1. Nationstar/Mr. Cooper: How you MUST handle their mortgage mistakes
  2. Anderson Equipped 13 Questions To Destroy Meg Life In Next Interview With Haz Over His LINK WITH RF
  3. Attwood Unleashed 85 Xmas Special: JFK, Meghan Markle, Klaus Schwab, Elon Musk & Big Herc
  4. Washed Up 90s Comedian Plays His Race Card Desperately
  5. Suella Braverman issues a statement in the House of Commons as the Rwanda policy is ruled legal
  6. Remember Mark Curry from Hangin With Mr Cooper? Sadly This Is What Happened To Him.
  7. Detroit Become Human PS4 #8 – Hangin With Mr Cooper!

Nationstar/Mr. Cooper: How you MUST handle their mortgage mistakes

if youre working with Nationstar mr.,Coopers are now called,and you found a mistake in your mortgage,loan how do you fix it,my name is Michael Wasik Im a Florida,foreclosure defense lawyer with Ricardo,and Wasik and together with my partner,Jason Ricardo we help people just like,you overcome foreclosure and debt,collection with Davie and today Im,going to tell you how to fix a mortgage,loan mistake if youre dealing with,Nationstar also known as mr. Cooper now,the first and most important thing that,you need to do is you need to gather the,appropriate documentation so youre,gonna want 12 months of your your,monthly mortgage statements youre gonna,want your annual escrow breakdown,statement if youve got that youre,gonna want to get a copy of your note,mortgage if you have those you can,request those if you dont and you also,want to have a copy of perhaps 12 months,of your bank statements along with any,canceled checks if one of the issues,youre disputing is that youve made a,payment that they fail to credit you,with so once youve got the once youve,got all that documentation gathered then,you want to identify what the error is,so you might for example say that the,interest rate is wrong you might say,that their loan balance is wrong theyve,overcharged you with escrow theyve,added some fees they shouldnt add or,that maybe they fail to give you credit,for a payment that youve made if any of,those things are your mistakes you can,write that down and very simply explain,it in just a sentence or two and you,want to make sure that you make that,dispute in writing its very important,you do that in writing and not by phone,if you do it by phone your interests are,not protected theres virtually no use,to making a phone call to Nationstar or,mr. Cooper if you have a dispute on your,mortgage loan you want to do it in,writing so write down use in a sentence,or two what the error is attach the,relevant documentation so if you say for,example I made my monthly mortgage,payment in May and you never credit it,with me credit it to me you want to,attach the statements maybe like the,April May and June statement youll,attach your bank statements showing that,the payment was made showing that the,check was cashed if you have a copy of,the canceled check do that too and,youll want to go ahead and send that in,if its an escrow dispute youll want to,attach that sheet along with the,relevant mortgage statements that show,how much the escrow is supposed to be if,you think its a different than its,supposed to be explain why that is so,attach those documents and then youre,going to want to send that certified,mail so that you can prove they got it,its very important to be able to prove,that they got that mistake because,theyve got that notice of error because,if they dont respond to it,thats a violation of law theyre,breaking the law if they dont,acknowledge that they got it and then,within a 30-day period respond to you in,substance about your error now its very,important this is perhaps the most,critical thing this is the number one,thing that people will make mistakes,about is you have to send it to a,specific address Nationstar mr. Cooper,have a particular address that they will,that they use to receive notices of,error about mortgage loans if you send,it to a different address it does not,protect you,now that address is usually found on,your monthly mortgage statement its,also found on the website but Im also,going to give you the address as of,todays date Im going to put that in,the description of this video so that,you can actually have the address know,which address to send it to and again,make sure that you send it certified,mail put that put that certified mail,number in your letter keep a copy of the,receipt the certified mail receipt keep,a copy of the correspondence that you,send so that you can prove what you sent,and when and you can prove that they,actually got it now once you do that,again they have five days to respond to,acknowledge that they got it,they have 30 days to respond in,substance they might ask for more they,might send you a letter saying weve,investigated we need more time to,resolve it theyre allowed to do that,but they do have to send you that that,notice within 30 days if they fail to,correct the error or if they fail to,explain whats going on to your,satisfaction you may want to send an,updated dispute updating the information,for example you might say well you,overlooked this thing heres another,piece of documentation send it to them,if they continually fail to fix the,error and it really is a mistake you,will have a right to sue them because,they have an obligation to,any actual mistakes in your mortgage,loan its important that you dont let,this snowball – it gets to a point where,its too big to fix you want to