1. Setting up your Myhumana and Humana pharmacy on phone or computer or tablet
  2. 2023 Humana Medicare English
  3. Part IV: Connecture PlanCompare – Completing An Enrollment
  4. Got Medicare? Here’s How to Get Your Health Picture
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Setting up your Myhumana and Humana pharmacy on phone or computer or tablet

okay guys real quick this is for all my,humana clients you guys have probably,all got your cards by now,and youre probably wondering that,whats next so whats next is guys this,is going to be a lifesaver for you,to make sure that humanas not over,billing you to make sure you can just,click and order over the counter stuff,theres a lot of other benefits that you,get that youre not aware of and you,cant really,get to them unless you create an account,so for all you folks that have a,smartphone,which is a iphone,or a um,android,youre just gonna go to uh your app,store now you can either go to your,iphone,or you can go to your your android if,you go to your iphone youre going to go,to your app store im going to send you,all this information in a text as well,as an email but where it says apple app,store ill send that link to you most of,you know where to go or if you have an,android youre just going to do the,google play youre going to click on,that,the first thing youre going to do when,i send you this email or text,youre going to create your human,account and what youre going to do,is youre going to click on human,account registration page and its going,to take you right here it says step one,member information,so they got to confirm you as a member,real simple you could either put in your,humana,member,id or,you can also put in your medicare number,so lets just go with the humana id,all right and,thats the number that starts right here,where the h starts with the h its on,the front of your card and all youre,going to do is type that where it says,enter number youre going to just type,that in,and just to save some time im going to,do one right now one of my clients,and were going to put their,id number in all right so theres the id,number we put it in ive already this is,an old client thats not active anymore,so it doesnt matter,all right date of birth you got to put,your date of birth in so put your date,of birth in,and it makes you type type it in so 09,1952 so boom what do we do we put our,member id thats on the front of our,humana card in,you could also use your medicare id,number like i said right here medicare,id,we put in our date of birth and we put,in our zip code and then we hit continue,the zip code wrong the douglas zip code,is three one five three three so,just make sure you answer those,questions you click continue yay its,loading,all right so then after that youre just,going to put either your email or,somebodys email you got to have an,email,if you want you can just put mine may,river medicare if you dont have one use,mine and ill ill help you out,all right now you got to create a,username so,i usually just put first name,and then ill just put the year i was,born,that way you can remember it write it,down maybe put it in your phone,and then,i always use my daughters name for a,password you might want to use this son,or daughters name with a number,and they give you you know if it doesnt,take itll tell you why,all right,can be okay so i think were all set,here were good there must be 60,characters does not contain spaces oh,lowercase only so with your username,its got to be lowercase only all right,so thats it with a username do not,capitalize anything,password it doesnt matter you can,capitalize its got to be 8 to 15,characters,must be different from your id must be,different from your username all right,so we cant have,the the password is the same as a,username,and then theyre going to ask you for a,special childhood i always put childhood,nickname,and i just put,your regular name and you just confirm,that answer,and,youre good to go watch this boom we,continue,oh username is already taken okay,so,lets just do a different one,so since margaret is pretty common lets,do,lets do lets try,middle name all right,uh,so sometimes you might have to play,around with the usernames oh i,capitalized it so,all right and then lets try it again,so if someones already has the username,that you type in theyre gonna make you,do it over again so maybe try something,a little bit not so generic,all right what was your childhood,nickname,and hopefully this will work,all right great so here we go so were,in,uh,and then all we got to do,is go to the dashboard now let me show,you what you can do once youre in,a lot of cool things you can do,all right,and then it says uh its gonna make you,so youre so what i would do is i would,hit text so you get a text but im gonna,do email,because theyre going to ask theyre,going to send you a code to make sure,that youre really you,and then you got to type that code in,send confirmation code i would just have,a text to your cell phone,um easiest way to get it and then you,got to retrieve that code,by going to either your text messages or,your or your email,and theyre going to send you a little,number all right were going to there we,go,so they just sent me an email with a,code,just to verify,oops,just to verify,who i am that im i am who i say i am,so lets see here,again,all right so were going to enter the,code,were going to submit it,so,were going to put the code in,and then were going to hit submit code,all right great we did it email verified,so once you just spit that code that,they text you or email you back out,youre simply going to go to the,dashboard,and now let me show you what you can do,when youre in so this is your own,personal my humana account all right,here you go so,what can you do well lets look lets go,to pharmacy,you can