1. Creating a My.NY.gov Account
  2. How to get a New York State REAL ID or Enhanced Document
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Unemployment Services in NYS
  4. Online Services Business Account Creation Demonstration
  5. NY Unemployment – A Step-By-Step Guide for New Unemployment Claims in NY
  6. How to file and pay New York weight distance tax. NY HUT. New York Highway use tax
  7. Gun Gripes #171: “NY S9191: Big Brother Wants Your Login”

Creating a My.NY.gov Account

hello,we are here today to show you how to set,up,a my.ny.gov account,for the essential worker scholarship,program whether you are a parent,or a child care program you will need a,my.ny.gov account,to work in the essential worker,scholarship application,now you may already have a my.ny.gov,account if you,use an online version of the dmv or for,state taxes,or if youre a child care program and,youre registered in fams,our facility application management,system you may also have a my.ny.gov,account,thats active right now so if you have,an account,and youve just forgotten your password,theres a link to reset your password,on that main page so what i want you to,do,is if you can just type in ocfs.ny.gov,into your browser from there youll land,on our homepage and the first thing you,see,is the essential worker scholarship,program if you click apply now,it will open up into,this page which will show you all of,the information necessary for the,essential worker scholarship,and itll show you step one which is,what were doing here now,step one is creating or,registering your my.ny.gov account,so if you are already know,your my.ny.gov account id and password,you would enter that username and,password here,if you dont you can go through the,process,of registering so down here you can see,forgot username,or password and if thats the case you,can click on those links,and an email link will be sent to you to,reset or,you can use your security questions,answer those,and you will be able to go in to your,my.ny.gov account,now for those of you who dont have a,my.ny.gov account,here are the steps to create one first,youre going to want to click register,and i dont have an account youre going,to create,a personal account so when you click on,step one,and you click register thats going to,take you here,and youll be able to register your,account now,down here it says dont have an account,thats where were going to click,so we dont have an account now you may,be a business,because youre a child care program or,you may be a business because,in your personal life but what we want,you to do for all of these is to click,the personal i want to access services,for my personal use,so we click personal and theres going,to be a lot of information here about,how to get started,and were going to take you through that,process so were going to sign up,for a personal ny.gov,id so we click here and now were going,to enter our information,so my name is mark desicco,ive created an email for the purposes,of this,that will show you,this process,and im going to confirm that email,below,and then i enter a preferred username,im going to say mark,to seco 20,21 and ill check and see if thats,available,usernames available now im going to,click that im not a robot because,im not a robot now im going to have to,find all the fire hydrants so,here they are and theyll keep showing,up until ive gotten rid of all of them,a few more fire hydrants and i dont see,any more so im going to click verify,and it turns out that the website agrees,with me that im not a robot,now were going to create the account,now remember your username,because thats going to be what you use,to log in were going to create the,account here,which is then going to give you this,message,so i will receive an email at this id,with my username in order to create,my account so now an activation email,was sent to that account so im going to,go into the inbox i have here,im going to refresh this email and,there it is,welcome to ny.gov mark desicco now if we,want,to activate the account were going to,click here,following the directions in the email,and were going to set up our my.ny.gov,account,these are your security questions there,are going to be three of them,so you can select any one that you want,so ill do first pet,and this is in case you forget your,password or it needs to,identify you ill do,childhood best friends first name,and then i will do,my first employer,okay now well click,continue and youll have to enter them,twice so youll see that they match up,and that theyre the same,and well click continue oh answer,should match so my answers didnt match,so well try that again,and well click continue that time it,worked,so we want to remember our username,which i already had as mark desico 2021,and now we will set a new password so,here,theres mark decico 2021 and ill enter,my new password,and remember it has to meet the,complexity level so it should contain at,least three out of the four,and has to have a minimum of 14,characters so i wasnt entering a long,enough one so i wasnt paying attention,to the,requirements so im going to enter a,longer one,and that hopefully will work well click,set password,and now my password is set so before i,begin any work,in the essential worker scholarship,application i will need this my.ny.gov,password and username to get into the,system,whether im a program a child care,program or whether im a parent,registering my children for this,process so now i have created,a unique new york.gov,id that is the process to create a new,york.gov,id i hope that this was a helpful,tutorial and if you,are have you come this far youve,already done the my.ny.gov,account creation then were going to do,another video right after this thats,going to show you,how to go through the essential worker,scholarship process therell be one for,programs and therell be one for parents,so i hope you watch those,hope this was helpful and i wish you a,lot of luck in your application process