attack,this right away,so definitely send written disputes if,you if its been going on for more than,three or four months you probably want,to seek help because youre getting to,the point where you need to probably,address this in a court of law now if,this sounds complicated or you want to,make sure that you have help so that,youre doing it exactly the right way,feel free to give us a call we help,people just like you do this all the,time our number is three five two five,six seven three one seven three thats,three five two five six seven three one,seven three and when you call us mention,this video which is the fixing mistakes,in a nation store or mr. Cooper loan,video were gonna give you a free 30,minute strategy session to discuss what,your next steps should be going forward,and talk about the remedies you have,ways to make sure that the bank fixes,any errors that have crept into your,mortgage loan again you want to mention,this video which is the nation star mr.,Cooper mistakes in your mortgage loan,video the number to call is three five,two five six seven three one seven three,ask for an appointment to speak to one,of our lawyers we will give you that,free 30-minute strategy session so I,hope this was helpful for you if youve,got a question leave it in the comments,below follow the channel for more tips,just like this and you know thanks for,watching Ill see you on the next one

Anderson equipped 13 questions to,destroy Megs life in next interview,confirms mysterious link with the royal,family Prince Harry is ready for another,sit-down interview ahead of his Memoir,release,Prince Harry is expected to embark on a,mega media blitz to promote his tele,Memoir ahead of its release in the New,Year his leading interview will be with,CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on January,the 8th just two days before the book,hits the shelves,there are fears Harry will use the CNN,interview to take aim at the Royals and,give viewers a preview of some of the,more dramatic claims,that to come in the book,the interview is slated to be broadcast,on Mr Coopers 60 Minute show on,American TV network CBS,a television source told the Daily Mail,its a Primetime Sunday show which hosts,foreign leaders and presidents its the,one that all the politicians and,decision makers watch,the presenter also has experience,covering the war in Afghanistan where,Harry completed two tours with the,British army as Anderson Coopers mother,was Gloria Vanderbilt who could read,people very well after all she went,through as a child read her story and,came out not blaming or whining about a,terrible neglected childhood which was a,thousand times worse than Harrys she,ended up actually working her estate,went to charity not Anderson she took,Andersons Charles and Dianas wedding,as a journalist he will ask some hard,questions not that there would be any,honest answers,I also think being friends with Andy,Cohen he has his ear to the ground about,whats going on with the gruesome,twosome behind closed doors furthermore,as Andersons grandmothers sister was,Lady finesse the mistress immediately,proceeding Wallace Simpson it just goes,to show those lofty circles are still,small almost 100 years later they cannot,be so blind as not to see that shes a,huge red flag yet they give them a,platform and even benefit from it if,King Charles is afraid that Harry may be,tipped over I think some of the,aforementioned people should take some,of the blame if I know someone whos,obviously in an unhealthy relationship,even if I cant get them away I wouldnt,be the one to encourage it I was,impressed with Anderson Cooper on CNN he,seemed to be more objective new anchor,commentator asking tough questions,Anderson Coopers interview program is,always famous for its special questions,section which tough questions and are,often avoided by interviewers it was,sent via Andersons personal email and,we screened on the show now for greater,transparency questions will be posted on,the programs website publicly for the,viewers to vote for here are some,standout questions that are sure to make,Megan and Harry cry their eyes out there,are a total of 13 top questions and here,are the most popular choices in the,Netflix series you said your father,Charles lied what did he lie about,specifically youve never talked about,the 10 Royal aides who left your,employment after less than two years why,did they resign your brother has a,program he supports called earthshot a,long-term project regarding the,environment do you have anything similar,you complained about the cottage you,were forced into saying that you hit,your head on the ceiling yet your,brother and his wife lived there and,your brother is taller than you why do,you think they never went public to,complain about that place Girard,Princess Anne survived the kidnapping,attempt yet she only received Security,on official duties why do you feel that,you need more security than her and why,did your wife feel the need to clear out,sections of Wimbledon when she attended,with friends when Royals whove attended,dont ask for that tombow current,valency and low of both written books,documenting your wifes Behavior,regarding a treatment of other people,why havent you sued them for libel

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Attwood Unleashed 85 Xmas Special: JFK, Meghan Markle, Klaus Schwab, Elon Musk & Big Herc