you can look up the price of,your drugs okay,you can track your medications,all right so i know this is a,brand name drug so good shes got extra,help so shes only paying 9.85 for,brands 3.95,all right thats good now what we can,also do,is we can look at the coverage your,benefits all that good stuff documents,forms,my health theres preventative care,think about surgery,telehealth is great if youre sick and,you cant go to the doctors in person,this shows you how you can just call up,and get prescriptions,or get uh if you have a cold or,allergies or upper respiratory infection,stuff like that or maybe skin and eye,problems,this tells you all about how to just,call that number and not have to go to,the dentist all right,now the very last thing you want to do,is,once you log into myhumana,if you have a cell phone type in uh,humana pharmacy and then we can um,we can do the final step here,humana pharmacy so what are we going to,do here were going to use the same,password,all right,and username to log in to your my,pharmacy,okay,so you put your username in again,you put your password in,and boom now you got now you got your my,humana and you also got your my pharmacy,what i the reason why i want to hear,is because check this out what you can,do,you can look at your over-the-counter,all right you can,shop the store,you can start clicking on stuff and you,can start ordering things,and all that will come straight to your,house all right come straight to your,house so if youre clicking on shop otc,all right you can start ordering things,you just type in the three-digit code,collect how many you want,add to cart,you guys get the picture all right,you can even um,if you need diabetic supplies,you can uh you can start clicking on,that kind of stuff too glucose monitor,things of that nature you can get um,so but if you have diabetes theres,another way to get those too so anyway,play around look on here look at the,things you can actually get all your uh,all your humana generics sent to your,house for free,all right so you can just do all that if,you have any problems you just can call,the humana um number call the 800 number,on the back your card,all right but theres all kinds of,things so first log into the my humana,and then you can use the same username,and password to log into the pharmacy,and thats where you can start ordering,your over-the-counter stuff all right,quick order form,just type in what you need done what you,need to send to your house,and thats it guys you have a great day,all right b

2023 Humana Medicare English

hello and thank you for taking the time,to view our presentation which will,cover the Humana group Medicare employer,plan for 2023 open enrollment Humana has,been dedicated to communities across the,country for over 30 years and we look,forward to serving you,today we will discuss Medicare your plan,enrollment your care and extra benefits,and resources,Medicare how does Medicare work and how,is it different from Medicare Advantage,Medicare is broken up into part part A,and B make up original Medicare this is,the basic Medicare that everyone,eligible can receive it is your hospital,and medical insurance,oftentimes people choose to add on,additional coverage in order to receive,coverage for things that Medicare does,not cover,you have two options to help supplement,your original Medicare coverage,prescription drug Part D plan that helps,pay for your prescription medication and,a Medicare Supplement Plan which helps,pay for some out-of-pocket medical costs,that arent paid through original,Medicare the key is that part B in,Medicare supplement plans are through,private insurance companies like Humana,not the federal government that being,said with original Medicare you could,end up having one card for parts A and B,one card for Part D and one card for,Medicare supplement you could also have,three different claims pairs as well as,three different places to call with,questions,on the other side you have Medicare,Advantage which is part C Medicare,Advantage combines part A Part B and,Part D in one plan administered through,a private insurance company like Humana,everything covered under original,Medicare is also covered under Medicare,Advantage and with this Medicare,Advantage plan you have the ease of one,card and one place to call with,questions,your plan what is my plan and how does,it work for me,this is a health maintenance,organization plan also known as an HMO,within this plan a primary care provider,arranges your health care within the,plans Network,with this plan you have no co-payment,for certain preventive care you have an,out-of-pocket maximum and you have,worldwide emergency coverage you are,required to stay within humanas Network,except for emergencies,urgently needed services or out of area,dialysis,this slide has broken up hospital care,and non-hospital care so you can see,what you will pay for each item it has a,zero dollar annual deductible and a one,thousand dollar annual maximum out of,pocket the annual maximum out of pocket,is the absolute most that you will pay,for your medical expenses within the,plan year if you do reach the annual,maximum all of your remaining medically,necessary expenses are covered by Humana,at 100 percent,other benefits include Hearing Services,Vision Services Chiropractic acupuncture,and podiatrying and beginning in January,of 2023 Dental will also be a covered,benefit,Part D is for your prescription drug,coverage which is also covered in this,plan,this plan covers every drug that is,covered through Medicare,the way Part D works is that the drugs,are broken out into categories or tiers,the tiers range from generic preferred,non-preferred and Specialty you will pay,different amounts for your drugs,depending on what tier they fall into,whether you choose to go with