as,you follow those,parameters for your password youll put,it here youll confirm it here youll be,good to go youll have your vip,account in place youll check out,anytime that theres a flash sale and,you want to grab that special deal and,that,maybe that free product that comes with,the flash sale you can do that at any,time youre always going to get at least,15 percent off,youre always going to kick in that,person that purchase plus program as,well depending on how much youre,spending,um flash sales are exclusive to vips,so we u


hey everyone today im going to show you,how to create a vip,customer account with monet you can see,here im on my,own market partner account the market,partner that you are shopping with,should have a link thats exclusive to,them once youre on their website youll,click join now,and then from here youll enroll as a,vip customer,if you have further questions about the,vip program,you can click in this middle box on,learn more,but for now were going to enroll as a,vip customer,and just as a second layer of protection,to make sure that my market partner is,getting the sale im going to type in,their name,have the system verify that this is a,person that im shopping with,so,here i am sarah reed im in celina go,to enroll,now youll see off to the right here,weve got our vip customer registration,already in our cart its a one-time,sign up fee of 19.99 thats gets you,a lifetimes worth of savings we get 15,off as a vip up to an additional,25 depending upon what is in your cart,in order to take advantage of the vip,program,you are obligated to three total orders,of 84,or more in each order those orders can,happen,over a any period of time that you would,like,you have full control of your shipments,what comes,when it comes and you can push your,shipments out in two,month increments well talk about that,in just a second,but for now i need to make sure that,ive got at least 84 dollars,in my cart in order to qualify todays,order and get the free shipping,and the free only for you gift so to get,there quickly,im just going to go ahead and put the,rejuvenique,in my cart,add my only for you product this month,we get to choose between rujuva beads,and the travel,energy im going to select the,rejuvabeans,okay now i have todays order set up i,want to set up my,flex ship,so second page were going to go ahead,and set up our flex ship,im going to go ahead and just put,another rejuvenique in my cart to get to,that 84 dollars pretty quickly,right here is your calendar this is when,your,flagship is going to come you get to,choose,we can schedule it two months out thats,the furthest we can push it out,so now this is the order that is going,to process today,my vip customer registration rejuvenate,oil,three juvedes and this the flex ship,the second box is going to ship on april,2nd i selected it to come for april 2nd,and this order is not going to process,today the only order that is going to,process,today will be this total of 103.99,from here youll just click continue and,youll enter in your personal,information,your credit card information will be on,the next page,you can see down here youre going to,assign yourself a username and a,password,this is really important you want to,make sure youre writing this down,this is going to give you access to your,vip suite where you control,your flex ships what comes when it is,coming,um the system will also notify you 48,hours before your flex ship,so that way you can log in if you need,to and make any adjustments to your,shipment,hope this was helpful we look forward to,helping you become a vip customer

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How to enroll a new VIP for Monat

Im going to show you really quickly how,to enroll a new VIP through your,back-office so I just logged in up at,the top here under enroll were going to,click enroll VIP scroll down here a bit,as you can see it already has their,registration in here so you dont have,to add that to the cart it automatically,does so then youre gonna add the,products that they mentioned to you to,their cart so were gonna be emailing it,to them so lets find a shampoo were,gonna go with three new shampoo lets,add a conditioner lets do revitalize,and then lets say a styling product,mm-hmm lets do the blowout cream okay,so weve hit the $84 threshold and then,its gonna ask you to add on the only,for you option this month theres only,one but sometimes theres more than one,so you only have one to select here okay,and you can see its automatically,adjusting the discounts and then up here,it says youre automatically discounted,15% if you were to add more to your cart,it would subtract even more with those,discount thresholds so were gonna click,continue,you can if theres a sale or something,going on it would ask you to add those,on were not going to worry about that,there we go okay so the next screen is,to create their Flex ship so what I do,is for the date I usually just do the,last possible date select every other,month so right now that option is the,19th and then just to set up their,flagship knowing that they can always go,back in and change the products I always,add the oil because the oil is already,$84 which needs to be either a minimum,for their flagship so I just tell them,like you know I just put the oil in,there just to get your Flex ship set up,set up but just know that you can always,go in and change the products and change,the date although the oil is a great,option to be there next,because usually people cant afford it,to add on when theyre first enrolling,so you know this is just a good thing to,add on anyway alright and then the next,thing Im gonna do is click Save and,email it to them I dont go and do,anything else because thats all,personal information I know some people,ask for their name you know credit card,information but I just I personally,wouldnt want to be asked for that I,just would rather do it myself so you,can go to the next page and enter it in,yourself if you already have an,information but I just let them do it,themselves so I click Save and then,enter in their email address and its,gonna email you a copy too and you click,Save and it sends it to them and you,need to make sure and tell them that,theyre going to be getting an email,that says its from vibe or vibe office,sometimes it does go into their junk,mail folder so make sure that you let,them know that Im sorry guys my,internet we live in the country so all,right well you get the idea it just goes,back to the main screen after you click,Save so again make sure to follow up,that theyve gotten the email only send,it once if you do send it again then,theyre not able to log in and fill out,the cart information with that first,email it gets a little confusing so just,send it once tell them to check their,junk mail folder folder okay