How to get a New York State REAL ID or Enhanced Document

update your new york state license,permit or non-driver id to real id or,enhanced license,you will need one to enter federal,facilities,starting may 3 2023 you will need one to,board domestic flights,the enhanced license provides the added,benefit of being an acceptable id for,crossing u.s land and sea borders from,canada mexico in the caribbean make a,reservation,many offices require a reservation,dmv.ny.gov forward slash reservation,prepare for your visit,proper documentation is key to a,successful dmv transaction,here is what you will need original,social security card w2 1099 1098 or a,pay stub showing full social security,number,[Music],two proofs of new york state residents,examples of this include a utility bill,bank statement or postmarked mail,please note all proofs of residence must,be dated within one year,to obtain a real id proof of lawful,status must be shown some examples are,valid original u.s passport u.s birth,certificate naturalization certificate,permanent resident card valid foreign,passport with visa and i-94,and valid foreign passport with i-551,obtain an enhanced license proof of,citizenship must be shown some examples,are valid u.s passport original u.s,birth certificate or a naturalization,certificate,the name that appears on your documents,will be used on your new id,does the same name appear on all your,documents,if not original or certified copies,documenting that change are required,some examples are marriage certificate,divorce decree or court issued name,change documents,name changed multiple times bring,documents that link all names filling,out your application,bring a completed application with you,fill it out completely starting at the,top if you have ever had a new york,state driver license learner permit or,non-driver id card write your nine digit,id number in the boxes on the right,dont forget to write your full legal,name be sure to answer the question do,you have or did you ever have a drivers,license that is valid or that expired,within the last two years,[Music],if the address where you live is,different from your mailing address,right here,the address where you live cannot be a,p.o box,if you would like your veterans status,designated on your photo document please,check this box,note that additional documentation will,be required showing honorable discharge,example dd214 or dd215,new york state organ tissue donation,check yes and sign or check skip,voter registration if you are not,registered to vote where you live now,and would like to apply to register,please check yes,you will complete your voter,registration application in the office,if you are already registered or would,like to decline please check no,turn the application over to page two,answer questions one through four about,any previous suspensions or conditions,that may affect your driving ability,applying for a junior license under 16,and applying for a non-driver id a,parent or guardian must sign state,relationship and date if you are under,18 a parent or guardian can be notified,in the event of a conviction suspension,revocation or accident on your license,file,if a parent or guardian would like to be,notified write their nine digit id,number,if you are a commercial driver license,holder you must answer questions one and,two,if you are unsure please see our website,for further information dmv.ny.gov,read the certification,[Music],sign your name,print your name,write the date,[Music],your office visit,[Music],a dmv representative will be there to,guide you have required documents forms,and appointment information ready,if you do not have an application filled,out please ask for assistance,the camera station will be your first,stop,a new photo is required to upgrade your,license or id,next you will go to the processing,counter,a dmv representative will review your,application and documents before,scanning them into the dmv database,at this time the appropriate fee will be,collected based on the type of id you,are applying for,payment can be made by cash,check,or credit card,please check that all information is,accurate prior to signing,your original documents will be returned,to you along with a temporary license,permit or nd id card,your new photo id will arrive by mail,within 7 to 10 business days,the new york state department of motor,vehicles keeping you moving dmv.ny.gov

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Unemployment Services in NYS