standard,retail or mail order pharmacy and,whether you get a 30-day or a 90-day,Supply,common medications that fall into each,tier are listed along the right side,with this plan you have access to,network mail delivery pharmacies,including Center Well Pharmacy,with centerwell you can depend on,accuracy and safety convenience and,reminders through email text or phone to,learn more visit centerwellpharmacy.com,or call 888-538-3518,enrollment what do I do next what do I,have to do to enroll in this plan,to enroll in this plan log in to people,first at,www.peoplefirst.myflorida.com or call,peoplefirst at 1-866-663-4735,your care what to expect after you,enroll,after you enroll you will first receive,an enrollment confirmation letter this,letter confirms that the centers for,Medicare and Medicaid services has,confirmed your enrollment next,approximately two weeks after youre,enrolled you will receive your Humana,member ID card this card will be for,both your medical and your Pharmacy,for your red white and blue Medicare,card we suggest that you keep that,somewhere at home in a safe place for,your records from then on you will only,give your providers and your Pharmacy,your Humana member ID card,then you will receive an Evidence of,coverage booklet,this will include your health plan,coverage and privacy notice,next youll receive an invitation to,take your Medicare health assessment,this is optional but CMS requires Humana,to ask new members to complete a health,survey within their first few months of,enrollment instructions on how to,complete the survey are included in the,booklet mailed to you,and lastly you will also be invited to,participate in an in-home health and,well-being assessment this is also,optional,the in-home well-being assessment is a,yearly detailed Health review conducted,in the comfort of your home it provides,an extra set of eyes and ears for your,doctor so you can feel more in control,of your health and well-being you may,receive a call from one of our in-home,Wellness assessment vendors dignify,health or Matrix Medical Network to,schedule your assessment,once you remember you can stay connected,with Humana through the My Humana mobile,app or the My Humana site with both the,app and the site you can review your,plan benefits and claims find pharmacies,and providers in the network compare,drug prices view or print your Humana,member ID card and select your,communication preferences,having a relationship with a primary,care provider is an important step in,managing your health,your PCP can get to know your overall,health history you can build a trusting,long-term relationship with them they,can provide referrals to see other,providers and they can help take care of,you when youre sick and maintain your,health with preventive care,to find and network providers and,pharmacies or to find out if your,current providers are already in the,Humana Network you can go to humana.com,and use our find a doctor tool you would,type in your zip code and for coverage,type choose Medicare then you can search,by name specialty and location,the month after youve had a claim,process through Humana you will receive,a smart summary statement in the mail,smart summary provides a comprehensive,overview of your health benefits and,Health Care spending you can also sign,in to myhimana to see your smart summary,statements anytime and choose to go,green and receive your smart summary,statements electronically,silver sneakers is a total health and,physical activity program included in,your plan at no extra cost you can,participate by joining any of their,thousands of Nationwide Network gyms you,can also participate by doing their,exercise videos available on,silversneakers.com and you can also,start workout programs tailored to your,level with the silver sneakers Go app,go through 65 by Humana is your wellness,program that rewards you for completing,eligible activities that help you make,healthy choices this is another program,that is included in the plan at no extra,cost to you,eligible healthy activities include,things such as your preventive visits,like your annual Wellness visit,another eligible healthy activity is,your physical activity such as taking a,silver sneakers class or walking at,least 500 steps in a day and lastly your,social activities are also eligible,rewarding activities something such as,volunteering or even just having a video,chat with the grandkids can also earn,you go through 65 dollars now what do,you do with those dollars you can go on,to myhumana.com or go directly to,go365.com to access the go365 mall you,can redeem your dollars for various gift,cards,another feature of go365 is Health,coaching this is available to all Humana,group Medicare

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Part IV: Connecture PlanCompare – Completing An Enrollment

my name is Ashlyn Sanders director of,customer engagement and I want to share,with you how Medicare sales can be made,easy through Medicare by Savoy the,connector platform is a web-based portal,that allows brokers just like you to,transition from the time-consuming paper,intensive manual enrollment process to a,user-friendly one-stop shop for tracking,leads obtaining competitive plan quotes,and conducting electronic plan,enrollments into some of the most,popular Medicare Advantage Medicare,supplement and prescription drug plans,around and did we mention that all of,these capabilities are available and no,cost to you now that you know what,connect sure is lets show you what our,platform can do,now that your client has had the chance,to review plan options hes decided to,move forward with enrolling into the,Humana plan we are so close to the,finish line and have you noticed that we,havent had to generate a single piece,of paper its a modern-day miracle prior,to completing