1. Hyundai | Blue Link | Enrollment Process
  2. How to Disable Windows 10 Login Password and Lock Screen
  3. MyHyundai with Bluelink® App | Bluelink® | Hyundai
  4. Ionic 5 App Navigation with Login, Guards & Tabs Area
  5. How to Bypass Google FRP lock on any Android phones
  6. How to Setup an Android VPN connection
  7. [iPad Only] Forgot Your iPad Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!
[Music],hello and congratulations for your new,Hyundai car I am your blue link mascot,and I will guide you through the,enrollment process of Hyundai blue link,service which offers you a host of,remote features for additional comfort,convenience and safety the enrollment,process has two distinct activities the,first activity is the in vehicle,enrollment procedure this will activate,the SOS voice recognition and vehicle,diagnosis features the second activity,is the smartphone app enrollment,procedure we will unleash the true,capability of the blue link with its,complete bouquet of numerous benefits,therefore I urge you to follow the,instructions in this video carefully and,enroll the blue link both in your,vehicle as well as your smartphone let,us begin with activity 1 the in vehicle,enrollment procedure first turn on the,vehicles ignition and make sure the,audio screen is also on now wait for 30,seconds and then press the SOS button on,the internal rearview mirror this would,pop up a notification on the audio,screen confirming whether you would want,to activate blue link or not press yes,this would open the home menu of the,infotainment screen on the home screen,look for the blue link icon and selected,to open the blue link menu select blue,link settings under the settings menu,select service activation this would,show blue links Terms & Conditions read,them carefully and check the agree box,select next to proceed blue links,privacy policy is now displayed please,take time to read it and if you agree to,all the clauses again check the agree,box followed by pressing the next tab to,move ahead the screen would now read a,message blue link activation successful,press ok to go to home and move on to,activity to the smartphone app enroll,and procedure we need to first download,the Hilda blue link app from Apple App,Store or Android Play Store the app is,available free of charge and can be,searched with typing blue link in the,search tab select the one which reads,Hyundai blue link in there and has the,logo as shown in the image and click on,install once installs open the app to,launch the home screen of the blue link,app which would then request for a few,permissions such as access to devices,location and media files in order to,utilize the full functionality of the,app please select allow in both the,cases the app will then request you to,sign in you can do so by either creating,a new account need to press create,account or you could opt for a social,login with a Google or Facebook account,here we chose to create account also,when logging in with a Google or,Facebook account you will only have to,enter the email or registered phone,number along with the accounts password,and then click Sign In to proceed if you,wish to login with a fresh account read,and accept the Terms & Conditions and,Privacy Policy and then click OK,continue by creating a new account by,entering a few personal details before,hitting the sign up button on the next,screen the app will prompt you to,register a phone number that you will,like to link with blue link enter the,desired phone number and request an OTP,authenticate your number by entering the,OTP received on your phone in the space,provided and click on next to continue,you are now successfully logged in to,blue link now set a four digit PIN which,will keep the vehicles secure while,performing the remote features the,screen that appears now will have your,login name and registered email address,on the top left along with two icons in,the center that read add my car and,request to share car click on add my car,read the terms and conditions and click,on I agree,read Privacy Policy and again click,I agree the next screen will attempt to,pair the phone with your new car make,sure that you have the phone close to,the car ignition is turned on and the,infotainment system is on – now enter,the 17 digit VIN or vehicle,identification number in the space,provided click on send verification code,to vehicle the tab that gets highlighted,117 alphabets or digits have been,entered the easiest way to find the VIN,is on the AV MT screen it can also be,found on vin details sticker pasted on,rear window quarter glass or open the,core driver or passenger side door and,look at the doorpost where the door,latches when it is closed the wind,details are also given in the,registration certificate as well as the,initial pages of the users manual the,cars infotainment system should now,display a six digit alphanumeric code,enter the six digit code in the blue,link app on your phone in the space,provided in the bottom half of the same,screen and click on add vehicle,congratulations you are now connected to,excitement with yunda as numerous,connected features activated on your new,car now go ahead and navigate connect,and discover with the push of a button,in case you are facing an issue with any,step of the enrollment process in the,car or on your phone please feel free to,get in touch with your nearest dealer or,call the dedicated blue link connect,center at one 800 mm to blue link at HMI,L dotnet and we will get back to you at,the earliest thank you for watching and,once again we welcome to the Hyun dice,family,[Music],[Music]