hello everyone and Ash,has created a massive Christmas special,Atwood Unleashed six hour six bloody,hour live stream on YouTube this is,going to be,absolutely mental,so,if youre wondering what weve got in,store for this evening and huge thank,you to wherever you are watching this in,the world,we were banned from Facebook for six,months but now theyve put us back,so now people are watching this on,Facebook LinkedIn Twitter,YouTube everywhere welcome,wherever you are in the world hope,youre having a good Christmas season,I know the guys in prison are not having,a good Christmas season its the most,depressing time of the year,but we are gonna go out,of the six hour specials tonight going,back to Our Roots weve got big hook,the original Three Pioneers shout out to,them,of the prison channels when prison,channels began,go back to Big hook,23-1 lockdown Josh and after prison show,so we got Big Hurt coming on in the,final hour,all right so the whole six and a quarter,hour show is exclusively on YouTube,tonight,Ive got so many thank yous to hand out,and especially to Stephen Knight,and Andrew gold,and Jen Hopkins is coming in in the,final hour with big hook,so huge shout out to all the co-hosts,weve got six weve had tug of war,weve had Matthew Steeples weve got Dr,Das and Dr Das is indeed joining us,tonight as well so,four of the co-hosts are going to be,joining us tonight,if you do get a chance to support us on,patreon weve got a wonderful community,over there massive thank you to the,patreons for not just the beautiful,Community but for enabling us to create,content like this,now without even looking at all the,moderators we,have got 20 people working on the,channel we did a full analysis the other,day ranging from video editors sound,Engineers camera people,making Clips thumbnails,people sharing our stuff on social media,answering messages 20 people and that,does not include the moderators,huge thank you to all the moderators and,all of the team and especially to Ray J,because hes the everything we do,Ray J is right there moderating cheers,to David obaza see you watching on,LinkedIn,thank you for supporting me when I was,in Arizona Prison it will never be,forgotten,all right so were in the intro section,of au 85 presently,once I go over the guess Im going to,tell you the results of the two polls we,put out,as to whether,its the Saint Paul but we put them on,Twitter and we put it on YouTube as to,whether,watching the Netflix drama about Megan,and Harry,has changed your view about them in a,positive fashion,if weve got time we could maybe Ill,talk about SPF and these 10 plus billion,fraud,crypto fraud hes getting excited to the,US,and also weve been supporters of Julian,Assange for years,and we are calling and adding to the,call for his release,which the major media Outlets are now,joining in,all right four oclock then UK time 12,minutes from now,weve got David Denton,head of the JFK historical group,whose objective is to change the,historical reality associated with the,political assassinations of the 1960s,by bringing to light new information,uncovered by researchers journalists and,historians,joining David,and myself is the acclaimed author Mark,Shaw,whose latest book is titled fighting for,justice,where he aims to uncover a series of,high-profile cover-ups including,the JFK assassination,Im also interested in the other,assassinations of the 60s,I think we had Malcolm X Martin Luther,King,Saran Saran and RFK Robert Kennedy,and weve got a massive podcast series,coming out January February four parts,with Joey Torres,founder of the 18th Street gang who,served 40 years 20 plus of it with Saran,Saran Charles Manson Michael Thompson,founder of the ab uh in Brotherhood,hes a fascinating guy and he flew over,from LA,and were very excited about the four,episodes in that series,second guest of the night from 5 to 5 30,so the first hour from four is all,Kennedy,second guest Wilfred Riley,associate professor of political science,at Kentucky State University an author,of the books taboo,10 facts you cant talk about,hate crime hoax,Wilfred were waiting and Elon Musk,battle for free speech,the release of the Twitter files and,what chess game the billionaire is,actually playing,from 5 30 to 6 weve got one of our,all-time favorite reoccurring guests,got nothing but love for David Whitehead,whos joining us from Canada,hes a documentary maker who has just,released a multi-part series,The Cult of the Medics on rofkin,he has a long history of exposing,injustices in the world and his focused,tonight is going to be on klausch Schwab,the world economic Forum founder,and Klaus Schwabs idea of a One World,Government wow,the guest at 6 to 6 30,is former New York Times digital,Espionage and sabotage reporter,good grief what title,Nicole perloff,in the past she has reported on Russian,hacking nuclear plants North Korean,cyber attacks,and Iranian attacks on oil companies,she offered the book This Is How They,tell me the world ends,and tonight shes going to be speaking,about Elon musks Twitter takeover and,whether he is the Bastion of free speech,he claims to be,because hasnt he already canceled a few,people,in,recent days but yeah its so much better,than,the,algorithmic,strangle Squad,the senses that previously ran Twitters,Department of whatever it was called,something orwellian,all right so 6 30 to 7,weve had a massive interest in our,Scientology series,and weve got former Scientologist,Professor Aaron Levin Smith,raised in Scientology,Aaron