this enrollment we went to,ensure that our client has all of the,relevant carrier information to confirm,his new Medicare prescription drug plan,by selecting cin quote youll have the,option to email your client important,information such as the summary of,benefits and the evidence of coverage,available in both English and Spanish,theyre selecting the plan documents,that you elect your client to receive,simply select quick quote your,well then receive a new email detailing,the plan selection and cover benefits,allowing him to be well informed and,confident in his enrollment,now lets get this enrollment done,select the enrollment button,once selected connection will confirm,the plan and carrier that youre,enrolling into and advise you that,youre being seamlessly redirected to,that carriers enrollment form,you,once you arrive at the carriers,enrollment form the carrier name will be,displayed the unique plan name that,youre enrolling your client into will,be displayed the monthly premium,associated with that plan as well as the,plan ID will all sit at the top of your,enrollment form to serve as a final,confirmation prior to enrolling your,client as you begin completing the,enrollment form youll notice that the,information entered on your clients,profile within the connector application,has been pre-populated for you saving,you precious time and keystrokes youll,need to complete all of the required,fields as determined by the carrier in,order to progress to the next page of,the application select continue,youll now enter your clients Medicare,information the type of enrollment,period for your client,your client selection on how theyll pay,their planned premium as well as if,therell be any coordination of benefits,or other coverage during this time and,most importantly please note that your,agent ID for each carrier that you have,an active contract with will be loaded,into connect sure on the day you,register for access with us this allows,for each enrollment form to populate the,appropriate agent ID in order to credit,the sale to your book of business you no,longer have to memorize or write down,your various agent IDs for each carrier,connect sure will do the work for you,youll indicate your policies effective,date for your client the preferred,language and any additional special,requests and select continue,youll have the opportunity to review,your enrollment application prior to,submitting and once you have submitted,your application youll receive an,immediate confirmation number that you,can provide your client with,you,after you validated that the information,is correct and received your client,signature youll select complete review,youre almost at the finish line each,carrier will have required legal,information that you need to share with,your client prior to submitting the,application for enrollment,once youve provided your client with,this verbage you can then select submit,enrollment once the application is,submitted your clients profile will be,automatically updated to reflect the,sale and to store the confirmation,number for you congratulations youve,taken your client through the end to end,sales journey all without visiting,multiple carrier websites or carrying,around bulky enrollment kits we hope,weve convinced you that connector is,the perfect platform to help you grow,your Medicare business and wed love to,help you get started today,excited by what youve seen so far have,additional questions for us were ready,to speak with you and help you to become,a registered user of the connector,platform all you need to do is contact,Collin schaeffler director of consumer,and senior markets via phone at 9:08 two,four six eight five six one or you can,send an email to Collin schaeffler at,Savoy associates.com,that CEO Li n s CH e I FL er s Savoy,associates comm now is the time to,expand your Medicare revenue potential,through technological efficiencies and,Medicare by savoie is here to support,you call us today

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Got Medicare? Here’s How to Get Your Health Picture

harris all right here we are,good afternoon and it is good afternoon,on the east coast uh a little frigid,here,um im waiting for some the the cyclone,bomb i think is happening so well see,what happens,over the weekend,um,we took a little bit of a holiday hiatus,um,and were happy to be back and i am so,excited about our guest today um,what most of us may not know is that,there are forces that are beginning to,allow,uh information that we havent as as,regular people,we havent had access to,um,and,there theres been some legislation that,is,mandating that insurance companies are,going to have to share their information,um with,you know their customers so that they,they can see their tests and their,medical records and have an easy digital,access to it,um our guest today is going,to tell us,about a product that theyve been,putting together,that is,sort of a first step,um theres other health exchanges that,are happening,so were also going to talk a little bit,about that but,these are tools that will continue to,help,us as patients and as customers,have a better understanding of what is,happening and its all you know we keep,talking about data,um on our facebook lives so,um this is just another step another,source of data that is going to help us,be,um,to have more information that,works for us so im going to turn it,over to,uh my partner in crime joyce griggs of,the united states of healthcare and she,will introduce our guest today,thanks thanks tracy and as tracy said at,journal my health the united states of,healthcare were dedicated to helping,you with tips tools and resources that,you can better manage your health and be,a better advocate for yourself and were,so delighted to introduce uh kerala,endicott from uh