How to Disable Windows 10 Login Password and Lock Screen

[Music],hello everyone how are you doing,this is mdtech you have another quick,tutorial in todays video Im going to,show you guys how to log on to your,Windows computer without the need to,insert a password every time your,computer restarts so Im gonna put this,out there right away and Im gonna say,this tutorial is not going to show you,guys how to reset your password if,youre not able to remember your,password this is not the tutorial for,you I made the toriels like that in the,past I really want to stress that,because Im sure some people are still,gonna be confused about that even after,I give this disclaimer but I just think,its very important to make that point,so anyway so were gonna log in to our,computer here like we normally would,every time your computer turns on you,have to enter in your password,and now that youre locked into windows,you want to head over to star menu and,you want to type in user accounts and,best match its the add edit or remove,other people write both system settings,you want to left click on that,you,now you want a left click on the left,side where it says sign in options now,on the right side it says require sign,in if youve been away when should,windows require you to sign in again,when PC wakes up from sleep you want to,set it to never once youve done that,you can close out of the settings window,head back to start menu and now you want,to type in any t PL WI Z best match that,comes up you want to run that command by,left clicking one at one time and now,where it says users must enter a,username and password to use this,computer you want to uncheck this box,click on apply now youre gonna have to,insert your computer password to save,the change click on OK click on OK again,now when we restart our computer,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],and there you go guys we can see we are,automatically signing into Windows,without the need to manually insert a,password so I do hope this brief,tutorial wasnt able to help you guys,out and I hope you have great success of,it and as always thank you for watching,and I will catch you in the next,tutorial goodbye

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MyHyundai with Bluelink® App | Bluelink® | Hyundai

[Music],the available my hyundai with bluelink,app gives you the ability to control,many aspects and features of your,hyundai,to use it you must have a vehicle,equipped with blue link have an active,hyundai blue link account and have the,my hyundai with bluelink app installed,on your smartphone,once installed open the app and log in,to your bluelink account,the home screen of your vehicle will,show the fuel level and the approximate,range of the vehicle on that level of,fuel,select view vehicle status and you can,check on many vehicle states such as,whether the doors are locked the trunk,is closed fluid levels and other items,you can also choose to have the app,notify you when you leave your door,unlocked or windows open,swipe right on the screen,then select utilities,then my profile,then turn on notifications,[Music],the home screen offers many different,available commands,you can choose to show your vehicle,location on a map,you can also select flash horn and,lights to help you locate it from both,your smartphone and on the vehicles,home screen,you can remotely lock or unlock your,vehicle,you can start your vehicle and set,whether you want the climate control to,operate and at which temperature,[Music],you can also set how long you wish the,vehicle to run,set the front and rear defrosters to,operate,and set the seats to warm or cool if,available,if your vehicle has the valet mode,feature you can access information on it,on the app as well,see the valet mode video for more,information on this feature,you can access vehicle safeguard alerts,[Music],turn them on or off and adjust their,settings,these settings include speed alert,[Music],valet alert,curfew alert,[Music],and geofence alert,you should know that for remote start,using blue link to work the vehicle must,have been started using the ignition,within the last four days it must also,have all doors trunk and hood closed and,locked,and the vehicle must be in park,also you should not use remote start if,the vehicle is in an enclosed garage or,other small enclosed area,your owners manual contains more,information on the blue link system and,other features please be certain to read,it to learn more about them,for more helpful information on your,hyundai be sure to explore the how-to,guides on the hyundai usa youtube,channel and myhyundai.com,[Music],you

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Ionic 5 App Navigation with Login, Guards & Tabs Area