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Monat VIP Sign Up

hi everybody I just wanted to jump on,here to show you how to sign up as a VIP,for Monat you will want to go to the,website of the person that shared this,with you – Sara Taylor my Monat comm,once you get there youre gonna click on,customer and then I want you to click on,become a VIP you have an option of your,enrollment Im going to choose the US,enrollment,and then to become a VIP you will need,to choose products for your enrollment,offer it must be at least $84 typically,a lot of people start with systems so,Im just going to go ahead and start,with that you can start with whatever,you want but the price of $84 but the,systems usually get three items maybe,two depending for $84 Im just gonna,pick the volume system right now so Im,going to click Add to Cart so as you can,see if you look over here youre gonna,pay the onetime in your life $19.99 fee,plus 84 dollars today so thats gonna,have a subtotal 103 99 and what youre,gonna do is add some promotional items,for free so add your only for you item,so if you click on that theres three,options for this month you can get the,air dry cream the clarifying shampoo or,the new CC cream Im just gonna click,the air dry cream for now and you can,add some free sample items so you want,to go ahead and click on that again this,is all just free extra stuff so you have,all these options it looks like theres,eight different options Im going to,choose this heavenly hydrating mask,because its new so Im going to go,ahead and add that to the part so you,should see todays order subtotal then,your free items and then when youre,done youre going to click continue,you,on the next page for the second step,youre going to create a flexion,flagships is just more product that you,will receive sometime eventually in the,future a couple of things to know your,Flex ship also has to be at least 84,dollars the second thing youll notice,is you want to select your next Flex,ship date so today it looks like its,September 8th so I can go out 60 days at,the most so Im going to go out to about,November 8th November 9th is the furnace,that will let me go so Im going to go,ahead and click on that now just a side,note you can always go in and log in,later and keep pushing it back keep,pushing it back keep pushing it back,until you need something and the,opposite you can always push it up when,you need something sooner so thats,always an option,I always put this date and my phone or,somewhere write it down so that way I,have it ready to go,but Monat does send you an email about a,week before the Flex ship will come out,so you can log in either edit what you,want so this flex ship the product that,were going to choose it doesnt have to,be the same thing you can always log,back in later and change it and then you,can always log in and push the data or,move it forward like I said but the Flex,ship does have to be 84 I love the,rejuvenate oil its amazing so Im just,gonna go ahead and put that in my Flex,ship but theres there are options here,so once youre done with that you have,again your purchase today your free,promotional items today and then your,flagship total once youve got that,youre going to click continue,and then on the next page youre going,to put in your personal information so,you just want to make sure you have the,correct sponsor youll put your name,birthday gender email username and,password ok this is super important just,like anything when you create usernames,you really want to write it down save it,somewhere your username and your,password because thats how you will be,able to log in again at some point to,check on your Flex ship Im gonna go,ahead and pause it just so I can put in,some information and then when youre,done youre gonna click continue get to,the next page will be your billing and,and then the final page well be,reviewing submits you can see on this,page you have your billing information,your address and all of that and once,youre done like I said youll click,continue and then on the final page,itll just be or you of everything and,then you will submit it and I think,thats all Im going to show you for,today if you have any questions please,you know