health data analytics,institute theyre the creators of,healthpicture which is this very easy to,use app that gives us a very powerful,tool and you dont even have to,you dont even have to input any data to,get access to data and thats what i,think is so cool about it and carol,were so delighted to to have you here,today can you just maybe start out by,telling us a little bit about health,data analytics institute and what you,know what was the inspiration for,healthpicture,sure no that sounds great i i joyce it,was such a pleasure to meet with you and,i think what youre doing is just so,important so um im just very excited to,be able to support uh to support that,work and and hopefully some of the the,the folks who join and listen and and,you will will be able to get some help,um in what can be a very difficult uh,moment often when you know youre trying,to coordinate a lot of care a lot of,data and bring it all together in one,place so thank you so much for the,invitation uh to both tracy and joyce,so health data analytics institute is a,um a predictive analytics company we,largely work with healthcare,organizations like hospitals health,systems,accountable care organizations,to help,find ways to improve the delivery and,outcomes of the care theyre delivering,and we do that,partly by doing what were doing with,health picture which is taking massive,amounts of data and organizing it into,care profiles for clinicians who are,very busy,and,have a lot of data that they also are,trying to work through and weve all,read about burnout you know its just a,a a really,challenging,time for clinicians whether its doctors,nurses care managers,care supporters,and to provide that information when and,where they need it in a way that helps,them with their clinical decision making,its still their judgment their,expertise their intuition but having a,quick and easy way to look at that is,something that were very focused on,providing,to directly to hospitals and working,with those organizations,but what happened in march 2020 as we,all remember so well is that coveted hit,and uh the partners who we,who we are working with became obviously,very busy,and uh and so we said you know what can,we do to support those,seniors in particular who are um now,more isolated than ever from their loved,ones and even from their caregivers,um,and how do we what what can we,contribute,to uh to the to the sort to helping,people in those situations during a,pandemic and so we looked at both the,data that we have access to the kind of,work that were doing on curating and,and sort of digging through using tools,to look at large amounts of data,and,and we realized that we actually could,create an application that would help,medicare,seniors in particular starting with the,fee for service population,partly because as you mentioned i think,tracy i think you mentioned it you know,there are new tools and new um new,avenues available,to uh to get the data out of medicare,into a usable form um that maybe you,know it builds on mymedicare.gov but,trying to make it a little easier to use,and so um thats why we sort of pivoted,over for that period uh to really create,this tool kind of out of nothing um and,and um and thats kind of the genesis of,it i can go into more details but ill,ill stop there,thats great,its really great,um,so,can you give us a little bit more um,understanding of what health picture is,um,yeah so health picture is its a free,application available on the web,and um and we can im going to do a,little screen share a bit later but you,can jump in through healthpicture.com,its that simple,um we we are currently serving medicare,fee for service,anyone whos on original medicare so,some so so not the uh medicare advantage,plans except for humana,and um and we did add on humana members,and you can get to it from the,myhumana.com portal also and well be,expanding this but this is the this is,the amazing this is where government,mandates do work,because when um when they said look,theres this beautiful amount of,information available to medicare,subscribers but we are having trouble,packaging it and delivering it when and,where they need it um lets lets allow,vendors to do that in a way that we,cant do,now all of this drives out of a very,very tightly managed authentication,process,so uh so there so the the areas of,security and privacy are are not,compromised in this process because this,is where the government thought really,hard about okay,theres a lot of sensitive information,in there how do we make it usable and,available to seniors in a way that is,secure,so they created blue button data feed,and and thats thats the feed that we,use to feed blue to feed health picture,and basically it what its what it does,is it takes,every single medicare claim and its now,i think almost up to eight years of it,um and it allows an auth somebody who,authorized um their an app and in this,case were talking about health picture,there are other apps that are authorized,by blue button so we we became,authorized by blue button,they tested us they put us through the,ringer they we have to give them updates,when we do updates to the application,so we were an approved uh blue button,user and bluebottom.com.gov,actually shows all of the different,applications so as i said there are,others also,and so what a medicare senior can do is,they can authorize us to be,linked to their blue button account,through mymedicare.gov,and then we get this beautiful,information,but instead of putting it in the big,pile and hoping someone can dig through,it we organize it we put all the visits,together we take the medications for,those people who have part d coverage,and we show that,all of the medications they filled every,single fill,we show the,conditions that anyone has diagnosed,them with whether it was the physician,in florida who saw them in an emergency,department the physician their pcp up in,maine,the doctor in the urgent care clinic in,california so those,all of those,claims that come through medicare are,fed,through blue button for that patient,put into a nice neat package and then,provided whenever they need it and,updated weekly,right,i mean yeah,joyce did you want to say,i was just saying wow i mean so,essent