worked for the organization,full-time,as a staff member and a sea ARG member,from the age of 12 to 26.,he held various positions in,Philadelphia Clearwater,and LA,all related to training Scientology,auditors,Aaron left the sea organization in 2006.,an officially left Scientology in early,2014,he has a YouTube channel called growing,up in Scientology,and tonight hes going to be discussing,some of the recent developments in,Scientology including,the Danny masterton trial and David,miscavige need to lawyer up,hes got his back to the wall if hes,lining up,seven to eight another one of our,all-time most viral guest whose channel,is now hit half a million Subs,Richard grannon remember when he did The,Narcissist analysis of certain people,Im not allowed to talk about anymore on,this channel,thats my latest book just available for,Christmas just in time including,hardback,follow-on from this one,anyway so Richard grannan,spoke about to us on those subjects that,I just displayed on the screen,previously,go I think it was a million views but we,had to take them down,and um Richard,his channel aims to help people deal,with trauma get out of abuse,relationships and spot narcissists,hes looking at some of the high profile,cases in the news at the moment,including whether Meghan Markle has,narcissistic traits,then weve got another one of our,all-time favorite reoccurring guests,this guy has got billions of views,literally no exaggeration billions of,views,on YouTube alone not to mention all of,his television views,and we got him for an hour and its,Chris Hanson,of the pioneering TV show To Catch a,Predator,he has been imitated worldwide by all,these other people,both Chris,has maintained his,momentum hes got a new season coming,out,exposing these diabolical individuals,and remember how,one of those diabolical individuals,showed up at the decoys house with a,kill kit,in the trunk of his car,thank God these scum are getting removed,from the streets,and Dr Das Shaham,our friend of the channel and co-host is,coming in from eight to nine,for that one,from nine to ten,one of the big three pioneers of the,prison Channel genre,big herk,who served time in Lompoc California in,the feds,I think it was bank robbery,and my best mate,one of them Mike Hot Wheels DJ make Hot,Wheels he spent time in Lompoc as well,so itd be interesting to get big herks,take on that,and co-host Jen Hopkins is going to be,joining us,for,the final guest,wow weve only got a couple of minutes,

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Washed Up 90s Comedian Plays His Race Card Desperately

foreign,numbers to flesh this out but it seems,to me that we have reached another,period of peak race hustling of course,the race Hustlers are always out there,skulking and crawling about but there,are seasons when they are less active,and then there are seasons when theyre,more active much like deer ticks or,other blood-sucking parasitic life forms,in that ebb and flow cycle it would,appear that we are now in a time of flow,the disingenuous tiers of racial self,victimization are certainly flowing as,furiously as they ever have before which,is why over the past few weeks,when it comes time for the daily,cancellation often the toughest choice,is to decide which which racial,grievance-mongering phony Ill focus on,vote today I think there is one who,really stands out from the rest and that,is Mark Curry Mark Curry is a former 90s,sitcom actor who over the last couple of,decades has fallen into near total,obscurity and he now tours the country,as an alleged comedian searching for the,most undiscerning crowds to perform in,front of hes a struggle to gain,attention or publicity through the,strength of his comedy and Im assuming,thats why hes decided to,just finally cash in his victim tokens,at the prize counter and take what he,can get for them and he has been able to,get,something hes gotten some headlines out,of it hes gotten some pity hell,probably get a lawsuit heres the story,from NBC News it says comedian Mark,Curry accused a Colorado Hotel staffer,of racially profiling him as he sat in,the lobby an incident that prompted,outrage from celebrities and a promise,from the establishment to refund him,after the actor posted video of the,alleged encounter on Instagram Curry who,starred in ABCs Hanging with Mr Cooper,from 1992-1997 was staying at the Mining,Exchange in Colorado Springs,he was in the city for performances at,three Es comedy club on Friday and,Saturday uh Curry was drinking coffee,when he said the employee asked him if,he was a guest he also informed him the,lobby was Private the comedian said,according to the video NBC News does not,know what happened before Curry started,recording recording,well of course they dont,because one thing we know about almost,any video relating to a supposed racism,controversy is that the video always,picks up in the middle of the exchange,or the incident were never told what,happened beforehand,um and before we play some of this out,of context video for you heres the,hotels response NBC news reports again,we are committed to providing a safe and,inclusive space for all guests and,employees the statement read we deeply,regret this incident and have reached,out to Mr Curry to offer not only our,sincere apologies but a full refund of,his stay and an invitation to return at,no cost any time in the future as a,respected Community partner we are also,using this opportunity