At the Department of Labor,,we are committed to safeguarding the unemployment system,and protecting New Yorkers who receive unemployment insurance, or UI, benefits.,The DOL will soon be requiring multifactor authentication, or MFA, to ensure,that your UI data and information can be accessed by you and only you.,Because with MFA, even if someone were to guess or figure out your password,,they would be unable to gain access to your UI online portal,without the second authentication method.,This video will walk you through the basics of MFA, how to set it,up, and other important things you need to know about MFA.,So how does MFA work?,MFA is a security technology,that requires multiple methods of authentication, such as a code,sent via text message or a push notification on a mobile app,to verify a users identity for login purposes.,It is used increasingly on websites and applications to protect user data,should that individuals login information be compromised.,As of September 21st, 2022,,when you log into your NY.gov account,to access the unemployment services portal,,you will be required to provide a second form of authentication.,This means MFA is required to certify for benefits online,,update your banking information,,update or view your tax information,,view your payment history,,update your mailing address, and any other ways you use the Unemployment Services,section of your online account.,To get started with MFA, visit labor.ny.gov/signin and log in,with your NY.gov username and password.,From there, look for the alert at the top of the screen that mentions MFA,and click to enroll.,Please note that after September 21, 2022, you will be prompted to set up,your MFA account just by clicking the Unemployment Services button.,Youll be directed to set up multifactor authentication,where you will see four methods for enrolling in MFA. ,Okta verify, a mobile app that will send you a push notification when you log into the UI portal.,Google Authenticator, a mobile app,that will send you a single-use code when you log in to the UI portal.,SMS Authentication,,a single-use code sent to your mobile phone via text when you log into the UI portal.,and voice call authentication, instructions,sent via a voice call to your phone number when you log in to the UI portal.,Only one MFA method is required,,but users are encouraged to set up multiple methods of authentication.,If you choose to use Okta Verify,and/or Google Authenticator for your MFA method,,be sure to download the apps on your mobile device before you set up.,You should only set up MFA on a phone that you will have access,to every time you need to log into your account,to certify and access your UI information.,To set up MFA,,Click “Setup” under the method of your choice,and follow the prompts on the screen.,It will only take a few steps to set up each MFA method.,Once youve been enrolled, you will be redirected back to the setup screen,where you will see all of the methods youve been enrolled in.,Again, youre encouraged to enroll in multiple authentication methods,,in case you change your phone number, misplace your phone,,or delete a mobile app. Once youve enrolled in your MFA choices,,click “Finish” to finalize setting up your account.,Youll be asked for a secondary email, a forgotten,password question, and a security image.,Click “Create My Account” to be fully enrolled in MFA,On or after September 21st, 2022,,you will be prompted to use one of the MFA methods you enrolled in,every time you click into the unemployment services portal.,If, down the road, you need to make changes to your MFA settings,,you can do so without the assistance of a call center agent.,To do so, when logged into your NY.gov account,,select “Edit Profile”,,re-enter your NY.gov username and password,and authenticate via an existing MFA method.,Once authenticated, you will be taken to your account,where you can set up additional authentication methods or remove existing methods.,If you have technical issues related to your MFA account,,you may call the Department of Labor’s Contact Center at 800-833-3000,MFA is a game-changer for ensuring your UI accounts are secure,and that you and your benefits are protected from cyber criminals.

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Online Services Business Account Creation Demonstration