MONAT VIP information you need to know – How to edit flexship, use VIP points/Birthday code and more

hello hello hello welcome back to my,channel or welcome to my channel alina,is here im super excited for you to be,watching my video today,today i am going to talk about all the,things vip information specifically for,anyone who has already become an ap,customer or,just decided to become a vp customer so,im going to talk about,um vip points how to redeem them,flagship orders how to push them out how,to edit your flagship card how to log,into your vip suite,all the things about vip discounts and,how you can redeem your birthday coupon,code and,all the things vip,so if this is something that you are,interested in please keep on watching,first of all i want to say that i am,extremely excited for you to make up,your mind to become a vip customer,congratulations i think youre not going,to regret this and if you are just,looking into vip membership i think,youre going to find a lot of useful,information in this video but before we,proceed into all the things monet vip,information i wanted to say is that i do,post a lot of,educational videos about monet products,monet skin care hair care uh business in,general um entrepreneurship network,marketing so if this is something that,you are into please consider subscribing,because this is going to help me out a,lot i do post a video every single week,and i really do hope to stay connected,with you on this platform,now lets dive in directly into all,things vip,so first thing first how do you log in,to your vip suite so you have become a,vip customer now you have access to this,beautiful vip suite where you can see,all of your rewards all the discounts um,you can place all the different orders,so but first you need to know how how do,you log into your back office so all you,need to do is go to,mymonet.com,thats mymonate.com,you will see the screen page that looks,similar to this,and thats where youre going to put,your uh log in that you used when you,were signing up as a vp customer so the,username that you created this is going,to be your login youre going to use it,to put in your login and then youre,going to put in your password which,again you created when you,were signing up as a vip customer so,once you do this this is going to take,you to your vip suite this is kind of,like a back office for vip customers,where you can uh place your orders edit,your flagship change the you know the,flagship um,cart and do all the other things so this,is a very important piece of information,you might want to,save it somewhere for future reference,because you will need to keep it handy,every time you want to place an order or,edit it or do any other things or,research products on the website so now,as a vip customer you have various,discounts all the products that you see,on the website when you go to browse the,product are already discounted with your,15,percent vip discount,but you might notice that every single,time you shop and when you add,additional products to your cart youre,going to see something thats called,purchase plus discount so purchase plus,discount is an additional 15 20 to 25 on,top of your regular 15 discount so this,is the little tab that youre going to,see in the right hand corner of your vip,suite and its going to show you even,how far you are from that additional,discount so its very easy to see how,much more money you need to spend to get,additional discounts and sometimes its,very good to play with your cart because,sometimes when you put a little bit more,products into your cart you will see,that some of your products will come,free,um so this is something that you,definitely need to take note of besides,your regular vap discount and the,purchase plus discount you also have the,access to flash sales so flash sales are,pretty much the promotions that monet,puts on for vip customers and market,partners you can take advantage of these,and the purchase plus discount also,applies to those flash sales and,promotions you will be notified by your,market partner you will also receive an,email notification from money global,directly uh letting you know what the,flash sale is what the deal so how do,you shop as a vip customer thats,probably the most exciting part is the,shopping part right um so there are a,few different types of orders that you,can place you can place regular orders,you can uh shop on flash sales and,promotions and you can also place,flagship orders ill explain a little,bit of difference between all of them so,regular orders are just the orders where,you go um to your website you click on,shop you select the products add them to,cart and go to checkout,with regular orders though you have to,know that they do not come with free,shipping even for vip customers regular,orders do not come with free shipping,unless youre using your birthday coupon,code,or you just want to redeem your vip,discount but for the most part i do not,really recommend you to shop as an ap,customer on regular orders because,flagship is a much better option and,also flash sales are pretty much,there almost weekly so i would rather,opt out for those,so now the flagship orders flagship,orders is a order thats minimum of 84,us dollars or 110 canadian dollars with,that youre going to also get free,shipping and youre going to get the,free product of choice for that month so,you can add any products to your cart,you can select the date that you want,that flagship order to ship,out on its not going to process on the,same day when youre editing it you can,set it up for the next day or pretty,much any date up to the 25th of the,month so all the flagship orders process,from the first of the month to the 25th,of the month so you have to,take a little note of that make sure,that you edit your flagship orders,before the 25th of the month because,they do not process after that so,flagship order stands for flexible,shipping its very easy you add your,products to cards it doesnt matter,which products you want to you to add,and then you select your free product of,choice for that month every single month,there are different so make sure that,you add the one that you really want for,that month and then you can also redeem,your vip bonus points on your flagship,order as well you do not redeem your,birthday coupon code unfortunately on,flagship orders but you can still redeem,the vip bonus points,and then the last but not least is the,flash sale so flash sales are promotions,that,give you the deal for that week and also,give you the free shipping so depending,on what type of deal um there is you can,shop for that so normally in order to,shop the flash sale youre going to,click on shop click on promotions and,then its going to show you the deal for,that week and you can follow these steps,over there sometimes there is a,qualifying uh product combination that,you need to add and then the lets say,discounted product is going to pop up so,theyre very different but normally they,just,um are on under that promotions tab when,you click on shop uh promotions and then,you will see the deal of the day when,you fl when you want to,edit your flagship cards you click on,shop my flagship so they are a little,bit different so now lets talk about,how do you edit your flagship if you,want to edit the products that are,sitting in your flagship card its very,simple to do im going to walk you,through this process right away so now,were going to log into your vip suite,we are going to click on shop were,going to click on my flagship,and then you will see the previous,flagship that was set there are two,different options for you you can either,edit the flagship card or push out so,edit the date right uh right now were,going to be editing theres the shopping,cart itself so all you need to do,is click on edit shopping cart and then,you can delete all the products that,were sitting in your shopping cart or,you can add some products on but make,sure that the amount of the products in,there is equivalent to eighty-four,dollars you asked or 110 dollars,canadian then you