FULL DEMO – Connecture PlanCompare

my name is ashlyn sanders director of,customer engagement,and i want to share with you how,medicare sales can be made easy,through medicare by savoy whether youre,an experienced medicare broker,looking for a more efficient way to sell,or a group broker,interested in protecting your book of,business through the inclusion of,medicare sales,savoy associates has your back and were,here to help you navigate through the,medicare enrollment process,we are committed to equipping our broker,partners with the resources necessary,to not only service and maintain your,existing book of business,but also to expand your medicare revenue,potential,through innovative and efficient,technology,so what is this new innovative,technology im glad you asked,that would be the connection platform,the connecture platform is a web-based,portal,that allows brokers just like you to,transition from the time-consuming,paper-intensive manual enrollment,process,to a user-friendly one-stop shop for,tracking leads,obtaining competitive plan quotes and,conducting electronic plan enrollments,into some of the most popular medicare,advantage medicare supplement,and prescription drug plans around and,did we mention,that all of these capabilities are,available at no cost to you,now that you know what connection is,lets show you what our platform can do,excited about the potential so are we,lets get started,now that you know what connector is,lets show you what our platform can do,with connecture being a web-based,platform its extremely simple for you,to access from your laptop,smartphone ipad or tablet we recommend,that you,favorite or bookmark the web address for,easy access in the future,once you arrive on the website youll be,greeted by our medicare bus avoid logo,just to let you know that youre in the,right place to the right of the screen,youll see the fields for your username,and password,if you ever forget your password no,worries you can simply select the forgot,password option,and a reset link will be sent to your,email address on file,your username will be uniquely assigned,based on your national producer number,or your npn your password will be the,password of your choosing,once you enter your username and,password youll be able to access,the full functionality of connecture by,simply selecting,login,upon logging in youll be greeted by,several options,however the start consultation,functionality,is where a broker would begin the sales,journey of turning a client lead,into a potential plan enrollment so,lets begin there,once you select start consultation,youll be presented with a screen,in order to create a end-to-end client,profile,and unlike medicare.gov connecture,allows you to store your clients,information for future reference,meaning once you enter your clients,drug list youll never have the burden,of gathering or entering that,information ever again,connection stores the demographic drug,and scope of appointment information,all in one place just to make your life,a little easier,once youve entered your clients first,name last name,date of birth and zip code those are the,only four fields required to create a,customer,profile however we strongly recommend,that you enter,all of the information that you have on,hand for your client,just for tracking purposes especially an,email address,as you can see here weve entered an,email address from mr michael medicare,because connection utilizes the email to,make communication with your client,as easy as possible so when youre ready,to send plan quotes which we will,discuss later,or a scope of appointment this email,address will be the email address that,that information goes to so we strongly,recommend,entering an email once youve entered,the required information,you simply select continue and youve,now created your first,client profile,once youve entered your clients,demographic information into the profile,tab,the very next step is to create a scope,of appointment and since connection,guides us step by step through the sales,process,it ensures that even the busiest brokers,remain on track,and remain fully compliant since mr,medicare is a new client for us,connection reminds us that we dont have,a signed scope of appointment,on file for mr medicare just yet meaning,we arent prepared to discuss medicare,advantage or prescription drug plans,however connection makes that extremely,simple to remedy,if you so happen to already have a paper,scope of appointment,completed for your client you can simply,select upload,and attach that paper scope of,appointment to your clients profile,if you dont connection makes it,extremely simple,to send scope of appointments via email,as you can see,the email address that was entered on mr,medicares profile,has automatically populated on the scope,of appointment tab,so with just one click youre able to,email over a scope of appointment to,your client,once you select email scope of,appointment your client will receive,an instructional email advising them how,to complete,and theyll simply need to check off the,medicare product that theyre looking to,discuss,if they have any questions about the,medicare product they can select,view in order to receive an explanation,then theyll need to enter their first,and last name in the designated fields,and finally they just need to confirm,that all the information is accurate,and select