Welcome to New York State Online Services. To create a New York State,Online Services account as a business, go to our website at www.tax.ny.gov,Under the Online Services section, click Account login and create account.,From the Online Services homepage, click Create Account.,Before you begin creating an Online Services account for your,business with the New York State Tax Department, first click the link for the,business account creation checklist to be sure you have everything youll need,on hand, then click the business link. The security check screen will present you,with a six digit security code highlighted in yellow. Enter this number,into the field below it, then click Continue.,On the Access Type page, choose whether you would like to,gain access to all available services, which will include filing returns and,all other current and future services, or gain access to only view and pay tax bills.,If you recently received a letter with a five digit pin from the Tax,Department, you must choose all available services.,if you have not received a letter with a five digit PIN, select No and then click,continue. On the Business Verification page, enter,your taxpayer ID number in the field provided.,Below, in the section headed Filing history, choose whether your business has,filed New York State corporation, sales, or withholding tax returns within the,last twelve months. This information will be used to verify your identity.,When finished, click Continue.,Next, on the Filing Details page, answer each question,and select which form was filed for each tax type.,When finished, select Continue.,For each form that you indicated was filed,,you must enter all required information.,After you have entered and verified all required information, click continue.,On the next page, you can view the terms and conditions by clicking the link,highlighted in orange.,Check the box to acknowledge your acceptance of the Online Services terms,and conditions. When finished, click Submit.,On the next page, complete the my,information section by entering your first and last name, email address, and,phone number.,In the Login Information section, choose a username and password. To view the,requirements for your username and password, click the corresponding,question mark icons beside each field.,When finished, click Submit.,A brief message confirms that youve,successfully created an account. Click Login Now to complete the process.,To finish setting up your account, sign in to Online Services using the username,and password you just created.,Youll now be asked to share a personal secret, which well use to confirm your,identity in case you forget your password. Select a question from the drop-down menu.,Provide and confirm your unique answer, then click Submit.,This will bring you to your Online Services account summary home page and,your business Online Services account is now active.,This completes our business account creation demonstration,Thank you for your interest in New York State Online Services.

NY Unemployment – A Step-By-Step Guide for New Unemployment Claims in NY

hey everybody welcome back to,unemployment in the empire state today,im going to be breaking down a step by,step on how to file a new claim in new,york state and if you havent already go,ahead and subscribe for regular updates,tips tricks advice and troubleshooting,for all things unemployment in new york,state all right here we go,so first whos eligible for unemployment,insurance in new york state anyone whos,lost employment due to no fault of their,own worked and earned enough wages in,the past 12 to 18 months lives with or,cares for someone whos recently been,diagnosed with covet 19 someone whos,restricted by official quarantine and,cant work from home or part-time,workers you may also be eligible for,pandemic unemployment assistance if,youre unable to work and are,self-employed an independent contractor,or have not worked for sufficient time,or earned enough wages in the last,eligibility requirement although this is,set to expire on september 5th 2021,now before you file make sure you have,these things handy your social security,number your new york state drivers,license number the number on your new,york state non-drivers identification,card or the number on your id nyc youll,need your gross earnings before,deductions for each calendar quarter of,work since january of 2020 the name of,all your employers in the last 18 months,the full address and zip code of your,employers from the last 18 months and,the employer identification number,youll also need your personal contact,information including your phone number,full address and postal code and email,where you can receive mail if youre not,a citizen your a number and if you have,a bank account your routing number and,account number so you can receive your,benefits by direct deposit,so the first thing youre going to want,to do is create a new york.gov account,to do so you have to have an email,address so go to the webpage at,dol.ny.gov,backslash unemployment backslash file,your first claim benefits and click on,the button dont have an account youll,then be asked to enter your name email,and select a username click create,account and youll receive an email,allowing you to set security questions,in case you forget your password the,next page will confirm the information,you entered click finish at the bottom,of the page to create your account make,sure you write down and save your,username password and security questions,because they can be hard to recover if,you forget or lose them then youll sign,in using the ny.gov id that you just,created once youre signed in click the,button on the right that says,unemployment services youll then be,asked to enter your social security,number the following page will explain,the terms of applying for unemployment,insurance benefits you should read them,carefully and click i agree if you,understand and agree with all of the,terms now you can begin your application,for unemployment insurance answer the,series of questions about the,circumstances of your unemployment when,you come to the end of each section,click next to move on to the next,questions if anyone viewing has any,questions or concerns about this process,please leave it in the comments below,and ill be sure to answer them as,quickly and efficiently as possible,youll then be asked if you made all,your money from running your own,business or being self-employed this is,important because it affects the type of,unemployment insurance benefits you may,be eligible for for example regular,unemployment or pandemic unemployment,assistance youll then be asked if,youre able to telework or if your job,offers paid leave this will also factor,into whether youre eligible for either,regular unemployment or pua,youll then be asked if you lost your,job or are out of work as a result of,covet 19. keep in mind that as discussed,under the section regarding eligibility,people may currently be eligible for,unemployment benefits for pandemic,related reasons that are different from,the reasons that qualified a person for,unemployment benefits previously youll,then be asked if youre able and,available to work in spite of the covet,19 related questions for which you are,out of work this is an important,requirement to be eligible for,unemployment benefits so as long as it,is true you should say yes youll then,be able to select if you want your,payments paid by debit card or by direct,deposit if you select direct deposit,youll have to have your bank account,information on hand youll then be asked,to certify whether you worked in the,last week when youre receiving,unemployment insurance benefits you have,to certify each week that you continue,to be out of work you will then be asked,to certify whether you worked in the,last week,when youre receiving unemployment,insurance benefits youll have to,certify each week that you continue to,be out of work but that you remain,willing and available for work youll,then be asked to enter your gross income,for the last tax year finally you can,review and submit it after completing,your application you may be notified,that youll be receiving a call from the,new york state department of labor to,finish your application,applicants should be receiving these,follow-up calls within 72 hours of,submitting their application to continue,receiving benefits you need to certify,each week that youre eligible to,receive benefits by phone or online,thanks for tuning in i hope this was,helpful if anyone has any difficulties,while filing please leave your concerns,in the comments below and ill do my,best to address them and dont forget to,subscribe for regular updates tips,tricks hacks and troubleshooting for all,things new york unemployment take care