to revisit,training with our staff helping to,ensure all interactions are reflective,of our company Windham Hotels and,Resorts issued a similar statement The,Mining Exchange is a Windham Hotel quote,the hotels owner and management team,are working to make this right the,company wrote on Twitter on Sunday,so they deeply regret the incident,and it is indeed regrettable,but not because of the employees,Behavior,even in spite of the out of context,nature of this video,and the sketchy details about what,exactly precipitated it,we still can clearly identify the bad,guy in this situation,now this goes on for about 25 minutes,but Ill show you about two minutes of,it heres the first two minutes and here,it is,all right so the problem is Im in a,hotel lobby and this man wants to see,well let me let me see some ID,you got your backup how you doing back,up does he speak yeah,hello back up,John youve been youve been here for 15,minutes,okay where are we gonna put you all,right,people,he was asking me for my I cant be in,the hotel lobby,this hotel lobby you cannot be in this,hotel lobby if youre black and youre a,Colorados friend so if youre black and,youre Colorado Springs you cant be in,the lobby wow this is crazy isnt it so,check it out,oh yeah,yeah,look they got a black man in Colorado,Springs so they send this dude look yeah,oh yeah the one he talks now he talks,yeah,yeah so a black man cant be,yeah yeah Im trying to pull a race car,boy so so so we got an Uncle Tom calling,me saying Im doing the race car but he,but he hanging with this dude this is,what its all about people,he called me uh the race car,Ive asked you very politely whatd you,ask me so I cant hear are you a guest,of the hotel I cant hear you say it,again you heard me I couldnt hear you,my hard of hearing,foreign,that continues for 20 more minutes as,Mark Curry the victim quote unquote,becomes more and more belligerent,shouting and cussing at the hotel,employees who are simply trying to do,their jobs Curry posted this video on,Instagram along with the name of one of,the hotel employees and the hotels,phone number he sent an angry mob after,the establishment many prominent people,joined in the mob celebrities coming to,Currys defense expressing their support,for him during this difficult and,traumatic time,and yet anybody with ears and a brain to,go between them can watch this and,clearly see that the bad guy in this,scenario is curry himself,I mean how morally deranged do you have,to be as an individual to watch that,and think that the guy holding the,camera is the good guy,in fact Currys not only the bad guy but,hes also the racist one in the exchange,he repeatedly mocks one of the hotel,workers whos also black calling him an,Uncle Tom making fun of the way he looks,he is screaming racial slurs of the,hotel staff while claiming to be the,rate the racism victim in the,conversation,and all of this simply because he was,asked if he was a guest at the hotel he,could have answered and said yes,and the conversation would have been,over,thats all you had to do,instead he turned this low stakes,totally normal interaction into a,30-minute argument and entered the,30-minute argument into a national,backlash,that automatically makes him not only,the bad guy here but an a-hole of,gargantuan proportions,and the fact that hes doing all this to,some random low-paid service industry,workers only makes him even more of a,sociopath by the way I have at least,twice in my life okay Ill go on the,record,twice in my life at least I have been,approached by staff members at a hotel,and asked a similar question on one,occasion I was sitting in a hotel lobby,and I was asked whether I was a guest,and the answer was no because I was,actually just there to steal their Wi-Fi,to be honest on another occasion the,answer was was yes I was a guest and uh,and I was innocent of any crime on both,occasions I I simply answered the,question,thats it I wasnt interested in getting,into an argument with Hotel employees I,didnt see it as a publicity opportunity,and even though I was slightly,embarrassed on the first occasion when I,was essentially thrown out I had no,desire to exact Vengeance or send an,angry mob after them,neither incident seemed you know,important or interesting to me which is,why I never mentioned them until just,now,its true that hotel workers in my,experience normally wont ask you what,youre doing in the lobby but if you sit,in enough hotel lobbies youll likely be,questioned at least once or twice in,your life,in Mark Currys case considering how,shocked and offended he was we can,assume that this was the first time hed,ever encountered this line of,questioning,so when he says oh black man cant go,anywhere in America well according to,you you could go anywhere youve never,this is the first time this has ever,happened to you which why you make us a,big deal out of it,which means in the anecdotal comparison,by the way I have had this experience,twice as many times as he has,the only difference is that I dont have,a reflexive racial filter to feed every,experience through,so if somebody says something to me,whatever