submit once your client,selects submit,youll be notified via email that you,have a completed scope of appointment,waiting for you within the connection,platform,and connection will automatically update,your clients profile with this,completed scope of appointment,letting you know that youre ready to,move forward in the sales process,so without a printer of fax or dropping,off a scope of appointment at your,clients house youre able to,quickly meet this compliance requirement,and youre ready to move on in the sales,process how easy is that,once your client has completed and,returned their portion of the scope of,appointment,their profile will be updated as follows,then youll have the opportunity to,enter,your required agent information in order,to finalize the scope of appointment,as you see here first and last name are,required,telephone number is optional youll need,to enter the initial method of contact,youll need to enter any justification,if the scope of appointment is being,completed,at the exact same time as the sales,appointment,indicate all medicare plans that were,represented,enter the date of completion and simply,confirm that all this information is,accurate,and then select submit,once you submit this information the,scope of appointment will be updated to,the,clients profile as completed and youre,ready to move on in your sales process,now that weve taken care of the scope,of appointment its time to enter your,clients prescription drug,information if your client isnt,currently on,medications lucky you you can simply,select skip and move forward in the,sales process,if your client does have drug,information to enter,no worries connection makes this simple,as well,simply begin typing the first few,letters of the drug name,select the appropriate medication from,the drop down list,and if you select a brand name drug,connection will make you aware of this,and it will give you the option to,either move forward with the brand name,drug,or to select the generic version mr,medicare has let us know that hes,looking to control,costs and has given us permission to use,the generic drug,once you select the appropriate,medication you need to confirm the,correct,dosage mr medicare has let us know hes,on,20 milligrams as well as the quantity,which is correct,after that simply add drug,once youve added the drug itll appear,over here in your drug list,and if for any reason you notice that a,change is needed thats simple to,complete as well,upon review perhaps instead of 20,milligrams,its supposed to be 10. we will simply,select change,change our option to 10 milligrams,and select change drug,as

Mehrama – Love Aaj Kal | Kartik | Sara | Pritam | Darshan Raval | Antara

‫أحتاج إلى مكان تحت ظل شخص ما,‫لقد تمنيت ذلك لعدة مرات,‫لم يجد قلبي العزاء في أي مكان,‫لماذا هو ذكي جدا,‫لا أعرف لماذا لا أستطيع الوصول,‫حيث أتمنى أن أذهب,‫لقد فقدت في مكان ما,‫لا أعرف ماذا حدث,‫أيها الرفيق ، ماذا حصلت من خلال الانفصال عني,‫أيها الرفيق ، ماذا حصلت من خلال الانفصال عني,‫لم أعد أعرف أي شيء عني,‫لم أعد أعرف أي شيء عني,‫لا أعرف أي شيء عنك,‫أيها الرفيق ، ماذا حصلت من خلال الانفصال عني,‫الآن أنا الصوت الذي اختلط مع الضوضاء,‫أنا وحدي في وسط الحشد … أنا وحدي,‫أبقى العالم يفصلني عن نفسي,‫أتحدث في بعض الأحيان ولكن لا أتحدث .. ماذا أصبحت,‫كل شيء في مكانه إلا بالنسبة لي,‫القليل الذي كان هناك,‫التي اختفت في الهواء,‫لا أعرف لماذا غضبت,‫أيها الرفيق ، ماذا حصلت من خلال الانفصال عني,‫أيها الرفيق ، ماذا حصلت من خلال الانفصال عني,‫لم أعد أعرف أي شيء عني,‫لم أعد أعرف أي شيء عني,‫لا أعرف أي شيء عنك,‫أيها الرفيق ، ماذا حصلت من خلال الانفصال عني

How To Do E-Apps For The Big 3!!! (MAPD)

hey guys thanks so much for taking some,time to watch this video and i hope,youre having a great aep,i wanted to start this video up by,talking with you about lead heroes,um if youre not familiar with lead,heroes already my friends,you need to be lead heroes is a very,very fantastic lead company ive,actually used,them several times using my own money to,purchase the leads and ive had great,results with them ive worked with all,kinds of lead companies over the years,ive had ones that are you know all,different kinds from internet leads to,facebook leads,to direct mail leads and this is my,personal favorite,telemarketing lead company ive ever,worked with and i think the quality you,get with telemarketing leads is just so,high,they not only provide you a great,quality of leads whether it be medicare,supplement turn in 65,final expense whatever it is you might,be looking for they got you covered,but they also provide great training,tools in terms of content,courses a book that glenn shelton wrote,to tend to teach you how to get the most,out of your leads,they actually have an interest in,helping you close the leads and not just,providing you great quality leads they,do that too but they also put out great,content and information to kind of help,you every step of the way,theyre a very agent-friendly company,and i trust them completely,thats why we do business with them by,watching this video today you get it,you get you get access to a 10 discount,coupon just for watching the video,that coupon can be found down in the,description as well as a link to the,lead heroes website i encourage you,to check them out this aep youll be,sorry you didnt,if you didnt and if you do i think,youll have some great results,thanks for watching whats up guys so,hope your aep is going well for any,new agents out there that might just not,be quite familiar with,how to do electronic applications i,wanted to quickly make this video and,put it out for you,im going to walk through how to do an,electronic application for the big,three in this video big three minute,united,humana and aetna for medicare advantage,plans so let without further ado get,lets get right into it,so first things first you have to be in,jarvis