How to file and pay New York weight distance tax. NY HUT. New York Highway use tax

hey everybody thanks for joining me,today were going to talk about the,new york state weight distance tax,if you travel through new york state you,need to have,a new york hut sticker youve probably,seen it on your truck little,little square sticker probably its,supposed to be down by your license,plate but not everybody puts it where,its supposed to go,and it requires a quarterly filing now,these stickers are typically good for,about three years,uh is when they usually decide to put,out the new addition,it only cost three dollars for the,permit and like i said it requires a,quarterly filing where you report your,mileage,separate out your tollway mileage and it,will tell you how much you owe,for the quarter this is separate from,fuel tax and,theres no amount of fuel you can buy to,offset it,so you definitely dont want to get,caught without one and get a ticket,and if youre independent,have your own authority if you have a,new york,permit this is something you have to do,every quarter i just do it right a long,time with my fuel taxes and all my other,quarterly filings,and its not that difficult so i just,wanted to take a minute show you how to,do it yourself,so the website we need to go to for this,is the new york department of taxation,and finance,it is www.tax.ny.gov,forward slash online ill bring you,right to this page here,and if youve not used it before you,would click here to create an account,itll set you up a username and password,if you after that go here to login,so im going to log in it will bring you,to this page right here,and since ive used this service several,times before,i go up here and click on services and,right down here,theres one called frequently used now i,can just click on that,to uh find the same form see right here,highway use tax web file,it will remember the services youve,used before,otherwise if you need to find it for the,first time just go to other taxes right,here,click on that and you can search for the,highway use tax were just going to go,right here to highway use tax web file,all right so this is the page were,going to file our tax on,itll only let you file returns for the,periods displayed on this page,itll it says the available filing,periods are based on your current filing,frequency and the active series of,decals issued to your account,if you dont see the filing period you,need you may not have a valid,certificate of registration and decal,series,so then it goes on to tell you how to,make sure you have the,the correct decals on your truck it,shows here that i am a quarterly filer,and this will be for the filing period,basically second quarter,of 2020 is the most current,that it will let me apply for or file,and then it says do you have any highway,use tax to report this period,i do not i did not go to new york for,the second quarter,of 2020 and the reason you have no tax,due,will be no activity now if you,click on yes uh you will be prompted to,enter your mileage and,then enter the separate out the mileage,you,paid on the tollway and itll,calculate your tax a little different,that way that way youre not taxed on,toll miles are you filing an amended,return,no filing method for this filing year,gross weight we want to file on gross,weight then it asks i have three or,fewer vehicles for this filing period,hauling certain timber products or bulk,or all milk,i do not and then,i would like to manually enter my data,and then it will ask you for your usdot,number,and then it asks are you permanently,discontinuing your business for highway,use tax purposes and filing your final,return,my answer is no i am not filing my final,return,well click on continue,and then itll say total miles traveled,in new york state including throughway,miles,well i had zero im gonna put zero in,there,so so far it shows my total tax right,here is zero,if i overpaid in a previous quarter i,could apply that here,which i i did not i always only pay the,amount i owe,a late filing penalty zero,leg filing interest zero my total amount,due,right here so,based on whatever mileage you enter it,will,calculate the tax you owe,we go down here to payment information,if you would like to change the,pre-populated payment amount entered,below,if you fail to pay the total amount due,we will send you a bill that may include,penalty and interest,well we dont owe anything so im just,going to click continue,once again with new york,just because you had no mileage does not,mean you dont have to file if you have,the permit you have to file every,quarter,whether or not you had mileage,so it says this track set transaction,isnt complete until you select submit,review all information below and read,the e-signature statement,so we have the correct filing period,here second quarter of 2020.,how we use tax total amount due is zero,so thats exactly what uh what we want,there so im going to esign it,and here we have a confirmation i always,print that out for a receipt,and that is all she wrote for the state,of new york,not too complicated is it so i hope this,video was helpful to you,show you how simple it is to do this,yourself and,i dont really see the need to pay,somebody thirty fifty dollars to do this,for you every quarter,uh when its that simple to do it for,yourself,so take care well see you next video