now to the House of Commons where Home,Secretary swella bravman is addressing,MPS after that High Court ruling ruled,that the Rwanda plan was legal lets,take the commons for decades they were,told that this was immoral and that,their concerns and opinions didnt,matter even today we see from certain,quarters an unhealthy contempt for,anyone who wants controlled migration,such an attitude is unhelpful Mr Speaker,moreover its fanciful,we do not have infinite capacity,already we are struggling to accommodate,new arrivals meaning we spend Millions,every day in hotel bills alone,we cannot tolerate people coming here,illegally,it is not legitimate to leave a safe,country like France to seek asylum in,the United Kingdom,and we have to break the business model,of the people smuggling gangs their,trade in human cargo is evil and lethal,as we were tragically reminded very,recently,there is a global migration crisis and,it requires International Solutions,in April my right honorable friend the,member of Whitton backed by my writing,will friend the member for Uxbridge and,South ruislip signed a ground-breaking,migration and economic development,partnership with Rwanda and they deserve,enormous credit for their work on this,we agreed that people who come to the UK,via dangerous illegal and unnecessary,means can be relocated to Rwanda to have,their Asylum claims considered there,those in need of protection will be,given up to five years of support,including education and employment,training along with help with,integration accommodation and health,care,being relocated to Rwanda is not a,punishment but in an Innovative way of,addressing a major problem to address,the imbalance between illegal and legal,migration routes,it will also ensure that those in,genuine need of international protection,are provided with it in Rwanda,it is a Humane and practical alternative,for those who come here through,dangerous illegal and unnecessary routes,and by making it clear that they cannot,expect to stay in the UK we will deter,more people from coming here and make,such routes unviable,there has been a great deal of,misinformation about Rwanda,I visited Rwanda myself several years,ago,shes a state party to the 1951 United,Nations Refugee convention and the seven,core United Nations human rights,conventions,it is a safe and dynamic country with a,thriving economy,it has an excellent record of supporting,refugees and vulnerable migrants the UN,has used Rwanda for the relocation of,vulnerable migrants from Libya and this,was first funded by the European Union,many migrants including refugees have,already built excellent lives in Rwanda,and our partnership is a significant,investment in that country and further,strengthens our relationship,a myth still persists that the home,office permanent secretary opposed this,agreement,for the record he did not nor did he,assert that it is a definite it is,definitely poor value for money he,stated in his role as accounting officer,that the policies regular proper and,feasible but there is not currently,sufficient evidence to demonstrate value,for money,as he would be the first to agree its,for ministers to take decisions having,received officials advice and once the,partnership is up and running he will,continue to monitor its efficacy,including value for money,now in June the first plane was ready to,relocate people to Rwanda our domestic,courts the high court the court of,appeal and the Supreme Court upheld our,right to send the flight,however,following an order by an out of hours,judge in the European Court of Human,Rights the flight was canceled,the European Court of human rights did,not rule that the policy or relocations,were unlawful but it prohibited the,removal of specific people,this was a without notice order and the,UK was not invited to make,representations to oppose it,the speaker as a result weve been,unable to operate relocation flights,pending ongoing legal proceedings,however we have continued to prepare by,issuing notices of intent for those,eligible for relocation,am I right humble friend the Prime,Minister recently outlined a,comprehensive new approach to Illegal,migration,now a judicial review was brought,against the Rwanda partnership by a,number of organizations and individual,Asylum Seekers,the first part of proceedings considered,a case,that the partnership is unlawful,part two argued that UK domestic,processes under the partnership were,unfair,and part three that the policy is,contrary to data protection laws,today the high court in a judgment,spanning over 130 pages law Justice,Lewis and Mr Justice Swift held that it,is indeed lawful for the government to,make arrangements for relocating Asylum,Seekers to Rwanda and for their Asylum,claims to be determined in Rwanda rather,than in the United Kingdom,the Court held further that the,relocation of Asylum Seekers to Rwanda,is consistent with the refugee,convention and with the statutory and,other legal obligations upon the,government including obligations imposed,by the Human Rights Act,Mr Speaker this judgment thoroughly,vindicates the Rwanda partnership,I spoke earlier day with Myra wandan,counterpart the Rwanda Minister Vincent,beruta and we both confirmed our joint,and steadfast resolve to deliver this,partnership at scale as soon as possible,its what the overwhelming majority of,the British people want to see happen,the sooner it is up and running,[Music],and bring an end to these illegal,unnecessary and unsafe Channel Crossings,now that our courts have affirmed its,legality,I invite the opposition to get behind,this plan and I commend this statement,to the house I call the shutter Home,Secretary of

Remember Mark Curry from Hangin With Mr Cooper? Sadly This Is What Happened To Him.