[Music],whats up simonix welcome back to a new,tutorial and this ones going to be,a bit longer i guess because i wanted to,give you an example an overview about,how to structure,a very common use case of an application,which means showing an introduction page,showing a login page potentially also a,sign up,and then moving into a tab area which,could also be,just a site menu area or anything else,but,just this whole example of the user flow,for,applications that require login and a,great startup so lets dive into this,um there are a few things and actually a,lot of code in this,full navigation template whatever you,want to call it,so grab the code also below the video,link to the full tutorial on devtektek,if you want to follow along perhaps,thats a great idea,so what you can do to start your,application is just,start an application based on the tips,template because i actually found that,by now the setup is fine so we will use,this and we can easily change this to,have a login and introduction page,before this,what we need as well is a little service,which will hold our authentication state,and also make hdp,requests to a little dummy api and of,course we need two,additional pages for the introduction,and login the inside area will stay,just like it is and then things get,interesting because were going to,generate three guards the first one will,protect our inside area the second one,will,show the introduction page automatically,and the third one will automatically,lock in users once they are,locked in in all of them uh implement,directly the right interface you can,specify this on the command line as well,so dash,implements can load uh in the past we,always use can activate but i learned,that can load is actually better,connective means,its a check if a route can be activated,and in the background actually the,module will be loaded so you can see,this from the network tab of your,browser,if you use the can load guard instead,the check will run and if the result is,false,the whole module of the page you want to,access isnt even loaded so,thats actually a better way since all,our pages are modules with ionic,lazy loaded modules and that works great,so we got a blank ionic tab application,right here maybe i could do this to the,side so we always see the difference,um i will experiment with this a bit,first of all lets go to our app module,and add,the http client module because were,going,to make an http request and thats what,we need so edit,to the imports of your page now we can,move,on to the app routing which is now um,well with the two new pages and the,empty pages going to the tabs so we want,to change this a bit,first of all lets say we start on,the login page and therefore i will add,a little redirect isnt this usually,always in here,strange but we want to make the empty,pad,redirect to log in and for the tabs we,instead,also want to use tabs um we can keep the,introduction page in here thats just,fine,and now we will also apply our,guards directly actually no,not can load it should be in like this,um hello okay great,um so the login page can usually load,all the time but,if we havent seen the introduction uh,we want to show,the introduction screen before so we,will keep it kind of out of the routing,but automatically display it if the user,hasnt seen it and we can use our,introduction guard for this its really,a great way,also in a mobile application imagine on,the user logged in,is using the application and somehow,kills the application if the user is now,restarting the app,he or she would be back on the login,screen so,what we can do now is add another guard,which is our auto login guard,to the login page which will check if,the user is already authenticated and,directly bring him,or her back into the application and you,can use multiple guards in can load no,problem,so taps holds all the information of the,inside area in our case,and therefore we want to protect it,using our authentication guard,just like this all the guards right now,that we generated simply return true,so we dont have any problems or we can,easily,work with them like it is now and once,we reload the application,um we are now finally on a login page,but before the login we actually want to,see the introduction,so lets move into our introduction,guard,and i will remove a bit so it becomes,actually,more clear we want to return an,observable i think thats right,and we also need to inject,private router here in the constructor,there we go all right um can load,should now check if we have seen the,introduction,um therefore we will use the um,can we just get rid of all of this we,will use the capacitor storage,uh because um i just wanted to use,capacitor and weve used ionic native,way too often already in the past so,lets simply import plugins and,destructure it to use,the storage engine which works a bit,different,um because its real not really storing,objects but only strings,um but anyway we can still check has,seen intro equals awaits,storage get and then,the notation is a bit different you put,it like this you want to check,for a specific key and i define this as,a const here because we will use this in,other places and we dont want to use,the string in different places so just,make stuff like this,a const export it and then import it in,the right places,because we use weight were going to,have to use as ink in here,and actually i just noticed that its a,promise not an observable,so this will give us back a value and,this value,has seen intro um actually,has another key inside called value,which is the real value,and as i said in the storage we will,only store strings,so normally this would be just a boolean,but in our case we really,need to check for true i feel kind of,dumb for doing this,but um thats just how ionic storage,works you can still,uh string if i json objects so json,stringify works totally fine,but we will store the string true which,is still,fine so if the user has already seen the,introduction and wants to navigate to,login we should return true because,it should be allowed in the other case,we want to return true because the user,shouldnt directly navigate to the login,but instead we will use,our very own router navigate by,url and we want to navigate to slash,introduction yeah and make sure you put,the brackets in the right places,now the problem with this approach is um,in some places or we will use this in,other places of the app as well,that on an android device you can easily,go back for example you log in youre,inside you press back your backup login,and you dont really want this,in the past you could use the navigation,controller which you can still use with,ionic to,set the root application on or the root,page,and you can basically achieve the same,result by,saying replace your el true for any,navigation that you use this will just,reset um,the navigation stack and replace the,whole url,so now if we try and open or refresh the,login page,we should actually be well looks like i,already got that,uh key so let me quickly remove this if,youre interested in this you can,actually find it within local storage,and capacitor intro scene so thats,added by capacitor i will just,uh delete this one i think,this is error all from other lets just,can we just,remove everything anyway lets keep it,like this,and now were finally on the,introduction page because,our authentication guard um took over,it has seen that we havent seen the,intro so the introduction is shown,great we got that logic in place so,lets move on to the introduction page,and i think if im going at this pace uh,it will be like an hour video so,ill bring in some code uh once again,check out link below the video so you,can easily,follow along in a bit better way,for our introduction page we want to,implement two functions we want to have,a function to go to a next slide because,sometimes you want to have buttons on,that page to manually control,an ionic slide which is a great,um no ion slides actua