Gun Gripes #171: “NY S9191: Big Brother Wants Your Login”

welcome back everybody this is Eric and,Chad here with Iraq veteran 8888 today,we got another gun gripe episode for you,all right were gonna be talking about,Senate bill 91 91 this is something that,we feel is very important to get out,there and Im gonna provide just a quick,kind of caveat here guys are gonna be,seeing probably a a large a greater than,normal amount of gun gripe episodes,dropping theres just so many things,going on in the to a community that we,have to discuss and I hope you guys,arent offended by us posting more of,these videos but we feel that theres,things that people need to know and,theres a lot of our brothers and,sisters in other states and,municipalities that are going through a,lot of crap and we want to kind of put,the word out there and make sure that,folks are aware of it and guys we cannot,be complacent we have to continue to,stick together and get through these,things together and fight them together,so I apologize if weve been putting out,more gripes and youre used to seeing if,you love them wonderful thank you very,much we appreciate you watching if you,dont you know sorry but we feel that,its very important so just to,understand that were putting out,probably more Drive so youre probably,used to seeing and one quick little,thing I just want to mention hang on oh,no another Iraq veteran video oh woe is,me all right and then alright so before,we dive into the todays gripe I have to,go Billy Mays on you guys you know we,got t-shirts now you guys have seen Matt,on the channel and hes a great dude,hes doing all our t-shirts and were,doing embroidered polos now so this,snazzy Cola yeah and then we you know,hes wearing all right heres another,one of the shirt designs that weve got,if you love gun gripes and love the,channel and youd love to support the,channel consider picking up a t-shirt or,some merch over on the website Billy,Mays here I mean I hate to be so Billy,Mays but I mean we got we got a show,where they probably sell better a Vanna,White with standing hot Zoe yeah you,know exactly anyway,if you love the channel and youd like,to support us consider picking up a,shirt a hat merch we sell man cans to,support the channel some of you support,us on patreon I want to thank all of you,guys for your support so lets roll into,this 9191 so lets uh lets go,over the text of this bill just a little,bit guys all right so next up its,really messed up you want to talk about,some Big Brother crap this is it all,right gun purchasers may need to submit,social media history under proposed New,York legislation this bill this bill is,going to affect if it gets through okay,its going to require you to submit,three years of search history and social,media posts and stuff basically you will,have to turn over your passwords and,your usernames to all your social media,accounts if youre applying for a,license to carry or a license to possess,a pistol or revolver in New York and,theyll search through it and if they,find any naughty talk then you can be,denied yeah or or if they just see,something they dont like you know its,very disturbing okay and it sets a very,disturbing precedence to you know a lot,of different things I mean one how far,is too far I mean Im the kind of guy,Im a zero compromise Second Amendment,sort of guy I dont feel that the,government or anybody should have any,right to you know to to throttle your,Second Amendment rights in any way shape,or form you know I I dont believe in,any form of gun control the gun control,I like is using two hands to make sure,the gun hits the target like thats Mike,my form of gun control and I think that,Id like to think that Chad and I I mean,maybe maybe some will disagree but Id,like to think you know we represent just,average gun owners it just want to be,left alone and its really highly,disturbing to think that some guy who,you dont even know whos never met you,can just pull up some social media and,see I dont know you posted a Gatson,flag on your on your social