hey everybody welcome back to my channel,comedian mark curry has had his fair,share of lows but amidst everything the,act has been through he decided to take,the high road and find humor in his,tragedy many may remember him as the,tall boisterous teacher in hanging with,mr. Cooper he was full of life and made,smart-mouth jokes the comedian who has,had his fair share of troubles in life,is more than grateful to be alive,following several instances that almost,took his life especially a fire incident,that left nearly 20% of his body burnt,according to mark curry the time of the,fire incident that left him badly burned,is a period of his life hes tried to,shut off of his mind entirely as it was,a depressing era for him the accident,happened on a typical day in his house,the comedian was going about doing his,chores while doing the laundry an,aerosol can fell from the shelf and hit,the metal bracket of the water heater,which caused an explosion the explosion,threw mark against the wall and set his,body on fire leaving him with,third-degree burns on 20% of his body,most notably his back recalling the,event mark comically explained what was,going through his mind when the accident,happened,he explained that it blew me back and I,remember looking at my shoulder saying,damn my shoulder hairs I was all messed,up on the other side but I could not,help but concentrate on my shoulder,saying I think Id broken it following,the accident he had to be rushed to the,hospital as the burn was horrible and,had left him in a terrible condition,going through such a painful experience,can leave one wholly devastated and,depressed and this is what the hanging,with mr. Cooper lead character felt the,burns which affected his back side and,arms were treated at a burn center in,Oakland where he was put in a medically,induced coma after staying in a coma for,three days,mark woke up and things went downhill,from there feeling sad uncomfortable and,in unbearable pain mark contemplated,suicide and wanted to put an end to it,all explaining that time mark in his,usual manner joked about it saying I,thought about suicide but its hard to,commit suicide when youre 6 foot 6 lol,the ceilings right here so,I cant hang myself it took me solo into,a black Valley people didnt know what,was wrong with me,following this hurrying period of deep,depression mark was able to make it out,of the valley thanks to the help of his,friends who regularly called him joked,laughed at him and ultimately encouraged,him when people say a friend in need is,a friend indeed,mark experienced the full power of such,a statement when he was going through,this period of depression his friends,helped him through it all mark explained,that most of his friends would call him,and share jokes with him that helped him,laugh and get through the hard times,most times the jokes were often about,him and this helped lighten the,situation as even Mark learned to joke,about himself something he still does,recalling how his friends helped him,mark said when he was in the hospital,friends like Bill Cosby Chris Tucker,Damon Rianna among other comedians,called him making jokes about his,situation despite the fun mark found it,helpful as it helped him overcome his,depression and look forward to living,life again,following the tragedy that happened back,in 2006 mark was struck with another,tragedy in 2018 although this was not,faithful as it affected only his car,marks ford bronco got a harsh one when,a large tree fell on it crushing the,hood and the upper part of the car,thankfully no one was in it but it cost,mark his ford which according to him he,has had since 1995 in a video he posted,about it the massive trunk of a tree,could be seen as firefighters try to cut,through the hood although the situation,was non-fatal it was sad Mark had to,lose his car for someone who had been,through a few harrowing experiences mark,was able to pull himself out of the,gutters and joke about the things that,once caused him pain although he does,not handle barbecue nights anymore,because of his phobia for fires he has,turned the situation around by churning,out jokes mark Currys standar PACs are,now famous for his ability to talk about,real-life experiences while making,people laugh about it with ease and,grace mark has made good choices for,himself and continually enjoys living,life it is amazing to see that even,though the actor and,median has literally gone through fire,back hes doing well for himself and,living life one day at a time thanks for,listening,please like comment and subscribe

Detroit Become Human PS4 #8 – Hangin With Mr Cooper!

so what we gonna do Marcus from the dead,Marcus came back from the dead so what,if you what if you go here,what if fine optical unit Im assuming,wait fine Ill clean and then you find,two other things huh,yeah theres two other hmm working oh I,guess maybe you just died in there I,guess,[Music],fine Amanda okay,this is what look like wind is right,which ones Amanda,a player you Amanda yo I love you hello,Amanda,whos Amanda Connor its good to see you,although that was the news from that,connor finding that deviant was far from,easy and the way you interrogated it was,very clever,youve been remarkably efficient Carter,Thank You Amanda,weve asked the DPD to transfer to us,for further study,it may teach us something about what,happened the interrogation seemed,challenging what did you think of the,deviant lets see it showed signs of,PTSD after being abused by its owner as,if its original program had been,completely replaced by new instructions,this lieutenant Anderson has been,officially assigned to the DBC case what,do you make of him hmm Hank I think hes,irritable and socially challenged but I,mean he looked out for me but I also,think he used to be a good detective,hes an intriguing character,unfortunately we have no choice but to,work with you what do you think is the,best approach friendly I will try to,establish a friendly relationship if I,can get him to trust me it will be,helpful you didnt like that you dont,like that I want to be nice to the dude,that pulled a gun out on another dude to,keep me alive and more Android show,signs of deviancy there are millions in,circulation if they become unstable the,consequences will be disastrous,youre the most advanced prototype cyber,life is