How to Bypass Google FRP lock on any Android phones

[Music],hey whats up guys its Kasia and in,this video I will show you how you can,bypass Google FRP lock on any Android,phone basically what I am gonna show you,is when you have sign in with your,Google Account on your Android phone and,when you reset your phone or tablet,after resetting complete it will ask you,to sign in with the same Google account,which you have signed in before lets,assume you have forgotten your email ID,and password and you dont know anything,for whatever reason then what will you,do so guys I am going to help you lets,begin,so my friends as you can see when I,start the device it asks for the,language Wi-Fi connection and ask me to,log in with a Google account previously,sync with the device this security,feature is a part of android 5.1,lollipop now first of all connect to the,Wi-Fi network but before entering the,password make sure you have chosen the,Google keyboard layout if you dont know,how to do that in your present keyboard,tap and hold spacebar button and then,you can choose the Google keyboard,easily connect the phone by i Wi-Fi,[Music],now go into the signing page and tap on,the black bar after tapping keyboard,will appear tap and hold the add the red,button which is present in the keyboard,after pressing you will see the setting,icon click on that and then you will see,the Google keyboard settings click on,the 3 dots which are present on the top,right hand side click on help and,feedback click on this tab and select,anything which you want you can choose,any world,[Music],after selecting click on web search and,then just open it via google app and you,will see search result now search for,the settings and you will see system,setting icon just hit that icon and you,will get into that now head over to,backup and reset option and click on,factory data reset just click on erase,everything and it will start the,resetting your phone this process will,take five to ten minutes aprox,[Music],after that you will again see the,welcome page and yes this time you will,not see any error just escape all the,things,[Music],and yes guys we have bypassed the Google,FRP lock so thats been it if you like,my work definitely click on like button,and share this video click on red,subscribe button to watch more awesome,video like these and thank you for,watching I will catch you in the next,one,[Music]