media dont,tread on me or you posted a you know,whatever or it shows that youre your,advant Lee a trump supporter versus you,know somebody they dont like so so what,if you dont fit the bill if their,mantra of perfection as a gun owner then,oh theyre gonna go oh well your,conservative Republican this side of the,fence oh were going to deny those,people and then what oh well this person,wants to be a gun owner but they support,Clinton er they support you know some,Democrats so were gonna let that guy,through so the checks and balances its,kind of scary to think that somebody,that you dont know and have never met,and they dont know you can just draw,some generalization about your social,media post and then go nah we dont,think this guy should be able to own a,gun somebody shouldnt have the ability,to tell somebody whether or not that can,only gun period anyway its your right,and the Second Amendment is the only,thing that is treated in that way right,the Second Amendment the only thing that,somebody wants to just always try to,throttle lets take it away lets do,this lets do that lets regulate it,regulate it regulate it why is the,Second Amendment the only thing you gets,treated like this so whats next,okay are we gonna have you know all of a,sudden them going oh well were gonna,throttle your freedom of speech we dont,like what youre saying then thats,already happening you know certain,extent on social media I mean you see,conservative libertarian pages that,dont go against or that go against you,know the ideals and such of their,masters you know the big social media,you know companies if you go against,what they ideally think the country,should be going towards then youre,gonna get shadow banned youre gonna get,blocked your stuff isnt your posts,arent gonna go out to your followers,like a page that supports what they what,theyre looking for I mean its the,bottom line you know this this crap like,this yeah it turns everyday people into,criminals automatically before theyve,ever committed a crime and I have a,serious problem with that its basically,saying oh if you want to own a gun or,you want to renew your license to carry,your blah blah blah all this then the,other you have to submit to this because,if you own it if you want to own a gun,then youre youre guilty of something,already and we got to prove we got to,prove your innocence ya know we got it,we got to make sure that youre good but,youre right now youre guilty you know,only only only people who want to commit,a crime want to own a gun and thats,their mentality alright so they dont,know good people as having you know us,on this crap all right under the,proposed legislation law enforcement,officials can investigate quote commonly,known profane slurs used or biased,language used to describe race national,origin ancestry gender religion,disability or sexual orientation,threatening,the health or safety of another person,or an act of terrorism,unquote there should be more,restrictions on how guns are purchased,we should have more background checks,Paul McQuillan director of the Buffalo,chapter of New Yorkers against gun,violence said weve obviously seen some,of the mass shooters have a social media,history that should have sent red flags,he said hmm theres that red flag thing,again this bill could be troublesome to,push through as critics argue it,violates multiple constitutional rights,yeah it does and thats the problem too,with with all these all these people all,these senators all these House reps in,these various states and stuff they just,want to blatantly ignore constitutional,rights they want to blatantly ignore the,Constitution but if they could do this,rip it up throw it in a barrel and burn,it and itd be done and gone away with,they would love that because its all,about power you want to know why they,attack the Second Amendment so much,because the Second Amendment represents,power the Constitution is a liability to,a tyrant absolute is the bottom line it,is a giant liab

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