ever created if anyone can,figure out whats happening its you you,can count on me Amanda,hurry Connor theres little time,I mean yall made made these robots and,you gave them free will is kinda um,dont you think they eventually get,tired of getting beat on and [ __ ] I mean,if you dont want them to fight back,then why did you give them a bility to,fight I dont know I never understood,Im here to see lieutenant Anderson do,you have authorization yes I dont know,oh yeah yeah dude we can had him,lieutenant Anderson hasnt arrived yet,but you can wait at his desk bingo lets,go look for an attendant and yeah so,its like theyre theyre sitting youre,flipping out like you give these,androids like this advanced like,programming to like be companions and,and then you expect them theyre looking,for lieutenant I dont know got a snoop,through his stuff very touchy subject,Detroit today the Three Laws of Robotics,parenting family life has never been,easier human ones World War three,President Warren 33 hmm how do we take,care of robot babies family life has,never been easier when cyber life needs,to release their child range public were,skeptical purchasing a family hmm,customize remove led no hunger no,expensive childcare no new clothes,thats thats all the fun of having kids,though isnt feeding them,clothes smelly diapers perfect childs,only a click away all Andys beasts can,be suspended at the touch of a button,its childs play,okay so its like if you get sick of,them you can press a button and be like,yeah you shut your little child mouth,yeah dont this is not cool unemployment,at 37 7,500 for a child that avoids the,dreaded teenagers shelling out college,seems like a wise investment 350,000,over 17 years also doesnt have a,lifelong commitment but so the others,that these and really for your parents,that children a time when our birth,dates are already through Farlow but,then like whats you have this kid,forever and then youre like yeah Im,tired of this kid and you throw them out,and then they grow up and look I dont,care about this and you throw money and,then they just stayed the cheerin are,damaged thats a doughnut I touch it,lets see is this his raggedy desk,Anderson yes,excuse me do you know what time,lieutenant Anderson usually arrives,depends on where he was the night before,well lucky well see him before noon,Thanks all right,you got his little jeans on thats funny,all right lets go explore we got time,go see the deviant oh we can go see the,deviant where would the deviant be learn,about lieutenant Anderson explore his,desk lets lets lets explain about him,and then well go check on the DB okay,he does sound like the kind of guy who,would listen that gonna be Knights of,the Black Death dark heavy metal right,that sounds like lieutenant Anderson,[Music],I still avoid injury dont tell me how,to do my job we dont bleed the same,color anti Android slogans great,okay well thats always fun to learn,about your partner right hes a,basketball they make baseball hats okay,he likes basketball trick police,dismantle Network red eye Steelers oh,yeah look at that mr. Krabs must have,been busy dude is he dude,[Music],Howard Jimmys bar,he likes Donuts hes a cop so it makes,sense,and the coffee and I mean thats always,got a little like a little bonsai tree,thing right Im not even gonna try to,pronounce Oh Japanese maple the shishi,gashira showing it show him,shishi gashira best attempt I got hes,got some Fleetwood Mac tickets so you,listen the landslide on repeat hes got,a dog st. Bernard okay,now we saw the dog person right here,lets see multi department uniforms red,ice Network dismantle in 2028 well that,was nice to learn about good old Eugene,Krabs he was a decorated officer oh its,good to see you again lieutenant oh jeez,Hank in my office,well enter and listen or explore the,office lets enter and listen,Ive got 10 new cases involving androids,on my desk every day weve always had,isolated incidents old ladies losing,their Android mage and that kind of crap,but now were getting reports of,assaults and even homicide like that guy,last night this isnt just cyber lifes,problem anymore its now a criminal,investigation and weve got to deal with,it before the [ __ ] hits the fan already,I want you to investigate these cases,and see if theres any link why me why,do I got to be the one to deal with this,[ __ ] I am the least qualified cop in the,country to handle this case I know jack,[ __ ] about androids Jeffrey I can barely,change the settings on my own phone,everybodys overloaded I think youre,perfectly qualified for this type of,investigation [ __ ] the truth is,nobody wants to investigate these,[ __ ] androids and you let me home the,bag cyber life sent over this Android to,help with the investigation its a,state-of-the-art prototype itll act as,your partner no [ __ ] way I dont need,a partner and certainly not this plastic,prank Hank you are seriously starting to,piss me off you are a police lieutenant,you are supposed to do what I say and,such a goddamn mouth you know what my,goddamn mouth has to say to you okay,okay,Ill pretend like I didnt hear that so,I dont have to add any more pages to,your disciplinary folder cuz it already,looks like a [ __ ] novel this,conversation is over,Jeffrey Jesus Christ what are you doing,this to me you know how much I hate,these [ __ ] things why are you doing,this to me listen Ive had just about,enough of your [ __ ] either you do your,job or you hand in your badge now if,youll excuse me Ive got work to do,well Im very pleased to have joined the,team I can assure you Ill do my very,best door on your way out okay I guess,Ill leave now have a nice day captain,dick,well that seemed to have gone pretty,good check on Hank lets go check on,Hank,I get the impression my presence causes,you some inconvenience lieutenant Id,like you to know Im very sorry about,that hmm now that were partners it,would be great to get to know each other,better,I dont think that was the right thing,to say I was a little move,is there a desk anywhere I could use no,ones using that one cools right next,door to yours will youve liked buddies,we can high-five and stuff thats pretty,cool,lets go check on the deviant I think,that would be cool now the only problem,is we need to find out where

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