How to Setup an Android VPN connection

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and,I wanted to show you how to set up a VPN,or virtual private network on your,Android phone now a lot of people need,to use a VPN for work and what that does,is allows you to create a secure,connection between your phone and the,companys internet or intranet and it,allows them to transfer secure data and,not allow anyone else to see it you also,may want to use this if youre on public,Wi-Fi you want to use a secure VPN,connection and theres a couple other,reasons youd want to use it as well but,I wanted to show you how to simply,connect it to a VPN using Android now,this is stock Android this is a nexus 6p,in frost white this particular one and,this will be basically a general idea on,how to actually connect your phone so,let me go ahead and unlock it here,and what you need to do is go to your,menu up here at the top once youre in,your menu now again if you dont have a,nexus or something running stock Android,this is a Android marshmallow Android,6.0 youll need to actually figure out,where this is located but in this case,its for me its under more near the,Wi-Fi Bluetooth data usage so well hit,more and then youll see theres VPN now,the catch is youll need a VPN server,theres a lot of places you can actually,pay for them monthly theres apps you,can use also that will set this up so,this is a general set up if youre using,Cisco anyconnect they have a separate,app that you usually use instead of,doing it this way,so lets go ahead and add one and we,just hit the plus here and we can name,it whatever we want well just call it,my VPN and then you have the type of,server it is theres different various,levels of security depending on which,one you use but PPTP is pretty common so,well just use that for this,demonstration now all I did was find a,server online thats free I dont know,if its secure or not but I just wanted,to use it for a demonstration to show,you how it works so I dont know that,you necessarily want to trust this one I,dont I dont know the company or Im,not familiar with them just wanted to,show you how this works so go ahead and,put in an actual server name here so,well do that now that we have the,server name inputted well go,hit save and it should save the VPN now,if we want to connect to the VPN we have,a couple different options we have,always always on VPN but right now we,just want to tap on the VPN and it will,ask us for our username and password so,lets go ahead and put that in once you,have your username and password in place,just go ahead and save the information,if you want to or dont if you dont,want to keep it insecure that way go,ahead and hit connect and it will,connect and its connected now you can,see theres a key in the upper right,hand corner here and that lets you know,let it focus there what let let you know,that its actually connected through a,VPN now that you have the VPN connected,what we want to do is try and go to the,Internet and well actually use that,connection to do that so well go ahead,and go to my website and now were using,the VPN to use the information to go to,that website just keeps your phone more,secure especially on a wireless network,thats public and available to a lot of,people otherwise I dont know that youd,need to use it if youre at home but if,you have workplaces or things that use,it be sure to check it out there and use,it while youre in public domain,especially if you have sensitive,information the last thing you want to,know how to do is actually disconnect,your VPN so again go up here to the top,go back to where you were and again go,to VPN it says connected we can,disconnect and it shows different,information how many packets were sent,and received lets go ahead and hit,disconnect so thats pretty much it,pretty simple and that hopefully will,help you if you need to secure your,phone through a VPN or for work or,whatever reason so if you have any other,questions comments suggestions let us,know in the comments below if you,havent subscribed already please,subscribe and like as always thanks for,watching this is Aaron Ill see you next,time

[iPad Only] Forgot Your iPad Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!