Blossom with Monat VIP Account Tutorial

senator naman Bonjour welcome to the Mon,8 VIP experience this video will help,you to better understand how to log in,and access the back office which is your,username and password,Ive setup for you with this information,youll be able to log in change your,Flex ship push it back,you can place new orders a lot of,fantastic stuff but its a little bit,easier if I show you how it all works,ahead of time you can always call me I,would love to help you over the phone,and if ever you have a VIP that you,yourself recruits because there are the,VIP 3 and thank you program I will be,more than happy to assist you with that,when the time comes so good luck and I,know youre gonna love your transforming,hair transformation but until then one,step at a time,heres the Monat back-office here we go,the first thing you want to do is pull,up your web browser um so this is the,email you would have received from me,you can either click on the moon a,global link there or you can just google,monet the only thing is i might go into,my there we go good were not in a,mining account yet so what you then want,to do is go to login and then mine will,auto populate and i wont be using mine,today because mines different because,Im an MP so you want to be able to have,your own so we this is what the VIP,back-office looks like and as you can,see on your youre currently on your,home page you have the shopping category,so you have holiday catalog all products,or you could go by instead of going all,products you can go through by systems,shampoos conditioners treatments style,wellness and grooming so you can really,narrow down your search I will make sure,this is big nice and big for you so as,you can see and the prices that are,listed are giving you the 15% off that,you get as a VIP so you are not getting,the 1:29 youre getting the 110 ok so,you see all the categories there and if,I went into specifically shampoos you,would then just see the shampoos great,easy enough then what were gonna want,to do first is go to this little arrow,and you want to change your password,because Ive set up the password for you,so youre gonna go into account Im not,gonna go in it myself right now because,I will be showing you information from a,VIP so Ill just verbally tell you so,you want to go to account and then,therell be a new window that opens and,then you will see all your information,come up and then on the left hand side,itll say security and when you click on,that itll give you the option of itll,say enter your old password enter your,new password and then enter it again and,click on save and that will,automatically update your password now,we are going to go to tools because,there are different options here so,notifications nothing really big happens,here its just giving you different,things you could priority levels this is,more when youre an MP when youre an MP,just so you know there are more tabs at,the top here so this you might get an,unwelcome email you could get something,from me but I rarely as a VIP you will,use this so going back here if you want,had a friend who is interested and you,they want a system you can always refer,them to me but there is a three and,thank you program so you can enroll them,under,you and if three VIPs enroll in the same,month and you also plus place a flex,ship that same month you then get a free,system of one hundred and ten dollars so,you can always do this and I would be,more than happy to help you set that up,basically you go to VIP enrollment,Canada so we get our price and then,youd put their first name last name,birthdate all this information and this,is the username what I set up with you,guys and then the password and you can,see here that theyre getting the VIP,price you go continue this wont let me,because there is an actual person but as,you can see at the very top then you,would select your products billing and,shipping and review and submit I highly,suggest if youre doing this that you,call me so that