for,united were going to start with them so,i assume you already have a log in with,jarvis i i would hope so,at this point um if were this far into,aep if not,you probably need to just count your,losses youre not probably going to get,very far if youre not set up for jarvis,this is how you track applications this,is where you get,materials you can chat with the producer,help desk right here and so so on and so,forth and of course,do electronic enrollments so when you,get in here youre going to go to this,button right here that says enrollment,youre going to see a drop down menu,from there and youre going to want to,go to,lean and ill open up a different tab,lean is the united healthcare electronic,enrollment tool,and its one of my personal favorites i,i think they do a really good job with,it,so you can do a lot of things in here,you can go to scope of appointment you,can actually do a scope of appointment,right,here if youre sitting in person with,the client or prospect,you can have them sign it right there on,the spot electronically or,if youre doing it over the phone you,can send it to them through email,then you go up to here which is m a,slash pdp,app you click on that,and from there youre going to have this,portion right here so lets say im,doing christian brindle,see how far well let me go,and my birthday is august 13th,well say 2 000 even though thats not,true,i probably need to be at least medicare,age for it to recognize me 1950 how,about that,well do yeah probably wants me to put,in the medicare number so i wont let me,go any further than this,but its pretty self-explanatory you,have the generic information page,applicant information product plan type,questionnaire primary care physician,selection premium payment selection and,then the signature page,just like the scope its going to have,its going to have an option essentially,where they can sign it right there on,the spot if youre sitting with them or,you can send them an email,so it gives you the digital option as,well as the electronic option,so that is united and thats jarvis i,would love to show you more but it wont,let me go any farther without putting in,a medicare number and just,not going to do that you know just for,the sake of security purposes and,everything like that,now secondly let us go,to humana now humana,has a portal known as vantage,and vantage uses an electronic,enrollment application tool called,enrollment hub,and i think they do a pretty good job,with it i think its pretty similar to,lean,so youre going to get right in here and,then this is vantage okay,so if you want to do enrollment hub,you can find it down here under quote,and enroll,so lets click on quote and enroll,enrollment hub,wants my login,and from there,were going to need to,[Music],log in and for some reason it wont let,me so lets try it from here,and see if it will let me,then we can kind of break down,im not going to show you inside of it,just because it pre-populates all of my,applications that ive done in there and,just because of,you know hipaa regulations and,everything like that i dont want to,share any of that information with you,guys but thats where you go its very,similar to the united one its a,step-by-step,thing you have the op you have the,option of doing the scope,right then and there or emailing it same,thing with the actual application,now lets all now lets go and look at,aetna so at this point in time at the,time of making this video,aetna doesnt have their own tool they,use a program called,ascend and ascend is something you have,to basically get,access for its not something that you,can just log in for you have to request,access for it ahead of time,and something you have to usually you,have to download it,onto your desktop so thats what i have,done,here with ascend theres a lot of other,insurance companies that use ascend as,well so you might have different,companies you can use for that login if,you use,it for another company,okay so we finally got in so um,you can also do a send on on the website,i suppose so theres a couple different,ways to do this so,weve used it for you know centene well,wellcare for,blue cross blue shield company and also,atlas so well do aetna,right here and there so,essentially i believe,its going to make me download now for,some reason my,my actual app is not working right now i,gotta troubleshoot it or some of some,site,some sort but you can do enrollments,directly on this its just its kind of,a wacky system sometimes,i dont particularly love it but thats,basically how you have to do,aetna medicare advantage applications,and just for as a bonus,i thought we could also go over how to,do cigna medicare advantage applications,as well,if you have cigna health spring as a,contract so sigma health spring,you have to basically go to,broker.hsconnect connectonline.com,if youre not sure call your upline or,call cigna,you have to accept every time you go in,and then,this is relatively a new system i,havent used before so at this moment in,time of making this video,i just did a couple practice ones of,myself so ill do another practice one,to kind of show you,how it works so you have to do the scope,ahead of time of course,what i like about theirs is it will let,me go pretty far,you know before i actually need to put,in some basic information,so lets say were doing iep,you know you can basically just walk,through this entire application and i,think they have a pretty good format to,be honest with you,you know and you just put in the,information and get to the very end and,it its its very pretty,self-explanatory as are most of these,i think the one i have the most trouble,with myself as a sen because i think,ascend is kind of a crappy,program to be honest with you but these,are how you do

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