hows it going everybody Im Daniel,youre watching then about tech it,should be decided to make a video on how,to remove a forgotten passcode,specifically for iPads this video is I,bet exclusive ok if have an iPhone Im,gonna have a link in the description so,you guys can check it out the,interesting thing is in this video Im,gonna show you guys how to remove your,passcode of every single iPad model,running any iOS version if you have an,iPad and if you have a problem with the,passcode this video is gonna cover it,and the cool thing is that its just one,method for every single iPad so dont,worry about that its very easy and Im,just gonna show you guys so lets go,ahead and get started so lets say you,forgot your passcode your iPad is,disabled theres no way you can access,it you just cant remember the passcode,Im just gonna show you guys how to,remove this annoying thing and gain,access to your iPad again so as I,mentioned this method works with any,iPad available this is an iPad 2 this is,an iPad air this is an iPad 1 it even,works with iPad pros iPad minis anything,okay the only iPad it doesnt work is,the newest just released iPad pro with,no home button okay Ill have a video on,that as soon as I get my hands on it but,if your iPad has a home button which is,pretty much all iPads available right,now so has a home button right here I,has a home button right here doesnt,matter if its a normal home button or a,touch ID home button the one you put,your fingerprint to unlock it doesnt,matter has a home button this method,works and its as I mentioned for pretty,much all iPads available right now so,your iPad is disabled now its just back,Im just gonna make it disabled again,okay put in a random passcode and now it,is able for five minutes okay thats,good so what were gonna do is were,gonna need a computer okay and a cable,thats pretty much what we are going to,need keep in mind that this process is,only if this is your iPad please dont,use it for stolen iPads,theres not a purpose of this video okay,one last very important thing before we,continue this process will erase all,your information on your iPad okay so,you will lose all data on your iPad,after this process is completed but you,can recover it from iTunes you can,recover from iCloud you can recover from,a backup so dont worry about that okay,you can recover from any backup either,iTunes or iCloud backup dont worry but,thats the only way to regain access to,your device is by erasing it okay so you,can only remove the passcode by erasing,it okay so keep in mind that so we have,our computer here as I mentioned youre,gonna need to open iTunes if you dont,have iTunes please go ahead and download,it its free okay so just download,iTunes and open it up alright and as I,mention you need your cable so just put,your normal USB cable that comes with,your iPad okay plug it to your computer,and then plug it to your iPad Im using,this old iPad jus just for convenience,reasons because as I mentioned Im gonna,need to erase it okay so now that the,iPad is plugged in okay and the iPad is,disabled but dont worry if your iPad,isnt disabled you just forgot your,passcode dont worry just follow this,process it is exactly the same thing so,youre gonna need to hold the power,button right here and hold the home,button at the same time okay,so home and power at the same time keep,holding both of them keep in mind that,this process will work with any iPad,with running any iOS version so if you,have an iPad with the home button do,this process please it will work so Im,still holding as you guys can see the,Apple logo just showed up and Im still,holding the power button with my left,hand at the top and the power button,with my right hand at the bottom Im,just gonna keep holding in as you guys,can see my iPad now is in restore mode,okay,thats the restored mode screen and Im,just gonna leave it to the side,and my computer everything is gonna,happen with the computer now and as you,guys can see there is a problem with,iPad iPad that requires it to be updated,or restored what we need to do is,restore okay dont hit update hit,restore so this process will update you,to the latest version and restore so,restore an update okay which means that,it will erase everything on this iPad,okay and then when we come back itll be,as if its brand new in our iTunes is,automatically downloading iOS nine point,three point five which is the latest,version for my old iPad tube so you can,just click here and youll see iPad,software update its gonna take three,minutes to finish depending on your,internet speed it may take a little bit,longer or a lot longer okay but please,be patient because we will need to,download this in order to finish up our,process of removing the passcode okay so,the iPad software update downloaded was,finished and now we are extracting the,software keep in mind that you dont,have to touch the iPad or anything like,that just let iTunes do its thing now we,are waiting for iPad and my iPad,automatically rebooted okay so now we,are waiting for iPad and we have this,progress bar right here okay I dont,know if you guys can see that because,its very dim in his earth right here,but theres a progress bar right there,in were just gonna wait for it to load,okay so now weve got the restore iPad,software message and in your iPad right,here weve got the Apple logo and the,status bar finally starting to move okay,so keep in mind that this process,sometimes takes one or two or three,times times to work okay maybe youve,got an error message here or on your,iPad but dont worry about it just,follow the process again do the same top,button and bottom button keep holding,them until you see their store screen,with the iTunes,the cable at the bottom okay so if it,takes one two three or four tight tries,dont worry it is normal now were,almost were seeing with very fine knife,edge software very fine I can restore,and then youre almost done okay now,iTunes has automatically come back to my,normal music screen which means that the,process with iTunes has finished and now,well have another process right here,with our iPad and other status bar right,there and then you just have to be,patient and wait okay so this status bar,is almost done here please make sure to,try not to touch your devices throughout,the process okay your computer your iPad,no less is extremely necessary because,maybe your table is a little bit old or,something like that and maybe because of,this you will have problems okay so as,you guys can see my iPad is alive Im,just gonna go ahead and set it up real,quick so you guys can see that,everything is back to normal,so right here Im choosing my backup as,it as you can see so I dont lose,anything I just chose a backup for my,ten days ago so its pretty updated is,all I need and now is restoring from,iCloud and thats the screen we all want,to see so welcome to iPad get started,and were good to go so my iPad is right,here everything is back to normal with,all my apps yep so if this video saved,your life please make sure to hit the,like button down here also click on my,face right here to automatically,subscribe to my channel and click on,this video right here Im pretty sure,youre gonna love so thats pretty much,it I see you guys next week bye bye

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