especially if theres a,promotion you really have to pick the,products under the promotion or else you,may not get the full promotion and youd,have to call customer service so thats,in Florida you dont want to be on hold,for a while so call me I will assist,okay so now upgrade to market partner,this is if you decide that you love the,product and you want to sell you could,eventually if you like upgrade so if,theres the starter kit for $100 because,tech right now everything is 10% off so,this is the sale normally I think this,is 125 and this is where you get the,sample pack or the business product pack,which is what I started I actually,started with the starter kit and it,wasnt enough and I had to upgrade to,this because it had more products and I,could try everything and then you see,all the products here and the business,pack actually includes this pack inside,of it so its two-for-one and then if,you really are gung ho you could always,go for the success pact or the,overachiever but again if you decide to,be an MP call me Im more than happy to,give you benefits and the benefits and,what it all entails so then that flex,ship,this is where you would go to see what,Ive placed in there for you because,when you became a VIP I had to secure,your first flexion if you knew what you,wanted I picked what you chose but if,you didnt know what you wanted I pick,things that would bring you as close as,possible to the 110 so in this case this,person wanted the hydration system and,as you can see their order is ready to,ship December 1st and its $100 and then,plus tax its a little bit more most of,you who bought on Black Friday have a,shipping date of a month exactly a month,later so January 25th as a VIP the rules,were that you had to buy two flex within,12 months of minimum a hundred and ten,dollars this has changed I was not aware,of this change and this is a change to,your benefit now there is no time limit,you do not have to buy two flex ships of,$110 in 12 months you can do it in two,years you could do it in three years you,have its a VIP lifetime membership so,you have a lifetime to place your two,orders that being said you do have to,place the two orders if not if you,decide to cancel you would be charged,with 15% and shipping of your first,order so you want to make sure that,happens so were gonna go ahead and show,you how to edit or add to your Flex ship,so in this case well pretend were,editing this one you could edit and then,you could delete it and then you have to,pick another one because this person is,a VIP we cant not have a flagship okay,so what then we want to do is systems,and we knew this person wanted hydration,so you would pick hydration or you would,whatever you want and then you would go,to next and see how he comes up on the,side there next and then this will be,blanked out but this is where the,different addresses this person has,theres more than one address because,sometimes VIPs will order the VIP but,then share the flagships with other,people so this person would be sharing,wit with a friend or a mom or whoever it,is so we want to select the correct,address you go to next and then we will,see the run date so you can change this,as you can see when its grayed out it,means you cannot select these dates and,you can push it back up to two months at,a time so in a week from now you this,will be darker so you can keep pushing,back your Flex ship until you its the,desired date so if you have a month,thats really tight dont worry you have,the flexibility of changing it um so we,have the item total 110 with the tax and,theres zero shipping because its a,Flex ship and then you would go to,payment and finalize so next next and,then when I do next it would select the,credit card so you can either add a new,one or select the one thats on file,were gonna go ahead and keep that one,and then here you get the billing,address the shipping address because it,could be billed to one house but,delivered to another and the shipment if,its ground or what date

Vip info MONAT….everything you need to know about signing up

hey guys its Rachel Scott with Mooney,and today I was messaging a bunch of,people about our VIP program and I,thought Id really be better to maybe do,a video to explain it because I can type,you out all of the details in it but I,really want people to understand what,theyre getting into and I want you to,remember that I was a VIP so from a,personal standpoint I seen value in the,program and I think since I become a VIP,theyve made it even better what it is,is a program that saves you 15% off of,our products so its gonna pay for,itself and its in your first order,including that VIP fee its a one-time,$19.99 feet think of that like Costco or,Sams or Amazon Prime where you pay a,membership you know just to get enrolled,in the computer and you save that 15%,off of the products now thats also,gonna get you free shipping on your flex,tip orders of 84 dollars or more a free,item and your flex tip orders of 84,dollars or more access to our amazing,flash sales a chance to get your,products for free when you tell three of,your friends about one eight,hello,thats enough free free free free and,15% thats her cue program so what what,should you know about it you should know,that as a VIP you are agreeing to place,to more like supporters of 84 dollars or,more 84 dollars is what our systems cost,at VIP prices so thats basically our,volume system lets say shampoo,conditioner and root lifter so that,youre gonna hit that pretty easy and,thats because our products remember,they last a long time you dont need,this every month and because of that,theres no time limit when you purchase,those next two flagship orders none at,all,you can push it out sixty days at a time,online you can tell your sponsor to push,it out and I think thats really nice,when eight will send you an email one,week before that flick ship ships to let,you know hey you have a shipment coming,up do you want to change the date and,you want to change products thats in it,let me know so thats it you can control,it online you can have your sponsor do,it too but you can do it on your phone,you can do it on your desktop you just,click click click I dont want product,this month lets say like for instance,tonight Im gonna go in and change my,flagship because their product this,month I,not tried and I really want to try it so,Im gonna go and Im gonna push my,flagship up and Im gonna get my shampoo,conditioner and probably a styling,product so thats what Im gonna do you,can do that as a VIP you have access to,our amazing flash shells they normally,thats theyre just a flash they come on,there about 48 hours youre amazing okay,youve completed those to flex ship,orders so youve got your first order,and then over a period of an unlimited,amount of time youve placed two more,flex shipping orders of 84 dollars at,least you can cancel your flagship but,you still have access to our amazing,sales and discount now what people do,when they cancel their flagship actually,Ive only got like two people that have,canceled their flagship but if you do,and you want to place an order you,either do it or you start that flick,ship for a month and then we cancel it,again and I can do that for you I mean,nine thats what Im here for is Mon a,time this is not a hurt job for me and I,really enjoy it so you can start and,stop them after that thats all youre,committing to and a lot of people are,they love the VIP program if theyre,timid about it theyre like well let me,talk to my sister or my mom and maybe,they can help me get those two orders,out of the way so I can cancel and its,that simple thats the only thing youre,committing to is placing those two more,orders but theres so much to gain if,you went in and you paid retail for a,system root lifter spree at retail,thats $100 okay,$99 with tax and shipping on that if,youre gonna be checking out at about a,hundred and seventeen dollars okay again,if thats the route you want to take,thats fine theres no commitments there,but thats a lot of money so as a VIP,youre gonna get that same system at 15%,off which is 84 dollars add that $19.99,fee on it okay now Im gonna do math on,my head,three carry one eight nine ten thats,like a hundred and three dollars cuz you,get the free shipping so youre gonna,have a little bit of tax on that but,still gonna be cheaper youre gonna save,money in your first order why should I,do this you should do this,throw comfortable doing this because,theres a 30-day money-back guarantee if,you try Monat and youre like this is,not for me I dont like to shampoo this,is horrible when this girl talk me into,thats not gonna happen and Im gonna,warn you right now in over a year Ive,never had a VIP cancel or return their,products Ive had one VIP swap out a,couple of products she didnt like the,shampoo or I shouldnt like theyre one,of those styling products so we swapped,it out for if you do not like it and,youve placed one order in your first 30,days you contact me I will help you,return it to money they will return you,the money for your products full price,all the money and your $19.99 VIP fee so,you have nothing to lose the only thing,that youre responsible for is the,return shipping back to the Nate and,thats gonna be about seven to ten,dollars and Im just Im telling you all,of the nooks and crannies and because,thats how I roll I want to know what,Im getting myself into so thats what,Im telling you moving forward if youve,placed more than one order thats going,to tell the system that you like being a,VIP but lets say you like a product or,dont like a product you still can,return that in 30 days to get your money,back but you only get that $19.99,feedback if its it within the first 30,days and youve replayed this placed one,order so thats how that works again I,have not had any VIPs return and I think,the key to that is messaging me let me,know your hair concerns let me know your,hair type let me know what you struggle,with because when I do that and I I can,help you and I have a video on here what,shampoo should you use get you started,off right okay some people just want to,try the shampoo and thats fine but you,really need a shampoo and conditioner to,start out with and I highly recommend,that mask to to help in the beginning so,message me will get you started off on,the products that are right you wont,have to take advantage of that 30 day,return policy but if you want to its,there its a great program you guys and,I hope I answered your questions if you,have any more message me on Facebook,comment below,so search at Rachel Scott with moon 8 on,Facebook thatll get you to my business,page you can send me a message right,there through messenger and I can answer,any of your questions and see whats,best for you my websites below – if,youre ready to order you go there and,you click on VIP become a VIP and thats,gonna set up that initial order if,theres a sale going on click on,promotion see if theres a sale

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